New GODSPEED YOU! , New John Smith ( including an unusual journey) and a class John Spillane competition

Hi everyone,

Hope ye are all keeping safe and well folks…12 months now.
As we said last week …hopefully only a little over 2 weeks now before the call and collect is back with us…hopefully….thanks for yer patience and understanding over this time, as i have said before, working solely as a website is challenging when folks are used to a warm siopa floor.
The ” product” ( newsletter, advert, ramble, whatever you wish to call it) today may not be up to its usual self …as tis a bank holiday after all! 

Right so anyway,  here are the releases for this Friday, 19th of March.. It includes the brand new LANA DEL REY album ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’, (including an indies only yellow vinyl), a new RINGO STARR EP recorded over lockdown, the new CHRIS CORNELL covers album, and more new releases by  STEVE EARLE & THE DUKESNITIN SAWHENEY, LORETTA LYNNSTINGANDREW FARRISSSAXONENFORCERMEG MYERSWILLIAM DOYLEHEDVIG MOLLESTAD TRIOBLACK HONEYWEYES BLOODDEVIN TOWNSEND, SAM SMITH, and a 70’s GLAM POP compilation album .. There are reissues by NEIL YOUNGGREEN DAY, ARCADE FIREAMERICAIGGY & THE STOOGESCHROMATICSJUNIPDISCLOSUREDIRE STRAITSMARK KNOPFLERTREESWYE OAKJUNGLENIGHTMARES ON WAX, and MARK EITZEL… On the CD front there is the BOB DYLAN with GEORGE HARRISON ‘1970’ 3CD set, a 2CD format of PETER GABRIEL’s ‘Plays Live’,  as well as a new album by HARRY CONNICK JR, and a new one by JUSTIN BIEBER.. Some biggies here folks for the 19th of March.
as regards the Lana album it wont ship to us till tomorrow or friday due to security/embargo reasons…from what i heard of it its excellent….heres the title track from the album. 

i think it was ELTON JOHN who i read during the week saying  that women are making the best music at the moment …hard to argue against that…certainly as solo artists anyway…Billie, Taylor, Fiona Ulla, Phoebe…Lana top of the tree there?. Very close if not…class act.

We have a lovely video this week ….a nice guest appears in it to give us a few bars out by the barrs…it could have been a scene from a  Dick Lester movie! The time we spent scripting it is appreciated i hope ( come around from behind the boxes there i suppose and twil be grand…and like a lark ascending from the Lough he was with us)
i hope its worth a watch


so the lark from the the lough above was the one and only JOHN SPILLANE…good friend of the siopa now for many years….played a few times for us…i remember one RSD maybe 2013 or 2014 he played in the good siopa musiczone and had the folks in the shop eating out of his hand and singing ” oro se do bheatha baile” along with him…twas magic…he makes an absolutely beautiful sound from that guitar of his…i dont know did you hear it on the video earlier but up close ( 2 metres) the guitar sound is beautiful …and Johns a cracking fella also….heres a tune from the new record with the help of Pauline Scanlon.

we have a sweet competition around the release of the new album….Bobby prepped below for me thank you kind sir…
JOHN SPILLANE is set to release his first independent album in 20 years.100 Snow White Horses comes out on April 2nd. In celebration of that, we are running a competition to win: a signed Vinyl copy and signed CD of 100 Snow White Horses, a signed copy of John’s album Acoustic Series Vol.1 All The Ways you Wander, and a signed copy of his book, ‘Are We Brilliant or What’. To enter, pre-order the brand new album with us on Vinyl or CD and you will be entered into the draw! Recorded in London with Pauline Scanlon and produced by John Reynolds the album is inspired by John’s travels around Ireland. The decision to release the album independently allowed for a greater sense of creative freedom and these new songs are full of poetry, Irish mythology and wonder

Onto more releases for April 2nd…   

Warner have the live Eagles albums reissued on vinyl via Rhino Elecktra…so they have EAGLES LIVE, LONG ROAD TO EDEN  and THE MILLENNIUM.
There is a brand new HELLOWEEN single ” skyfall” on loads of physical formats ( like the auld days) it is on CD single plus 4 different 12″ vinyl single variants ( happy days…CD Singles!!! Shaggy it wasnt me summer of 01, the langer song etc etc) 
Warner also has the STEVE HARLEY AND COCKNEY REBEL 45th ANNIVERSARY album….moved from jan/feb time.
Warner also for the 2nd of April has the debut album on Parlophone/PLG by THE SNUTS, on CD, Deluxe CD, STD LP and INDIES Vinyl and lastly from Warner for the 2nd of April is a reissue on vinyl for the first time since the 80s is WARREN ZEVONs ” stand in the fire” , it includes 10 bonus tracks and remastererd for maximun fidelity , has a deluxe tip on style gatefold jacket.

Universal for the 2nd of April have a reissue on vinyl of the debut album by TRAVIS “good feeling” as well as a debut EP on Polydor from ELI SMART.

Proper for the 2nd of April have the debut CD by Hey, King! on Anti….quite good i think….here is a cracking  tune from it.

Proper also for the 2nd April have a vinyl reissue of MF DOOM and BISHOP NEHRU ” nehruviandoon” as an indies only picture disc.
Links for some of these will go up next week…apologies if any inconvience is caused….( yer spoilt most weeks!!) email in if interested in anythink linkless.
Bobby had a great idea i thought during the week there,  where we are ( hopefully) going to put up a playlist everyweek with the newsleetter of stuff we like from the releases we hawk to ye. Hopefully a few of ye may embrace it.

PIAS for the 2nd of April have new albums by DRY CLEANING and FLOCK OF DIMES as well as a reissue by TOKYO POLICE CLUB.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have another interesting one for the 2nd of April with the release of JAZZ IS DEAD 006 on the Jazz is Dead label….this time with sax jazz legend GARY BARTZ,  composer ADRIAN YOUNGE and ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD from TRIBE CALLED QUEST all teaming up…heres a tune from the record ” day by day”..class, and class video also…
cd and lp available on this one.

CARGO arguably could have the most interesting release of the 2nd of April though with the new GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR album on Constellation records …its called if i can get it right ” G d’s Pee at States end!” . First press only , initial orders only job includes a 10″ with and LP and it is also available on CD. I dont have a track to share at the moment folks!

Lots of semi interesting stuff out for the 2nd of April but not with the majors …the ORCHARD have three nice new releases out…all new studio albums.
Firstly we have the new JOHN SMITH record on Commoner records….speaking of Commoners, we had JOHN SMITH perform in the shop a number of years ago when we were in Douglas, he was doing a couple of nights in Coughlans and agreed to do a performance for us the afternoon between both…it was agreed that id collect John at the metropole in Cork on the afternoon in question…John is a tall man and i was driving me auld black ford fiestiee at the time  ( normally it is impeccably clean as my friends would vouch for, but this day it  was a tad untidy) Johns guitar barely fit in the car dont mind him ( translation from Cork for ” dont mind him” is..  John was very fortunate ( haunted )  to be able to fit in the car also!) . He could have been thinking where in jaysuses name am i going, but in great fairness to him , he didnt bat an eyelid …not a bother ! i quite enjoyed the car journey , im sure John did also when he could see over his kness, the smell from Patricks bridge that day wasnt to bad, easterly wind. 
He gave a tremendous performance in the shop after, seriously talented vocally and  with the guitar…really enjoyed it.
JOHN BLEK brought him home that day if memory serves, i think i offered the fiestie but the 2 small fellas declined or did someone spot JS thumbing on Maryborough hill.
anyway, sorry…JOHN SMITHS new record is out on the 2nd of April , its called ” the fray” and is on CD and long player….heres a beautiful tune from the album with guest SARAH JAROSZ,,,,

the ORCHARD also have the new studio album by THE FRATELLIS ” half drunk under a full moon” on CD and LP as well as STURGILL SIMPSON ” cutting grass vol 2 – cowboy arms sessions” on CD, LP OR INDIES ONLY BLUE LP.

PIAS for the 9th of April have the BILL MACKAY/NATHAN BOWLES debut album on Drag City ” keys” its called…sounds nice, heres a tune

GUIDED BY VOICES have an LP reissue of ” under the bushes, under the stars” on indies only coloured vinyl.
there is a reissue on SOUL JAZZ of jazz drummers STEVE REIDs ” nova” album.
lastly from Pias for the 9th of April is the first 2 in the PETER MURPHY ( BAUHAUS) reissue series  on Beggars Banquet on coloured vinyl with the reissue of first 2 solo albums…” should the world fail to fall apart” and follow up ” love hysteria” …heres title track from debut
ok so folks sin e for this week really…i dont think i forgot anything, Bobs not here to oversee my mistakes!!
Hopefully not to many, 
enjoy the rest of your St Patricks Day ,
hopfully we will see some of yer purdy faces from a distance in a few weeks time.
thanks for listening as always,
Ray, Bobby and Shane

John Lennon’s ‘Plastic Ono Band’ Ultimate Mixes Release, 4 Savage Irish Releases

Hi everyone,

Hope ye are all keeping safe and well… Creeping and inching towards a finish line of sorts we all hope.. Call and Collect a bit of a finish line for us.. 3 and a half weeks I hope… Good to be moaning I suppose!! 

Right here are the releases for this Friday, 12th of March.. We will have new releases on the 12th from VALERIE JUNEISRAEL NASHWILLIE NELSONDEAD POET SOCIETY,  THUNDER, and ROB ZOMBIE… There are reissues from ELVISALTER BRIDGETHE ROOTSSLAYER, THE BRAND NEW HEAVIES.

I done a solo video last Friday night about 7:45PM in the siopa and the body and mind weren’t up for it really but here tis anyway (Bob was on a days hols.. Better when the 2 of us are on it!).. Here tis anyway


Record Store Day 2021 (RSD we will call it folks) is different this year.. RSD is split across 2 dates, similar to last year, and again are called RSD Drops… Lots of info to follow in weeks / months ahead, but for now the dates are Saturday June 12th, and Saturday July 17th for the two drops.. The only other info I have at the moment is that the online sales of RSD Products on those dates can go on sale online at 6PM on each drop day… We obviously hope that the shop is open (in some form) by June 12th!! More info to follow anyway as I get it non-party people

As we said the 19th had some heavy hitters, the 26th of March sees some really interesting releases including 3 very varies or 4 you could say very varied and excellently exciting releases from Irish artists… We will start at home, we have the release of CATHAL COUGHLAN’s new record ‘Song of Co-Aklan’ on Dimple Discs.. Cathal’s first new music in 10 years from the Microdisney / Fatima Mansions man.. (Saw Microdisney in Cypress Avenue about 2 years ago and they were great).. Help on the record from Sean O’ Hagan, Luke Haines (support that night in Cypress) and Corey Gray (The Delines).. The record label sent me a listening link for the album a few weeks ago and it’s really good.. The man is in great voice , usual clever thought provoking lyrics and rich melodies all through… A real treat, I look forward to the physical.. Fine listen.. Here is the title track :

Another really interesting Irish release due on the 26th of March is from FOR THOSE I LOVE, aka David Balfe… It is FOR THOSE I LOVE’s self titled debut album.. It’s an album of love and grief, really striking listen, I wasn’t sure if it was for me on first listen but it has really grown on me, well worth checking this out.. David lost his best friend and bandmate Paul Curran a few years ago and the central them of the record is around the love and tragic loss of his friend, the emotions are all in the record… Beautiful really, spoken word, electronica, hip-hop and dance flavours all through the album.. Some absolutely great tunes on it.. Here is FOR THOSE I LOVE with ‘I Have A Love’ on Jools just before Christmas :

Another Irish release is the SNOWPOET album ‘Wait For Me‘ out on the 26th of March also, contemporary jazz album, lovely listen also..

Lastly Irish release wise for the 26th of March is the debut E.P by Galway’s NEWDAD on Fair Youth Records.. ‘Waves’ it is called.. I’ll be doing my best to get some although it’s fierce limited.. i’ll see what i can do.. Here’s a new tune from them ‘I Don’t Recognise You’.
I think they are bloody class. Voice of the Beehive vibe going on there.. Serious ones to watch.. That’s 4 quality releases in one day from our little island… Savage really the talent that’s around both old(wish) (sorry Cathal!!) and new.. Savage..

Right so, outside from quality Irish releases, Uni for the 26th of March have the seriously talented MR BEN HOWARD’s new album ‘Collections From The Whiteout’ on CD, 2LP or Indies Only 2LP produced by Aaron Dresner on Island.. Really looking forward to this.. He is a seriously talented dude.. Uni have a deluxe CD version of ARIANA GRANDE’s ‘Positions’, there is a new DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 ‘Is 4 Lovers’ on Spinefarm.. UMC are releasing the SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD Motion Score on seriously limited editions 2LP Blue Vinyl or 4LP Picture Disc Set… A week’s rent nearly though… There is a BLOODHOUND GANG ‘Show Us Your Hits’ coloured vinyl release through Uni for the 26th also..

Warner for the 26th of March have the NEIL YOUNG live release ‘Young Shakespeare’ on CD, LP or CD/LP/DVD boxset… Neil himself says this is better than Massey Hall.. ‘Less Frantic’ and he also says it is the best acoustic sounding music in his archives… High words… Dynamite track listing.. A cracker i’d say.. 

Right Warner have quite a few for the 26th of March.. There is a limited one press job FAITH NO MORE ‘Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits’ on 2LP Gold Vinyl... There is the JOE STRUMMER ‘Assembly’ collection release on CD, 2LP or Indies Only Red 2LP… ALI FARKA TOURÉ ‘Red Album’ vinyl reissue on BMG, DUA LIP ‘Future Nostalgia : Moonlight Edition’, LAMB OF GOD Live album, MADNESS reissue of 3rd studio album I think ‘7’, new MARTI PELLOWVOLBEAT, and lastly the debut album by SMITH / KOTZEN album on BMG including an indies only red vinyl, featuring Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden..

PIAS for the 26th of March have new ones from THE ANTLER’sTUNE-YARDS, and SARA WATKIN, as well as a BONOBO reissue..

Sony for the 26th of March have the new album from EVANESCENCE ‘The Bitter Truth’ on CD, Deluxe CD Set and Double LP.. There is a live LP by THE JACKSON’S reissued and last but not least is the newest FIRST AID KIT release a live release ‘Who By Fire’, a live tribute album to the late, incredible Mr. L. Cohen.. (We all probably have a list in our heads of who we would love to go for a pint with.. A pint.. What’s that?.. Erased from memory… Well Cohen would be up there for me big time)… It’s a live staging of Cohen songs, poems and letters..

Proper for the 26th of March have a few bits also, SUN KIL MOON release on CD only for now of ‘Welcome To Sparks, Nevada’, out on Calde Verde.. There is also a MARK KOZELEK double LP ‘All The Best, Issac Hayes’ spoken word, stream of consciousness compositions with piano throughout.. Proper also have the reissue of WORLD PARTY’s third album ‘Bang!’ on the Seaview label.. Karl Wallinger has joined by friends on this album.. Proper also have MARIKA HACKMAN’s ‘Covers’ album on limited white vinyl..

I saved some of the very best wine til the end today.. I was listening to Gilles Peterson on BBC Radio last Saturday afternoon and he plated a tune which blew me away a bit.. It is from a forthcoming record by FLOATING POINTS, PHARAOH SANDERS & THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.. ‘Promises’ is the name of the record and it’s on Luaka Bop.. There is a CD, standard LP and an exclusive LPX version.. Very exclusive i’m afraid only 3 copies and one of them is Raymund’s, so putting 2 on the site.. Best place to buy them from or get it if you want it in case i miss emails.. I looked up to see if I could find a tune online but old school, not a sausage up there… Great.. Here is part of a conversation I read between the two men SAM SHEPARD (Floating Points) and Pharaoh,  

Pharoah Sanders: Huh…?

Sam: Were you asleep? I’m sorry…

Pharoah: No no… I was listening… and dreaming… and listening to music in my head…

Sam: Oh wow… sorry.

Pharoah: Many times, people think I might be asleep… but in fact, I am just listening to music in my head. I’m always listening… to the sounds around me… and playing, in my mind… and sometimes I dream.Maestro springs to mind… Out on 26th March anyway.. Can’t wait.. Kids in bed, dark room..

Going to hand you over to the Bobman now for a few upcoming releases announced in the last week or so, again some nice ones now up on the site.. Here’s the Bob

Hey everyone, 
Hope you’re all keeping well.
Few really nice ones this week, including a few heavy hitters for my own wallet. The joys!! 

Starting off with one of said Bobby Wallet Hitters is the announcement of the new reissue of JOHN LENNON’s ‘Plastic Ono Band’, released as part of Lennon’s ‘Ultimate Mixes‘ series that has seen the release of ‘Imagine’ and the new greatest hits in over the last couple of years. Like with the others, this is coming as a CDExpanded 2CDDeluxe 2LP with a new master and a bonus LP of outtakes, and a lovely lovely 6CD/BluRay/Hardback Book Super Deluxe Edition Box Set.

Another one great one for mise personally, Warner have announced the release of TOM PETTY’s ‘Finding Wildflowers : Alternative Versions’, which is a breakout from the lovely expanded set released late last year. This one is coming as a standalone on CD or Limited Gold Vinyl, with the standard vinyl to follow a month or so after. Absolute class album, Wildflowers. A fine piece of work start to finish, so looking forward to hearing these Alternative Versions of the tracks!

The next in the PJ HARVEY series of reissues has been announced this week. This time up is ‘Uh Huh Her’, PJ’s 6th studio album from 2004. Again it will come as a standard vinyl reissue of the album, or also as a ‘Uh Her Her : Demos’ release on vinyl or CD.

THE WHO’s classic ‘Sell Out‘ is also getting a nice expanded reissue treatment (with another savage boxset). This is coming as a expanded 2CD or 2LP, or as the set with 5CDs, 2 x 7”s, a book, memorabilia..

