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Hey Everyone,
How’s it going?
After last week’s moan, crib, rant, bitch or whatever you would like to call it….this week is mellow yellow, a week’s work (or whatever I choose to call it) left before the O Brien clan head to the sun soaked strands of neighboring County Kerry….positive thinking and visualization! (That’s the key)




Really looking forward to the briste….a lot of ye may think I am a ghost as I am never really around at weekends as Gina works all weekends so I am at home with the smallies, so really great for us all to get away together…so nothing going to increase the blood pressure tonight.
Anyway, enough said, releases this week mainly for the 19th June.

Warner have some nice reissues on Vinyl record of the AIR catalogue….the main one they seem to be pushing is the soundtrack to the Sofia Ford Coppola movie “ the virgin suicides”.

Very underestimated record “the virgin suicides”, it’s a really good listen…..obviously “MOON SAFARI” was huge but the others all interesting in my opinion. (Pocket symphony on a ltd white vinyl)
Warner also has a new release live album from SLASH featuring MYLES KENNEDY and the CONSPIRATOR’S….”live at the Roxy” where they cover not only the new stuff, but also stuff for VELVET REVOVLER and some classics from GUNS N’ ROSES.

Last to mention on Warner is the vinyl record reissue of the BETH HART album “37 days”.
I would have mentioned in the visual newsletter (that’s me acting the goat) how there was a really nice little piece written by RYAN ADAM’S on the back of the new live record where he says ( amongst a few other things) that no guests are allowed back stage before or after a solo show as he seems to try and totally detach himself from the situation of the gig….he wants to be chilled as if he was in his living room (or front room as we would say in Cork Ryan boooyyy)…..can understand that……after the show is probably cause he is just a bit odd….worth reading what he wrote…far more eloquent than what’s above….that was a rough synopsis.


Universal have the new record by JAMES TAYLOR “before this world”, his first body of work since 2002’s “October road” …it comes on CD and LP.
Local artist Eamon O Dwyer’s new album “that wrinkled shirt” is in store at the moment and has a lovely James Taylor flavour to it….LP due in soon.
Some vinyl record reissues also from Universal including RUSH and ELLIE GOULDING…first time for Ellie on Vinyl actually I would think.

MUSIC ON VINYL has a few nice ones coming up soon so they are next….
The brilliant yep brilliant TRICKY record “ maxinquaye” gets a reissue towards the end of JUNE, start of JULY….the first 1000 pressed are red vinyl ( I think red anyway they are some colour other than black….all vinyl records are transparent but they use carbon black to strengthen them….hence they are black but Vinyl is transparent……useless fact for ye all….don’t say I never told ye nothing…)

MOV also has a re issue of Mr. BOB DYLAN’s spiritual, holy, gospel album “ slow train coming” for the end of the month and lastly worth a mention from MUSIC ON VINYL is a SIMON & GARFUNKEL 6 LP complete collection set….120 bucks…..i am not joking here but my pals in the sky….you probably know the ones I am on about, I may have mentioned them before… know the ones….they want to sell you everything from baby monitors to lipstick for dogs……well I kid you not…. 133 sterling… or about 190 euro.


PIAS has a few nice reissues out for June 19th….especially we like the sound of THE DELGADOS “ great eastern” on vinyl record and also reissues from BLACK MOUNTAIN and CARNIFEX.

New from PIAS for the 26th June are records by CAYUCAS and also GILL LANDRY from OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW.

Sony has new albums for the 12th June from GIORGIO MORODER and EVERYTHING EVERYTHING as well as a metal record from DEW SCENTED.


CARGO for the 10th of July has the third SLEAFORD MODS record entitled “ key markets” , limited green monster coloured vinyl on the first run…….Mr. Williamson will not be mincing his words I would imagine.

On the local scene, people its time to get the finger out, JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS have just 12 days left to raise the cash to get their new album made….still just 47% of the bobs needed in….so BUY A COPY of the new album here and a) you will have years of listening pleasure b) you will be doing something worthwhile in your day/week/month c) you will support local artists d) you won’t have to listen to me if you do it…..–the-rats–borders

Lads and ladies, as for this thing

the standard of piss taking was downright appalling…..
I’d say this was about the best we got…
Well you’re no Scorsese that’s for sure 🙂
Anyway, Sin e for this week….
Thanks for listening,

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Hey Everyone,

Hope all is good…

Quick update on the cards today, mainly for the 5th June….

Universal have THE ROLLING STONES “ sticky fingers” reissue for Friday the 5th of June across five different formats….deep breath….which are deluxe 2 CD, standard LP, Deluxe box 2 CD/DVD, super deluxe box 3CD/DVD/ 7” VINYL and lastly deluxe double LP.


Universal also has an orchestral version of the Who’s “quadrophenia” with Pete Townsend and Alfie Boe entitled “classic quadrophenia”.

June the 5th also sees the release of the second album from the Icelandic quintet OF MONSTERS AND MEN, truly difficult second album after a debut smash of over two million copies sold…….PS…double LP not till 24th June.

There is a 9 LP DELUXE box of the albums of Mr. JOHN LENNON on the 5th also and a SINATRA “ultimate collection “double LP.

The May referendum is done and dusted now, I had been tempted in previous weeks to have a spoke on it but felt enough opinions were being thrown at us (and everyone is entitled to their view, like it or not) but I think the boy Lennon above with his scouse pal hit the nail on the head…..there’s nothing you can do that cant be done….altogether now……

Sony has the RYAN ADAMS “live at Carnegie hall” LP and CD out on the 5th JUNE.

Warner has the new Muse album “ drones” for the 5th of June.

PIAS have a few to mention for the 12th of June.

HUDSON MOHAWKE, Scottish electronic artist and DJ releases his second album.

There is a reissue of the brilliant BILL WELLS/AIDAN MOFFAT vinyl record “everything’s getting older” ……, if these last ten or so words mean nothing to you then listen here

There is also a vinyl record reissue from ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY’s cult classic acidic folk soundtrack “ el topo”..

Lastly from Pias for the 12th June are some Vinyl reissues from nuclear blast and some of THE FALL’S catalogue also including “the wonderful and frightening world of the fall” and “this nation’s saving grace”.

Some more belters for you coming out of ROM Towers this week, from the likes of The Pop Group/Sleaford Mods 7″ split single to Vol 2 of the excellent Too Slow To Disco, just add Sunshine; so welcome to this weeks’ smorgasbord of sound, tuck in.


A subject I have been meaning to mention for a while also is the auld Vinyl pricing.

A brief mention tonight so….

When the MUSIC ZONE Corporation started to get serious back into the Vinyl about 3 years back I was retailing a lot of strong back catalogue at 15 euro….case in point as an example is VAN MORRISON’S “ ASTRAL WEEKS” …..15 EURO two and a half maybe three years ago… 30 euro ( we have a similar % cut….in fact less on the 30 euro price point…nearly 4 euro profit at 15 price point….nearly 6 euro profit at 30…I feel I cant charge 33 quid for it)

Pricing is a grave danger for the industry in my opinion….if certain major record companies go down the greedy road/quick kill attitude, then the whole thing could well implode.

A physical retailer like me would argue that pricing on the CD format had a reasonable bearing on its downward spiral since the middle of the last decade.

We were retailing CDs in 2001 at 16.99 punts or 21.57 euro dual pricing at the time ( CRAZY) ….now we all know at the time the cost of running duplicates on big albums would have been minuscule, a few pennies, granted distribution costs are there and some marketing and administration costs involved.

The record companies chased huge profits with short sighted over pricing…….no wonder people flooded to Napster and whoever else after and it was going to be hard to get them back… or dislike the format.

I believe there would not have been such a cull of record shops if the pricing was more reasonable.

I just hope history wont repeat itself with the pricing on the Vinyl….astral weeks has had only two price increases to reach its 100% increase……the reasons for the increase on both occasions I have been told are “manufacturing costs”…….ah Christ don’t get me started …..Royalty costs is another one banded about….the record companies are greedy geits is one reason I never hear.

NUCLEAR BLAST have a blast ( pun pun) of vinyl reissues…….20 euro for a double LP and 13 euro for a single LP.

Last week WB (WARNER BROTHERS) through Warner had a reissue of the MASTODON “crack the skye” LP on coloured single LP for 40 euro retail…40 quid…single album…..44 quid on Amazon…….I’m sure the lads from Mastodon are demanding massive royalties from Warner for that one….they are in their liathroidi, they will take what they are given… if it aint royalties it must be manufacturing then so??

But how come nuclear blast can put a record on the shelf for 13 euro if those manufacturing costs are so high??

What’s left if it isn’t royalties or manufacturing?

Please don’t pull the piss out of it and us or

Record company man, I won’t be coming to dinner.

Anyway, off in to see THE HARD GROUND tomorrow night….few tickets left I think so

Sin e for this week,

Thanks for listening,


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Hi Everyone,

How’s it going?

We are going to start this week’s blog with a little plea for help….one that will make you feel good, and which you can get rewarded for….both in the near future and in the afterlife…well not so sure about the latter!

Excellent local band and good friends of the shop JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS have a fund-it campaign to get their next record made.

They need to raise 6 grand to get it done; they are about 25% of the way there so if you want and can help out please please do….

John will play a few songs in your house wearing a fetching scarlet dressing gown for one of the rewards if that takes your fancy…….or leave you borrow it for a night if you prefer that… are the links to support…


We also have a counter box in the shop if you want to pop a euro or two into it… all helps…..

