A Busy Time with Feile Classical, Kodaline new and blue, and a Mr. Petty Set

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well…

Lily O Brien is four years old today…Hozier’s debut record is four years old yesterday, Cormac O Briens 21st was four years ago yesterday also…was a busy time…time..a funny thing.

Lily has the ear…Zach to a degree but Lily has the ear…i kind of knew it when she was maybe 2 and a half when i brought her to Marlene Enrights instore for the launch of her choice nominated debut album “placemats and second cuts “ .. Zach was at a birthday party and lily never really flinched from my side for the 30 minutes or so of the lovely gig…here again if you missed it…fair feat for a fledgling…if she didnt dig it though the whole house would have known so major kudos to Marlene!

Now she has Mamma mia soundtracks and george ezra on the go in the car…four today, not too bad a start musically Lily girl… jees ABBA were the real deal weren’t they…what hooks…Zach likes a bit of Bowie ( which will please some of ye) starman and ch ch ch ch ch changes been two of his favs….Bonnies a bit small yet but bops around in her carseat to almost everything.

In the shop today the 21st of sept are vinyl record and cd releases by ( excuse above i never set out with any plan really hence you get what you get)  VILLAGERS, SLASH, SUEDE, PRINCE, CHRISTINE & THE QUEENS, JOE BONAMASSA, BILLY GIBBONS, THERAPY & a NOEL GALLAGHER 12” as well as reissues by THE RAMONES, MC5 boxset, LENNY KRAVITZ, ELBOW …first timer on LP for the best of and the TRUE ROMANCE soundtrack.

Nice few bits and pieces.

Releases for the 28th of Sept ( we will start at home again this week and boy do i love starting at home, where the heart is ) include via Sony the third album by our very own KODALINE on CD and LP and very very l*****d blue coloured lp…well i think its blue anyway, tis some colour other than black anyway…only 250 in the country. Yes that was a full stop…and aside from that we have a simple but nice competition…preorder the new Kodaline album CD or LP before next Fridays release day and be in with a chance to win a signed copy of the record on vinyl…signed copy of the new album…fairly nice…so pop us a mail if you are interested….onliners also, as always, welcome welcome…cead mile failte.

The record by KODALINE has a very good title “ the politics of living” which i would imagine in their world is so apt…all our worlds now…but theirs, frightening rubbish goes on id say.

Sony also for the 28th of Sept have a reissue of DAVID GROHLS “ play” .


Warner for the 28th of sept have a new CYPRESS HILL album on the BMG RIGHTS label called “ elephants on acid”  as well as new albums by CHER “ dancing queen “ an ABBA covers album which could do fairly well id say, JANELLE MONAEs release on LP of “ dirty computer” , CARDI Bs lp release of her album, new SEASICK STEVE album on CD.

Warner also for the 28th have a new ARETHA FRANKLIN compilation album on 2cd and 2lp “ the atlantic singles collection” , a PHIL COLLINS four cd set, best ofs on vinyl by URIAH HEAP and NAZARETH and BARENAKED LADIES reissue of “STUNT” on 2LP.

Last few bits from Warner are the new TOM PETTY CD box “ an american treasure” on 2 cd or 4 cd….the lp set is a black friday really l*****d release so will have my cap out for that one also to forewarn ye guys…plenty cap outings to be had in the coming weeks folks…we will try not to be shy about it.

Lastly Warner have a JOE STRUMMER boxset  on 3lp & 12” or 2cd…its a compilation outside of THE CLASH stuff …box actually includes lp, deluxe cd, 7” and bonus cassette.


PIAS have a deluxe reissue of “ COME ON PILGRIM “ ON 3LP or 3CD…gold vinyl edition which has come on pilgrim, surfer rosa and live from the fallout shelter” as well a new MUDHONEY album and a remix album by ALT J on infectious…a reworking of the relaxer album by hip hop artists.

Pias also some STEREOLAB LP reissues , THELONIOUS MONK “ monk” LP and CD reissue, BITCHIN BAJAS 7 cd set and HOLGER CZUKY lp and cd reissues.

UNI have a brand new album by NILE RODGERS & CHIC called its about time…25 years so fair enough title really i suppose..9 tracks or deluxe 10 track…lp in november with the CHIC logo embossed on it.

ROD STEWART has a new album with Universal with 10 original songs and 3 covers,,lp again nov, KID CUDI & KANYE “kids see ghosts” out on CD…LP in nov also, BILLY IDOL “ vital idol” revitalized.

STATUS QUO have expanded and deluxe editions of  four albums of theirs…LONGBRANCH & PENNYWHISTLE gets a reissue ( will pass loads of ye that one id say…eagles fans should maybe get it…the rest of ye throw yer hat at it id say…i need my hats so ill be keeping mine)

UNIVERSAL also have the next U2 lp reissue…this time its best of 90s GETTING THE REISSUE REMASTERED TREATMENT…VERY HIGH FOR THE QUALITY ON ALL the others so would expect the same here, FRATELLIS reissue on LP costello music, FALL OUT BOY  have a complete studio albums 11 lp set, CINDERELLA have a 5 cd set and some JOHN & BEVERLEY MARTIN LP reissues including stormbringer and road to ruin.

Lastly Universal have a new JOHN SCOFIELD  album and a new MARCUS MILLER album on LP only i think for now called “ laid back” and a new SOFT CELL 7” called northern lights.

Myself and the bob man are off to FEILE CLASSICAL tomorrow and back up SATURDAY again,  the Shane man is holding fort music zone for the two days…car full of caps we have…we are in an airstreamer on site inside semple stadium taking preorders on behalf of Warner and FEILE CLASSICAL for the live CD or live CD/DVD of the weekend’s events…12/14 tracks on cd and same on dvd i believe with a 30 minute documentary on the whole FEILE experience…looking forward to it….Irish bands i grew up on and have seen all in the past so looking forward to it all really…hope it goes smooth is the only thing…power, wifi, credit card machine…pop ups are notorious but trying to have a plan b for everything so twil work out ….price is alright 16 bucks on the cd/dvd version…we are attempting to bring the mountain to Mohammed…i hope it works out well for all involved..come find us for a natter if your up there…here the links if interested.


PROPER for the 28th of sept have a NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS 12” EP…satin finish sleeve..4 track ep…live from Copenhagen called “ distant sky” …four cracking tracks…a few quid expensive imo though.

Proper also have a new TONY JOE WHITE album called BAD MOUTHIN…more of a blues album than a swamp rock album.

EDDI READER has a brand new album on reveal records and a TOOTS LP reissue of ska father.

ROM have a new GRAHAM PARKER and MOUNT KIMBIE remix album.


THE ORCHARD have a new JOY FORMIDABLE album and a HOUSE OF LOVE 30th anniversary reissue.


MOV have FATS DOMINO and KOOL & THE GANG numbered and coloured collections..


Dont forget the excellent BURMA are with us on the sat the 6th of OCT.


Sin e for this weeks folks

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