More Bowie On The Way,  A Kate Bush Picture Disc, and A Word Used Sparingly On These Pages

Hi Everyone,
Hope all is good out there… Not a great start for the Rebel County in the auld hurling… Dodgy ground now.. Will be tough to come out of Limerick with anything and then have to win the last two to stay alive… Dodgy ground..
Anyway it’s a music blog and not a hurling / sport blog.. Releases today in the siopa include by THE NATIONAL (on a sweat all week with this one… dribs and drabs being invoiced out.. No CD by Wednesday night had shipped.. Biggest summer release maybe and delays all over the shop… 3PM Thursday not one copy of the album in the shop)… But it’s a belter to be fair.. If your format is slightly delayed, fear not they are all on the way… PIAS also have the new INTERPOL EP today… We also have new releases by RAMMSTEIN (delayed..), LEWIS CAPALDI, DAVID BOWIE, POSSESSED, A.A. BONY, a TRAFFIC boxset, WHITESNAKE, and reissues by P!NK

New release video up now here!

Right so for releases for the 24th of May… Warner have the afore mentioned KATE BUSH picture disc we hawked to ye last week… My price was slightly out of whack but lok we won’t starve like so €23 best price pre-order still stands!!

Warner will als have the 45th Anniversary release of BOWIE’s “Diamond Dogs”.. It’s on a limited red vinyl and is limited to independent record stores only… I don’t think it’s available online either.. Physical stores only I think… Will Check.. You win some, you lose some with this kind of stuff.. Direct To Consumer (DTC) versus indie shop only releases… Who calls these things?? The Band?? Management?? Record Company??…

Warner for the 25th also have the latest release from the MOZ man, “California Sun” on RSD Store Sky Blue vinyl (probably in honour of ye Bob..!!!), as well as CD.. It’s a covers album and includes guests like BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG, MAVIS STAPLES, and ED DROOST of Grizzly Bear… The couple I heard sound really good… Warner lastly have a new album by THE STRAY CATS on CD, Deluxe CD or indies only LP..

Don’t forget the smashing new PALE record is out on the 24th also… Here’s a link to it..

PIAS for the 24th of May have the new album by FLAMING LOTUS “FLAMAGRA” on CD, Deluxe 2LP or standard 2LP… It’s available on Warp Records and there is a host of big name guests on it.. The last record was very popular if you like your experimental electronica tinged with hip-hop… I think John Coltrane is in his bloodline or else Alice.. Not bad I suppose…

PIAS also have a couple of JOAN AS POLICEWOMAN next Friday the 24th also.. There is a “Live At The BBC” indies only LP and also “Joanthology”.. A 3CD best of more or less with the disc 3 being the Live at the BBC on CD.. PIAS also have a BLANCMANGE vinyl boxset of their first 3 albums as a 6LP set… So the three original albums plus bonus discs of B-Sides, extended versions and remixes.. Lastly from PIAS for the 24th of May is the debut album from WILD BEAST front man HAYDEN THORPE…

Universal for the 24th of May have the soundtrack to “Rocket Man” the ELTON JOHN story on CD only for now… They also have a new STING release “My Songs” which are reworking or reinterpretations of his greatest hits.. That’s out as CD, deluxe CD or GF DLP… Not out till June 7th for vinyl now…

Limerick three piece WHENYOUNG release their debut album “Reasons To Dream” on Virgin / EMI next Friday also.. Some fine tunes.. Here is one..

Universal also have a reissue of JANET JACKSON’s “Control” album next Friday… LP not until 7th of June though, and also a reissue of TEARS FOR FEAR’s “The Hurting” on LP…

Universal finally have the LP release of the new DERVISH album “Great Irish Songbook” and some STEVE MILLER BAND LP reissues a plenty..

Sony for the 24th of May have a PRIMAL SCREAM Greatest Hits Compilation “Maximum Rock N’ Roll : The Singles” as a 2CD or two separate vinyl (unfortunate, that really) Volume 1 and Volume 2.. Sony also have a TOTO CD Boxset called “All In”.

A Really nice release which could even be in the shop today (it is!!) is the new album by COLM MAC CON IOMAIRE “The River Holds It’s Breath – Tost Ar An Abhainn”.. His third solo album now from The Frames and Kila member… The last album was excellent!!

The Orchard for the 24th of May have the new album by THE WATERBOYS “Where The Action Is” via Cooking Vinyl.. Judging from some of the lyrics from the last album Mike knows where the action is alright… Only Slagging!! The last album was a great record I thought… I still play it from time to time… Saw them in the City Hall 1989 I think it was, only a slip of a lad.. Looking forward to this one…

The Orchard also have the new CATE LE BON album “Reward” on CD, or indies only red LP, as well as a reissue of THE FALL “Dragnet” LP and 7”, black and white splatter vinyl on this one…

Shellshock for the 24th of May have a PINK FLOYD “Transmission” CDs from Radio Broadcasts from 67/68…

Tis seldom we do a mid week newsletter but there will be a one pager on Tuesday evening about something we are excited, passionate and delighted to be involved with.. I have been listening to an album for the last week now at least once a day, somedays twice… It’s an album that forces the listener to listen to it and I don’t want it to finish.. It is in my opinion a masterpiece but I can’t tell you anymore until Tuesday… I have used that word sparingly on these pages.. “Excellent”, “great listen” used a lot.. A week into this and in my opinion it’s a masterpiece.. Till Tuesday folks..
Sin é for this week,
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt

Sorry forgot…. To take my cap out this week..
Springsteen Best Price pre order jobs on the site now for the new album..
Indies only LP €30
Standard LP €26
CD €13..
Out June 14th, indies only is the one will be so so stock wise..
Here’s the new single!

Slán and thanks

Two Bowie Releases, A RSD Store Exclusive Kate Bush 12” Picture Disc, And A Special Birthday

Hi Everyone,
Hope the form is good with ye..
Releases in the shop this week include the new MOZ 7” single, the new album by MAC DEMARCO, new one also by EMPLOYED TO SERVE, reissues by ROBERT GLASPER, HERBIE HANCOCK, ONCE O.S.T ON Limited Clear Vinyl, BIG COUNTRY’s expanded edition of “The Crossing”, ROBERT CRAY “Collected” on limited coloured vinyl, “Natural Born Killers” OST 25th Anniversary coloured vinyl, MATTHEW SWEET, ALLMAN BROTHERS and PETER GREEN., again all three of them MOV coloured LPs

Video up as always here to watch!

Moving onto releases for the 17th of May we have a really big release with the 8th studio album from THE NATIONAL.. I have wrote on these pages, numerous times in the past now at this stage, about who are the biggest band born this century… Born now lads I said before ye are on me!.. These boys have to be close to that title surely?.. Other than that I don’t know who.. I personally might edge the title THE NATIONAL’s way.. I have heard this album a couple of times (perks of the job, starting to receive listening links in advance.. nice one!!), and it’s going to be excellent… Plenty of female guests on it and plenty of strings and orchestration… We have hit ye with the formats and prices a few times already but here they are once more.. All up on site now through the title links as well to pre-order online

Deluxe 3LP set :
Pressed on red / grey / yellow 140s vinyl set in tri-fold jacket with printed innersleeves, 24 page booklet and 24” x 24” poster folder housed in printed plastic sleeve.  Side 5 on the 3LP edition contains 22 minutes of music from the ‘I Am Easy To Find’ Original Film Score – exclusive to this format. Side 6 on the 3LP is an etching.. €46 best price pre-order.

Standard 2LP
Pressed on black vinyl.. €32 best price pre-order

Independent Retailer 2LP Vinyl :
Pressed on clear 2LP €40 best price pre-order

CD : 
€15 best price pre-order

The album is called “I Am Easy To Find”, just like the album will be next Friday the 17th..

PIAS also have for the 17th of May a new INTERPOL EP “A Fine Mess” on Matador on CD or LP, and lastly PIAS have CLINT MANSELL “Out Of The Blue” on Invada…

Universal for the 17th of May have the new album by RAMMSTEIN, self titled on Spinefarm Records, so a couple of formats here including CD Digi, Deluxe Digi and a Gatefold DLP.
Universal also have a RONNIE LANE “Just For A Moment” as limited 6CD, 2LP or 1CD and lastly a TRAFFIC LP Boxset, The Studio Albums 67-74..

As I am on Universal.. May as well get my cap out for this week, sure it’s turning into a weekly happy now, bringing out the cap that is… Anyway, Universal for the 31st of may have a RORY GALLAGHER new release, a collection of rare and unreleased recordings.. Available to us on three formats.. 1CD, 3CD or 2LP.. We are going to do a best price job on pre-orders here… The 1CD at €13, the 3CD at €20, and the 2LP format at €27.. These are pre-order best price jobs lads, hit us back if interested.. Fill that cap!! Swallow your cap be more in your line Raymond..