I was only banging on about fund-it’s a few weeks back saying that whatever needs to be done to get the record made needs to be done, and fund-its are one of those ways, giving bands a chance to get it made when otherwise it may not.

Bobs are tight I know and 6 k is a lot of money but spread across 300 people then it isn’t too bad and I feel that it is so important that these talented local acts keeping plying their trade.

The record companies are like banks……they want zero risk….they will only bite when they are guaranteed a return……they are purely a business now anyway….so fund-its and projects like it are the only real option for talented up and coming artists.

On to the releases for mainly the 29th of May, quite a few to mention again this week, the biggest one through Universal is the third record by FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE entitled “how big, how blue, how beautiful”….huge things expected of this album….singles grew on me a bit after initially not being too keen.


The MUSIC ZONE Corporation is running a little competition over the next week to give away a copy of the Vinyl record and a copy of the deluxe CD….the competition is on face book and twitter ( cos we are looking for followers and all that shite) but if you are not a fan of the social media we don’t want you to feel left out…so just pop us a mail with the name FLORENCE as the subject and you’ll be in also….normally only about 25 names go into the hat if that incentivizes you!!

The record retails at 25 euro with us and 32 euro with the man who sold the world after getting the world for free from local governments…….i had decided to lay back but could not resist….its the Greenmount boy in me!!

UNIVERSAL also has new records by SLAVES ( bit of a buzz about these punk rocking Londoners) and MELODY GARDOT, as well as the vinyl record releases from two icons, BRIAN WILSON and RINGO STARR, of their most recent albums.

Other releases from UNIVERSAL for the 29th May include new records from PARADISE LOST, BABYMETAL, a live album from TARJA and I see from the attachment the RIPTIDE MOVEMENT is getting a release in the UK…….could it do anything over there?…..not unless it gets a bit of radio support.


Lastly but certainly not least from UNIVERSAL is the new EP from THE STRYPES…..album out in July…I have banged on about these boys in the past ( who hasn’t) and I believe greatness could be in the pipeline….I LOVE THIS SONG….i love their persona/attitude in the video…were fffinng rock stars!!….i love the shared vocals…Josh’s vocals although tentative have a lovely tone…..they are tight as **** musically……great tune……album number two…the famed difficult one….greatness awaits buachailli.

PIAS for June 5th have the new record from PINS….well worth a listen

There are also new ones from PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL, FFS. this is a combo of FRANZ FERDINAND and SPARKS, also a new EP from SHARON VAN ETTEN.

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB has a triple LP/ DVD live from Paris release which is supposed to be excellent.

LEFTFIELD have a new album. Yes, that’s what’s written, LEFTFIELD have a new album….i went through a big phase of leftism for quite a while back in the day….must play it again.


WARNER has a massive release also for June 5th with the new MUSE album called “drones”…..good band, fantastic live.

WARNER has some nice vinyl re issues for May 29 including the hugely commercially successful “fisherman’s blues” from THE WATERBOYS and THE GRATEFUL DEAD “VERY BEST OF” on double LP.

There are new albums from DAWES and SIMPLY RED and some live albums from LYNYRD SKYNYRD and JEFF BECK…..see attachment for more details….these are out on the 29th May.


MUSIC ON VINYL for the middle of June have DAVID BOWIES “HOURS” ….first timer on Vinyl….was to be on 3 colours but only black left im afraid….a lot of you or some of you will remember this was the first album in its entirety to be sold on tinternet ….another reason those Bowie fans have to say he was ahead of his time!!


PROPER has the new DARKNESS record and a debut solo album from KATE PIERSON from B- 52 fame.

CARGO has a new OST from CLIFF MARTINEZ entitled far cry 4.


The Music Zone newsletter may not be delivered next week as Thursday night is my night penciled in for it but next Thursday night the Corporation is heading in to THE HARD GROUND album launch/gig in the Olivier Plunkett for some great tunes and deserved creamy pints….apologies in advance….might get something tiny out weds night but don’t know for sure.

Check out the website….what’s your favourite album of all time……

Sin e for this week,

Thanks for listening,


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Hey everyone,

Hope all is well…..

Quite a bit to mention tonight also and with a self imposed curfew of 1.30am I will cut to the chase and try and avoid rambling tangents where possible (but can’t promise).

The first born (Cormac, whom a lot of you will know from the shop) is home for a break from his year’s holiday; sorry I meant studies, in Italy so my curfew must be obeyed as no spilling into Friday night will be allowed by the newsletter police….

First up is a big Vinyl record reissue for the 22nd May through Universal.

Originally released in 2000 and one that has been off the Vinyl grid for quite some time is RYAN ADAM’s debut record “heartbreaker”.

You could ask me to write down my 10 favorite albums every week and I might have 3 or 4 constants and 30 or 40 albums that will dip in and out depending on my mood…this album would dip in and out for me….a truly great album in my opinion.


Some might argue it never improved from there, but hard to top some more might argue…..some people might think it is not his best album….each to their own…that is one of the great unseen unexplainable qualities of music….different albums resonate differently with different people, be it from personal experiences, friends, age, perceived taste or worst of all coolness ….my opinion is as worthless as anyone’s opinion, it is what it means to you, no one else…..i have heard two different guys ( who know their music) in the shop one day give me their opinions on the Supertramp record “ crimes of the century” …..One saying “Christ Ray, you will do well to shift that, its dreadful” to the other “whoa Ray, see this here, this is my favorite record of all time” ….i kid you not, two guys who love music in the same day had those two varying opinions….brilliant!!

We at the Music Zone Corporation are retailing the RYAN ADAMS double LP at 25 euro, whilst my faceless robotic foe in the sky are selling it for 32 euro (that shower sold more records in America last year than anyone else, that, you might have guessed, makes me feel ill……I shall continue my one man crusade against them and their attempts to rule the retail world whilst helping to turn us into a robotic nanny world…..did anyone see the documentary on them about a year ago on BBC….man they don’t half treat people like shite….employees have 30 seconds to find each product in the warehouses, if they fail, the hand gun scanner beeps loudly and incessantly until they find the item…..the undercover lad who went in said his head was ringing all through the night after his first day….anyway enough said, I’m sure ye can feel my love for them and the nappies, lawnmowers, pencils, bikes, watches they sell.

Look, lastly, I know convenience is massive in today’s world (another issue for some other time) but just don’t always think because they are bigger they are also cheaper….that is my basic point……..for all small business.


Universal has the new album by ASH out next Friday also….it is called “kablammo!” ….Tim Wheeler’s recentish album is a really terrific listen, it is a cycle of songs based around his father and families battle with dementia…..heartbreaking and powerful stuff, as powerful as you will get at times….i imagine ( and that’s all I can do) anyone whose family may be affected by this illness, this album would seriously touch a nerve but yet help a bit also….MEDICINE is one of the most lyrically powerful songs I have heard in quite a while….if you have 10 minutes over the weekend its below and its worth it, very sad but written from his dad’s perspective and brilliantly written in my opinion…serious respect Mr. Wheeler…

UNI also have ROD STEWART LP reissues including “ every picture tells a story” , STYX LP reissues including “ paradise theatre” , blue note LP reissues including ART BLAKEY and LEE MORGAN as well as new albums from POKEY LAFARGE, WILL YOUNG, LEPROUS and ALESSO in no particular genre’s!!

PIAS have a load of good releases for the 29th of May.

The first three BLACK SABBATH records are getting the reissue treatment….again…180 gram with CD included of self titled, paranoid and masters of reality albums.

The biggest new material release is from JAMIE XX of THE XX fame….i really like THE XX stuff so looking forward to this one….friends help him out along the way….sounds alright to me

ALGIERS is another one worth a listen I think….new and fresh sounding…political opinions


new albums also from KIDWAVE, GIRLPOOL, HELLOWEEN as well as the debut from the lass from Derry, SOAK, who is a talented girl….she is playing the Triskel on the 13th June I think….i would have harped on about her in the past….listen below

Lastly from PIAS for the 29th May is the new SUN KIL MOON CD….no sign of LP on that one yet….if someone/anyone can inform me??? Bueller, bueller…those only of a certain age will only find that one remotely humorous….

Sony has most but not the entire FOO FIGHTERS catalogue LPs reissued….all except wasted light and echos ( I think)..out next Friday…..some of them tricky to get over recent years…

Sony also has the new VACCINES record next Friday.

WARNER has a few Vinyl record reissues worth a mention including a couple by A-HA, ELECTRONICA as well as MILES DAVIS “ TUTU” 30TH anniversary deluxe double LP.

Lastly, there is a DVD release from Eagle Vision on “the lost songs: the basement tapes”.

I did not get some of the usual info in because of the curfew by the newsletter police (they are based in my head *nee-naw) but here are the main points…..if anyone needs more info please shout….


ESSENTIAL for the 29th have a release from THE WILLIS CLAN.

CARGO for June 15 has the new record from cosmic lo-fi quartet IT HUGS BACK.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC releases include the debut from THE MIGHTY STEF “year of the horse” who have been supporting those Cavan boys recently.

Three or four guys have been raving about this debut record from 53 year old DAVID CORLEY whom I emailed some months back to source his CD for someone….he was genuinely thrilled we over here in Ireland were looking for it….he came across real well to me to be fair….just spreading the word on the street….DAVID CORLEY…your bag or not…..


