BOWIE Bonanza, Mick’s Sixth, Join the Fangclub and a Launch in the Real Capital


Hi Everyone,


Hope all is well this week…6 months of the year gone…already…right so albums of the year…look before i start i just want to say that I wasn’t overly proud of the last few paragraphs of the newsletter last week…I was upset and it was badly written, tired attempt at trying to make a point…wasn’t gone on what I wrote but look i had a point i was trying to make but i think i failed…


On to the music, releases in the shop for this week we have the new release by KYLIE…some of ye will maybe be a bit surprised to hear that we had quite a bit of interest in this release…it’s available as a nice mint green indies only vinyl. We also have releases by THE BLACK KEYS…haven’t listened yet but all accounts it’s stripped back and rocking…drums, guitar and vocals…indies only vinyl due in on Friday, CD and Standard black vinyl here now. Parlophone have the BOWIE ‘Mercury Demos’ box set…we can all talk about price here i know…but the box does look sweeeet (ala little Petey)…i heard as in i heard now Bowieheads before ye revolt on me (i heard means it could be a rumour) anyway i heard that DUNCAN JONES was getting more control over the BOWIE stuff…well i’m waiting for the onslaught of info…is it true?? New BOWIE 7” picture disc out today also ‘DJ’.

Also out today…we have releases by GOVT MULE, MAX RICHTER, GENERATION AXE, IGGY POP, SPICE GIRLS as well as a couple of limited coloured and numbered ones from Music On Vinyl

ACCEPT ‘Metal Heart’, BAND OF BROTHERS ‘OST’, STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN ‘Couldn’t Stand the Weather’, MINISTRY ‘Land of Rape and Honey’.


Right so, moving on to the 5th of July….we are delighted to have the new MICK FLANNERY LP and CD in the shop…it’s a fine fine album once again folks…i mean that…once again…6 albums in now and the output is astonishing high quality…really really well crafted songs one again and probably a more mature and accomplished record…i love it. Give Mick a go if you haven’t already is my advice.

We are involved with Mick and Coughlans for a few launch shows in Coughlans on Friday the 5th of July…pre-order the album with us if you want to get in.


Not many spots left now…Also delighted to have MICK instore on Saturday the 6th of July at 1 o clock to play a little set of songs from the new record so it would be great if you coud come along to that if around…right that’s Mick’s love in for this week done….here is a bit of a blurb about the record…


“A cliché has it that you have to beware of the quiet ones, because most of the time their voices speak sharper and with more range than the loudmouths. Every cliché, however, has a grain of truth in it, and so it’s fair to say that while County Cork singer-songwriter Mick Flannery is outwardly reserved, his songs are fluent in expressing layered aspects of the human condition, its flaws, triumphs, and general uncertainty, particularly evident in his new single out today (Friday 17th May), ‘Come Find Me’.


‘Come Find Me’, which will appear as track 3 on the upcoming album ‘Mick Flannery”, references emotional search and rescue. “The song is basically about someone who would like to find a partner but doesn’t quite know where to start. It looks at trying to stay positive about life, even in a city, where crowds of people can make someone feel even more alone,” explains Flannery.


The song is co-written with ESCQ, a song writing, and production duo based in Los Angeles, CA, where Mick recorded the track. He recounts: “When I arrived they already had a guitar riff ready for a verse to go on. I sang what they reckoned sounded like traditional Irish melody over the top, which they liked, so we went from there. The guys don’t have the same timidness when it comes to choruses being choruses, so they pushed this song to be as catchy as they could. Someday I’ll release the version we did, it’s much poppier than what I eventually recorded myself.”


An award-winning, double-platinum selling artist, Mick Flannery is on the brink of releasing not only his self-titled sixth album but also overseeing the worldwide premiere of the stage musical, Evening Train (so named after his 2007 debut album). He began to write songs as a teenager in his home of Blarney, County Cork. As musical influences from albums by the likes of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, and Tom Waits seeped into his creative DNA, Mick absorbed, learned and honed the craft that would send him on his way into the world.


This self-titled release will be Mick’s sixth album – that is a sizeable back catalogue, a genuine body of work. As a mature songwriter, he reasons, he’s trying to hold on to what is essential to him, and resigning himself to the fact that the naïve, passionate, 20-something ‘Mick Flannery’ is gone. What comes next, he contends, is much more interesting and experienced. “You have a larger worldview and are more learned, each of which combine to create something new.”


Mick Flannery’s self-titled album is set for release on Friday 5th July 2019. The stage musical, Evening Train, premieres at The Everyman Theatre, Cork, 13th – 23rd June, 2019, as part of Cork Midsummer Festival.


Album Track listing:


  1. Wasteland
  2. Must Be More
  3. Come Find Me
  4. I’ve Been Right
  5. Fool
  6. How I Miss You
  7. Way Things Go
  8. Light a Fire
  9. Star to Star
  10. Dreamer John
  11. I’ll Be out Here

WEA also for the 5th of July have another few cracking little releases. Reissues of  SIGUR ROS ‘Agnetis Byrjun’ 20th anniversary edition on Krunk records…it’s available as a 2LP or 4 CD set. The band have expanded the album for this release…unearthed some material, b-sides and a full 95 minute concert from Rejkjavik, on the day the album originally came out. A download for all the extras is with the 2LP release! Another fine reissue from Warner for the 5th of July is the JACKSON BROWNE ‘Running On Empty’ remastered as well…fine album…Warner have some NAZARETH LP reissues on coloured vinyl, GRATEFUL DEAD ‘Filmore West San Francisco 5LP set on Rhino. There is the new vinyl release of the latest ANDERSON .PAAK album ‘Ventura’, RSD stores only, limited coloured vinyl with it.


