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Hi Everyone,

This week’s newsletter focuses mainly on releases for Friday the 14th of November, and there are quite a few interesting bits and pieces coming out.

Warner have the DAVID BOWIE compilation “ nothing has changed” covering 50 years of the musical icon’s recorded work as well as new Bowie 10” single “ sue ( or in a season of crime)”.

50 years, 140 million albums sold, name changes, image changes, movies, refusal of the Queens honors’ (twice), (so the thin white duke didn’t want to be Sir Davy Jones), eating pork in front of a horrified Morrissey (not many have), founded the society for the prevention of cruelty to long-haired men. (A lot of his older fans are not to concerned about that one anymore….oouucch, sorry lads)

Bowie fans of a certain vintage have told me how they first saw Bowie on TOP OF THE POPS in the early 70’s and sat bolt upright in the chair, completely intrigued by the music, clothes, persona…..totally hooked.

Bowie bowie

I remember my confirmation (1985) and those few lads that got away with not having to wear the school uniform….they wore Bowie suits (they didn’t know who (David) Bowie was, probably thought it was the crowd who made the suits)

So, an icon is a fair description, but above all else, the music will be his greatest legacy.

New Bowie compilation is available on double CD, triple CD and double LP.

Warner also have another ROLLING STONES reissue, this time the “LA FORUM, 1975” on 2CD/DVD or 2LP/DVD.

They also have a new BETTE MIDLER record which is a tribute to girl groups down through the years.

There is a CAPTAIN BEEFHEART CD and Vinyl box set, a new DANIEL LANOIS and NOEL GALLAGHER’S new single on 7” all out through Warner on the 14th of November.

UNIVERSAL have some interesting releases also for the 14th including “the new basement tapes” which is recordings of BOB DYLAN’S thrown away (yet found) lyrics from 1967 when he was recovering from heroine addiction, I mean sorry, when he fell off his bike. Dylan’s throwaways are probably still better than most.


The THOMPSON’S, RICHARD and LINDA with kids TEDDY, JACK and KAMI have a record coming out aptly named “family”.

UNIVERSAL have a new NICKELBACK album, some LP reissues by THE JAYHAWKS, some NICK DRAKE compilation LPs, as well as seasonal releases by ALFIE BOE and KATERINE JENKINS.


I mentioned last week about the lack of stadium filling new bands and low and behold this week THE SCRIPT are announced to play Croke Park….were they the obvious one I had not thought of???

Absolutely nothing against THE SCRIPT, they are an Irish band and I genuinely would wish them all the success in the world, but is Croke Park a bit of a stretch….or am I dreaming and did they fill Lansdowne Road a few years back?….time will tell I suppose…..

Sony has the BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN CD and LP box set out next Friday, quick side note here, many years ago in Carrigaline this guy came in to the shop and we started chatting, and he told me that he was pals with Bruce and he knew him well and he would get me a signed photo for the shop and blah de blah….and I was thinking yeah, does yer man think I came down in the last shower…..but alas down through the years I have seen the proof, chilling on sun loungers on a private beach, out riding horses on Bruce’s ranch…surreal to even see the pictures don’t mind being there….still no picture for the shop though Tom!


Anyway, Sony also has a new DEPECHE MODE live CD and CD/DVD, KINKS anthology box set, the first four KASABIAN LP reissues plus ONE DIRECTIONS new CD is out on Monday the 17TH.

Pias has BJORK “ BIOPHILLIA” live on 2CD/DVD and 3LP/DVD, NICK CAVE’S “ kicking against the pricks” LP reissue and THE POSTAL SERVICE “ give up” LP reissue amongst their releases for the 21st of November.

Proper has two interesting releases for the 14th including Tipp las GEMMA HAYES new CD and a Paul MCCARTNEY tribute album to his songwriting talents “and in my hour of darkness, she is standing there in front of me, speaking words of wisdom” a lyric from let it be about a dream he had about his mother whom he lost to cancer when he was 14…..enough said.

The album is called “the art of McCartney” and contributors include Dylan, Brian Wilson and the Cure….its on 2CD 2 CD/DVD AND 3 LP.


On the local scene this week, we got our hands on the new FISH GO DEEP 12” record, reliably informed there first record to go on sale in Douglas in over 25 years…..the two lads still as always producing top quality tunes.


And we should have some copies of the new JOHN BLEK solo album in the next couple of days, so looking forward to hearing that.

Christmas (yep I said it, and anyway most of you have not worked 27 days in December for 14 years in a row, so I have a right to say it) starts hopefully for the shop on Monday….new FOO FIGHTERS, new GARTH and last LOVE/HATE season.

Competition time next, in conjunction with THE DOUGLAS WEEKLY.

To be in with a chance to win a 50 euro voucher for the MUSIC ZONE Corporation we require you to do three little things that may take 60 seconds.

A) email: with subject Douglas Weekly…..30 seconds

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don’t be lazy, twil only take few seconds….i wont be replying to anyone unless it warrants it… i.e…. you want 5 copies of the Springsteen box set for presents and all that, or if its really funny !!


Sin e for this week,

Thanks to those who listen,



p.s nick cave 10” inch delayed a few days….should be with me Tuesday.


