A Sabbath Singles Boxset, A Marketing Pillar, And Cork’s Own ‘Right Here Right Now’ Festival This Weekend! 

Hi Everyone,
Hope ye’r all well..

What we have in the shop for today and the long weekend are new albums by NATALIE PRASS, GHOST, LUMP (LAURA MARLING), ROGER DALTRY, GODSMACK, DEF LEPPARD (VINYL BOXSET, JUST 300 LEFT AFTER INITAL SHIP OUT.. ALSO ON CD BOXSET), NEKO CASE and probably the two biggest of the of the week BEN HOWARD and FATHER JOHN MISTY... I am liking the Father John album to be honest. Always clever with the pen… Maybe tis me but not too many that clever with the pen these days or maybe that’s a grump age thing…

Loads of ‘Best Of’ reissues out today in the MZ Towers.. Best of Vinyl reissues by MADONNA, THE FACES, THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G, THE FLAMING LIPS, ENYA and BREAD as well as reissues by THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, JAY Z, EMMYLOU HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, and a ZZ TOP LP BOXSET, and finally a Remix Album of PAUL SIMON’S GRACELAND.

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Ok so, moving swiftly on to releases for Friday the 8th of June via Universal we have the MICK RONSON STORY O.S.T ‘Beside Bowie’ on CD, Limited 2LP, DVD and Blu Ray.. Could well be an interesting watch… Anyone see it??
Universal also have a lovely 17 track BEACH BOYS Compilation with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.. CD only for now, 2LP out Aug 17.. Speaking of good watches the ERIC CLAPTON ‘Live in 12 Bars’ documentary is scribed as being excellent. It’s out next week on DVD and Blu Ray, as well as an accompanying 32 track CD, and then later on 20th July as a Limited 4LP Set.. Must have a watch..
Universal also have a live STEPS CD/DVD as well as a load of live DVDs for 8EUR each… Eagle Rock from the likes AEROSMITH, GARY MOORE, ZZ TOP, BLACKMORE’S RAINBOW and THE WHO…
Lastly from Universal is a limited MILES DAVIS ‘Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud’ 3X10” LP collectors edition + a 2CD and a LP reissue of the Best Of LP of ‘Decade in the Sun’ by the STEREOPHONICS..

Sony for the 8th of June have the LP release of the CAMILA CABELLO album as well reissues on LP of SIMON + GARFUNKEL’S ‘The Graduate’ as well as reissues of PAUL SIMON’S ‘Songbook’ and ‘Heart and Bones’..

Warner for the 8th of June have a BLACK SABBATH “70’s Singles” Boxset.. 10 x 7” Singles from the good people of BMG…

“Despite a run of legendary hit singles in the 1970s, Black Sabbath and the seven-inch single format didn’t always sit well together. After the release of their debut single ‘Evil Woman’ in 1970, followed by their ultimate explosive chart success with ‘Paranoid’, the band were not comfortable with the confines of the mainstream pop format and the audience it brought them, leading to their now legendary self-imposed ban on releasing singles in the early 70s.
‘Supersonic Years – The Seventies Singles Box Set’, released June 8th, documents the band’s run of hit singles as never before and features an array of unique content.

  • This limited-edition box set includes five rare single edits: Iron Man / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Am I Going Insane (Radio) / Hard Road / Symptom Of The Universe. 
  • 10 unique colour picture sleeves from around the world, either ultra-rare or exclusive to this box set (see list below).
  • Remastered by renowned engineer Andy Pearce.
  • New liner notes booklet detailing the rarities contained within the box set, along with the story behind the birth and evolution of the most culturally important genre of all time. 
  • The exclusive ‘Henry Devil’ spider-dinc seven-inch adapter that can also be used as a keyring.


  1. Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me (2012 – Remaster) / Wicked World (2012 – Remaster)
  2. Paranoid (2012 – Remaster) / The Wizard (2012 – Remaster)
  3. Iron Man (Single Edit) (2017 – Remaster) / Electric Funeral (2012 – Remaster)
  4. Tomorrow’s Dream (2012 – Remaster) / Laguna Sunrise (2012 – Remaster)
  5. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Edited Version) (2018 – Remaster) / Changes (2012 – Remaster)
  6. Am I Going Insane? (Radio) (Single Edit) (2018 – Remaster) / Hole In The Sky (2012 – Remaster)
  7. Gypsy (2012 – Remaster) / She’s Gone (2012 – Remaster)
  8. It’s Alright (2012 – Remaster) / Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor (2012 – Remaster)
  9. Never Say Die (2012 – Remaster) / She’s Gone (2012 – Remaster)
  10. Hard Road (Single Edit) (2012 – Remaster) / Symptom Of The Universe (German Single Edit) (2012 – Remaster)