TIM BUCKLEY vinyl boxset 7LP set of studio albums from 66-72, there is a CLASSICAL CHILLOUT compilation available on 2LP and there is some breakouts of the WOODSTOCK Vinyl box (the box we got in today, if anyone is interested like).


Sony for the 5th of July have the OST to STRANGER THINGS as well as a reissue of AUDIOSLAVE’s self titled album.

Proper for the 5th of July have a 25th Anniversary reissue of EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRLS ‘Amplified Heart’…half-speed master reissue.


Universal for the 5th of July have the new FANGCLUB album, their 2nd, the first album was a fine album…going to give this a spin or three. Uni also have a new LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY album ‘Blue Sky in Your Head’…brand new album, first in 18 years and only their fourth album….10 million records sold by this band.


Universal also have the ROLLING STONES ‘Rock n Roll Circus’ on a few formats Limited DVD/Blu Ray/2 CD …here’s more info on the release.

 ‘“You are about to be transported to another age: swinging London in the late sixties. The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus is a time capsule. Two days in December 1968 that in many ways capture the spontaneity, aspirations and communal spirit of an entire era…for a brief moment it seemed that rock ‘n’ roll would inherit the earth.”  


‘ABKCO/UMC will jointly release the 4K Dolby Vision restoration of the concert film The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus on Blu-ray for the first time ever on July 5th. The movie, shot over two days in December 1968, features The Who, Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithfull, impromptu supergroup The Dirty Mac (John Lennon, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell, Eric Clapton), Yoko Ono in addition to the original lineup of The Rolling Stones. Filmed before a live audience at Intertel VTR Services Limited, a North London TV studio in 1968, Rock and Roll Circus was directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, originally conceived as a BBC TV special, but it never aired. It centres on the original line up of the Rolling Stones – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts (with Nicky Hopkins and Rocky Dijon) who serve as both the show’s hosts and featured attraction. The “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” is seen and heard performing six Stones classics-to-be: Jumping Jack Flash, Parachute Woman, No Expectations, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Sympathy For The Devil and Salt of The Earth. The program also includes full length musical performances by The Who, Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithful, Yoko Ono. It also features ‘The Dirty Mac’, a group that was the first musical context in which John Lennon performed before an audience outside The Beatles. The Dirty Mac was Eric Clapton (lead guitar), The Rolling Stones’ own Keith Richards (bass) and Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience (drums) with Lennon on guitar and vocals. A mirthful conversation between Jagger and Lennon to introduce The Dirty Mac finds them referring to each other as “Winston” and “Michael” with Jagger affecting a convincingly flat American accent and Lennon referring to himself as “Winston Leg-Thigh.”


The Limited Deluxe Edition is a multi-format package of Blu-Ray, DVD, 2CD soundtrack, and a perfect-bound 44-page book with David Dalton’s original 1969 Rolling Stone essay, and photographs by Michael Randolf. The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus soundtrack has been expanded to 28 tracks, received a new mix and 192k 24 bit HD restoration. Bonus material included by the late concert pianist Julius Katchen, three additional songs by Taj Mahal and never before heard recordings of The Dirty Mac performing The Beatles classic, “Revolution” and the aptly titled track “Warmup Jam.” Also to be released for the first time on vinyl as a 3 LP package, and on a 2CD format.


Uni also have a soundtrack to the MICHAEL HUTCHENCE documentary ‘Mystify’ as well as DEEP PURPLE ‘Live in Newcastle’ from 2001…2k of these on red vinyl. Lastly Uni have reissues on LP of THIRD WORLD – 96 Degrees in the Shade and the B-52s self-titled album.


PIAS for the 5th of July have the new album by JESCA HOOP.


Right so, THE MURDER CAPITAL debute album has been announced for 16th of August and we are delighted to be involved with the launch of this very exciting album…THE MURDER CAPITAL are going to launch the album in Cork in the Crane Lane the night before the record is on shelves anywhere else in the world. So the album launch show is Thursday the 15th of August at 7pm sharp in the Crane Lane. Entry to this show is a purchase of the debut album from TMC. So here are the links to the albums on CD and LPs…

.if you want to go to the show…buy the album from us…ideally from our website as we can track the sales for the charts but if that’s not possible come instore and pay us and we will put your name on the list…looking forward to this…come join us…can’t wait to hear the album also…if you do buy it from us you can pick it up on the night, pick it up in the shop, or we can post it out to you. Sin Sin i think…so

Sin é for this week folks,

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt.



P.S. Big JOY DIVISION poster if anyone wants or BIG RICHARD HAWLEY poster, BIG PRINCE poster, BIG BLACK KEYS poster and 4 small BRUCE posters…first come, first served job…they are up on the stage area.

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