On the local scene,

We are delighted to announce we just received today some copies of THE ESKIES debut CD “after the sherry went round” and it really is a foot stomping listen….pirate folk rock at its very best….i made that genre up I think!! Sounds great though…playing it all afternoon….sneak listen here…on sale when we open at 10 in the morning.

Brilliant dance off in the video….

Sin e for this week I think,

Check out, give out, and buy out the website…

Thanks for listening!


Ps…..mainly delayed tonight because I keep listening to a sampler of the new songs from THE SHAKER HYMN….all I can say is there is a treat in store for everyone….corks best kept secret….sin e.

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Hi Everyone,

How’s it going….

This week is one of those weeks when a load of stuff deserves a mention in my opinion… has been one of those weeks………broken cars, broken fridges but no broken bones… MASSIVE ATTACK told us all “ just be thankful for what you got”…..anyway move on Raymond before you have a ….

Warner has PAUL WELLER’s debut release on Parlophone for next Friday May 15.

“Saturn’s pattern” is available across four formats if memory serves me correct, CD, CD/DVD, VINYL ( COLOURED), super douper boxy thingy which includes the aforementioned plus a poster and booklet….

The Modfather “thinks it’s one of the best things I’ve done. I can’t compare it to any of my other albums. I think it’s different – not just for me, but different for what else is around. It’s defiantly 21st-Century music.” – Uncut (January 2015)

He is hardly going to say its shite…high opinions…deservedly??….or is the modfather bit gone to the ceann…..sorry I am bit barb wiry!…’s a sample


Warner has some EV classic live DVD’s released for the 15th also which include PETER GABRIEL, ALICE COOPER, B.B KING, SLAYER and THE SHADOWS.

There is a new VALKYRIE LP out through Warner also on the 15th plus some nice LP reissues from RHINO including THE WATERBOYS “ this is the sea”, VELVET UNDERGROUND “ loaded” , THE YARDBIRDS “ little games”, MORCHEEBA “ big calm” and STEVIE NICKS “ very best of “ on double Vinyl record.

Lastly from Warner is the new TWENTY ONE PILOTS album.


UNIVERSAL has the new BRANDON FLOWERS record ( LP for release in June) “ the desired effect”.

UNIVERSAL also have some great classic soundtracks reissued on 180 gram Vinyl record through the back on black label including ET, JAWS, THE GODFATHER, THE BIG LEBOWSKI and THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY.

Some CREAM and BEACH BOYS LPs reissued also plus the ST VINCENT vinyl record gets another reissue.

Universal have even more Vinyl reissues from JOHN COLTRANE “black pearls “ and Vinyl box sets from MARVIN GAYE ( his first seven records) and the SOUNDGARDEN Box Set of rarities, bsides etc gets the Vinyl treatment….CDs were last year…..its nearly all Vinyl with UNIVERSAL this week, noticeably so even from 12 months ago.

SONY has another MARIAH CAREY best of and a new record from ENTRAILS.

The new LEONARD COHEN release: I may have been a bit harsh last week….id say its quite interesting…..probably be apologizing to the modman next week….although I don’t know.


PROPER MUSIC has the latest release by NICK CAVE and WARREN ELLIS out next Friday the 15th also, which is the soundtrack to the movie “ loin des homes” available on LP and CD.

I stumbled across something out through Proper for next Friday also which caught my ear and attention also….so let me introduce SHILAPA RAY, ( no relation) what do you think……a tad rude maybe so if easily offended do not watch….which of course means everyone will watch

Also from PROPER next week is the third FIGHT LIKE APES CD, which was made thanks mainly to a FUNDIT campaign…….i landed in a slight spat recently on that twitter thingy ( and spatting ain’t my thing) with a well known national disc jockey over the FUNDIT thing……some background first….

FUNDIT is where bands/artists take pledges and donations from fans or anyone really to help with the costs of making a record….10 to 20 k ballpark I believe…so the great MOZ tweeted something along the lines of him never doing a fundit album as it would be humiliating and degrading ( something like that anyway) and it got a few thousand retweets…..i saw it and tweeted…..easy for Moz to say……our DJ ( no need to hang him, I’m ok) got a bit catty and bounced back with a reply along the lines of it doesn’t matter a damn who said it….be it the milkman or my mam, it is what is being said….i had to go back again, like a moth to a flame, and nicely suggest that MOZ’s bank balance is rather healthy I would imagine and for young bands trying to make it today “ whatever it takes to get it done” so to cut a long story short, fair fucks to FIGHT LIKE APES for getting it done as I wonder to myself , could life ever be sane again with this twitter thing.


PIAS have the new one from UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA on JAGJAGUWAR entitled “ multi- love”….have a sample listen here below…..also a new album from SUMMER CAMP..

MUSIC ON VINYL have reissues from BARENAKED LADIES, GENE CLARK with the Gosdin bros and STATIC X “ Wisconsin death trap”.

ESSENTIAL have the fourth record by GAVIN GLASS, see attachment as well as the LP release of the new FALL album.

The Music Zone corporation is 14 years old today….the 8th day of May 2001 was the first day……the day is engrained in my brain….mainly because I was shitting myself…excuse the language…and at about 11 am a woman handed me a Bridget Jones CD (was big at the time, ELVIS COSTELLO’S “she” striking a cord) and I was like you want to buy that…from me??….anyway, small businesses are like a small child, you try nurture it along, try to do things the right way, hopefully watching it grow, and when its sick you feel sick also, with worry……anyway still at it….all good.

Sin e for this week,

Check the site for the usual…

Thanks for listening,


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Hey Everyone,

How’s it going?

Not exactly a mad week for releases this week, it is quite enough really but still a few nice bits.

Warner has a few bits without anything major happening including the latest MusiCares DVD and Bluray release featuring Mr. Paul McCartney.

The tribute concert was over 3 years ago but only seeing release now and a lot of interesting people on it so should be a good one.

I don’t think I ever said a bad word about Macca until very recently when I saw him perform, sorry I should have said stand on stage with Rihanna and Canine West during the Grammys for a performance of the song “ four five seconds”.


Macca is credited with writing the song along with only 8 others….why bother Paul… be hip?… wrote “yesterday”, “blackbird” and “let it be”….that’s hip enough.

There is a new 7 “single from Noel Gallagher “river man” (fine track again) and Paul Weller’s first single from his new album, single on a 7 again called “Saturn’s pattern”.

I saw Paul Weller support THE STONE ROSES down da Pairc a good few years ago for Feile.

There was a great bunch of hardcore fans of the Modfather up the very front that night and in the few seconds gap between every song there was a chorus of WELLEEERRR, WELLEEERRR, WELLEEERRR in really strong Cork accents… probably had to be there…!!

Warner has a new CLAPTON compilation thingy, 3 and 2 CD formats for now, LP to follow later and there is also a SAXON movie on DVD and BLURAY out on the 8th of May.

Lastly from Warner on the 8th of May is the second album together from EMMYLOU HARRIS and RODNEY CROWELL called “the traveling kind” on Nonesuch, again the LP version is coming at a later date and again the way their vocals and harmonies intertwine is unreal.

I have been watching the COBAIN documentary over the last couple of nights…its quite long….nearly 2 and half hours I think.

I am not finished it yet…about 30 minutes left…but it is an interesting watch…very visual, very informative, and very hard to watch at times. Home videos with himself and Courtney smashed off their heads especially hard to watch.

I didn’t realize what an active and artistic mind he had, even from a very young age.


Some of the drawings he did when he was as young as three are simply astonishing for his age…astonishing….if my youngest boy Zach (3) drew a picture as well as Kurt did at three years of age, I would be absolutely astounded and probably retire to a far away island, thinking my boy is a genius!!

His parents did not give me a good bang at all in the documentary.

It’s reported that the Kurt Cobain estate is worth 450 million dollars, i imagine that the main protagonists in the documentary are the main beneficiaries of that estate i.e Courtney, Frances Bean and MOMS and POPS….interestingly Dave Grohl has not said a word in two hours whereas there were numerous pieces with Krist Novoselic…..if anyone has the low down on this, pop it up on the forum please for me….these views are mine obviously but that sure don’t mean they are right….does Grohl think the COBAIN’S are a bunch of money grabbing assholes??

PIAS for the 15th MAY have the new album by FAITH NO MORE…..little break since the last record….18 years I think.

There are also new records from HOT CHIP “ why make sense”, CEREMONY and the HELIO SEQUENCE.

Lastly on 4AD through PIAS is the debut album by HOLLY HERNDON entitled “platform” really experimental electronica if that sort of thing floats your boat.

SONY have a new SNOOP CD “bush” and a new LEONARD COHEN release “can’t forget: a souvenir of the grand tour” on CD and Vinyl record.

When I first saw the Cohen release I thought it was another live album….again….and I thought they’re taking the piss…..but it’s a record of rare enough tracks from rehearsals and sound checks from the last tour…..still taking the piss??…..I’m going to wait to hear it first.

Universal has a new album by NATHAN CARTER for the 8th of May, the debut album by TOVE LO and the JOHNNY CASH AMERICAN RECORDINGS 7 LP BOXSET….only 140 yo yos folks….only 100 ordered….only 165 euro with my big buddy in the sky…in case you thought I was giving them a break….not today punk…hope the nappies are selling well for ya…


PROPER has the new DECLAN SINNOTT album for the 8th of May called “windows in the world”.

Declan’s last album was a really nice listen, and this one is supposed to be as good if not better.

Proper also have a new Keith Jarrett album next week.