Single Picture Covers
Disc 1: Front – Holland/Back – Germany
Disc 2: Front – Italy/Back – Sweden
Disc 3: Front – Vertigo/Back – Warners
Disc 4: Front – France/Back – Germany
Disc 5: Front – Japan/Back – Holland
Disc 6: Front & Back – Japan
Disc 7: Front & Back – Yugoslavia
Disc 8: Front – Holland/Back – Japan
Disc 9: Front – Holland/Back – Germany
Disc 10: Front – Germany/Back – Japan

Good people indeed, BMG and Warner.. Bringing myself and the Bob Man (who declined the offer due to being an international man of mystery… We have a few of those who frequent the shop.. International men of mystery that is..) up to the big fire to see masters Smith + Cave… Nice one BMG and Warner who facilitated the whole thing… If there was one gig going to prise me away from the small fire this summer it was the PATTI SMITH / NICE CAVE show in Kilmainham.. Delighted with it!..

Speaking of gigs in the small fire, this weekend we have Cork’s very own RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW FESTIVAL in CORK OPERA HOUSE, which is a festival of Cork / In Cork / For Cork so if you like me are around the small fire this bank holiday weekend then you might consider THE FRANKS / MARLENE ENRIGHT and YE VAGABONDS on Saturday night with the Cork Opera House’s own brilliant Orchestra.. Few tickets left I think.. Or JOHN BLEK, WALLIS BIRD, IARLA O LIONARD + STEVE COONEY, THE SERVICE, ANNA MITCHELL and JACK O’ ROURKE on the Sunday Night… We will be (as in the MZ T’s) frequenting the Opera House over said Bank Holiday Weekend.. Hope to see a few of ye there..

THE ORCHARD for the 8th of June have new albums by JORJA SMITH…
Woh Woh Woh.. Never finished Warner… Got totally sidetracked by telling everyone how great they are, and never finished the releases..
Warner also, as well as the SABBATH set, have a new album by LILY ALLEN, and Vinyl Best Ofs by A-HA, PHIL COLLINS, and ROD STEWART, as well as some classic reissues by TOM WAITs with ‘Small Change’, VIOLENT FEMMES debut LP, and PENNYWISE’s Debut Self-Titled LP on indies only Blue Vinyl..

So THE ORCHARD have new albums by JORJA SMITH and TREMONTI, as well as THE SELECTOR ‘Live at Roundhouse’ and THE BEAT ‘Live at Roundhouse’ both as 2LP/DVD sets. The Orchard also have a DEVIN TOWNSEND vinyl boxset called ‘ERA’.. 2K only.. Not Price.. Quantity!!
Lastly from THE ORCHARD is MEGADETH’s reissue of ‘Killing is my Business and Business is Good’ on CD or LP..

PIAS for the 9th of June have new albums by GRUFF RHYS and HUMANS, as well as THE DROWNING CRAZE Singles 81/82…

Ok so few bits going on in the shop over the next week or two.. This Saturday, tomorrow, we have THE ELATION coming into us to launch their debut EP ‘Clickbait’.. Great title.. Great pop tunes to be honest.. Good lads.. So come in and support if you are around and the following weekend we have an exhibition on the stage by local artist Luke Hickey, entitled ‘Dark Pop’.. Get’s Unvieled Friday the 8th at 6PM..

Lastly and not lastly we have PAT BARRETT from HEDGE SCHOOLS in with us for an in-store on Sat 9th of June at 1PM.. We have the 3 S’s earlier of sell, sell, sell… The great mantra that it is.. Is we are going to invoke a new marketing strategy for four S’s for in-stores starting with the ELATION and HEDGE SCHOOLS.. Shall I present the four S’s?.. Sing, Sign, Sell and Smile.. Hopefully anyway!..

The next of our videos is now up on our YouTube to be watched.. We had the mighty THE BURMA in-store with us for our U2 Launch Party night late last year, and they played a cracking set for us, even including a great U2 Cover of ‘Electrical Storm’.. Check out the set here, and give it a thumbs up and share for the lads if you like it! We sure do

Sin é for this week so..
Thanks for listening

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