John Blek ‘On Ether & Air’ Album Launch In-Stores

Hi everyone,
Guess who’s back?? Yep Shady’s back.. Back again… Nice break.. Badly needed.. Massive thanks to Bobby and Shane for holding the fort and running the show while I didn’t answer an email for 9 days.. Yippee.. 9 days… Back on the Shady horse now.. All good.. The cranky man has disappeared for a while!! Right so, we will star with releases into the siopa for this Friday against the 20th.. The new releases for this week include VILLAGERSLORDEORLA GARTLANDCHRISSIE HYNDEJAKE BUGGMARTIN GOREMARTHA WAINWRIGHTJAMES MCMURTRYSEPULTURAALABAMA 3, and the new FEAR FACTORY album gets the vinyl treatment for the first time. There are reissues from JOHN COLTRANE, ERIC CLAPTONROYKSOPPTHE KNIFEOUTKASTGRANT GREEN, and KENNY BURRELL. On the CD front there are releases from STURGILL SIMPSON.

Right a few nice Irish releases due into us very soon… Recently released debut album by DANI LARKIN ‘Notes For A Maiden Warrior’ will be into us very soon.. Vinyl only for now.. Should be on the site next week.. Here is a tune from the Radio 1 Album of the Week :

Also we have a solo album due in from BOY ONE (aka Brian Foley.. bassist with The Blades).. The album is entitled ‘Calm Before The Storm‘ : 
The recording of the album ‘CALM BEFORE THE STORM’ was very much a stop start affair interspersed by lockdowns, restricted travel and social distancing. Strange times indeed. However most of the songs were written before Covid reared its ugly head and so a variety of topics are tackled; White collar crime, Regrets late in life, Loneliness, Domestic violence. On the whole though the album is an optimistic affair sprinkled with its share of love songs..glam rock, summer love songs.. piano ballads.. All in all a rich tapestry of pop gems.
Brian sent us a copy of the new single ‘Broken Skies’ but unfortunately we are struggling to get it to link to the newsletter… But it is a damn fine tune… We are looking forward to hearing the full album

Right so here are the releases for the 27th of August… We will have new releases BIG RED MACHINECHRVCHESGOATSTEVE GUNNMARISA ANDERSON / WILLIAM TYLERMAISIE PETERSHALSEY, the NEW ORDER ‘Be A Rebel’ Remixed release and the next releases of ‘The Montreux Years’ live series by MARIANNE FAITHFULL and MUDDY WATERS.. There are reissues from SUPERGRASSHEAVY STEREO, THE KOOKSJ COLEBILL EVANSSPICE GIRLS, and THE BEACH BOYS ‘Feel Flows : The Sunflower & Surf’s Up Sessions’ release on various formats.. On the CD front there is the releases of the TEN YEARS AFTER ‘1967-1974’ 10CD setnew ONE REPUBLIC, and the SISTERS OF MERCY ‘BBC Sessions 1982-194’ CD release..

Video is back this week.. You can check out it below

And moving onto releases for September 3rd.. We will start with Universal and a very limited edition release of TAYLOR SWIFT’s ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version) on 3LP Gold Vinyl.. We are allocated only a few of these..

It was a funny 5 or 6 weeks in the shop after RSD1.. It was mad busy for the first 6 weeks but things settling now… They were always going to settle.. August has been quiet… But September releases are ramping up and then twill be Santa talk.. Anyway.. Back to Uni for the 3rd of September and we have the Deluxe 50th Anniversary reissues of RORY GALLAGHER’s 1971 debut self titled album.. There is a 5 disc deluxe boxset which includes a brand new mic of the original album, thirty previously unreleased outtakes and alternate takes, a six song 1971 BBC Radio John Peel Session.. Box also includes a 50 minute DVD of Rory’s first ever solo concert in Paris.. The box also has a 32 page hardback book with essays, hand written lyrics and an exclusive limited edition poster.. There are only 1500 copies of this boxset products and there are only 3500 copies of the 3LP version also.. word to the wise is all.. As well as the boxset and 3LP formats there is a deluxe 2cd..

Uni also for September 3rd have the 5th studio album by IMAGINE DRAGONS on Polydor entitled ‘Mercury : Act 1’ as a CD, Deluxe CD or LP.. Uni via UMC also for the 3rd of September have a 17CD/3BluRay boxset of VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR which has their entire work recorded for Charisma Records.. 8 Albums in the 70’s via Charisma all spruced up here for this box set.. UMC also have a reissue of SILVERSTEIN’s debut album ‘When Broken Is Easily Fixed’ on canary yellow vinyl… Being sold to us now but not released until November 6th is ELVIS COSTELLO’s ‘Armed Forces’ black vinyl box set.. This 9LP box set was personally curated by Elvis Costello… Brand new master from original master tapes and the sonic fidelity matches the original 1979 pressing.. Eagle via Uni have BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS ‘The Capital Session 73’ on DVD2LP Black Vinyl or 2LP Limited Coloured Vinyl.. Deutsche Grammophon have a VIKINGUR OLAFSSON release ‘Mozart & Contemporaries’ 2LP clear vinyl..  New one from TRNA on Candlelight also..

Onto Warner for 3rd of September and a heavy hitter or two here.. Not many hitting heavier than IRON MAIDEN and their brand new album ‘Senjutsu’ on a host of physical formats.. So there is a 2CD Digipack2CD Book FormatCD / BluRay Memorabilia Box SetStandard 3LP Vinyl, Red & Black Marble 3LP or Limited Silver Splatter 3LP out on the 3rd of Sept via PLG UK.. We are delighted to announce we’ll have a small amount of exclusive Iron Maiden T-Shirts to give away on day of release, more info on this coming in the next week or so!

Warner also has EMMYLOU HARRIS & THE NASH RAMBLERS ‘Ramble in Music City : The Lost Concert’ on CD or LP via Nonesuch.. 1990 Lost treasure here me thinks… It would be remiss of me not to mention Nanci Griffith’s passing in the last week.. What a voice! R.I.P.. Warner also have a brand new (posthumous) album by GERRY RAFFERTY nearly 10 years in the making… It is called ‘Rest in Blue’ and is CD only now.. One of my own favourite albums from 20 years ago gets the reissue treatment also.. SUPER FURRY ANIMAL’s ‘Rings Around The World’ is 20 years old.. A great little record.. Remastered as well.. So there’s a CD2LP and 3CD Deluxe out via BMG on 3rd Sept… Here is ‘Juxtaposed With You’ from the album..

Lastly from Warner for the 3rd of Sept via BMG is the 4th collaborative album between F.S. BLUMM and NILS FRAHM.. Sorry brand new RUDIMENTAL album also out on the 3rd..

I saw on Twitter that THE MURDER CAPITAL tweeted on Monday that it was 2 years since album 1, and 2 very soon.. Got me thinking.. TMC album launch was 15th of August 2019, with a lot of us in the Crane for it.. Special night (ask Young Adam.. We snuck him into the gig as ‘Music Zone Staff’ as he was underage and he was with us for the spine tingling sound check).. Great night altogether.. Will live long in the memory.. Had a few pints with friends in the Hi B after and a bit of  a sing song inside.. 15 days later and the shopping centre in Douglas was nearly burnt to the ground and our business evaporated with it.. (Small fry in the scheme of things and with hindsight, but at the time t’was stressful).. Life throws shit, that’s what it does.. A couple of sound sound members of our community have had shit thrown at them lately and have fights to face… Nothing but well wishes and love from us for them.. They have this.. As Knopfler and Emmylou said ‘there should be laughter after pain.. There should be sunshine after rain’… Chins in the air gents, ye have this xxx

Sony for the 3rd of September really (bar Pearl Jam which is sold out) have MARTIN GORE’s ‘Counterfeit EP’.. The Manic’s album which I am excited about (did I read Nicky Wire refer to it as the Manic’s ‘Pop’ album!) is moved to 10th Sept..

Oh another special Irish release I nearly forgot about.. PADDY CASEY has a new album.. I’d really like Paddy, seen him quite a few times.. Album 5 i think (maybe 6)… The album is called ‘Turn This Ship Around’ and here is the title track for your enjoyment..
There is 22 songs on the album.. Paddy is a seriously talented dude…

PIAS / Integral for the 3rd of Sept have a reissue of GRIZZLY BEAR’s ‘Yellow House’ 15th Anniversary Edition on Clear Vinyl. 

PIAS / Integral for the 10th of September have the new AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS record on Rough Trade ‘Comfort To Me’ on CD, LP and Indies Only LP.. New album also from CID RIM on LuckyOne Records.. A release I’m really looking forward to is the new LOW album on Sub Pop ‘HEY WHAT’ on CD, Cassette, Vinyl and Indies Only Vinyl.. 10 new songs from the maestros.. Here is ‘Days Like These’ from the new record..

Domino via Integral have a brand new MATTHEW E. WHITE album on CD, 2LP or Indies 2LP.. ‘K Bay’ it is called after his home studio.. New West have a brand new POKEY LAFARGE album ‘In The Blossom of Their Shade’ on CD, LP and Indies Only LP (the indies version is orange and comes with a bonus 7” single).. Heavenly Records have the 10th studio release by SAINT ETIENNE ‘I’ve Been Trying To Tell You’ CD, CD/DVD, Indies only crystal clear vinyl..

Right right folks, we have a lovely afternoon coming up on Saturday the 11th of September with the launch of JOHN BLEK’s new album ‘On Ether and Air‘.. (More on the record next week). There will be support from LEWIS BARFOOT for two of the slots.. Here is Bob with the science of it all.. 

John Blek – Signing & 3 Limited Capacity In-store Performances.

John Blek releases his new album On Ether & Air on the 10th of September and we will have him for three very special in-store performances on Saturday 11th of September. Basically due to COVID restrictions we want to keep numbers in the shop down so we would ask you to book in for one (and only one) of the three performances by using the free ticket links below. Just click through and pick the time slot that works for you. Limited to 20 people per performance. All we ask for is that if you book it, be there. There’ll be a few celebratory beverages to be had on the day too.

John will be signing from 3pm and the performances will take place at 3.30pm,4.30pm and 5.30pm. We would ask that you leave the shop before the next performance begins in order to keep numbers in the shop down and to make sure we’re all safe and comfortable.3.30pm In-store FREE Tickets

4.30pm In-store FREE Tickets

5.30pm In-store FREE Tickets

Right be great to see ye at one of the slots… The last time we had John in for an album launch was a very special night as a lot of ye will remember.. I hope a lot of ye can come out and support again for an hour on the Saturday afternoon of the 11th of September… We hope to make it as special as we can on the day.. We hope to have some spot prizes on the day.. We will have some beverages and refreshments for the afternoon, beer, non-alcoholic beer, vino, soft drinks etc and for those of ye who get a ticket it comes with a 20% off any item in stock (once it’s not put away or a pre-order).. Now to feck what are waiting for.. That’s the craic.. More on the album next week.. Lewis will perform tracks from her album ‘Glenaphuca’ at 4PM and 5PM so looking forward to that also! John will sign copies of his new album before and after the performance..

Nearly forgot ya Bob!! Over to Bobby for any upcoming stuff..

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well this week!
Kicking us off this week for a few pre-order bits down the line is the announcement of the highly anticipated new record by ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS, entitled ‘Raise The Roof’. What an album is their debut ‘Raising Sand’ from back in 2007 I believe. Six Grammys. Didn’t really think that there would ever be a second outing in the pipeline but here we are. New single ‘Can’t Let Go’ picks up right where the last album ended. It’s great. Two great voices. Four formats on this one, two very expensive formats unfortunately. There is a CDDeluxe CDStandard Vinyl and Indies Exclusive Yellow Vinyl. Apologies on the vinyl prices.

Two nice ones announced just today via PIAS. GARY NUMAN’s fifth studio album ‘Warriors’ has just been announced for a limited orange vinyl reissue due at the end of September, and they have also announced a brand new PARQUET COURTS record ‘Sympathy For Life’, which is coming as a CDVinylIndies Green Vinyl or a Limited Deluxe Vinyl. This one is due for release late October.

Proper via Demon Records have two ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN reissues due also in October. 2001’s ‘Flowers’ is reissued on white vinyl, and 2005’s ‘Siberia’ is pressed as a 2LP Clear Vinyl, both limited and both long out of print records.

That’s it from mise for this week
Back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!!

Right Orchard for the 3rd of September have the 2CD reissue of the incredible WHIPPING BOY album ‘Heartworm’.. The 10 x LPs we were allocated are long gone.. But we are taking names for the Nov 26th reissue now.. So throw us your name if you want a vinyl copy.. Orchard also have a reissue of BEHEMOTH’s ‘Sventevith’ on various formats..

One last note folks.. We are running a bit tight on mailers and waiting for an order to land in to us.. If anyone who happens to be calling into the shop in the next 3 or 4 days happened to have any spare vinyl shipping mailers lying around at home, we’d happily take them from you if they weren’t needed. Would get us out of jail for the weekend..

Right sin é sin é for this week.. Got a bit carried away.. I missed ye so much I reckon..
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane,
P.S… The aul tickets thing is still hoped for… Just saying… Hope.. I know.. Like our chances (hmm… do I mean that?)..
The horse is going full pelt already!

John Blek Returns With ‘On Ether And Air’, RSD Drop 2 This Saturday, and Unheard Prince Material

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well! This Saturday the 17th of July is RSD Drop 2… The shop will open at 8AM and website for RSD Drop 2 Stuff opens at 6PM… We will again have to watch numbers in the shop but numbers should be well down on Drop 1… But will still be busy from 8-10 i’d say.. Should be handy enough after that.. I listed a few tight stock lines last week (Fun Lovin Criminals, Matt Bellamy, Charlie Park, St Vincent, Bjork and Richmond Fontaine).. I could have missed a few also but I think the only other ones that wishlist exceed supply is the Pearl Jam ‘Alive’ 12” is if that one is on your wishlist you will need to set the alarm.. Email and i’ll try give you a quick update (will be quick though as it’s a busy week!).. I think the majority of releases should be ok but a few will have slipped through the cracks..




Video for last week’s releases now up on Youtube at the following link :

It nearly went home folks but as Mr. Bonucci said it went to Rome… T’was like a night at the opera wasn’t it.. Not the greatest match ever but captivating wasn’t it… England got as good a goal as you would see but got afraid of it.. A night at the open… Exhilerating.. Events around the ground before, during and after the game disgusting though.. Physical and mental.. Disgusting, makes me feel the cup found it’s rightful home… Italy deserved it over the 120 mins anyway…

Anyway, moving on to releases for the 30th of July.. Warner via Rhino Atlantic have a career spanning ARETHA FRANKLIN boxset ‘Aretha’.. 4CD, or as a 2LP or single CD.. BMG have a GEEZER BUTLER ‘Manipulations Of The Mind : The Complete Collection’ 4CD of Sabbath founding member solo work as well as a separate ‘Very Best Of’ CD also.. PLG UK have a reissue and remixed version of MARILLION’s debut ‘Script For A Jester’s Tear’ on CD or LP... Fueled By Ramen have a silver vinyl reissue of PANIC! AT THE DISCO’s ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ and lastly Warner for the 30th of July have a reissue of VADER’s ‘De Profundis’ on CD and LP via Nuclear Blast…

The Orchard for the 30th of july have the brand new SON VOLT album ‘Electro Melodier’ on Transmit Sound Label.. First press to indie shops is Tan coloured vinyl… Jay Farrar 10th record now.. Since he left Uncle Tupelo… Here is ‘Reverie’ from the new record..
There is a limited 7” single by PEACHES also out through the Orchard on the 30th.. She’s back!! Napalm via Orchard have a brand new DEE SNIDER album ‘Leave A Scar’ album on CD or LP..

Integarl for the 30th of July have new records by DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS ‘Private Space’LUMP ‘Animal’ as well as reissues by THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA, ERASURE, FELA KUTI, and SCRITTI POLITTI 

Sony for the 30th of July have the first fully unreleased studio album of PRINCE ‘Welcome 2 America‘.. 55 minutes of new Prince music.. The album was recorded in 2010 and early 2011 but was abandoned at the time for unknown reasons… Deluxe edition includes a bluray of an April 2011 show in California… So it’s available on a good few formats.. CD2LP Black Vinyl, 2LP Clear Vinyl and 2LP/CD/BluRay Deluxe Set.. There is a recent price drop on the deluxe boxset.. Now best price of €130…

I am going to steal a small bit of Bobby’s thunder here if you don’t mind Bob as there are two down the road releases that have me personally really excited.. Both Irish Releases, one a reissue and one a brand new album..

So first the album that is 26 years old and is truly in my opinion one of the greatest Irish albums of all time.. WHIPPING BOY’s ‘Heartworm’ gets a deluxe reissue on the Needle Mythology label via The Orchard.. It is coming as a 2LP pressed on 180gram vinyl gatefold with printed inner sleeves featuring lyrics and new liner notes.. Bonus LP with additional 10 tracks, collection of b-sides and previously unreleased demos… The 2CD comes with the bonus disc also.. Really can’t wait for this, an album that had a huge impact on me as a 21 year old.. played and played it to death and still do.. A truly suburb album in my opinion.. ‘Babies, sex and flagons, shifting women, getting stoned’ ahhh When We Were Young!!! The 16 year olds of today need to be listening to this album.. Anyway enough on it for now.. UPDATE FROM WEDNESDAY 14TH JULY AT 4:53PM.. Disaster here, our order on the vinyl of Whipping Boy has been cut massively. Massively. Ray has just rang me (Bob here) to pop this message in. We are already sold out of the vinyl. We’ll work hard to try to get more over the next weeks and Ray will add a proper update in next week’s newsletter. Sorry all.

Second Irish album due, this one on 10th September is our very own JOHN BLEK’s new record ‘On Ether And Air’ and it’s available on LP or CD and where do I start… It’s stunning.. I’ve had the pleasure of it for a while now and it’s just stunning.. In my opinion the best work John  has done.. The sound is fuller with beautiful strings and piano.. A top notch release.. The tempo, the space the music has, it’s a stunning, beautiful listen… A real step forward in my opinion.. I hope and do believe this record will get the recognition it deserves.. Here is ‘Long Strand’ from the record.. We hope to have John for an in-store on Sat 11th Sept (mark it in the diaries folks!!)..

On Ether & Air is the final part of Blek’s Catharsis Project, a four album exploration into themes 

of the sea, the earth, the embers and the air. This new record is an examination of the simultaneous lightness and weight of the atmospheres surrounding us and the innate human longing for unbridled freedom.

This time around Blek enlisted the help of Kris Drever (Lau), Cheyenne Mize (Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Maiden Radio) and pianist Kit Downes as well as regular collaborators Davie Ryan (Atlantic Arc, Notify) and Brian Casey to weave the ethereal scenes and soundscapes in which these songs now live.

Written over a period of 6 weeks and recorded throughout the second half of 2019. Collaboration was key to the creation of this record.

“Chance encounters and some fortunate timing lead to me being able to work with some of my favourite musicians. Getting people with such unique playing styles involved went a long way in defining the sound of On Ether & Air and creating an album of which I am immensely proud.”