MUSIC ON VINYL has reissues from EUROPE and B.B KING.

On the local scene, the Music Zone Corporation has gone global, viral, sick or whatever cool words Macca is using these days.


Check us all out here….like, share, comment please… or dislike if that floats your boat……

Appearance money will be going out with the kid’s Santa letters when things settle down so don’t forget to keep asking your postman did your letter from Lappland arrive.

Check out the site for new bits or have a rant on the forum or buy a few bits!!

Sin e for this week I think,

Thanks for listening,


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Hi Everyone,

Hope all is good…

Well, Record Shop Day is done and dusted for another year and I have a few things to say (when don’t i).

This could be a bit like an Oscar’s acceptance speech….tears and all!!


Those of you reading these ramblings for a while now will know I would have done a bit of moaning (when don’t i) about RSD in the past.

I would have moaned about the langers going on eBay…enterprising they think….dirty touts I think.

I wrongly or rightly quizzed a few strangers early doors last Saturday….good homes for the records is what we want not some ballbag making a quick buck.

I would have moaned about the record companies being the only winner…..still the case….they don’t lose….little 25% Sale or Return or Exchange facility with the companies would be a nice touch.


RSD was set up initially to find a way to help and support independent record shops……..and man that is what happened in our shop last Saturday.

There was just a lovely buzz in the shop from pre shutter opening to post shutter closing….made special by so many of ye loyal folks who visited us on the day.

It was quite humbling the support the shop got….sincere thank you again to all who genuinely made an effort to come in and support us…..sincere thanks.

Aside from the sales ( which were great, don’t get me wrong…two bad weeks business or a week and a half good weeks, in a day) there was just a lovely ambience in the shop all day.

So aside from ye guys…there was another group of people who made the day really special, and that was the musicians.

These guys are legends….coming in to play a few tunes to support the shop…..tough slog, a labour of love for them at times I would think.

So a big massive thank you once again to JOHN BLEK, who was his usual brilliant self, THE SHAKER HYMN who oozed class and found themselves a few new fans while oozing that class…top talented lads, JOHN SPILLANE, who had the crowd wrapped around his finger….the chorus of ORO SE DO BHEATHA ABHAILE being sung by everyone in the shop will live long in the memory, RAISING JUPITER, who as there name suggests raised the roof off the gaff ,to one passing woman’s great annoyance about the noise, as she took a bite out of Shane at the counter over the noise!!


Shane took one for the team there!!!!

Myself and Bobby were busy at the time…..hiding!

(I was doing the meet and greet Ray!)

FOX JAW from Limerick were great…really good sound, tight….we were very impressed…..hard working….done three RSD in stores…fair play to em.

Lastly, we had THE HARD GROUND who got the graveyard shift….probably not starting till about 6….there was only about 8 people saw them but man those 8 got a treat…it was beautiful….perfect end to a perfect day.


THE HARD GROUND are very close to being play listed on Today FM… an aul text in to request new single “ pucker” would not go a miss if you find 15 seconds….think of it as your good deed for tomorrow!!….that’s if you like it (were not x factor here) text 53102 and request it….have another listen, it grows

Lastly, I want to thank Bobby, Shane and Ciaran for their help and work all week….#onlyforye

So once again a big thank you to all those who sang for us and sang with us, drank with us, and couldn’t drink with us, shouted at us or shouted for us and supported us all day….we are blessed….

I shall drive on with what is happening for tomorrow week the 1st of May.

Massive release, most preordered this year is the third MUMFORD AND SONS record “wilder man” through Island/Universal.


The banjo’s are ditched for the electric…..not causing as big a stir as Mr. Zimmermann did……top five selling albums of the year??….i liked their first two records anyway.

Universal also has a nice ANNIE LENNOX DVD and the BLONDIE catalogue reissued on Vinyl Record including “parallel lines” and “eat to the beat”.

PIAS has the new record by ROISIN MURPHY which has being well received by press…..leftfield and non conformist….a young female Scott Walker….sorry left out the better looking bit….sorryScott..


Another class release from Pias for the 8th of May is the new record by THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH on Dead Oceans


Sony has a few metal releases on Metalblade from SIX FEET UNDER and SATANS WRATH.

Warner has a new record from DJANGO DJANGO , VINYL RECORD reissues from DISTURBED “ indestructible” and “ the sickness” and JETHRO TULL’s “ minstrel in the gallery” gets the reissue treatment as well as red vinyl 10” reissue of Roxette’s “ it must have being love”.

MUSIC ON VINYL has some nice re issues coming up….for the 11th of May they have a J.J CALE 4 LP collection spanning 49 tracks, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART’s “blue jeans and moonbeams” and the Grammy winning LP from TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND “ REVELATOR”.


MUSIC ON VINYL for the 18th of May have the million selling “Graceland “ by Mr. PAUL SIMON, MINISTRY “ dark side of the spoon” , MICK RONSON ‘S “ heaven and hull” and YES “talk” .

ESSENTIAL have a new FALL album….i don’t know if Mr. Smith could tell you how many albums he has….is it over 30 studio albums….something like that anyway….i would bet my signed RSD turntable he couldn’t name all the albums ………I have an unsigned RSD turntable…..signature can be arranged.

Local band THE SHED are launching there third record “stealing away” in the Crane Lane tomorrow night …..Doors at 8.

THE SHED are supported by local Douglas young fellas SKRUJAX who have an EP out…..raw but promising….check out the first track here….early JOY DIVISION??…..i think it’s a great track…

Check out the aul website for bits coming and hopefully going…

Sin e for this week I think,

Thanks for listening,



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Hey Everyone,

Well last week was a bit of a rollercoaster of a week.

Stock not coming, stock coming, stock left short etc.

Overall done ok on the stock front, few problems though….

Biggest problem was the Bowie 40th Anniversary “changes” vinyl record picture disc, I know there are a core of ye who buy these picture discs from me very regularly over the last few years but I am afraid I am going to be letting ye down this time…..i hope you can understand that I have done everything I could to try get them but it is out of my control….I’m sorry.


It is a crazy situation really when I buy 15 Bowie picture discs every other time they are released….but then on the biggest day this happens…I would love to be putting 15 copies on the shelf….if it is any consolation at least ye are aware…far from ideal I know, again sorry.

The FOO’s and the U2 releases were an issue also but at least there were a few of them there…….not many.

I spoke to one of the reps from one of the smaller distributors as I had stock issues with them also and he told me with his company that they fulfill their RSD orders in the UK first and only what’s left over finds its way here… if UK stores buy up all the stock….then sin e or tough shite…..he was honest I suppose!

Most of the companies allocate 10% for Irish independent stores…which is fair enough when you consider it per capita.

Something I noticed this year, more than other years, was a few shortages in deliveries (stuff on invoice but not in box, happens a bit in general I suppose) and also biro marking down stuff from a printed invoice….minus 2….that kind of thing….scenario in warehouse, like this a cynic might imagine….. WAIT, Elvis in Pontapandy record shop needs three more copies of that Teletubbies picture disc, take it from that box there being shipped to IRREELLAANNDD….…..that’s what a cynic might think.

After that good moan, and aside from the three aforementioned, we done well enough and probably got 70 to 75% of what we in the Music Zone Corporation ordered….enough to fill a good load of shelves….so we hope people will have a Woodstock spirit on Saturday #nogivingouttostaff

Loads of special offers and competitions on the day…….

THE HARD GROUND joined us at 5.30PM on rsd to play some tunes from their exquisite new album “triptych” which is just released…..the lads will be selling copies at the in store….if you are not familiar please have a listen here to their latest single….



Right, RSD is going to bed for a while so I will quickly rattle off the releases for the 24th of April.


Parlophone through Warner have the biggest release of the 24th with the new record from BLUR….entitled “the magic whip”.

I think it’s their 7th or maybe 8th album…..been ages since their last album “think tank” and GRAHAM COXON is back in the fold after getting tired of the others for a little while….so a lot expected….i have only heard the first single and just tonight this one….sounds alright to me….

Warner also has a new one from hip hop artist WALE and some MIKE OLDFIELD Vinyl record reissues…..see attachment.

Pias have the new one by JIM JAMES and MY MORNING JACKET called “the waterfall”.


Pias also have new albums by OTHER LIVES, PALMA VIOLETS, ROSE WINDOWS and a live CD/DVD from BRMC.

Lastly any other city records through PIAS have the debut by Dublin four piece JET SETTER….the lads will be playing Coughlan’s next Friday the 23rd April…have a listen

Oh sorry, forgot to mention a lovely SUPER FURRY ANIMALS reissue of “mwng”.

Universal have a new (ish) album by DRAKE, a JOHN LEE HOOKER “ boogie chillum” LP reissue, the new interesting album by SOPHIE HUNGER “ super moon”, the new ZAC BROWN BAND record and five more Vinyl record reissues on the Bluenote label.

Sony has the new record from SAN FERMIN and the Vinyl record release of AMBER RUN “5 am”.

There is a new PROCLAIMERS album through Essential ON THE 24TH April.

I didn’t get to look at some of the smaller companies this week, sorry….

On the local scene, we received copies of the sublime new HAMSANDWICH CD called “STORIES FROM THE SURFACE”….got loads of listens today and sounds great.

ham sandwich

Also local band THE SHED has a new album out on Friday the 24th.

Lastly here is a lovely piece about MAZZ O FLAHERTY who has the little record shop in Dingle…..