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Hi Everyone,

Short and maybe not so sweet this week….baby watch is over, kick off was 9 pm last Thursday night, bit of extra time but baby Lily arrived at 00.38 Saturday morning, alls well thank god……but enough about moi…lets rock on

Missed ye last week but I think the main releases for tomorrow are PRINCE’S two new albums and MCR front man GERALD Way’s solo album.

Tempted to go on about Prince interfering with his guitar on a giant bed down da Pairc whilst the crowd sang ole ole but short and sweet Raymond…short and…


Warner has a nice few for the 3rd October including Mr. Johnny Marr’s second offering (no blue Vinyl for us over here, the Scots will get some alright though for being good boys and girls)


“PLAYLAND” is the album name and Music Zone is looking forward to hearing it…..13 EURO CD, 20 LP v 18 pounds

Marr’s 7” out that day as well.

Warner also has new albums by FLYING COLORS, STEVIE NICKS and JACKSON BROWNE’S 14TH album as well as BODYCOUNT debut LP reissue and two ICE T LP REISSUES.

Sony has the new LEONARD COHEN LP out on the 3rd OCTOBER….MUSIC ZONE is 22 euro v 20 pounds.


Universal have some nice BELLE & SEBASTIAN ( ahhh Belle & Sebastian) LP reissues, some SINATRA LP reissues, UNDERWORLD “dubnobasswithmyheadman” reissue, new ones from WEEZER, SANCTUARY and BRYAN ADAMS.

PIAS for the 10th October have a new one from EXODUS, debut from OSCAR AND THE WOLF (talked about) , MUSEUM OF LOVE which is 50% made up of LCD’s PAT MAHONEY and a deluxe version of the WILD BEAST’S excellent recent album” present tense”.

MUSIC ON VINYL releases for the 13th October attached also, including BOWIE narrating PROKOFIEV’S PETER AND THE WOLF and THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS “flood”.

MOV have THE FRAMES belter “ FITZCARRALDO” for the 20th…will send some info next week.


Last few copies of EXCELLENT Cork bands SHAKER HYMN and ELASTIC SLEEP in store…well worth checking out.

I’m back to the fold properly next Monday but check out any new Vinyl stock on

Last word tonight is for baby Lily, and its more of a sweet plea than a sweet poem….no x factor baby, no problem losing sleep over everything else but the music’s shite and that will keep me up all night…..even though already I think I know I would succumb….anyway.

Sin e,


Ray and special guest on my lap for the last 10 mins or so Lily.


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Hi Everyone,

No bambino yet so i will drive on….short and sweet is the plan though as i have being accused of ranting in some quaters….” RAY’S RANT”

Universal have probably what will be the biggest selling album in Ireland for 2014 in Bray native HOZIER debut offering out on the 19th September .

There has certainly being a nerve hit with people, as we have being asked for his album since last year.

Its on 3 formats, CD, Deluxe CD with 4 extra tracks and LP.

Like my hurling tips ( Clare, Dublin, Cork) this is a banker!

Universal also have the new album by PROFESSOR GREEN, SMASHING PUMPKIN’s “ Adore” 20th anniversary reissue on 3 formats,  super douper boxy thingy, CD and double LP….28 euro with us, 35 euro and some maybe, with my big friend.

George Harrison “ apple years” box set ( 7 CD/1 DVD) also out on the 19th, 90 euro with us, 100 euro…. as is DEEP PURPLE “ COPENHAGEN” 3 LP set.


The latest 40th Anniversary BOWIE picture disc “ knock on wood”  out on the 19th also through Parlophone/Warner and they have rehashed the sound and vision set also.

There are new live releases from GARY MOORE and GARY CLARK JNR also out through Warner, a JERRY LEE LEWIS LP and a new solo album from Jeff Tweedy, of WILCO fame, 24 euro with me, 28 euro with…


Sony have the new, sincerly L. COHEN, CD for the 19th sept also…..LP out on the 3rd of October….what a life, what an icon…..he is 80 two days after the album comes out.


PIAS have the second OASIS reissue “ whats the story….” out on the 26th SEPT….the 3 CD SET will be 20 euro, double LP 30 euro and super duper boxy thingy 140 euro…23, 35 and 150 with …


The two brothers came into the Golden Disc shop on Patrick Street ( for about 5 seconds) at the time they were playing the gigs down da pairc ( 95/96 ballpark id say)

Two things struck me….they were tiny, and the gaaatch of Liam going down Panna was comical.

They were rock n roll stars at the time to be fair, headline news everywhere including the Echo who followed there movements that day including them going to Dunnes to buy underwear…rock n roll….unknowns two years earlier, to being followed into Dunnes to see what you would buy.

Nuclear Blast have the new DECAPITATED album “ Blood Mantra” and a new album by the brillantly talented, cassette loving Bonnie Prince Billy.


Proper have a new LENNY KRAVITZ record, his 10th, and a tribute to Bruces “ born in the usa” album called “ DEAD MANS TOWN”


Essential have a new LUCINDA WILLIAMS record and now totally reformed INSPIRAL CARPETS have a new album also.


I have attached a MUSIC ON VINYL in stock list also.


