A Cloudbusting Newsletter with Mick Flannery, Our Boy Rory and Clare Sands In-store

Hi everyone,


Hope all is well…Releases in the good siopa musiczone.ie this week include the sought after and exclusive KATE BUSH ‘Cloudbusting 12” Picture Disc’ the independent retailers only 45th Anniversary edition of BOWIE’S ‘Diamond Dogs’ , the new MORRISSEY covers album on ‘sky blue’ vinyl, RAMMSTEIN’s new one landed…I’m still hoping THE WATERBOYS will land for tomorrow Friday (the Orchard!!) …(it did!)

I am out of the shop today, Friday (tomorrow as I write this) but am here all day Saturday…bit of juggling going on at the moment….PRIMAL SCREAM ‘Singles’ is here, JOAN AS POLICEWOMAN ‘Live at the BBC’ is here, FLYING LOTUS new one is here…new records also by HAYDEN THORPE, WHENYOUNG…the new EP from INTERPOL is also with us…Reissues also by STEREOLAB, TEARS FOR FEARS, OSCAR PETERSON TRIO and the new release by DERVISH gets a release on vinyl.


Moving onto releases for next Friday the 31st of May…I suppose the big release down south here is the RORY GALLAGHER release ‘Blues’…Pre-order prices still available on the auld link above or bounce us back an email. Such a pity for Corkonians that Rory isn’t still mulching around the city, such a loss to the wider music community but sure life is full of ‘what ifs’.


“A collection of rare and unreleased recordings of Rory Gallagher playing strictly blues material. It will range from previously unheard /unreleased tracks from Rory’s archive, special guest sessions that with legendary blues artists (Muddy Waters / Albert King), lost radio

sessions and more. There will be a deluxe 36-track 3CD version covering Rory playing electric, acoustic and live blues comprised of 94%

unreleased material. Also coming is a 14-track 1CD / 2LP version of which 92% of the material will be unreleased.

‘The Blues’ follows in a similar vein to recent successful collections by The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

Rory Gallagher was one of the most consummate and electrifying guitarists of his generation. A glance at the testimonials below from

friends, contemporaries and followers testify to this: Johnny Marr “The man who changed my musical life was Rory Gallagher, I picked up

a guitar because of him.”


Universal also for the 31st of May have the release of THE POLICE ‘Everyone Stares’ on DVD or Blu Ray on Eaglerock. This is the astonishing home movies shot by Stewart Copeland charting the meteoric rise of the band…all pieced together here…meant to be a very intteresting and enjoyable watch.


Uni also have new album on CD + LP by DUFF MCKAGAN (ex GnR man) as well as CHASE AND STATUS.


PAUL MCCARTNEY has a limited coloured 3 LP version of ‘Egypt Station’ out on the 31st of May also.


Last couple from Universal for the 31st of May would be the reissues of DOVES first three albums, so reissued as numbered, coloured ltd edition 2 LP package…So we will have ‘Lost Souls’, the ‘Last Broadcast’ and ‘Some Cities’ with us next Friday.


Last one is a first timer on vinyl…transparent green vinyl in fact of THE LA’S ‘BBC Sessions’…


MICK FLANNERY has a new album coming out on Friday the 5th of July and we are delighted to be heavily involved around the release of the album ( self titled and on cd and LP) …the shop has a long association with Mick going back to the first album “ evening train” which was before Mick was record companyed up, we used buy that album direct from him ( or his mam and dad) back in the carrigaline days…maybe 12 or 13 years ago now id say and Mick has played quite a few in stores for us down through the years.

We shared a nice few whiskeys and guinness/beamish if memory serves, back before the launch of the red to blue album circa early 2012 when EMI had some industry “heads” invited to a secret gig in Charlies for Mick to showcase songs from the new record….he thought it didnt sound great…it sounded amazing…we were a bit like two lost souls as the “heads” sipped their G&Ts…so me, Mick and a lifelong friend of mine fell into each other’s  company and we shared a nice drink later that night as the “heads” continued with the G& Ts and continued talking more and more shite.