Other new bits announced in the last week include PINK FLOYD’s legendary ‘Live At Knebworth 1990’, out for the first time as a standalone vinyl or CD release, a new ST VINCENT album (including an indies only transparent white vinyl), a reissue of three classic live albums from THE EAGLES, a new release from GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPERORnew VAN MORRISON, and finally another reissue from WILLIE NELSON on coloured vinyl through MOV. Himself and Mr. Young really are trying to keep record shops open this year, serious amount of releases in 2021 already from both! Good men! 

Lastly from mise, there are two nice vinyl reissues due in, one a compilation of THE BLUE BEAT LABEL, ‘Sixty Year Celebration’, and one of Irish group DANCE TO TIPPERARY celebration their 20th Anniversary with ’20 To 20′, released on limited bright green vinyl.

So that’s it from myself this week,
Back to the boss-man!

Thanks for that Bob!!..

Lastly so for this week folks, PIAS for 2nd April has new ones from DRY CLEANING and FLOCK OF DIMES and a reissue from TOKYO POLICE CLUB on indies only with a bonus 7”..

Sin é from so for this week folks,
Thanks for listening
Ray, Bobby & Shane
P.S will draw Wyvern Lingo comp winner on Friday!!

New Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, The Modfather Back Again, And Competition Winners!

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well!! It’s long this time isn’t it… When we reappear in a few more weeks hopefully, the road is hopefully nearly travelled… Call & Collect will surely be back circa this time next month… Oh crikey I hope it is.. As said before, tricky working environment for a traditional shop… Haunted to have the website though.. Haunted, so i’ll stop grumbling.. Haunted.. That’s only a Corkism is it?? Or is it up the country?? Haunted in Cork means lucky.. Anyway, here’s the releases in the haunted good siopa for this Friday.. There are new releases by KINGS OF LEON, BILLY NOMATES, ARAB STRAPJOACHIM KUHNSOUL JAZZ ROCKSTEADY COMPILATION, JANE WEAVERPAT METHENYMADLIBDMA’sWILLIAM THE CONQUERORTOM GRENNAN  and YO-YO MA / KATHERYN SCOTT.. Reissues for this week include the JAPAN ‘Quiet Life’ on various formats, CRAZY HORSEPHILIP GLASSTHE LAST EMPEROR OSTFATHER JOHN MISTYANNE BRIGGSGOLDFRAPPHELLOWEENENNIO MORRICONEGREEN DAY. On the CD front we will have the 10CD NEIL YOUNG ‘Archives Vol. II’ set and the new GILLIAN WELCH / DAVID RAWLINGS release..

We had a couple of competitions last week also and we done them live on d’video so check that out here.. Excuse the mishap!!!

The winner of the 50EUR Voucher for the siopa for entering in their Top 5’s for albums of the year was Diarmuid Hickey, a Tipp man, we all have our crosses I suppose!!

And the winner of the John Blek signed test pressing of his excellent new album ‘Digressions #2 : Grounded’ was Patrick O’ Brien.. 

Speaking of competitions we still have a signed copy of the fab new WYVERN LINGO up for grabs for one lucky purchaser.. Close of that comp is tomorrow Thursday the 4th of March at 5:30PM.. Still time folks!!

Right here are the releases for the 12th of March party people (not).. We will have new releases on the 12th from VALERIE JUNEISRAEL NASHWILLIE NELSONDEAD POET SOCIETY,  THUNDERBUGZY MALONE and ROB ZOMBIE… There are reissues from ELVISALTER BRIDGETHE ROOTSSLAYER, THE BRAND NEW HEAVIES.

Okay so, on to releases for the 19th of March… Universal have a number week starting with the new LANA DEL REY record ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ on Polydor.. It’s available on CDGatefold Black Vinyl or a nice indies only Gatefold Yellow Vinyl also… This is Lana’s 7th studio album now and one of the music world’s top artists… So an exciting release and great to have a limited run vinyl to sell also.. Her last album ‘Norman F*cking Rockwell’ was great (I didn’t listen to the poetry album so can’t comment on that).. Here is the title track off the new album :

Uni also have a new JUSTIN BIEBER CD called ‘Justice’… There is new RINGO STARR E.P. on UMC called ‘Zoom In’ a word most of us would not have paid much attention to 12 months ago… 11 months ago then we were all experts.. Anyway it was recording during lockdown with mates over Zoom…

Universal for the 19th of March also have the CHRIS CORNELL covers album ‘No One Sings Like You Anymore Vol. 1’ on CD or LP.… 10 Songs that Chris said inspired him.. This is Chris’ last fully completed studio album by one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time… No change that one of the greatest vocalists of all time.. Chris tackles ‘Nothing Compares 2U’.. Savage it is.. Also does a cover of GNR’s ‘Patience’.. The video is heartbreaking.. Heart of stone if it doesn’t move you… Another family torn asunder.. R.I.P Chris

Universal also have limited one off pressing of DIRE STRAIT’s ‘Brothers In Arms’ on Abbey Road Half Speed Master with Branded Obi Stripe and Certificate from Abbey Road.. While they were at it, they also done MARK KNOPFLER’s ‘Local Hero OST as well as a half speed master also.. Uni also have a reissue of DISCLOSURE’s ‘Caracal’ 2LP, and a 70’s Glam Pop compilation on 2LPs..

PIAS for the 19ht have the STEVE EARLE & THE DUKE’s tribute album to his son ‘J.T’, Justin Townes Earle..

Warner for the 19th have the NEIL YOUNG ‘After The Gold Rush’ LP + 7”, new SAXON, new ENFORCER, and new ANDREW FARRISS..

Brexit has been posing problems in the background all the time.. More paperwork, more costs, delays… The only one of them ye folks see really maybe is the delays.. It’s much better (the delays) but still there… The paperwork from my end is a pain in the neck to be honest.. The biggest problem ye folks may notice from time to time is with a few labels… Some labels pre-Brexit were under the umbrella of bigger distribution companies before Jan 1st and it was no issue.. But since Jan 1st these labels have lost Irish Distribution (due to ownership / Brexit bollox etc) and we are all scrambling to make it right.. Well I am anyway!! Here is a list of some of the labels that are tricky at the moment… Absolute, Active, Cadiz, Dirty Hit, Fulfill, Genepool, Nova, Right Track, Townsend and Wrasse.. For example, there is a reissue of Lloyd Cole’s ‘Antidepressant’ due on the 19th of March.. I’m working to try to get it sorted.. Doing me best… Let me know if interested in the title (it will help).. It’s not all flagons of cider and tunes here you know!!

Sony for the 19th of March have the BOB DYLAN with George Harrison ‘1970’ 3CD Set, ARCADE FIRE’s OST to the movie ‘Her‘, NITIN SAWHNEY
 ‘Immigrants’ CD or 2LP and LORETTA LYNN ‘Still Woman Enough’ CD or LP… 

Cargo for the 19th have a new album by HANNAH PEEL on limited neon violet vinyl, and a limited fluorescent green coloured vinyl pressing of ENNIO MORRICONE’s soundtrack to The Exorcist 2.

Republic of Music (a bit of a brexit problem company also) have a few nice releases for the 19th of March.. CHROMATICS ‘Faded Now’ on Italians Do It Better new album with remixes from ‘Closer To Grey’ also, limited coloured vinyl… IGGY & THE STOOGES ‘Death Trip‘ on yellow vinyl via Revenge Records…There are releases in the ‘Back To Mine’ series on vinyl by NIGHTMARES ON WAX and JUNGLE.. ROM have limited coloured vinyl reissues of JUNIP’s self titled album and ‘Fields‘ via City Slang.. Swedish folk/rock group fronted by Jose Gonzalez… Limited Green LP only 1000 copies world wide of the self titled album, and limited cream vinyl with only 1000 copies again on ‘Fields’..

Going to hand ye over to the Bobman now as he runs through announcements and further down the road releases.. One whopper I know Bob, maybe more..

Hey everyone,
One or two whoppers there this week alright! We’ll start off with the announcement of the brand new album by NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS, ‘Carnage’, due out in May. This will be cracking i’d say, first time I believe that the duo have put out a full album of songs. Worked on a lot of scores / sound scape-y bits in the past, so i’m sure the sonics on this album will be cracking. One to look forward to!

Also announced is the return of the Modfather himself, Mr. PAUL WELLER, with his brand new record FAT POP, also due out in May. Seriously prolific is Mr Weller, nearly an album out every year for the last few years straight. I really enjoyed the last two albums. This one is on a host of formats, CD, Deluxe 3CD, Cassette, Vinyl and Indies Only Coloured Vinyl also!

Few other nice bits announced for release include a reissue of SPIRITAULIZED’s debut album ‘Lazer Guided Melodies’ (limited white vinyl available on this one), a few coloured and limited FRANK BLACK reissues, a new MAX RICHTER album ‘Voices 2’ on CD or LP, a reissue of LAURIE ANDERSON’s 1982 debut album ‘Big Science’ on red vinyl, and a few nice reissues from Music On Vinyl, including coloured vinyl release from TONY JOE WHITE and THE PIANIST ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, and a standard vinyl reissue from PHILIP GLASS. There is also a new DROPKICK MURPHYS record coming entitled ‘Turn Up That Dial‘, coming from PIAS on CDVinyl, Indies Gold Vinyl, or a lovely Deluxe Coloured Vinyl with a bonus live 7”, flexi disc single, and a signed poster from the band!

Finally on the future release front, the excellent Cork’s very own EMPEROR OF ICE CREAM are bringing out ‘The E.P. Collection 93-94’ on CD, featuring the band’s first three E.Ps. This is a limited release with only 200 of the CDs being printed, and will be released on April 16th.

That’s it from myself this week folks,
Back to the boss-man!

Right thanks Bob!

Lastly so PIAS for the 26th of March have the new ANTLER’s album ‘Green To Gold’ on Transgressive.. On run on gold vinyl.. It’s the bands first new music in 7 years.. Peter Silberman’s had auditory problems which was very hard to diagnose I believe, common household noises used drive his left ear crazy… It turned out to be a lesion on a vocal chord, sorted now I think.. PIAS also have BONOBO’s ‘Black Sands’ 10th Anniversary Edition on grey vinyl, as well as new records by SARA WATKINS and TUNE-YARDS, both with indies only vinyl…

Sin é for this week really folks,
Thanks for listening
Stay in by the wall,
Ray, Bobby & Shane
P.S. This is normally the time of the year where we are Record Store Day crazy with lists etc… 12th of June I believe is the date this year.. More on that to follow.. Don’t worry!!!

Fleet Foxes And Arlo Parks, New Ben Howard, And The Video Is Back!

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well out there with ye… Jan is nearly put to bed I suppose.. The ‘Brexit’ thing is still painful but learning more about it all the time, so progress is being made… It’s long winded but where a lot of my problems lay was forms not filled out right by the supplier or couriers… The couriers are customs agents now and are responsible for collectiong VAT / Customs / Fees from importer (me for example)… So they email you to pay the fee and you pay it… Problem is (one of them), they are still emailing you 5 days later looking for the payment (which you have paid!!).. They are inundated with it / sending requests for payments / getting payments and ultimately releasing the goods… Long long story short, their systems are facing big teething problems and creaking with the volumes… Frustrating thing is we have a customs number and are set up for postponed accounting for VAT, so if paperwork is correct from supplier / courier we don’t get caught in the rat-trap.. Anyway, it’s not being done right sometimes and it brings problems… Anyway, i’m glad I started that… Night night… Are ye not asleep yet???

Right, the music.. Releases for this Friday the 29th include the fabulous ARLO PARK’s album on Transgressive Records, the BICEP album landed (Was due on the 22nd).. The vinyl editions are very limited folks.. PIAS for this weekend also have the new MARTIN GORE EPGOAT GIRL’s second album, and a JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN live album also..

Universal for this Friday the 29th of Jan have the new STEVEN WILSON album ‘The Future Bites’ on limited vinyl and CD… Here is ‘King Ghost’ from the new album

Universal are also reissuing POLLY JEAN HARVEY’s 4th album ‘Is This Desire?’ this Friday, as well as a separate Demos LP of sessions from the recordings… Uni also have reissues from THE MAMAS & PAPASTHE FLYING BURITO BROTHERS BANDJOHN SCOFIELD & PAT METHENY, THIN LIZZY and BOB MARLEY’s savage boxset ‘Songs of Freedom’.

Warner for the 29th (this Friday) have the ST. GERMAIN ‘Tourist : Travel Versions’ reissue and STEVE HARLEY’s compilation LP…

Music on Vinyl have a box on route from Holland to us which contains the MILES DAVIS ‘In Tokyo’ vinyl, ENNIO MORRICONE’s ‘Passion’ on coloured, limited vinyl, WILLIE NELSON’s ‘Heroes’ coloured / limited vinyl, the 3 UNCLE TUPELO coloured / numbered reissues, and also the STONE ROSES remix album..

The video is back!! We, some 2 of the 3 of us, have been doing a weekly VLOG for years… I’d say 2014/2015 was it Bob?? Anyway, we spend hours scripting them every week, and take them very seriously…. We show off / showcase releases for the week… Anyway, ‘the fire of Noel Gallagher’ put paid to D’Video in August 2019 so we decided to bring ’em back… This one is long winded a bit but normally about 5 minutes.. Up on the site and youtube now

Right soon releases for the 5th of Feb… Oh sorry before that… The Functionality of the Siopa is Website only, there is no call and collect or click and collect… We have no problem keeping records as said in earlier newsletters… So we are hoping that call and collect will be available to us again in 3 or 4 weeks time, it is a game changer for us, but I ain’t going to crib here, there are families being torn apart, we can keep the records tucked away, no problem. Sin sin

Right so the 5th of Feb.. One I forgot to mention in recent weeks, and a biggie it is and all… The new FLEET FOXES album is out physically on Friday the 5th of Feb… I haven’t got listening to it yet, but by a lot of accounts it’s a cracker of an album… In face quite a few folks put it in their ‘Best Albums of 2020’ lists they sent to us… The Board had a (EGM) meeting though and decided cause it was not physically released in 2020, it would not be entered in 2020 but will be for 2021… The board’s decision is final.. Saw these guys in The Opera House a few years back… Was it Summer 18 or Summer 19??? The morning after the gig I was driving to work and there was the guitarist strolling down the Rochestown Road, most if not all passer-by’s oblivious… Should have pulled over and invited him to the shop!! Savage, talented band.. Here’s ‘Can I Believe You’ from the new album ‘Shore’ :

Proper also for the 5th have a SUN RA LP reissue of ‘Fireside Chat With Lucifer’

Sony for the 29th of Jan were meant to have the MILES DAVIS ‘Kind of Blue’SIMON & GARFUNKEL ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ and MEAT LOAF ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ clear vinyl reissues, but now coming on the 5th of Feb… Also from Sony on the 5th is the new FOO FIGHTER’s CD, LP or Iimited LP ‘Medicine At Midnight’.. I remember buying the first FOO’s album on CD back in the day… Circa 25 years ago i’d say… 94 maybe??

PIAS for the 5th have the BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD album..

Warner for the 5th have the new STAVES album and a reissue by GEORGE BENSON

Uni for the 5th has new albums by SLOWTHAI and COMMON

Proper for the 5th also have a JOHN MAYALL 27 Disc CD Boxset called ‘The First Generation 1965-1974.. Seriously limited this one.. 5000 copies worldwide.

I was deeply saddened yesterday to hear of the passing of Cork Soprano CARA O’SULLIVAN as i’m sure thousands more were… I knew CARA a little from coming in and out of the shop down through the years for various things (sold a few cds also) and she was a great character, always bubbly, always looking for a laugh or laughing.. A really warm person.. I didn’t know Cara really well but I was (like the whole music community in Cork) knocked for six yesterday… Ahh.. A great personality.. This here always gave shivers down my spine but ever more so now… Here is Cara with the RTE Concert Orchestra doing the theme for ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’.

I hope Ennio is looking for you Cara girl, wherever you are may you rest in peace.

Cara could bound into the shop, say ‘hows it going?’, i’d say ‘good girl how’s things?’. Blast out a line of a song that was playing in the shop in “her” voice (magic!!) and crack a joke about something and leave.. Whirl wind but such a warm, pleasant one.. R.I.P Cara

Releases for the 12th of Feb.. Sony have THE WHITE STRIPES’ ‘Greatest Hits’ release on CD or 2LP…

Warner for the 12th of Feb have the new JEFF TWEEDY album on dBM Records… It’s called ‘Love Is The King’… BLACK SABBATH’s ‘Vol. 4’ also out on the 12th of Feb, via BMG, as a 4CD or 5LP Boxset.. Rhino are reissuing PHIL COLLIN’s ‘Face Value’ on picture disc.. WEA have some JIM CROCE reissues and also a EMMYLOU reissue of ‘Red Dirt Girl’ on Nonsuch..

Orchard for the 12th have the new PRETTY RECKLESS album

Uni for the 12th of Feb have a reissue and remaster of THE BAND’s third album ‘Stage Freight’ as a 2CD, 1LP, or Super Duper Deluxey Boxsety Thingy... Some band of musicians they were..

Stage Fright is the third studio album by Canadian American group the Band, released on August 17, 1970. Engineered by Todd Rundgren and Glyn Johns, it features two of the group’s best-known songs, “The Shape I’m In” and “Stage Fright”, both of which showcased inspired lead vocal performances (by Richard Manuel and Rick Danko, respectively) and became staples in the group’s live shows. 5.1 surround and hi-res stereo mix of album (by Bob Clearmountain) + new bonus tracks + previously unreleased Royal Albert Hall (1970) performance on Blu-ray. CD of new stereo mix album + new bonus tracks and unreleased Calgary hotel demo tracks. CD of the Royal Albert Hall performance (stereo). LP of main album new stereo mix (180gram, 33rpm). 7” reproduction of original “Time To Kill” b/w “The Shape I’m In” Capitol single (Spanish pressing). Photo booklet with new notes by Robbie Robertson and a reprinting of the original 1970 Robert Hilburn Los Angeles Times album review.

