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Hi Everyone,

I am going to fly through the new releases like a Cork man racing for a pint after an all Ireland final win….well the way things are that could be a while.

Rumours are rife of derision in the camp….this fella’s walked out, that fella’s walked out…..2005 since the last all Ireland, the longest in my lifetime for Cork hurling.

Not 20 months ago we were 30 seconds from winning one now it looks like it could be 30 years.

That year Cork’s touch was sublime…..twas clumsy a lot of the time last Sunday and from halfway through the second half even though there was only 4/5 points in it….there was only going to be one winner…..who really stood up and roared I want this….as Johnny Giles says about another game….you gotta win the fight first.

Anyway this is supposed to be a music page and not a Cork hurling page (some passions run deep)

Warner for the 19th has a solo album by TILL LINDEMANN of RAMMSTEIN….not for the faint hearted

and the latest in the ROLLING STONES live reissues on Eaglevision “ from the vault: the marquee live in 1971”


Warner for the 26th of June has a new NEIL YOUNG CD with backing band promise of the real that include a couple of WILLIE NELSON’s youngfellas.

The title is “the monsuato years” and its being released as a CD/DVD.

Warner are reissuing JOY DIVISION’s “unknown pleasures” and “closer”….as PETER HOOK famously once said “ there are two joy division records, all the rest is record company bullshit” although you would have to give a nod to a few live albums also I feel….but you probably see his point or feel his pain as the record company cash’s in on his band’s stuff…..all that said….two GREAT albums above….Curtis just had something, I am not sure exactly what it was, but he could kind of put a spell on you visually and vocally….that’s how I felt anyway…musically it is intoxicating if that makes sense.

There is a JETHRO TULL “ THICK AS A BRICK” LP reissue and THE WHO live in SHEA STADIUM DVD plus the latest JOHNNY MARR 7”.

Universal for the 19th have LP reissues of the first two Small Faces records, reissue of RELISH’s CD’s in a little pack and a nice 47 track JAM anthology for a tenner. ( CD)

PIAS for the 26th of June have singles/eps by FUTURE ISLANDS and FUFUNA as well as albums 4, 5 and 6 by BLACK SABBATH being reissued on 180 gram Vinyl with CD included.


ESSENTIAL for June 26 have a new RICKIE LEE JONES album as well as an interesting TWILIGHT SAD/ ROBERT SMITH double AA sided single…twilirob.throw your hand in the air if you would like one as the rep tells me they me they are limited… that his job?….then hence is that my job?….anyway to f**k if someone wants one let me know.

PROPER have a new BILL WYMAN album for the 19th and a new Richard Thompson album for the 26th, produced by JEFF TWEEDY.

I don’t think there is anything major coming out for the 26th that I have missed….there is a nice Lloyd Cole boxset alright.

Just want to say a word before I go on the boy RORY, Cork’s most famous musical son whose 20th ANNIVERSARY was the other day.doutchaboy

It is nice and an improvement I have to say that there is a bit of activity surrounding this ultimately sad anniversary….RORY is as big a legend as this country has ever produced and long after we are all well and truly gone and forgotten they will still talk of RORY, play RORY, try play like RORY and tell stories of RORY……and I have heard a few down through the years…..i may have told ye the one where an elderly couple where out in ST OLIVIERS cemetery ( maybe a year back) and the husband was walking behind his wife as he saw her talk briefly to this tall well dressed man further up the path… he then passed this man he recognized him as BRIAN MAY from QUEEN whom it transpired had being looking for RORY’s final resting place……all the CORK radio stations, Life fm, Red fm etc, played “tattoed lady” at 1.10pm, a moment in remembrance of the man…..i suppose all I want to say really from one Cork man to a man who called Cork his home is dowtcha RORY BOY you are sadly missed on the streets of Cork and even more so by up and coming musicians, bands….it would be magic if you were mulching around the streets but hey I’ve got that feeling that you gonna make us smile forever as only you can….

Sin e for now,

The lads ( BOBBY and SHANE) will pick up all emails , tweets and that other thing I cant use facebook while I am away….

Thanks for listening


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