I like Mick….he strikes me as a really really genuine kid…but to the music…

This is Micks own release…Warner are helping with distribution and other things but its Micks baby, so we are trying to help as much as possible.

It’s our thing anyway, trying to support the local stuff ( as best we can anyway) and let’s be honest Mick is A list when it comes to local music, national music also….and in my personal opinion , i just think the lad is so so talented, i love what he does, i get it, it appeals to me…for me one of the best songwriters this country has seen if not, the best….. hugely underrated in my opinion in sectors…his previous five albums i still play regularly and i love them all…very very few in the history of recorded Irish artists would have a body of work that would stand up against Micks output…expect the true greats…i fully believe in years to come Mick could well be in that category.

He has a  chance ( through his talent) to make a really good living for himself, his family and a really nice side living for his band…he should try take it….( i think he has been to be fair)

Saw him in st Lukes there last weekend and he was just outstanding….9 on stage…drums, bass, electric, acoustic, piano, sax, trombone, violin and a backing singer…sonically it was amazing…vocally and musically…anyone who was there will vouch for it…he could do that show with half the band and make more johnny cash but its about the craft, its about the muse…its brilliant to see.

I have had the great pleasure of hearing the new record and i just think its fantastic….some brilliant songs, some of the trademark hushed beauties and some more contemporary sounding songs…quality thought provoking lyrics as you always get ( amazing that that is the case) …big wall of sound going on at times, great production, vocally on point at all times ,cracking melodies the whole way through…..its an absolute gem of an album and i will be pulling it out and playing it in 20 years time…..that’s what great art gives you…something forever.. in this immediate world.


Right, id say ye get we are fairly passionate about this release  so here’s the bit about it…

We are involved with Mick and  the good good skins of Coughlan’s Live on Douglas Street as they host two album launch shows on friday the 5th of July ( the day the album comes out) …one show is at 5 pm and the second one is at 7 pm…entry to the show is simply buy the album from our website…must be from the website please as we need to track them….that’s it really i suppose…..we will have your name on the door then…..go buy it!!

The link to it is  here https://musiczone.ie/?s=MICK+FLANNERY

Click collect in store if your about the place to save a few quid on the shipping….be an excuse to hook up also for a few jars…we can also bill it as the music zone christmas party!!

limited capacity is the only thing…sure buy it anyway even if you cant make it in!!

Look thats the sceal with it….the launch shows in Coughlans are a three piece…Mick is doing an instore in the shop the following day sat the 6th of July at 1 o’clock also.

The album is an absolute cracker…here’s the latest single…https://youtu.be/DYUQA0_vZgY


Loads more where this came from..could be the best 20 quid you spend all year.


Hope to see ye on the 5th or the 6th…sound!!

Above was meant to be the midweek special i promised….i never got it written!!


PIAS for the 31st of May have a LISA HANNIGAN + STARGAZE (contemporary-classical orchestra) Live album…from the National Concert Hall in Dublin, available on Play It Again Sam as a 2LP or CD release.


PIAS also have a new album by PIP BLOOM ‘bout’ on Heavenly and there is also a new LEE SCRATCH PERRY album ‘Rainford’ on CD, LP or Indies-only gold LP.


Lastly PIAS have a deluxe version of ‘Drokk’ music inspired by mega city one on Invada Records…music here composed by GEOFF BARROW and BEN SALISBURY.


Republic of Music for the 31st of May have a new GANG OF FOUR album called ‘Happy Now’…indies-only splattered orange vinyl…vinyl only release as far as I know…well no sign of CD thus far anyway…I’m not a big fan of CD only or Vinyl only or cassette only for that matter…

We are physical retailers…choosing one format and not doing a CD release only fragments and disenchants people I feel…we are trying to make people feel enchanted!!


A STATUS QUO reissue of hits package on LP also ‘12 Gold Bars’ .


The Orchard for the 31st of May have SKEPTA ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ CD release as well as a GLENN HUGHES official bootleg boxset Volume 2, 6 CD set.