Uni also for the 12th of Feb have new albums by DJANGO DJANGOBUGZY MALONER+R NOW Live CD with Robert Grasper and Friends.. Uni have a SAM COOKE CD Boxset ‘The Complete Keen Years’, as well as some reissues on vinyl by CANNONBALL ADDERLY ‘Something Else’, LORETTA LYNN’s ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’, CREEDENCE Half Speed Master reissues of ‘Pendulum’ and ‘Mardi Gras’, and lastly from Uni is a repress of the FREDDIE MERCURY Singles Boxset ‘Messenger Of The Gods’.. Limited, coloured 7” singles boxset, 13 singles in the box..

I forgot to hand ye over to Bobby for a few upcoming releases and announcements..

Hey folks,
First up from mise, as mentioned briefly last week, there is a nice new campaign of vinyl due in from Warner / Rhino, called ‘Start Your Ear Off Right’. All the LPs now on the site, all due in over the next few weeks..

Moving on to announcements of stuff due down the line.. We’ll start this week with the announcement of ROYAL BLOOD’s new album ‘Typhoons’, available on CD, LP or Indies Exclusive Blue Vinyl. Good prices on it too, which is always nice to see.

NEIL YOUNG has a live album due out, ‘Way Down In The Rust Bucket’, recorded in 1990 following the ‘Ragged Glory’ album release. This is coming as a 2CD4LP, or a nice numbered 4LP/2CD/DVD boxset! 

BEN HOWARD has just announced his new fourth studio album, ‘Collections From The Whiteout’. This one is coming on March 26th and will be available on CDLP or Indies Transparent Vinyl.

Will rattle off the remaining few! There are upcoming vinyl reissues of NAS’ ‘Illmatic’ on clear vinyl, CAROLE KING’s ‘Tapestry‘ is getting a new vinyl reissue, there is a new BOB DYLAN 3CD entitled ‘1970’ featuring George HarrisonTOM GRENNAN has a new album due in March, and Music On Vinyl have a couple of nice reissues, including a 3LP version of PHILIP GLASS’ ‘Dance Nos. 1-5’, the Soundtrack to THE LAST EMPEROR (done by David Byrne / Ryuichi Sakamoto / Cong Su), there is a new album by YO-YO MA & KATHRYN STOTT, and finally from MOV is a limited coloured vinyl pressing of TESTAMENT’s ‘The Legacy’.

And finally from myself this week, a nice one from the Cork Music Scene. Cork legend JOHN SPILLANE is back with a new album due in at the beginning of April, entitled John Spillane’s Lapwing Nation – 100 White Horses. John is great, a lovely songwriter and a brilliant performer. I have very fond memories of his set for one of our first RSD Parties maybe back in 2013/2014. Always brings great energy and spirit when he performs. This is one we’re looking forward to giving a good few spins in the siopa on release! It will be available on CD or LP.

That’s it from me this week folks,
Back to the bossman!

Right so, just want to mention the new MOGWAI album coming out on Rock Action on the 19th of Feb (cause I need to order this week).. ‘As The Love Continues’ is the name of the record and it’s available on a host of formats, CD2CD set which has a photo booklet and bonus CD of demo tracks, there is a standard double LP, an Indies Only Yellow Coloured Vinyl, and a boxset which contains a Red Coloured 2LP Gatefold, a 12” of the bonus demo material, the gatefold CD, a photo booklet and a download code... Nice box to be fair.. We can do €50 best price job on it if interested.. CIGARETTES AFTER SEX deluxe reissue out that day also through PIAS…

Lastly JOHN BLEK’s new album ‘Digression #2 : Grounded’ is out on the 12th of February and we have a signed test pressing up for grabs.. Anyone who pre-orders either the vinyl or CD from us will be entered in the draw for the signed test pressing.. 1 of only 5 in the world.. Ahh it’s another fine album of music from John.. I’m really enjoying it as I got a sneaky copy!! More on it in the weeks to come..

Final note… Last week please folks for the Albums Of The Year / Irish Albums of The Year / Gigs of the year lists… we will have the results next week… If you haven’t sent over already send them over.. €50 voucher for one lucky person!!

Sin é for this week really folks,
Thanks for listening as always
Stay in by the wall,
Ray, Bobby & Shane

Shop Back Open, A Tame Impala Box Set, and The Final Releases Of The Year

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well.. So back open last week… It was nice to get back open… Last few laps of this marathon really we hope… Three weeks trade to go so hopefully it will be good, in a safe environment.. The guidelines are on the table as you enter the shop as have been since June 11th… We hope to see ye!!

Myself, Bobby and Shane will be in the shop a lot over the next 3 weeks… Open 10-6 everyday, but 12-6 on Sundays until Christmas anyway… May knock off about 4 on Christmas Eve…

It has been a tricky 15/16 months.. Ferocious changes in a short period in a short period… I don’t think I have ever worked harder than in that period, and I think the 2 lads would tell you they haven’t either i’d say… I’m haunted to have had them throughout this.. Constant upheaval, goalposts changing all the time.. Every small business i’m sure will tell you the same… And we were one of the lucky ones, having a website allowed us to function to a good level especially recently in lockdown 2… Also folks are definitely trying to support Irish businesses which is a great thing and hopefully will last.. We would like to think we give a good service.. Well we definitely try our best anyway… Sometimes we make a mistake and drop a ball but we always try to fix it where possible… Pressing plants are really creaking this year so out of stocks are a problem.. They also have had their COVID challenges.. It is what it is folks.. Light down the road though.. Hopefully we can all have a nice Christmas.. Anyway, look i’m heading to the shop now so Bobby is going to take the reigns for the rest of the newsletter and take ye through releases for this Friday, the 11th and the 18th, and if there is anything nice in the new year.. I’ll be back next week.. Maybe the last of the year… Shops open, websites open, telephones sales open 021-4967119, email open or … Vouchers, turntables, records galore, cds… Anyway, sin é from me this week, thanks for listening!!

Hey folks,
Bobby here for the remainder of the newsletter. I’ll start off with releases for this Friday, December 4th, and where better to start than with the new ARCTIC MONKEYS ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall’ release on indies clear vinylstandard vinyl or CD, out through PIAS / Domino. Two tracks released today online, it’s sounding great, looking forward to giving the whole album a blast on Friday!

PIAS also have the coloured, deluxe vinyl reissue of PORRIDGE RADIO’s ‘Every Bad’.

Universal have a good bit for this week, including the CAT STEVENS ‘Mona Bone Jakon’ and ‘Tea For The Tillerman’ reissues, BON JOVI ‘2020’ Vinyl releaseTHE WHO ‘WHO’ 7” Vinyl SetABBA’s ‘Happy New Year’ coloured 7”YUNGBLUD’s new albumnew SHAWN MENDESnew NICK CAVE & NICHOLAS LENSMARGO PRICE live CDBOB MARLEY’s ‘The Complete Island Recordings’ CD Set, RAMMSTEIN reissue, Bluenote reissues by MCCOY TYNER and LEE MORGAN, a deluxe CD of the most recent PAUL HEATON & JACQUI ABBOT album, and the ROLLING STONES SHM-CD reissues.

Warner for this week have the COLDPLAY ‘Christmas Lights’ 7”SIGUR ROS ‘Odins Raven Magic’ reissue, a BLIND GUARDIAN reissue, and the new live KELLY JONES of Stereophonics album. 

Sony for Friday have the PARADISE LOST ‘Draconian Times’ reissue on indies exclusive blue vinyl, and the new BEYONCE live 4LP set ‘The Homecoming’. ROM for this week have the KHRUANGBIN ‘Late Night Tales’ release, and CALEXICO’s ‘Seasonal Shift’ on indies vinyl or CD. Cargo for Friday have a live release from THE BEATLES ‘Liverpool Empire 7th December 1963’ on vinyl, and WILDHEARTS ‘Thirty Year Itch’ yellow vinyl.

Moving on so for releases for December 11th, and again some nice bits out.. Universal will have the new PAUL MCCARTNEY album ‘III’ on CD or indies white vinyl, the new AVALANCHES album, a FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD compilation record, a BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB new live release, and nice limited, coloured vinyl releases by KISS, ‘Hits Vegas’, and KILLING JOKE’s ‘The Singles Collection’ 4LP, also coloured. Also landing through Uni is the vinyl release of THE KILLER’s new album ‘Imploding The Mirage’.

PIAS have a host of stuff out on the 11th. BELLE & SEBASTIAN’s new live album ‘What To Look For In Summer’ drops, one that will be getting plenty of rotations in the lead up to Christmas in the siopa! KAMASI WASHINGTON’s new soundtrack to ‘Becoming’ is out, as well as the new SINEAD O’ CONNOR 7” of ‘Trouble of the World’, the FIELDS OF NEPHILIM ‘Elizium’ reissue on green vinyl, coloured vinyl reissues of INTERPOL’s ‘Antics’ and ‘Our Love To Admire’, lottery-style lucky dip coloured vinyl reissue of JAMIE XX’s solo record ‘In Colour’, a lovely reissue of FRIGHTENED RABBIT’s ‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’ released for the albums 10th Anniversary, the new album by LATE NIGHT FINAL, and finally the F.Y.C reissues.

Warner for the 11th of December have NEIL YOUNG’s masterpiece ‘After The Gold Rush’ 50th Anniversary CD reissue, a ROXETTE 3CD or 4LP rarities compilation, the DEFTONES ‘White Pony’ 2CD Deluxe release (vinyl for this release pushed back to Spring 2021 now), and last but definitely not least from Warner is THE KINKS ‘Lola Versus Powerman…’ reissues on a few different formats.

Proper have the release of the JOHN PRINE ‘Live’ LP, on limited yellow vinyl for this one! They also have a PORCUPINE TREE CD Box SetSTURGILL SIMPSON’s new ‘Cuttin Grass : Volume 1’ release on CD or Indies Coloured Vinyl, and finally a nice deluxe format of GERRY CINNAMON’s most recent album ‘The Bonny’. White Vinyl and Etched Black Vinyl, with a few extra tracks included.

Sony for the 11th of December have the 3LP / BluRay Set release of THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE ‘Live in Maui’, and a coloured limited vinyl reissue of BRITNEY SPEAR’s ‘Glory’ LP.

A few nice bits announced for release in 2021 in the last week, and now up on the site for pre-order, or the order book is open so if interested pop us an email back.

There is a lovely 4LP expanded vinyl box set release of TAME IMPALA’s excellent debut album ‘Innerspeaker’, released for the 10th Anniversary of the album. What a band. How they’ve developed their sound over the past ten years is exceptional, a great song writer. Personally I love the sound of ‘Innerspeaker’, very 60’s / psych-rock feel to it. Well worth a listen if you haven’t heard the album

Also announced for release next year there are two FRANK BLACK reissues that have been out of print for some time. ‘Oddballs’ compilation and ‘The Cult Of Ray’ get pressed through Demon on limited coloured vinyl. There is also SLOWTHAI’s new album ‘TYRON’ just announced, and finally a BARRY GIBB & FRIENDS new album, featuring songs of BeeGees performed by Barry and a host of friends.

Back to the releases for December. Luckily i’ve just reminded myself. There has also been announced for December a coloured vinyl reissue of FRANK BLACK’s ‘Christmass’ album on Cactus Green Vinyl. Acoustic show, featuring solo material and Pixies tracks.

Moving on to December 18th, and not too much happening 7 days before Christmas on the release front for the final few releases of the year. (May be a small few the week after Christmas, but that week is normally quiet enough as well). Warner for the 18th have the new white 12” vinyl or limited 7” single release from LIAM GALLAGHER with ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’, nice Christmas-y sounding release from Mr. Gallagher. They also have a reissue of BRUNO MARS’ debut LP ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’. 

Universal for December 18th have a limited, cream white vinyl reissue of TAME IMPALA’s newest record ‘The Slow Rush’, as well as the new Score to new Disney Jazz film ‘Soul’ by TRENT REZNOR & ATTICUS ROSS, and the ‘Music Inspired By “Soul”‘ arrangement and composition vinyl by jazz / R&B musician JON BATISTE.

Sony for the 18th of December have a coloured vinyl pressing of ALICIA KEYS LP ‘Alicia’.

And finally for 18th of December, PIAS have a THUNDERCAT / FLOATING POINTS 12” Remix Vinyl, a new 12” EP from LANTERNS ON THE LAKE, and the new DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS’ album ‘The New Ok’. CD only for this one at the moment, vinyl now pushed back until January 29th 2021.

That’s it from the MZ HQ this week folks,
In the words of the bossman, thank you as always for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane

Arctic Monkeys and Macca, Black Friday 2020 Information, And A New Liam Gallagher Single

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well with you… Strange year in work, strange 15 months… I won’t slag off Noel Gallagher again in our hopefully soon (as in next year) to be returning videos… I can’t remember but I did have some kind of playful pop off him in the video the day before the fire… Global pandemic then… The little devil…

Look all signs point to our doors being back open Tuesday morning, December 1st… I have no idea how business will be… Big favour to ask though… For the 3 weeks, that’s all it really is, up to Christmas, if the shop is anyway busy, could we do our business and slip out again… I know it goes against everything we feel the shop is… But a favour… Come in, say hello, wave goodbye (don’t forget the bit in the middle!!).. The rules of engagement are the same.. On our table as you enter the shop… As we all know, this Covid thing is tricky to manage as everyones thoughts and expectations are different.. Hopefully after Christmas things will become half normal again and as the spring and early summer appears fully normal… Nearly there… Big chats, full house, in-stores, taking the mick, hangovers.. It’s in the stars…

Right, on to the tunes… This Friday is ‘Black Friday’ and i’ll get to that in a minute.. Other releases due into us Friday are the AMY WINEHOUSE CD CollectionPAUL WELLER’s ‘Wake Up The Nation’ Remix CD album, WELLER’s ‘On Sunset : Remixes’ 12” vinyl, NAS’ ‘Kings Disease’ vinyl, PETER GABRIEL’s ‘Growing Up : Live’ vinyl, all those from Uni… 

Warner for Friday have a nice few.. BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG ‘No Fun Mondays’ covers album, PAOLO NUTINI’s ‘Sunny Side Up’, and you guessed it, they were all yellow and still are.. Fine album… THE STRANGLER’s ‘Peaches’ V.B.O is in on vinyl, SPANDAU BALLET ’40 Years’ greatest hits compilation on Double LP or 3CD, SHAKIN’ STEVENS ‘Singled Out’ best of job on vinyl or CD also and they have a MADNESS ‘Absolutely’ on vinyl also..

Lastly from WEA is SMASHING PUMPKINS... I am sold out for now.. Will have more standard vinyl and CDs next week but got cut to shreds on baby pink indies vinyl so couldn’t fulfil 2 pre-orders… Sorry lads… Ye know who ye are… Sorry.. Sometimes we lose and sometimes we win… Getting a couple of extra KERBDOG’s Friday if anyone’s interested.. On the site now or email us…

Right so, for this Friday ‘Black Friday’ the call it (i’ll keep my thoughts to myself), we have won some and we have lost some… I’ll start with the bad news… I shall be getting ZERO quantities of releases by FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE + BLUE OYSTER CULT, SHARON JONES, NANCY SINATRA… The word from the record companies was there was very few of these… Sorry…
Problem with GEORGE THROGOOD… I’ll be in touch with ye folks that are interested…

Right the better news (not for some!!), we will have copies of U2’s ‘Boy’, LOU REED ‘Magic + Loss’, JOHN PRINE ‘Asylum Albums’.. Pricey, very pricey really but lovely and only 4K in the world .. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ‘Life On Murder Scene’, ALANIS MORISSETTE ‘Live In 02’, UNCLE TUPELO ‘Live at Lounge Ax’, NICK CAVE ‘Cosmic Dancer’ 7”, ALICE IN CHAINS ‘Sap’, JARVIS COCKER reissues, DRIVE BY TRUCKERS, JONATHAN WILSON 12”, GEORGE HARRISON ‘My Sweet Lord’ 7″, CHRIS CORNELL 7″, EDITORS ‘Back Room’… There are others i’m sure but just can’t think of them..

Protocol for the day is phone the shop 021-4967119 and we can take it from there… There will be enough U2 until they go online at 6PM… What’s left will go online then at 6… It’s a mini-RSD again I suppose… The phone will be answered from 10AM (must get the nightwalker to school like in the bowels of East Cork) so sin an sceal with that… 021-4967119 or the emails are the best way to get us until we are locked in again next week hopefully..

Right so, onto Friday the 4th of December.. We have the new ARCTIC MONKEYS live release ‘Live at the Royal Albert Hall’ on 2CD, 2LP and indies / selected retailers only 2LP clear vinylCAT STEVENS reissues of ‘Mona Bone Jakon’ and ‘Tea For The Tillerman’, MICHAEL KIWANUKA ‘Solid Ground : Remixes’ limited gold 10”, LEE MORGAN’s ‘Sidewinder’ + MCCOY TYNER’s ‘Real McCoy’ BlueNote reissues..

MANSUN’s 25 Disc Boxset is out via Proper for the 4th of December…

Sony for the 4th have PARADISE LOST’s ‘Draconian Years’ Indies only Double Blue vinyl or CD… Sony also have BEYONCE’s ‘Homecoming’ 4LP live album

Warner for the 4th of December have COLDPLAY’s 7 “Christmas Lights”, KD LANG’s ‘Watershed’ LP, KELLY JONES’ ‘Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day’ 3LP or 2CDSIGUR ROS’ reissue of ‘Odin’s Raven Magic’ on 2LP or CD via Krunk Records…

Come here to me, come here to me (Cork for listen to me).. What about FONTAINES getting a Grammy Nomination for the Best Rock Album… Sweet as a nut that, delighted for them.. A bloody GRAMMY nomination.. Fair fecking play lads.. Well done!!

Right i’ll hand ye to Bobby in case he has a few bits in the future or what i’ve forgot… He may just be saying hello and waving goodbye…

Hey folks,
Very little to talk about today i’m afraid. 

There’s a few bits out this Friday not mentioned, including a couple of BRIAN ENO reissuesDRIVE-BY TRUCKERS ‘Live at Plan 9’ vinyla SCORPIONS set, and KODALINE’s new one is due to land on vinyl.