Bono must have read my email last week, and got the right hump, but to go and strike a deal with the…..

Reviews a bit mixed im hearing on the album??

I heard one on the radio and i must say i liked it, breaking waves or something like that….i aint one of the half a billion.

But some days business boys, 25 million bucks a man, fair play to ye is all i can say…rumour has it that Apple except ye to be there bi***es for a while now.

U2 always have a release ploy of some sort but this one takes the biscuit, to have this much exposure and get those few dollars as well….BRILLIANT fellas.

U2 were a brillant band, and one of the biggest brands to come out of Ireland in the last 30 years, absolutely great for the country.

Someone made a very fair point to me during the week about U2, point being that we were used to brilliance…BOY, OCTOBER,WAR. THE FIRE, THE JOSH, a lot of parts of Rattle, ACHTUNG and an awful  lot of ZOOROPA are sheer sheer class…..but they are still a very good band just standards were so high….fair point i think.

Anyway ,

Sin e



p.s…..fairly dodgy for next week id say.


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Hi Everyone,

Universal for the 12th September have the new COUNTING CROWS record, first in a while.

I listened to a few tracks online and was fairly impressed….went to see them down da marquee a fair few years back now, good gig, no more than that.

ADAM DURITZ did wear a CORK CITY jersey ( a size or two to small I must add) given to him by player or maybe ex-player at the time Pat Morley…nothing beats a bit of sucking up hah.

The Crows album available on CD and LP  (14 AND 27 EURO with Music Zone., Amazon 12 and 26 sterling.)

Deep Purples “ Graz” LP also out on the 12th September…Music Zone are 24 euro….Amazon 22 sterling.

Uni also have a new Christopher Cross.


PIAS have a massive release through the infectious label on the 19th September, which being the mysterious warm atmosphere of ALT J.

Yep, after mercury winning debut, the difficult second coming is close at hand.

I really like the track “hunger of the pine”, not so sure yet about the other track I heard.

The bassist left early in 2014, a bit of animosity has not hurt many bands, pushing each other to try making the best record they can. …rock n roll.

Pity U2 don’t have a bust up ( oops, sacrilege Raymond) …. I would be a big big fan of a lot of U2 stuff but over the last decade (IN MY OPINION) it’s a bit like music by numbers….in fairness I don’t think a bust up is required,  is it just that creativity in popular music is for the young??

Are ALT J going to live up to the hype as “this generations Pink Floyd”… pressure lads….

 alt j

Sorry bit carried away….ALT J is coming on CD and double gatefold LP in 6 different random colours on initial shipment…no cribbing if you get a dark brown colour, it’s a lucky dip….you could always keep buying it until you have all six colours! Please tell me no one would do that…..but my guess someone, somewhere….

26 euro with Music Zone!!!

Pias also have the return of Richard D.Adams aka APHEX TWIN, and new ones by ERASURE and SBTRKT as well.


Warner have the new Slash record, plus the much awaited VANCE JOY and King Crimson’s “island” LP reissue on 200 gram Vinyl with a download code giving access to Fripp’s personal file copy of the original pressing.  22 yoyos with us…18 sterling with…


SONY have the new CD by the SCRIPT, TRAIN on CD and LP, and a new BARBRA STREISAND duets album.

SONY also have a couple of HENDRIX reissues “ cry of love” and “ rainbow bridge” .

LPs are 22 yoyos each with Music Zone and 21 sterling with those friendly faces in the sky.


Apologies for the recurring theme running through the newsletter this week, but some people (not ye folks I know) have the perception that massive organizations are better on all fronts….so im just trying to prove a little point for all small business out there.

They say there are four stages to making a purchase, Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

Now our friendly faceless foxes in the sky are shit hot at stage four mainly because they are perceived to be cheaper, but what about the rest……hah ( those three letters denote general disapproval)….…..Tesco’s are for it next week.


Music on Vinyl have reissues by MILES DAVIS, HERBIE HANCOCK and DREAM THEATER “metropolis part 2”.

miles davisherbdreamth

Now there’s a Nick Cave 10” coming in November (attached) 1500 only….i have thrown my name in the hat for some….so if anyone wants to throw there name in our hat…I will keep a list, but as usual no promises…..first of black Friday releases also attached.


New baby due into the house here next weds or so, all going well, so newsletter could be a bit haphazard for a while (much shorter and quieter rants for a small while to yer great joy and relief im sure, ye might even get a week off!)


Anyway, thanks as always

Sin e



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Hi Everyone,

Quite a bit for me to waffle on about this week so will try not to bore.

Firstly, Warner have the new ROBERT PLANT and the SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS ( his wonderful band of musicians) record next Friday the 5th Sept…( Double LP and CD SET available)

Plant is always looking to evovle musically to be fair to him and this record has being well received by the critics….those down da marquee were treated to a great night by all accounts……read his biography a year or so back and what struck me most, apart from how crazy it got and his love for Wolves F.C, was his appetite/knowledge of all different types of music and also by nearly all accounts, that he would peel an orange in his pocket.

rob plant


They also have new albums by 80’s favourites DEACON BLUE and a first time release of a MORRISEY DVD of a live show from the mid 90s called introducing Morrissey.

