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Hi Everyone,

This week’s newsletter generally covers releases for the 24th October.

Arguably the biggest release for the 24th is on swansong/Atlantic, through Warner, the remastered editions of LED ZEPPELIN “4” or untitled or 4 symbols or the one with stairway to heaven on it, and the fifth Zeppelin album “houses of the holy”.

Both of these are available across 5 formats, CD, DOUBLE CD, LP, DOUBLE LP and a super douper deluxe boxy thingy including the whole shooting gallery and some.

Zepp 4 is the second biggest selling album in America, selling 23 million copies behind Michael Jackson’s “THRILLER” and followed closely by Pink Floyd’s “dark side of the moon”.


U2 are Ireland’s highest entry here, at surprisingly 73rd on the list with just less than 9 million copies for “the Joshua tree”.

Boston” s debut record is 8th on the list with nearly 18 million copies sold…..i can’t remember the last time someone asked me for a Boston CD! (More than a feeling was the biggest single from that album if that can jog your memory!)

Warner also for the 24th have the next blast of IRON MAIDEN Vinyl reissues including six 7” singles and “piece of mind”, “powerslave” and “life after death” LPs.

They also have OBITUARY’s new album (metal) and some YES and XTC reissues on the DGM label.

The DGM label was founded by Robert Fripp of KING CRIMSON fame and the label aims “to be a model of ethical business in an industry founded on exploitation, oiled by deceit, riven with theft and fuelled by greed”.

Fair play to you Robert boy, no mincing of words there, had a few bad dates I’d say as well.

Speaking of bad dates…..on Warner also for the 24th is a new release by PEGI YOUNG, wife of, or now soon to be ex wife of Neil.

Neil filed for divorce back in the late summer, I was saddened when I heard it, I would imagine they have being through a pile of stuff together, highs and lows, caring for their son Ben, who has severe cerebral palsy, amongst a multitude of other things.

His musical companion and friend (or maybe old friend now) David Crosby said of the break up “there is nothing worse than seeing real love being thrown in the gutter”.

Rumour has it ( this is the bad date reference) that he is knocking     around with Darryl Hannah of the movie “ splash” fame, in their quest to save the planet, oh and the farmers.


Rumour also has it they are going to build a ranch on all that land he bought in Leitrim in the boom, with amble room to park all those gas guzzling buses he had in Cork Airport when he done the gig down da marquee, which to be fair was spine tingling at times.

Go back on the gargle Neil and the ….., midlife crises begin now at 70!


What about the Irish game the other night, the job, what a difference a minute makes….we would have being pure rubbish ( close enough to the truth??) to have now taken a point off the world champions in their own backyard.

Point of note, in my opinion, and this is happy Ray, the RTE panel afterwards said it was a moment of magic from Wes Hoolahan that unlocked the German defense, surely that  cross was well over hit ( not picking on you Wes cos you’re an ex Shels player! I would have championed you’re cause for a good while) but far from a moment of magic, Jeff Hendrick done great to get it back, and in fairness to Johno it was a quality finish….he’s being doing it for years into his own goal, so he had the work put in.

Sorry, cheap blow…..great result, great goal.

On the footy theme for another second, huge best wishes to our home town team Cork City F.C, a big couple of weeks for them.

They have done fantastically well so far no matter what happens, I was a firm supporter a few years back, season ticket and all for a few years….always a good night out, great Cork humour and banter and songs “he is god, he is god, he has risen from the shed and he is god, every knee shall bow, every tongue confess, that John O Flynn is god”… of luck CCFC.


Anyway, back to the music,

Universal have the new Taylor Swift album for worldwide release on the 27th October.

A deluxe version of the RIPTIDE Movement’s excellent album also out on the 24th.

ANNIE LENNOX has a new one and the last four SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES CDs get the remastered treatment.

There are also lovely Vinyl boxsets of ABBA’s eight studio albums and CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL seven studio albums.


PIAS for the 31st October has the Coloured vinyl release of BASEMENT JAXX’s “singles” LP , some MODEST MOUSE and SLEATER- KINNEY LP reissues.

The FLAMING LIPS have a SGT PEPPERS tribute album…..bit iffy I would say……guests on it include MOBY, MILEY CYRUS and MY MORNING JACKET.

On the whole sgt peppers thing, greatest album of all time?

Personally, it would not be my favorite Beatles album…..abbey road, white album and probably revolver maybe even rubber soul would top it….for me.

Having said that, “a day in the life’ is most possibly my favorite Beatles song, as I said here before I love the Lennon/ McCartney contrast in songwriting ( ala the white album, McCartney’s “ Martha my dear”. his song about his sheepdog followed by Lennon’s “ im so tired” where he lights another cigarette and curses Sir Walter Raleigh (whom brought tobacco into Europe) calling him “ such a stupid geit” ….1967/68 this was.

“A DAY IN THE LIFE” was two separate songs by the two boys merged into one….Lennon on about the heir to the Guinness throne breaking a red light and smashing into a parked car, which killed him, “he blew his mind out in a car” ….McCartney’s on about a normal guy’s day “woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head”….great song and yes great cover but best album ever….


Lastly on PIAS, 18 year old Derry girl Bridie Monds- Watson aka SOAK has being signed to Rough Trade….talented multi instrumentalist girl by all accounts so hopefully one for the future.


Sony has not much for the 24th….MALLORY KNOX, CAT STEVENS and the latest BBC LIVE LOUNGE the main ones.


MUSIC ON VINYL has a BUZZCOCKS LP for the 17th November.


JOHN SPILLANE’S NEW ALBUM OUT TOMORROW and there is a free gig in Passage GAA Hall tomorrow night @ 8.30.


We in the  Music Zone corporation have being listening to in the past week and really enjoying Johnny Marr, Ben Howard, Rory’s Irish tour box set and local bands Shaker Hymn, Raising Jupiter and Elastic Sleep.


If you want to check out our Vinyl releases


Sin e for this week,



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