The book is most definitely open here also folks.. Website or email..

Universal for the 30th of July have maybe the most anticipated album release of the year by arguably the biggest star in the world.. Interscope have the new BILLIE EILISH record ‘Happier Than Ever’ on CD Digipack, Black 2LP Vinyl, a grey indies only cassette… The album will not be in-stores until 30th of July for security reasons.. Here is ‘Your Power’ from the new record.. The last album was great..

Uni also have a new CD album from DAVE.. Concord have a brand new album from YOLA ‘Stand For Myself’ on CD and first time purple vinyl press… This one is on Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Records and is produced by Auerbach also.. UMC for 30th of July have the THIN LIZZY ‘Greatest Hits’ on 2LP.. The opening line of the sales notes reads as this.. This opening line is questionable at best… If easily offended please look away now… ‘THIN LIZZY is unquestionably one of the true icons of British Rock’… Okay i’m ducking for cover.. That’s what it said.. 

UMC also have six BRYAN FERRY vinyl reissues of his first 6 solo albums from 1973-1985.. These are remastered from the original tapes… Ferry is unquestionably one of the true icons of Irish music… Huh.. Huh… A song from Frozen springs to mind Raymond.. Loma Vista for the 30th have a NATHANIEL RATELIFF ‘Live At Redrocks’ 2LP Version..

Right so over to Bobby and apologies for stealing some thunder earlier!! I didn’t forget anything did I?..

Hey folks,
Hope everyone is keeping well!
Few nice bits for today again,
Warner are releasing LCD SOUNDSYSTEM’s ‘The Long Goodbye : Live at Madison Square Garden’ as a 5LP or 3CD set of the legendary 2011 near 4 hour concert. This 10th Anniversary repress is due in on August 6th.

Warner also have a nice reissue of SUPERGRASS’ classic second LP ‘In It For The Money’. A few formats again on this one, with a 3CDStandard Vinyl, or a limited Turquoise Vinyl with Bonus 12”..

A few other nice bits announced this week include a 20th Anniversary reissue of SUPER FURRY ANIMALS ‘Rings Around The World’ as a VinylCD or Deluxe 3CD. There is new JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN album featuring DAVE OKUMU (The Invisible) and TONY ALLEN (Fela Kuti), this one is due into the siopa in November and will be available on CD or LP.

Finally from myself we have a couple of allocations this week of limited bits, so unfortunately here when stock is gone it’s gone. Kicking us off with these is a new ANGEL OLSEN 80’s covers EP called ‘Aisles’ coming on in to us vinyl. There is a reissue of THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS’ debut album ‘Mass Romantic’ reissued on red vinyl with a bonus 7”. And finally with the allocations is a reissue (first timer on vinyl) THE KNIFE / PLANNINGTOROCK / MOUNT SIMS 2009 LP ‘Tomorrow, In A Year’. Best chance if interested in any of these titles is fastest fingers first i’m afraid folks, emails may not be seen in time.

Our weekly playlist for new releases for July 30th now up at the following link if you’d like a listen!

That’s it from me folks, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob,
Right lastly we have Integral for the 6th of August, which really only have LIARS’ new album of note on Mute.. It’s called ‘Apple Drop’.. CD or first press coloured vinyl..

Sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening as always
Ray, Bobby & Shane

George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’, A Saint Sister Live Out-Store, And Joni’s ‘Reprise’ Box

Hi everyone,
Hope the form is good… Well thanks to all of ye who supported the shop over the weekend (Saturday for Record Store Day) it was a fabulous day… Thanks so much.. I think nearly everyone was in good form and nearly everyone got what they hoped they would get.. I appreciate it was more queuing than other years.. Again we can thank Covid for that.. Traditionally we flood the shop at 8AM and normal it is settled by 9AM or 9:15 but because we had to limited numbers in-store it created a bottle neck outside and delays.. Those folks that starting queuing around 8AM were probably worse effected with nearly 1 and 3/4 hours wait for some.. Having said that I found people’s form was good and felt there was a cracking atmosphere and in-store in was more serene.. Apologies to those we delayed we done our best.. I know there was a good few folks arrived between 8 and 9 and saw the queue and said f**k that but hopefully next year if you arrive at 8:15 then you just walk into a wedged shop… Look the weather was on our side, smiles were on most faces, and it is another big boat for me.. Or how much is Arsenal going for again?? (Don’t start me on that ye’d have to dig me out of here..)

Anyways, sincerely thanks for the support and laughs, we do it all again on Saturday July 17th albeit to a lesser extent… Two thirds of the releases were Drop 1 and about one third on Drop 2.. Anyways, thank you..


And moving onto releases for the 25th of June which includes the beautiful new SAINT SISTER album ‘Where I Should End’… Here is ‘Karaoke Song’ from the new record
We have a treat in-store for ye folks!! Well actually out-store! Saturday June 26th at 4PM, mark it in ye’r diary please… Have ye got it done?? I’ll give ye a few seconds more.. Saturday June 26th at 4PM the Music Zone Community is invited to attend an out-store of live music by SAINT SISTER.. Yep a little gig in the carpark and a signing by the band of their new record afterwards.. Starved of live music?? Well here’s a lovely opportunity to catch a few beautiful tunes from a really talented homegrown act.. Personally looking forward to it.. We will provide a refreshment or two.. Really hope a few of ye can make it in.. Outside gig out-store.. First out-store really! Exciting!! Here’s a bit on the album 

Self-produced and self-released, every inch of Saint Sister’s sophomore record, Where I Should End, belongs to them. Written on and off the tour cycle of their 2018 debut LP Shape of Silence, the album seeks to find meaning in a world that doesn’t stand still. And although the stories behind the songs stem from the unravelling and rebuilding of relationships while on the road, Where I Should End finds harpist/arranger Gemma Doherty and vocalist/songwriter Morgana MacIntyre in a place of great certainty, and performing at their peak. The duo, feeling boxed-in by the descriptor “atmosfolk” (a term coined for Saint Sister around their 2015 Madrid EP), challenged themselves to create a distinctive shift in their sound with their new album. On Where I Should End, Doherty and MacIntyre built upon their already evocative, entwining vocals and rich, atmospheric melodies to craft varied and resonant soundscapes that radiate with a breathtaking new warmth.


Right so releases for the 2nd of July.. Sony have the interesting release by BOBBY GILLESPIE & JEHNNY BETH ‘Utopian Ashes’ on CD, Vinyl or Indies Clear Vinyl also… Here is ‘Remember We Were Lovers’ from the collaboration from the Primal Scream and Savages front folk..

Sony also have the sound track to the movie ‘Annette’ .. Music done by SPARKS for the soundtrack and it’s on CD, Standard LP or Indies LP also..

Warner for the 2nd of July have one or two in fact for BIG COUNTRY fans.. A reissue of early nineties album ‘Buffalo Skinners’ on 2LP on ADA and I believe a first timer on vinyl for live album ‘Without the Aid Of A Safety Net’ mainly from the Barrowlands in Glasgow in 1994.. This got a 2CD release in the 00s but I don’t think was ever out on vinyl.. 3LP version release now on ADA..

Rhino / Warner have the JONI MITCHELL ‘Reprise Albums Box Set (1968-1971).. The great lady’s first four albums on Reprise.. ‘Song To A Seagull’, ‘Clouds’, ‘Ladies Of The Canyon’ and ‘Blue’… When I say that ‘great’ lady, I truly mean it.. Amazing, talented, brilliant, flawed, inspiring human-being.. Ah Joni I could write a whole newsletter.. The boxset is out on Blue’s 50th Birthday as a 4LP set or 4CD Set… Here is ‘Little Green’ from ‘Blue’.. I’m telling something most of ye know but this is for  the small few of ye that don’t know.. This is a song she wrote for her child that she had given up for adoption.. “There’ll be icicles and birthday clothes sometimes there’ll be sorrow”.. If this song doesn’t get yeah a little bit, very few will.

East/West via Warner have the new LAURA MVULA album ‘Pink Noise’ on CD, Orange Indies Vinyl and standard Pink Vinyl.. Reissue on CD also of TOM PETTY’s ‘Angel Dream’

Orchard for the 2nd of July have the brand new AT THE GATES album ‘The Nightmare of Being’ on CD, Mediabook 2CD, Black Vinyl with Poster or a limited 2LP Coloured Vinyl / 3CD Box Set Art Book..

Integral for the 2nd of July have new ones from EMMA-JEAN THACKRAY and THE GO! TEAM as well as nice reissues by TREES SPEAK…

Uni for the 2nd of July have not sent out the releases properly yet as I do this, but I know there is a reissue of QUEEN’s ‘Greatest Hits’ Vol 1 on CD, jewel box with 12 page booklet and also released as a Cassette (I had it back in the day!!), clear cassette with 6 panel inlay.. Uni also have MR JUKES & BARNEY ARTIST ‘The Lockett’ new album on CD or LP..

I’ll have ye over to Bobby now and he will run through announcements and further down road niceties.. I know this is some folks favourite bit of the newsletter but Paul you might want to close your eyes this week… It comes with a money health warning!!

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the good weather!
Few biggies being announced today. Ray has ye warned.
Kicking us off this week is my own personal favourite Solo-Beatle record getting a long awaited reissue for it’s 50th Anniversary. The excellent ‘All Things Must Pass’ by GEORGE HARRISON is due out in August on a fair few formats. There will be 2CD3CDDeluxe 5CD SetStandard 3LP VinylDeluxe 5LP Vinyl, and a Super Deluxe 8LP Vinyl Box Set. The deluxe formats feature a host of unreleased demos, session outtakes and jams. Due to be released on August 6th.

There is a vinyl print due of THIN LIZZY’s ‘Greatest Hits’ now announced for release via Universal at the end of July, a nice one which we never have had before. There is also a reissue coming (again long awaited) of PEARL JAM’s ‘No Code’. This was released when their catalogue was reissued in what must be around 2016, but it quickly sold out and for some reason was the only one that wasn’t repressed. Have struggled to get it ever since, but hopefully back for good this time! 

Some other nice reissues include a limited run of ROYKSÖPP’s ‘Melody AM’ (only get a small few of these in), a limited coloured vinyl reissue of CHRISTINE PERFECT’s 1970 self titled album (Christine Perfect, a.k.a Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac fame), and of HEAVY STEREO’s 1996 album ‘Deja Voodoo’ as a deluxe 2CD Book or Clear Vinyl. Heavy Stereo was Mr Gem Archer’s project on Creation in the mid-nineties, before going on the join Oasis, Beady Eye and Noely G’s High Flying Birds. Great guitar player, have never heard this myself so looking forward to it!

Warner have just announced the debut album by MAISIE PETERS’ which is coming on CD or White Coloured Vinyl, signed to Mr. Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records.

Lastly, on the Irish front we have two nice releases. THE ZEN ARCADE release their new EP ‘High Fidelity’ on limited edition hot pink coloured vinyl. 3 members of the band were in The Strypes before the band called it a day in 2019. I have met the lads plenty of times throughout the years at Strypes gigs, and not only are they incredibly talented, they really a lovely bunch of lads. Looking forward to hearing this new project, and hopefully getting to a gig of theirs in the future! Check out single ‘Don’t Say A Word’ here :

Also from on the Irish front we have the new EP release from Dublin Post-Punk group SCATTERED ASHEScalled ‘Parallel Lines’, pressed on limited red vinyl and released through their own Fatal Vision label. Here is the title track from the EP :

These two releases are due to be shipped to the shop on the 22nd of June, so should have stock shortly!

Our Playlist for new releases for July 2nd is also now live at the following link :

That’s it from me week for this week folks, back to the boss-man!

Integral for the 9th of July have the debut album by Australia’s THE GOOD SAX ‘Mirror II’ on indies vinyl and CD via Matador, early recordings from KING GIZZARD ‘Teenage Gizzard’ on ATO, they have a brand new album by THE WALLFLOWERS called ‘Exit Wounds’ on New West Records on CD, LP, Indies LP and lastly there is an interesting JON HOPKINS covers EP which he compiled reimaginings of some of his favourite songs…

Sin é for this week really folks,
Thanks as always for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane

RSD Week Is Upon Us! New Saint Sister and Orla Gartland, and a Buena Vista Social Club 25th Anniversary

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well.. Big newsletter this evening.. RSD Newsletter… Where do I start?? Well it’s on this Saturday the 12th of June is as good a place as any to start.. Where Raymond?? Out in the good shuttle in Deanrock in To(u)her and importantly from 6PM on the aul’ website.. Cén t-am Raymond?? The siopa will open at 8AM Saturday morning but we can only leave 4 or 5 in at a time (as we obviously can’t flood the shop).. (No pun intended there).. We would ask folk to try get in and out in 10/15 minutes as others are waiting outside… Myself, Bob & Shane are on site to help ye get sorted… We will try make it as smooth as possible… So Saturday at 8AM in the shop, and then online from 6PM..

What about the stock Raymond?? Here is the fun part.. Loads landed safe and good I reckon 80%… But delays a plenty.. I’ll try my best here to update but with 500 seasons in one day, Brexit, it is a bit all over the shop.. Here are some titles that are tight on stock to start with.. Amy Winehouse Remixes,, Haim 7”, Arianna Live, Def Leppard Live, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Robert Plant, Status Quo, Tears for Fears, War Child Help EP, Belle & Sebastian, Shame, Mogwai, Freddie Gibbs, Stooges, Toots, Echo and the Bunnymen, Ocean Colour Scene, Prince… (Ash is moved to Drop 2, as is Stones ‘Hot Rocks’ and numerous other small releases..

There are quite a few titles that have not shipped yet (Wednesday!!) that are still supposed to be here for Drop 1 like Amy Winehouse, Mark Lanegan, Rage Against The Machine, Prince, Belly, Elastica, Tune-Yards, Add N To X.. The Reps think / hope they will be here by Saturday..

The Orchard let us down for titles again this year and they don’t know how it happened.. They uploaded our order on the day I sent it to them (30th April) confirmed to me that they received the order but then it disappeared.. The Russians??.. MI5, CIA could all be involved.. Anyway was on it early enough to save some but we will be getting no stock of Tom Tom Club, Richard Hell or The Sword and a few small bits.. Motley Crue gone to July Drop 2…

Plastichead (a big problem pre-Brexit.. worse since) have let us down and every shop in the UK as well from what I can gather, so sorry to say but there will not be RSD releases with us for Elvis – Cafe, Elvis – Mad Prof, Howard Jones 12”, Iggy Pop – Channel Boston… Four nice titles but sorry not going to happen for us and believe me did we try… Painful stuff.. Sorry.. Forewarned is forearmed.. Great craic this isn’t it… That’s a lot of the bad / iffy news.. Plenty of good news… Sorry just got the news that these are now Drop 2 : Beastie Boys, Yusuf, Don Davis & John Martin..

On to the better news!! Done well on the Fontaines release and I think the Wolf Alice new album and RSD are landing sometime later this week..

So I suppose if an album isn’t mentioned in the iffy pages then it should be good… I suppose most folks support the shop for what it is on the day.. A celebration of local record shops (We are one of them)… Rest assured we have done what we can do to try and secure every record wish listed and succeeded in 80 to 90% of cases.. Hope to see Saturday either in person or online… If emailing me over the coming days I will try get you an answer and I apologise if my reply is brief!!


Video from last week’s releases is up here now :


Right so moving onto the 25th of June… Via Proper we have the new SAINT SISTER album ‘Where I Should End’, which is the follow up to the excellent debut album ‘Shape Of Silence’.. Here is ‘Oh My God Oh Canada’ from the new record… Beautiful stuff again.. Really looking forward to this release..

Universal for the 25th of June have the new CD (only for now) by PICTURE THIS ‘Life in Colour’ album number three out on Island.. They also have the brand new JACK SAVORETTI album ‘Europiana’ on CD or LP through E.M.I.. Uni via UMC have the next in the PJ HARVEY reissue series, this time with the 7th studio album ‘White Chalk’.. So there is the album reissue and as a separate LP or CD a collection of unreleased demos.. ‘The Demos’ and the LP reissue of the album both include a download..

UMC also have some QUEENSRYCHE reissues.. ‘Operation : Mindcrime’ and ‘Empire’.. These are reissued as limited CD/DVD Boxsets, Double LPs or as Double CDs… Debut album by DRUG STORE ROMEOS also out which could be an interesting also on Fiction… Polydor have the Original Cast Recording of ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER’s ‘Cinderella’ and Concord have a BILL EVANS 5CD box set as well as an uncovered album ‘On A Friday Evening’ on CD Or Vinyl... Spinefarm have a 3LP Green vinyl reissue of Killing Joke’s ‘Pylon’ and UMC have a deluxe reissue of the second album by THE ROOTS ‘Do You Want More?!!!’.. Lastly form Uni there are some Bluenote LP reissues by SONNY CLARK with ‘Cool Struttin’, and JIMMY SMITH’s ‘Back In The Chicken Shack’.. All under the Uni umbrella for the June 25th releases..

Republic of Music for the 25th have the new JOHN MURRY album ‘The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes’ on CD and Indies Only Vinyl.. There is a repress of KELLY LEE OWEN’s self titled LP on coloured vinyl also... Lastly from ROM for the 25th of June is the 10th Anniversary Expanded Vinyl of MOUNT KIMBIE’s ‘Crooks & Lovers’ as a 3LP Edition..

Sony for the 25th of June have the MODEST MOUSE album on CD only for now ‘The Golden Casket’ it is called.. Here is ‘We Are Between’ from the new record.. Vinyl due out late August..

The Orchard for the 25th of June have a live DREAM THEATER ‘Lost, Not Forgotten : Live in Japan’ on CD or Indies Only 2LP/CD.. They also have a DEVIN TOWNSEND ‘Devolution Series #2 – Galatic Quarantine’ on CD/BluRay or Gatefold 2LP/CD..

Cargo for the 25th of June have the new HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER record ‘Quietly Blowing It’ on Merge and it’s out on CD, LP or Indies Only LP.. There is a new CEDRIC BURNSIDE also and a  BEATLES Live 7′‘ and a STONES Live 7” also...

PIAS for the 25th of June have the new JOHN GRANTFAYE WEBSTERHIATUS KAIYOTELUCY DACUSROSE CITY BAND as well as reissues by MY MORNING JACKET, PETER MURPHY, and the debut release by KOJAQUE also..

Warner for the 25th have a new album by HAMMERFALL as well as a host of reissues by BRIAN SETZER (Stray Cats), FLEETWOOD MAC ‘Live’, GYM CLASS HEROES ‘As Cruel As School Children’MADNESS ‘The Rise and Fall’ 4th Studio album (some say their best) on BMG, MILES DAVIS’ ‘Merci Miles : Live at Vienne’ on Rhino as a 2CD or 2LP.. Last live show 2 months before his death in September 1991.. MOTORHEAD’s ‘No Sleep Till Hammersmith’ is being reissued on the 25th of june also as a 2CD, 4CD Boxset or 3LP through BMG, there is a DRIFTER’s reissue ‘Golden Hits’ and TOTO’s ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ as a transparent vinyl or CD/BluRay..