So if you are in DINGLE on Saturday…..

Check our new stuff at

Sin e for this week

Hope to see some of ye Saturday…

Thanks for listening,


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Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well…

Record Shop Day!

We at the Music Zone Vinyl Record emporium had a mini music festival on the big day, Saturday the 18th of April….people brought the sarnies….we had no kettle but we had some whiskey!! …..rock n roll!!

This was the line up…

11AM – John Blek
One of Cork’s most talented men to put a pen to paper, John Blek graced our ears at the 11th hour! John’s promoting two of his albums, his debut with his band John Blek and the Rats, Leave Your Love at The Door, and his new solo album, Cutting Room Floor!

12PM – The Shaker Hymn
Local genius indie rock n’ roll group The Shaker Hymn graced our ears at 12, performing tracks from their debut album Rascal’s Antique, one of our most played albums of the last 12 months with out a doubt!

3PM – Raising Jupiter
Another fine Cork act, rock power houses Raising Jupiter were in at 3 to perform tracks from their debut album A Better Balance! The last time they played here, they rocked the place! Really looking forward to this!


 Fox Jaw
Bringing riffs all the way down from Limerick, we were delighted to announce that Fox Jaw were also playing for us in the afternoon, promoting their most recent LP Ghost’s Parade, as well as the many LIMITED coloured 7” singles in stock, true RSD style!


Cork legend…MR. John Spillane also made an in store apperance during the day…..the rumours about Hozier showing up are unfounded…but you never know….who was out da lee fields in 1985….


all these local acts have serious talent so we have to support them to help them grow….so have a listen to there links and if you like what you hear….come in to your local record shop, thats us i hope….buy their CD and spread the word….lecture over.


We would really like to thank these local artists for their time and effort…..the real record shop day spirit….what was intended with the idea originally….support your local independant record shop.

Record Store Day 2015 has apparently already begun over at eBay
File this under: “News that’ll break your soul”
by Michael Roffman

on April 08, 2015, 2:47pm

Here’s something worth gritting your teeth over: This year’s Record Store Day releases are already popping up on eBay. Yes, as one Reddit thread points out, several exclusives are available to buy right now. And if that doesn’t boil your blood, try and remember this whole holiday was designed to help independent record stores.

Over 120 soon-to-be sought after releases are currently on-sale, including The White Stripes’ Get Behind Me Satan 12-inch for $150, RSD Ambassador Dave Grohl’s own Foo Fighters’ Laundry Room 10-inch for $99, in addition to various 7-inches featuring Bob Dylan, David Bowie/Tom Verlaine, Syd Barrett/R.E.M., Marvin Gaye, et al.

There’s no indication they’re connected to any physical store, and the buyer says they’ll be available “following April 18th, 2015 Record Store Day.” In other words, do not pass Go, do not toss aside your $200, and wait 10 goddamn days.

Your soul is worth it, right?

So, it’s off already….i really hope that this is some dude chancing his arm hoping he gets the stock he has listed and not some indie record shop owner.

The danger also, is that guy chancing his arm has to try, and maybe succeed in buying those records in a record shop hence keeping them out of the hands of somebody who really wants the record and isn’t trying to purely ride someone else….

We hope the records go to a good home and not some low life profit merchant….

I see him, or she, has the FOO’s EP @ 100 dollars….is that about 80 euro…..that’s a 7 times multiple of its retail value….god loves a tryer, hates a chancer.


There is very little trying in this act, plenty of chancing…

I will quickly run through the releases for mainly April 17th, with little running commentary….

WARNER has a new album by Josh Groban (pushed back to 24th now), some nice budget DVD releases for 8 euro including OTIS REDDING, MEGADETH and THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH.

Warner also has an interesting GOV’T MULE 2LP set where they take on the stones, entitled “stoned side of the mule”… is an RSD release in the states as two separate LPs but not RSD day here as a double…..

UNIVERSAL has fairly comprehensive collections from MARC BOLAN/ T- REX and FRANK SINATRA 4 CD SET out on the 17th April as well as TRIBULATION’s third offering (death metal) with a calm enough title “ children of the night”.

PIAS have what looks like a cracker of a debut on Heavenly from EAVES (other voices this Sunday I believe) as well as new ones from MEW, PETER BRODERICK, BILL FAY , UNLEASHED and lastly a new instrumental album for genius MARTIN GORE from DEPECHE MODE titled both artist and album simply MG.

SONY has new ones by PASSION PIT and a reissue by PENTAGRAM.

MUSIC ON VINYL has a reissue from gavin BUSH “razorblade suitcase” for early May.

PROPER for the 24th April have the new Paul Brady release “the vicar street sessions”.

Check out our website for our Vinyl Records…

Sin e for this week,

Thanks for listening,


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Hi Everyone,

Hope all’s well.

Just saw there that the great Irish Music Journalist GEORGE BYRNE has passed away…RIP.

The biggest release this week is ALABAMA SHAKES second record “sound and colour” coming out on Rough Trade Records via PIAS on the 17th of April.

I quite enjoyed their first album, big things hoped for from this record….so I hope it lives up to the billing it’s getting.

Out the day before RSD and Rough Trade in fairness to them getting into the spirit of the weekend….next year RSW….RECORD SHOP WEEK…..only kidding…for now.

Anyway, Rough Trade releasing the Double LP on clear Vinyl just for independent retailers at 25 euro retail, which is ok to be fair for a double limited edition….my fearless faceless foes in cyber space, are 23 sterling or about 32 euro for the Vinyl….1 nil to the indie retailers.


A little taste from the new album below….


PIAS also has a live album by the musical genius ( it runs in his family) who is MARK EVERETT aka EELS…..2CD/DVD or 3LP/DVD…(30 euro with us, 40 euro with me pals…..2 nil to the indie retailers)…..recorded last year, I think ,in London’s Royal Albert Hall……the LPs are purple too btw if you like your records with a pinch of colour.

And this dude has certainly had a colourful life, tainted with huge sadness…..

How does one young man survive the deaths of his entire family and manage to make something worthwhile of his life? In Things The Grandchildren Should Know Mark Oliver Everett tells the story of what it’s like to grow up the insecure son of a genius in a wacky Virginia Ice Storm-like family. Left to run wild with his sister, his father off in some parallel universe of his own invention, Everett’s upbringing was ‘ridiculous, sometimes tragic and always unsteady.’


PIAS also have a MODEST MOUSE compilation album “build nothing out of something” and an interesting one by SQUAREPUSHER which certainly pushes the bounds of computer generated music experimentation….not my own personal bag.

Speaking of personal bags, obviously writing this is based a lot on my personal bag, and it is a bit of a one way street, pushing stuff at ye folks so please feel free to interact with us on our forum……is ED SHEERAN on LSD??

Please watch

Some might say this is catchier than most of his tunes….himself and Noel are great pals again by all accounts…..

UNIVERSAL has a new release by 16 year old singer/ songwriter SHAWN MENDES…..this kid is getting a world wide release date of Monday the 13th April……the industry only does this with albums they accept to sell by the bucket load…..the youngfella has over 40 million you tube hits across a few songs….so if he plays and writes his own songs then more power to him even if it is aimed at a certain market…..i really hope he does play and write and that he aint just a package….am I very cynical?

Strange day at work today…the staff of Dunnes Stores were on strike outside the entrances to the shopping centre and from what I can gather have a real grievance, so I hope they can get it resolved in their favour as I for one support them.

I have never been on either side of a union in my life long charmed occupation, probably fair enough to say that I have not worked in the real world!

Its all champagne and caviar in my game you see…

I must say it is the first time I have encountered a picket and I must admit when I landed at work this morning I found it quite intimidating (not that the people were in anyway intimidating, just the experience of it, if that makes sense)

There must have been 40 good people from Dunnes surrounding the main entrance with their placards…I must admit I felt either rightly or wrongly there were stares/glares at my little red fiesta as I went to my own job…( now when 40 people are standing around like that I suppose any car is a distraction and it will attract eyes…well that’s what I hoped happened anyway) ….but surely picket the shop the grievance is with and not the shopping centre I asked myself?

So I enquired when I went in to work….why outside….with it being outside, are we not all then falling on our swords for a battle we have really nothing to do with.

It suited the bigger party for the pickets to be outside as then there was no pressure at their front doors., and they probably had ROBERT SMITH playing in the background as well I would imagine….if you get me.

If the picket was just at the entrance to DUNNES STORES and not the shopping centre then Dunnes would have been way worse off as I believe very few would have went past at that point of entry and the other 50 odd shops would have been better off because people would not have had to pass a picket outside the centre to get their haircut, a key cut or buy a record.

Now, don’t get me wrong here….i wrote off the day very early on as one of those days…….power cut days….other strange events days…..we ended up doing 50% of what we done last holy Thursday…so be it, not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination.

It was a landlords decision (landlord in the third person cos I don’t know who that is…..a few guys with loads of money and retail space from America I think) to make the employees picket outside the centre because inside is private property!!, but you have to wonder how much pressure was applied by the anchor tenant for that to happen?


Anyway back to the tunes….actually 22 hours later in my case….too old for those late nights.

UNIVERSAL also have a new album by Australian band THE PREATURES and it sounds alright to

UNIVERSAL have the Vinyl release of the QUEEN “forever” album on 4 LPs for only 110 euro….a few bells and whistles with it also….my friends in the sky, yeah that crowd who sell nappies also, are only 134 euro….3 nil to the indie retailers….and 3 nil to the cork city also tonight…..stand up for the cork city….stand up for the cork city….