Just a few extras for December 4th which have just gone up on the site, we will have the new CALEXICO album (a seasonal album!), and KHRUANGBIN are the latest in the LATE NIGHT TALES series, which i’m looking forward to giving a spin. That one is on 2LP Orange Indies Only Vinyl. There will also be the ROLLING STONES SHM-CD riessuesSHAWN MENDES’ new one, RAMMSTEIN reissue, BOB MARLEY CD setnew NICK CAVE & NICHOLAS LENSan ABBA 7″BON JOVI’s ‘2020’ vinyl release, YUNGBLUD’s new albumTHE WHO ‘WHO’ limited 7″ set, & a new MARGO PRICE Live CD

Other than that only one new release for the future.. R Kid LIAM GALLAGHER releases his new single ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’ on December 18th through Warner as a limited 7” vinyl, or a white 12” vinyl! 

That’s it from me, back to the boss-man!

Right so the 11th of December sees the new MCCARTNEY album ‘III’… There is a numbered white vinyl version available to us… I don’t know yet how many we will get… Reasonably confident the number will be enough to keep my customers happy… So if interested throw us over your name..

Uni for the 11th also aside from Macca have a new album by THE AVALANCHES… Loved their first album many years ago now and like their second record also… I think this is only their 3rd album in about 20 years… ‘We Will Always Love You’ it is called and it has a host of guests on it and a load of samples as usual…

Uni for the 11th Dec also have BOMBAY BIYCLE CLUB ‘I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose : Live at Brixton’ album on CD minipack, LP and 2LP Gatefold… Was recorded on November 19th.. FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD ‘Bang! : The Best Of’ gets a vinyl reissue, THE KILLERS new album ‘Imploding The Mirage’ (which by a lot of accounts is really good) finally gets its vinyl release on the 11th, KISS live album ‘Rocks Vegas’ limited coloured 2LP / DVD, KILLING JOKE have some reissues also including ‘The Singles Collection’ 4LP Boxset on Coloured vinyl..

WEA for the 11th have NEIL YOUNG’s ‘After The Goldrush’ 50th Anniversary CD reissue and the reissues of THE KINKS’ ‘Lola Versus Powerman’...

PIAS have a rack of good stuff for the 11th of December.. BELLE & SEBASTIAN’s live albumSINEAD O’ CONNOR’s new singleFIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM ‘Elizium’ reissueF.Y.C reissues, FRIGHTENED RABBIT reissue ‘Winter of Mixed Drinks’ 10th Anniversary, INTERPOL ‘Antics’ and ‘Our Love To Admire’ coloured vinylJAMIE XX reissue and albums by J. WILLGOOSE, PERRY BLAKE, and a PORRIDGE RADIO reissue

Sony for the 11th have a BRITNEY SPEARS reissue of ‘Glory’ on 2LP white vinyl

Orchard for the 11th of Dec have a new STURGILL SIMPSON album written and recorded whilst recovering from a nasty bout of Covid… It’s a bluegrass album I believe… Called ‘Cuttin’ Grass : Volume 1′.JOHN PRINE live album is out on the 11th December also..

And finally, a nice note to end on.. Good friend of the siopa MR. JOHN BLEK is performing a special live-stream show in the legendary De Barras Folk Club on December 4th 2020. Tickets and information on this gig can be found at the link below… Will be a lovely one, as it always is with John..

Sin é for this evening really folks,
Thanks for listening as always,
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

Bowie and Moz, Nick Cave and War On Drugs Live, and An Irish Classic Gets A 30th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well… Vaccine announcements, and party time at the Golden Gate, boogie time at the Golden gate…. Public health officials must be pulling their hair out…. Doing so well… Alas… What will the next fortnight bring… I still think we will be open for December anyway I hope!!… Let’s see after that..

Some protocol, call and collect 021-4967119, 10 to 6 everyday except Sundays for now… If we are open in December  we will do the 7 days for the month… Also open for click & collect, chose pick up in-store at checkout to avoid postage or we can ship out… Sin é an sceal and party political broadcast for

Coughlan’s Live / Mike The Pies and other local, cultural, so important venues have started up live streamed gigs again recently.. Some top quality Irish musicians performing so well worth supporting… Here’s some more information
David Kitt – Lockdown Live Series with Mike The Pies.. (More live videos on their Facebook Page)

Right onto the business of selling records… Friday is a big enough release day to be fair… NICK CAVE’s ‘Idiot Prayer’ live album is outWAR ON DRUGS live album is coming out, JOHN HIATT Vinyl reissues, new KING GIZZARD, BOB MARLEY’s Half Speed Masters, AMY WINEHOUSE 7” Vinyl Collection Boxset, FLEETWOOD MAC’s ‘Best Of Peter Green’ vinyl, ELVIS PRESLEY ‘Nashville’ CD Set and LP also this Friday…

SABBATH’s ‘The End’… Oh come here I nearly forgot and had forgot.. THE STUNNING ‘Paradise In The Picturehouse‘ gets a 30th anniversary vinyl repress… Sweet… Right hands up who didn’t own it on cassette or some format back in the day… Hands up… Right back of the class, stand in the corner until I tell you you can come out… Ah 30 years ago..

KERBDOG reissues now the 27th Nov folks… EMMYLOU’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ is going to be in the house on Friday as will PINK FLOYD’s redone ‘Delicate Sound Of Thunder’, COLDPLAY’s ‘Parachutes’ 20th Anniversary and they are all yellow…. Ok ok i’ll stop… They are though… Yellow… IRON MAIDEN’s ‘Nights Of The Dead’ is with us for Friday also, CHRIS REA’s ‘ERA 1’ 3CD set will be here, and THE DIRTY KNOBS’ record will be here… Oh crikey it’s Wednesday evening.. Bit to do with them before Friday.. Patience my dear friends… Patience may be required…

Friday the 27th… What retail calls Black Friday sees some nice releases for the day… The main one I suppose is U2’s ‘Boy’ remastered and in white vinyl… I’ll say more next week on those release with rules etc etc, I love me rules… Stay in the corner I said or you’ll get a dawk of the duster..

Right, also for the 27th of Nov is the AMY WINEHOUSE 5CD ‘The Collection’ box set, PAUL WELLER’s ‘Wake Up The Nation’ remixed album on CD, as well as the ‘On Sunset : Remixes’ vinyl, NAS’ ‘Kings Disease’ vinyl releasePETER GABRIEL ‘Growing Up’ Live 3LP set from Milan 2003.. First time on vinyl.. NOW 107 compilation is out, new album from GARY BARLOW also..

PIAS for the 27th of Nov have a new SLEAFORD MODS’ single, DRIVE BY TRUCKERS ‘Plan 9 Records’ 3LP Indies Live album, and a nice SOUL JAZZ PRESENTS CUBA 3LP Set….

Orchard for the 27th have a nice DREAM THEATRE live album ‘Live in London’ on a host of physical formats…

Sony have a MILEY CYRUS CD ‘Plastic Hearts’…

Warner for the 27th of Nov have the BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG covers album ‘No Fun Mondays’.. They also have PAOLO NUTINI’s ‘Sunny Side Up’ one press only job on coloured vinyl, new HATEBREED, MADNESS ‘Absolutely’ vinyl press, SHAKIN STEVENS box set and best of compilation on vinyl and CDSPANDAU BALLET’s ’40 Years’ greatest hits. Warner for the 27th also have THE STRANGLERS’ ‘Peaches : Very Best Of’ and last but not least is the new SMASHING PUMPKINS album ‘CYR’ on CD, Standard vinyl and indies only coloured vinyl.. 20 songs… Double album, first time since Mellon Collie i’d say… Let’s see what it brings shall we?…

It might seem like there’s not a lot for the 27th but when you add in the Black Friday releases there’s a pile of stuff coming in… As said i’ll give an update on Black Friday releases and the rules of the game also… 

I’ll hand you over to the Bob man now for any exciting stuff further down the road… I didn’t forget anything major from the 20th or 27th November did I kid??

Howdy folks!
Just will give a quick mention to A WOMANS HEART LP for ya Ray, that’s due on the 20th November (although still not landed into the shop), along with reissue of KANYE’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ LP through Uni Nov 20th.. 

As for releases announced for the future, it seems to be slowing down now for 2020 so a bit shorter this week..

First up, and not coming until 2021, is the limited 7” MORRISSEY & DAVID BOWIE release of ‘Cosmic Dancer : Live’. This one is very limited, to just 500, so if interested pop us a mail ( or or pick it up on the site. The sooner we have numbers the better chance we will have of getting enough copies. So if interested let us know. Ray, you have me trained well!! 

Another really nice one coming in 2021 now up on the website is the long awaited vinyl reissue of THERAPY?’s ‘Troublegum’, coming through MOV..

There is a lovely SUEDE ‘Royal Albert Hall’ live show from 2010 pressed on clear vinyl, and finally from mise, the only one for this calendar year announced for down the line this week is an expanded edition on CD or coloured / etched vinyl of GERRY CINNAMON’s latest album ‘The Bonny’ coming mid December.

Thanks again everyone,
Back to the bossman!

Right so, on to the 4th of December now… Bobby made some room in your wallets I hope… The release are going to slacken off soon now if i’m talking about Dec 4th.. Last week of major stuff is Dec 11th i’d say… Hardly anything releases then until Jan 10th ish so i’ll have less to rabbit on about..

Anyway the 4th see’s ARCTIC MONKEYS’ ‘Live at Royal Albert Hall’ on 2CD, 2LP or indies only or sorry selected retailers only coloured vinyl, THESE NEW PURITAN’s ‘Hidden’ vinyl reissue on indies only vinyl, and a new album from S CAREY also…

Uni for the 4th have the SHAWN MENDES album ‘Wonder’ on CD and vinyl, YUNGBLUD’s ‘Weird’ on CD, White vinyl or Indies only ‘night edition’ vinylMARGO PRICE new live CD, RAMMSTEIN’s 15th anniversary release of ‘Herzeleid’ on CD and Limited LP (expensive!!!).. NICK CAVE and NICHOLAS LENS have another collaboration album, an operatic project called ‘L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S’.

Uni have a lovely BOB MARLEY ‘Complete Island Recordings’ 11CD set for great money with some classic albums.. A steal… Uni are reissuing the first two CAT STEVENS / YUSUF albums as boxsets, deluxe CDs or LPs.. So ‘Mona Bone Jakon’ and the classic ‘Tea For The Tillerman’.. Uni have a live 4LP GEORGE THOROGOOD ‘From Boston’ on black vinyl, they have a new MICHAEL KIWANUKA 10” Gold Remix vinyl of ‘Solid Ground’ (limited) and Uni have some ROLLING STONES CDs (Limited) that were only ever released in Japan before now… Bob should have a link to these for more info :

Lastly for the 4th of December from Universal is a couple of class Bluenote Reissues, LEE MORGAN ‘The Sidewinder’ and MCCOY TYNER’s ‘Real McCoy’…

Sony for the 4th of Dec have PARADISE LOST ‘Draconian Times’ on 2cd OR 2 Blue LPs, as well as BEYONCE’s ‘Homecoming’ 4LP Live album...

Warner for the 4th of Dec have a blue COLDPLAY 7” ‘Christmas Lights’... 500 copies only for UK and Ireland… I’ll start a list.. As with everything in the newsletter everyweek.. If you are interested in something email us or is probably the best way to secure something, or buy it from the site… I think i’m fairly meticulous with the email but if you don’t get a response email me again!! Half man / half computer does drop an odd ball.. The half man side to blame… I don’t know will anyone will look for the Coldplay single or will 20 people look… I’ll start a list if ye do.. I think Bob may have mentioned the Bowie / Moz single also earlier.. Same story..

Warner have a new KELLY JONES album for the 4th of Dec, SIGUR ROS reissue of ‘Odin’s Raven Magic’ on KRUNK Records CD or 2LP, and a KD LANG reissue of ‘Watershed’ on Nonesuch…

Warner for 11th Dec while i’m here have DEFTONES’ ‘White Pony’ 20th Anniversary 2CD reissue (vinyl has been moved to next year), NEIL YOUNG’s ‘After The Gold Rush’ 50th Anniversary on CD only for now, and THE KINK’s ‘Lola Versus Powerman…‘ reissues on various formats..

Proper have a MANSUN 25 Disc CD Box Set out actually toward the end of the month..

Last one so, PIAS for the 11th have a new SINEAD O’ CONNOR 7” single on Heavenly… It’s a cover of ‘Trouble of the World’ made famous by Mahalia Jackson… 
BELLE & SEBASTIAN have a lovely album coming out on the 11th of Dec.. It’s called ‘What To Look For In Summer’, the record company were kind enough to send me a link for it so i’m listening all week.. Love it!! It’s on 2CD or G.F 2LP…

 30th Anniversary Edition coloured reissue through Beggar’s Banquet.. FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS’ first two albums get reissued and remastered from Analogue, extras on CDs and first time since original release on vinyl.. Includes smash album ‘The Raw & The Cooked’.. Both indies only coloured vinyl… 

There is a 10th Anniversary of seriously underrated band FRIGHTENED RABBIT’s ‘Winter Of Mixed Drinks’, coloured vinyl and 7” on initial orders only... Scott Hutchison RIP.. Tortured by mental health issues for years.. Serious word to wise.. Worth looking into.. INTERPOL’s ‘Antics’ gets a 15th Anniversary reissue on white vinyl, reissue also of ‘Our Love To Admire’ on blue vinyl.. Other reissues include JAMIE XX’s ‘In Colour’ on various, lucky dip colours..

KAMASI WASHINGTON has a score out for ‘Becoming’, a Netflix Film / Series on Michelle Obama.. Indies gold vinyl available on that one.. THE KILLS have a B-Sides album out, J. WILLGOOSE from Public Service Broadcasting has a solo project under LATE NIGHT FINAL and lastly PERRY BLAKE (Sligo native) has a new album on CD… Oh and PORRIDGE RADIO deluxe vinyl out on the 11th also..

Phew phew phew!!
Sin é for this week,
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane 

The Next In The Depeche Mode Vinyl Single Sets, Bruce Is Back, And A Run-Through Of Some RSD Drop 3 Releases

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well out there… Trying to catch up after a deluge of stock hit the shop last week.. A bit calmer this week and it ramps on big time again next week.. So hitting the siopa this Friday the 16th of October via Universal is the MATT BERNINGER solo album ‘Serpentine Prison’, DEF LEPPARD’s ‘Hits Vegas’, PETER GABRIEL ‘Live in Athens’ 1987 vinyl, new VAMPS album ons CD and THE WHO ‘Essential’ on CD also.. 

Warner for the 16th have the deluxe TOM PETTY reissues of ‘Wildflowers & All The Rest‘, EAGLES ‘Live From The Forum MMXVIII’IAN DURY ‘Best Of’ on vinyl, KATIE MELUA ‘Album No. 8’, and PIXIES ‘Hear Me Out’ Single…

PIAS for the 16th of October have the new KEVIN MORBY album and also the deluxe CD version of the BLACK PUMAS debut.. Vinyl looks delayed to me..

I definitely forgot a few for the 16th i’d say (not getting younger like!!) but I think that’s the bones of it… Next weekend, or October 23rd / 24th is a bit mad again though (i’m loosely presuming the doors will be still open or call and collect might be available.. But sure who knows… Let’s wait and see).. When I say mad, I mean mad with releases…

So October 23rd is BRUCE & THE E-STREET BAND’s new album ‘Letter To You’ on CDstandard LP, and indies only coloured LP... Sony also have the PEARL JAM ‘MTV Unplugged’ CD.

Uni for the 23rd of Oct have the THIN LIZZY CD Boxset, a BEASTIE BOYS compilation on CD and 2LP, and BLOSSOMS’ new session / live album ‘In Isolation / Live From The Plaza Theatre, Stockport’ on CD and indies blue / pink vinyl…

WEA for the 23rd of October have the new GORILLAZ album, which has a nice indies only vinyl, new FAITHLESS album, new JOE BONAMASSA album and a GREG LAKE anthology also…

PIAS for the 23rd have the new ADRIANNE LENKER solo album ‘Songs & Instrumentals“, DRIVE BY TRUCKERS’ ‘Live From Austin, Texas’ vinyl onlySONGHOY BLUES new albumnew THIS IS THE KIT album on Rough Trade also…

RSD Drop 3 so is Saturday October 24th and there will be releases on the shelf that day by RORY GALLAGHER ‘Cleveland Calling’, INHALER ‘My Honest Face’ E.P, THIN LIZZY ‘Chinatown’ deluxe vinyl, JOHNNY CASH ‘Classic Cash’, LEWIS CAPALDI ‘Divinely’, MARK KNOPFLER ‘Metroland’, DEF LEPPARD ‘Rock N’ Roll’, DAVID BOWIE O.S.T to ‘The Turning’, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES O.S.T, THE SPECIALS ‘Dubs’, U.F.O. ‘Live In Youngstown 1978’, LOUR REED & JOHN CALE ‘Songs For Drella’, SKID ROW ‘Slave to the Grind’, TOTO ‘Live in Tokyo’, CHEAP TRICK ‘One To Get You Live 1977’, MILES DAVIS ‘Double Image – Rare Miles from Bitches Brew Sessions’, MENSWEAR, BOB MOULD, DAVID GRAY, DIO, LONDON SUEDE and  few more i can’t think of new either… Nice selection there I think to be fair.. Bobby will send the link to what’s coming out and again no promises and first come first served… I’ll go through the rules next week to keep them fresh in ye’r heads!! 
Link here for the releases for RSD Drop 3 :

Right so, Bobby will run through some announcements in the last week here now.. Some nice things in the pipeline..

Hey again everyone,

Starting us off this week is also what we started with last week! Final edition of the AC/DC new album ‘Power Up’ is now up on the site, and it’s the limited edition CD boxset. Comes with a chargeable box which has a logo which lights up, while the opening of the ‘Shot In The Dark’ plays through an in-built speaker. Also comes with a 20-Page book, and of course, a charging cable! 