Going to hand you over to Bobby now to see if he has much this week for ye..

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well!
Looking forward to this Saturday! 
A few nice bits again up this week now for pre-order. As Ray mentioned earlier, the new SAINT SISTER record is due in for release on the 25th, and we’re delighted that there is also a vinyl pressing of the excellent debut record ‘Shape of Silence’ also due into us in the coming weeks. A really nice listen and one we haven’t had on vinyl before so delighted to get a few copies!

Another cracking release from the Irish front is the debut album announced today by ORLA GARTLAND, titled ‘Woman On The Internet’. The album is due in in August in the good siopa and is released on CD or LP. Check out the single ‘Zombie!’ below, fierce catchy track! Really looking forward to hearing the rest of the album! :

There is a cracking reissue of BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB’s self titled release due to us in September for the 25th Anniversary of the brilliant album. It is coming as an expanded 2CD, 2LP or a lovely 2CD/2LP/Book Box Set.

And finally from myself for this week, now up for pre-order on the site and due in to us in July is the brand new album ‘Sob Rock’ from JOHN MAYER. This one is being released on CDLP or Indies Only Clear LP. Serious 80s vibes from the lead single ‘Last Train Home’

Our weekly Spotify Playlist is now up for releases for June 25th, a long one this week with 35 tracks! Be sure to give us a follow to keep up with all our playlists! :

That’s it from myself for this week, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!
Lastly so, PIAS for the 2nd of July has EMMA-JEAN THACKRAY’s debut album ‘Yellow’ on Matador and the brand new album from THE GO! TEAM ‘Get Up Sequences : Part 1‘ via Memphis Industries.. Indies Only Coloured Vinyl available.. Lastly Soul Jazz Records have some TREES SPEAK coloured Vinyl reissues..

Sin é for this week folks,
Hope to see ye over the next week and bare with us as we have tried our best
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Return, Kojaque’s New LP, And RSD Drop 1 Opening Hours 2

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well enough.. Jays the 3rd of June… Record Store Day is just 9 days away… It kind of creeps up on you doesn’t it… The shop will be open at 8AM on Saturday the 12th of June.. So we will probably only leave 4/5 customers/households in at a go and unfortunately ask ye to be prompt enough as others are waiting… Not ideal I know but the 3 of us will be on site and there to help… The records had better start arriving as so far NADA has arrived… I’ll update properly on it all again next week,

Here’s the releases in the good siopa for this Friday the 4th of June. They include new releases by MIKE COOLEY / PATTERSON HOOD / JASON ISBELLCROWDED HOUSEJAMESRISE AGAINSTDANIEL AVERYEINAUDITHE ALARMNEW MOON JELLY ROLL FREEDOM ROCKERS, and a ROD STEWART Vinyl Box Set.. There are Reissues by THE AVALANCHESART BLAKEYSARAH JAROSZDECAPITATED, MESHUGGAHANTHRAXMICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, and the 12” and 7” reissue of THE SPECIALS ‘Ghost Town’… On the CD front there is three HANK WILLIAMS collections out

Video for the new releases last Friday is up here now :

Followed swiftly along by releases for the 11th of June… The day be for the ‘day’.. I really hope next year we can have a celebration like other years.. That makes the day extra special… The music, the couple of beers or not… Hopefully next year again.. Anyway the releases for the 11th of June include new releases by NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDSRHIANNON GIDDENSSLEATER-KINNEYJOE BONAMASSALUKAS NELSON & PROMISE OF THE REALGARBAGEALESSANDRO CORTINIJESSIE WARE, JOANA SERRATMAROON 5, THE OAK RIDGE BOYS, BRAD MEHLDAU & THE ORPHEUS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, JULIAN LAGEDUSTIN O’HALLORANMARINA, and the CRUELLA OST on CD.. There are Reissues by SIGUR ROS, DR. FEELGOOD, THE MINUTESTHE SHINS, SPIRITUALIZEDDEF LEPPARDKISSMARK MORRISONLANTERNS ON THE LAKE, GHOSTBUSTERS 2 OST, and the Super Deluxe BLACK SABBATH ‘Sabotage’ sets.. There is also a 5CD set release from ASIA..

Right so releases for the 18th of June include via Universal the new KINGS OF CONVENIENCE album ‘Peace or Love’ on EMI Records.. Excellent songsmiths, unreal harmonies (as good as anyone).. I do have a soft spot for them.. This is their first record in ages.. Here is ‘Rocky Trail’ from the album

Uni also have a new KID CUDI CD on Island Records.. ‘The Man On The Moon III : The Chosen’.. Could be a Star Trek film.. STYX also have a  new album on UMC ‘Cash Of The Crown’ on CD or Limited LP.. There is a FRANK ZAPPA live release ‘Zappa ’88 : The Last US Show’ on 2CD Jewel Case or Limited 4LP Set

PIAS/Integral for the 18th have the CLINT MANSELL / CLINT WALSH collaborated covers album of Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’ as well as a E.S.T reissue on vinyl via ACT records..

Warner for the 18th of June have a nice few releases… There is a deluxe CD version of CHARLES MINGUS’ ‘Live at Carnegie Hall’ his 1974 live album for Atlantic, with over an hour of unheard music.. BMG/ADA have an absolutely gorgeous looking EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER ‘Fanfare 1970-1997’ box set which has 16 CDs, 3LPs, Audio BluRay , 2 x 7” Singles, Book, Poster, Tour Stadium Programmes and pin base… The 11 albums remastered on CD plus 5 unreleased CD albums (live stuff etc), triple LP ‘Live in Rome & Milan 1973’.. Warner also have a new album (CD Only for now) from FEAR FACTORY ‘Aggression Continuum’, their 10th studio album, this one on Nuclear Blast.. GRATEFUL DEAD’s ‘Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses) live album gets remastered on 2LP or 2CD.. This is the band’s 2nd best selling album..

HELLOWEEN release their new 15th album on Nuclear Blast on the 18th on a host of formats… The album is self titled and features 3 lead singers for the first time.. There are a host of physical formats available!! BMG also have a new one from JOAN ARMATRADING on CD and LP ‘Consequences’.. There is a 10 CD Box Set of TEN YEARS AFTER ‘1967-1974’ on Chrysalis.. MONKEES have a reissue of their debut album (huge album back in ’66).. This is a deluxe 2LP Set with bonus tracks and the lacquers were cut from the analogue tape for the fist time since 1966..

Last but not least from Warner for the 18th of June is the TROJAN STORY Box Set on 3CD or 3LP.. This is a reissue of the 1971 same named album compilation which put Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae on an international stage… Class compilation it is..

Without a doubt the biggest release for the 18th of June comes via Proper Music with the release of the new NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS record (i don’t envy the poster maker) ‘Carnage’.. This is the first time the duo have recorded an album of songs together.. I have not heard any of it yet, I sometimes chose to wait.. So looking forward to hearing it… I wasn’t as gone on ‘Ghosteen’ as I was with the two previous ones ‘Skeleton Tree’ and ‘Push The Sky’ but the quality and out put is savage…

Proper have four solo CD reissues from Black Crowes’ RICH ROBINSON new deluxe editions of ‘Flux’, ‘Paper’, ‘Through A Crooked Sun’ and ‘Woodstock Sessions Vol. 3’.. There are a few nice live CD/DVD releases on Ear Music coming out from THE MOODY BLUES ‘Live at Montreux 1991‘, guitar masters PACO DE LUCIA / JOHN MCLAUGHLIN ‘Lie at Montreux 1987’, and BODY COUNT / ICE-T ‘From The Smoke Out Festival 2003’..

Sony Music for the 18th of June have a new solo record from GARY KEMP.. They have a fine vinyl best of from ARETHA FRANKLIN, and a 30th Anniversary LP reissue of DEACON BLUE’s ‘Fellow Hoodlums’..

Cargo for the 18th of June have the CZARFACE & MF DOOM ‘Super What?’ CD format release which includes a comic book, out on Silver Age… Cargo also have PINK FLOYD ‘Live at Montreux 1970’ double LP containing nine tracks originally broadcast by Swiss Radio on November 1970 in excellent quality…

Going to hand you over to Bobby now who will run through interesting bits and pieces down the road or announced lately..

Hey folks,
Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.
Starting us off this week, and only announced today, Integral have a brand new album coming from PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING, entitled ‘Bright Magic’. It’s due to us in September, and will come on CDVinyl or limited Indies Orange / Black Marbled Vinyl.

Another nice one announced in the last week or so is the brand new MODEST MOUSE album ‘The Golden Casket’, due from Sony. The CD for this one is due shortly by the end of June, but the vinyl won’t be with us until August 29th.

Demon / Edsel via Proper have a new ‘Best Of’ by PSYCHEDELIC FURS. It is being released as a Deluxe 2CD, or as a standard 1LP Black Vinyl, or a limited Indies 1LP pressed on Clear Vinyl.

A few other nice bits for down the line include a vinyl reissue of FLEETWOOD MAC’s 1979 LP ‘Tusk’, and MOV have a nice limited, coloured vinyl reissue of ALAN PARSONS’ ‘Time Machine’. On the CD front, there is a new album due from blues guitarist CHRISTONE KINGFISH INGRAM, and also from PICTURE THIS. No vinyl announced for either of these yet.

Spotify Playlist for releases for the 18th of June is also now live here :

That’s it from me this week folks, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!
Ok so, last up for today is PIAS / Integral stuff for the 25th of June.. Before I go on about that… I have a growing concern some titles are not going to make RSD Drop 1… There have been quite a few moved to Drop 2 in the last week (nothing too major, bits and pieces here and there) but i’m becoming aware of titles since not in our suppliers warehouses from the pressing plant for Drop 1 releases.. That’s tight with really only 7 working days until the Drop.. I’m sure it will be fine but ROM have not shipped 4 titles as they haven’t arrived to them yet, and Plastichead said yesterday ‘Our RSD Stuff has not arrived to us yet!! quote, unquote… Fill you with confidence?? Yep me too!!

Anyway, Integral for the 25th of June have new albums by DANIEL AVERYFAYE WEBSTERHIATUS KAIYOTE, LUCY DACUS’s third album ‘Home Video’ via Matador on CD, LP or Indies LP... There are reissues by THE MELVINS, and 2 nice MY MORNING JACKET reissues on ATO ‘Evil Urges’ and ‘It Still Moves’.. There is the last of the PETER MURPHY reissues and an underground electronic compilation ‘Cold Wave #2’ by the masters themselves SOUL JAZZ Records.. Quite a few above but also three very interesting releases from PIAS / Integral for the 25th of June are by JOHN GRANT, his new album entitled ‘Boy From Michigan’ on CD, DLP and Deluxe 2LP version also.. The record is produced by Cate Le Bon.. Here is the title track.. Visually cracking video..

Another fine release is the new ROSE CITY BAND album on Thrill Jockey ‘Earth Trip’, available on CD, LP and Indies Only LP.. Here is ‘Lonely Places’ from the record.. Rose City Band is the solo project of Ripley Johnson from Wooden Ships and Moon Duo..

Last but not least for sure on this newsletter is the release from Dublin’s own KOJAQUE on Different Recordings.. The debut album form the hip hop artist entitled ‘Town’s Dead’ and here is the title track from the record.. Social commentary is at the heart of all good hip-hop and it’s here in spades.. Available on CD or LP.. Kojaque is set to play Cypress Avenue down here at the end of November.. Could be a nice one to catch..

Jusr got word Uni, WEA and Proper RSD releases are on the way.. I’ll study them for any problems but looks good enough fills on first look…

Sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

A Sigur Rós Reissue, A Trjoan Set, And Salvation : Inspired By The Cranberries For Pieta

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well enough.. Back open.. One word.. Wonderful.. Hint of normality in the air.. Wonderful.. Shop OPEN now 7 days, 10-6 Monday to Saturday inclusive and 11-4 on Sundays.. Phone 021-4967119 and email is .. We are back on the horse and the piper is being paid.. Nice atmosphere in the shop.. Cracking atmosphere at times.. Open mocking, Ger Buses doing card tricks and games of charades.. The lunatics are starting to take over the asylum again.. It’s great..


Video for this week is now up again below.. our weekly vlog back with an audience!

I don’t have much more concrete info on RSD products since last week.. Sabbath’s RSD release has moved to Drop 2 now and not Drop 1… There are a few Brexit related supply issues.. I will email you directly if affected by one of these.. Things with Proper and Republic of Music are finally starting to iron out.. The one’s that are a constant problem now and are non-runners are the labels before Brexit that universal used to distribute for but Universal did not own the labels, so Brexit for Universal to cut those labels loose to find their own distro into Europe (here).. So labels (small, maybe one or two titles a month I might be buying) like Absolute, Dirty Hit, Cadiz, Fulfill, Genepool, Nova, Wrasse, Townsend, Right Track, and Active have no distro into Europe at the moment.. Republic of Music were the same but we have managed to get sorted with them.. Some of the others still unresolved and a problem.. Working hard here to sort the new Wolf Alice record on Dirty Hit, so fingers crossed on that.. I’ll update next week.. Due out on the 11th of June..


Moving on to releases for the 11th of June (those are the records i’m buying this week so nod if you see something interesting please).. We will start off with Universal I think.. There are quite a few releases for the 11th.. It’s a day before RSD so traditionally a lot of releases that day cause traditionally a lot of footfall that day.. So Uni for the 11th have a deluxe version of JESSIE WARE’s latest album on EMI ‘What’s Your Pleasure’, a brand new MAROON 5 CD ‘Jordi’ on Polydor on CD or Deluxe CD.. Uni have the next in the DEF LEPPARD Box Set series.. ‘Volume 3’ as a Limited 6CD Box, or a Limited 9LP Box.. Containing all recordings from the band in the 2000’s.. Separately there is vinyl releases (for the very first time) of ‘Songs From The Sparkle lounge’‘Yeah!’ and ‘X’.

Uni also have a reissue of QUINCY JONE’s ‘The Dude’ on UMC.. the 1981 studio album which received 12 Grammy Nominations that year.. Here’s ‘Just Once’ from the man who produced ‘Off The Wall’, ‘Thriller’ and ‘Bad’… The dude knew how to put a record together..

KISS have a live album out on the 11th through Uni, ‘Off The Soundboard : Tokyo Dome – Japan’ on 2CD or 3LP.. They also have the Disney OST to ‘Cruella’ on CD with Florence and the Machine amongst others.. There is a new LUKAS NELSON & PROMISE OF THE REAL album on Fantasy Records ‘A Few Starts Apart’ will be out on the 11th on CD or LP.. There is the vinyl release of EINAUDI ‘Cinema’ release on 2LP and a debut release on Bluenote for JULIAN LAGE, prodigious jazz guitarist.. Lastly from Uni for the 11th of June via Deutsche Grammophon is DUSTIN O’HALLORAN compilation album ‘Silfur’ on CD or 2LP.. New arrangements with strings of his acclaimed solo piano works..

The Orchard for the 11th of June have the NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS ‘Back The Way We Came Vol. 1 – 2011-2021’ on 4 physical formats.. 2CD3CD Deluxe Edition2LP or 4LP/7”/2CD Book Deluxe boxset.. Noel’s solo output has been excellent in my opinion.. Chasing Yesterday is a great album in my opinion..

SPIRITUALIZED ‘Pure Phase’ reissue is also out on the 11th through The Orchard but the vinyl is now sold out as we were only allocated 10 copies.. Orchard also have the new album from JOANA SERRAT ‘Hardcore From The Heart’ on CD and LP and Dublin band THE MINUTES reissue of ‘Marcata’ on Rubyworks gets a 10th Anniversary Limited Vinyl Pink Coloured reissue.. Metal reissues also from CHILDREN OF BODOM, ANAAL NATHRAKH and UNANIMATED debut album remaster and reissue..

Warner for the 11th of June have the next in the reissue series of BLACK SABBATH boxsets.. This time up is the classic ‘Sabotage’ album as a 4CD box or a 4LP/7” box set.. There is a new BRAD MEHLDAU & ORPHEUS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA CD ‘Variations On A Melancholy Theme’, DR. FEELGOOD’s compilation ‘Singles: The U.A. Years+’ 2LP on ParlophoneASIA’s ‘The Reunion Albums 2007-2012’ CD set, a brand new album from GARBAGE ‘No Gods, No Masters’ on CD, Deluxe CD and Neon Green LP.. Warner also for the 11th of June have the reissue of SIGUR RÓS’ 2012 classic ‘Valtari’ on 2LP on their very own label KRUNK Records..

WEA also has a JOE BONAMASSA Live album ‘Now Serving  Royal Tea – Live From The Ryman on CD/DVD, CD/BluRay and 2LP Clear Vinyl.. There is a brand new MARINA CD and a 25th Anniversary reissue on purple vinyl of MARK MORRISON’s ‘Return Of The Mack’.. What a tune the title track was.. One of the tunes of the decade..

Lastly on Nonesuch via Warner for the 11th of June is the release on vinyl of the new RHIANNON GIDDEN album ‘They’re Calling Me Home’..

Sony for the 11th of June have the RANDY EDELMAN ‘Ghostbusters 2’ OST on vinyl..

PIAS/Integral for the 11th of June have reissues by LANTERNS ON THE LAKE and THE SHINS, and new albums from ALESSANDRO CORTINI..

Proper for the 11th of June have the brand new SLEATER-KINNEY record on Mom&Pop Records, ‘Path Of Wellness’ is the title and it’s on CD, Standard Opaque Black Vinyl or Indies Opaque White Vinyl…

I’ll have ye over to the Bob-man now as he will run through other interesting bits in the pipeline and throw up the weekly playlist

Hey everyone,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well! 

A good few up for pre-order today. We’ll get started this week with the two games of fastest fingers first with a couple allocated bits. Again with these, we’ll put our allocations up on the site so if interested safest way to go is to purchase direct from the site, an email might not be seen in time and there’s a good chance these could be gone by the time we see the email. First up there is a limited 7” reissue of R.E.M’s debut single ‘Radio Free Europe’ coming through Uni in July, only 4 copies of this one coming. The second for this week is a nice coloured 30th Anniversary Deluxe vinyl repress of MUDHONEY’s ‘Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge’, with only 5 copies of the LP coming our way. There is a 2CD deluxe edition of this too, but quantity on that should be okay.

Right, with those out of the way i’ll rattle through some of the other nice new bits due to us over the coming weeks and months. There’s a class new TROJAN set being released in a couple of weeks through Warner to kick us off. ‘The Trojan Story’ is due to us June 18th and will be released as a 3LP Vinyl Set or a 3CD Set, both coming with a book telling the stories behind the 50 chosen tracks for the compilation. Always top quality stuff released by the Trojan label. 

