A Great Weekend In The Shop, The Return of the Shins, and Advice For A Young Band

Hi everyone,

Hope ye are all well…

Sitting in the shop at 10:02PM, Thursday the 2nd of March.. Was here till 7:30.. Nipped home for an hour… Back since 9:30.. Strange night really.. Surreal.. Pensive at the moment.. Pissing rain out, no one at all around.. Opening in two hours for a Midnight Launch for Ed Sheeran’s new album Divide.. Very pensive… The battle is won regards this event though, loads of promo surrounded us and the event thanks to Bartosz and the shopping centre here, and all the folks in Warner.. It allowed us to wave a flag in the air and say we are here.. So thanks to all involved.. Bobby also for soldiering again with me..

Surreal though, as I sit here, this time six years ago my business was on it’s knees… Surviving on fumes.. Turnover of less than two grand a week on a bog standard week.. Death on two legs and it was tearing me apart.. Couldn’t turn the mind off at home.. New baby on the way (as now, a new baby on the way) but a business that has some life… This event is a sign of that life… Polar opposite feelings.. Nervous excitement… First midnight opening for me since Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’ in ‘96.

I know in the great scheme of life none of this matters a shite, but you know… It’s nice when you’re self employed and you don’t have to take shite baggage home with you.. So thanks to all involved.. Lots of work goes into something like this.. I promise to give an update before this goes out as to how we got on..

Christ Raymond, you sounded like Grandad in ‘It’s Only Fools and Horses’ reminiscing about the war….

Anyway, albums out this last Friday in the shop (apologies with delay in getting this sent out, busy busy weekend in the shop) include the aforementioned Mr. ED SHEERAN, SLEAFORD MODS new vinyl record as an indie only red vinyl, ALISON KRAUSS, IMMOLATION, GRANDADDY, IGGY AND THE STOOGES Reissues, and METHYL ETHYL..


Right so, moving on to releases for the 10th of March… We have the new vinyl record release from the mighty THE SHINS… Their 5th now i think… First couple were beauts.. This one also sounds pretty good.. It’s called ‘Heartworms’ and it’s out on LP and CD.


Sony also have a MILES DAVIS QUINTET ‘Freedom Bootleg 5th Volume’, I think which comes with a bonus 12’’ as well.. Also from Sony is a JOE COCKER ‘Ultimate Collection’ on 2CD or 2LP..

Lastly from Sony is a score to the movie ‘The Chamber’ by James Dean Bradfield… Heavy stuff i’d say.. Hardcore Manics fans… Heard him interviewed recently about this score and it’s one of his first solo projects… Second I think.. But he was asked in the interview what advice he would give to aspiring bands.. He said he didn’t have a clue, as it’s a completely different industry since 1991… He is right.. What could you advise a really good young band?..

Keep at it… Every inch might get you the golden mile… He mentioned TV and Film Music is a way in maybe.. Write an unbelievably catchy tune.. No bother sure..


Anyway, Proper for the 10th of March have the new LAURA MARLING record ‘Semper Femina’… Lead single excellent.. Portishead like.. I think a few deluxe DLP available too, with live tracks and codes…

Proper also have FAIRPORT CONVENTION’s ‘50 @ 50’… 14 Tracks, half live, half studio… Plenty of guests on it.. Even Planty guests on one track, as does Jacqui McShee from PENTANGLE on another..

Lastly from Proper for next week is the album ‘Last Days of Oakland’ by FANTASTIC NEGRITO.. Winner of the recent Grammy for Best Blues Album.. Sounds like an interesting dude, and sounds bloody great… (To me)… Have a listen here


Universal for the 10th of March have quite a bit, starting the new CIRCA WAVES album, as well asELLIOT SMITH’s ‘Either/Or’ 20th Anniversary 2CD (lovely album), and a MARK ALMOND / SOFT CELL ‘Best Of’.. Also through Uni is the newest MAX RICHTER release on vinyl, a new Marti Pellow CD, the next in the series of the MARTY WHELAN compilations, a CHICKENFOOT ‘Live Best Of’ on 2CD, the new BUSH album on CD only.. They also have the new DEEP PURPLE single on 12’’ and CD, and lastly a brand new CHICKENFOOT track on 7’’..


PIAS for the 10th of March have the SOUNDGARDEN reissue of Ultramega OK, the Grammy nominated debut record on limited indies only Blue and Violet coloured vinyl with 6 bonus tracks included.. PIAS also have the Steve Earle ‘Live From Austin, TX’ on CD/DVD or 2LP..


Republic of Music have represses of their first ever three records on coloured vinyl.. Bit of a pleasure / guilty pleasure… Covers by French female singers of classic post punk / new wave classics in Bossa Nova.. The claim is the singers never heard the songs they covered on these albums?!!..


Warner have a ‘Live In San Diego’ by CLAPTON / JJ CALE on Blu Ray and DVD, and they have the deluxe versions of FLEETWOOD MAC’s ‘Tango In The Night’ on CD, 2CD, or 3CD/DVD/LP.. They also have aMAGNETIC FIELDS 5LP box set and lastly the PAUL WELLER score CD and LP of ‘Jawbone’…


It’s now 15:21 on the 3rd of March… Last night went well.. About 12LPs and 42 CDs sold… Beer, Prosecco, pizza and chocolate all consumed.. Nice laugh instore… I think people really enjoyed it… no money made (lots of little costs) but loads of promo achieved around it so I do hope there will be more in the future… Where there’s life there’s hope..


It’s now 16:25 on Sunday the 5th of March as this newsletter is being tidied up and finished. We had a great weekend in the shop, between the Ed launch and the BRILLIANT in-stores from Joe Chester and August Wells.. Thanks to both Joe and August for gracing our stage, both very very enjoyable, and thanks to all who came in over the weekend. Sorry for the delay in getting this sent out…

Friends of the shop CRY MONSTER CRY are in Couglan’s tonight (Sunday).. Well worth checking out..
Sin e for this weeks folks..


Thanks for listening,



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