Bowie’s Birthday Single, New Foos And London Grammar 2

Hi everyone,
Hope ye are all well and safe.. ‘Strange Days have found us, strange days have tracked us down. They’re going to destroy our casual joys’… James Douglas Morrison 53 years ago said it best… Time to baton down the hatches folks again, big time… Lockdown 3 commenced in work for me on Monday the 4th… It was eerie, couple of customers.. Eerie… We had strange Mondays in January before (none more so that the morning after Bowie’s death in 2016.. The strangest Monday morning / day I ever put down in a record shop).. The last act I did that Sunday night was listen to Blackstar before going to sleep, only to wake to a text from Tim, ‘BOWIE’S DEAD’… What more could be said.. It was a strange / surreal Monday.. Folks gravitated towards record shops that day all over the world I think.. Strange start this year.. Sad start this year also… Gerry Marsden, Liam Reilly, Robbie Callan, and down here locally, a member of the legendary Lynch Mob, Reuben Lynch.. R.I.P all.. A jolt to the senses…

Right so, time to go hawking I suppose… Website open, call and collect / click and collect within guidelines available.. 021-4967119 is the phone or email or 

Before I go on with the hawking festival, if interest in something we have no bother keeping something for you once you honour it.. If up the country and want to wait for 3 items / records that’s also no bother.. Just get in touch.. We’re easy!! (but honourable)…

Right, due out for this Friday (although deliveries are another kettle of fish at the moment cause of the other thing.. So bare with us!! We will be in touch.. Happy fecking new year!!).. Right, MR. BOWIE would have been 74 this Friday the 8th, so there’s a Birthday 7” Single coming out with covers of Lennon’s ‘Mother’ and Dylan’s ‘Trying To Get To Heaven’... There are 8147 numbered copies of these available across the world.. 1000 cream ones on and the rest in shops (standard black ones) in shops across the globe including the good siopa 8147 is a reference to the birth of our lord… Donny McCaslin… Sorry 8th Jan 1947 wasn’t McCaslin’s birthday I don’t think.. It has some significance anyway… These won’t last and i’ll try get a firm number tomorrow on how many I will have..

Right Friday the 8th or sometime in the near future anyway we will have BARRY GIBB & FRIENDS ‘Greenfields : The Gibb Brothers Songbook’ through Uni..

Uni for the 22n of Jan have some DIO vinyl reissues.. In fact 7 of his 10 albums.. The Mercury Albums are reissued.. Also there is a blast of Mariah Carey reissues on vinyl : ‘Charmbracele’, ‘E=MC2’, ‘Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel’, and ‘l I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse’. Finally from Uni for the 22nd is a new RHYE album..

Next few weeks from Sony start this Friday (or early next week i’d say!) with ALICE IN CHAINS’ debut album ‘Facelift’ reissued on double vinyl.. Due for release the 8th of Jan.. Sony for the 15th of Jan have the new ZAYN CD, and  ‘THE GHOST OF TSHUSHIMA’ original game soundtrack vinyl release. Sony for the 22nd of Jan have new albums by BRING ME THE HORIZON, and WARDRUNA’s ‘Kvitran’ on CD, Black Vinyl or indies only red vinyl.. Jan 22nd from Sony also brings limited vinyl coloured runs on some classics.. So on cream vinyl we will have SANTANA’s ‘Moonflower’, and all the rest are on white vinyl, which are MILES DAVIS’ ‘In A Silent Way’LOU REED’s ‘Coney Island Baby’SIMON & GARFUNKEL’s ‘Greatest Hits’BOB DYLAN’s ‘Nashville Skyline’ and ‘John Wesley Harding’, and lastly ELVIS’ self titled album..

The Orchard for the 8th of Jan have the new PASSENGER album ‘Songs For The Drunk and Broken Hearted’ on CD, Deluxe CD, or 2LP.. The Orchard for the 15th of Jan have a new MATTHEW SWEET album ‘Catspaw’ on CD or Indies Vinyl as well as a return of THE THE with the soundtrack to the film ‘Muscle’.. CD only for now..