Other nice bits now up on the site for pre-order include a brand new DURAN DURAN record ‘Future Past’ due into the siopa in October, coming on CD, Deluxe CD, Standard White Vinyl or Indies Transparent Red Vinyl. The excellent ALMOST FAMOUS Soundtrack gets a nice limited 20th Anniversary reissue, released on 2CDDeluxe 5CD, or Limited Black 2LP Vinyl (a first timer it’s officially released on vinyl). MR JUKES & BARNEY ARTIST’s new album ‘Locket’ is due in early July, and the vinyl pressings of JUSTIN BIEBER and OLIVIA RODRIGO’s newest releases are now also on the site.

Last but definitely not least from myself for this week is the great new compilation album ‘SALVATION – Inspired By The Cranberries For Pieta’, released through Universal / RTE 2FM with all proceeds going to Pieta House. The album see’s some cracking Irish Artists covering tracks by The Cranberries, including Pillow Queens, Sinead O’Connor, Wyvern Lingo and many more. It’s released on CD or Yellow Vinyl, and is for a great cause. You can check out Pillow Queens performing ‘When You’re Gone’ on RTE here :

The Musiczone Spotify Playlist for the releases for June 11th is also up at the link below now. Be sure to give us a follow for our weekly release playlists, some nice bits in this one. Boss-man was right, it is a busy week for releases! 

That’s it from myself this week, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!
Right so, PIAS/Integral for the 18th of June have CLINT MANSELL & CLINT WALSH ‘Berlin’ on coloured vinyl on Invada.. A reimagining of Reed’s classic as a tribute to Mansell’s late partner..
Integral also have ESBJORN SVENSSON TRIO (E.S.T) reissue on Act of ‘Seven Days Of Falling’ on Indies LP..

T’was nice to see so many of the older (more vulnerable) folk in the siopa over the weekend after coming from their jab.. Great to see it.. Got me own yesterday!!!

Sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening as always,
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

New Manics, Prince Reissue, A Few RSD Updates And It’s Lovely To Be Back

Hi Everyone
Hope everyone is doing ok.. It’s lovely to have the doors back open in the shop, more lovely than I would have thought.. It is a lot more relaxed this way.. Just more natural folks seem more relaxed… It’s great, trade has been good but not hectic, the weekend is coming though.. So the opening hours are 10-6 inclusive Monday to Saturday and I think it’s 11-4 on a Sunday Bob is it?? It is 11-4 indeed boss-man!
Phone is 021-4967119 and email is

Bits of info on RSD is starting to filter back to me so I will give it to ye folks as I get it.. Small Faces release is a UK only release so zero coming across the water.. I am in communication with a few companies that we have had Brexit issues with trying to iron out our RSD orders.. I will communicate with you if a wish listed record is caught up or in trouble.. I have attempted to get evert single wish listed record, so I will communicate ones that fail (it will only be a small percentage).. Pity there are no bands or party atmosphere this year.. Hopefully next year.. We are open which is the main thing.. I’ll update more as the weeks slip by.. It is 3 weeks on Saturday now..

Universal were in touch about allocations at the titles that are (slightly) problematic (whereas wish lists exceed or are more or less the same as what will be supplied) includes Amy Winehouse – Remixes, Arianna Live, Def Leppard Live, Elton John, Haim 7”, Lady Gaga, Robert Plant, Status Quo, Tears For Fears, War Child Help EP.. So if these are NB for you, set the alarm folks and make your way as early as possible to the good yacht… I’m just giving the info!! Universal have 2 new additions to the RSD June 12th Drop.. I’m not taking wish lists.. There is a Rolling Stones ‘A Bigger Bang – Live’ 10” Picture Disc, 2 track live unreleased single.. We will only have 5 copies.. There is also a Arianna Grande Live Album on CD format.. We are just getting 2 copies!! Still no show for RSD from the forgotten man of music.. How quick people move on.. I really thought Ricky martin might have a release this year.. Livin’ La Vida Loca folks 12” remix or something..

Anyways, here are the releases for the good yacht for this Friday the 21st of May. There are new releases by GRUFF RHYSJOHN HIATT & THE JERRY DOUGLAS BANDMDOU MOCTARGARY NUMAN, COUNTING CROWS EP, TWENTY ONE PILOTS, LAMBCHOPLORD HURON as well as reissues by my bloody valentine, DESMOND DEKKER AND THE SPECIALS and a limited 7” remix of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by THE WHITE STRIPES

And here are the releases for the 28th of May.. I may have missed Proper last week so they have a GRAHAM NASH reissue of 2016’s ‘This Path Tonight’ on CD and LP, as well as another WORLD PARTY vinyl reissue of ‘Dumbing Up’ on Seaview Records.. The rest of the releases for the 28th include new releases by BLACK MIDI, MOBYBLACKBERRY SMOKEMUSTAFAKING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARDTEXASDEL AMITRININA SIMONEETTA JAMESEASY LIFECLINT MANSELLNILS LANDGREN FUNK UNIT,  BURNING WITCHESRELOADED and THE 60S ALBUM compilation records. There are reissues by PJ HARVEYDAVID BOWIETHE WEDDING PRESENTEVA CASSIDYCANGRATEFUL DEADGREEN DAY, K.D. LANGPARAMORE, KANSAS, and there is the TINA TURNER MUSICAL vinyl release

Right so moving onto releases for the 4th of June… Talking about June already… There are a few nice bits.. Southeastern Records present via The Orchard MIKE COOLEY, PATTERSON HOOD & JASON ISBELL ‘Live at the Shoals Theatre’ as a 2CD or 4LP set.. In June 2014 Isbell reunited with his form bandmates for an acoustic performance which includes Isbell-era Truckers gems, post Isbell Truckers tracks and Isbell solo stuff… Looking forward to it!! FRANK TURNER’s ‘England Keep My Bones’ 10th Anniversary Edition due out via Orchard also on the 4th..

Warner for the 4th of June have THE SPECIALS ‘Ghost Town’ 40th Anniversary Half Speed Masters on 12” and 7”.. They (WEA) also have a ROD STEWART ‘1975-1978’ 5LP boxset including a bonus LP or rare and unreleased tracks.. Warner also have DECAPITATED ‘The First Damned’ CD and LP reissue of the bands early demo work.. There are some HANK WILLIAMS remastered CD CompilationsMESHUGGAH reissue, and lastly MSG (Michael Shenker Group) ‘Immortal’ on indies only vinyl reissue of the new album..

Universal for the 4th of June have the new CROWDED HOUSE album on EMI ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’ it’s called and it’s on CD, standard blue vinyl and limited indies clear vinyl.. First album in over a decade and only their 7th long player (for a band who seem around forever).. Constant members Neil Finn and Nick Seymour make up the current line up with Neil’s two sons Liam and Elroy.. 

Universal also has the new album from English rock band JAMES ‘All The Colours Of You’ on the Virgin Music Label. It is on CD, Deluxe 2CD, LP and indies only deluxe 2 coloured vinyl.. Here is the title track from the album.. Fine tune again fro a fine fine band..

RISE AGAINST have a new album on Loma Visa ‘Nowhere Generation’ on CD, LP or Indies LP.. There is a new BILLY GIBBONS album ‘Hardware’ on the 4th of June via Concord Records on CD, LP and Indies Only LP.. Third solo album from the ZZ Man. Some nice vinyl reissues also out on the 4th of June by SARAH JAROSZ ‘Build Me Up From My Bones’ and ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS ‘The Witch Doctor’, and THE MARCUS KING BAND ‘Soul Inside’ on vinyl and CD via Concord also.. Lastly Uni have a EINAUDI ‘Cinema’ 2CD Release…

PIAS for the 4th of June have 2 nice releases with the 20th Anniversary release of THE AVALANCHES ‘Since I Left You’ on XL as a 2CD or 4LP job. ATO Records are putting out BLACK PUMAS ‘Capitol Cuts’ live album on Red Vinyl..

Here’s a test link.. A test how far has this country come in the last 100 years? Here’s a test.. Sony UK & Ireland are putting out a 7” single on June 4th of BADDIEL, SKINNER AND LIGHTNING SEEDS ‘Three Lions 96/98’.. Long pause.. Are we good with it.. Long pause… Right.. Altogether now.. It’s coming… I can see the headline on the Daily Digest, ‘man chokes on his Irish stew last Wednesday night whilst reading a music newsletter’…

Right Bob you better take over before I get meself in trouble with someone… Announcements etc… I know and am really excited to hear of a new FISH GO DEEP release due out around the middle of June.. Legendary down these parts are the two lads.. Many the Saturday night I spent in Sir Henrys in the early 90s with the two men (only boys then) wielding their magic (I wasn’t allowed on Thursdays by the mother.. school etc).. The lads are class.. Here is the title track from the new record ‘This Bit Of Earth’.. Class

Bob will put the link for the album here and has info on a few more releases also.. And also here is the link to this week’s playlist of new releases :
Music Zone – Spotify New Release Playlist June 4th 2021

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well!
Not too many to update on you this week, chasing our tails a bit from being off last week but we’ll get back on track by next week all going well. Nonetheless, a few nice bits announced for today!

We’ll start of this week with the announcement of PRINCE’s ‘Welcome 2 America’ reissue from 2010, coming on CDVinyl, and Indies Exclusive Clear Vinyl. There is also a Vinyl/CD/BluRay limited, deluxe box set which also features a live show on BluRay from The Forum in 2011, along with plenty of memorabilia and a 32-page 12”x12” book! This is due out late July through Sony

Also announced through Sony is the upcoming, brand new album release from the brilliant MANIC STREET PREACHERS, ‘The Ultra Vivid Lament’, due for release in early September. This release marks the Welsh groups 14th studio LP, and is being released on CDDeluxe 2CD BookVinyl or Exclusive Indies Vinyl with a bonus 7” single.

Lastly from mise for this week is the release of BOBBY GILLESPIE & JEHNNY BETH’s first album together, ‘Utopian Ashes’ due for release in July. The Primal Scream and Savage vocalists join together to explore country soul classics, one i’m looking forward to giving a few spins to on release! 

That’s it from myself folks, back to the boss-man!

Right, thanks a million Bob, and welcome back!
Lastly so PIAS / Integral for the 11th of June have a 10th Anniversary Edition of LANTERNS ON THE LAKE ‘Gracious Tide, Take Me Home’ as a 2LP Reissue on Bella Union.. ALESSANDRO CORTINI (Nine Inch Nails) has a brand new album on Mute and THE OAK RIDGE BOYS have a new album also, as well as THE SHINS reissue of ‘Oh Inverted World’ on Sub Pop..

Sin é I think from us for this week,
Thanks for listening as always,
Hope to see some of ye on the siopa floor over the next few weeks,
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

Wellers Out Friday, Back Open On The 17th And Thoughts On The Vinyl Pricing

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well with ye.  

Jays its nice to see things opening again!!

We took the decision not to do appointments this week for a number of reasons mainly it would be messy for us to organise it,  Bobs on a week’s holidays  ( happy birthday Bobby!) so we are a bit stretched also and we are trying to get organised to get open properly on the 17th as well.

So call and click there this week 021 4967119 and back open properly on the 17th of May.
im under pressure a bit saturday the 15th may…best case is 10 to 4 im on site , it maybe only 10 to 2.30…nightwalkers …ring me in the morning and ill know 021 4967119.

One week of call and collect was a bit mad anyway ( i felt it could have been done safely for the last month or so ) and i see on the news tonight that some of the biggest retailers in the country were doing appointments and they may as well have been open…queues at their doors etc but i won’t start grumbling again, we are nearly there now and it’s great to be getting back open on the 17th of May. It has been a really long 18 or 19 weeks so it will be great to get open properly again. It’s actually quite exciting to be opening, I feel like it’s a new shop opening excitement…I didn’t have that feeling after the last 2 lockdowns…i hope and feel that this will be the last time covid will close our doors. It will honestly be lovely to see yer warm friendly faces again….granted not the best looking bunch in general, but warm and friendly none the less.

The same rules will apply as before…5 or 6 folks in the shop at any one time ( or 5 or 6 from the same household)…20 mins inside kind of job, hand san at door and counter,  facemasks, be nice, be kind…yada yada yada… i’m sure ye know the deal with it at this stage.

Opening hours Monday the 17th through to saturday  the 22nd of May 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday 23rd  I think is 11am to 4 pm but I can confirm that next week.

I’m in the good siopa  monday  and tuesday, sharing the day with Shane on weds, Bobby is on thursday, Bobby and myself are on Friday and myself and one of the lads are on Saturday…one of the lads will be on sunday….really looking forward to it to be honest. Sin sin on that.

Releases out this friday the 14th of May include the modfathers new album ( PAUL WELLER) , isn’t he some man for high quality prolific releases, as well as new albums by ST VINCENTSONS OF KEMET, DAVID GRAYTHE BLACK KEYS, MYLES KENNEDY,MORCHEEBA,  PHOEBE BRIDGERS EP, as well as reissues by ANNA CALVIKENNY ROGERS and last but certainly not least the CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG masterpiece “ deja vu”….some nice releases out this friday in fairness….i think i caught them all, my watchdog is sunning himself on a beach in Kerry.

Releases for the 21st of May include new albums by GRUFF RHYSJOHN HIATT & THE JERRY DOUGLAS BAND ( i have been banging on about these both lovely listens) MDOU MOCTOR, GARY NUMAN, COUNTING CROWS EP, TWENTY ONE PILOTS, LAMBCHOPKING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD ( now the 28th i think) LORD HURON as well as reissues by my bloody valentine, DESMOND DEKKER AND THE SPECIALS and a limited 7” remix of seven nation army by THE WHITE STRIPES….not to bad a week either.

Ok so and the ones i am trying to sell to ye now…sher ye all know tis only an ad like…are the releases for the 28th of May so we have from Warner new albums by TEXAS and KD LANG well KDs album is a revamp job aptly named “ makeover” …KD gave us a retweet on the twitter machine a good few years now when we were only babies on the machine so aside from my fondness of her music there’s an added fondness due to the retweet of the siopa…this album is a collection of dance remixes of some of her best loved songs…Warner has a rake of reissues for the 28th of May also, starting with  the one the only Mr DAVID “ no show at rsd this year” BOWIETHE GRATEFUL DEAD , PARAMORE, GREEN DAY as well as an acoustic album by EVA CASSIDY, live albums by ETTA JAMES and NINA SIMONE and an original cast recording of TINA TURNER.

PIAS/INTEGRAL for the 28th of May have new albums by BLACK MIDIMUSTAFA and NILS LANDGREN FUNK UNIT as well as reissues by ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, live album by CAN in Stuttgart on one run coloured vinyl as well as CLINT MANSELLs score to “ Rebecca”.oh to break things up…heres the video from last friday!
subscribe isnt that what im to say!! ( we have a tab on who isnt …yep the naughty list)

Universal for the 28th of May , they have a debut record by EASY LIFE on Island, cd, std lp and indies only lp…here is “ nightmares” from Leicester’s finest up and coming band…nice laid back vibe.

Uni also has the release of the new MOBY record on Deutsche Grammophon, “ Reprise”  sees Moby revisiting and reimagining musical highlights from his 30-year career. Together with the Budapest Art Orchestra, he has re-envisioned some of his most recognizable rave classics and anthems with new arrangements for orchestra and acoustic instruments. Loads of class guests with him on the record including KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, JIM JAMES, GREGORY PORTER, MARK LANEGAN amongst them.

Cd, std vinyl and indies grey 2 lp set.

TRAVIS reissue 5th album “ the boy with no name” on the 28th also, as well as a reissue by PJ HARVEY of “ the peel sessions” .

UMC have 2 nice double vinyl compilations for the 28th of may also…RELOADED…a 90s indie comp with all the big names and also THE 60S album …what it says on the tin with that.

We are missing some links as my linkman is sunning himself on a beach in Barbados or was it Barna he said…apologies for that, normal service will resume next week.

Sony for the 28th of May have THE WEDDING PRESENT reissue of SEAMONSTERS, the bands third studio album , produced by STEVE ALBINI  its now in its 30th year.

This 30th anniversary 2LP package includes the studio album alongside the Dalliance, 3 Songs and Lovenest EPs. Rounding out the music on the release are a set of live BBC Peel Sessions recordings.

This 30th anniversary bundle also includes a CD comprising the studio album and EPs.

Nice product in fairness.

The Orchard for the 28th of May have a new album from BLACKBERRY SMOKE called “ you hear me georgia” on cd, lp or indies only coloured vinyl…here is the title track for the new album.

Orchard also have a brand new DEL AMITRI album via Cooking vinyl called “ fatal mistakes” cd and lp…here is “ its feelings” from the record.

Orchard also have KANSAS “ point of no return live and beyond” as 2 CD or 3lp/2cd boxset, new live album, there are some SATYRICON reissues and NITIN SAWHNEY live at ronnie scotts.

I don’t think i mentioned Proper for the 21st of May before now so they have 2 nice releases that day…VIOLENT FEMMES “ ADD IT UP” compilation album 1981 to 1993 on std or aqua blue indies only LP….also there is a new ROBERT FINLEY album “ Sharecropper’s Son” on CD or Vinyl on easy eye sound label.

Re the vinyl increases we have seen and will see with Universal, for a retailer it’s far from good news, i could be wrong but id say about 25 or 30% of their live catalogue has increased in price  in the last month and i believe about another 20 to 25% of the catalogue could increase soon.

Substantial increases also…not 10 or 15% …on average  somewhere about 35% id say.

Now that’s a savage increase in any industry.

If the other record companies follow suit , then we are in right trouble with it.

Put simply, because of it we are going to sell less, and in turn the record company will sell less.

Why do it then?

This is only my opinion,

There are off course increases in raw materials and increases in costs at the plants and maybe different royalty deals at play as well as stuff i aint privy to ( to the tune of 35% cost increase though, id say tune that guitar again)

We have seen the cost of cardboard increase ourselves, in fact  nearly double in the last few months…it used cost us 45 cent to send a mailer ( with a record in it) with the courir ( the courier costs 6 euro) to one of ye…now the same mailer is 73 cent .

The cost of the compound used in making records has increased also, and this time and truly this time with covid restrictions in the plants, these plants are at capacity, in fact cant cope id suggest.

We have heard plant capacity talk in the past…trust me, its real this time.

My opinion is that there are definitely cost increases at play here but a more telling reason could be that the record companies just can’t get stuff pressed and because of it are losing more money…case study……the debut Hozier record is a fine selling record…1 a week id say for me so how many for shops bigger than us….it will not be back on the shop floor until sept or oct…in fact 5 to 7 months it will be out of stock for, the retail price will be going from 25 euro to 37/38 euro when it does arrive back in.

The record company would have sold a lot of Hozier records in that 5/7 months if they had would we, cause we are a partnership really….well i feel we are, but  that’s another debate, there is a train of thought out there that our suppliers are our competitors now with all the direct to consumer stuff ( D2C) going on, i’m not really sure what other industries operate like that to be honest …but who i work with on the ground are always trying to help us to be fair and i would say i have a very good relationship with the Irish based offices …UNI, WEA and SONY ( the price hikes and D2C are decisions made at a level i have zero say in or am interested either…truth be told, a simple life i like but you still have to do your job to your best)

Increase the cost of the record ( partially due to cost increase) but more importantly i feel is to help quench demand and allow the record company get its stock back on its shelf…i think they have been firefighting with inventory the last year, struggling to get stuff pressed  that they wanted to get pressed…one sure way of keeping stock on your shelves is increase the price….dampen demand, it eases the pressure and in this case when supply is not available as they want, is very profitable.

