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Hi Everyone,

The biggest release for next Friday the 22nd August is a debut record by ROYAL BLOOD.

Now i have being harping on about them for a while, they could very well be fairly massive in 12 months time.

Similarties to White Stripes, QOSA and Rage against the Machine.

Just two guys in the band ( Brighton, England) with just two instruments, a bass guitar and a set of drums, but man they make some sound.

Watch this space……Royal Blood1

Warner also have a new album by OPETH out on the 22nd.

Attached also is info on a free DOORS app.

Universal for the 22nd August have a 20th anniversary reissue of PORTISHEAD’s truly exceptional “ Dummy” .

This in my opinion was one of the best records of the nineties.

Limited blue vinyl should be available.


Nearly time for a new record by the Bristol trip hop trio….although productivity is probably not there strong suit ( 3 albums in 20 years)

SONY have nada for the 22nd.

Pias have a load of FELA KUTI Vinyl reissues and a debut album by PHOX also worth a mention.

PROPER have a release on the 22nd by husband and wife duo named SHOVELS + ROPE and the New York times reckons that “ if there is an american rock movement of the now, this twosome is close to the nerve center”……i had a listen, hopeful after reading the nerve center line, and it sounds alright, vocals have a very strong country twang….it dont say a lot in my opinon if this is close to the nerve center of an american rock movement….maybe twas one of their uncles or someone wrote it….anyway…

Music on Vinyl have a reissue of MILES DAVIS “KIND OF BLUE” ( i dont how many times its being reissued now but a free Leon Jackson single for whomever can tell me….)

Some other MOV releases attached also.

Stevie G is releasing his debut single on his brand new Soul Jamz label on August 15 in all the main digital stores. Both tracks, “Deep down south” and “Not about that”, have equal billing, and will also feature on a vinyl 7 inch coming in September. Two great tunes, a blissfully keyboard line in “ Deep down south”

Both were co-produced by Ian Ring and feature Christiana Underwood on vocals, while one of Corks best musicians, Walshy contributed bass, guitar and keys to “Not about that”.

They launch the single and label at the Sextant in Cork on August 17 and play Earthship at Body & Soul at the Electric Picnic on August 31st!

Kilkenny await the winners of Cork and Tipp in the hurling. This Tipp team…you just don’t what they’ll do….potential to score a bag of goals…bit concerned….anyway

Sin e