It’s 11.07 on Wednesday Morning, 6/1/21, and oblivious to me until very recently, it is now very likely that click & collect and call & collect are non-runners from tonight / tomorrow… Again, it is what it is… Now it is going to pinch big time, but again it’s the right thing if it needs to be done… The medics the length and breadth of the country must be sick to death of this virus (as we all are) and a handle needs to be put on the curse of a thing then so be it.. We will still operate the website as usual for delivery and phone / email in orders and we can deliver or keep for you until things ease up (We would ask again to try honour them)… So that’s it, we support the decisions made and we get on with it as best we can, we all need to put this virus back in it’s box…

Right so, enough about all that.. The music.. Monday, eerie Monday had me thinking (again) what a blessed environment I / We work in.. Shane has often said it before.. We are surrounded by quality and culture and stories and song.. The music.. So we go again..

PIAS for the 15th of Jan have some tasty releases.. They have via Dead Oceans the new, 2nd, SHAME album ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ on indies only Galaxy Pink Vinyl, Standard Pink Vinyl or CD.. We really liked this band’s debut a few years back… One of the new upcoming crews out there.. First two singles very solid on a few listens.. Major Talking Heads / Wire / Jon Lydon vibes going on… No bad things.. Will be getting plenty of listens here.. Here is ‘Snow Day’ from the record :

PIAS also have the new SLEAFORD MODS album ‘Spare Ribs’ on Rough Trade Records on CD, Indies Only LP and standard black LP… Telling it like it is, like no one else out there really is at the moment.. Refreshing.. I missed them about 5 years ago now when they played The Crane Lane here in Cork on a Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.. It was meant to be class altogether… Cork hopefully again in the future…

PIAS for the 15th Jan have a new KURT VILE E.P ‘Speed, Sound, Lonely KV’ on Matador as a CD or 12” Vinyl, and includes a duet with the late, great John Prine.. Oh boy I think about Prine a lot through this Covid thing.. Here’s the tune if you don’t know it’.. ‘How Lucky’

PIAS for the 22nd have the new BICEP record ‘Isles’ on CD, Indies 3LP version, or Picture Disc Vinyl... PIAS for the 29th of Jan have a new MARTIN GORE E.P. ‘The Third Chimpanzee’ on Mute records on CD or coloured 12”.. GOAT GIRL’s second album is out on Rough Trade on the 29th Jan ‘On All Fours’ is the title… JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN ‘Live’ album on Sweet Police records out on CD and indies only blue vinyl, and lastly for PIAS for the 29th there is a RICHARD SWIFT live album on Secretly Canadian, ‘Even Your Drums Are’..

R.O.M for January 8th have a new tribute ‘DAVID BOWIE IN JAZZ’ collection of covers from some of the jazz scene.

Proper for January 22nd have the vinyl pressing of KATE RUSBY’s latest covers album ‘Hand Me Down’, pressed on limited orange vinyl.

We work as a bit of a tag team with this newsletter these days… Strengths and weaknesses of the letter I have plenty.. Good cop / bad cop… So i’m going to tag in Bobby ‘The Hitman With A Lotta Heart’ Buckley… The hitman will try move ye’r hands towards purses / wallet / credit / debit cards with upcoming beauties on CD and LP.. Email or buy from the site or pay over the phone for delivery.. Whatever works.. Here’s the hitman! :

Hey folks,
‘Hitman With A Lotta Heart’ here now.
A lotta heart as there’s a whole lot coming out!! 

Kicking us off, FOO FIGHTERS are back with their new LP ‘Medicine At Midnight’, due out at the beginning of February. The band’s 10th outting will be available on CDVinyl or very limited Indies only blue vinyl. Out through Sony

Also now announced through Sony, we will have the brand new LONDON GRAMMAR album ‘Californian Soil’ due in on CDVinylIndies Vinyl or as again, a very limited boxset. It’s the band’s third LP, and the first since 2017’s hugely successful ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’. We have just been told in the last hour or so that this new London Grammar is now pushed back until April for release!