250 hozier records a week for the record company at a higher margin is way better than zero Hozier sold in 6/7 months…they will last longer on the shelf also easing the pressure to get them repressed.

Where will it go?

Not really sure, but I know what I hope for.

I hope the others ( record companies)  don’t follow suit for a start as then we are looking at a gourmet new release product only and it will alienate a lot of our good customers.

40 to 45 euro new release records is just a step too large and too far, when the same product ( loosely used term) is free to a lot of ears .

I think it will reset itself a bit in 2022…there are pressing plants been built in every continent on the globe as i write this ( now, that is a positive sign for the industry in general) so the supply issue needs to be and is the slow process of been addressed…once that occurs i  think things will revert back a little but not a lot…that’s my hope for now….33 to 40 euro new release records could well be the future one way or another….but its imperative the record companies revert/keep quality back catalogue at reasonable money and nb also that there is value in the marketplace…17.18 euro offers….they are the extra sale a lot of the time…spot the cranberries debut album at 17 quid, throw that in as well Ray ( followed by a expletive usually)

I suppose it will all play out the way it plays out and i cant influence it, just hurl from the ditch is all…good at that down here in Rebel land…although are our young fellas rising…time will tell.

20 years ago cds were 21.57 euro for a new release…30 euro for a new release lp would be a good price i feel and it is still there with a lot of companies ….hopefully it can stay like that.
Weller is 30 quid with Uni Friday for the indies only yellow one.

Anyway thats my opinion on that…lifes like a box of chocolates…Bueller…BUELLER …ye still awake!!?

PIAS/INTEGRAL for the 4th of June have the BLACK PUMAS live album on ATO record and on XL is the 20th anniversary deluxe edition of THE AVALANCHES class debut album “ since i left you”.

A lot of links and pics probably missing today…apologies…email if interested in anything!

Can’t wait to get open…let the coppers ring in the greasy till, the coppers in the greasy till!

Sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Bobby and

Next PJ Harvey Reissues, Inner City Folk, The Corporation Was Born

Hi Everyone
Hope ye’r all well enough.. Well it looks like we are nearly back.. It’s been a long road.. Call & Collect 021-4967119 next week and back open on the 17th of May!! Whoaaaa that’s our third, fourth or fifth coming now at this stage.. It will be great though.. Will send an update next week on opening hours.. Back to 7 days a week opening hours I think and we will see where we go from there.. We will update the opening hours here and on the website and social medias next week.. Hopefully this is the end of it re closing for one reason or another… Peace and quiet is required fora while now though.. Peace and quiet (bar the ringing of the greasy till!!)

The good siopa is actually 20 years old on Saturday the 8th of May… 20 years.. Crikey.. The 8th of May 2001.. Tuesday morning after the bank holiday weekend, 27 year old boy / man stands behind a counter at 10AM nervous as a kitten.. 30/40 minutes passed and not a soul, then a builder came in, big breakfast roll under arm, big dirty mucky boots (ahh me f**king clean new carpet.. that cost me 500 punts.. I hadn’t a bob going into the thing.. I borrowed 10,000 punts from the creddie and a brother of mine gave me 25k loan as he remortgaged his house!! He is paid back!! Courtesy of the boom in 04/05).. ‘Any AC/DC?’ breakfast roll man / carpet destroyer asks… Some Sony stock was late.. No AC/DC.. Sorry.. ‘Can order it and keep it if you like??’.. ‘Nah you’re grand’.. I’ll never sell a thing again!! 2 minutes later Bridget Jones’ Diary CD soundtrack sold + bagged 16 punts 99 pence, or €21.57.. Yep it was deal pricing in 2001… The corporation was born.. End of day sales 606 Punts.. We were off.. I must say here in 2010/2011 and even 2012, there was weeks when we wouldn’t do 600 pounds in the whole week, or 800 euro.. Days we had zero sales.. Clinging on with fingertips.. So we have seen sunshine and have seen rain.. The first 10 years were generally uneventful bar business going down the tubes if that’s uneventful (2010 + 2011), and the second 10 years had the Flood June 27th 2012, The Fire August 31st 2019 and Covid March 14th 2020.. Enough drama for 50 years… Peace & quiet please and a slightly ringing till..

Bob is with me 10 years this Christmas (the day will probably arrive where he will move in a different direction and that’s important too.. Some man, great calibre).. Shane is 7 years now I think it was 2014 and a more genuine caring man you will struggle to find.. Like Frank Gallagher I like a parteeeee but alas none this time.. Maybe for the 25th!!

Anyway, the tunes!!.. Here are the releases for this Friday the 7th of May… There are new releases by NEW ORDERSQUIDAMY WINEHOUSEWEEZERRAG N’ BONE MANVAN MORRISONGO-GO PENGUINFEARSDODIELISA GERRARD & JULES MAXWELL, and the vinyl pressings of ZAPPA’s OST... There are reissues from PETER MURPHYSILVERCHAIRFEAR FACTORY, and THE BEATLES..

Video for last week is up on our YouTube channel now, here is the link :


Proper for the 14th of May have the new DAVID GRAY album ‘Skellig’ on CD and 2LP.. The history, mythology of the islands of the Kerry Coast have long held Gray’s imagination, hence the title.. This record is more stripped back i’m told.. The synths are gone, guitar, strings, cello and harmonies to the fore front.. Looking forward to it.. He done the cover himself.. Talented boy.. I saw him in Nancy Spains down the street from my homeplace maybe 30 years ago or there or thereabouts and a good few years after that in the Opera House.. His first couple of records on HUT went unnoticed in the UK but were fine albums.. All his stuff is of high quality.. 

Proper for the 14th also have the new album by MORCHEEBA ‘Blackest Blue’ on CD, Indies Only Blue Vinyl and Indies Only White Vinyl with bonus 7′‘.. Will be giving this a turn also.. I love their chilled electronic sound.. New DAMIEN JURADO album out on the 14th also..

On to the 21st of May.. Warner for the 21st of May have a brand new EP from COUNTING CROWS ‘Butter Miracle Sweet One’, which contains 4 brand new tracks and also ‘August and Everything After’ with the London Studio Orchestra… Here is ‘Elevator Boots’ from the EP released via BMG.. It seems vinyl only on this one
AMORPHIS have a live album out on Nuclear Blast on CD for the 21st of May and TWENTY ONE PILOTS have a new album also on the 21st ‘Scaled and Icy’ out on Fuelled By Rome / Atlantic, CD only release for now.. Warner also for the 21st have the new GARY NUMAN record ‘Intruder’ on BMG/ADA, brand new album, his 21st solo album now.. Reunited with product Ade Fenton on this on.. Available on 3 physical formats, CDDeluxe CD, and Vinyl… Make that 4.. Literally just now got word that there is a limited exclusive red vinyl format also..

The Orchard for the 21st of May have the new album by MONSTER MAGNET..

Sony for the 21st of May have a WHITE STRIPES ‘Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) on Indies only 7” Red Vinyl, or standard 7” black vinyl..

PIAS for the 21st of May have the MY BLOODY VALENTINE reissues, new albums by GRUFF RHYS, JOHN HIATT & JERRY DOUGLAS BAND (both excellent) and a new one by MDOU MOCTAR

Republic of Music for the 21st of May have a new LAMBCHOP studio album on City Slang called ‘Showtunes’.. It’s on CD Digi Sleve with spot gloss, standard black vinyl with gatefold sleeve with spot gloss and lyrics… Download code included and at 45RPM.. There is an indies only LPX version also on white vinyl with everything else the same as the standard black vinyl…

Uni for the 21st of May have the new album by KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD ‘L.W’ on KGLW Records.. Here’s a tune from the new album ‘If Not Now, Then When’.. Sorry this release is now pushed back until May 28th..

Polydor via Universal have the release of the 4th full length album by LORD HURON on CD only for now entitled ‘Long Lost’.. Here is ‘Mine Forever’ from the new album

Spinefarm have LINDEMANN ‘Live in Moscow’ on a host of variants including DVD, BluRay, CD & BluRay Media Book, 2LP Gatefold and a limited edition super deluxe box set..

Music on Vinyl (due for May 21st but all MOV’s ship out when I have 20 records to ship, so maybe later than date) have DESMOND DEKKER & THE SPECIALS ‘King of Kings’ reissue of 1993 Trojan released album on coloured vinyl.. We hope to have 9 of 1000 numbered copies on coloured vinyl..

I’ll have you over to the Bob Man now to run through his bits and pieces as usual..

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Few nice bits announced over the last week, and back to a few games of fastest fingers first!
We’ll start off this week with the announcement of the upcoming compilation from Mr RSD Ambassador 2021, NOEL GALLAGHER. ‘Back The Way We Came Vol. 1 (2011-2021) documents the first decade of NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING BIRDS, with material coming from the first three studio albums and the later EPs released. It’s coming on 2CD, Deluxe 3CD, Vinyl or Super Deluxe Box Set.

The next reissue in the PJ HARVEY series has been announced via Universal, this time for 2007’s ‘White Chalk’. As with the others, there is also a Demos Vinyl and CD of unreleased material released on the same day from the sessions of the album.

Few other nice bits announced include a NEW ORDER ‘Be A Rebel : Remixed’ Clear Vinyl 12” & CD release, a new album by KINGS OF CONVENIENCE, and last but definitely not least, a 25th Anniversary reissue of SUEDE’s ‘Coming Up’ on Deluxe 2CD or Clear Vinyl.

Right, for fastest fingers first. LUMP (Laura Marling / Mike Lindsay) have announced their second studio album, ‘Animal’ is due to be released in July. There is CDCassette, and 2 different vinyl formats, both which we’ve been allocated numbers and are very very limited. There is a lovely Indies Coloured Swirl Vinyl, and also a Deluxe Vinyl with a die-cut slipcase, lyric poster and stickers. Here is the lead single ‘Animal’

Finally from mise for this week on the release front, the second in the series of SPIRITUALIZED reissues has been announced, with the second album ‘Pure Phase’ coming in June. CD and again very very limited Glow In The Dark initial vinyl pressing available on this one. 

We have put up two more Spotify Playlists this week, one for releases on both May 21st and May 28th. I will put a link to both below here. Give us a follow, and each we week we will throw up a Playlist of the stuff we are trying to hawk. Or sorry sell! I want my own yacht! 

That’s it from me this week, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob.. Champion’s League Final for ye’r lot.. Frank and yourself happy men i’d say..

Right moving onto PIAS / Integral for the 28th of May.. There are two ANIMAL COLLECTIVE reissues on Domino ‘Feels’ and ‘Sung Tongs’.. Rough Trade for the 28th of May have the new BLACK MIDI album ‘Cavalcade’.. It’s a wild listen.. There is a limited picture disc vinyl, standard vinyl, CD and cassette available.. CAN ‘Live Stuttgart 1975’ gets a rejob on 2CD or 3 Coloured LPs.. CLINT MANSELL returns with the score to ‘Rebecca’ movie, the vinyl is translucent marble double vinyl on Invada Records..

An album that has caught my own ear over the last few months is a debut record by MUSTAFA on his own label.. ‘When Smoke Rises’ its called and he describes his music as ‘inner city folk’.. He hails from the tough side of town in Toronto, Canada, and has lost some dear friends to gun violence.. Such integrity in his vocal.. It’s available to indies shops on green coloured vinyl or CD.. Here is ‘Air Forces’ and ‘Stay Alive’ from the record.

ACT have a new NILS LANDGREN FUNK UNIT CD, ‘Funk is My Religion, and SOUL JAZZ RECORDS have a new studio on collection ‘Fire Over Babylon’..

Warner for the 28th of May have a rack of releases.. I’ll list mainly.. BOWIE ‘Man Who Sold The World’ 50th Anniversary Picture DiscBOWIE ‘Width of A Circle’ 2CDETTA JAMES ‘The Montreux Years’NINA SIMONE ‘The Montreux Years’, EVA CASSIDY ‘Acoustic’ 2LPGRATEFUL DEAD ‘Anthem Of The Sun’ 50th Anniversary reissueBURNING WITCH ‘The Witch Of The North’, GREEN DAY ‘Nimrod’ reissuePARAMORE ‘Riot’ Silver Indies Only reissueTINA TURNER ‘TINA’ ORIGINAL CAST RECORDING VinylTEXAS ‘Hi’ brand new album on BMG on CD, Deluxe CD and LP, and lastly a K.D. LANG ‘Makeover’ on Nonesuch which is a collection of dance remixes from some of her best loved songs on CD or first press only coloured vinyl..

Sin é for this week,
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane
P.S. thoughts on the price hikes next week… 
**Oh and Uni & Sony RSD Lists.. Last few days for these 2..

Final Call For RSD Wishlists, New Billie Eilish Announced, And Weller Is Back

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well enough.. Hoping for a bounce of the ball with the announcements.. Hoping call & collect is back by next Tuesday and maybe a plan for reopening the shop by the end of May.. Let’s see what tomorrow brings… The phone number for us is 021-4967119 and we are inside everyday really 10:30-5 you will nearly always catch us.. Our email is .. Also I have organised most of the records put away so things are a bit more organised.. Hopefully see some of your purdy faces next week (ala Nanci Griffith though)..

Right just with the RSD so first… Today was the dead line for all record company wish lists except Universal..

Here is the full list of the records available for RSD… All 541 of them : 

And here is the company lists with prices that we have easy enough access to (including now added the Republic of Music list)..

Uni (which as said we will follow on within you will have a week if interested)…  The record companies (Except Uni) need my orders by noon Friday April 30th.. NB Here Now for BOTH DROPS… So ala Neil Young, ‘tonight’s the night’.

I will communicate problems with stock and allocations with ye over the next few weeks so ye know the state of play.. Some of the companies / labels do not have distort and paperwork sorted since Brexit and we can not get maybe 10% of the list… We will communicate if there is a problem… Just two issues so far I am aware of, the SMALL FACES release is a big problem, the rep isn’t sure any copies are going to come across the water but he and I are fighting our corners, we will do our best both of us… We are on the case and the other one is simply demand is far exceeding supply, and even though we will have a nice number, demand is huge and maybe 3 times what I will be supplied.. Sorry folks, it’s the FONTAINES D.C. release.. There are only 2500 of them and demand in the UK is massive… There are nearly 400 shops fishing for the 2500 records.. We are fighting our corner 1% of them be our outcome i’d say but that won’t quench the demand… Alarm clocks at the ready if you want FDC on RSD… Sin sin for now on RSD… Pity no bands or parties this year… Being allowed to let ye in will be a party in itself.. Let’s see how that plays out…


Video for last week’s releases is now up on YouTube here :

Right and releases for next Friday the 7th of May include new releases by NEW ORDERSQUIDAMY WINEHOUSEWEEZERRAG N’ BONE MANVAN MORRISONGO-GO PENGUINFEARSDODIELISA GERRARD & JULES MAXWELL, and the vinyl pressings of ZAPPA’s OST... There are reissues from PETER MURPHYSILVERCHAIRFEAR FACTORY, and THE BEATLES..

Moving onto May the 14th so folks and Universal have a couple of sweet releases… The new WELLER album ‘Fat Pop’ is out via Polydor.. 5 Physical formats.. CD Digi, 3CD DeluxeBlack Vinyl, Indies Only Yellow Vinyl and Indies Only Yellow Cassette version.. 16th solo studio album now… Some man really.. Here’s a cracking tune from the record :

Uni via Loma Vista have the new ST VINCENT album also for the 14th of May called ‘Daddy’s Home’ on LP, CD or Indies Only LP.. Here is a tune from it..

Another sweet release on the Impulse! label via Uni is the new SONS OF KEMET album ‘Black Is The Future’ and here is single ‘To Never Forget The Source’.. It’s available on CD, 2LP or Indies only 2lp orange vinyl..

Universal for the 14th of May have an ENINEM 4LP Set of ‘Music To Be Murdered By – Side B’.. I don’t have any details on it yet.. There is a new ALAN JACKSON CD, a new KENNY ROGERS Double Vinyl ‘Best Of’, an IMPULSE! RECORDS 4LP Boxset.. There are some TRAFFIC vinyl reissues as well as R+R=NOW’s Live Album getting it’s vinyl release via Bluenote..

PIAS for the 14th of May have the PHOEBE ‘Copycat Killer’ 12”, and the ANNA CALVI reissue..

The Orchard for the 14th of May have a new 8-Track mini album by Mercury nominated JORJA SMITH called ‘Be Right Back’, as well as a brand new solo album from MYLES KENNEDY.. Here is the title track ‘The Ides Of March’ from the album :

The Orchard also for the 14th of May have a brand new ANI DIFRANCO album ‘Revolutionary Love’ as a 2LP release only.. Here is ‘Do Or Die’ from the record.. Ani’s 22nd record now!!

Warner for the 14th of May have the class CSNY Deluxe Reissue of ‘Deja Vu’ as a 4CD/1LP set on Rhino/Atlantic… Stock is now sold out with the record company and won’t be back until October or November.. We still have 6 or 7 copies in stock.. Warner also have the new BLACK KEYS ‘Delta Kream’.. Here is a cover of ‘Crawling King Snake’ from the album :

Republic of Music for the 14th of May have some JOHN CARPENTER ‘Lost Themes’ 1 and 2 reissued on coloured vinyl, and Strut also have SUN RA ‘Lanquidity’ Deluxe Edition on 2CD or 4LP Set..

Going to hand ye over to the Bob man now as he runs through upcoming releases and announcements.. The biggest pop star / artist on the planet has a new record.. Bob will update..

Hey everyone,
Hope you are keeping safe and well.
Boss-man is right, one of the biggest names in music has announced the release of her second album. Speaking of course of BILLIE EILISH. The new record ‘Happier Than Ever’ is coming July 30th on Interscope / Darkroom via Universal. 16 new tracks, with the lead single due to drop tomorrow evening. It is being released on CDVinyl or Indies Only Opaque Brown Vinyl.

Other nice bits announced over the previous few days include the new, second album by supergroup PIROSHKA, called ‘Love Drips & Gathers’. The band is made up of members of Lush, Elastica, Moose and Modern English. If their debut was classic Britpop, they are calling this their Shoegaze outting. 

There is a new, deluxe reissue of MOTORHEAD’s classic ‘No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith’ coming as a Deluxe 2CDLimited 4CD Set or Deluxe 3LP Vinyl. All formats feature a previously unreleased show from Newcastle amongst other unreleased bits. The classic show from 1980 is also remastered from the original tapes.

There is a couple of MF DOOM vinyl reissues due back in stock with us in June, including 3 different versions of ‘Operation: Doomsday’, and a reissue of MF DOOM / CZARFACE album ‘Czarface Meets Metalface’. DANIEL AVERY has a new vinyl release announced entitled ‘Together In Static’, a project created exclusively for sold-out, socially distanced show that is due to happen in London in May. Will be an interesting listen! There is also a DR. FEELGOOD compilation vinyl reissue of ‘Singles : The U.A. Years+’, a coloured vinyl reissue announced of ALAN PARSONS ‘On Air’, and finally on the release front just announced is 2 limited coloured vinyl reissues from MY MORNING JACKET for ‘Evil Urges’ and ‘It Still Moves’.