MOZ has being acting the donkey lately again, aside from being dropped from his record label.. again, (no big fuss), accused of trying to get someone whacked ( very funny once youre not the guy the hit is on,that guy worked for Moz but now has an anti Moz website)  he has said, that it was “ so sad that her death ( Lauren Bacall) was overshadowed by that of Robin Williams”

Ah Moz stop acting the pleb…… “ UNLOVEABLE” ….” i know im unmanageable” would be more like it…..


Sony have the new RYAN ADAMS record out next Friday also….his first since his retirement….sorry Ryan!!….you are talented as **** but maybe a tab odd also.

A friend of mine was in a chinese  resturant in town a few years back, night before the city hall gig, and Ryan came in and sat down, friend recognised him ( to be fair, quite likely the only person in there to recognise him) ….Ryan was’nt a happy camper with a gentle hello, i know who you are, and left promptly ( could have being the spring rolls)…..looking forward to a listen to the new one.


Universal aside from the BEATLES mono reissues, which have got stunning audio quality reviews…( am i some salesman or what)…..check links below ( courtesy of a nameless friend of the shop…thanks Eugene)


rewind, aside from the beatles Universal also have a new album by KOOKS, QUEENS “ LIVE AT THE RAINBOW”  on a load of formats.


PROPER have a new album by well thought of Dublin four piece THE YOUNG FOLK “ the little battle”….see attached for reviews etc.


ESSENTIAL has new ones by ADAM COHEN and the soundtrack to FRANK.




PIAS has the new record by MOTIONLESS IN WHITE.


So loads of new ones for the 5th sept, BEATLES , INTERPOL, ROBERT “ are you paying” PLANT and RYAN “ fried rice on the side of panna please” ADAMS.

Hope some of ye are still with me,

Sin e anyway,





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Hi Everyone,

There are a few nice bits and pieces for release for Friday 29th.

Warner has the REM “ MTV UNPLUGGED” 1991 and 2001 ( two double LP sets) for next Friday.

They also have the deluxe LP of the excellent TOM PETTY album “hypnotic eye” ( i mean that, is real good, better than what i would have expected)

rem unplugged

Pias has the new INTERPOL record  “ el pintor” out on the 5th Sept….single “ all the rage back home”  is a fine tune….help from Beck and Bon Iver in parts on this record….looking forward to it.

Pias through the hassle label have the debut album by LONELY THE BRAVE “ the days war” out next Friday.

The English music press are certainly bigging up this five piece from Cambridge

“ the hype is entirely justified, this is the start of something extraordinary” ….Kerrang

“ a band whose name will soon be up in lights”…..NME

Cynics may say that the music press across the water are bigging up everything but this crowd do have a few savage catchy songs…could well have mass appeal….time will tell i suppose.

SONY have a few classic Vinyl reissues out next Friday including DYLAN’S “ FREEWHELLIN” and CAROLE KING’S “ TAPESTRY”.

They also have JEFF BUCKLEY’S masterpiece “ GRACE” on 180 gram double 45 RPM with the CD thrown in for good measure.

I was working in Golden Disc’s in the summer of 94 ( a youngfella by the way) when this album came out and i reckon i must have listened to it over 500 times in those 20 years since, and it still sounds great every time….truly exceptional in my opinion…..Jeff definitely “ could have being the start of something extraordinary” but he did leave us with a fleeting glimpse of perfection.

jeff buck

Universal have new albums by THE PIERCES and MAROON 5 for next Friday .

They also have a blast of Progressive Rock LPs reissued including BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, CARAVAN, FAUST and TANGERINE DREAM.

Plenty of concepts here and plenty of panadol also id say for these Prog rockers.

So much for my hurling predictions earlier in the year….Clare, Cork and Dublin all beat out the gate…..twas a long spin home Sunday…Cork have the distasteful chance of turning into a Johnny Logan song….anyway…

Sin e for this week….BEATLES  mono’s coming soon.




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Hi Everyone,

The biggest release for next Friday the 22nd August is a debut record by ROYAL BLOOD.

Now i have being harping on about them for a while, they could very well be fairly massive in 12 months time.

Similarties to White Stripes, QOSA and Rage against the Machine.

Just two guys in the band ( Brighton, England) with just two instruments, a bass guitar and a set of drums, but man they make some sound.

Watch this space……Royal Blood1

Warner also have a new album by OPETH out on the 22nd.

Attached also is info on a free DOORS app.

Universal for the 22nd August have a 20th anniversary reissue of PORTISHEAD’s truly exceptional “ Dummy” .

This in my opinion was one of the best records of the nineties.

Limited blue vinyl should be available.


Nearly time for a new record by the Bristol trip hop trio….although productivity is probably not there strong suit ( 3 albums in 20 years)

SONY have nada for the 22nd.

Pias have a load of FELA KUTI Vinyl reissues and a debut album by PHOX also worth a mention.

PROPER have a release on the 22nd by husband and wife duo named SHOVELS + ROPE and the New York times reckons that “ if there is an american rock movement of the now, this twosome is close to the nerve center”……i had a listen, hopeful after reading the nerve center line, and it sounds alright, vocals have a very strong country twang….it dont say a lot in my opinon if this is close to the nerve center of an american rock movement….maybe twas one of their uncles or someone wrote it….anyway…

Music on Vinyl have a reissue of MILES DAVIS “KIND OF BLUE” ( i dont how many times its being reissued now but a free Leon Jackson single for whomever can tell me….)