Few other nice bits announced again in the last 7 days. BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG of Green Day has a new covers album coming out (indies only baby blue vinyl on this one), which he has recorded during lockdown. 

The yearly release with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has been announced, and another nice one this year. JOHNNY CASH & THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA is due in November on CD or LP.

Also announced for release over the coming weeks are four THE DURUTTI COLUMN reissues from the 2000s, all on coloured vinyl, and I believe all first timers on vinyl. 

The Sony release schedule for November is now up, and includes limited clear vinyl record reissues by SIMON & GARFUNKELMEAT LOAF and MILES DAVIS, as well as new releases from PALOMA FAITHLITTLE MIX, a new ELVIS PRESLEY ‘From Elvis In Nashville’ CD set release or standard vinyl,  The Very Best of PETER GREEN’S FLEETWOOD MAC gets a vinyl release, there are a blast of MARIAH CAREY reissuesHANS ZIMMER’s ‘Interstellar’ Soundtrack is releases as a 2CD or 4LPTHE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE’s ‘Live in Muai’ is coming as a 2CD/BluRay set, and there is a SANTANA ‘Moonflower’ reissue. Finally for this week, Warner have a 3CD new early CHRIS REA compilation album, entitled ERA 1 : As, Bs & Rarities 1978-1984′.

Back to the bossman!

I’ll move onto October 30th Release now..

Universal have the U2 ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ reissues on loads of formats.. If you are interested you know where we are.. Best price pre-order jobs still there..

Uni also have for the 30th the new SAM SMITH album on CD or LP, as well as a deluxe version of the latest album from THE WHO ‘WHO’.2CD out for this on Oct 30th, and then a 7” Boxset / CD set due in December now.. There is also a brand new album by ELVIS COSTELLO ‘Hey Clockface’ on a few physical formats, DIZZIE RASCAL has a new album ‘E3AF’ also. Also via Uni for the 30th October is the much anticipated STYLE COUNCIL 3LP or 2CD compilation ‘Long Ho Summers’, EMBRACE ‘Out Of Nothing’ reissued on limited indies only red vinyl (first timer on vinyl),  and a 50th anniversary of ELTON JOHN’s self titled album on gold vinyl… And yes i’m going to say it.. Oh yes I am… Oh no he’s not… It is… Universal have a nice CHRISTMAS ALBUM 2LP Set..

WEA for the 30th Of Oct have new albums by AMY MACDONALD, BLACK STONE CHERRY ‘The Human Condition’ indies only purple vinyl or deluxe CDGRATEFUL DEAD Picture Disc reissue of ‘American Beauty’ for the 50th AnniversaryMACHINE HEAD reissue of ‘Burn My Eyes’ 2LP… Moved from a few months ago.. WEA have a big… Yes a big URIAH HEEP boxset.. 23CDs and an LP in the set.. It’s called ’50 Years In Rock’ and we can do it for €145 if interested… WEA also have the MOTORHEAD ‘Ace of Spades’ deluxe boxset and a YES Live album on Vinyl called ‘The Royal Affair’… Lastly for WEA for the 30th of October, they have the JONI MITCHELL ‘Early Years’ 5CD boxset, as well as ‘Early Joni’ LP and a 3LP ‘Live From Canterbury House’ release..

Sony for the 30th of October have the next in the series of the DEPECHE MODE 12” Vinyl Sets.. The next album up.. My own personal favourite Mode album (the live album is even better), is SONGS OF FAITH AND DEVOTION… There has been a few shop soldiers buying these sets from the beginning and granted they are more on the tasty side money wise.. By all accounts they are quality and are worth it… Really well done I am told.. Anyway, ‘Songs of Faith & Devotion’ is next.. Price is best price pre-order job of €150… 

Sony also have some TOTO vinyl reissues, and an interesting MIDNIGHT OIL release ‘The Makaratta Project’.. It’s a themed mini album of collaborations with indigenous artists, available on CD or Yellow vinyl… Lastly Sony have (oh no they have not!) a MEGHAN TRAINOR Christmas album..

The Orchard for the 30th of October have a vinyl reissue of THE PRODIGY live album from 2010 ‘World’s On Fire’ on 2LP, and they have a new JIM WHITE album also..

R.O.M have a new release from SUN RA ARKESTRA on indies gold vinyl, as well as 5LP BOB MARLEY and ELVIS PRESLEY sets..

PIAS for the 30th of October have the new EELS album, and the new SEAMUS FOGERTY is the week after.

One final note.. Sigur Ros ‘Takk’ was due in for release for this Friday.. We ordered 5, and we were charged for it.. Never got it.. What’s known in the industry as a shortage.. I’ll email each of ye who have ordered it from us individually when I know more… Sorry.. 

Look sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening..
Ray, Bobby and Shane,

Power, Corruption & Lies, Pink Floyd New Set Announced, and Involved In A Bit Of A Dance

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well with ye.

Releases in the siopa for friday the 2nd of October include the NEW ORDER “Power, Corruption & Lies” boxset and the four singles from the album are released separately also.

New ENSLAVED album also from Warner. UNI have the QUEEN & ADAM LAMBERT release on various formats, BON JOVI New CD, LANA DEL REY new Poetry album,  AILBHE REDDY debut album is out, PILLOW QUEENS debut record also out (vinyl only for that one for now), SUFJAN STEVENS new one “The Ascension” is due out for Friday but we got an email from the label saying the stock was delayed and would not be in the shops until Thursday or maybe Friday… From my experience, it will be unlikely if it lands to us this week… An email like that is always worth a day or two longer delay from my experience.

So that was the bad news.. Slightly delayed but if ships tonight could well still land for Friday but the email brought good news also… I am getting 10 more of the indies vinyl version… Myself and the rep done a bit of a dance over this title… He maybe has 2k or 3k of the indies one for the UK and Ireland… So that would mean as few as 2 or 3 hundred for here…. He sends out an email looking for forecasts from us (how many we think we will sell) and then we do a dance… He steps out and I step in again type of thing… Here’s what was said… 

REP : 
Hi, How many of the limited LP will you need?

ME : 
could i get 75 copies do you think? if not …let me know the number so i dont oversell it…( thats very important) let me know at 13 copies already…if i was braver id ask for 100
let me know

Oh dear
I wish I could do that many
I’m thinking 30 for now
Such a headache this record

ah sur…i understand…30 for sure for now…?
and i might do a waiting list maybe…?
or 30 full stop…

Sorry lets say 25
Really don’t have enough to go round

ok…its getting worse…ill say no more!
25 for sure so…just to confirm

Sorry this is getting a bit like the scene in life Brian
Gonna have to say 20 final offer. Tryig to juggling qties and make fair across all Irish accounts

So you can see it was a bit of a dance… To make a short story long anyway, getting 10 more copies… The things you do for love… Sin sin

Also in this weekend is the ROISIN MURPHY new record “ RÓISÍN MACHINE” and we have some exclusive 12 by 12” prints with the LP, and we have some signed CDs also. Roisin is the berries and like Neil Hannon is an unsung hero of Irish music… Great supporter of records and record shops also hence the trés cool prints and signed stuff… Really hope the album does great, will be plenty of plays in our little shop anyway…. Róisín on Graham Norton at the weekend I think.

We/ye are spoiled with signed stuff this week as COREY TAYLOR from Slipknot releases a solo album “CMFT” on CD and LP… Signed copies available of these also (not for long i’d say).. Warner have new ones also from GROOVE ARMADA, JONSI, ROBERT PLANT CD Anthology, SIGUR ROS () VINYL reissue.

Sony for friday have the ROGER WATERS “Us and Them” release, a MARIAH CAREY reissue and DEANO Christmas album. The Orchard for this Friday have the 25th Anniversary of the “(Whats the Story?) Morning Glory” album by OASIS on Silver Vinyl.

Crikey we are busy boys lately with releases.

Moving on to the 9th so…

Before that, just to let ye know i’m missing Friday as its son number 2s Communion, only found out Monday about it.. Was to be a few weeks later than that… Originally May… Small fry, Covid fry again though…. So the lads will cover me Friday, i’m in Saturday morning for most of the day then.

I work from home on Mondays, in the shop Tuesday all day, in and out of the shop a bit Weds and Thurs, in the shop Friday all day and Sat morning are my general movements.

Anyway the 9th, National album day… I wont get too caught up in it as i probably am preaching the converted anyway but I can’t see how albums won’t be around for a very long time. It’s an ARTefact, a creation from a period in your life (that can be passed on to your great grandchildren… He made that… Feck off).. It is a body of work to compare and compete with your peers… I think every band worth its salt sets out to make the greatest record they can make… It’s ultimately how they will be judged… On the songs… Perform them well live then they will be judged on that also but it starts with the song… Without that there is nothing… Folks are always going to put a bunch of songs together I feel… It’s organic… I know Mr. ELK thinks different to me and his comments a few months back now about how some musicians are working in the dark ages as regards making and releasing music… He believes as a musician you need to be staying engaged with your fans very frequently… New song every 2 or 3 weeks type of thing… Suits his business model that… Albums suit my business model!! Erra there is an argument and a place for both of them I think… Albums are there for a while now though… Watch out for the next shark in the digital waters though Daniel… Right so anyone for the last few iTunes vouchers there now folks…

The 9th sees a rack if stuff…time agin me so im going to just rattle them…NATIONAL ALBUM DAY stuff and normal releases all horsed in here together folks…i do apologise.

The 9th, BLACK SABBATHD “Paranoid” BoxsetsULTRAVOX “Vienna” Box and Vinyl, KRAFTWERK limited reissuesFOALS “Collected Works”GARY MOORE limited live LPIRON MAIDEN Self Titled Limited, LINKIN PARK “Hybrid Theory” Various Formats, THE DOORS “Morrison Hotel” Deluxe reissue, THE REPLACEMENTS Deluxe reissueTRAVIS new albumPHIL COLLINS “No Jacket Required” limited vinyl, INHALER 7” SingleBILLIE EILISH 7” SingleMARILLION Live, JOHN LENNON “Gimme Some Truth” various formats, TEARS FOR FEARS “Seeds of Love” Various FormatsRORY GALLAGHER “Best Of”DIRE STRAITS Studio Albums BoxsetsDIVINE COMEDY Boxset and vinyl reissues, FUTURE ISLANDS new albumBUFFALO TOM reissue of “Birdbrain”, and METZ have a new album..

Bobby will give ye all a quick rundown on the announcements in the past week..

Hi again everyone,

Few nice bits announced this week for release over the coming months, now up for pre-order.
Starting us off, PINK FLOYD are set to release a new, “Re-Stored, Re-Edited and Remixed” version of live album “Delicate Sound Of Thunder” in November. Lots of different formats, a 2CD/BluRay/DVD set, 3LP Vinyl version2CD and DVD. Some of the formats feature tracks not released on the original release of the album, nice one! 

There is a new KURT VILE E.P set to be released, 5 tracks. “Speed, Sound, and Lonely KV” is the title, and it will feature a duet with the late JOHN PRINE..

FLEET FOXES have released a new album “Shore”, have heard a few bits and sounding very good again. Their last album is one I still listen to quite a lot, great memories of seeing them and working for the gigs in the Opera House a few years back now. Anyway, physical formats not out until February, but available now to pre-order on CDVinyl or Exclusive Clear Vinyl.

Other bits announced include NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE “Return To Greendale” gets released as a 2CD2LP or Deluxe BoxTHE STRANGLER’s “Peaches : The Very Best Of” gets it’s first ever vinyl release, BRITISH SEA POWER have a 15th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue of ‘Open Season’ (the bonus LP on zoetrope vinyl looks great!), KODALINE’s new album gets released on CD or LP, there are three different HEAVEN 17 reissues on clear vinyl announced, and finally RYUICHI SAKAMOTO’s ‘Hidari Ude No Yume‘ gets reissued as a CD, Vinyl or Deluxe 2LP.

Back to the boss-man!

Oh delighted to announce we will have copies of the reissue of the REVELINO debut album with us for the 9th of October also… 25 bucks!

Some Kila records landed in also this week.

Right so the 16th of October… MATT BERNINGER, of the you know who i’m sure, has a solo album “Serpentine Poison” on IndiesNormal or CD. Also out is the new VAMPS album, a nice TANGERINE DREAM 10CD setPETER GABRIEL “Live in Athens” vinyl reissue, and DEF LEPPARD “Hits Vegas” on various formats.. All of these out via Universal.

ROM have new albums by NIK KERSHAW and our own PADDY HANNA also out on Galway’s Strange Brew record label.

WARNER have THE EAGLES ‘Live From The Forum’ out on Rhino for the 16th of Oct… Four formats on this one.. IAN DURY ‘Hit Me : Best Of’ Compilation on BMG, and a stone wall classic gets reissued on Nonesuch for the 16th : Emmylou’s “Wrecking Ball”.. €22 best price pre-order job… Nonesuch normally about 40 quid retail on vinyl so I is hoping this ain’t a mistake…

KATIE MELUA has a new album out on the 16th also, there is a MASTODON Limited Pink Vinyl ‘Medium Rarities’ releasea PIXIES Single out, and last but not least from Warner is the TOM PETTY “Wildflowers & All The Rest” reissues…

PROPER has SUN RA’s “A Fireside Chat with Lucifer”.

PIAS has a deluxe version of BLACK PUMAS‘ album with bonus new songs and a brand new KEVIN MORBY for the 16th also.

PIAS for 23rd has new ADRIANNE LENKER (Big Thief) Solo Album, DRIVE BY TRUCKERS “Live At Austin City Limits” album vinyl only on indies coloured vinylTHE FALL “Franz Ferd Experiment” Expanded EditionSONGHOY BLUES “Optimistic” new album, and THIS IS THE KIT’s new album.

As always the email and website are open for biz… As is the siopa.

As my dear mam used to say to me when I was a small boy…. Stay in by the wall.

Stay in by the wall.
Sin é for this week folks
Ray, Bobby and Shane

John Lennon ‘Gimme Some Truth’ Has Landed, AC/DC New Album Announced, And R.I.P to a Guitar God

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well with ye folks.. Strange few days.. Level 5 and we were closed again… Not what we want.. More upheaval.. Avoided for now, it’s in our own hands… All of us.. So back to the rules in-store.. More important than ever… Only 4 customers at a time, only 15 to 20 minute visits, stay behind the perspex and keep 2 meters from other folk… Ah it’s been a wonky time…

Loads and loads and loads of releases in the shop for Friday.. Nearly too much stuff.. Work has been intense of late with the amount of releases coming at us.. Right so, for Friday.. The JOHN LENNON ‘Gimme Some Truth’ boxset and other various formats landed… The biggest box looks absolutely beautiful.. Looking forward to giving it a play or two over next few days.. RORY GALLAGHER ‘Best Of‘ landed also, as did the DIRE STRAITS LP and CD Limited Studio album sets.. Good prices on them I think.. The TEARS FOR FEARS ‘Seeds of Love’ vinyl and boxsets also landed, still waiting on the 7”s by BILLIE EILISH with the new Bond tune and the INHALER 7” also..

Sony for the 9th of October or this Friday have some nice releases for National Album Day.. So we will have limited coloured versions of STONE ROSES debut albumPAUL SIMON’s ‘Graceland’, DEACON BLUE’s ‘Raintown’, EUROPE’s ‘Final Countdown’, WEDDING PRESENT ‘Bizarro’, FOOTLOOSE OST, and a picture disc vinyl pressing of PREFAB SPROUT’s ‘Steve McQueen’. Aside from N.A.D releases, Sony also have a SADE vinyl boxset and a coloured vinyl reissue of ROBERT JOHNSON’s ‘King of the Delta Blues’..

PIAS for this Friday have the DIVINE COMEDY Vinyl Reissues (slight delay with the CD boxset), as well as the new FUTURE ISLAND’s album.

Warner for this Friday the 9th have quite a bit of stuff for National Album Day and also some general stuff.. Right so, NAD stuff first, WEA have limited one run only presses by ALPHAVILLE, DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS ‘Searching’, TALK TALK ‘It’s My Life’, DURAN DURAN Self Titled, BLUES BROTHERS OST, ZZ TOP’s ‘Eliminator’, ICE-T’s ‘Rhyme Pays’, ROD STEWART’s ‘Greatest Hits’, the FRIENDS OSTIRON MAIDEN Self TitledPHIL COLLINS ‘No Jacket Required’A-HA ‘East Of The Sun...’ GARY MOORE’s ‘Live From London’ and the KRAFTWERK reissues… Just to flag it here.. I was cut back on the German versions of KRAFTWERK’s.. I don’t know how bad yet.. I’ll know later today.. Hopefully I won’t have to break hearts.. I’ll try do it gently if so…

General release from Warner for friday include the LINKIN PARK ‘Hybrid Theory’ 20th Anniversary Edition, ULTRAVOX ‘Vienna’ 40th Anniversary Editions., BLACK SABBATH’s ‘Paranoid’ BoxsetsTRAVIS brand new album ’10 Songs’FOAL’s ‘Collected Reworks’  album, MOTORHEAD ‘On Parole’, and last but not least THE DOORS’ ‘Morrison Hotel’ boxset… Crikey, some amount of stuff!! I’m opening the roof for Friday.. The weather is supposed to be good and i’m but and i’m putting the National Album Day stuff up there… Enquire in-store for further details!!..

And Eddie Van Halen passed away, a guitar god it must be said… Dogged with health issues for a long time.. RIP to one of the ultimate guitar gods and rock stars…

Just received the invoice for KRAFTWERK German versions.. Biggest problem is DIE MENSCH MASCHINE… Ordered 10 copies, I am getting 2 copies, with 7 of you  folks after either requesting or paying for it .. Let me know if there is anything I can do… I only found out Tuesday that there was cuts.. 80% is more than I thought… Let it with me for now…

Right so better move on to the 16th of October or it will be here before I have this newsletter finished… Universal have the National’s MATT BERNINGER
 ‘Serpentine Prison‘ solo record on CD, LP or Indies Only LP… Universal have a new album from THE VAMPS, a TANGERINE DREAM 10CD boxsetDEF LEPPARD’s ‘Hits Vegas’ live, and PETER GABRIEL’s ‘Live in Athens’..