Time to be a bit of the bad-cop myself! Just a warning, both the limited indies Foos LP and the London Grammar box set are very very limited. They will be gone. If interested let us know and we will do our best.

One that there has been a good bit of buzz about for a few months now, which was due to land before Christmas but was delayed is the new Greatest Hits compilation from the mighty mighty THE WHITE STRIPES. This is now coming on February 15th as a 2LP Vinyl or CD

Another savage announcement.. CATHAL COUGHLAN of Microdisney /
Fatima Mansions has a new record out, ‘Song of Co-Aklan’, on CD or LP due out in March, first new music in 10 years. Guest a plenty on it freisin. Looking forward to it!

The next two reissues / demo releases in the PJ HARVEY series from Universal are also now announced. First up ”Is This Desire?’, and ‘Is This Desire? – Demos’ are due in on vinyl on January 29th, and following this the excellent ‘Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea’ alongside ”Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea : Demos’ are out a little later on February 29th.

There’s a few very nice Music On Vinyl reissues coming down the line over the next month or so.. We will have limited, numbered and coloured reissues from UNCLE TUPELO, and WILLIE NELSON, and there are standard vinyl reissues landing of THE STONE ROSES ‘Remixes’ and also of MILES DAVIS ‘Miles in Tokyo’, which has never available on vinyl in Europe before.

I’ll rattle off the final couple of pre-orders so I don’t keep ye all day! PHIL COLLINS’ has announced a limited picture disc 40th Anniversary pressing of ‘Face Value’ through Warner, there is a new HANS ZIMMER soundtrack release to ‘Hillbilly Elegy’, there are two SUEDE reissues due (the original ‘The London Suede’ reissue, and ‘See You In The Next Life’), a reissue of the MARC BOLAN / T. REX ‘Shadowhead’ rarities compilation LP,  and Shellshock have new live session CD releases from DAVID BOWIE and PINK FLOYD.

Another mention for MR. BOWIE. The next in the series of coloured vinyl 45th Anniversary Reissues is due out on January 22nd through, and this time it’s for ‘Station To Station’, pressed on Red & White vinyl. Again, like the previous releases this will not be sold or available through any website, it’s a shop sale only release. So if you are interested pop us a mail and we will make sure one is tucked aside and do our best! 

Last, but definitely not least from mise! Cork’s own JOHN BLEK has announced a new, very limited release (150 Vinyl, 350 CDs) from the Digressions series, ‘Digressions #2 : Grounded’. The album was written and recorded in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are lucky to have a few copies for sale on both Vinyl and CD. Myself and Ray have been lucky enough to have heard the album, and are both in strong agreement that again, it is excellent. Excellent. The song crafting from John as always is superb, with this limited album release allowing John to use varying techniques and instrumentation.  The first single is released this Friday, January 8th, and is called ‘Right Moves’. Be sure to check it out!

If you would like to check out all the upcoming pre-orders on the site for the next few months, you can take a look here :

That’s it from the hitman for this week folks, back to the bossman! 

Right so, lastly for this week, it’s our traditionally late ‘Albums of the Year’ Pole for 2020… We would love if you got involved.. 3 categories

  1. Album of the Year
  2. Irish Album of the Year
  3. Gigs of the Year (Online can be Included!!)

So send us your votes from number 1 to 5 in each category… With number 1 being favourite to 5 least, and we give them points 5 to 1 baby, 1 in 5.. On a Jim kick today it seems… We tot up the votes and produce our world revered, only TOP 20 CHARTS OF 2020 that matters (In Tougher) part whatever… As usual, email in with ‘Top Albums Of The Year’ as the subject and we will draw one of ye out of a hat for a €50 voucher for the good siopa… The more enter the better the charts we feel (naturally)..

Right, sin é for this week folks…
Keep the fate, keep safe.. Stay in by the wall as my dear mother used say..
Peace, love & understanding,
Ray, Bobby & Shane