Some other MOV releases attached also.

Stevie G is releasing his debut single on his brand new Soul Jamz label on August 15 in all the main digital stores. Both tracks, “Deep down south” and “Not about that”, have equal billing, and will also feature on a vinyl 7 inch coming in September. Two great tunes, a blissfully keyboard line in “ Deep down south”

Both were co-produced by Ian Ring and feature Christiana Underwood on vocals, while one of Corks best musicians, Walshy contributed bass, guitar and keys to “Not about that”.

They launch the single and label at the Sextant in Cork on August 17 and play Earthship at Body & Soul at the Electric Picnic on August 31st!

Kilkenny await the winners of Cork and Tipp in the hurling. This Tipp team…you just don’t what they’ll do….potential to score a bag of goals…bit concerned….anyway

Sin e




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Hi Everyone,

Summertime and the releases are iffy….

I’m going to start with Pias this week and their releases for the 15th August.

They have new albums by THE COURTEENERS, JJ , ELECTRIC WURMS who are a side project of Wayne and Steven from the FLAMINGS LIPS ( they have been getting dogs abuse of late for releasing all sorts of …..) but reviews on this have been ok.

Pias have a debut album by BENJAMIN BOOKER and for the metal fan, on nuclear blast label, is a new one from ACCEPT.


Also on Pias through the no quarter label is a dude by the name of BOB CARPENTER (not the guy from the NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND or Karen’s long lost brother).

The first I heard of this BOB CARPENTER was about 2 hours ago, he made a record for Warner about 40 years ago (with Emmylou Harris on backing vocals) but Bob and Warner had a row and it never came out. (Not really anyway…out in Canada for a while in the mid 80s)

Its kind of singer/songwriter country rock and it’s the best thing I have heard all week…..go listen for yourselves.

Bob won’t make a bob out of it (sorry cheap pun) as he died in the 90s; Warner probably will though!

bob carpenter


Attached also are the Universal releases for the 8th of August including a new one from THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM, a debut from PORTER ROBINSON and an interesting one from TOM THE LION.


Warner for the 8th hasn’t much except a soundtrack of THE CONGRESS by MAX RICHTER (and with a whooping 80 copies available for the UK and Ireland, I have as much chance of getting one as Kilkenny have a chance of winning the all-Ireland football championship)


Sony doesn’t have much for the 8th but I notice on the 15th August, they have a few Columbia Vinyl reissues (JEFF BUCKLEY, DYLAN, CAROLE KING). Sony owns the Columbia label.

Music on Vinyl bought/rented the license from Sony 6 or 7 years back to release Columbia stuff (DYLAN, COHEN, GALLAGHER) on LPs, but it looks like now ( when there’s a pick up in Vinyl sales) that Sony are getting them back.

I like Music on Vinyl, they give a good product, they have no web store because they try and push people towards a local record shop (so obviously I like them!) but they can be a tad expensive and deliveries can be a bit flaky.

heart                                                                music on v

So it looks like the major labels want there records back (10% cheaper to the customer and better delivery, but tis the same majors who said to bin those records 25 years ago, and as history has shown the majors don’t really care what direction customers go once units are sold (the majors do seem better in very recent years)…….safe enough id say as supermarkets where one of the death knells of the record as “they took up to much shelf space”.

Supermarkets are my biggest beef when it comes to the music retail game but that’s a story/ rant for another day.


Music on Vinyl has a HOUSE OF PAIN and ALANIS MORISSETTE LP reissues attached also.

Proper have FAIRGROUND ATTRACTIONS “FIRST OF A MILLION KISSES” LP reissue out on the 8th also.


JACK WHITES excellent LP is finally finally going to be back in stock tomorrow.

 Jack White

Below is the excellent new video from up and coming local band RAISING JUPITER

It’s a great video to a rocking tune…

a  few more preloved records landed in this week…some good titles ( gallagher, beatles) all play fine….covers may not be the mae west.


Sin e for this week,

Thanks and a have a great weekend….no giving out next week i promise.

Don’t forget to check out our Online store where you can have Vinyl sent to your house wherever you are!




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Hi Everyone,

Not a huge amount happening to be honest.

Essential have probably the biggest release with the new SINEAD O CONNOR record “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss” due out on the 8th August.

 sineadoconnor sinead


Warner has a solo project by OWL JOHN of FRIGHTENED RABBIT, out on the 1st of August, which sounds pretty interesting.

Warner also has some 5 CD sets out that day including PETER TOSH.


Universal have some Reggae and Jazz Vinyl reissues out for the 1st, some BIG COUNTRY CD reissues and a new record from ENTOMBED A.D for some metal fans.


Music on Vinyl have KORN’s debut on LP for the first time, released on the 4th August.

MOV also have releases from KEB MO and STEVE HARLEY & COCKNEY REBEL for the 11th August.