Warner for the 16th of October have THE EAGLES ‘Live From The Forum’ across various formats, IAN DURY ‘Hit Me! : The Best Of’, EMMYLOU HARRIS ‘Wrecking Ball’KATIE MELUA’s new albumMASTODON ‘Medium Rarities’ vinyl limitedPIXIES ‘Hear Me Out’ single, and of course the deluxe versions of TOM PETTY’s ‘Wildflowers & All The Rest’ album..

PIAS for the 16th of Oct have the deluxe version of the debut BLACK PUMA’s album which has new tracks and a limited coloured vinyl… PIAS also have the new KEVIN MORBY album

SUEDE ‘Best Of’ was delayed actually but it is due this Friday..

Bobby will run through what announcements have been made in the last week here now also.. New AC/DC I believe..

Hope all is well folks,

Another few nice bits announced in the last 7 days or so. As Ray mentioned, new AC/DC album ‘Power On’ is probably the biggest. Album record with Brian Johnson back on vocals and Phil Rudd back on drums. Few different formats, CDVinylIndies Only Yellow VinylPicture Disc Vinyl, and there will be a nice boxset but we don’t have full information on that yet, should follow in a newsletter shortly!

Fresh off the press at 3PM today, there is a new CHRISTY MOORE compilation album due out in November, ‘The Early Years : 1969-81’, and it’s on 2CD, Limited 2CD/DVD or Limited 3LP White Vinyl. Lots of rare material here, stuff out of print for a long time, or in the case of some of the live session material, stuff never released! 

THE WAR ON DRUGS have just announced a live record ‘Live Drugs’, featuring material collected from live show throughout the band’s full career, a full live retrospective. There will be a limited indies only purple vinyl on this one.

KEITH RICHARDS & THE X-PENSIVE WINOS have a live album release coming, on a few different formats. ‘Live at the Hollywood Palladium’ is the title, and it was recorded in 1988 during the writing and production of ‘Talk Is Cheap’.

Other nice bits announced, there is a new ARTHA FRANKLIN compilation album ‘Aretha’ coming out  on various formats, a brand new DRIVE-BY TRUCKERs album (second this year!), a JAMES BOND Vinyl Soundtrack Compilation. There a lovely AMY WINEHOUSE ’12×7 : The Singles’ vinyl 7″ boxset, as well as a 5CD collection of her studio, live and rarity releases. Finally there is a BILLIE HOLIDAY : Bille – The Original Soundtrack release, and TAYLOR SWIFT’s most recent album ‘Folklore’ gets it’s vinyl release.

Back to the bossman, and the the releases for October 23rd!

Right so on to the 23rd of October and we will have via Sony Music… Is this Bruce’s 20th studio album… Everyone of them released on Columbia Records.. That says a lot to me about both parties involved… Sorry reading back got sidetracked… Yes.. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E-STREET BAND’s new album ‘Letter To You’… It’s available on CDstandard black vinyl, and a limited indies only coloured vinyl (we still have some to sell of this).. Have not gone listening to any of it yet..

Sony also have on the 23rd of Oct the PEARL JAM ‘MTV Unplugged’ on CD..

Universal for the 23rd of Oct have the THIN LIZZY CD Boxset (fairly comprehensive!), there’s a BEASTIE BOYS compilation out that day also… If I didn’t mention before their documentary is well worth a watch.. It’s excellent.. Lastly from Uni is a BLOSSOMS’ sessions and live album ‘From Isolation / Live From The Plaza Theatre, Stockport’. It’s on CD, or indies only DLP Coloured vinyl…

The Orchard for the 23rd have a DEVIN TOWNSEND ‘Empath’ live album..

PROPER for the 23rd have a new BEN HARPER release..

PIAS for the 23rd of October have the new ADRIANNE LENKER (Big Thief) album, DRIVE BY TRUCKERS ‘Live from Austin, Texas’SONGHOY BLUES new albumTHIS IS THE KIT new album and THE FALL reissue of ‘The Frenz Experiment’…

Warner for the 23rd have the new GORILLAZ album, ‘Song Machine : Season One – Strange Times’, on CD, LP, 2CD or Indies Only Vinyl (productive lately), a new FAITHLESS recordGREG LAKE AnthologyJOE BONAMASSA new album ‘Royal Tea’ on CD, 2LP or Boxset... Warner have a RANDY NEWMAN vinyl reissue of the OST ‘The Natural’, there is a new 7” ROYAL BLOOD single, a new SAM AMIDON album on CD only for now and last but not least is the JOHN PRINE CD boxset ‘Crooked Piece of Time : The Atlantic Years’… Ah just class.. Simple but brilliant songs… A couple of chords only most times… No Eddie Van Halen (something tells me they’d have fun together though).. But brilliant, simple songs.. If Prine is new to you.. I’d highly recommend him.. One of the people I thought about throughout this pandemic… Terrible loss.. Top man i’d say.. I hope yourself and Eddie rip it up..

Still lot’s going on isn’t there… RSD 3 is the day after those big releases on the 23rd of Oct… It’s intense..

Anyway, sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby and Shane

Oh sorry! Breaking news, THE EMPEROR’s OF ICE CREAM vinyl will be here by Saturday.. Maybe Friday but definitely Saturday i’m told.. Exciting stuff

Sign ‘O The Times Is With Us, National Album Day Special Releases, and The Divine Comedy’s Massive New Boxset

Hey everyone,Hope ye are staying safe and well and that the form is good.RSD Drop 2 Week and I don’t have any major news on it… Some of my/our orders have not left the UK which is a little concerning but I am promised I will have them for  Friday…. Hopefully so… Warner / Proper / Music On Vinyl / Orchard / SRD/ Shellshock all with me… Uni and Sony leaving the UK today… ROGER WATERS this drop now and BOB MOULD moved to October 24th drop. As far as cuts… I got cut back on the Stones single and the Paul Mccartney self titled release… Other than that I think i’m alright… But sure ’tis a bit of a minefield this year anyway so i’m sur you will understand if the machine creaks.I plan to open at nine on Saturday morning and I’d ask ye folks to take the shop guidelines seriously please… There are probably more cases in Cork in the last week than there has been in the last 3 months…  So its out there, so let’s be careful and look after one another.2 metres 2 metres 2 metres.Apart from the lovely RSD DROP 2 releases for this Saturday, we have quite a few releases in the shop Friday the 25th also.The various formats of the PRINCE “Sign O’ The Times” boxset have landed in…

What an album… I saw him in Pairc Ui Chaoimh in 1990… I was only a young fella (16) and I suppose  I felt the crowd and the great man just never gelled that night… As I said I was only a young fella so my memories could be way off the musical mark but no great rapport was struck up… I do recall some long guitar solos… I recall some brilliant moments… I recall being embarrassed when parts of the crowd started chanting OLE OLE OLE (it was the height of ITALIA 90).. I still get embarrassed to this day if a crowd is disrespectful or overly apathetic to a band or artist… I’m proud Cork (aren’t all ye fuckers down there.. I hear ye cry) but if a travelling band comes to town and isn’t shown respect (mainly the chat brigade) then it embarrasses me… Rooted back to that night in 1990 I wonder… ‘Cos those that chanted, I know well intentioned for a bit of craic like, we’re an embarrassment. 
I saw MJ in 1988 on the same field and that was simply AMAZING… Well had no money for a ticket for Jackson but went down da Pairc to soak up the atmosphere and hear the gig…. Mad really when I think back on it.. Could go right outside the stadium without a ticket… Right outside… Hear the gig as plain as day…. Amazing sound… 30 minutes left in the gig and the stewards are opening the big gates to let folk leave… In we slipped as you do… Incredible is the only word I can find to describe that 30 minutes, he was so so good, the sound was so so good… I’ll never forget it…. Man in the Mirror… So powerful.. A song for the ages…. Back down the Pairc the following night… Radio repeat of the night before… Got in a bit earlier in fact… Mad isn’t it, you wouldn’t get in a asses roar nowadays don’t mind seeing nearly half the show… Happy days.Anyway, the Prince S.O.T.T. reissues are with us.LOU REED ‘New York’ boxset is also in with us… DEFTONES new albumIDLES new albumGUNS N ROSES Greatest Hits vinyl, A CERTAIN RATIO new album, ELLIOT SMITH self titled reissue, new SYLVAN ESSO, new DIANA KRALL, ELBOW vinyl reissues (have not shipped yet), ROLLING STONES ‘Steel Wheels Live’ on various formats, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL ‘Chronicles Greatest Hits’ LP, some JEFF BECK reissues on coloured vinyl, JJ CALE “ TRAVEL LOG” on coloured vinyl… JOHN PRINE “ SOUVENIRS” vinyl is due for Friday (again not yet shipped but is still due friday). BOB MOULD’s new one is on route also for friday!!

MALOJIAN’s new album “Humm” is with us on CD and LP… Delighted to have that in stock and looking forward to giving it some time… Previous couple of albums we had were excellent, so really looking forward to it… This dude is worth checking out folks, seriously talented… Here is a tune Stevie done at the start of lockdown… Beautiful.

I think thats more or less it for releases out this weekend… about 40 RSD 2 title drops also…Right so onto October 2nd, the new SUFJAN STEVENS album…. CD, LP, indies lp sold out i’m afraid (ye did receive a word of warning my friends, not always the boy who cries wolf) 90 minutes for the SUFJAN man… Looking forward to it.PIAS have THE WORKING MENS CLUB debut album released on the 2nd of Oct also.Warner for the 2nd of October have the new COREY TAYLOR (SLIPKNOT) and we have signed copies of it on cd and lp!! Warner also have new records by JONSI, GROOVE ARMADA, ENSLAVED as well as a SIGUR ROS reissue of () and a ROBERT PLANT 2CD solo anthology called “Digging Deep” .  Lastly and arguably the cream of the crop is the NEW ORDER “Power, Corruption, Lies” box-set… 100 euro best price pre-order job as well as the reissue of the four 12” singles from the album “Blue Monday”, “Confusion”, “Murder”, and “Thieves Like Us”.SONY have the ROGER WATERS “Us and Them” live release across four formats on the 2nd of October. Sony also have MARIAH CAREYs rarities album.

 REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have the debut album by AILBHE REDDY on the 2nd of October….looking forward to this one.Heres a tune from the album ORCHARD have the 25th Anniversary Silver Vinyl reissue by Oasis of “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory”…. One run silver vinyl only.UNI for the 2nd of Oct have the LANA DEL REY poetry album, QUEEN & ADAM LAMBERT live release, BON JOVI new album on CD, ELLA FITZGERALD berlin tapes lost album.Bobby is going to run through some release announcements in the last week or so and give ye a lowdown on them.

Not as busy this week folks with announcements from the last week. Kicking us off is the new ELTON JOHN ‘Jewel Box’ 8CD set, as well as it being split into 3 different LP releases ‘Deep Cuts’, ‘Rarities & B-Sides’, and ‘And This Is Me’. The sets feature more deep cuts, curated by Elton himself and spans over 30 years of material.

There is a THE STYLE COUNCIL new 3LP or 2CD compilation release, entitled ‘Long Hot Summer : The Story Of The Style Council’, which features 2 previously unreleased tracks. 

THE SMASHING PUMPKINS have announced a brand new studio LP ‘CYR’, which will be available on CD, LP or indies only pink LP. Also a new release coming down the line from THE AVALANCHES, which will be available on CD, Indies Only Coloured Vinyl, or a Limited Deluxe Vinyl pressing. 

Other bits announced / now up for pre-order on the site include a new STEVIE NICKS live album (CD only for now), the debut solo album from MATT BERNINGER of The National, coloured vinyl reissues of SLEAFORD MODS’ ‘Austerity Dogs’ and ‘Divide And Exit’, the release of HANS ZIMMER’s Soundtrack to the new Bond Film ‘Time To Die’, and indies exclusive pressing of the new ELVIS COSTELLO record ‘Hey Clockface’, 

Back to the bossman!Right so on to Oct 9th… What would have been the great Mr. Lennons 80th birthday and what this year is NAD,  no, not a festival in North Cork (Nadfest), nor the home of good friend of Mr. Lennon, Donovan, but in fact NATIONAL ALBUM DAY…. And some nice releases out for it.. All of them limited and usually on a coloured vinyl or picture disc… So releases for NAD include (it has an 80’s theme i’m told… I just hope the industry isn’t turning into an episode of X Factor) PAUL SIMON’S “Graceland”STONE ROSES Debut, DEACON BLUE “Raintown”, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK “Hanging Tough”, FOOTLOOSE, TOP GUN and ROCKY 4 Soundtracks, PREFAB SPROUT “Steve McQueen”, EUROPE “Final Countdown”, WEDDING PRESENT “Bizarro”, A-HA “East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon”, PHIL COLLINS “No Jacket Required”FRIENDS Soundtrack, TEARS FOR FEARS “Seeds of Love”, nice boxset available for that also. … So I think they are the main NAD releases for the 9th of October..all limited colour or picture disc vinyl.One press and probably only one ship of each of these.Lots of other releases on the day as well folks… I’ll start with the LENNON release ‘Gimme Some Truth’ via Universal … Good few formats here… 36 tracks remixed by Sean Lennon and Yoko… Boxset contains a 124 page book, bumper sticker, postcards, posters and a copy of the MBE refusal letter.. 
Ah 80 he would have been… Nearly 41 years ago now… Ye’r man sent apologies there lately… FFS… John boy it was probably just written in the stars… Safe to say you will always be remembered.

Our own fallen hero down these parts has a really good “Best Of” album coming out on the 9th of October… RORY that is…its on 2LP2CD or CD… 30 tracks that span his whole career from Taste to “Fresh Evidence”.. Fairly comprehensive.Universal also have DIRE STRAITS “The Studio Albums 78 -91” (and what albums they were too)… Limited on both formats… Savage value on the CD Set at 25 euro and good value on the Vinyl boxset also I feel… Say no more!Right so, INHALER… Yes INHALER… There was a lot of interest in the EPs for RSD.. Only one coming out now in RSD DROP 3…. but “Falling In” by INHALER is coming out on the 9th of October as a limited coloured 7”.. I should have 15 maybe 20 of them… Email in or buy it from the site I suppose is the way to go. BILLIE EILISH’s new 7” is out on the 9th Oct also… New Bond theme isn’t it?… “No Time To Die”… ah pure Bond.Sorry few other NAD releases by SOUL II SOULJOE JACKSON Live and MARILLION Live.Warner for the 9th, aside from NAD, releases have some nice boxsets by BLACK SABBATH “Paranoid” 4CD or 5LPULTRAVOX “Vienna” 5CD/DVD boxset (or half speed vinyl), LINKIN PARK “Hybrid Theory” 20th Anniversary EditionTHE DOORS “Morrison Hotel” 50th Anniversary Edition, maybe my favourite Doors album but like asking a fella to pick his favourite child…. And there is a REPLACEMENT’s ‘Please To Meet Me’ Box also… And a 3LP reissue of SIGUR ROS “ Takk..”.WARNER also for the 9th have a one press only reissue of the KRAFTWERK Albums on coloured vinyl… German Versions of the albums available also… One press only.Lastly Warner have a new album by TRAVIS for the 9th October called “ 10 songs”.Pias for the 9th of October have the THE DIVINE COMEDY Boxset as well as the LP reissues… Neil is just the berries really… Brilliant, quirky, intelligent lyrics and the dude is a king of melody… Ohh sweet melodies, where does he find them… The boxset is fab and massive… 23CDs and a DVD best price job 150 on pre-orders… All the records, under DIVINE COMEDY moniker anyway, expect the latest two and maybe the very first album are been reissued on 2LPS… 9 in total… Ah bliss, thats the word I think… Sunday afternoon bliss.

PIAS have FUTURE ISLANDS new album out on the 9th Oct also “As Long As You Are” on CD, INDIES COLOURED VINYL and vinyl. METZ new album also “Atlas Landing” as well as a 30th anniversary reissue of BUFFALO TOM’s “Birdbrain” on mint green vinyl.Look thats enough to be rabbiting on about so.
Sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening
Ray, Bobby and Shane.

New Eels Record Just Announced, A Couple Of Big Bumper Weeks, and RSD Drop 2 Details

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well with ye all.
Bit of a 50/50 newsletter this week between myself and Bobby…

I had a little planned procedure done yesterday so I have to rest up my leg so the lads are in the good siopa this week to cover me.

So i’m going to do some of the newsletter and the Bob’s going to do some also.

RSD DROP 2 is upcoming on the 26th Sept so it will be the same as Drop 1 with one crucial difference… Planned opening time will be 9 am…. If i’m in earlier and there is a socially distance queue will do the same as first drop (I wont be there at 6.40 though!!!) and open earlier one at a time job.

Obviously only 30% of the titles this time in comparison to drop 1 so it wont be as busy….
Bobby will send ye a link here to whats on the list…

Can I be clear and stress something though… Even if you have wishlisted… The best way to get the record you want is to try and get in on the day… And the earlier the better… Most people leave with what they want then…

Right so, i’m going to quickly run through releases for the next 3 or maybe 4 Fridays and Bob’s will give ye a nice heads up on recent announcements and further away releases.

Songs and crazy dreams last night in my house… T’was a bit mad, the drugs do work!!

Right anyway this Friday… New RUN THE JEWELS album out… A rep from a different record company than Warner told me last week its the best hip hop album in a long time… A 10 out of 10 album in his opinion.

Image removed by sender.

WARNER also have the new NEIL YOUNG CD, AVA MAX debut cd, CHARLI XCX new one, FLYING COLOURS live album, DAVID BOWIE – Young Americans limited gold vinyl, not for the site just in-store, pop us an email if interested and Warner also have the deluxe reissue of FLEETWOOD MAC’s ‘Play On’

Also in the shop for Friday are some GARY MOORE reissuesCRANBERRIES deluxe reissue of “ No Need To Argue” on CD and LP, THELONIOUS MONKS “Palo Alto” , YUSEF/CAT STEVENS reworking of “Tea for the Tillerman 2” , NICK MASON’s “ A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS LIVE” .