Sony for the 17th of May have a 2LP reissue of P!NK’s I’m Not Dead”

The Orchard for the 17th of May have the new FULL OF HELL album on Relapse Records…

Warner for the 17th of May have the next in the series of the BOWIE 40th Anniversary Picture Disc 7”s, this time it’s “Boy’s Keep Swinging” from the Lodger album..

Warner also have BOWIE’s “Clareville Grove Demos” 3×7” vinyl box..

Following on from Spying Through A Keyhole, in early 1969 at his flat in Clareville Grove, London, David Bowie with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson continued to demo ‘Space Oddity’ and other tracks.
This live demo tape session is set for release as a 7″ vinyl singles box set of six home demos, four of which are previously unreleased recordings, Clareville Grove Demos will be released on 17th May 2019.
As with the Spying Through A Keyhole vinyl singles box set, the design of each single label is presented to reflect the way David sent many of his demos to publishers and record companies, featuring his own handwritten song titles on EMIDISC acetate labels with cover and print photos by David’s then manager Ken Pitt taken in the Clareville Grove flat. The singles themselves are all mono and play at 45 r.p.m.
Due to the nature of some of the solo home demos where Bowie accompanied himself on acoustic guitar, the recording quality isn’t always of a usual studio fidelity. This is partly due to David’s enthusiastic strumming hitting the red on a couple of the tracks, along with the limitations of the original recording equipment and tape degradation. However, the historical importance of these songs and the fact that the selections are from an archive of tracks cleared for release by Bowie, overrides this shortcoming.

Warner also for the 17th of May have the new album by THE HEAVY on BMG, the album is called “Sons” and there is an indies only exclusive LP with a bonus 7″.. We can do best price job at €22 on this… And lastly there is a new BRAD MEHLDAU on CD and LP

Warner also have a very limited KATE BUSH 12” Picture Disc coming up on the 24th of May… 4 Tracks… We have one order only on this title, it is for RSD Stores only.. Best price job on pre-orders of €23.. They won’t last long i’d say..

KATE BUSH – “CLOUDBURSTING” 12” PICTURE DISC. RECORD STORE DAY STORES EXCLUSIVE RELEASE. 4 track picture disc single from the rarities release ‘The Other Sides’

 Side One:
Cloudbusting 12” mix
Under the Ivy
 Side Two:
Rocket Man
Warm and Soothing

MOV for the 17th of May have two nice releases… LYNYRD SKYNYRD “Collected” comes out on 3LP Coloured vinyl, and there is a reissue of PRISCILLA : QUEEN OF THE DESERT SOUNDTRACK, again on coloured vinyl..

Here’s THE PALE single that I promised from last week.. Cracking album, jumps between genres and styles with some fine lyrics

Some football during the week wasn’t there… Unbelievable stuff and some serious stuff starts Sunday on the hurling fields also.. Champions league semi finals and championship hurling.. Summer’s here!! The shop turned 18 years last Wednesday and it’s still vivid, I was only a pup really… Leeds were in the Champions League semi final at the time with David O Leary’s team of young pups.. Bridget Jone’s Diary OST was top of the charts… Sony Cat was delayed and first potential customer was looking for AC/DC CDs, none in stock.. Schoolboy error by a schoolboy.. Actually not my fault, stock was delayed.. I’m still telling the same auld yarns (probably be saying it tomorrow with the new Whitesnake album courtesy of my new pals in The Orchard.. again).. But I could have cried to be honest.. Thought i might never see a customer ever again.. Finished that Tuesday the 8th of May, the day after the bank holiday with 606 Punts in the till.. This yacht might float after all.. We wouldn’t do it now to be honest on a Tuesday (or rarely do anyway), but we are still floating… Anyway

Sin é for this week,
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt.

Return of the Smiling Assassin and the Dumb Paddy,  A New One Direct From The Pale, And Our Fontaines D.C. Prize Draw!

Hi Everyone,
How’s the form this evening??
Summer is here.. Stock take time in the Tape and Record Emporium..

Releases in the siopa this week include the new one by VAMPIRE WEEKEND, as well as new albums by BIG THIEF, LITTLE STEVEN, AMON AMARTH, ARIANA GRANDE, LAMB, NEWTON FAULKNER, , a new NATIONAL 7” and reissues by EDITORS, and PROTOMARTYR.

Video up here now for the visuals! We also have done our first ever live draw… Winners of the Fontaines D.C. draw done live on video… So give it a watch and see if you’ve won!!

Right so moving on to releases for Friday the 10th of May… Not a blistering day to be honest but there are some fine releases coming up in the next month or 6 weeks.. But first the 10th of May. Universal have the new MAC DEMARCO record “Here Comes The Cowboy” on CD, standard LP or indies only LP.. His fourth record, and his first distributed by a major… It’s on his own label with a major doing the distro on it..

Universal also have new albums by HOWARD JONES and UNEMPLOYED TO SERVE, as well as LP reissues on Bluenote of HERBIE HANCOCK‘s debut LP “Takin Off” and a 2LP reissue of ROBERT GLASPER “Canvas”..

PIAS for the 10th of May have a new album by HOLLY HERNDON and a STILL CORNERS reissue of “Strange Pleasures” on Indies Only LP…

Slight cap coming out of the arse pocket here again… There’s a BOB DYLAN bootleg release coming on the 7th of June… Well there is an issue with the CD stock (not the LP stock) and most of the Rolling Thunder Revue 1975 Live Recordings 14CD boxsets have been eaten up already on pre-orders via Sony and not a whole pile are left now to go to retail.. Hence the words here about it.. Not a sales pitch!!.. My guy is sound and is telling me as it is.. I am getting some but I need to let him know ASAP.. So best price job on the 14CD set is €70… They are going to be tight folks so let me know if you want one ASAP please… The 3LP vinyl of it we can do at €70 best price job as well if interested… I see the vinyl is available on Amazon but the CD set is currently unavailable with the note we don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock… So there is no bolloxology here.. They are scarce (until) they do another run… (Raymond you smiling assassin you).. So email us if you want one.. (No talk of a second run btw)..

Sony for the 10th of May have a JIMI HENDRIX “Live at Woodstock” CD release also

CARGO for the 10th of May have the new SLEAFORD MODS 7” single release..

The Orchard for the 10th of May have the new WHITESNAKE album “Flesh And Blood” on 3 formats via CD/DVD, 2LP or Deluxe Boxset. Also out is the much heralded new A.A. Bondy record on CD and indies only LP.. While i’m on the subject of the Orchard again (you know my besties from a few weeks back.. The dumb Paddy sketch… Well the JOSH RITTER album never landed with us on the 26th… It was never keyed in the UK by someone or human error.. Thats okay, these things happen, I can live with that… It makes me look like a dumb Paddy to my customers but someone along the chain dropped the ball.. It happens, it’s in today, a couple of lost sales.. Most lads will come back.. But they (the Orchard) did commit a greater crime this past week with the new Alan Parsons Project CD release… I am on a UK Indie shop retailer Facebook Group.. A good few hundred on it.. (A Really well known record shop owner in the UK got kicked off it this past week for being an abusive, condescending knob on it towards another record shop owner… Good riddance too.. I say.. Anyway, on this group lads and ladies are asking about the Parsons CD via the Orchard… Cuts they were told.. Delays they were told.. No one got stock.. It charted at 38 in the physical charts.. How can that be when no one got stock?? It transpired that Amazon got all the stock.. Full stop.. From (our friends) at the Orchard.. We / Us as indie specialist retailers are pissing against the wind if that’s the attitude.. Maybe it’s not just dumb Paddy after all…

Warner for the 10th of May have the new Moz 7” single “Wedding Bell Blues” on clear yellow vinyl as well as the debut record by (well under this moniker anyway) SAMMY HAGAR and The Circle…

Warner have some nice price jazz LP reissues by CHET BAKER, NAT KING COLE, OSCAR PETERSEON, STAN GETZ and THELONIUS MONK..
New CDs also by MAVIS STAPLES and ENSLAVED, and lastly a reissue of FRANK SINATRA’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” on LP…

Last couple of bits so for this week, kinda the local scene, THE PALE were in touch during the week and they have a new record out on the 24th of May and they are self releasing it.. No record company and no distribution… So they are getting into select shops around the country… Like your own little indie record shop here… Dear share holders, the LP will be €20..  I have heard it all and it’s excellent.. Really it is excellent.. Hit us back if you want a copy..