 Pias have a few MODEST MOUSE reissues, some debut albums from FKA TWIGS and CHILDHOOD (was told to check out CHILDHOOD, as they are ala STONE ROSES, I did so and they are decent enough but there video for “solemn skies” is like watching a trailer for LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE…will make sense if you watch it)


After all my cribbing last week, got an email a few days ago to say the TOM PETTY standard LP is pushed back till the 22nd August!!


Monday’s can be bad enough without the news last Monday that THE PAV had shut its doors for the last time.

This is terribly sad news for the local music scene.

I’m sure this was a labour of love for the guys involved and not a pursuit of truckloads of cash.

They were superb advocates of local up and coming musicians and bands, always giving people a chance.

I am as guilty as most for not being their best patron, maybe 3 or 4 times a year, I  have the usual excuses…..small family……busy……. blah blah blah.

I would not underestimate the goodwill the people of Cork have for the place, if it was at all possible to keep the place going? (We have enough soulless super pubs)

It would be a shame to think that there maybe a young “RORY GALLAGHER” strumming away in his bedroom tonight who will never get there, because somewhere like THE PAV doesn’t give him a go…..that avenue is now closed……a great shame.

THE PAV’s heart was in the right place.



Sin e (a sad one)

Check out the new website, we’re now doing FREE SHIPPING with 3 orders or more. 

Mick Flannery Cover

By the Rule – Mick Flannery, Album Review

After an impactive twelve months from the soulful, solo-man from Bray, Hozier, it looked as though top dog Mick Flannery would have to take a back seat as Ireland’s biggest singer-songwriter. The man from Blarney would only concede his status for a short while however, with the release of his fourth album, ‘By The Rule’, earlier this summer.

‘By The Rule’ was written by Flannery during a sabbatical period in Berlin last year, and the album contains another collection of typically moving and insightful lyrics to go along with a mix of both sparse and instrument-laden tracks that keep the listening interesting.

Debuting at Number 1 in the Irish Album Charts, it has proven succesful so far with Flannery currently touring the album.

In ‘Red to Blue’, the Corkman’s previous release, Flannery moved towards more of a band-heavy Springsteen-esque sound, which proved refreshing if not a little awkward. With ‘By the Rule’, the band-heavy songs seem more settled and natural, often building to crescendos with tasteful drumming and nicely interwoven string and piano accompaniments and seemingly more comfortable arrangements.

Stand-out tracks include; The Small Fire, with its subtle vocal effects creating an almost ghostly feel, that contrasts with the chanty, refrain of each chorus, and laid-back yet punchy drums;

Even Now, which evokes real desolate beauty, typical of Mick Flannery but no less stirring with its delicate piano work, lamenting, reluctant vocal delivery and heart-felt lyrics that describe a break-up (‘In my heart I felt like dying, I wimpered like a child’) and hark back to some of the genius of his second album ‘White Lies’, is arguably the albums stand-out track;

Pride, perhaps the darkest of songs, which touches on the difficult subject of suicide, and the album’s first single, Get What You Give, which builds from Flannery’s solo vocal and guitar work to a fuller band sound that drifts in and out and works well with his style in general but specifically with the nonchalant anthemic chant of the chorus.

In all, ‘By the Rule’ is a fine piece of work, standing right up there with the best of Flannery’s now substantial and impressive back-catalogue. For the newcomer, the album provides a nice variety and overview of Flannery’s style without being clíchéd but with enough exploration for the long-term fan. It can be both easy-listening and harrowing depending on the listeners mood or motive, but lyrically, this is perhaps his most dark.

Mick Flannery and Ray 1

Coinciding with the release and tour of ‘By the Rule’, Music Zone will now be opening a new website, where customers can buy various Vinyl titles, including the album itself, and avail of home deliveries if required.

For those in the Carrigaline and Douglas area, ‘By the Rule’ is available on CD and Vinyl in-store at Music Zone, Douglas Court.

– by Shane Healy @shayninho



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How d everyone,

Universal have an ERIC CLAPTON and friends tribute to the late J.J CALE on CD and 2 LP, some top musicians among the friends.

Also some decent Vinyl reissues from DEXYS and SOFT CELL.

Also out through Universal on the 25th July is THE ALLMAN BROTHERS live in Fillmore East 1971 which is certainly up there as far as live albums go, and it is getting the works, 6 CD and 4 LP sets…..

allman brothers live

Warner have the new TOM PETTY record on the 25th also.

Please take due note from your considerate local record shop that there will be a fancy LP version hitting the shelves in about 8 weeks time….they must do this just to piss people off.

Humour me for a second with this scenario,

I am a big TOM PETTY fan and i love my records.

So Tom has a new album out and i want to buy the LP ( I own every Tom Petty LP) but there is a deluxe LP edition coming out in 8 weeks which i would love to get.

I know i can burn it, spotify it etc etc in the meantime but i want to put it on my record player…

Just bring them both out on the same day, and let people choose then, otherwise you re just going to ….


Warner also have a cracking 2 TONE best of release also for the 25th July.


Pias have new albums by A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW ( fairly rare i believe) and if you like some folk/metal ELUVEITIEs 6th album is out, both of these on the 1st of AUGUST.



