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Hi Everyone,

There are a few nice bits and pieces for release for Friday 29th.

Warner has the REM “ MTV UNPLUGGED” 1991 and 2001 ( two double LP sets) for next Friday.

They also have the deluxe LP of the excellent TOM PETTY album “hypnotic eye” ( i mean that, is real good, better than what i would have expected)

rem unplugged

Pias has the new INTERPOL record  “ el pintor” out on the 5th Sept….single “ all the rage back home”  is a fine tune….help from Beck and Bon Iver in parts on this record….looking forward to it.

Pias through the hassle label have the debut album by LONELY THE BRAVE “ the days war” out next Friday.

The English music press are certainly bigging up this five piece from Cambridge

“ the hype is entirely justified, this is the start of something extraordinary” ….Kerrang

“ a band whose name will soon be up in lights”…..NME

Cynics may say that the music press across the water are bigging up everything but this crowd do have a few savage catchy songs…could well have mass appeal….time will tell i suppose.

SONY have a few classic Vinyl reissues out next Friday including DYLAN’S “ FREEWHELLIN” and CAROLE KING’S “ TAPESTRY”.

They also have JEFF BUCKLEY’S masterpiece “ GRACE” on 180 gram double 45 RPM with the CD thrown in for good measure.

I was working in Golden Disc’s in the summer of 94 ( a youngfella by the way) when this album came out and i reckon i must have listened to it over 500 times in those 20 years since, and it still sounds great every time….truly exceptional in my opinion…..Jeff definitely “ could have being the start of something extraordinary” but he did leave us with a fleeting glimpse of perfection.

jeff buck

Universal have new albums by THE PIERCES and MAROON 5 for next Friday .

They also have a blast of Progressive Rock LPs reissued including BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, CARAVAN, FAUST and TANGERINE DREAM.

Plenty of concepts here and plenty of panadol also id say for these Prog rockers.

So much for my hurling predictions earlier in the year….Clare, Cork and Dublin all beat out the gate…..twas a long spin home Sunday…Cork have the distasteful chance of turning into a Johnny Logan song….anyway…

Sin e for this week….BEATLES  mono’s coming soon.