Proper for the 31st of May have a few nice releases….new album by DARK THRONE on Peaceville ‘Old Star’ on CD or LP.

Also there’s a FRANK TURNER ‘Poetry of the Dead’ 10th Anniversary Indies-only coloured vinyl release and a rake of (as we would say in Cork) PLACEBO LP reissues now on Elevator Lady Records . So we will have the self-titled album, plus ‘Without You I’m Nothing’, ‘Black Market Music’, ‘Sleeping with Ghosts’, ‘Meds’, ‘Battle for the Sun’ and ‘Loud Like Love’…all of these are ok money, either 20 or €22.


Sony for the 31st of May have the next two in the DEPECHE MODE 12” singles boxsets….this time we have BLACK CELEBRATION with 5 12” s in its set….we can 100 euro best price job on it ( i know im always banging on with best price jobs and caps and all that malarkey and i suppose it is an ad, this newsletter malarkey that is…maybe too much so…but look i fight for some of these best price jobs to try and give as good a price as i can….i apologise for shaking the box in front of ye to often……im sure ye see it for what it is…no interest…drift over it …interested….great)

Anyway the second MODE box is MUSIC FOR THE MASSES….7 pieces of 12” vinylin that set…115 best price job on it.

Sony also have the vinyl release of the new KHALID album “ free spirit” for the 31st of May.


Warner for the 31st of May have an ASH 7” SINGLES BOXSET from 94 to 2004 as well as an EMERSON , LAKE, PALMER 4 LP boxset and a HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH 25TH anniversary of cracked rear view as a 3cd/dvd.

The big one from Warner for the 31st is the new RICHARD HAWLEY album “ FURTHER” on CD, LP or INDIES only orange LP and they also have THE STREETS reissue of “ everything is borrowed” as well as a new album by VADER.

Lastly from Warner is a VENOM compilation as a 2 cd or a 2 lp job…or a 9 lp boxset…its called in nomine satanas.


On the local scene, we have a good in-store gig coming up….CLARE SANDS will be releasing her new EP, ‘The Basement Sessions’ on Saturday the 8th of June at 1pm. Talented girl, well worth a look.


Described by RTÉ Lyric FM as an ‘exceptional talent’, and Hot Press as ‘a passionate and alluring unique force in Irish music’, Clare Sands is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, and songwriter hailing from the vibrant musical city of Cork. ‘She is the most eclectic performer on the Irish scene to date’ – RTE Radio 1.

Gracing a fender strat guitar in one hand and electric violin in the other, Sands, a Boss/Roland and Yamaha endorsed artist, has a unique ability to to create eclectic, energetic, heartfelt, soulful music with an Irish traditional twist.

Having played her biggest show to date last summer, Liverpool’s Feis alongside Irish legends Imelda May and Shane McGowan to 15,000 people, Sands has been touring around the world since a young age, both as a solo artist and accomplished violinist/guitarist with Jack L, Hothouse Flowers, SON, Luka Bloom, Mundy, and other highly acclaimed artists, performing sold-out dates at the INEC, Cork Opera House, Electric Picnic, and The National Concert Hall, to name a few.

Along her musical path, Sands met legendary guitarist and producer, Jimmy Smyth (Van Morrison, Mary Coughlan, Chaka Khan) and released ‘Dance x3!’  It was met with critical acclaim; holding position at No 1 in the Irish Airplay Charts for over two months, it received excellent reviews by BBC, RTE, The Irish Times – it’s ‘a celebration of groove and Motown songcraft’ – Nialler 9

Sands is currently gearing up to release her live EP ‘The Basement Sessions’ due out June 13th 2019, recorded live in her Cork City basement due out this summer. The first three tracks and accompanying live videos from the record have received widespread recognition, with 40,000 views, national & international airplay, and phenomenal press reviews ‘magical & moving, powerful yet delicate, ephemeral & ethereal, yet durable’ – The Irish Times.


Sin e for this weeks folks,

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabairt



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