Also forgot to mention last week RICHARD THOMPSON has a new CD out tomorrow ( was preoccupied with thoughts of the Neil Young gig, and i wasnt disappointed, they were really excellent, the 2 hours whizzed by….)

Little silly tale about young neil, he was in the shop last Friday…eehhh no he wasnt, but on the runway in da Airport when he landed there was 6 buses to take him and his gang, with 6 trailers on each bus, 3 trailers empty and only 3 people on each bus when they left ( had to be three people on each bus by account)

Neil brother you could have saved a few omissions there boy by cutting back on a few 50 seater buses….fine line they say.

 johnny w  tommy ramone

 Also in the past week, the world lost two of its most influential musicians of the last 50 years so RIP both JOHNNY WINTER and TOMMY RAMONE….im sure they will have fun wherever they are…..i think Tommy may have got that T-Shirt when he heard about the Garth Brooks farce.


I got some pre-loved records into the shop today, all in great nick, knocking around for around a tenner, just to let ye know.

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Sin e for this week,


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Hi Everyone,

Releases here mainly for the 11th July.

The biggest release of next week is the new MORRISSEY album.

I am looking forward to hearing it, safe to say Mr. Moz would not be everyones cup of cha but i think time will show him to be one of the greatest songsmiths ever in recorded music.

Here are some of Moz’s most witty, slightly demented and well known quotes.


1. On growing old: “Age shouldn’t affect you. You’re either marvellous or you’re boring, regardless of your age.”

2. On his public profile: “I’m dramatically underexposed. I demand more attention!” (NME, 1985).

3. On personal grooming: “I do maintain that if your hair is wrong, your entire life is.


Universal also have about 12 vinyl reissues including CLAPTON, LENNON, STEELY DAN, GRACE  JONES and GARY MOORE amongst them.


Warner have new albums by JOHN HIATT “terms of my surrender” ( happens also to be the mission statement of the croke park residents association) and a new CD by JASON MRAZ, plus for the first time ever on Vinyl record is the ROBERT FRIPP/ BRIAN ENO album “the Equatorial Stars”.

Sony have the new JUDAS PRIEST LP “ redeemer of souls”. metal!


Music on Vinyl have a few nice ROY ORBISON LP reissues for the 21st JULY.



PIAS have a few new ones to note for the 18th July namely ALVVAYS ( ala voice of the beehive me thinks) and WOMAN’S HOUR plus more CAN reissues and MOGWAI’S excellent “ come on die young” reissue.

 garth brooks

 On the whole Garth Brooks farce, Mr. Brook’s has very recently released a statement saying basically that it’s 5 or none.

Now it’s not my own personal bag but this is a mess for people, his fans, culprits mainly being Aitken Promotions, the GA, the residents ( even though i can see a small point here) and now Mr. Brooks, who says that he won’t  play three concerts because it would be like picking 3 children from 5.

One of the promotors was on the headline news tonight saying it was going to be the greatest show ever, with more screens, FIRE, and Garth appearing up through the stage….come off the stage i say, this whole thing stinks of dollars, for all the culprits invovled ( 5 gigs to go ahead is my guess).

If Mr. Moz was asked about this he might say have a few free concerts in the Phoenix Park so all Garth’s children could attend ( and no one gets burned in the FIRE) and Garth could claim ala Pope John Paul “ middle aged children of Ireland, i love you”. ( not even remotely gona happen i know)

Guns to heads tactics being used from all angles….tis a joke.

Lastly, Jim Morrison is 43 years passed yesterday…..

Enough crankiness for one week,

Sin e,


Music Zone Newsletter 26/6/14

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Hi Everyone,

No real big release for the 4th July but still a few interesting ones.

Warner has the CROSBY STILLS NASH and YOUNG 1974 live box set, Ministry’s “last tangle in Paris” on various formats, the RONNIE JAMES DIO tribute double LP on red Vinyl and a debut from LEWIS WATSON (21 year old with a lovely stripped back sound, great voice and deep lyrics…could well be a household name in a while, but for how long remains to be seen I suppose)



Pias have as usual some nice stuff including a couple of LP reissues from the brilliant COCTEAU TWINS, some FELA KUTI Vinyl reissues, mini album from ANNA CALVI, debut album from JUNGLE, new album from FINK “hard believer”, STUFAN STEVENS “enjoy your rabbit” LP reissue on lucky dip Vinyl colors’, new album from PLASTIKMAN (first since 2003) and last but not least LULUC (beautiful sounding folky/ dream pop). Most of these are not out till the 11th July.

cocteau twins


Sony have the new MANICs album, the last album only about 9 or 10 months back was good to nearly very good, so hoping for more of the same….saw them in the opera house a fair few moons ago now and they were outstanding…

 manic street preachers

Universal have a couple of LP reissues from SAM COOKE and MEGADETH of note for the 4th July.


The World Cup is to the business end now, knockout…only 15 games left…its being a good one so far in my opinion, plenty of goals and a fair bit of bite in a lot of the games….sorry, brutal I know, but I just couldn’t resist…. just ask Luis.


The caman and sliother would be my sport of choice, Dublin, Clare or Corcaigh for the big prize in my opinion….Dublin nearly 8 to 1…a good bet….in all likelihood would have beaten Cork last year if they hadn’t lost a man.

