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Hi Everyone,

Summertime and the releases are iffy….

I’m going to start with Pias this week and their releases for the 15th August.

They have new albums by THE COURTEENERS, JJ , ELECTRIC WURMS who are a side project of Wayne and Steven from the FLAMINGS LIPS ( they have been getting dogs abuse of late for releasing all sorts of …..) but reviews on this have been ok.

Pias have a debut album by BENJAMIN BOOKER and for the metal fan, on nuclear blast label, is a new one from ACCEPT.


Also on Pias through the no quarter label is a dude by the name of BOB CARPENTER (not the guy from the NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND or Karen’s long lost brother).

The first I heard of this BOB CARPENTER was about 2 hours ago, he made a record for Warner about 40 years ago (with Emmylou Harris on backing vocals) but Bob and Warner had a row and it never came out. (Not really anyway…out in Canada for a while in the mid 80s)

Its kind of singer/songwriter country rock and it’s the best thing I have heard all week…..go listen for yourselves.

Bob won’t make a bob out of it (sorry cheap pun) as he died in the 90s; Warner probably will though!

bob carpenter


Attached also are the Universal releases for the 8th of August including a new one from THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM, a debut from PORTER ROBINSON and an interesting one from TOM THE LION.


Warner for the 8th hasn’t much except a soundtrack of THE CONGRESS by MAX RICHTER (and with a whooping 80 copies available for the UK and Ireland, I have as much chance of getting one as Kilkenny have a chance of winning the all-Ireland football championship)


Sony doesn’t have much for the 8th but I notice on the 15th August, they have a few Columbia Vinyl reissues (JEFF BUCKLEY, DYLAN, CAROLE KING). Sony owns the Columbia label.

Music on Vinyl bought/rented the license from Sony 6 or 7 years back to release Columbia stuff (DYLAN, COHEN, GALLAGHER) on LPs, but it looks like now ( when there’s a pick up in Vinyl sales) that Sony are getting them back.

I like Music on Vinyl, they give a good product, they have no web store because they try and push people towards a local record shop (so obviously I like them!) but they can be a tad expensive and deliveries can be a bit flaky.

heart                                                                music on v

So it looks like the major labels want there records back (10% cheaper to the customer and better delivery, but tis the same majors who said to bin those records 25 years ago, and as history has shown the majors don’t really care what direction customers go once units are sold (the majors do seem better in very recent years)…….safe enough id say as supermarkets where one of the death knells of the record as “they took up to much shelf space”.

Supermarkets are my biggest beef when it comes to the music retail game but that’s a story/ rant for another day.


Music on Vinyl has a HOUSE OF PAIN and ALANIS MORISSETTE LP reissues attached also.

Proper have FAIRGROUND ATTRACTIONS “FIRST OF A MILLION KISSES” LP reissue out on the 8th also.


JACK WHITES excellent LP is finally finally going to be back in stock tomorrow.

 Jack White

Below is the excellent new video from up and coming local band RAISING JUPITER

It’s a great video to a rocking tune…

a  few more preloved records landed in this week…some good titles ( gallagher, beatles) all play fine….covers may not be the mae west.


Sin e for this week,

Thanks and a have a great weekend….no giving out next week i promise.

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