Lastly from UNI for the 10th of April or next Friday now is the classic HERBIE HANCOCK record “maiden voyage” on Bluenote for its 50th anniversary on green vinyl.

Warner has new albums of note, in my opinion, from BETH HART, HALESTORM and the WOMBATS out next Friday also….nice variation.

They have reissues of TORI AMOS’s first two records “little earthquakes” and “under the pink” on deluxe 2 CD and LP formats.

Lastly WARNER has a live version of STATUS QUO “AQUOSTIC” from the roundhouse….aquostic was very well received last year.

Sony have new album by CITIZENS, a PAUL SIMON ultimate collection spanning his whole career on CD and LP formats….24 for the LP…I wont bore with pricing comparisons…ye get my drift.

Sony also has a blast of ANATHEMA LP reissues also out next Friday.

PROPER have a new DUKE SPECIAL album on CD and LP.


CARGO has a new album from guitar gods AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR (Irish also)

Republic of Music has a new album by THE BRAIDS.


Nearly finished the Steve Jobs book, Christ he was wired different to most……not necessarily a bad thing…..they caught his cancer really early and even though it was in his pancreas felt they had a really good chance of getting rid of it, but they had to cut it out pronto…..nah nah Stevie says I will cure it myself by eating carrots and lettuce and leafs for 9 months, the world and his wife told him to get it cut out ( and he knew some heads) but he continued eating grass until it spread to his liver and 9 months later had it cut out….seemed his whole life was one rule for Steve, a different set of rules for everyone else.

That said, they will be talking and learning about him for a long long time to come.

Just two weeks to go to RECORD SHOP DAY and we a have a few local acts lined up to perform in the shop on the day, so will know more next week.

Have your tuppence worth on the forum…we would be delighted……we all have different tastes and opinions.

Check us out here and also if its awkward to get to the shop, drop me a mail if you are interested in something and we can keep it for you….no bothers… shipping on 3 records or CDs…no bother keeping stuff…

Anyway…sin e for this week

Thanks for listening,

Slan and hope ye had a nice Easter.


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Hi Everyone,

Well the record shop day orders are in….what’s done is done, what’s won is won and what’s lost is lost forever.

Warner mentioned today that orders are going to be cut back….so they have sold everything if they cant fulfill the orders, gee, lucky them.

Excitement has being building for RSD to be honest so I shall stop wining.

Biggest release in this week’s newsletter in my opinion is the third VILLAGERS record on Domino called “darling arithmetic”.

Conor O Brien once again wrote, produced, mixed and played every instrument on this new record….talented cookie…..i must admit I am a bit of a fan….i like the sparse minimalist type of music he makes….the first album you may argue is better but with every listen the second album improves and should have won the mercury in 2013….anyway it’s a game of opinions…. da Opera house boy in May….stay quiet though, Mr. O Brien don’t like the talking during the gigs!


Also out through Pias on the 10th of April is the Vinyl release of THE GLOAMING…just 15 months or so after the CD….better late than never as my mam would say….well worth a listen.

There are some more Motorhead Vinyl reissues as well as three LP reissues from THE DAMNED out through PIAS as well on the 10th.

Btw listening to the new SUFJAN STEVENS album….one word…bliss….well two words may describe it better….quiet bliss.



UNIVERSAL for the 3rd of April have the new album byBRIAN WILSON…..the genius that was or still is??

There seems a very vacant look in Brian’s eyes for a while now and one would wonder is he just a face of a business model……although a few catchy tunes on this one from first listen.

What a life the man has had though….

He readily admits that his mental health problems are most likely caused by his fondness for “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” but he also believes that LSD brought his creative juices to a level that he couldn’t believe existed……

Reading Steve Jobs book at the moment…interesting book…he was a strange but seriously gifted and driven cookie…..he also alluded to taking LSD, and claimed it was one of the three most important things he done in his life.

Both men geniuses anyway or were they drug induced geniuses whose minds reacted off the radar with certain substances??

Not condoning drug use/ abuse here by any means just trying to make a point.

In the music entertainment industry now, everything is so immediate, cameras everywhere, impossible to break free from it… seems more a game, who can play it best….get themselves out there…. than it is about the music.

Can you imagine the scandal tomorrow if HOZIER or Ed SHEERAN were known to be taking performance enhancing substances….

I am beating around the bush… two tiered point is….were/are musicians more creative when they are high and is it allowed/ condoned in today’s society?

Some kid left some boy band this week, where he had being plucked from complete obscurity and thrown together with 4 complete strangers to be packaged up as the fab five….go home youngfella, keep your head down for a year and you have plenty time to enjoy your Johnny Cash.

Getting video text for Ballincollig where an organic home grown band of kids from Cavan just rocked the place by all accounts……ROCKSTARS ONE AND ALL!!


Anyway, just ever so quickly going back to Jobs….i never really knew the ins and outs of the whole IPOD/ITUNES thing but….he had a meeting with the head of Warner music at the time when they had the iPod but Jobs obviously did not own the rights for the songs and suitable sold yer man the fledling ITUNES, so much so that the top man of Warner said “we don’t know where the whole thing is going, will you help us so” and then Warner boy agreed to get the other majors involved.( this was early 2001 when the Music Zone Corporation was born and Napster was at its most prominent and shops in Ireland were duel pricing CDs at 16.99 punt/21.57 euro in advance of the currency change….. that was never going to push people to pirate island)


Sony were the only ones to put up a fight saying basically all this guy has is a device, we own the content….but in the end the major record companies all dived in…70 cent for us 29 cent a song for Mr. Jobs for having the device and the platform to allow it to happen….

In complete fairness to him though….it probably stopped the rot with Pirate Island and allowed people to access music via MP3 whilst paying for it.

There was some stat in the book; they excepted to sell 1 million songs in the first 6 months….they sold a million songs in 6 days….( 2014 first year since ITUNES began that sales were down …9% I think)….obviously a huge competitor for the likes of me….physical via digital….have ye any iTunes vouchers??…..but you have to tip your hat to him, savage product for its time…..savage man in more ways than one was Steve Jobs.


Ok I shall drive on quickly,

UNIVERSAL also has some nice LP re issues by THE BEASTIE BOYS and the massive selling debut by NORAH JONES as well as the BOB MARLEY “easy shanking in Boston” release.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC has the new CALEXICO album for the 10th .

This week singles come from Cheena a 3 trk 7″ “Cheena” on Sacred Bones, Fossa’s “Sea Of Skies” CD/EP on Fantastic Plastic & Part 1 the 6 trk “Funeral Parade EP” on Sacred Bones.

2 albums for 13th the wonderful Calexico release their 9th studio album “Edge Of The Sun” on CD/LP & limited CD/LP on City Slang & from Numero Scharpling & Wurster “The Best Of The Best Show” a 16 x CD & a 108-page hardcover book with cover art by Joe Matt.

SONY has the FOO FIGHTERS “sonic highways” DVD and BLURAY for the 3rd April as well as VAN MORRISON’S latest release “ duets” on Vinyl, KINGS OF LEON on Vinyl and a new STEVE VAI live album on CD and DVD.



WARNER have a new GOV’T MULE and DENAI MOORE as well as some NILE reissues ( death metal)

A good friend of the shop John sent a nice picture during the week……..the rock star is on the left…..taken last Saturday


I am still on a high ………………..!

I knew his wife was attending The Mountains to Sea Writer’s Festival. She wrote lyrics for The Division Bell and The Endless River. Her name is Polly Samson.

I was happy enough to drop in to The Civic Theatre in Dun Laoghaire on Saturday and queue up to have her sign my CD sleeve, as she was doing a book signing.

Lo and behold I spotted David standing in the Foyer and went straight over to him. Went back and got Polly’s autograph too though …………….

My daughter took the picture.

Class is right ……………………..

God loves a tryer ……………..

I was shaking like a leaf ……………….

I met Nick Mason 20 years ago in Silverstone at a motor racing event. So that’s 2 down, one to go!

DG is coming back to the Writer’s Festival in Borris Co.Offaly in June ………………………..

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Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well.

Not much really happening on the release front for the 27th March.

Well, no major releases anyway.

Universal have new albums from CIRCA WAVES, who are an indie rock band from Liverpool whom only formed about 18 months back….recent big label signing to Virgin/ EMI…..and a debut record now about to be released….top of the pile from Uni this week so a bit excepted..

Universal also have new albums by RINGO STARR, STEVE HACKETT and rap/rock from HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD….which a few are hunting down.

The lead track from RINGO’s album is called “postcards from paradise” and is a lyrical mash up of a load of Beatles song titles, and on first listen, I hated it, but i listened again and it’s kind of growing on me… it the bug tinted glasses or is it descent…


Harry Nilsson done a similar Beatles lyrical mash up a fair few moons ago actually, which is worth a listen.

Universal have an interesting debut album from a guy by the name of BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE who has a fairly unique brand of music…similarities to Nina Simone….and who has had a fairly tough but interesting life so far also……having being homeless on the streets of Paris for a couple of years surviving on what few bob he got from busking….little listen below…


Universal have a blast of class hip hop albums for re issue on the 27th including records by 50 CENT, THE GAME, LL COOL J, COMMON, MOS DEF, ICE CUBE and NWA as well as LP re issues by SINATRA and GLEN CAMPELL’S “ rhinestone cowboy”.