Lastly from mise, we have decided to set up a Spotify (are we allowed mention that name here?!!) account for the good siopa, and each week we are going to put up a public playlist of some of the releases we find interesting coming. Only set up since 5PM so we only have one playlist so far done up (for releases May 7th), but will add more to it by next week and keep updating it. So the account is, give us a follow to keep up to date with the playlists, and here is the link to the first one :

Cheers everyone, back to the boss-man!

Thanks a mil Bob.. Right so PIAS/Integral have some tasty releases for the 21st of May.. GRUFF RHYS (Super Furry) has a new ‘Seeking New Gods’ album via Rough Trade.. The 7th solo album Furries man, first press only on indies green vinyl.. Some seriously good reviews about the place.. I got a link form the Record company and 2 full listens.. Really good it is.. Here is ‘Can’t Carry On’ from it..

PIAS / Integral also have the new album from JOHN HIATT with the JERRY DOUGLAS BAND ‘Leftover Feelings’ it’s called and it’s on New West.. Indies only blue marbled vinyl available.. Here is ‘All the Lilacs in Ohio’ and I can’t stop playing it.. It’s class.. The band are just class and Douglas on that Dobro is just above class.. List to the intro here!!

MY BLOODY VALENTINE reissues are also out on the 21st of May via Domino.. The vinyl are long sold out (a great pity for shop & customers.. makes no sense to me.. anyway).. But the CDs are still available for ‘EP’s 1988-1991 & Rare Tracks’ and double CDs available for ‘Isn’t Anything’ and ‘Loveless‘, and standard CD version of ‘MBV‘ available.. There is a new SOUL JAZZ Records release also of ‘Cold Wave #1’ on orange vinyl, and lastly from Integral is the new MDOU MOCTAR album ‘Afrique Victime‘ through Matador on Indies Only Purple vinyl or CD… Here is the title track from the album.. Really good isn’t it :

RSD again!!! Universal pricing for Drop 1 (June) has just landed… Bobby will link it below.. I need the Uni RSD Drop 1 wish lists back to me by TUESDAY 11TH MAY.. As said a few weeks.. Uni vinyl has moved considerably north and you can see the effect on both the RSD pricing and the new Billie Eilish release (nearly double the retail on her previous album).. I have a bit to say on it all but next week for that now.. Anyway here is the Universal Drop 1 Pricing :

Sin é really for this week,
Thanks for listening as always
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