Lastly so.. Lads that THE SHAKER HYMN E.P “The Shape Of The Sea” is an absolute cracker… How the lads aren’t bigger is astonishing (well, nothing in this industry would astonish me now I think).. I love love the new 5 tracks… Just mentioning it again is all cos I like it so much.. Give it a listen here sure

Sin é for this week
My cap is even getting tired
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt

Vampire Weekend Make Their Return, A Special Fontaines D.C. Competition and The Industry’s Royalty Rates

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well out there and we all enjoyed the Easter Bunny… Crikey the year is flying… Sailing season soon…


Video up here again this week, give it a watch and share for us!

Right so moving on to releases for the 3rd of May we have a few nice releases via Sony… First up is the new VAMPIRE WEEKEND album called “Father Of The Bride”.. It’s available as a CD, standard black vinyl, and an indies only coloured LP.. Major label debut… Although they were on Bella Union or someone major enough before this I feel.. Sounds sweet to be fair… Sony also have the album by AMON AMARTH “Berserker” on CD, 2LP or a super duper boxset thingy…

Universal for the 3rd of May have the LEWIS CAPALDI album release “Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent” it is called and it’s on CD, standard black LP, or on the 17th of May a high street only red vinyl.. Lots of British press and DJ’s believe in this dude.. Here’s a link to the song from the new record

Universal have  new LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY CD with a bonus disc of Greatest Hits thrown in for good measure.. Uni also have the new album by LITTLE STEVENS AND THE DISCIPLES OF SOUL.. “Summer of Sorcery” it’s called on CD, or 2LP.. Lastly from Universal for the 3rd of May is the release (first time release may I add) of the ARIANA GRANDE album “Thank U, Next!”.. It’s a DLP gatefold with white inner bags..

Warner for the 3rd of May has the new RHIANNON GIDDENS CD on Nonesuch Records, as well as IN FLAMES “I, The Mask” on 2LP Picture Disc vinyl

ROM for the 3rd of May have the new STONE FOUNDATION 7”..

PIAS arguably for the 3rd of May have the biggest release of the weekend with the BIG THIEF new album “U.F.O.F” on 4AD… It will be available on CD, standard LP and indies only coloured LP… Single LP.. It could be a cracker i’d say.. Indies only single LP is €22 via 4AD.. Decent value.. Begs the céist I’m afraid why oh why is the NATIONAL record on 4AD two weeks later €45 for an indies only (now double LP granted so would cost more).. I suppose royalty rates is the only good reason I can think of for that price difference… Cos it’s a massive difference.. So look maybe the National boys demanded more from the sale of the record (they are entitled to that.. if that is the case) but if it is not the case then it’s simply cash cowing and that’s a shame… The reason it hints at a cash cow for me is standard 2LP is €32 and indie as only 2LP is €40… No big problem with 3LP one as it looks sweet an there are extras on it.. But a €8 retail difference cause of colour??? I make my point again… 20 x €32’s is better than 10 x €40’s… Royalty wise and every other wise… It’s one i’ve trouble getting my head around.. Maybe the powers that be in these record companies have their market research done on these releases and it tells them that the price is not a factor… I for one (for ye’r market research purposes like) will tell ye that on the front line here in the shop floor, price is a huge factor.. Anyway look it is what it is…

Here is the info on The National record which is out May 17th..
I Am Easy To Find’ is the band’s eighth studio album and the follow-up to 2017’s Grammy Award- winning release ‘Sleep Well Beast’. A companion short film with the same name will also be released with music by The National and inspired by the album. The film was directed by Academy Award- nominated director Mike Mills (20th Century Women, Beginners) and stars Academy Award-Winner Alicia Vikander. Mills, along with the band, is credited as co-producer of the album, which was mostly recorded at Long Pond, Hudson Valley, NY with additional sessions in Paris, Berlin, Cincinnati, Austin, Dublin, Brooklyn and more far flung locations.
The album features vocal contributions from Sharon Van Etten, Brooklyn Youth
Chorus, Lisa Hannigan, Mina Tindle and more.
As the album’s opening track ‘You Had Your Soul With You’ unfurls it’s so far, so National: a digitally manipulated guitar line, skittering drums, Berninger’s familiar baritone, mounting tension. Then around the 2:15 mark, the true nature of ‘I Am Easy To Find’ announces itself: The racket subsides, strings swell and the voice of long-time David Bowie bandmate Gail Ann Dorsey booms out – not as background vocals, not as a hook but to take over the song. Elsewhere it’s Irish singer songwriter Lisa Hannigan, or Sharon Van Etten, or Mina Tindle or Kate Stables of This Is The Kit, or varying combinations of them. Also, The Brooklyn Youth Choir, whom Bryce Dessner had worked with before. There are choral arrangements and strings on nearly every track, largely put together by Bryce in Paris – not a negation
of the band’s dramatic tendencies but a redistribution of them. “Yes, there are a lot of women singing on this, but it wasn’t because, ‘Oh, let’s have more women’s voices,’” says Berninger. “It was more, ‘Let’s have more of a fabric of people’s identities.’ It would have been better to have had other male singers but my ego wouldn’t let that happen.”
Formats :
Deluxe 3LP set pressed on red / grey / yellow 140s vinyl set in tri-fold jacket with printed innersleeves, 24 page booklet and 24” x 24” poster folder housed in printed plastic sleeve.  Side 5 on the 3LP edition contains 22 minutes of music from the ‘I Am Easy To Find’ Original Film Score – exclusive to this format. Side 6 on the 3LP is an etching.. €46 best price pre-order.
Standard 2LP pressed on black vinyl.. €32 best price pre-order
Independent Retailer pressed on clear 2LP €40 best price pre-order
CD.. €15 best price pre-order

PIAS for the 3rd of May also have an indies only reissue of the debut PROTOMARTYR record “No Passion, All Technique”.. A few lads coming in here to us swear by this band and would say they are the best band around at the moment.. I’m going to investigate… We can investigate together.. Here’s a link

Lastly PIAS for the 3rd of May have EDITORS “The Blanck Mass Sessions”.. A reissue.. Not the RSD one, a Standard Black vinyl one!..

Proper for the 3rd of may have the 3rd album by FRANK CARTER AND THE RATTLESNAKES called “End Of Suffering”, indies only green LP with this one.. Proper also have new albums by RICHARD BARBIERI, and also THE FELICE BROTHERS, as well as reissues by GONG “Angles Egg” and “You”.. Lastly from Proper is a DLP “Best Of” of PETER GREEN SPLINTER GROUP,  2CD also available on that…

Music On Vinyl for the 3rd of May have a reissue of the NATURAL BORN KILLERS 25th Anniversary Edition of the soundtrack.. 2K of them on green vinyl, also out is the OST to ONCE, this time 3K on transparent vinyl.

Bit of good news for you competition lovers here… Around RSD we were due a present from FONTAINES D.C… The following Monday we got a package from the lads with 3 signed prints of the album cover.. I kept meaning to do something with them, so any person who has bought the LP or CD off us, or is intending to buy the LP or CD off us, we will enter your name to the hat.. So if you have already or want to pick up the album, shout at us… We have the list still of everyone who pre-ordered with us still..

Sin é for this week folks.
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
Music Zone 

A Sincere RSD Thank You, The National Pre-Order Cap Is Out, and No Irish Need Apply

Hi Everyone,
How’s the form?… Listen i’m going to start with RSD I suppose… Huge huge and sincere thanks to all of ye for celebrating our survival day… Ye’r terrific in fairness. About 5% back on last year but still three solid week’s business in one day (and not a whole pile of stock left over) so overall a great day… I feel the atmosphere is so unique on the day so thanks to each and everyone one of ye who parted with their cash on the day to support what we do… Thank you

Thanks also to Bobby and Shane for being my arms and putting up with my grumpiness at times.. Top men as always…

Thanks a million to Tim our video man.. Time works the video nearly all day long.. 7:30 – 5 in fact then goes and edits it.. And produces it.. Again for a handful of records.. Top man again.. Doing it for the cause also.. It would not be done if Tim wasn’t involved.. So thanks kid (anyone looking, or sons or daughters of yers looking for a video man.. you will not go wrong with Tim)..

Thanks a million to Bartosz and his team here at Douglas Village.. Its a big event and i’m always asking for this that and the other, and the answer is more or less always YES… You can’t ask for more than that.. Top man

The day wouldn’t be the same without the musicians that graced our stage for us (all for a bottle of water and a record of their choice.. And a bit of promo in the centre, on the radio and on the auld social media malarkey)..