Next up, a bumper week, the 25th of Sept… PRINCE “ SIGN OF THE TIMES” BOXSETS and other various formats, IDLES new and hugely anticipated new record “Ultra Mono” , A CERTAIN RATIO new album , TWILIGHT SAD repress of “No One Can Ever Know”, BOB MOULD has a new album, ltd indies only vinyl available on it, the GUNS N’ ROSES ‘Greatest Hits’ vinyl release is also on the 25th, ELLIOT SMITH self titled deluxe reissues also out, new MACHINE GUN KELLY new CD, ELBOW vinyl reissues of ‘Asleep In The Back’, ‘Cast of Thousands’, Leaders of the Free World’ and ‘Dead in the Boot B Sides’ album also out on the 25th, ROLLING STONES “Steel Wheels” Live is out on the 25th also… Loadsa formats on this including a nice 4LP indies only blue and orange vinyl, and Bluray / 2 Dvd / 3 CD boxset also. Reissues also on vinyl by LITTLE RICHARD and HERBIE HANCOCK as well as a nice new record by SYLVAN ESSO.

Image removed by sender.

Just been offered 10 maybe 15 F.D.C 7”S of  ‘A Heroes Death / I Don’t Belong’ 7” single… A tenner each.. Any takers? Let us know… As with everything else email us if interested.

Also for the 25th we have the new ROISIN MURPHY album “Roisin Machine” …we have some exclusive 12 x 12 prints with the vinyl and we have a limited number of signed CDs also… Let us know!!

New Deftones album on 25th also, limited indies one, the class LOU REED ‘New York’ boxset and SLADE ‘BEST OF’ job also.

So quite a bit there for the 25th of Sept.. And RSD Drop 2 the day after…. A sea yachts on the horizon, lots of yachts…ha.

Bob will take over here now for a bit and run through further the road releases announced recently or stuff… Some nice stuff for National album including the Roses debut on clear vinyl…. Neverreally been pressed as a limited edition like this before… 3k I believe…that THIN LIZZY CD set for late October is a real limited one actually… 400 copies U.K. and here…

Anyway over to the Bob man…

Hello again folks,
Hope everyone is keeping well

A few nice bits now up on the site that have been announced in the last week or so for release over the next few months.  A big one announced at 2PM today.. EELS’ brand new album will be released on October 30th, ‘Earth To Dora’. There is a limited edition boxset featuring 2LP on vinyl, a lithograph, CD, stickers / magnets, and a slipmat. There is also a standard vinyl pressing and CD of the album due out..

Warner have a BOWIE release of ‘Metrobolist (AKA The Man Who Sold The World), on CD or LP. The release marks the 50th Anniversary of the release of Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ in North America, with this release using the original intended album artwork and title. It will come in 2020 limited edition handwritten numbered copies on gold vinyl (# 1971 – 2020) and on white vinyl (# 1 – 1970) all randomly distributed. The coloured vinyl editions are completely randomly distributed, we have no way of telling whether the vinyl is black or coloured, or whether we have received any coloured vinyl. It is a lotto, lucky dip scenario..

Another nice anniversary release coming down the line is the new 5LP boxset or 4CD boxset of BLACK SABBATH’s ‘Paranoid’, released for the band’s 50th Anniversary. The sets feature original album remastered by Andy Pearce andMatt Wortham in 2012, the 1974 Quadradisc Mix in Stereo version of “Paranoid” and the “Live In Europe 1970” (triple album in the 5LP box set) based on two live recordings that are previously unreleased on vinyl: Live in Montreux 1970 and Live in Brussel 1970.

GORILLAZ have a new album just announced ‘Song Machine : Season One – Strange Times’, featuring a whole host of guests including Robert Smith, St. Vincent, Beck, slowthai, Slaves and many more. It will land on CD, Limited Deluxe CD, LP or Indies Only Limited Coloured LP.

Motorhead have a deluxe reissue for the 40th Anniversary of ‘Ace Of Spades’, released as a 3LP or 2CD featuring a bonus live album, or as a super deluxe boxset, featuring 7LPs, a 10”, and  DVD

There is a 5LP or 4CD deluxe reissue of WILCO’s ‘Summerteeth’. The set features the 1999 album, as well as demos, alternates, outtakes and unreleased live material. There is a limited yellow vinyl record pressing of PAOLO NUTINI’s second album ‘Sunny Side Up’, released originally in 2009. KRAFTWERK’s catalogue is getting the coloured vinyl reissue treatment, with the 2009 remasters getting pressed on colour vinyl, alongside the reissue of the German Versions also on coloured vinyl.

There is a lovely JONI MITCHELL ‘Archives Vol 1 : The Early Years (1963-1967) 5CD boxset due out at the end of October. As well as the set, there are two live early year vinyl releases out the same day, ‘Early Joni – 1963’, her earliest-known recording as a 19-year-old Mitchell performs at CFQC AM, a radio station in her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as well as ‘Live From Canterbury House’ 3LP from 1967.

There will be an ULTRAVOX – Vienna 40th Anniversary release pressed on half speed master or as a super deluxe 5CD/DVD set.

Also coming down the line is a new NEW ORDER 12” vinyl ‘Be A Rebel’ on indies only coloured vinylIan Dury new compilation called ‘Hit Me! : The Best Of!’ on 2LP white vinyl or 3CD, THE POGUES ‘The BBC Sessions 1984-1986’ is released on CD, a new KAMASI WASHINGTON Vinyl or CD Soundtrack for ‘Becoming’, a new PUBLIC ENEMY CD, SWANS reissue of ‘Children of God’ on LP or CD, a reissue of RILO KILEY’s self titled album on coloured vinyl, a new SEAMUS FOGERTY album, and finally a new GREG LAKE 2CD or 2LP compilation album.

On again as Ray was mentioning, Sony for the 9th of October have some nice releases for National Album Day, including THE STONE ROSES’ self titled debut LP on clear vinyl, a picture disc of PREFAB SPROUT ‘Steve McQueen’, a clear vinyl pressing of PAUL SIMON’s ‘Graceland’, and DEACON BLUE’s ‘Raintown’ on blue vinyl.

Image removed by sender.

Right i’m back so…. We are a welled oiled record hooring machine!!… Oct 2nd sees the new SUFJAN album “The Ascension” … His last record is a masterpiece in my opinion… It may sound as if theres not a lot going on there but it is so layered … Its great… The new one is more electronic for sure… From what I have heard so far… Soundscapey again, great walls of sound… Loads going on, may seem a bit packed on early listens but i’m growing nicely into it…. Hes one of my favs what can I say… i’m entitled to rattle on aren’t i?… Oohh on my own one way street… Forcing stuff down yer throats in my “ad”… The hope is just giving the info!

Image removed by sender.

Seeing as im pushing my opinions on ye…. One I noticed for 2nd October is a debut by WORKING MENS CLUB self titled out on Heavenly….heres a tune

‘Tis younger im getting!!

Warner for the 2nd Oct have the COREY TAYLOR (SLIPKNOT) solo album… now we have signed copies of this on CD and signed copies of the black LPs also available… Sweet really… So thanks Corey!! Theres an indies only white vinyl version also but not signed.

Warner for the Second October also have new albums by ALOE BLACC, ENSLAVED, NICKELBACK, AMARANTHE, DOLLY PARTON ‘Christmas Album’, dare I mention the word huh, going to be a weird one!, Christmas that is, i’m sure Dolly’s album wouldn’t be that weird…

Brand new Groove Armada also for the 2nd Oct… Saw them in the half moon many years ago…

SIGUR ROS Frontman JONSI releases his second solo album on the 2nd of Oct on his own label KRUNK…. It is called SHIVER and sure to be an interesting listen… There is an indies exclusive LP available… We may not have links for some of these up so shout if looking for one… To coincide with the new solo album… SIGUR ROS’ () will get a vinyl reissue… 3rd album of theirs.. Incredible piece of work …. It is the only album where Jónsi sings entirely in the wordless lyrics of Hopelandic. A desire to elide meaning and allow the listener to bring their own interpretation to the music, extends to the eight songs, all of which are nameless.  The music is broadly divided into two halves, divided by a critical 36 seconds of silence. The first half of the album being lighter and more optimistic, and the second half bleaker and more melancholic, culminating in the thundering climax of Untitled #8, the closing song of every Sigur Rós show since the song was written in 2000.

Wea for the 2nd oct also have the ROBERT PLANT Solo Anthology Digging Deep: Subterranea on 2CD but I suppose the biggest and most sought after release for WEA or the 2nd is the NEW ORDER “Power, Lies and Corruption” boxset as well as the 4 x 12” singles from it Blue Monday, Confusion, Murder, and Thieves Like Us… We are doing a best price job of 100 euro on pre-orders on the boxset…

Uni for the 2nd Oct have a pile actually as well… LANA DEL REY’s poetry record is out that day, Lana reads 14 of her poems from her new poetry book, out on cdcassettestandard black vinyl and just announced indies coloured vinyl… Talented lady. QUEEN & ADAM LAMBERT ‘Live Around The World’ is out on a rack of formats here, including a limited indies red vinyl…

BON JOVI have a new album out on 2nd oct “ 2020” a lot to be said for it, and will be for a long time…. CD only for 2nd oct, 2LP Coloured version for 4th Dec… Need my numbers in the next few days… Interesting Bluenote compilation album “Bluenote Reimagined” where the new jazz kids on the block take a stab at re-working some old Bluenote classics. Uni have a mad ZAPPA ‘Halloween 81’ 6CD boxset with a Frank Halloween Mask and Cape included for trick or treating…

ELLA FITZGERALD “ The Lost Berlin Tapes” is out on the 2nd from universal as CD or 2LP There is also a dlp 80s vinyl comp and a reissue of SHANIA TWAINS debut album.

Sony for the 2nd Oct have ROGER WATERS’ “Us And Them” Live show on 4 formats, cd, bluray, dvd and vinyl….MARIAH CAREY Rarities CD and Self Titled debut on vinyl, as well as some more Christmas lps… Four different ones… DEAN MARTIN, PERRY COMO, ANDY WILLIAMS and JOHHNY MATHIS.

Republic of Music for the 2nd of Oct have the AILBHE REDDY “Personal History” album release on CD and LP and there is a late night tales release by HOT CHIP.

THE ORCHARD for the 2nd have the OASIS “(WHATS THE STORY?) MORNING GLORY” 25tj Anniversary Silver Vinyl edition… 40 Euro is the best we can do and that’s tight to be honest… Ye’r saying yeah and i’m telling ya… It’s expensive… It’s to expensive really in my opinion… But I wont go on trying to unsell it… It’s out on the 2ndL silver coloured, limited 40 bucks best… 25 years ago midnight opening in G.D Patrick Street for it… Young man… Set up display… Over to La Chateaux, 2 pints… Opened up at midnight… Walked up to my mams after…. Happy days.

Image removed by sender.

Proper via Demon have the SUEDE ‘Best Of’ on various formats for the 2nd Oct.

On the local scene… We got the debut album in from ANNA MIEKE on Vinyl and CD

And we got some albums in from ULTAN CONLON also some cds and his new gorgeous new vinyl

Jays the release schedule is kind of busy isnt it or else im getting auld.

Sin é for this week folks
Ray, Bobby and Shane


Hi Everyone,

Hope yer all well and minding yerselfs… well back to school now for those of us in that position, a bit more normality ( maybe) but all the time conscious of Covid, so far from normal really…it is what it is though, keep on truckin for the winter and hopefully it will be the brightest spring of them all.

On to the tunes….i have been some man for hawking stuff over the last few months, trying to keep it going….today/tonight is no different!! …Today’s newsletter may not be as pretty or have as many links as usual, as  the Bob man is on a well deserved week off…so tis roll back to the old days or the not so good days ( re after the fire) when Raymond one figure types this baby.

Speaking of my two boys who work with me, the Shane boy had a few poems published in a poetry book “ beautiful ways to say” ….a few copies available in the shop if anyone wants to support it…proceeds are going to charity…well done Shane kid.

The tunes Raymond, the tunes….right out this friday the 11th Sept we have the next in the PJ HARVEY reissue series “ to bring you my love” is out as are the demos from those sessions on a separate record. 

Uni have the brand new album by DOVES “ the universal want” on CD,LTD INDIES ONLY WHITE VINYL and a lovely box set also.

Uni also have a brand new album from MARILYN MANSON on indies white  vinyl or cd also…kevins buddy from the wonder years, is that true is it..??

We also got in from universal some lovely RICHARD AND LINDA THOMPSON vinyl reissues.

THE ORCHARD for friday have a SUZANNE VEGA  live album on vinyl , a new album also by NEAL MORSE and lastly AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS ( FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON)  have the CD release ( an RSD release i think that may have got delayed) of “ cascade 2020” if anyone is interested.

Sophie Hungers new album is also with us and we got one of the signed vinyl copies btw…yay!!

PROPER for the 11th of sept have the new album by EVERYTHING EVERYTHING on a nice indies only vinyl.

On the local scene, the debut CD by DAVID O DONOVAN “ say no more” is out this friday also…there will be plenty of rotations of this album by this extremely talented Cork musician  over the weekend.

Right so …on to the 18th we go Raymond…PIAS have a new album by ED HARCOURT “ monochrome to colour” on vinyl and CD.

PROPER for the 18th sept have some GARY MOORE vinyl reissues, RAINBOW live in munich…these are on limited and numbered vinyl.

WARNER for the 18th have some nice stuff….the new NEIL YOUNG CD release “ the times” both acoustic versions of some of his classics or some cover versions.

The new RUN THE JEWELS album is out on the 18th sept also RTJ4 it is called and and its on CD, 2LP or Deluxe 4lp…..i would have listened to a bit of hip hop back in the day, but the current crop dont enthuse me to be honest…but this gang are meant to be the real deal so will give them a listen…a BTW…there’s a WU TANG “ an american saga”  documentary doing the rounds on netflix at the moment…i’m four episodes in and it has been very good…very good…mad story. If it’s your thing, i think its worth checking out…also coming highly recommend to me is the THE BAND documentary “ ONCE WERE BROTHERS” …have not seen it yet myself but it comes highly recommended…dvd and bluray available to me if anyone is interested…just out on those formats me thinks.

I’m some man for getting sidetracked…yabber, yabber, yabber.

WARNER also for the 18th of Sept have DAVID BOWIE’S “ YOUNG AMERICANS ” limited gold vinyl …in store job only, cant go on our website even…if you interested pop us a mail.

Warner also for the 18th have new albums by CHARLI XCX, BRAD MEHLDAU, FLYING COLOURS live in london, FLEETWOOD MAC deluxe reissue of classic “ then play on”…only one with green and kirwan if i’m not mistaken…and lastly new pop sensation AVA MAX releases her debut cd…billions of streams this artist has i believe.

Universal for the 18th has the reworking of the CAT STEVENS/YUSUFs masterpiece “ tea for the tillerman” volume 2 …50 years on for this record and yusef was chatting to his son a while back and wondered should he do something for the anniversary ( a bit of a milestone to be fair) and one thing led to another and a reworking of the songs became “ tea” part 2…

Universal do a reworking of THE CRANBERRIES second album “ no need to argue”…i think about Dolores every now and again, very tragic, conquered the musical world at a tender age, she was the one age to me and she was a global rock star…i struggle to manage a small shop…can’t even imagine the highs and lows of what her life was.

First ever 2 lp pressing of this huge album with b sides and a live track from mtv unplugged…19 bonus tracks on the 2cd version…release date maybe moving but for now i still have it for the 18th Sept.

Uni has the THELONIUS MONK “ PALO ALTO” LP…palo alto is a town in ( predominantly white college town in the 60s) California. Soon after the MLK assanination a college boy by the name of Danny Scher tried to bring about some racial unity in his town by organising a concert in his college. The artist he somehow managed to persuade was Mr. Monk….problem was, no one believed him…if Danny lived in Cork he would have been greeted with “ go way ou dat boy” at the mention of his gig…no one hardly bought tickets but hundreds hung around the car park the night the supposed gig was to happen…and sure enough Mr. Monk turned up….what transpired lived long in both mens memories…this record is a document of that night…that’s what records are, a document of something created, that’s why they will always exist…but that’s for another night.

UNI also for the 18th have a JOHANN JOHANNSSON 8cd/dvd boxset ( another gone to soon) and a LUDOVICO EINAUDI 2LP or 2 CD compilation called “ undiscovered” which are tracks important to him and some of his favourite tunes which he felt may have been slightly overlooked.

Sony for the 18th have the NICK MASON “ saucerful of secrets” live at the roundhouse on cd/dvd or on 2lp.

Right so the 25th sept…hold on to yer hats.. but not yer wallets…alright alright.. lame, i know lame…there is a lot going on though…the day after the 26th is RSD DROP 2…and the day before there is a host of releases either new or reissues…..where to begin…one that was to be out but pushed back a week to Oct 2 is SUFJAN STEVENS new album “ the ascension” so we will park that one till next week. PIAS have the new IDLES album “ ultra mono” …3rd album on Partisan…big band now, great live band by all accounts. 5 physical formats available…deluxe vinyl version, black and white indies only vortex vinyl, std blk vinyl, cd and cassette tape.

A CERTAIN RATIO are releasing a new album on Mute on the 25th, first album in 12 years…first pressing will be available in one of four colours with no external clue what colour it is…white is so so so rare at 300 copies, blue so so rare at 600 copies, red  so rare at 900 copies and turquoise rare at 1200…ye get my drift ! 

Wasn’t there a thing with one of the bowie eps from blackstar and a flashlight held the secret to the colour puzzle…do ye remember that?

The light will shine through if it’s transparent , won’t if its black…we banned all light that week…torches on phones… wouldn’t put  the lights on in the shop even..saved a few bob on the bill anyway.

PIAS also have a reissue of TWILIGHT SAD “ no one can ever know” what colour the record is…there 3rd album as a coloured 2 lp.

CARGO for the 25th sept have the new BOB MOULD indies only LP on this one.

