A Massive 2 For €30 Vinyl Sale, A Magic Night in Kilmainhim, and A Magnificent (Birds) In-Store Tomorrow!! 

Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well… Summer’s here… Slip slipping away the blian is again.

Releases in the shop today include the delayed DAMIEN RICE album “O”.. Cracker as are all three of his albums in my opinion… Also out are new albums by THE BEACH BOYS with the R.P.O on CD, the “BESIDE BOWIE” OST, the CLAPTON OST and DVD to “LIFE IN 12 BARS” (the controversial documentary on Clapton’s life) as well as BLACK SABBATH 70’s Singles Box, Best Ofs by PHIL COLLINS, ROD STEWART and reissues by TOM WAITS, VIOLENT FEMMES, PAUL SIMON and PENNYWISE … Not forgetting LILY ALLEN’s new album also.

Video up over on our website now

Right so on to releases for the 15th of June and I suppose I have to start with the beast of a boxset that is THE ROLLING STONES ‘71 – ‘16… Some quality records in there redone to the very highest standards… There is one last framed print left if anyone fancies not feeding themselves for a few weeks… Will you go and f’ off ray… Last attempted hawking by me (on the Stones box anyway!)

Universal also have a new WILKO JOHNSON album called “Blow Your Mind” on CD and LP, THE CURE “Mixed Up” and “Torn Down” are now moved to June 22.. Half speed press on the DLP and a 3CD version also with loads of extras and remixes.

UNIVERSAL also have  a 7LP KILLERS boxset as well as a fairly fairly limited RYAN ADAMS 7” on pink vinyl and the long out of print LOCK STOCK LP Soundtrack and lastly from Universal is DEF LEPPARD’S “Vault”, or greatest hits, as an LP reissue.

WARNER for the 15th of June have the new JOHNNY MARR album, his third one… The other two were quite good I thought, and he seems to be the berries… I have his book upstairs but its in a queueing system (like a bank… I think they are going to open for their customers one hour a week from next year..) I saw a thing on twitter where Mr Marr is doing a record signing in Manchester on the day of release the 15th in Piccadilly or Vinyl Exchange or one of their shops anyway, can’t remember now… But he is a doing a signing… He will be available to chat and sign from 12 to 6 on the day…I just thought class… No racing in behind a table malarky… I’d say chilling, chatting, cup a tea making … Come in and shoot the breeze type… I thought twas classy anyway.. No airs or graces i’d say… Cool customer he seems.. Tunes good also… Available as CD, STD BLACK LP or INDIES ONLY PURPLE LP.

Warner also has some nice reissues by SISTERS OF MERCY… “First and Last”, “Floodland”, “Vision Thing” and also a nice greatest hits type thing on LP, as well as some nice TOM WAITS LP reissues… BAWLERS, BRAWLERS and BASTARDS… On CD and Black LP… (Were coloured and limited for RSD… Cheaper now by about 7 quid or so, might not sit well in some throats)… I don’t know these albums to be honest but lads have thumped them big time to me over last while so i must investigate.

Lastly from Warner is a new album by MIKE SHIONDA (LINKIN PARK) and reissues on LP of “Arise” By SEPULTURA, as well as the OST to FULL METAL JACKET.

Sony for the15th have a new CHRISTINA AGUILERA CD as well as a new BUDDY GUY album called “The Blues Is Alive and Well” available on LP and CD.

Pias for the 15th of JUNE have a debut I think (could be second album also but I think only EPs up to now) by ROLLING BLACKOUTS COASTAL FEVER.. Indies only vinyl on this one… A few of our regular folk who have good taste I feel really rate this band and album so maybe this is one to watch or check out…

PIAS also have a new album by JOHN PARISH and a new EP by PROTOMARTYR (another band well liked in the shop)… Last years album made our Top 10 of the Year.

ROM for the 15th of June have a solo album from STUART A STAPLES from TINDERSTICKS.

PROPER have a live FAIRPORT CONVENTION album called “What We Did On Saturday” including all members down through the years.


I was one of the lucky ones at the NICK CAVE gig in Kilmainham the other night… One of the 25000 id say? Ballpark..?T
T’was a beautiful special night in so many ways…T’was magic.
He was on fire as were the Bad Seeds… Savage musicians… T’was a really smashing gig… “Jesus Alone” opened it followed soon after by “Do You Love Me”, “From Here To Eternity”, “Loverman” and “Red Right Hand”.. Twas flying… My favourite segment was probably “Into My Arms”, “Girl In Amber”, “Distant Sky” and “Jubilee Street”… “Into My Arms” unquestionably a brilliant song, I love “Girl In Amber”, and “Distant Sky” is my own favourite song on SKELETON TREE… It was just getting dark at this point and the stage became dark expect for the visual on the screen of the Swedish soprano who duets with the great man.. Cave disappeared into the background whilst her haunting vocal was belted out via a video link… The band played brilliantly and quietly in the background whilst Cave reappeared to deliver the lines “They told us our gods would outlive us, they told us our dreams would outlive us, but they lied”.. I swear every tissue in my body trembled and tingled with emotion… There was a raw emotion in the song, dark, haunting and you can’t help but think of his boy and his loss… You just know Cave is thinking about him as he delivers those lines… You can hear the anguish and emotion in his voice… It was unforgettable for me… He moved on then to an absolutely cracking version of “Jubilee Street”… I was breathless nearly…. The weeping song was soon to follow and then he brought about 70 people (fans) up on stage for a great rendition of “Stagger Lee”… He was manhandled and manhandling for a while and then he told them to sit down and like well trained puppies they did just that… Well the great man had spoken… I nearly sat down where I was standing… He finished with “Push the Sky Away”… Dropped the microphone and walked off stage… Like keizer soze he was gone… Five seconds later a black sedan sped from the side off the stage down a dirt road as the Seeds played the last few bars of the song… T’was over… T’was magic.

Right so we had a cracking in-store on Saturday for ye… Mr. Pat Barrett was with us to perform some tracks from the new HEDGE SCHOOLS Record… Ah ‘tis only beautiful is “Magnificent Birds”…

Luke’s Art Exhibition is on!

Cork author Kevin Doyle is coming to The Carrigaline Bookshop this Saturday 9th June from 1 – 2PM to sign copies of his crime thriller To Keep A Bird Singing. Cork locations, punk music, a socialist whodunnit…….. Check for fluff on your needle.
Again i’m sure we can organise a signed copy of the book for ya if you can’t get down to Carrigaline that day because you were at the best in store ever in MUSICZONE HQ .

We have also now up on our Youtube the cracking Stephanie Rainey full performance from RSD in April. Stephanie just supported Kodaline in the Marquee yesterday evening! Re watch her live acoustic gig from in-store here and give it a thumbs up for us!

Lastly but not leastly we have just started a massive 2 For €30 Vinyl LP PROMOTION… Over 200 titles… Some really strong ones… Well worth a look … Will have on website next week I hope so you can have an online browse…. May be slightly different online…  No discounts or stamps i’m afraid though folks… ‘Tis kind of tight for us… Good promo lads I think to be fair

Look sin é for this week,
Thanks for listening

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