The Alkove kick us off and they brought so much fun to the event.. They were perfect as openers, good tunes and great fun, the had the place bopping
The Shaker Hymn were up next.. I have mentioned these boys numerous times in the past, cracking little band, serious good tunes.. I have their new EP on repeat in the car stereo for two weeks.. It gets better lads every day… Quality songs.. 5 of them for €5.. Where would you get it.. Quality, original, independent, Irish music for a fiver… How much is a cup of coffee these days??
Ian Whitty and the Exchange were up next and the lads put on a great performance.. Top songs by top lads.. Firm favourites here with us…
Gavin James was up next and although he did not perform as his voice was gone, he still turned up and smiled, photographed and autographed for nearly an hour.. A Lot more would have rang up and said no can do, but in fairness he showed up.. Fair play..
Next up Marc O’ Reilly and wow he blew me away.. I thought he was just phenomenal, crikey so talented.. Tremendous stuff.. Only saw Marc live once before but i’ll be seeing him a lot more in the future..
Gerald Ahern and his band were next, a late edition to RSD but they had some tunes and played really well.. Gerald has progressed a lot musically in the last few years…
Next up were The Grunts and I for one loved it.. The lads are sound, and were really tight.. Good tunes, old style rock n’ roll, punchy vibe going on… They have a song something along the lines of “The Man Who Stalked You Is Now The President” and man they nailed it on the day.. Well worth catching it when Tim has the video done…
Last but not least was Sara Ryan who gave a really lovely performance.. It was late in the day at this stage, maybe half 4 but there was still 20 or so people stayed for the performance.. You couldn’t hear a pin drop.. Chatting to Sara after and she commented on it.. She said it was scary because she knew people were really listening to her.. So bul a bos to ye folks and major bul a bos to all the musicians who perform,ed for us on the day.. Ye guys really help make it so special..


Video up this week here for you!

Moving on to releases for 26th of April.. Sorry CRANBERRIES is out that day.. I may have billed it for the 19th last week.. Head swimming.. It’s the 26th for the final CRANBERRIES album…

Sony for the 26th of April have the P!NK album on CD only for now.. Great pop act i.m.o. New albums is called Hurts 2B Human.. Sony also have PRINCE “Ultimate Rave” on CD.DVD and a PRINCE 2LP reissues of “Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic”, one is a remix album of the other..

The Orchard for the 26th (ahhhhh the Orchard).. I promised ye a slap off them… A deserved slap.. Here was the story with my RSD order.. Stock ordered.. Stock allocated.. Good fill.. No major cuts.. Keyed to my account.. No issues.. So i’m saying ship it.. Not shipping.. ship it.. Not shipping.. Everyday that passes, my stock is depleting.. Jim in Dorset wants on of them.. Bob in Norfolk needs on of those.. Réamann is Sister Rays needs one of those… Until My stock was gone.. “Take it from Paddy’s box”.. “Sure it’s only dumb Paddy”.. It smelled with “No Irish need apply” be honest… Got 5 unites of Orchard RSD Stock on Monday the 15th of April.. 2 Days after the event.. Apologies to those who were let down.. Sin an scéal…

The Orchard have the new JOSH RITTER album for the 26th of April “Fever Breaks” on CD, LP and indies only LP… New LAMB album also “Secret of Letting Go” on CD and LP..

Universal for the 26th of April have the new album by CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN.. “The Balance” on Island records, available as CD and LP.. Uni also have Bear’s Den new record on Communion Records, and there is the CD release of the MARVIN GAYE lost album “You’re the Man”.. Universal also have the first posthumous release from J.J CALE called “Stay Around on Because Music.. This comes as a 2LP/CD set.. Not bad money maybe €30.. “Roll On” by Cale gets a reissue also CD/LP for €25.. Universal also have some LP reissues by JAMES BROWN of “Motherlode” and the O.S.T to “Black Caesar” also…

Nice MOODY BLUES “Live at the BBC” release as a 3LP, first time on vinyl and it’s a limited numbered coloured edition.. “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick” gets a reissue and there are cassette reissues of all BJORK albums..

OK so, new THE NATIONAL album out on the 17th of May.. Time to take the auld cap out of the arse pocket again.. You’re some man Raymond boy… How many weeks business on Saturday… Well Kanye’s got this new feature on his yacht.. Anyway don’t want to bore ye with that… Pricing not outstanding here from 4AD.. Four physical formats available to me… Best price jobs are €15 for the CD, Standard 2LP is €32 and Deluxe 3LP is €46,  and the indies only coloured 2LP version is €40.. I have queried this one’s price with 4AD and how limited a press it is… Anyway they are the best prices we can do folks so if interested… Here’s the info on the triple one…
5th side contains 22 minutes of music from the I Am Easy To Find Original Film Score – Exclusive to this format – etching on the 6th side – Tri-fold LP jacket – 3 printed innersleeves – 24 page booklet – 24” x 24” poster folder – housed in printed plastic sleeve.
It’s a piece of art really I suppose.. 16 tracks and an extra 22 minutes…

PIAS for next week have the new SOAK album “Grim Town” after Choice winning and Mercury nominated debut album, out via Rough Trade on CD, DLP and indies only DLP with 7”.. KEVIN MORBY has a new album out via Dead Oceans on CD, Cassette and indies only 2LP, and also out is the new ALDOUS HARDING album “Designer”, out on CD, LP or indies only LP.. I like that “The Barrel” tune..

KING GIZZARD the Aussie psychedelic 7 piece have a new album out next week called “Fishing For Fishies”, and there is a ROLLING BLACKOUTS new 7” single released for Indie shops only..

MOV for the 26th have MATTHEW SWEET “Altered Beast” blue vinyl, 1k only.. ROBERT CRAY gets the “Collected” 2LP treatment on red vinyl, 2k worldwide only… ALLMAN BROTHERS “Where It All Begins”, 11th album reissued on 2k blue vinyl.. PETER GREEN’s “Little Dreamer” is out as on orange and yellow vinyl, 750 worldwide… BIG COUNTRY “The Crossing”, debut album reissued with 4 bonus tracks, and MILES DAVIS “Miles In The Sky”.. Finally from MOV is a nice one, with IAN BROWN‘s “Monkey Business” reissued on vinyl..

WARNER for the 26th have the final CRANBERRIES album as mentioned earlier, on CD, Deluxe CD, Std LP and Indies only LP.. “All Over Now” is a fine tune, Stephen Street on production duties again..
Warner also have CORMAC NEESON‘s (lead singer with THE ANSWER) debut solo album “White Feather”.. Take a listen to single “Broken Wing”, lovely song.. Big departure, almost a country / Neil Young feel to it… CD Only for now..

Warner also have a new ENFORCER album on CD and LP, GEORGE BENSON’s “Walking To New Orleans” on Provogue CD, LP or indies only LP.. Keifer Sutherland has a new album, there are some KREATOR reissues, and MARINA (Without the Diamonds) has a new album with “Love + Fear” as a 2LP or CD on Atlantic… There is a Trojan “Monkey Business – Definitive Skinhead Reggae Collection” out as a 2LP, some NAZARETH LP reissues and a new ROB THOMAS album on CD…

So sin é for this week folks
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt

Record Store Day, A Special Video, and ALL TVVINS Live In-Store

Hi everyone

It’s a one pager this week i’m sure ye’r thrilled to hear that anyway!..
Loads of new releases on the walls this week.. FONTAINES D.C., GLEN HANSARD, WALKING ON CARS, ALL TVVINS, CHEMICAL BROTHERS, DERVISH, PET SHOP BOYS.. And loads and loads of RSD stock to go on the Raymond’s left hand wall (as Raymond looks at it, ye’r right) and also a bay or two of RSD Stock in the middle of the floor…

Video up this week again.. Bit of a special one this week.. Not many new releases in it.. Just a sneak preview of Record Store Day release wall to get you excited for tomorrow morning!!

Just going to rattle off releases for the 19th of April..

CRANBERRIES last ever album (indies only), and also new albums by LOYLE CARNER, DRUG DEALER, NOUVELLE VAGUE, GANG OF 4, CAGE THE ELEPHANT, FAT WHITE FAMILY and GRAND MAGUS… Reissues on the 19th by ELBOW, BLIND FAITH, CARNAGE, STEVIE NICKS, ROY HARPER, SCISSOR SISTERS, SKELETON WITCH, ALTERBRIDGE and STATUS QUO… Lastly a new STONES compilation out “Honk” to pay for Mick’s op..

Bad news on one front folks… Going to be a rant next week so gonna keep it short here.. Don’t want to spoil it.. Really p*ssed off… Left down and not getting stock from The Orchard.. I’m really sorry.. Very very disappointed..
We will have none of the following.. The Fall “Imperial Wax Solvent”,  Otis Redding / Booker T, Tangerine Dream… I’m really sorry.
We pushed and we pushed for our order in the last 2 weeks, so we are getting a couple of copies of the following titles, but they won’t land in with us until Monday and won’t have many.. These titles are Roy Ayers, Al Green Singles Box, The Residence, Townes Van Zandt..
We will fill in more on this next week…

And finally for this week again folks, delighted to welcome back the brilliant ALL TVVINS back to the shop this coming Tuesday, April at 1PM to sing, and sign their cracking new album “Just To Exist”. Had it blasting all day and sounding great again.. If you can’t make it give us a heads up if you want a copy of the LP or CD signed.. If you can make it in we’d love to see ya!