Warner have a VAN HALEN live album from the Toyko Dome which saw a reuniting of DAVID LEE ROTH with the others….available on a load of formats….see attachment.

VAN HALEN is also reissuing “van halen” and “1984” on LP.

Warner also has new albums from ROBBEN FORD and DEATH CAB FROM CUTIE, as well as best of compilations from THE GRATEFUL DEAD and THE SPECIALS.

Lastly from WARNER for the 27th March is HALL AND OATES live from Dublin…recorded last year….amazing how many songs of theirs I know without ever owning anything……someone must have being a fan back in the day in Golden Discs, and slipped in on unnoticed.

SONY have the new NOW 90 compilation for the 27th MARCH…for EASTER…..if you remember NOW 1 (I think it is being reissued for RSD 15….BTW I am working on the RSD lists and hope to send them out over the weekend….with prices….crazy yikes in places and absolutely fine in other places….must depend on which records they submerged in gold I suppose….anyway NOW 1 for RSD) well if you remember it you have to be at least 35+ because they release three NOWs a year…..Easter, Summer and Santa…..pure and utterly useless information there now from me….listening to Father John as I am writing this so I think I am either crazy or mistaken…..fine listen.

Sony also has a debut album by MADEON…..very ala DAFT PUNK….probably is one of the DAFT PUNKERS.

Quick sidetrack…what did ye all make of that PHARRELL WILLIAMS/ROBIN THICKE/ MARVIN GAYE lawsuit…..


7.3 million dollars….i am not MR. WILLIAMS or MR. THICKES biggest fans by any shape of the imagination….but that’s a big bill to get for “similarities based on inspiration and not replication”.

Universal can’t sell blurred lines at all now until all further royalties are sorted out between all parties.

My take on it….the two boys knew well they were using the same feel, vibe, groove what ever you want to call it and should have coughed up day one to sample the track…..but they were severely and probably unjustly punished…..i think it was PABLO PICASSO who said “good artists copy, great artists steal”….they would have being better off stealing but then……

Mr. Jimmy Page must have being watching this case nervously as the boys from Spirit must be thinking if “ got to give it up” got 7.3, then what can one of the richest songs in the world fetch….” There’s a lady who’s sure, all the glitters is gold”…..ill feeling or not for Williams and Thicke ….a dangerous precedent has being set I fear, oh my sweet lord.

PIAS as always have some great music out for the 3rd April mainly.

They have EAST INDIA YOUTH’S second album who played to not very many unfortunately in CYPRESS AVENUE recently enough I think…..lovely little sample below


New records also from ALL TIME LOW, DRENGE, DOLDRUMS, WAXAHATCHEE and LORD HURON…little listen below

PIAS also has APHEX TWINS new 12” and lastly and my own personal favourite from PIAS this week is the new album by THIS IS THE KIT …folk rock….this album has help from the Dessner brothers from the NATIONAL and also Thomas Bartlett, the American classically trained pianist who helped put the twist in the GLOAMING.

MUSIC ON VINYL has reissues from KORN – issues and the great punk album from X – Los Angelas.

Proper have a debut record by Australia’s answer to Morrissey….COURTNEY BARNETT…..will have some stock next week.

As I said earlier in the midst of some giving out, should get the RSD titles, info and pricing out over the weekend….

The Music Zone Corporation have created our very own forum….feel free to post on any topic or start your own….

Sin e for this week,

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Hi Everyone,

Hope all is good…

Record Shop Day lists became more transparent this week….just over five weeks to go…..Saturday the 18th April.


I have written a bit about RSD in the past and I know some customers are pissed off with it, one customer this week emailed me about the price being thrown about for THE WHITE STRIPES “get behind me Satan” first timer on Vinyl for RSD 2015….. 40 sterling…. very excessive it has to be said….

Why does it have to be so expensive??

A double gatefold on LP 1 red and yep you guessed it LP 2 white vinyl, with a few little extras….some labels can produce a similar product with a 20 euro price tag.

Will it be sought after, I would think so….will parasites want it….i would definitely think so… is it the basic principle of supply and demand.

I will let ye know next week how much stock I have left from last years RSD….that’s the retailers gripe!

I know I had nearly 3000 euro retail value of RSD stock left on the 30th April last year because that’s the annual stock take……all profits and some, sitting on the shelves.

So consumer and retailer not overly happy campers with RSD…..who is happy I wonder?


So certain aspects and products can leave a bit of a bad taste, but a lot more are normal and reasonable like the FOO’s 10” for example.

My customer is of the opinion with many others that RSD may shoot itself in the foot….i hope not (obviously), as it was a really great idea and a savage shot in the arm for the shop, I just need to get my buying right!!…..may have explained myself in some other rant that the game is rigged.

I have been bombarded with emails from suppliers all week with releases for RSD; I shall get them together over the next week or two and send out a special newsletter with the titles, info and pricing……just don’t shoot the messenger!

The usual applies as every other year… promises…..but if something catches your eye please let me know and I will try my best for it to be on the shop floor on the 18th…..that hopefully helps us both.

Ye will be sick of me talking about RSD so I will drive on with the norm…..


Universal has a rake of stuff coming out on the 20th March including the debut album by the darling of the music press at the moment JAMES BAY, an awful lot excepted of this record, and without doubt there is plenty talent there….but time will tell I suppose.

Have a quick listen here if you like…

Universal also have new albums by LAURA MARLING, SEASICK STEVE, AZEALIA BANKS and a soundtrack to the kids movie “HOME” which stars RIHANNA and features 3 or 4 new songs by her.

Universal also have Vinyl reissues of two of JAME’S records “ laid” and “ wah wah” , THE WHO HITS 50 double LP as well as the back catalogue reissues of all THE WHO’s records including “ who’s next”, “ the who sell out” and “ my generation”.

20 years on from the magnificent BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB record, Universal is releasing an album of lost material from those recordings……throwaways I hear you say…..but it was that good… guess is the throwaways will be A ok….check out a taster of the original here if you missed it…

Some more Bluenote reissues out too….

Lastly on Universal, there is a rush release of a complete EMINEM LP box set…..10 albums on 20 records….i am told limited to 500 units….that’s what I was told….its 230 euro…..anyone interested??


PIAS have the new album on the 27th March by the incredible SUFJAN STEVENS, “ CARRIE AND LOWELL” a stripped back folky record again it seems…available on a limited run of coloured Vinyl….20 euro with the Music Zone Corporation…..17 sterling plus shipping with….me pals.

Here is a quick teaser from the new record….one word…beautiful


The new GO! TEAM album is also out on the 27th, and comes highly recommended from me also, adorable – dropping bubblegum nature poetry over candy jump-up runs, the last line there is courtesy of Rolling Stone magazine….….if I start spouting that kind of shite, someone get a gun…….ye may have one for me already I suppose….have a listen for yerselves

PIAS also have new records out on the 27th March by JESSE MALIN, RYLEY WALKER, BALTHAZAR and NIGHTWISH as well as three MOTORHEAD Vinyl reissues “ace of shades” “overkill” and “bomber”.

ESSENTIAL have a big week on Friday the 27th with the release of the new PRODIGY album “the day is my enemy” , as well as new records from RON SEXSMITH and 8:58 ( PAUL HARTNOLL) from ORBITAL.

SONY for the 20th March have the new CRIBS record as well as the second album from metal band WHILE SHE SLEEPS and for serious, and I would have to say tres serious HENDRIX fans there is a reissue of a CURTIS KNIGHT + THE SQUIRES record featuring young Jimi.


WARNER for the 20th have a new release by JOE BONNAMASSA which is a tribute to MUDDY WATERS and HOWLIN WOLF aptly called MUDDY WOLF…a live recording from RED ROCKS across four formats I think, see attachment, BONNAMASSA is surely one of the best modern day guitarists….it seems so effortless to him.

WARNER also has the new STAVES record….little listen below if you like and the LP release of the latest JACKSON BROWNE record which is a nice listen.

CARGO has the new WIRE record, there 13th and a JEFF BUCKLEY rarities CD amongst many others.

MUSIC ON VINYL has the WILLIE NELSON + FAMILY OST “honeysuckle rose”.

Check out our new forum on the website

and please feel free to join and add your tuppence worth to the conversation….the more the merrier please….i know a few other cork based websites have Music Forum’s but they aint solely ( no pun intended) music websites….

On the local scene, got in more stock this past week of the excellent rock album from local lads RAISING JUPITER as well as the brilliant debut album “rascals antique” from THE SHAKER HYMN.

Sin e for this week,

Thanks for listening,


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Hi Everyone,

Not a huge week for releases but….

Universal have the new MARK KNOPFLER record, his eight solo album “tracker” is released on the 13th March.




Universal also has reissues of SIMPLE MINDS “sparkle in the rain” on four formats, the brilliant (in my opinion) VELVET UNDERGROUND self titled third album after John Cale left and a ROXY MUSIC complete Vinyl albums box set….200 bucks only…only 50 bucks more online

Lastly, they have a nice NORTHERN SOUL CD compilation as well as the latest installment of the POP PARTY series.

Warner have the new MARINA AND THE DIAMOND’S album “ Froot”…..the welsh lass has quite a following and this album is tipped to go number 1 in both the UK and here…the album release date was supposed to be April sometime but because of leaks is being moved forward or back whichever way you want to look at it, to the 13th of March.

More or less impossible now to stop an album being played or listened to, pre-release I would have thought…all so instant now…..