Universal – Record Store Day 2021 DROP 1 (JUNE) List With Prices

ArtistTitleLabelFormatUK QTYprice
Amy WinehouseRemixesUMC2LP – coloured2300€ 40.00
Limited edition coloured vinyl edition of a collection of Amy Winehouse remixes from Frank and Back To Black, for Record Store Day 2021. This 2LP set is pressed on 180 gram coloured vinyl – one LP blue, one yellow – and includes a digital download card.
Anti-Flag20/20 Division3rd Party1 LP – coloured500€ 30.00
Punk legends Anti-Flag released what is arguably the most important album of their career ’20/20 Vision’ last year and gave it the deluxe treatment with five new songs, dubbing it ’20/20 Division’. Now available for the first time ever on single 140g coloured LP.
Ariana Grandek bye for now (swt live)Island3LP750€ 40.00
k bye for now’ is Ariana Grande’s first live album, recorded during her Sweetener tour. The Sweetener tour featured over 80 shows across three continents. This was also the first time Ariana produced her own project.
Baby QueenRaw ThoughtsPolydor12″1000€ 17.00
Inspired by a terrible break up and an even worse hangover after one of the biggest nights out of her life, hotly tipped Baby Queen says “‘Raw Thoughts’ is probably the most important song I’ve released to date because it’s the song that catalysed what has become the sound of Baby Queen,” continuing, ‘It’s euphoria bleeding into my deep sadness. It sounds like the moment everything changes, because without my knowing it at the time, it was.” Available exclusively for Record Store Day for the first time on vinyl, alongside two brand new alternate versions.
BC CamplightHide, Run Away / Blink Of A NihilistVirgin2LP450€ 35.00
One Little Independent Records is proud to present a limited-edition marble-effect coloured vinyl pressing of BC Camplight’s first two albums ‘Hide, Run Away’ and ‘Blink Of A Nihilist’. Featuring brand new artwork, it’s the first time these two records have been available on vinyl.
Beastie BoysAglio E OlioUMCLP1500€ 33.00
Vinyl reissue with two newly added bonus tracks, “Soba Violence,” and a rare cover of “Light My Fire.”
Ben HowardCollections from the Whiteout: Variations Vol 1. Island12″700€ 25.00
Exclusive RSD release, ft. 4 live session/stripped back tracks from recent album CFTW. Volume 1 – Side A: Rookery/Far Out -Side B: Finders Keepers/The Strange Last Flight of Richard Russell
Blue Lab Beats/Kan SanoMontara/Think TwiceDecca7″600€ 22.00
For our Blue Note Re:imagined album campaign we released 4 7″ records quarterly along the campaign ahead of album release. This 7″ comes after the album release and is the 5th in the collectors series. It features Montara from Blue Lab Beats, the key focus track on album release and also the incredible Think Twice from japanese artist Kan Sano. This exclusive release is so special as the Kan Sano single only exists to this day digitally and this will be the first exlusive physical release of this song!
Cande y PauloLimite En Tu Amor EPDecca10″ 500€ 22.00
This is a very exclusive release for Record Store Day. The vinyl features the incredible studio recorded EP from late night latin argentinian jazz duo Cande y Paulo. Recorded in L.A with Larry Klein the EP is stunning. On the B side of the vinyl it features the live versions of their EP tracks recorded in their home town of San Juan, Argentina. The special nugget here though is that for this RSD exclusive we have included the Spanish version of their single Treaty, this song does not exist on streaming so it will be a first exlusive on this product. ‘Trato’- the duo’s adaptation and translation of the late Leonard Cohen’s masterpiece ‘Treaty’. This will be a beautiful RED vinyl to emulate the ‘love/amor’ theme across their project!
Cat StevensHarold & Maude OSTUMC1LP – colour- Orange1000€ 27.00
This release is being offered in 2 different coloured vinyl, Orange & Yellow, the quantities for all territories will be split 50/50. The Paramount movie Harold and Maude was in December 1971 and in the almost fifty years since its release, has become a cult classic. Part of the reason for its success is undoubtedly its soundtrack, which is comprised exclusively of songs by Cat Stevens.The majority of tracks are taken from the two 1970 Island/A&M albums, Mona Bone Jakon and Tea for the Tillerman, but Cat Stevens also composed two original songs for the film, “Don’t Be Shy” and “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out”, as well as performing instrumental and alternative versions. The Harold and Maude soundtrack was first relissued in super limited quantities on multiple coloured LP versions in 2007 via Cameron Crowe’s Vinyl Films label (copies now trade for hundreds of dollars or more via Discogs). Finally presented in its first Island/A&M release, this new 50th anniversary Record Store Day pressing on coloured 180g vinyl, will boast some key differences: Brand new front cover design, exclusively available for this Record Store Day release. Newly remastered audio, courtesy of Abbey Road Studios. Dialogue / key audio snippets from the motion picture. 
Cat StevensHarold & Maude OSTUMC1LP – colour – Yellow1000€ 27.00
This release is being offered in 2 different coloured vinyl, Orange & Yellow, the quantities for all territories will be split 50/50The Paramount movie Harold and Maude was in December 1971 and in the almost fifty years since its release, has become a cult classic. Part of the reason for its success is undoubtedly its soundtrack, which is comprised exclusively of songs by Cat Stevens.The majority of tracks are taken from the two 1970 Island/A&M albums, Mona Bone Jakon and Tea for the Tillerman, but Cat Stevens also composed two original songs for the film, “Don’t Be Shy” and “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out”, as well as performing instrumental and alternative versions. The Harold and Maude soundtrack was first relissued in super limited quantities on multiple coloured LP versions in 2007 via Cameron Crowe’s Vinyl Films label (copies now trade for hundreds of dollars or more via Discogs). Finally presented in its first Island/A&M release, this new 50th anniversary Record Store Day pressing on coloured 180g vinyl, will boast some key differences: Brand new front cover design, exclusively available for this Record Store Day release. Newly remastered audio, courtesy of Abbey Road Studios. Dialogue / key audio snippets from the motion picture. 
Dave Davies & John CarpenterVillage Of The Damned (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)UMC2LP – coloured500€ 50.00
The Deluxe Edition for Village of the Damned presents the full score as heard in the film for the first time, a far more complete presentation then the 1995 Original Soundtrack which was not only truncated, but made of an entirely separate mix that wasn’t featured in the film. The set does however include the track, “Midwich Shuffle,” a fun number which was created specifically for the 1995 soundtrack despite never actually appearing in the film. Interest in John Carpenter’s original film scores has never been higher, and his collaboration with Dave Davies of the Kinks is a one of a kind moment in cinematic music history. The album includes an all new original art direction with new notes and classic film stills and comes pressed on Orange Haze vinyl. 
Dave GrusinGoonies (Original Motion Picture Score)UMC1LP – picture disc600€ 50.00
In celebration of the film’s 35th anniversary, this first ever picture disc for the iconic score features the album cover on side A and the infamous One-Eyed Willie on side B. The tracklisting to this single disc version of the original score was personally selected and assembled by composer, David Grusin. 
Def LeppardLive in OxfordUMC2LP800€ 35.00
Originally part of the acclaimed Early Years box set, Live in Oxford makes its debut on vinyl. Recorded in 1980 this show captures the band on great form at the beginning of their career
DisclosureEnergyIsland2LP – picture disc500€ 40.00
Disclosure returned last February with the brand new ‘Ecstasy’ EP where they rolled out a track a day over five days in the same vein to their last release, the ‘Moonlight’ EP (2018). Only this time, the ‘Ecstasy’ EP was in fact, a precursor to their third album ‘ENERGY’ – released in August on Island Records. ENERGY secured the bands third Top 5 album and third album grammy nomination along with a further nomination for the single ‘My High’ ft. Aminé & slowthai. ENERGY pits a raucous rhythm from an album of Brazilian library music against a sample of Eric Thomas, the same hip hop preacher whose words memorably appeared on 2013’s When a Fire Starts to Burn. A global spectrum of talented artists grace the record – and for the first time this includes rappers. Appearances from Mick Jenkins, Channel Tres, Aminé and slowthai sit comfortably alongside the legend that is Common. Other features include the inimitable Kelis who opens the album and Fatoumata Diawara who the boys have also linked up with previously. Cameroon’s Blick Bassy brings his own flow to the table while a powerhouse team of Kehlani & Syd ease the pace with their contribution. Limited edition 2 x picture discs housed in a transpared 2LP PVC gatefold with SOV card & sticker . 165g.
Django DjangoThe Glowing In The Dark RemixesBecause12”600€ 20.00
5 brand new remixes of Django Django ‘s songs collected on exclusive RSD 12”.
A1. Spirals (MGMT remix)/A2. Glowing in the Dark (Hot Chip remix) – B1. Free From Gravity (Busy P Remix)/B2. Waking Up (Free Love remix)/B3. Glowing in the Dark (Kevin West remix)
Don DavisThe Matrix – The Complete EditionUMC3LP – coloured500€ 90.00
The science fiction masterpiece has captured the imagination of another generation with news of a new Matrix film. This deluxe 3-LP set is pressed on glitter-infused green vinyl, expanded to 44 tracks and housed in a stunning new art design. Also included are classic film stills and an exclusive new interview with composer, Don Davis
Easy LifeLifes A BeachIsland1LP – coloured 700€ 27.00
Releasing just 1 week after the debut album lands this is a very special edition made exclusively for RSD. The format is limited to 1000 copies only and includes unique artwork and heavyweight vinyl in orange.
ElbowThe Newborn EPPolydor10″2000€ 22.00
May 2021 will be 20 years since elbow’s debut ‘Asleep In The Back’ was released. To celebrate this the band are releasing The Newborn EP on limited Blue 10″ and The Any Day Now EP on limited Red 10″ for Records Store Day 2021
ElbowThe Any Day Now EPPolydor10″2000€ 22.00
May 2021 will be 20 years since elbow’s debut ‘Asleep In The Back’ was released. To celebrate this the band are releasing The Newborn EP on limited Blue 10″ and The Any Day Now EP on limited Red 10″ for Records Store Day 2021
Electric WizardTime To Die3rd Party2LP – coloured666€ 35.00
Doom metal icons Electric Wizard burst onto the scene in the early 90’s and have been traiblazing ever since. Out of press for 5 years, the band present their 2014 album ‘Time To Die’ on Gatefold 2 140g dark green LP, silver pantone front and back with printed inserts.
Elton JohnRegimental Sgt.ZippoUMC1LP2000€ 27.00
After the rapturous reception for Jewel Box, Rocket/UMC/EMI are honoured to announce a strictly limited one-off bringing together of Elton John’s fabled Regimental Sgt Zippo album that was slated for release in 1968, but ultimately shelved. For one day only, we enter a parallel universe where this, not Empty Sky, would have been Elton John’s debut album. Recorded at Dick James Studios in Central London between late 1967 and Spring 1968, six of the 12 songs were released on Jewel Box, but five are here in their finished versions for the first time and a debut release for You’ll Be Sorry To See Me Go. Overseen with customary forensic attention to details by Elton’s archive team, RSZ is an absolute feast for fans of Elton John and Bernie Taupin.
Elvis CostelloLa Face de Pendule a CoucouConcordVinyl – 12″ 45rpm album800€ 20.00
Elvis Costello reimagines several tracks from his late 2020 release Hey Clockface with a French twist. He is joined by the venerable Iggy Pop, singer and actress Isabell Adjani and the French – African collective Tshegue and AJUQ on La Face de Pendule a Coucou when translated, means “face of the cuckoo clock”. This is the first time these versions are available on vinyl.
Finn AskewEgotismPolydor7″1000€ 15.00
For proof that remarkable talent can flourish in the most unexpected places, look no further than Finn Askew. Hailing from a sleepy market town in Somerset, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter could scarcely be further removed from any sort of music scene, and yet he’s raising the bar for the rest of the industry with his soulful yet streetwise sound. Following his successful 2020 string of singles including ‘Old Love, ‘Peach’ and the undeniable ‘Roses’ – his debut single which shot him out of the gate and now sits on an incredible 9.2 million views – Finn has not only been growing in the UK, but after Taeyong from notorious KPOP group NCT shared Roses, saw him trend in Korea and pick up a dedicated following there that has propelled him globally and seen him establish himself on several Korean digital music charts. Tipped as a One To Watch for 2021 by The Line of Best Fit, the young Somerset artists, eclectic and varied range juxtaposes even the most melancholy lyrics with upbeat, heartwarming synths, guitar melodies and a enthusiasm, stretching way beyond Finn’s 19 years.
GenesisLive At KnebworthMercury Studios12″ – numbered 750€ 20.00
This is the first time, in over thirty years, that this title, has ever been released as a 12″ EP on black vinyl (numbered). An iconic release from an iconic artist. This release features “Mama” and “Turn It On Again” (medley) performance from one of the most legendary concerts ever staged in Britain and each sale raises money for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. Released on Limited and Numbered 12″ 
HaimGasolinePolydor7″1500€ 22.00
Haim release a coloured vinyl 7″ featuring a new version of the track Gasoline with Taylor S plus the original version
Harry Gregson-Williams and John PowellShrekUMC1LP – coloured500€ 35.00
Shrek is the 2nd most successful animated franchise in history and celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021. Two of the most prominent composers in animated features, Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell, joined forces to create a score that is still as fun and popular as it was when it first came out. Released on slime green vinyl.
IhsahnAfter3rd Party2 LP gatefold – coloured500€ 34.00
Black Metal legend Ihsahn’s critically acclaimed 2010 album ‘After’ has not been in print since 2017. Featuring the tracks ‘Frozen Lakes On Mars’ and ‘The Barren Lands’, this release is a fan favourite. Now returning to vinyl exclusively for RSD on 2 140g LP gatefold purple, black and white swirl vinyl with black inner bags and lyric insert.
John MartynThe Church With One BellUMC1LP1000€ 44.00
John Martyn’s 1998 album, featuring songs by Randy Newman, Dead Can Dance, Ben Harper, and Portishead, amongst others. Unavailable on vinyl since its original release. Half-speed mastered from the original tapes by Miles Showell at Abbey Road and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at QRP.
Jonathan RichmanHaving A Party With Jonathan RichmanUMC1LP – coloured800€ 35.00
30th anniversary reissue of Jonathan Richman’s third solo album, featuring intimate live and studio solo performances that showcase his storytelling and songwriting. First wide vinyl release and pressed on Bermuda Seafoam vinyl. 
Kenny DorhamQuiet KennyUMC1LP500€ 40.00
Kenny Dorham’s classic 1959 album on New Jazz recorded by Rudy Van Gelder and featuring an all-star lineup including Tommy Flanagan, Paul Chambers and Art Taylor. ALL-ANALOG mastering from the original MONO tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio, pressed on 180-gram black vinyl at RTI and housed in a tip-on jacket.
Lady GagaChromatica RSD deluxe vinylPolydor1LP – deluxe800€ 55.00
Same tracklisting as original vinyl (16 tracks / 1 LP), Deluxe packaging – trifold vinyl jacket, 28 page LP sized book and 40 page fanzine, highlighter yellow coloured vinyl
Lamb Of GodAs The Palaces BurnUMC1LP – coloured400€ 35.00
Lamb Of God’s third studio album, featuring the 2010 remix and singles “Ruin, “11th Hour” and “As The Palaces Burn.” Pressed on red-splatter vinyl.
Linton Kwesi JohnsonMaking HistoryUMC1LP – coloured1200€ 33.00
Expanded LP edition of ‘dub poet’ Linton Kwesi Johnson’s classic 1984 album, featuring the original album + three bonus tracks. Bespoke gatefold sleeve with enhanced artwork.Remastered at Abbey Road, released on heavyweight YELLOW coloured vinyl. Produced by Linton Kwesi Johnson and the legendary Dennis Bovell (‘Blackbeard’), the album continues LKJ’s fierce, politically-charged view of Britain at the time. His outspoken comments on the 1981 Brixton riots, the New Cross fire that killed 13 black teenagers and confronting the National Front are all tackled but with an accessible and strident dub-reggae beat.Extensive liner notes from the original LP, by the late political activist and journalist Darcus Howe, are included in the package. Darcus was depicted in the recent Steve McQueen film, ‘Small Axe: Mangrove’ on BBC TV. Out of print on vinyl for many years.
Mae MullerStripped3rd Party12″ picture disc300€ 20.00
With over 5 million views on YouTube, the acoustic renditions of Mae Muller’s pop bangers have proven to be a fan favourite. This Record Store Day exclusive, ‘Stripped’, is the first time they have been made available on vinyl and will be a limited edition picture disc with download code.Quote: ‘I can’t wait to release the vinyl of my acoustics!! They have been so important on this journey since the beginning, I wasn’t expecting such a crazy reaction, so it really is special for my fans to have them in physical ????’
Marry Waterson & Oliver KnightThe Days That Shaped Me (10th Anniversary Edition)One Little Independent2LP400€ 27.00
Never pressed on vinyl before, this limited-edition red vinyl pressing celebrates the 10th anniversary of ‘The Days That Shaped Me’ by Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight. Having inherited the famous musical legacy of one of Brit folk’s most revered families, the Watersons, Marry & Oliver developed an intuitive partnership that helped create this fantastic collection of beautiful, evocative and mysterious songs. Featuring brand new artwork by Pete Manley and never heard before songs, it’s an organic, original and gloriously real listen.
MetronomyThe Look (10th Anniversary)Virgin7 ”500€ 9.00
“The look” classic Metronomy ‘s hit from 2011 goes 10 in 2021. New MGMT remix as B Side as exclsuive Bside of this RSD 7” . A1. The Look- B1. The Look (MGMT remix)
Nubya GarciaSource Our DanceConcord 12″ single1000€ 25.00
London-based saxophone player Nubya Garcia will release SOURCE ≡ OUR DANCE, a RSD remix 12” ep presented on Turquoise Blue w/Black colored vinyl. This special RSD exclusive is a collection of four remix tracks from Nubya’s celebrated debut album SOURCE, reimagined through collaboration with cutting edge artists Makaya McCraven, DJ Tahira, Mark de Clive-Lowe and Shy One. This limited edition LP comes hot off the heels of Nubya’s debut album which landed on numerous Best Albums of 2020 lists, including MOJO, NPR, Paste, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone, to name a few, and one The New York Times describes as “a life’s worth of experiences into an hourlong listen.”
OpethMorningrise3rd Party2 LP – coloured666€ 35.00
Morningrise, the second studio album from progressive metal pioneers Opeth was first released in 1996 and has become a classic in metal circles with original copies becoming much harder to find. Celebrating it’s 25th anniversary we are happy to present this once again on a premium limited format, gatefold 2LP grey, transclucent blue vinyl with embossed sleeve.
Orange GoblinEulogy For The Damned3rd Party1LP – Gatefold666€ 35.00
British stoners Orange Goblin released ‘A Eulogy For The Damned’ close to 10 years ago and has slowly become a classic in the doom genre and hasn’t been available on LP format since, now returning on a gatefold LP w/lyric book insert and embosed cover, and fully remastered by Jamie Gomez.
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Enola Gay RemixesUMC12″ 1250€ 19.00
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, electronic music pioneers and one of Britain’s best-loved pop groups, release an RSD exclusive 12” single on coloured vinyl this year, to celebrate an incredible 40 years of their signature song Enola Gay. The single features a remix from Mercury Prize nominated band Hot Chip and acclaimed DJ/producer Theo Kottis.
Robert PlantLive At KnebworthMercury Studios12″ – coloured 750€ 20.00
This is the first time, in over thirty years, that this title, has ever been released as a 12″ EP on coloured vinyl. An iconic release from an iconic artist. This features performances from one of the most legendary concerts ever staged in Britain. Tracklisting is 1)Hurting Kind 2) Liar’s Dance 3)Tall Cool One 4)Wearing and Tearing. Each sale raises money for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy.
ShygirlAlias (remixed)Virgin12”450€ 17.00
Blane Muise, better known by her stage name Shygirl, is a British rapper, DJ, singer, songwriter and co-head/founder of record label and collective NUXXE. Shygirl’s music incorporates elements of hip house, industrial hip-hop, grime and deconstructed club. She has also been associated with the hyperpop music scene – 7 brand new remixes of Shygirl’s songs collected on exclusive RSD 12”. A1. TASTY/A2. TASTY (Boys Noize remix)/A2. TASTY (Boys Noize Extended Dub)/A4. TASTY (LSDXOXO remix) B1. SIREN /B2. SIREN (Basement Jaxx Cruise remix)/B3. SIREN (Basement Jaxx Joy Ride remix)
SighHeir To Despair3rd Party1 LP – coloured500€ 30.00
Often hailed as one of Japan’s first black metal bands in the early 90’s, Sigh have gone on to push the boundaries of experimental and avant-garde style with their progressive music. Their most recent album ‘Heir To Despair’ was released in 2018 to critical acclaim from longtime fans of the artist and new ones alike. Now re-released for the first time since 2018 on a single purple, black and white swirl LP w/black inner bags and lyric insert and embossed cover.
Sleep TokenJaws/The Way That You Were3rd Party10″ – coloured500€ 22.00
The entity only known as Sleep Token have been breaking the genre boundaries since they began releasing their ‘offerings’ in 2016. For the first time ever, fan favourites ‘Jaws’ and ‘The Way That You Were’ will be available on vinyl format as a single sleeve Black Yolk colour 10 inch.
Status QuoLive At KnebworthMercury Studios12″ – coloured500€ 20.00
This is the first time, in over thirty years, that this title, has ever been released as a 12″ EP on coloured vinyl. An iconic release from an iconic artist. This features performances from one of the most legendary concerts ever staged in Britain and each sale raises money for Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. Tracklisting 1)Dirty Water 2)Whatever You Want 3)Rocking All Over the World
StillwaterStillwater Demos EPUMC1LP – coloured1000TBC
1LP collection of the 6 demos recorded by Nancy Wilson and Peter Frampton for the songs they wrote for the fictional band in the iconic rock film ALMOST FAMOUS. RSD will be the exclusive vinyl edition, the tracks will appear on a future project but available only on CD and Digital. 1.Love Comes and Goes (Early Version) (Nancy Wilson) (Side A) 2. Fever Dog (Demo) (Nancy Wilson) (Side A) 3. Love Thing (Demo) (Nancy Wilson (Side A) 4. Chance Upon You (Demo) (Nancy Wilson) (Side A)5. Love Comes And Goes (Demo) (Nancy Wilson) (Side B)6. You Had To Be There (Demo) (Peter Frampton, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Gordon Kennedy) (Side B)7. Hour Of Need (Demo) (Peter Frampton, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Gordon Kennedy) (Side B)
Sub Focus Solar System / SirenEMI12″ 400€ 17.00
What is special about this release? Why are you releasing it for RSD? Is there an interesting story behind its recording and/ or packaging? Does it’s release fall on a special anniversary? Does it coincide with a historical live event? Does the artist have a particular attachment or connection to these tracks? Are there any quotes from the artists about why they are releasing it for RSD? Is there anything on here that customers won’t expect? Finally, please make sure you also state in the summary what the colour is/ whether it has a download code/ whether it is numbered or any other format details customers and journalists will want to know about. Everything in this section will appear on the RSD website so please do not miss out details or leave blank
t.A.T.u.200 KM/H In the Wrong LaneUMC1LP – coloured700€ 33.00
200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane is t.A.T.u.’s breakthrough, global hit album featuring All The Things She Said, and Not Gonna Get Us. All The Things She Said hit #1 in Australia, UK, Germany, France, and New Zealand. Additionally, it hit #20 in the US which is the highest chart position reached by any Russian act. Album producers: Trevor Horn, Martin Kierszenbaum & Robert Orton. About the RSD Pressing: This is the first official vinyl pressing of the album, Features the album’s original artwork, Features “Explicit” versions of songs where applicable, Exclusive Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl,Includes Poster
Tears For FearsLive at Massey HallUMC2LP1500€ 35.00
Taken from the bands Songs from The Big Chair tour, this double album and single CD captures the band live in Canada in 1985. The album has been mixed from newly found multi tracks and is first time the band has had a live album in this format and CD.
Tears For FearsLive at Massey HallUMC1CD750€ 15.00
Taken from the bands Songs from The Big Chair tour, this double album and single CD captures the band live in Canada in 1985. The album has been mixed from newly found multi tracks and is first time the band has had a live album in this format and CD.
The AcademicTales From The Backseat 3rd PartyLP – coloured300€ 30.00
Ireland’s most exciting new export are The Academic; the Mick Jagger-approved, party-starting four-piece, with their super-uplifting and hugely melodic guitar-driven sound is the product of a tight-knit gang who’ve been playing together since school. The Academic’s debut album, Tales From The Backseat, originally released in 2018 (and went straight to #1 in Ireland), gets a very special limited edition re-release on yellow vinyl for Record Store Day! 
The Chemical BrothersTBCEMI12″1200€ 25.00
The first new music from the duo since 2019’s hugely lauded No Geography. Built around two distinct and disparate vocal samples and a woozy swirl of psychedelic sound, The Darkness That You Fear is the sonic equivalent of light at the end of the tunnel – a rush of hope and a pointer towards a brighter, more open future.The single will also be released on 12 inch vinyl on Saturday 12th June as part of Record Store Day 2021 (drop 1) alongside a B side which is as yet unreleased.
The CureFaithUMC1LP picture disc3000€ 28.00
First time on Picture Disc for this 40th Anniversary – Record Store Day 2021 Exclusive. Features the single, “Primary”The Picture Disc is housed in a die-cut sleeve and comes with a Download Card.
The FlirtationsNothing But A Heartache’ b/w ‘Need Your Loving’Decca7″600€ 22.00
The Flirtations were South Carolina trio Lestine Johnson with sisters Ernestine and Shirley Pearce. They originally recorded for the Old Town label as The Gypsies but despite a change of name and several changes of label success eluded them. After winning a local talent contest in 1968 they packed their bags and headed for England, where they supported Tom Jones and signed to Deram. ‘Nothing But A Heartache’ was their second release for the label and while it failed to chart in the UK it reached No. 34 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969. The wonderful ‘Need Your Loving’ would have remained an album track but requests from Northern Soul clubs saw it finally released as a single in 1972. Until now original UK copies of that original single have been extremely hard to come by and have been in very high demand. Both sides were written by the Deram ‘in house’ team of Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington, who would have considerable chart success in the mid ‘70s with The Rubettes, for whom they wrote the No. 1 hit ‘Sugar Baby Love’.
The LathumsLive at Blackpool TowerIslandLP – coloured1500€ 30.00
“The audio for this release has been taken from The Lathums’ one off livestreamed gig at Blackpool Tower’s Circus Room, which amassed 4,000 unique viewers back in October 2020. With the UK lockdown hitting right at the start of the band’s rise last year, for many this exclusive white vinyl RSD release will be the first glimpse of their electric live performance.Passage from Blackpool Tower PR: The Lathums return to live performance for the first time since their sold-out February tour to play the historic Blackpool Tower, with the show streaming in FREE HD audio and video on Wed 28 October at 8pm. The four-piece’s life-affirming, beg-for-a-ticket pre-Covid live shows recruited a fervent and growing, all-ages, UK-wide fanbase, supporters who helped the band swerve the wreckage of 2020 to stay firmly on the rise. The special, one-off show by the sea goes out as a ‘thank you’ from The Lathums to those stood by their side. Glancing back over a year that saw the band use time locked out of live venues to lock-in to intense writing and recording sessions, Live From Blackpool Tower, will see the band freed to play longstanding favourites alongside recent releases, including punchy single, I See Your Ghost, and other tracks from the forthcoming Ghosts EP (released Fri 30 October, Island Records). Filmed in the Tower’s ornate Circus Room under Covid-Safe conditions prior to Lancashire’s Tier 3 status being confirmed, The Lathums took the rare opportunity to let loose and get loud.”
The LiminanasThe World We Knew (OST)BecauseLP500€ 27.00
100% new & original music done by The Liminanas for the movie “The World We Knew” (2020). Never released before whatever digital or physical. 1st time ever release as RSD Exclusive
The PoliceLive Vol.1UMC2LP – coloured1500€ 44.00
First time on vinyl for the first official live album collection, originally released on a 2CD set in 1995, from The Police. Two separate double LPs showcase the band in two stages: Volume 1 Recorded in 1979 – shows a trio on the rise performing at its rawest, propelled by bassist and lead singer Sting, followed by drummer extraordinaire Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers, whose guitar textures are present throughout the show.The live gig took place at the Orpheum in Boston during the tour for their second album, Reggatta de Blanc, and was broadcast on local radio station WBCN at the time. It captures The Police at their most frantic and energetic. Highlights include early hits and classics such as Next to You, So Lonely, Bring on the Night, The Bed’s Too Big Without You, Roxanne, Walking on the Moon and Can’t Stand Losing You.
The PoliceLive Vol.2UMC2LP – coloured1500€ 44.00
Volume 2 Recorded on the American leg of their Synchronicity tour in 1983 during a stop in Georgia, at a show at The Omni in Atlanta. The show highlights a band at its peak, their already sophisticated sound being complemented by three background vocalists – Dollette Mc Donald, Tessa Niles and Michelle Cobb. Highlights include Tea in the Sahara, Every Breath You Take, Synchronicity I and Synchronicity II as well as huge hits – De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da and Don’t Stand So Close To Me. Remastered in 2020 at Abbey Road exclusively for this release • Pressed on heavyweight coloured vinyl: 
The Rolling StonesHot Rocks (1971)UMC2LP – coloured1750€ 55.00
Exclusive limited edition reissue for Record Store Day – celebrating the 50th anniversary of this landmark release This Iconic Rock collection is a must-have release by the ‘world’s greatest rock and roll band’…!! Originally released in 1971, this indispensable 21-track, collection features five UK number one singles – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Get Off Of My Cloud, Honky Tonk Women, and Paint It, Black. Hot Rocks offers a thrilling overview of seven tumultuous, trailblazing and innovative years of Stones’ hits and also their developing musical styles and their public image. Alongside the singles are key album tracks and B-sides that would become Fan Favourites to this day – Play With Fire, Under My Thumb, Street Fighting Man, Gimme Shelter and more. This unique new package features: Original gatefold art , Printed inner bags, A set of embossed lithographs featuring photographs by Michael Joseph, Pressed on 180 gram, yellow vinyl, Remastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, Lacquer cutting by Sean Magee, Abbey Road Studios
The ThrillsSo Much For The CityUMC1LP – coloured2000€ 28.00
Released in 2003 this Mercury nominated album spent 61 weeks in the album chart, notoriously hard to find on LP this version comes in Red Vinyl complete with original packaging.
The WhoFace Dances – Coloured VinylUMC2LP – coloured1600€ 44.00
Face Dances celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021 with this 2-LP expanded coloured (LP1 is Yellow and LP2 is Blue) vinyl version, both discs have been mastered by Jon Astley and cut at Half Speed by Miles Showell at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.Disc One contains the newly re-mastered version of the album while Disc Two has a side of studio out-takes and four tracks from the bands Rockpalast show in 1981 which appear for the first time on vinyl. The vinyl is housed in a slim line 12” box with 4 bonus art prints of the band members.
Thelonious MonkThe Custodian’s MixDeccaLP500€ 44.00
Palo Alto: The Custodian’s Mix is a journey back in time to Palo Alto High School’s sold-out auditorium on October 27, 1968, where Thelonious Monk and his quartet delivered an extraordinary performance. This limited-edition LP presents this historic concert exactly as it was recorded by a still-unknown high school custodian … hear it as if you were there on the historic day – this is the ultimate account of the concert as it happened. The identity of the recording engineer may remain a mystery, but the power of both Monk’s music and the original recording are self-evident.
Therapy?Nurse Reissue (Red Vinyl)Virgin LabelsLP800€ 28.00
Therapy? are an alternative metal band from Northern Ireland. The band was formed in 1989 by guitarist-vocalist Andy Cairns from Ballyclare and drummer-vocalist Fyfe Ewing. Their line-up was completed when the band recruited Larne bassist Michael McKeegan. Nurse was the first record by Therapy? for A&M (their first of 4 for the label), it was released in 1992 and moved the band to a more industrial sound. The album reached no 38 in the UK album charts. The album had the breakthrough single Teethgrinder which got to no 30 in the UK charts. The newly cut vinyl version (by Greg Moore) comes in Red Vinyl.
Tim McGraw, Tyler Hubbard Undivided 3rd Party12″ Vinyl Opaque Orange300€ 17.00
Music superstars Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard of duo Florida Georgia Line have joined forces on ‘Undivided’. Described as a personal call to themselves, the track combines their distinct voices and serves as a call for self-reflection and unity during the most uncertain times of 2020/21. Soul-searching on his bus while waiting out a positive COVID-19 quarantine, Hubbard was inspired to write ‘Undivided’, focussing on the positive with a feel-good message of hope and optimism. As he recruited McGraw for a song about coming together, that’s exactly what they did.The pair performed the song earlier in 2021 for TV special ‘Celebrating America’, in celebration of Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration. 12″ – Opaque Orange Coloured Vinyl
Timebox‘Beggin’’ b/w ‘Girl Don’t Make Me Wait’Decca7″600€ 22.00
Originally named The Take 5, Timebox originated from Southport, Lancashire. The quintets inclusion of organ and vibraphone hints at their Soul and Jazz leanings, as does their choice of repertoire. Prior to signing to Deram they recorded an excellent version of Dizzy Gillespie’s ‘Soul Source’ for the Piccadilly label. Their faithful cover of The Four Seasons ‘Beggin’’ gave Timebox a very brief taste of UK chart success when it peaked at No. 38 in August 1968 but it remains a firm favourite in Soul clubs. Timebox’ Soul credentials are evident from their choice of follow-up, an infectious cover of Bunny Sigler’s 1966 single ‘Girl Don’t Make Me Wait’, originally released on the Parkway label but not issued in the UK until 1976. It was penned by Leon Huff, who along with his song writing partner Kenny Gamble, was responsible for creating the Philly Soul sound in the 1970s.
U2Fire (40th Anniversary Edition)UMC12″ picture disc3600€ 27.00
‘Fire’ was originally released as the first single from U2’s second album October in July 1981, with J Swallow as the b-side. This 40th anniversary picture disc edition includes both tracks on side A, plus two live recordings of ‘Fire’ on side B – from Werchter in Belgium in July 1982 and from a BBC recording at the Hammersmith Palais in London in December 1982. All tracks have been newly remastered. Picture Disc Info, 4 track 12” EP, cut at 45 rpm, Picture disc pressing, with ‘fire’ imagery on Side A and a full colour band photo from the early 80s by Martyn Goddard on Side B, Transparent heavyweight PVC outer sleeve,Sticker with credits
Various ArtistSmall AxeEMILP Gatefold500€ 30.00
Official soundtrack to the critically acclaimed film anthology by esteemed and Oscar winning director Steve McQueen is released this Record Store Day. Featuring classic recordings from Prince Far I, Toots and the Maytals plus the iconic Janet Kay’s Silly Games. The official soundtrack to be released on newly formed Motown UK will also featuring original score tracks from composer Mica Levi, poetry recitals from the cast and brand new recordings from Michael Kiwanuka (Young, Gifted & Black) and Motown’s own Tiana Major 9 with a 2021 rendition of Silly Games. Tracklisting: 01_Mica Levi – Protest 02_Toots & The Maytals – Pressure Drop 03_Prince Far I – Throw Away Your Gun 04_Linton Kwesi Johnson – New Crass Massahkah 05_Sheyi Cole – Uprising 06_Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up 07_Tiana Major9 – Silly Games 08_Rochenda Sandall – Dread Beat An’ Blood Side B 01_Mica Levi – Old Bailey 02_Michael Kiwanuka – To Be Young, Gifted And Black 03_Imagination – So Good, So Right 04_Junior English – After Tonight 05_Mica Levi – In God You Must Trust 06_ Shaun Parkes – Inglan Is A Bitch 07_Janet Kay – Silly Games (Lover’s Rock Edit) 08_King Tubby, Augustus Pablo & The Aggrovators –More Warning 
Various ArtistsChicago/The Blues/Today!UMC3LP500€ 110.00
Deluxe reissue of Vanguard’s groundbreaking blues trilogy, including recordings from The Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band, J.B. Hutto And His Hawks, Otis Spann’s South Side Piano, The Jimmy Cotton Blues Quartet, Otis Rush Blues Band, Homesick James And His Dusters, Johnny Young’s South Side Blues Band, The Johnny Shines Blues Band and Big Walter Horton’s Blues Harp Band with Memphis Charlie. 3LP set featuring ALL-ANALOG mastering from the original stereo tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio, pressed on 180-gram black vinyl and housed in a triple gatefold jacket.
Various ArtistsJazz Dispensary: The Dank D-Funk Blend, Vol. 2UMC1LP – coloured500€ 43.00
Another set of deep grooves and funky jazz as selected by Doyle Davis of Grimey’s New and Pre-Loved Music in Nashville. All tracks remastered from the original analog tapes, and pressed on orange fire vinyl.
Various ArtistsDedicated to You: Lowrider LoveUMC1LP – coloured500€ 40.00
Newly curated compilation of classic and rare R&B, doo-wop and soul tracks from the catalogs of Fania, Stax, Vee-Jay and more. Pressed on clear and black swirled vinyl.
Various Artists – (Radiohead/PJ Harvey/Guru/Portishead/Smokin’ Mojo Filters/Beautiful South/Dodgy/Black GrapeHELP EPsVirgin12″1000€ 28.00
This is the first release on newly set up War Child Records. The HELP EP and Come Together single were released by Go! Discs around the iconic HELP album in 1995, which helped change the lives of children affected by the Yugoslavian civil war. Now we are putting them on vinyl with a very special 12” for the first time. The EPs have been remastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios, side A features Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Guru and Portishead. Side B feautres the Smokin’ Mojo Filters (Paul McCartney, Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller), Beautiful South, Dodgy and Black Grape. Cover art is by 3D (Massive Attack) which featured on the CD inner sleeve of the original 1995 HELP album, updated exclusively by the artist for this release. The back cover is the orignal John Squire piece which featured on the HELP EP original cover in 1995, reshot for this release. The release will be limited to 1,000 black vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day.
Willie Colón,Celia CruzCelia y WillieUMC1LP 500€ 40.00
40th anniversary reissue of the Fania classic from Celia Cruz and Willie Colón featuring hits, “Dos Jueyes” and “Yo Lo Puedes Decir.” ALL-ANALOG mastering from the original tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at RTI.