Sin é for this week..
Hope you can pop in over the weekend to say hello

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
Music Zone

RSD Only 8 Sleeps Away, A Savage Week Of Irish Releases, And ALL TVVINS Back Live In-Store

Hi Everyone,

How’s the form… 3 more sleeps to Record Store Day… Cracking Music line up… Some rare lovely records… What’s there not to like!! Here is our music again for the day, with the time of each act now

11:15AM – The Alkove
12 Noon – The Shaker Hymn
12:45PM – Ian Whitty And The Exchange
1:30PM – Gavin James
2:15PM – Marc O’Reilly
3:15PM – The Grunts
4:15PM – Sara Ryan

While we are on about quality in-stores, we are delighted to welcome ALL TVVINS on Tuesday the 16th of April, at 1PM.. Maybe not a great time but if ye can pop in that would be fantastic… It’s the lads second album, this time on Faction.. Haven’t heart it yet but it’s getting great reviews… It’s out on the 12th of April, the record.. If you can’t make it in and want the record or CD signed by the lads, shout at us!

Right so , RSD problems are hopefully done but I am still awaiting quite a bit of stock so we will have to wait and see!!

CD’s and LP’s out today on the good yacht include the BOWIE “Spying Through A Keyhole” 7” Singles Boxset, NEW ORDER’s “Movement” boxset, as well as new releases from ELUVEITIE, and reissues from MOTORHEAD, RICHARD SWIFT, BOZ SCAGGS, MARVIN GAYE, and BOB DYLAN

Video up this week again here!!

Ok so moving on to a big weekend for record stores and a big weekend for releases also… Becoming one of the major release days of the year now, the day before RSD is..

So let’s start with (What I believe will be one of the biggest albums of the year and could well end up high on loads of best album charts by years end…) is the debut record by FONTAINES D.C (whom I believe could be one of the biggest bands on the planet in 5 years time)… I have mentioned the Dublin boys a few times in these pages over the last 12 or 18 months now… Introduced to them way back along by Aiden from Mike The ePies and myself and Hassey from Coughlan’s tried to get them for an in-store / gigs some time back.. Alas to our great pity not to be… The debut record “Dogrel” is released by Partisan Records on Friday April 12th and is available on CD and limited one press only indies yellow vinyl… Snap ’em up… Word to the wise.. LP will have a download code and best price pre-order offer available of €10 on the CD and €24 on the indies only yellow vinyl..

Also a new 7 inch vinyl from MURDER CAPITAL!

Bibio have a new album out next week on Warp called “Ribbons” on CD, LP or 2LP indies only…

Staying with big releases and keeping it country as one might say… WALKING ON CARS release their second album on Virgin / EMI next week.. It is called “Colours” and it’s available on CD and LP.. It was recorded in Dingle and in London.. Lead single here

CHEMICAL BROTHERS also have a new album on on the 12th of April also through Virgin / EMI. It is called “No Geography” and it’s on CD and 2LP.. Universal also have new albums from NORAH JONES, ANDY BLACK (Black Veil Brides) and MELISA ETHERIDGE..

Uni also have NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MUSIC 102 and a NIRVANA “Live at the Paramount” DLP release on Geffen / UMC.. First time ever on vinyl for this!! Great gig.. It includes a poster and a sticky cloth replica of the original VIP pass as the download code…
Lastly from Universal we have the new album by DERVISH “The Great Irish Songbook” on CD or LP.. Some cracking help on board with the Sligo band on this record.. The likes of Steve Earle, Rhiannon Giddens, Vince Gill, Brendan Gleeson and Kate Rusby…

Proper for the 12th of April have the new ALL TVVINS album “Just To Exist” on Faction records, CD and LP and as I said earlier the lads are in for an instore on Tuesday 16th April at 1PM

Proper also have the PET SHOP BOYS “Inner Sanctum” Bluray, DVD and 2CD set which was filmed at Londons Royal Opera. 5*’s all over the shop for this.. It is meant to be sensational..

There is a new 12” EP out by PET SHOP BOYS on the same day, “Agenda”, 4 new tracks I think…
Proper also have a new record on ECM by BILL FRISELL and THOMAS MORGAN (double bass) as well as lastly a new SUN KILL MOON (cd only) with DONNY MCCLASIN as guest..

No time for long or short tales this week with the newsletter.. Wall to wall releases.. Makes the newsletter very boring!!!

THE ORCHARD for the 12th of April have the new album by K-Pop sensations BTS “Map Of The Should : Persona” it’s called… CD album comes with a photo book, photo cards, postcards and a poster… The Orchard also has new albums on the 12th by DAMIEN JURADO, BRUCE HORNSBY (produced by Bon Iver), ANDY BELL, WHITE CHAPEL, and CIVIL WARS singer JOHN PAUL WHITE has a new solo album..

Sony for the 12th of April have a CD album by L.S.D (Labrinth, SIA and DIPLO), as well as a reissue on LP of SANTANA’s “Supernatural”..

SRD for the12th have new albums by BUDOS BAND “V” on CD or LP…

Last but not least WANRER for the 12th of April have the new album by GLEN HANSARD “This Wild Willing” on Epitaph available as CD, 2LP or Indies only 2LP… Glen’s fourth solo record now and this was largely record in Paris with a right miss mash of musicians invited into the studio to put their own slant on the record… Musically everything went… Street musicians to big names all helped and contributed to the record.. I think he is very happy with it… Here’s a link to the single

ANDERSON PAAK has a new one out via Warner as well next week as well as some BLIND GUARDIAN reissues on LP.. There is a NICK CAVE / WARREN ELLIS indies only whiskey coloured vinyl LP of the sound track to “Assassination of Jessie James”..

Last couple of bits from Warner are ROXETTE “Have A Nice Day” LP reissue and Suede “The Insatiable” Ones” 3DVD feature film..

Right so sin nearly é for this week, unlikely if I will get one out next week but you wouldn’t know.. So just on opening times and all that jazz for RSD… The good shop Music Zone will open at 8AM.. We will have goodies.. The shopping centre will open at 6:30 AM but only, I repeat only, at the entrance at the Marks + Spenser’s / Starbucks, by Falvey’s Chemist.. So the queue can start there for anytime before 6:30.. The car park will open then at 6:35.. Or James Bond through the ceiling if you want.. Look if you fancy pop in a say hello and soak up some of the atmosphere.. It’s always pretty unique.. I suppose it’s our celebration day… We are still here
So on that,

Sin é for this week folks
Go raibh agat as do chluas a thabhairt
Music Zone

Record Store Day 2019 Live Music Announcement!, New Bowie + New Order Sets, And A Few RSD Updates

Hi all,
How’s the form??
This time two weeks it’s RSD Eve and it’s full on from here on in now… I haven’t heard of many more major problems but there will be loads of little one’s in the next fortnight and then Santa arrives and all is good in the world..
The music for the day has been sorted now, so here’s what we have for definite!! This is in no particular order, we’ll be announcing the times and running order for the band’s in next weeks newsletter

So for definite we have THE GRUNTS, a hardened rock n’ roll band with some good tunes and quality riffs

We also have lined up THE ALKOVE fronted by Eddie Kelly, another no messing rock n’ roll band with a great frontman. Both of these bands are first timers with us for RSD and we are delighted to welcome them and really look forward to their sets

The next two cars we have lined up I personally have to say are two of my favourite Irish bands… Both bands are RSD veterans with us.. So we are delighted to welcome back IAN WHITTY AND THE EXCHANGE.. As good a wordsmith as there is around, back by three terrific musicians… Personally, can’t wait!!

And RSD would hardly be RSD if we didn’t have some form or guise of THE SHAKER HYMN… The lads are quality.. Blue in the face from telling ye… So the lads are back and they are launching a new E.P. on the day also… As Lil Percy would say… Sweet!… Can’t wait..

The 5th act we can confirm for RSD 2019 is another new RSD act for us, and is the brilliant MARC O’ REILLY… We are big big fans of Marc here in the shop, he is a tremendous musician and we are delighted to welcome him… He has made some great music so far and is worth checking out!