Wea for the 25th of sept probably have one of the boxsets of the year in the PRINCE sign of the times boxsets and reissues…6 physical formats available i do believe…2 cd, 3cd, 4lp blk, 2 lp peach, 8cd/dvd and 13 lp/dvd…savage boxes, savage looking boxes …on these formats the peach 2lp and the 2 big boxsets won’t be around for long…small runs on those 3 formats…so you know where we are if you’d like one.

Wea also on the 25th have a LOU REED boxset for his album “ new york” ..3cd, dvd , 2lp and a 44 page booklet in the box…68 quid best price job.

Warner also has new albums by DEFTONES with an indies only gold vinyl version and new ROISIN MURPHY also with an indies only vinyl on the go as well….we have an exclusive print available with preorders also…so again ye know where we are…sound!!

SLADE best of job out also via Warner for the 25th sept.-9

UNIVERSAL for the 25thof SEPT have a host of releases also….ELLIOT SMITHS self titled second album gets the deluxe reissue treatment , remastered album and live bonus disc also…2lp or 2cd.

New albums also out from SYLVAN ESSO ,MACHINE GUN KELLY and DIANA KRALL.

We had a band we liked HAPPY ABANDON from Chapel Hill North Carolina play a gig in Coughlans and a good few of you folks went into it…fine album it is 2, the one they were touring that night…still copies in the shop…get to your little point Raymond…Sylvan Esso are from the same town and the lads that night done a S.E cover and it was great…an interest in SYLVAN ESSO was born that night sd looking forward to the new album.

Uni have the release of the GUNS N ROSES greatest hits on vinyl for the 25th sept also…the splattered one is gone now i think…there is a first press and maybe a few from an even smaller second press….second press people not guaranteed yet…the DLP black vinyl is available though if anyone wants one…ill try get more concrete info on the splattered ones but if your name aint down already…then its game over im afraid…sorry…even some of those waiting on 2nd press maynot get it…sorry…ill get more info.

ELBOW are doing a blast of reissues on vinyl…sought after first 3 albums…asleep in the back, cast of thousands and leaders of the free world as well as b sides album “ dead in the boot” …download codes with them all…all of ELBOWS CATALOGUE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL.

Rolling Stones – steel wheels live is released on Eagle rock on a host of formats…dvd, bluray, dvd/2cd, sdbr/2cd, 4lp blk version, 4lp blue/orange coloured version and deluxe SDBR/2DVD/3CD boxset…

CREEDENCE CHRONICLES is reissued on 2lp and there is a LITTLE RICHARD greatest hits coming out on vinyl also.

ORCHARD for the 25th have finally the release on vinyl of the late great JOHN PRINEs – souvenirs album , they have THE HIVES live from third man and a STEVE HACKETT live album also.

I did warn ye there were a few out on the 25th of sept…the books are open if anything takes your fancy.

Big announcement today as well from the U2 camp…with the release of the ALL THAT YOU  CAN’T LEAVE BEHIND BOXSET…well not just a boxset…but lets start there…11lp vinyl set  feat remastered album, live, rare and unreleased recordings…preorder only best price job of 200 euro…also there is a super deluxe 5  cd boxset …100 BUCKS PRE ORDER BEST PRICE well as a 2cd version , a 1cd version and a 2lp version….only announced at 3 pm today.

I went on a bit today didnt i…apologies folks….ye’ll be glad to hear the bell ring.

Lads, ladies its not stopping…i think im out but they keep pulling back in…a BIGGIE though …its 11.15 on thursday morning…got a call from Sony rep…new BRUCE & THE E STREET BAND album…i forgot to ask what its called!!…ill find out….3 formats though…there is an indies only gray coloured vinyl  double vinyl with booklet …only 7 thousand of these in the uk and ireland…about 600 copies due for here….36 euro best price on that one…not sure how many im getting yet but i should be good for a few….STARTING THE LIST as soon as newsletter goes out…..std double lp version best price 30 euro…cd best price 15 euro…we will copy in links with the newsletter…Bobby, Bobby…where are you..??? ( only playin kid)

Sin e for this weeks folks,

Thanks for listening

Ray, Bobby and Shane.

Brand New Doves and Flaming Lips, John Lennon’s ‘Gimme Some Truth’, and Some Lovely Local Scene Releases

Hi everyone,
Hope ye are all safe and well.. T’was a busy week last week, a long week, but I think it went well enough, Record Store Day Drop 1 I mean…
First year doing it, I didn’t sleep the night before, it’s a big day for the shop ever year since about 2013/14, but first Christmas Eve that sleep eluded me… The nightwalkers had a little bit to do with it, but look at the ceiling at 4AM, so by 5AM i have up on R.E.M… Anxious over trying to run a fafe drop, anxious that people will be happy, no party to look forward to… Very anxious over that!! Opened at 7AM as there were 7 or 8 social distanced outside at that time.. One at a time for the first hour and then Shane joined so it was a bit quicker… We got there anyway.. Job done… Sold a lot of records and I think we managed it well enough… Nice leftovers went on the site at 6PM and the site was very busy from 6 to 8 to be fair… Maybe it’s an idea for the other years as it gives our regular onliners a chance also… Makes the day a bit more intense… But in the end, 2 words… All good…

While i’m at it, RSD Drop 2 is Saturday September 26th… It’s won’t be as intense as there are far less titles being dropped, around 80 I believe versus 300 last Saturday… Some of the stand out ones would be from BILL EVANS, BLACK CROWES, BOYS NEXT DOOR, BRITNEY SPEARS, CHARLES MINGUS, DECLAN MCKENNA, DESTINY’S CHILD, THE DOORS, ERASURE, FLEETWOOD MAC, HANK WILLIAMS, NAS, NATALIE PRASS, NOTORIOUS B.I.G., OL’ DIRTY BASTARD, PAUL MCCARTNEY, PETER TOSH, RAMONES, THE REPLACEMENTS, ROGER WATERS (now moved to October), ROLLING STONES, SNAPPED ANKLES, T.LC., THE WEDDING PRESENT and THE DANCE CRAZE COMPILATION…

Bobby will attache the most up to date RSD Listing when he is sending this out.. Obviously ignore the Aug 29th, it’s with O’Leary in the grave…
I have also attached a list to our site to the details of all the RSD Drop 2 releases, which can be found here :

Right so, what’s out this Friday the 4th of September. We have got the ROLLING STONES ‘Goats Head Soup’ reissues across various formats, AMY WINHOUSE’s debut album ‘Frank’ gets the Abbey Road Half Speed Master treatment, MILES DAVIS ‘Birth Of Cool’ DVD and BluRay also in…Warner for Friday have the FLEETWOOD MAC Boxsets 1969-19474 on vinyl and on CD, as well as the lovely TWO TONE CD Boxset.. Sony for Friday have the new DECLAN MCKENNA’ album ‘Zeros’ on CD only for now, the vinyl formats out next week.. PIAS for this weekend have the YO LA TENGO ‘Elecro-Pur-A’ vinyl reissue..

Kind of a tame Friday to be fair, the RSD Drop has passed, it’s calmer but it does beat up again as September goes on..

Next week the 11th of Sept, PIAS have the new FLAMING LIPS record on Bella Union.. It’s called ‘American Head’ and there is a nice indies only format.. PIAS also have the next SPOON vinyl reissues on Matador.. This time ‘Gimme Fiction’, ‘Ga Ga’, and ‘Transference’..

The Orchard for the 11th have the new SUZANNE VEGA live album on Cooking Vinyl called ‘An Evening Of New York Songs & Stories’.. Should be a nice listen.. NEAL MORSE new one out also..

Proper for the 11th have the new EVERYTHING EVERYTHING album ‘Re-Animator’ on CD and indies only vinyl.. Also there is a new SUN KIL MOON CD Release ‘Welcome To Sparks Nevada’…

Universal for the 11th of Sept have the new record by DOVES… It’s been a while, a couple of real beauts in their past… The new album is called ‘The Universal Want’, and it’s on a host of formats.. CD, LP, indies only white vinyl, and a deluxe box set…

The next in the POLLY JEAN HARVEY vinyl reissue series is out on the 11th of Sept as well, ‘To Bring You My Love’ and also separately ‘Demos’ from those sessions… MARILYN MANSON has a new album on the 11th, reissues by RICHARD AND LINDA THOMPSON on vinyl and a really nice CD set also..

Upcoming nice ones announced or made aware of to us in the last week include a lovely JOHN LENNON boxset ‘Gimme Some Truth’, available here on 5 different formats

There is a QUEEN and ADAM LAMBERT Live Album available also in October, again on 5 different physical formats.. Also TEARS FOR FEARS have a new boxset and reissue of ‘Seeds Of Love’ album, as well as new albums announced by BON JOVI and ELVIS COSTELLO… And a very nice ELLA FITZGERALD release also, and a orange vinyl reissue of PHIL COLLINS ‘No Jacket Required’..

One the local scene we have a few lovely releases.. DAVID O’ DONOVAN dropped a CD ‘Say No More’ into me a few months ago and it go some serious rotations in the car.. It is excellent.. He is such a talented and accomplished musician… Album will be released on Sept 11th.. Below is a bit on the album and two tracks..

“As an eleven year old I remember listening to Steve Hunter’s guitar solo on Alice Cooper’s ‘Generation Landslide’. On hearing that magical sound I knew at that moment I wanted to play guitar”. 
Since then David O’Donovan has become a very accomplished guitar player and composer. From his early days of playing on the 1970’s/80’s Cork scene with rock bands such as Driveshaft and Prog band China White to achieving national exposure with the band Stands Looking Back, he still considers himself to  be a student of the guitar, always seeking to create different kinds of magic from the instrument.
His diverse and wide-ranging approach to playing has allowed him to express and interpret his influences in his own unique way, being influenced by players such as Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Bert Janch, Alex Lifeson, Steve Morse and Eric Johnson.
His debut solo album S A Y  N O  M O R E  pays tribute to these players through an eclectic collection of instrumental compositions accompanied by his daughter Takara and other accomplished musicians. 
S A Y  N O  M O R E  has been Mastered and part mixed in Austin TX by Eric Johnson’s studio engineer Kelly Donnelly and artwork/design by international rock photographer and graphic designer Max Crace.

Also HOPE IS NOISE have a brand new E.P. ‘Head Wrecked’ also out this Friday September 4th.. Here’s a little bit about the release.. Only got it so must get listening myself… The lads are Cork music legends.. 

Since bringing their body of work under the banner of Hope is Noise back in 2005, the Cork 4-piece have built a dedicated following, drawn equally to their ability to construct a winning pop tune with seemingly little effort, and their incendiary hardcore tendencies; the result being a sound that in places resonates with a more considered take on Husker Du’s knack for a tune, and burns with a rage comparable to Hot Snakes, Fugazi or At the Drive In.
 May 2020 brought about the pandemic release of their new EP  – “head wrecked”, and which is now available on CD format. 
This is the restless sound of a furious and focused band, unwilling to settle and be pigeon-holed. A band born of long-standing friendship, whose disparate elements are brought together by a passion for creation and performance, regardless of broader trends and fads.

Lastly on the local scene THE BURMA have a new E.P. out ‘Sugar Moonlight’.. We love this band in-store… They were to play for RSD for us but alas… New E.P. again, the lads are productive with lots of quality… Deserved to be heard by more people.. E.P. is in stock now, here’s a tune :

Right so, a few nice bits for the 18th of Sept… DAVID BOWIE’s ‘Young Americans’ gold vinyl (in-store only on this one so not on site, let us know if you would like one put aside), a lovely (lovely price also) version of ‘Then Play On’ by FLEETWOOD MACNEIL YOUNG new CD ‘The Times’.. Covers or acoustic versions of his own tunes, and lastly Warner have the new RUN THE JEWELS album ‘RTJ4’ on CD, 2LP or Deluxe 4LP… 

Universal have CAT STEVENS / YUSUF ‘Tea For The Tillerman’ 2CRANBERRIES ‘No Need To Argue‘ on 2CD (limited) or 2LP…

Proper have RAINBOW ‘Live in Munich’, some GARY MOORE Reissues on double vinyl, and a TOTO live vinyl also…

Sept 25th is big but I don’t want to poison ye…

So sin é for this week,
thanks for listening
Ray, Bobby and Shane

Roger Waters ‘Us & Them’ Announced, Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ 20th Anniversary Editions, and Guess Who’s Back?

Hi everyone,
Guess who’s back, shady’s back.. Big thanks to Bobby and Shane for taking the reigns as I firmly dropped them.. Tis only when you stop, you realise how hard you were going… The shop is really interactive now, lots of emails and other stuff flying in and out… Great to take a break from it to be honest and great to have two good lads take the reigns for the time… Feeling good now, back at it, new till just in yesterday and it’s a bit like a new car… It needs a good run to sort it out… Yes i’m back, shady’s back…

So releases for this Friday the 21st of August include the new album by THE WATERBOYS on CD, Deluxe CD or Vinyl, the brand new album by BRIGHT EYES again with a really limited vinyl indies only version.. BLUES PULLS have a new album, there is a reissue of ‘Burn My Eyes’ by Machine Head, a brand new album by ERASURE ‘The Neon‘, is out Friday also. THE MAVERICKS have a new album this Friday, as do THE KILLERS (CD only for now), TROYE SIVAN CD Only, and DECLAN MCKENNA’s new album ‘Zero’ also on CD, LP or Indies only Picture Disc LP.. We also have the reissues of POLLY JEAN HARVEY’s ‘Rid Of Me’, as well as ‘Four-Track Demos’.

Releases for Friday the 28th of August include the new ANGEL OLSEN record ‘Whole New Mess’... You said it Angel!! CDLP, and mark my words, a very limited indies only LP on this one…

Universal for the 28th have the exciting release of METALLICA’s ‘S&M 2’ as a deluxe super boxset, indies 4LP set, 2CD/Bluray, 2CD/DVD, and 2CD.. Uni also have the new album by DISCLOSURE for the 28th ‘Energy’ with an indies only clear gatefold 2LP version, a brand new KATY PERRY album on CD or gatefold white LP.. Uni also have the brand new GREGORY PORTER album ‘All Rise’, a reissue of ‘Point’ by YELLO, brand new studio albums from BETTY LAVETTE and SOPHIE HUNGER, and we have PETER GABRIEL’s ‘Plays Live’ 2LP live album, and lastly some Blue Note reissues by STANLEY TURRENTINE ‘That’s Where It’s At’, JOE HENDERSON ‘Live at Village Vanguard Vol. 1’, and BOBBY HUTCHERSON ‘The Kicker’.

WEA for the 28th August have the IN FLAMES 20th Anniversary reissue of ‘Clayman’, a MADNESS ‘Best Of’ compilation on vinyl, and the new JASON MRAZ album…

Sony for the 28th of Aug has nada really to report.. 

The Orchard for the 28th of August have the reissues on vinyl by DEATH, coloured vinyl reissues in fact and a new album by COLTER WALL..

Proper for the 28th of August have the new RICK WAKEMAN album as well as coloured live albums by HEART and THE MOODY BLUES

Saturday the 29th of August is the first RSD Drop Off this year,, The man drop really to be fair… I have thought a bit about it and it’s obviously far from ideal.. As the whole world is far from ideal… I know I have not been banging on about it as much lately, but this whole Covid thing is still with us and not going anywhere in the short / medium term.. We all need to do the right things, and yet you want to trade safely.. The whole world’s problem.. Safety versus commerce… Look here’s the story.. If people are there before 8.. Then you / ye must socially distance queue.. At least 2 meters, more if you want… (I reckon we normally have 40 different households in the queue of a normal RSD, I expect less than that this year to be honest).. The car park has 100s of meters in it, and no one opens until 9 so no reason why folks can’t queue safely and at a very good distance… I shall be managing it anyway once i’m on site.. Different this year, no booze, no bands.. I will start managing folks orders once I land and teeing them up for them.. WE WILL ONLY LEAVE 4 PEOPLE into the shop at a time, until the folks outside are gone and WE WILL DO OUR BEST to get 4 people in and out in less than 10 minutes so folks outside aren’t waiting too long and that it is a safe environment for everyone… Can’t control the weather though, no we can’t.. I will try to give a more comprehensive list next week of stock we got severely cut on or that we have problems with… We can only do our best, and can’t control the allocations.. They are good enough but always a few problems… The biggest stock problems I have this year that I am aware of so fare are the releases by THE KINKS, MADNESS, SUPERGRASS and THE POGUES… Folks are going to be disappointed with these above.. Cuts of 85%, 80%, 75% of what I ordered.. Out of our hands please try understand and see the day for what it is.. It’s a shot in the arm for most record shops.. I’ll update anymore problems next week.. Got none of the BLACK KEYS one also.. So that’s the craic with that for now anyway,,

Right so, releases of note for the 4th of September include the ROLLING STONES reissue of ‘Goat’s Head Soup’ on various formats, MILES DAVIS ‘Birth Of The Cool’ on various formats, AMY WINEHOUSE’s debut record ‘Frank’ gets the Abby Road Half Speed Master treatment, there is a vinyl release of the newest WEEKND album, new TRICKYPINEAPPLE THIEF expanded, new JOSIAH JOHNSON, brand new BILL CALLAHANYO LA TENGO reissue of ‘Electr-o-pura’…

Up coming releases that caught my eye in the last few days since return include the new ROGER WATERS ‘Us and Them’ on various formats LINKIN PARK’s ‘Hybrid Theory’ 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Set4LP Set or Deluxe 2CD, and NICK MASON ain’t gonna be out done as he has ‘Saucerful Of Secrets : Live at the Roundhouse’ also on various formats.. There is also a DAVID BOWIE gold vinyl reissue of ‘Young Americans’ due out on September 18th, which is a bricks and mortar only vinyl not for websites, so if anyone interested pop a mail and we’ll stick aside a copy in the siopa, and finally there is a very limited BOB MOULD Indies Exclusive 8LP Set with a Signed Print also announced

Last thing on RSD.. Stock will go online at 6PM on Saturday the 29th also… There will be some nice stuff left..

Ok folks, sin é for this week,
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby and Shane