Republic Of Music – Record Store Day 2021 List With Prices

ArtistTitleFormatPrice DROP
Belle & SebastianThe Boy With The Arab StrapLP€35.00JUNE
Deep, TheSilver Surfer2×12″ Silver vinyl€24.00JUNE
DJ CamTropical GypsyLP€32.00JUNE
Engelbert HumperdinckEngelbert Calling: The Boxset4×7″ box set€55.00JUNE
Jess CorneliusI Cant Tell you Why7″€15.00JUNE
Lounge at the Edge of TownLounge at the Edge of TownLP€27.00JUNE
Nada SurfCycle ThroughLP€35.00JUNE
New Age OrchestraLets Dream Together12″€27.00JUNE
Nouvelle VagueGirls & Boys7″€18.00JUNE
RoedeliusDrauf Und DranLP€35.00JUNE
Salah Ragab & Cairo Jazz BandEgypt Strut2 x LP€32.00JUNE
Stone Foundation (feat. Paul Weller)Deeper Love (Remixes)12″€25.00JUNE
Various ArtistsMusic For Dreams Summer Sessions 2021 LPLP€25.00JUNE
Wailers & U-ROYMy Cup Runneth OverLP€32.00JUNE
Al-Dos BandDo Our Own Thing With PrideLP€33.00JUNE
DreadzoneRare Mixes Vol 12LP€35.00JULY
R. Stevie MooreFreedom Vs Fate 3LP€37.00JULY
Tom MoultonSpring Break12″€27.00JULY
Various ArtistsToo Slow To Disco presents: YACHT SOUL – Cover Versions2LP€37.00JULY
Various ArtistsTrashmouth Records.. 10 years Still Not Dead12″€22.00JULY
Manu Dibango & El Cuarteto PatriaCubafricaLP€32.00JULY

Sony – Record Store Day DROP 1 (JUNE 12TH) List With Prices

ArtistTitleLabelFormatFormat details/ Reason behind releaseUK/ IE QTYprice
AC/DCThrough The Mists Of Time /Witches SpellColumbia12″ Vinyl Single12″ Picture Disc Vinyl in pvc sleeve2500€ 30.00 
Hall & OatesYou Make My Dreams Come True / Gotta Lotta NerveCMG7″ Vinyl SinglePurple coloured 7″ Vinyl single. Never before released in UK1000€ 22.00 
Jake BuggAll I NeedRCA10″ Vinyl SingleCurrent hit single “All I Need” plus x3 remixes. Numbered & signed sleeves.1000€ 24.00 
Janis JoplinPearlCMGLP VinylTo commemorate the 50th anniversary of Janis Joplin’s Pearl, the x10 trk album will be made available as a picture disc for the very first time. The Record Store Day exclusive features the iconic cover portrait lensed by Barry Feinstein. Pearl showcased some of Janis’s most familiar and best-loved performances including “Cry Baby,” her cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “Me and Bobby McGee,” and the off-the-cuff a cappella”Mercedes Benz,” the last song she ever recorded.1250€ 37.00 
Little MixConfettiRCALP VinylNew ‘glitter’ sleeve, neon Pink/Orange coloured LP Vinyl. Exclusive new version of title track “Confetti” .1500€ 37.00 
Primal ScreamRiot City BluesCMGLP VinylThis year sees the 15th Anniversary of Riot City Blues, Primal Scream’s 8th studio album. Featuring fan favourites Country Girl and Dolls, it was the last album to include guitarist, Robert ‘Throb’ Young, who later departed the band after 22 years. Contributions to the album came from Alison Mosshart (The Kills) and Will Sergeant (Echo & The Bunnymen). To mark the occasion, frontman Bobby Gillespie has added seven tracks previously released as b-sides, including a cover of Townes Van Zandt’s To Live Is To Fly, and has re-sequenced the album to flow across 4 sides of vinyl in an expanded 2LP set – which will be released on Red coloured vinyl. The anniversary edition’s cover will feature the original William Eggleston photograph from which the 2006 cover image was taken. 2000€ 40.00 
Primal ScreamDixie Narco EPCMG12″ EPA hidden – but much loved – gem from the band’s early 90s output, the Dixie-Narco EP was released in 1992. Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, it marked a continuation of the experimentation explored on the preceding Screamadelica album, taking in acid house, country blues and a rare Dennis Wilson cover across its four tracks. Long out of print, the 2021 RSD edition is the first official reissue since 1992. Artwork and packaging replicates that of the original EP 2000€ 24.00 
PrinceThe TruthCMGLP VinylStripped down Bluesy album that formed part of the ‘Crystal Ball’ reissue. First time on LP Vinyl. The Truth is widely regarded as one of Prince’s most underappreciated hidden gems. The x12 trk album was originally released as an accompaniment to the 1998 triple album Crystal Ball, which marked the first time that Prince released an album totally independently. The Truth was also the first Prince album to be labeled “acoustic,” though it does contain electronic instruments and elements, and it gave listeners an unprecedented chance to hear his songwriting and voice in a stripped-down presentation. This release marks the first time The Truth is available on vinyl with gorgeous, foil-embossed artwork designed by Prince’s long-time art director Steve Parke.1500€ 37.00 
Rage Against The MachineThe Battle of Mexico CityCMGx2 LP VinylDouble, x15 trk, coloured LP Vinyl. The Battle Of Mexico City documents Rage Against The Machine’s legendary show at Mexico City’s ‘Palacio de los Deportes’ in 1999. This was the band’s first ever show in Mexico and part of their Battle Of Los Angeles tour. This release makes its vinyl debut on red and green colored vinyl with white label as a tribute to the Mexican flag.1500€ 40.00 
Various ArtistsGolden Gate Groove: The Sound of Philadelphia in San FranciscoCMGx2 LP VinylOn a x14 trk double LP Vinyl for the first time, Golden Gate Groove: The Sound Of Philadelphia Live 1973 captures the first and only time the stars of Philadelphia International Records (P.I.R.) including The O’Jays, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, The Three Degrees, and Billy Paul performed in concert with the label’s house band, MFSB (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother), showcasing what would become the Sound of Philadelphia — affectionately known as T.S.O.P. The concert took place in San Francisco during the annual CBS Records convention at the Fairmont Hotel in September 1973. 1250€ 37.00 

Warner – Record Store Day 2021 List With Pricing

ArtistTitleFormatPriceDrop date
AirPeople in the City12″ Picture Disc €27.0012th June
Black SabbathMaster Of RealityLP in Slim Box + poster + coloured vinyl€45.0012th June
Blackbeard (Dennis Bovell)I Wah Dub1 LP Black Vinyl€20.0012th June
Circle SkyDream ColourLP. Heavyweight 180g Vinyl€27.0012th June
Conor OberstRuminationsVinyl (2 x 140 gram LP, etching side D) €32.0012th June
DeftonesDigital Bath (Telefon Tel Aviv)12″ Picture Disc€27.0012th June
Desmond DekkerKing Of Ska – The Ska Singles Collection10 x 7” box set€83.0012th June
Donny HathawayLive1 LP 180gm Black Vinyl€37.0012th June
dvsnSEPT 5TH2 x 140gm LP Purple Vinyl€45.0012th June
Ed SheeranThe A Team (10th Anniversary)12″ Clear Vinyl EP€20.0012th June
Emerson, Lake & PalmerTarkus12″ picture disc album€35.0012th June
Fatboy Slim Weapon Of Choice – 20th Anniversary12″ Picture Disc€25.0012th June
Flamin’ GrooviesA Bucket Of Brains10″ Black Vinyl€20.0012th June
Fred AgainActual Life (April 14 – December 17 2020)1 x 140gm Black Vinyl€26.0012th June
GarbageNo Gods No Masters Exclusive transparent Pink 12″ Vinyl €32.0012th June
Grateful DeadOlympia Theatre, Paris, France 5/3/726LP Vinyl, 180g vinyl with 12th-side etching€120.0012th June
HONNEnswy: dream edits1 x 140 gm Marbled Black and White vinyl€23.0012th June
Ian Dury & The BlockheadsHit Me With Your Rhythm Stick 12″ green vinyl single€25.0012th June
Jesus JonesRight Here Right NowClear Vinyl 12″€17.0012th June
Jim CroceYou Don’t Mess Around With Jim / Operator (That’s Not The Way It Feels)12″ coloured vinyl€22.0012th June
Joe StrummerJunco Partner (Acoustic)12″ picture disc€22.0012th June
Joel Corry4 For The Floor 12″ Black Vinyl€20.0012th June
Joey RamoneDon’t Worry About Me12″ splatter vinyl€35.0012th June
Joni MitchellJoni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 11LP – 180gram black vinyl€35.0012th June
Keith RichardsWicked As It Seems/Gimme Shelter (live)7″ Red Vinyl€18.0012th June
Linkin ParkMeteora2 x Aqua Blue LP€46.0012th June
Lupe FiascoFood & Liquor I & II4 LP – colour vinyl set€93.0012th June
MadnessI Do Like To Be B-Side The A-Side Vol 212″ LP€35.0012th June
Me’shell NdegeocelloPeace Beyond Passion2 x 140gm LP Blue Coloured Vinyl€50.0012th June
MotorheadSt Valentines Day Massacre10″ Picture Disc€25.0012th June
Pa SalieuSend Them To Coventry1 x 12″ Clear / Transparent Red vinyl€26.0012th June
Poly StyreneTranslucence1 LP Crystal Clear Vinyl€30.0012th June
Roisin MurphyCrooked Machine 12″ Black Double Vinyl€32.0012th June
Steely DanEverything Must Go1 x 180gm Black Vinyl€27.0012th June
Steely DanTwo Against Nature2 x 180gm Black Vinyl€35.0012th June
SuicideCheree10″ Transparent Vinyl€22.0012th June
Super Furry AnimalsIce Hockey Hair12″ EP€22.0012th June
SupergrassGoing Out12″ Burgandy Vinyl€25.0012th June
Suzi QuatroLive & Kickin’ [2021 Mix]LP Coloured Vinyl€32.0012th June
TexasHi YELLOW 12″ Vinyl Single – Double Sided€23.0012th June
The Band Camino4 songs by your buds in The Band CAMINO12″ Coloured Milky Clear Vinyl€26.0012th June
The DoorsMorrison Hotel Sessions2 x 180gm Black Vinyl – numbered€40.0012th June
The Flaming LipsThe Soft Bulletin (Companion Disc)2LP VINYL Silver vinyl €40.0012th June
The Jaded Hearts ClubLive At The 100 Club12″ Transparent Vinyl Album – Double Sided€27.0012th June
The KinksPercy12″ picture disc album€35.0012th June
The Magic GangThe Magic Gang1 x 140gm LP / 1 x 40gm 7″ both Yellow Vinyl€40.0012th June
The Michael Schenker GroupLive In Manchester 19802LP Red Vinyl€34.0012th June
The Notorious B.I.G.Duets: The Final Chapter2LP Coloured Vinyl + 7″€50.0012th June
The ReplacementsThe Pleasure’s All Yours: Pleased To Meet Me Outtakes & Alternates1 LP Black Vinyl€27.0012th June
The SelecterLive In Coventry ’79LP Clear Vinyl€30.0012th June
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersAngel DreamLP Cobalt Blue Vinyl€30.0012th June
Twenty One PilotsLocation Sessions1 x 140 gm Grey Vinyl€23.0012th July
UFOThis Kid’s/Mother Mary10″ Clear Vinyl€20.0012th June
UltravoxVienna [Steven Wilson Mixes]2LP Clear Vinyl€33.0012th June
UltravoxVienna [Steven Wilson Mixes]2CD€14.0012th June
Uriah HeepThe Magician’s Birthday12″ LP in ‘galaxy swirl’ vinyl€35.0012th June
Various ArtistsPsyché France, Vol. 71x 140gm LP Black Vinyl€22.0012th June
WARGive Me Five! The War Albums (1971-1975)5 x Coloured Vinyl Set (each LP a different colour)€135.0012th June
AlcatrazzBorn InnocentLP€40.0017th July
Aretha FranklinOh Me, Oh My: Aretha Live In Philly 19722-LP, Orange & Yellow Vinyl€40.0017th July
Candi StatonTrouble, Heartaches And Sadness (The Lost Fame Sessions Masters)1 LP Black Vinyl€26.0017th July
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDéjà Vu Alternates1 LP 180gm Black Vinyl€40.0017th July
DioGod Hates Heavy Metal12″ picture disc album€25.0017th July
Dr John, The Night TripperThe Sun, Moon & Herbs3 LP VINYL€57.0017th July
Dylan FraserThe Storm12″ 140 gm Black Vinyl – B-Side etched.€25.0017th July
FearThe Record1 x 140gm White & Clear swirl vinyl + 1 x 7″ €40.0017th July
Fun Lovin’ CriminalsScooby Snacks [25th Anniversay Edition]12″ Orange Vinyl€20.0017th July
GorillazThe G Collection6 LP Set€180.0017th July
HawkwindGreasy Truckers Party2LP VINYL€32.0017th July
Jerry DammersAt The Home Organ: Demos 1980-8210″€20.0017th July
John FogertyBlue Ridge Rangers 4-track EP – Jambalaya (On The Bayou) b/w Hearts Of Stone12″ coloured vinyl€22.0017th July
John PrineLive At The Other End, Dec. 19752CD€27.0017th July
John PrineLive At The Other End, Dec. 19754LP, 180gram black vinyl€97.0017th July
Karen O & Willie NelsonUnder Pressure7″ €14.0017th July
Lou ReedSet The Twilight Reeling2LP, with etching side 4€42.0017th July
MastodonFallen Torches12″ Picture Disc€42.0017th July
Matt BellamyCryosleep12″ Picture Disc + Music Booklet€37.0017th July
PVRISUse Me12″ 5 Track EP Coke Bottle Green Vinyl€23.0017th July
RamonesTriple J Live at the Wireless1 x 180gm Black Vinyl€26.0017th July
Randy NewmanRoll With The Punches: The Studio Albums (1979-2017)8 LP Vinyl Set€160.0017th July
Sammy HagarHeavy Metal b/w Little White Lies (live)12″ picture disc album€22.0017th July
Sinéad O’ConnorLive In Rotterdam EP12″€20.0017th July
SoenThe Undiscovered LotusLP€37.0017th July
The Dirty KnobsHumdinger / Feelin High7″ €14.0017th July
The Sisters Of MercyBBC Sessions 1982-19842LP Smoky Vinyl€50.0017th July
The WaterboysHow Long Will I Love You 2021 [Room To Roam Sessions EP]12″€20.0017th July
JON ANDERSONOLIAS OF SUNHILLOW1 x 180 GM Black Vinyl€45.0017th July

Shellshock – Record Store Day 2021 List With Pricing

ArtistTitleFormatGenre Release datePricing
12th June releases
Coterie, TheA Swing To FolkLPFolk6/12/2021€30.00
Cotton, Joseph, Winston Reedy, Barry IsaacsKiki Kiki E.P.7″Reggae6/12/2021€13.00
Dekker, GeorgeRun Dem / Foey Man7″Reggae6/12/2021€13.00
Dekker, George & The Inn House CrewNana7″Reggae6/12/2021€13.00
Various ArtistsYou Flexi Thing Vol 8: X-Ray Flex7″Indie6/12/2021€9.00
17th July releases
FfranconGwalaxia:Belleville 1315 / Machynlleth 1404LPTechno7/17/2021€20.00
Richmond FontainePost To WireLPAmericana7/17/2021€32.00
Richmond FontaineWe Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River LPAmericana7/17/2021€32.00
Wildhearts, The Cuts So Deep12″Rock7/17/2021€22.00
RSD Europe releases – 12th June 
KraanDiamondsLPKraut Rock6/12/2021€44.00
IIVIIObsidianLPContemporary classical1206/21€27.00