The 6th act we will welcome to the siopa on the day is the brilliant songwriter SARA RYAN, a  lovely songwriter with a great voice.. Her first single is out on April 25th and she is also playing Coughlan’s that night. Delighted to welcome her. Debut album due out later in the year

And last but definitely not least, the 7th act we will welcome into the siopa on the day.. Someone who has become a bit of a friend of the shop in the last few years.. He was with us back when his first album was launched back in 2016, and we were delighted to be asked to work with him again in Cypress Avenue late last year for the launch of his second studio album “Only Ticket Home”.. He’ll be fresh out of his two sold out Opera House gigs, and we are delighted to have GAVIN JAMES in with us for RSD 2019… Really really thrilled, going to be very exciting!!

So that’s it for the entertainment for now… Hope to have times for each act announced for next week… Sin sin for now.. We would love if you could get in and support us and the lads playing for us on the day, for a record and a cup of tea!!

Right so, on to releases for the good yacht today.. BILLIE EILISH‘s album was embargoed so only landed in this afternoon so nobody got it on the sneaky a day or two before release… Embargoes are good.. Makes the work, craft, art all more special… I have tortured over it.. Please Respect it… I fully support that, it’s the way it should be..

Other releases today include the BETH GIBBONS performing Henryk Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs”. Also out is new releases from WHITE DENIM, STEVE EARLE, JOACHIM KUHN, and reissues by KEITH RICHARDS, COCTEAU TWINS, FRANK ZAPPA, MOTORHEAD, MARVIN GAYE, THE CONGOS, LOVE UNLIMITED, SPARKS, and a new KISS compilation vinyl release.

Video up again for you all here! Be sure to subscribe to keep up with all the comings and goings!

So on to releases for the 5th of April, we’ll start with (not exactly a stunning week of releases.. But the week after, the 12th, I’ll need a book.. Savage stuff the day before RSD… Savage.. I suppose people will be in Record shops so get the releases in… It’s cracking on the 12th..) Back to the 5th for now and I suppose the biggest release of the weekend is the DAVID BOWIE “Spying Through A Keyhole”..

With 2019 marking 50 years since David Bowie’s first hit, Space Oddity, Parlophone is set to release a 7″ vinyl singles box set of nine previously unreleased recordings* from the era during which Space Oddity was first conceived.
The title ‘Spying Through A Keyhole’ is a lyric taken from the previously unknown song, Love All Around, and though most of the other titles are known, these versions have never been officially released until late last year (see footnote). Most of the recordings are solo vocal and acoustic home demo performances, unless otherwise stated.
The photography that adorns the box front and the print inside is by Ray Stevenson and was taken in Tony Visconti’s flat in the summer of 1968.
The design of each single label is presented to reflect the way David sent many of his demos to publishers and record companies, featuring his own handwritten song titles on EMIDISC acetate labels. The singles themselves are all mono and play at 45 r.p.m.

Best job pre-order offer of €42 on the Bowie set…

Warner also has new albums by ELUVEITIE and DON FELDER (Eagle) and MIKE AND THE MECHANICS reworking of classics plus three new tracks.. Warner also have reuissues on LP from DAVID GUETTA and from MOTORHEAD again “Hits of Death”, “Motorizer”, “Better Motorhead Than Dead” and the Live 4LP set, “Inferno” and “Hammered”.

Back to RSD for a sec.. Sorry now stuff going on all the time and i’m the bearer of some bad news here.. These price changes occurred after we sent out our price list to ye folks.. Price increases on Green Day, Jeff Tweedy, Madonna (True Blue), Pink Floyd and Van Morrisson and a price decrease on the Sigur Ros releases… my own little Brexit…

Lastly from Warner is the NEW ORDER “Movement” boxset which includes the LP, CD . Bonus CD of 18 completely unreleased tracks, a DVD of live shows + TV Appearances, plus a 48 page hard back book with a lift off lid box.. €100 best price pre-order job on this..

Universal for the 5th of April have a solo record from TYLER RAMSEY lead guitarist and cowriter with BAND OF HORSES… PROFESSOR LONGHAIR “Live On The Queen Mary” gets a CD and LP release.. OUR PLANET OST is also out on CD and LP and there is a reissue and 40th anniversary edition of THE SLIT’s album “Cut”.. Lastly from Uni for the 5th of April are some 3CD essential Jazz sets by WAYNE SHORTER, HERBIE HANCOCK, JOHN COLTRANE and KEITH JARRETT..

PIAS for the 5th of April have the CIRCA WAVES album, their 3rd on CD, standard black vinyl or indies only blue vinyl… They have a 5CD PETE SEEGER set containing 152 tracks, and some RICHARD SWIFT reissues on LP…

Sony for the 5th of April have new albums on CD only by KHALID, SARA BAREILLES and BROOKE + DUNNE..

THE ORCHARD for the 5th of April have the new album by IDLEWILD “Interview Music” on CD, LP and indies only LP and also new albums out by MARTHA, LISSIE, JAWS, LUKE SITAL-SINGH, and EXHUMER…

Music on Vinyl for the 5th of April have reissues of WITHIN TEMPTATION’s “The Silent Force” on 180gm vinyl as well as MATTHEW SWEET’s “Girlfriend” reissue.. We hope to have some of the 1000 pink copies that were pressed on that one…

Start this on a Thursday evening as most are well aware, and it get’s finished in the siopa by the lads on a Friday.. 24 hours since scribbling and unfortunately there’s been a change on there being no problems with RSD.. Unfortunately we have run into some today..
Tá brón orm.. Truly tá brón orm.. but we have been cut on a few bits…. With Sony, the PREFAB SPROUT and BILLY JOEL are very very tight.. We have just enough for the demand.. But could sell out quickly on the morning.. Early worm for those two if you are wanting one.. Sorry..

With PIAS we had a good few cuts.. EDITORS, JOHN GRANT, the SOUL JAZZ 7” set, and THE CHARLATONS set, are all big problems for us.. Cut hugely.. Will be first come first served with these and we are sorry… The last two from PIAS unfortunately we got 0 allocated of the JEAN CLAUDE VANNIER and 0 allocated of the NASRAT FATEK ALI..
Again, we are very sorry… If there are any more changes good or bad we will let you know over the newsletter again..
We hope to have the live music times announced in next weeks newsletter
Sin é  for this week folks
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
Music Zone

Wafting, RSD Wishlist Deadlines, Keith Flint and O Emperor.


Hi folks,


How’s the form? Releases in the shop today include new albums by EB THE YOUNGER, SIGRID, FOALS, and the vinyl pressing of the recent DAMIEN DEMPSEY album.


A nice compilation from legend TOM PETTY.

New reissues are in from THE EAGLES, NEW ORDER and LUCINDA WILLIAMS.


PAUL WELLER has a new live album also out.

Video up for this week again for you, check it out here and be sure to subscribe!

Moving onto releases for the 15th of March, but first RSD is upon us here so hence it’s upon ye guys out there. Yer help and support are (as always) gratefully appreciated. The UNIVERSAL RSD titles ye are interested in need to go back to me tonight Friday March 8th and all the others need to be back to us by Wednesday the 13th by around lunchtime please!!

I need to get my orders up very soon after…deadline noon or high noon if you prefer on Friday the 15th of March for all companies except Uni which is even earlier!

So if you are interested in something or somethings please email us before deadlines with ARTIST/TITLE/RECORD COMPANY…3 things…the record company bit is a great help to me if you can with ARTIST/TITLE…about 500 titles available to me across 15 record companies so you folks sending record company with ARTIST/TITLE is a huge help and stops me trawling through 15 lists for your wishlist one…I don’t know them all off by heart like…only maybe half them…ARTIST/TITLE/COMPANY.


We/Ye know stock is limited and can be cut…but as always we will do our best but we cannot keep anything or promise anything but we will do our very best…that’s a promise. Sending the wishlist is a huge help to us…Sound!! Class dismissed!!


One last thing on RSD for now…it has flaws…granted…prices, ebayers, pressing plant problems and delays among them but from where we sit it is comfortably our best day of the year…it is a boost to us if the buying is right (hence the wishlist request), it is a celebration of our existence…it’s probably our favourite day of the year on the shop floor…usual scenario this year…goodies in the queue…bit of craic…loads of quality live music…we love it…Sin e for now on it anyway.

Back to releases for the 15th of March so, FRANCIS ROSSI + HANNAH RICHARD have a brand new studio album on CD of county songs. UB40 have a brand new album ‘For the Many’ on CD, 2CD or LP. First new album in five years with all original songs. Both of the above releases are on Universal, as is a new FISHERMAN’S FRIEND CD, a new live album from FOREIGNER on Eagle Rock across a waft of formats and there is a new NAT KING COLE ‘Ultimate’ CD released (LP to follow on 14th June) as well as YG ‘My Krazy Life’ ltd dlp release.