I have attached a SPRINGSTEEN pictogram below if you would like to agitate your brain.

ELBOW were excellent by all accounts on Tuesday? What about Mr. PLANT and MIDLAKE? I heard very little.

Really excellent Cork band, THE SHAKER HYMN have a free gig in the Pav this Saturday Night……check them out if in town.

Sin e for this week,

Thanks for reading,


Music Zone newsletter 19/06/2014

Hi Everyone,Music Zone Header Logo_edited-1 (3)

The updates for next week as usual.

Warner have the the biggest release of next week with PINK FLOYDs 20th anniversary LP and BOX SET of DIVISION BELL.


To coincide with that they have the two solo LPs and an outtakes/ b sides LP from the crazy diamond, SYD BARRETT.

They also have a SPECIALS live LP .


Universals biggest one for next week is a fancy coloured  remastered LP of BOB MARLEYs LEGEND.

They also have BLONDIEs new LP with LP of GREATEST HITS included and a LEVON HELM ( THE BAND) live CD.


Sony have a debut by GEORGE EZRA and THE THEs 30th anniversary LP of SOUL MINING.



Pias have new albums by AARON WEST AND THE ROARING TWENTIES “ well im drunk again and im guilty like im irish catholic” ( a lyric from his single and not my state at the present moment), the ACID ( bit of hype about them) , BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT whom has a brilliant pop single out called “an open heart”.

Finally German band MILKY CHANCE have there CD released over here ( single number 1 in 9 countries across Europe with 40 million you tube views)


Music on Vinyl releases for 14th July attached including CREAM LIVE AT THE ALBERT HALL and MINISTRYs second LP.


I have also attached a little pictogram QUIZ for those who would consider themselves BEATLES or BOWIE fans…. i myself would have scrapped a C with the Beatles ( BEATLES were obviously great, macca and lennons songwriting so different and yet genius when side by side, none more evident than on the White album when Macartney wrote about his sheep dog “ MARTHA MY DEAR”  followed by Lennon  on “ IM SO TIRED “ when he lights “another cigarette and curse sir walther raleigh, he was such a stupid geit”….brilliant, that was 36 years ago, anyway tangent over….its tricky is basiclly what im saying!!)


I didnt even attempt the Bowie one but im sure the Bowie fans will come back with A 1s??


On the Beatles again, the MONO LPs are coming early september….see attached.



Well, like England, it is time for me to bow out ( must admit was shouting for them, there media give them so much grief they seem scared shirtless to play)


Anyways, sin e





Music Zone News

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Hi Everyone,

Im back, and with a new fancy header, all thanks to my young colleague Shane ( i think i managed it, thanks Shane boy).

Easy enough to get Shanes fab four above or maybe one tricky one??

releases, mainly for Friday the 20th June.

Warner has ED SHERRANs second record, a new album from MASTODON, some RICK WAKEMAN reissues ( met him whilst on a stag in Swansea some years ago….dont ask….and a friend of mine thought he was Noddy from SLADE)

Warner also has a new PETER GABRIEL live DVD and BLURAY and a couple of GRAM PARSONs Vinyl reissues.

And for the BOWIE heads the lastest in the 7” picture discs “ DIAMOND DOGS”.

Universal for Friday the 20th have a good few Vinyl reissues including EELS brillant debut, JOHN MAYALL, STEREO MCS, JAPAN, EMINEM and some good jazz LPs.

Pias for the 20th June has a CABARET VOLTAIRE Vinyl compilation and an EP from a band from amerika called THE DISTRICTS, ones to watch by all reports.

Pias also have a release out on the 20th that i am going to get on my horse about, some/many of you will be aware of this album and some ( one) of you may thank me for getting on my horse about this.

In the early 90s, four teenage boys from Kentucky made there second album ( only ever made two) it was a loud and lairy, dark and dreary, soft and gentle, doorsy and nirvanay, lyrically mindbendy piece of work.

The album was called SPIDERLAND by a band called SLINT….it wont be everyones cup of cha but to some it could be a HOLY SHIT moment.


Easy to find full album on Youtube, listen to it…..just give me a sec now as i must get down off my horse….


Pias for the 27th have PRODIGY greatest hits on Vinyl for the first time, DEERHUNTER “ MICROCASTLE” reissue and DOVES JIMI GOODWIN new single.

Music on Vinyl releases for 23rd and 30th June including MARK KNOPFLER/ CHET ATKINS brillant “ neck and neck” and NICOs “marble index”.


We have local boys RAISING JUPITER in the shop tomorrow doing a few songs and a signing of there new CD…mini gig starts at 5 …well worth seeing if you are around….the lads are great live.


On a complete aside, Brazil didnt look the mae west tonight…saw the last half hour and if there wasnt a goalkeeper who wouldnt get his game with Rockmounts Junior team and a ref from a hotbed of soccer on the pitch could easily have being have a much different result.

Scheming Sepp cuddled up then with the Brazilian Taoiseach in a country where half the population struggle to eat, and the government spends 9 billion to bring it there.

I dont know, anyway i feel like im getting up on that horse again so im gona jump.

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Sin e,