Just saw on twitter THE GLOAMING won the meteor…you get my drift.

Cracking album THE GLOAMING and it was a good bet to win I thought….something with a little twist.

On a little side issue the record industry has asides for leaking….

It now looks likely that all releases will have a global release day, which will be a Friday (not confirmed yet).

Here in Ireland, new release day was always Friday and a lot of people loved the idea of getting a release 3 days before someone in the UK got it.

Release day at the moment in the states is Tuesday and Monday in the UK….Tuesday is traditional the weakest trading day in retail in the US so having the new stuff out on a Tuesday drove footfall to record shops (stampeding footfall to record shops huh !! those were the days..) rather than a release day of Friday, which traditional is a good shopping day anyway….same school of thought in the UK….but it looks like the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry are moving the lot to the Friday.


Warner also has a vinyl reissue of SLEEPs “ holy mountain” and Eagle Vision are releasing a range of SD Blu Rays of their best selling titles including LIVE AT KNEBWORTH 1990, which was a charity concert to raise funds for Nordoff – Robbins Music Therapy….which helps to enrich peoples lives through the power of music….this concert from 1990 was supported by the likes of PINK FLOYD, PLANT AND PAGE, CLAPTON, MCCARTNEY and DIRE STRAITS and is reputed to be one of the best rock concerts ever.

Sony have the new MODEST MOUSE album “strangers to ourselves” their 6th, so looking forward to a listen to that one.

Sony also has a new release from VAN MORRISON….it is called DUETS: THE CATOLOGUE REWORKED where he duets with loads of well know names on some of his classic songs.

I better hold my fire a bit because A; I have only heard one track and B; Ivan might come after me

But when I heard “ real real gone” with Mr. Soap and Bubbles I thought man, Van, do you need to do this kind of stuff.

I have zero against the bubbles man….sold a pile of his stuff down through the years….and it is what it is….no problem in the world with it….big market has always been there for the likeable crooner….and I know some of the lads in the shop really like his Christmas album…..but this just does not work at all for me, even though I must say Van out sings the crooner in my opinion….listen for yourselves…


Bobby Womack and more greats also on the record, so maybe I am judging a book by its cover…..

PIAS has a live release by BLUES PILLS out on the 20th March…I was banging on about these teenagers last year…had a great debut album….blues/rock.

PIAS also have new ones by INVENTIONS, LONELADY, ERRORS and a nice 40 years of Rough Trade Records compilation….and FAITH NO MOREs new single.

Music On Vinyl have two real nice reissues in WU TANG CLAN’s debut “enter the wu tang” and KORNs second album “ life is peachy”

Some new pressing machines have being acquired in the states…..

On the local scene…new records in the shop from INNI-K and CRY MONSTER CRY….two more talented unsigned artists.


Check out the website for new stuff….nick caves boatmans….. and more giving out on the forum.

Sin e for this week,

Thanks for listening,


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Hi Everyone,

Hope all is good.

Interesting week in the music biz….

Universal for the 6th of March have the new Madonna album “rebel heart” (her 13th….unlucky for some…sorry cheap gag).

Now I must admit I only saw a brief bit of the Brit Awards (did see Royal Blood, and they rocked in fairness and an interview with Simon Cowell which was rather cringey…anyway)

But I must admit when I heard this morning that Queen Madge took a tumble last night at the Brits, my cynical hat went on, and I wondered whether it was another one from Bono’s book of album launch stunts, volume 4.

This fall has gathered a huge amount of interest around Madge and her new record….

But, having watched it, Madge did look rather shaken after the incident….and she was never that good an actress anyway…or was she?

Her new album has quite an electronic feel to it and sounds much much better than her last two offerings MDNA and HARD CANDY.

Quick story….i remember getting the deluxe version of Hard Candy for a customer when it came out….he had told me he wanted the deluxe, I said its about 15 quid more, (which is a lot more) he said grand job, he wanted it….i said grand job, thought there would be a few more songs on the deluxe and maybe a book, but never checked.

Deluxe came in, and soon after did the Madonna fan….as we chatted at the counter he excitedly opened the deluxe which was in a larger slightly fatter box than the normal.

Inside was a standard CD copy of the album and a transparent wrapper with 5 or 6 sweets in it…..15 quid for 5 pieces of hard candy…..i wonder did he eat them?

As you might imagine, he didn’t offer me one!!

Maybe he kept them….they might be worth more now!

One last thing on this Madonna release….it is on 4 formats….2 LP, standard CD with 14 tracks, deluxe CD with 19 tracks and super deluxe CD with 25 tracks.


I would be one for quality over quantity myself.

Universal also has the LP reissues of CREEDENCE CLEARWATER albums and DEEP PURPLES “live at long beach”.

They have a soundtrack to the movie “I’ll be me” which is based on, and has the music of, one of country music’s greatest ever, GLEN CAMPELL, as he struggles with Alzheimer’s disease…. and they have a album by Nate MENDEL ( FOO’S bassist ) under the pseudonym LIEUTENANT.

LASTLY, Universal has a compilation album of classical and easy listening tracks curated by Marty Whelan of Lyric FM. (aimed at the mammy’s day market…hint hint)

Pias have some great releases for the 6th and the 13th of March…


They have the new BJORK album “VULNICURA” out on the 6TH as well as her complete back catalogue (7 albums) getting the Vinyl reissue treatment on the ONE LITTLE INDIAN label….some limited coloured Vinyl available….I have my hat in the ring so I am hoping I will get the coloured ones, but can’t promise.

BJORK turns 50 this year (she still doesn’t look much over 15) and has being one of the most influential musicians of the last quarter of a century….the SUGARCUBES were going since the mid to late 80’s id say.

This is her 8th solo album and she has nearly reached 17 million sales….

Pias have an EP release by GLEN HANSARD for early march called “the songs of Jason Molina”.

JASON MOLINA was SONGS:OHIO and a friend of Hansard’s, who slipped into alcoholism which ultimately killed him last year I think.

This is a benefit EP.

PIAS also have an ANNE PEEBLES essential CD and a new live album by SOILWORK as well as HOUNDMOUTH’s second album which I for one like the sound of…sample below.

Lastly from Pias is a debut album by a guy called TOBIAS JESSO JNR….only came across him this week while researching the new releases and im hooked.

Its simple piano laden melodies but with a lovely vocal and texture to it…I hear a bit of Elliot SMITH, RANDY NEWMAN and even LENNON in it.

Is there a new star born or is it I am just a sucker for piano based stuff…..he reminds me a bit of the kid who used play piano in FAME , the TV show back in the day….maybe his name was TOBIAS JESSO!!


Essential for the 13th of March has SETH AVETT/JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD sings ELLIOT SMITH as well as the LP release of newest JULIAN CASABLANCAS.

PROPER for next week have the Vinyl release of our own GEMMA HAYES last album “bones and longing”.

Warner has a blast of Vinyl releases for the 6th of March including two CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG reissue and CAPITAL LETTERS “HEADLINE NEWS “reissue.



Warner also has the brilliant POGUES catalogue getting the LP reissue treatment….some real crackers there including “ RUM, SODOMY AND THE LASH” and “ IF I SHOULD FALL FROM GRACE WITH GOD”……the MUSIC ZONE corporation is 20 Euros a POGUES record… friends in the forbidden forest are 17 sterling plus delivery….

More or less just LPs on Warner new ones for this week… incredible……as one old codger once said “and the first one now, will later be last, the times they are a changing”

SONY has a new one from REBACCA FERGUSON, SOUND OF MUSIC 50TH ANNIVERSARY release, two RIOT LP reissues and a new VACCINES 7” single.

Music on Vinyl have a few nice releases towards the middle and end of March including NINA SIMONES last studio album “ a single woman” for the very first time on Vinyl.

JAMES TAYLOR “OCTOBER ROAD” is again a first timer on Vinyl.

Music on Vinyl also has reissues of WARREN ZEVON’S excellent debut, ALAN PARSON’S debut after he left the project “ try anything once” with the floydesque “ Mr. time” track, and reissues also from GEORGE BENSON, SERGIO MENDES and WILSON PICKETT.

Plastichead sent a small list of RSD 15 stuff out…

As with other RSD years….i can’t keep stuff…. but by letting me know you like the look of something….then there is a greater chance it will be in shop on the 18th April.

We have been playing the new NOEL GALLAGHER album quite a lot and really liking it,….one of ye guys sent this in to us last week after the newsletter with the words exchanged or not exchanged between the two parties…….snap taken on BONDI BEACH 2002….the rock star is on the left by the way…..words exchanged below the snap

“Bondi beach 2002. Had seen oasis the night before ….they were shite…liam barely spoke in-between songs…didn’t wanna be there I feel. Didn’t tell noel that(I call him noel). City were beaten 3-0 by leeds the day before also….did tell noel (I call him noel) that. He knew, we chuckled. Rock’n’roll stories ray….cant beat em.”

The Music ZONE corporation is running a nice competition since Tuesday to tomorrow Thursday, to win a copy of the lovely NICK DRAKE CD BOXSET……CHECK IT OUT ON TWITTER,,,RT AND FOLLOW TO ENTER….OR SHARE AND LIKE ON FACEBOOK……IF YOU’RE NOT ON EITHER FAIR PLAY TO YA….JUST POP A COMMENT ON THE MUSICZONE FORUM ON THE WEBSITE….will be a competition every week going forward for the time being anyway.

Sin e for this week,

Thanks for listening,