Probably the most interesting one from UNIVERSAL for the 15th of March from their waft of releases…waft…where did that spring from… I must google it…I thought it meant plenty or quantities…but in Cork slang it means ‘there is an unpleasant smell generally ‘off him boy’. So I just googled it…’scent or sound that passes gently through the air’…anyway probably the most interesting release from from Universals copious releases is the new one by LUDOVICO EINAUDI ‘7 Days Walking: Day 1’…CD only for now…you will hear that wafting from the shop next week…give it a rest Ray.


Lastly from Uni are CCR half speed LPs, 50th anniversary remastered of the self titled album as well as ‘Bayou Country’…exspensive, best best I can do is €38 if anyones interested.


SONY for the 15th (it came in today actually) is the vinyl release of the Damien Dempsey album ‘Union’…fine listen and they also have a new HANS ZIMMER ‘World Of’ CD release.


CARGO have a new BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE album for the 15th March.7


Terrible sad news about KEITH FLINT during the week again…how many times have we mentioned young men…famous musicians, who have lost their lives at their own hands…I just find it terribly sad and surely there must be more funding, more research put into it…we all need to try and understand it more…Keith was by nearly all accounts, in fact all accounts was supposed to be an absolute gent, it was about the human being and not who the human being was perceived to be…and to pair with that one of the best frontmen of the last 30 years…RIP Mr. Flint.


WARNER for the 15th March have a new album out by KAREN O + DANGERMOUSE on CD, LP or Indies only LP ‘Lux Prima’ it’s called and it could be an interesting one.

WARNER also have the next in the NEW ORDER 12”s…this time ‘everythings gone green’ as well as a new album by the DROPKICK MURPHYS.’Gang All Here’..LP only on that one…new album also out on the 15th by JACK SAVORETTI as well as a reissue by ALPHAVILLE of the class ‘Forever Young’…what a tune…I have a story but for another day.


The MURDER CAPITAL debut 7 “ was due on 15th March but pushed back now to April 5th…worth checking it out lads…Irish band have a listen here.


I have been offered a few really limited KEITH RICHARDS box sets if anyone is interested…now eh hem best price I can do is €500…no not €50. €500 as in 5 and two zeros…only a few being made and those are  ….here is some more info on it…email back sure if you want one…I need to know by Monday lunchtime…heres the info on it


Released on March 29th, it will be made available on CD, LP, as a Deluxe Box Set and a very impressive D2C Super Deluxe Box Set which will come in a one-of-a-kind exclusive casing, replicating Keith’s favorite Fender Guitar ‘Micawber’ (D2C exclusive). Other additions of the Deluxe and Super Deluxe box set include the following –

Talk Is Cheap’ Deluxe Box Set includes

  • 180g LP album &180g LP bonus material
  • the 7” Single (Take It So Hard / I Could Have Stood You Up)
  • the 7” Single (Make No Mistake / It Means A Lot)
  • CD album & CD containing bonus material
  • 80 page hardback book featuring Anthony De Curtis essay, new interview with Keith Richards and extensive photos,
  • Memorabilia: 1x tour laminate, 2x lyric sheets, original ‘Talk Is Cheap’ playback invite, tour guitar pick and 2x posters
  • Housed in a folio pack wrapped in Fender guitar case material

Talk Is Cheap’ (D2C) Super Deluxe box set also includes –

  • Limited & Numbered
  • All content matches the Deluxe Box set
  • Comes with added special feature, a one-of-a-kind exclusive casing replicating Keith’s favourite Fender Guitar ‘Micawber’
  • Features hand-reliced ash wood with original Fender guitar elements, handmade at the Fender Custom Shop in California

There’s a joyous swagger to ‘Talk Is Cheap’ that permeates each and every song. It sounds as good today as it did thirty years ago – in Keith’s words “as fresh as the day it was made”. This reissue also includes 6 bonus tracks, four of which feature pianist Johnnie Johnson including Eddie Taylor’s ‘Big Town Playboy’, ‘Blues Jam’, ‘’Slim’ and the kinetic Jimmy Reed cover ‘My Babe’.


One more back to RSD…We use a dutch company for our Music On Vinyl stuff all year round…problem for RSD is they can’t ship to us so there is a British company LITTLE AMBER FISH (LAF) who have the rights for the Music On vINYL stuff for RSD but we do not have a strong trading history with them as we use the Dutch lads…found out about them first and they give a good service so I’s a loyal dog like.

We done ok last year with the MOV stuff for RSD via LAF (you’d want to be a code breaker) so hopefully it will be ok again.


It’s 11pm and listening to the Choice awards while writing this…the music has been top notch all night…for the size of the country we punch way above our weight…


Yes boy, Yes boy, Yes boy O Emperor won it…delighted for them. Delighted.


Sin é for this week folks,


Thanks for listening,



Return of the Boy From Bray, Caps Back In Hand, And Some Analysis of How The Cookie May Crumble

Hi Everyone,
How’s it going out there??
Some nice new releases in the shop this week by SLEAFORD MODS, JULIA JACKLIN, BETTER OBLIVION COMMUNITY CENTRE, OVER KILL,YOLA, GARY CLARK JR, and reissues by DAVID SYLVIAN, a CURTIS MAYFIELD 4LP Boxset, and some lovely Verve reissues by artists such as BILLIE HOLIDAY, STAN GETZ, BILL EVANS, and WES MONTGOMORY.

Also out is the new GLOAMING 3 album, but only on CD for now folks.. LP pushed back until March 8th i’m afraid..

Bobby back up for the video this week, check it out here.. Some nice bits out..
My new years resolution after week one 2019 of the newsletter was to go back to one finger typing the newsletter but alas that has gone by the wayside… Every week so far this year the lads have to try and decipher my scrawl.. I’m not messing.. I can hand write 5 pages of foolscap in less than an hour… T’was touching 2.5 hours the other way.. Sorry lads… Scrawl is here to stay for now.. Breaking it yo ye gently!!

Anyways, on of the most eagerly awaited albums of 2019 will hit the shelves next Friday the 1st of Mark… The boy from Bray, Andrew HOZIER Byrne returns with his second long player, “Wasteland, Baby” on CD or 2LP.. It has been 4 and a half years since the release of his first record.. Sept 19th 2014 to be exact. Lily O’ Brien joined us at 00:40 on the 20th of September 2014, hence my recollection.. Big album from the boy so I hope it does really well… We are doing a pre-order best price job of €13 for the CD and €25 for the DLP.. Best price job just on pre-orders… Form an orderly queue please.. The industry has changed so much even in the four years.. Not many in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s world would get away with a four and a half year gap.. I hope it does really well.. He has some ridiculous amount of streams anyway I think… So all is okay

Universal also have a TOM PETTY “Best Of Everything : The Definitive Career Spanning Hits Collection 1976-2016”. It’s available as 2CD or 4LP sets spanning 38 tracks in total.. All newly mastered and features 2 brand new tracks.. We are doing a €75 best price pre-order job on the 4LP set which also contains a book.. Man we have our cap out a few times already tonight… As ye know these yachts don’t by themselves… Universal also have new albums by BRYAN ADAMS on Polydor, CD + LP with this, and Mr Sheeran helps out on a track I believe… MARK MORTON debut solo album (guitarist with Lamb Of God) which also features Chester Bennington out as well. His last recording before his terribly untimely death…

MARILLION have a few live CD jobs.. “Brave Live” and “Live In Glasgow”, and lastly a couple of vinyl reissues out through Universal.. They include the original Mary Poppins Soundtrack, and the debut album by KT TUNSTALL “Eye To The Telescope”…

Warner for the 1st of March have a new album by IN FLAMES called “1, The Mask” on Nuclear Blast, which is the bands 13th studio album.. It’s available as a standard CD, digi CD, or a gatefold DLP with a pop-up sleeve…

Warner also have a brand new album by WEEZER… Self titled.. Ah sure if it ain’t broke don’t fix it type of thing.. Thank god most bands do title their records or the record shops would be demented… Bob can you grab U2 “11” and Queen “13” and Zeppelin “Lilac” please… That’ll test us lads if that was the case!!.. So the new Weezer has now been nicknamed “The Black Album” with I presume a red cover just like Welsh Dave is actually Scottish… Raymond, cop on.. The Weezer album is on CD, LP or indies only LP… Opeth also have a live album out through Warner…

This Brexit thing is looming fairly close whichever way the cards may fall… If things don’t fall into a deal.. The shit could hit the fan a little bit with increased cost everywhere.. Not getting a whole lot of info from the record companies about it to be honest… No deal would mean (in my little world… Cos that’s all it is.. Every man and every door in the country has their own tales).. it would mean that records pressed on the continent or in Easter Europe would be charged excise and customs duty and VAT at point of entry to a Sony warhorse in London (as a hypothetical example)… Increases cost… Raymond then buys said records and “imports” them into Ireland he is eligible for these extra costs… Again increases costs… Loads or permutations around it but a no deal is a disaster.. Mostly for the UK but for us here also…
Look lets see where and when the cookie crumbles… Warner are now distributing 13 territories out of France (including Eire) so free movement from Czech Republic to France for records, but can they ferry stuff here then by passing over British seas or airspace?? A lot of is above my pay grade… Watching this space for the 11th hour deal by the British Parliament.. My guess anyway… They deserve no more… And if they crash, they crash… Granted we will suffer but…
Ok.. My in-depth political analysis is over for a few years… (I haven’t a clue how it will pan out).. So back to the tunes…

Proper for the 22nd have the POND record called “Tasmania” on CD or 2LP.. POND are made up of members of TAME IMPALA‘s live band.. Mixed and produced by Kevin Parker, Mr Impala himself, so should be a good listen… Proper have the LUCINDA WILLIAMS reissue of “Happy Woman Blues” on 2LP also..

