A Band With Great Hope In The Industry, Our Trip To Tipp, and It’s The Bowie Set Time Of Year!

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Nice few vinyl record and CD releases and reissues out today in siopa Musiczone.ie.



Video for the last two weeks now up to view here… Quite a bit in it, some nice stuff!

Right so onto releases for the 5th of October… First up I suppose has to be the new record by TWENTY ONE PILOTS

Biggest Alternative band in the world / 6 million singles sold in the UK / 600k albums sold in UK / 12 million albums sold worldwide / 41 million singles sold worldwide.

This band are a bit of a great hope in the industry… In my opinion anyway..  They have connected with a young audience who idolize them… A young audience who buy up physical product, cds, lps, merch… This band have made a mark on the teenage generation and seem to have held their attention… Some feat that i’d say… Catchy tunes on the last album BLURRY FACE… This new record is available on CD, CASSETTE, LP and Indies Coloured DLP…. It’s out via Atlantic/Warner.

Warner also the classic TELEVISION Album “Marquee Moon” 2LP Deluxe Vinyl will be released on 5th October on blue vinyl with the original album plus an additional LP of bonus tracks that featured on the 2003 remastered CD.
Warner also have a newish album by ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN… Well it’s reworkings of some of their songs and man hadn’t they some great songs… It’s called “The Stars, The Moons and The Ocean” on CD, LP, and indies only coloured double LP also as well as a new album by BEHEMOTH… The last album done really well “The Satanist”, and again this one is available on a rake of formats.

Warner also have a KATIE MELUA GREATEST HITS, a new album by DOYLE BRAMHALL, a LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM solo compilation, and the GOO GOO DOLLS “Dizzy Up The Girl” LP reissue.
Myself and Bob went on the trip to Tipp for FEILE CLASSICAL last weekend and we had a right good time… There really was a smashing atmosphere in Semple stadium the whole weekend… We were working at it… Taking pre-orders for the Live CD/DVD or CD that is going to be released in November of the show… The days were long but enjoyable… One would hold fort while the other caught a gig, so over the two nights we both saw everyone… Trade was good enough without being fantastic but the show was cracking… I saw the Franks for maybe the 30th time… As cracking as always… Great tunes… Could/should have really exciting news about THE FRANKS and Musiczone.ie corporation in the near future..

HOTHOUSE FLOWERS were very musical but maybe not as stomping as some of the others… FOUR OF US were good… Great to catch AN EMOTIONAL FISH as Ii never saw them back in the day whereas had seen everyone else… They reformed for FEILE I believe and Jerry gave it socks to be fair… I saw them the first night, Bob the second night… My night during “Celebrate” Jerry left the stage mid song (stage was on the field about 40 yards from the covered stand where the punters were) and continued through the field up into the crowd in the stand… To the very top of the stand where each and everyone of us sang “celebrate, this party’s over, i’m going home” for a few minutes…. A few attempted to invade the pitch on the Friday… All female from what I could see! But the security seemed to have their numbers… Sound security to be fair up there… So the pitch stayed univaded on Friday…

Bob saw AN EMOTIONAL FISH the Saturday night… On 3rd on the bill…. This time when Jerry tried to enter the stand, security kind of stopped him so he was running around the field belting out CELEBRATE when some few escaped onto the field creating gaps in the security cord… It was on… Pitch invasion full style (i’m sure the organisers had it in their plans… The pitch invasion.. But the 40 somethings were rebelling… Punk rockers!…) I was back up for SOMETHING HAPPENS after the invasion and the atmosphere was unbelievably good… I’m sure the gig will live long in the memory of the bands/artists as it arguably could have been as good as any gig they done…

Bob then saw THE HOTHOUSE FLOWERS and I was up for THE STUNNING about half 10, not half 2…  And shit it was only brilliant… 5 tunes… “What Goes Up Must Come Down”, “Heads Gonna Roll”, with its brilliant brass/trumpets/strings throughout… Really really good… “Half Past 2”, “Romeos On Fire”, and of course “Brewing Up A Storm”… Nearly took the roofs of all the houses in Thurles… It was class… Maybe a bit of a perfect storm of a night … But this 40 something Rebel was in his element! Highly recommended!!

