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Hi Everyone,

Releases here mainly for the 11th July.

The biggest release of next week is the new MORRISSEY album.

I am looking forward to hearing it, safe to say Mr. Moz would not be everyones cup of cha but i think time will show him to be one of the greatest songsmiths ever in recorded music.

Here are some of Moz’s most witty, slightly demented and well known quotes.


1. On growing old: “Age shouldn’t affect you. You’re either marvellous or you’re boring, regardless of your age.”

2. On his public profile: “I’m dramatically underexposed. I demand more attention!” (NME, 1985).

3. On personal grooming: “I do maintain that if your hair is wrong, your entire life is.


Universal also have about 12 vinyl reissues including CLAPTON, LENNON, STEELY DAN, GRACE  JONES and GARY MOORE amongst them.


Warner have new albums by JOHN HIATT “terms of my surrender” ( happens also to be the mission statement of the croke park residents association) and a new CD by JASON MRAZ, plus for the first time ever on Vinyl record is the ROBERT FRIPP/ BRIAN ENO album “the Equatorial Stars”.

Sony have the new JUDAS PRIEST LP “ redeemer of souls”. metal!


Music on Vinyl have a few nice ROY ORBISON LP reissues for the 21st JULY.



PIAS have a few new ones to note for the 18th July namely ALVVAYS ( ala voice of the beehive me thinks) and WOMAN’S HOUR plus more CAN reissues and MOGWAI’S excellent “ come on die young” reissue.

 garth brooks

 On the whole Garth Brooks farce, Mr. Brook’s has very recently released a statement saying basically that it’s 5 or none.

Now it’s not my own personal bag but this is a mess for people, his fans, culprits mainly being Aitken Promotions, the GA, the residents ( even though i can see a small point here) and now Mr. Brooks, who says that he won’t  play three concerts because it would be like picking 3 children from 5.

One of the promotors was on the headline news tonight saying it was going to be the greatest show ever, with more screens, FIRE, and Garth appearing up through the stage….come off the stage i say, this whole thing stinks of dollars, for all the culprits invovled ( 5 gigs to go ahead is my guess).

If Mr. Moz was asked about this he might say have a few free concerts in the Phoenix Park so all Garth’s children could attend ( and no one gets burned in the FIRE) and Garth could claim ala Pope John Paul “ middle aged children of Ireland, i love you”. ( not even remotely gona happen i know)

Guns to heads tactics being used from all angles….tis a joke.

Lastly, Jim Morrison is 43 years passed yesterday…..

Enough crankiness for one week,

Sin e,