UNIVERSAL for the 5th of October have a Deluxe version of JOHN LENNON’s “Imagine” album… The super deluxe box containing 4CDs and Two Bluray has 140 tracks….  Deluxe 2CD and Deluxe 2LP also.

Uni also have new albums by NAS and KT TUNSTALL and a new album by LADY GAGA… It’s the soundtrack to the film “A Star Is Born” which the lady is in and as far as I know they are all new tunes by GAGA on the album.

Universal also have a rare BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD release from 66/67 called “ Heavy Music – Complete” as well as a brand new HILARY HAHN album and some nice LP reissues by BLOC PARTY “Silent Alarm”, DJ SHADOW “Private Press”, TRICKY – “Maxinquaye”, BUSH “16 Stone” , JOHNNY HATES JAZZ “Turn Back The Clock”, and lastly a nice one also JOHN WILLIAMS – “A Life In Music” all on the auld gorgeous vinyl record.

SONY have a new album by HUGH CORNWELL called “Master”.
OK so time to get the auld hat out again… A big hat this time….. A truly special hat.. A hat that arguably no other man could fill… Yes it’s time for the new BOWIE box “Loving The Alien”… Info here if you haven’t already seen it… Out on the 12th of October but for the purposes of hats and caps a special mention today…

LP Box Set:

88 Page hardback book / Let’s Dance (remastered) (1LP) / Serious Moonlight (Live ’83) (previously unreleased) (2LP)* / Tonight (remastered) (1LP) / Never Let Me Down (remastered) (1LP) / Never Let Me Down (2018) (previously unreleased) (2LP – side 4 is etched)* / Glass Spider (Live Montreal ’87) (previously unreleased on vinyl) (3LP)* Dance (2LP)* / Re:Call 4 (non-album singles, edits, single versions, b-sides and soundtrack music) (remastered) (3LP)*

* Exclusive to ‘Loving The Alien (1983-1988) LP box’

CD Box Set

CD Box Set: 128 Page hardback book / Let’s Dance (remastered) (1CD) / Serious Moonlight (Live ’83) (previously unreleased) (2CD) / Tonight (remastered) (1CD) / Never Let Me Down (remastered) (1CD) / Never Let Me Down 2018 (previously unreleased) (1CD)* / Glass Spider (Live Montreal ’87) (2CD) / Dance (1CD)* Re:Call 4 (non-album singles, edits, single versions, b-sides and soundtrack music) (remastered) (2CD)*

* Exclusive to ‘Loving The Alien (1983-1988)’

As with other years we have secured a really good price we feel… So its a same as the other two sets… 225EUR best price pre-order job… 225…. And we have lovely merch… Looks great… So guaranteed at least one item from T-Shirt, Tote Bag or Slipmat… Email tee size with your order if interested… No guarantee but should be grand for tees… Heres some images of the merch to help ease that hand towards that pocket and gently and slowly towards the hat … Installments kool and the gang also with us as usual… We can put it in the book and you can make smaller regular contributions towards the hat.

PIAS for the 5th of October have the new PHOSPHORESCENT Record out on Dead Oceans called “C’est La Vie”… First record in 5 years… Indies only coloured vinyl on this one… If this indie rock/pop band are new to you and you like the auld indie rock/pop stuff then I believe you wont go far wrong with them…. Worth checking out..

PIAS via Domino also have the new CAT POWER record called “Wanderer” again on Indies Only Vinyl as well as Standard LP and CD… Clear vinyl this time.

The Orchard have the new album by the excellent singer/songwriter folkster Mr. JOHN SMITH for the 5th of October.

It is called “Hummingbird” and JOHN is playing two gigs in Coughlans on Weds the 10th and Thurs the 11th of Oct which should be lovely nights… We are also delighted to announce John is going to do a little instore for us on Thursday the 11th of October at 5PM!…We would be really delighted if some of ye folks were able to make it in for it.

Here’s one of the newest tunes…

PROPER have new albums by JAKOB BRO and YOU ME AT 6.

MUSIC ON VINYL have the reissue of the  album by ALICE COOPER “From the Inside” 1.5k are numbered and coloured..
Sin é for this week folks…. Bit went on I suppose.

Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt

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