Republic of Music have some nice LEVELLERS reissues on 2LP… These are the following.. Levellers “Headlights, White Lines, Black Tar Rivers (Midnight Blue Vinyl)”… Levellers “Hello Pig (Cerise Vinyl)…Levellers “Mouth To Mouth (Lime Green Vinyl).
They also have a new album by THE CONGOs as well as a nice reissue of SNOW PATROL’s second album “When It’s All Over, We Still Have To Clean Up”..

Sony for the 1st of March have the new album by TOM WALKER “What A Time To Be Alive” on CD, LP or Indies only LP…

The Orchard for the 1st of March have the new Queensryche album “The Verdict” on CD, Deluxe Box 2CD with bonus disc of live, rarities and acoustic tracks, a bottle opener, patch and fridge magnet.. Rock n’ roll.. As well as the LP version with the CD and a poster…

I’m away galavanting with 6 lifelong friends for the weekend.. I know it’s probably safe to say that I will have the F.E.A.R next week, so be gentle with me..
Sign up here for the forum please

Sin é for this week folks
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
Music Zone

Bowie Boxset Breakouts #4, New Picture This, and A Sunrise For HMV And The Physical Industry?

Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well with ye..

Releases for this week include some lovely stuff really like new albums by MERCURY REV, TALOS (including a nice bundle with a signed limited sketch book, LP Bundle or CD Bundle available), PANDA BEAR, MICHAEL CHAPMAN, BEAST IN BLACK, ERIC GALES, MAVIS STAPLES, and GRATEFUL DEAD, as well as reissues by PRINCE, THE RUTS, METRONOMY, and of course the QUEEN “Bohemian Rhapsody” Soundtrack on Double LP in a gatefold sleeve.

Video up here again for you all!

Ok so moving on to releases for the 15th of Feb.. WARNER have the new breakouts from the last BOWIE set “Loving The Alien”, including the three studio albums “Let’s Dance”, “Tonight’ and “Never Let Me Down” as well as other bits and pieces.. Warner also have a new album by AVRIL LAVIGNE and some MEGADETH reissues on CD and LP, “The System Has Failed” and “The World Needs A Hero”…

Some weeks I talk too much and other weeks I can be slightly at a loss.. I see the government offered the 10 Million needed to get the event centre over the line and going, but 9 Million of it as a loan.. Ala Pairc Ui Chaoimh, they’re probably wondering what’s going on in that peculiar county in the south?.. They, the government, might have a referendum.. CORXIT.. Good name for a spot cream too maybe..

Universal for the 15th of Feb have the new album from PICTURE THIS on CD + LP… No in-store this time, we had a bit of craic that day I remember.. New album out next week.. The lads seem to be going from strength to strength, and more power to them..

Uni also have the new, 2nd album only actually from THE TEDESHI TRUCKS BAND… It’s called “Signs” from the 12 piece ensemble, led by husband and wife duo of Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeshi.. Quality quality blues rock.. The dude (who’s name escapes me!) who played bass on Bowie’s “Blackstar” is their bass player.. Quality musicians!! (Post the answer on the forum if you know his name… No Google-ing!!!) Available as a CD and LP with 7″ on limited press…

CHAKA KHAN has a new album out via Uni also called “Hello Happiness” on CD or LP or Indies only LP..

Sony for the 15th have some PATTI SMITH reissues on LP, “Wave” and “Radio Ethiopia”..

The Orchard for the 15th of Feb have a new album by RYAN BINGHAM called “American Love Song”..

Republic Of Music for the 15th of Feb have WEDDING PRESENT “Marc Riley Sessions Vol 3” on CD and LP..

Music On Vinyl for the 15th of Feb have a reissue of “Bucket of Life” by PENTANGLE

Thanks a million to those of you who came in for JOHN BLEK’s In-Store last Saturday.. It really meant a lot… Thanks for making it such a great success.. Here’s the video of it to relive it or watch for the first time.. Any shares would be greatly appreciated!! Enjoy!!

I see the vast majority of HMV Stores in the UK were sold during the week by Canadian  retailers Sunrise Records.. 27 Stores to close including the flagship on Oxford Street… The 27 closing were loss making… The 34 year old CEO Doug Putman took over all the HMV shops in Canada a couple of years ago… Sunrise traditionally  a proper record shop and this dude seems to have the love and belief in the physical media, so more power to him and it’s a good thing for the physical industry and looks to me like it could be the most suitable buyer.. So as I said before, the physical industry needs a big chain here and in the U.K. Ballsy move taking on 100 stores six weeks before Brexit, cause for everyone it business, that’s still way up in the air… More on that next week but a bit ballsy Doug.. But fair play.. Saved 1500 jobs…

We are hoping to rock on with the forum, so if you could register we would be delighted… Gonna post the newsletter up on it this week.. Feel free to comment!!
Register here! :

PIAS finally for the 15th have by METHYL ETHEL and YANN TIERSEN and a debut album by PIROSHKA, a supergroup made up of members of LUSH, ELASTICA, MOOSE and MODERN ENGLISH.

Sin é for this week folks,
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
P.S… Don’t forget us if you want a record or record voucher for Valentines!!

Music Zone

Springsteen On Broadway LP Finally Here, John Blek “Thistle & Thorn” Release + Saturday Session + Return of King Monkey

Hi everyone,
Hows the form?… Missed a few days earlier in the week with a blast of man-flu.. It’s been a while since i’ve been unable to work… Was a bit croaked for a few days.. Coming back slowly but surely.. I’m sure ye love hearing about my man-flu.. This one way forum (must sort it, the forum that is) allows for no interruptions or back chat.. Ah bliss… In todays world anyway so i’m glad ye got to hear of the worst man-flu ever..

Anyway now that that is nearly off my chest, releases in the good siopa today include the aforementioned (numerous aforementioned at this stage) SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY 4LP vinyl set.. 70 Bucks still in place.. Just nod!.. Also new albums by VANGELIS, DANDY WARHOLS, STEVE HACKETT, BRING ME THE HORIZON, BACKSTREET BOYS, RUDIMENTAL, BALTHAZAR, WALER TROUT and NIGHTMARES ON WAX.
Today the 25th also sees vinyl releases of new albums by THE STRUTS and SUN KIL MOON, as well as reissues on LP by UNKLE, DELINES, BUZZCOCKS + BALTHAZAR…

Video up here for this week if ye’d like a look!

Right so, without further adieu, we shall move onto releases for the 1st of Feb.. Our most exciting release the 1st of February is JOHN BLEK’s new album “Thistle & Thorn”.. As said last week, it is a great, rewarding listen.. Lovely space in it.. Excellent work again in our opinion.. We are agreed (not always the case!!). Signed LPs up for grabs at €20 or signed CDs for €15. Nod our way.. We’d be delighted to sort.. John will be in-store on the 2nd of February at 1PM.. Our Saturday sessions return. Bring the parents, bring the kids, bring the neighbours!!.. Try it!!..

PIAS for the 1st have a few interesting releases.. New album by BEIRUT.. Indies only green vinyl.. New album by WHITE LIES (in Cyprus Avenue soon), on CD Deluxe or Indies only blue vinyl in special packaging…
So two interesting enough ones there from PIAS and another two well worth mentioning are new albums by RUSTIN MAN A.k.a Paul Webb of Talk Talk, who’s last album as Rustin Man was the brilliant collaboration with BETH GIBBONS.. Was available on LP through MOV but now only on CD through Polydor.. Trying to sell things that can’t be sold Raymond.. Not very wise.. Must be the steroids.. Won’t get many yachts that way…
Anyway, anyway.. The new RUSTIN MAN album could be worth a sus. Out as well as this is the new release from EX:RE.. Elena Tonra who is the vocalist, lyricist and guitarist of DAUGHTER.. Solo record out..

Universal for the 1st of February have the new IAN BROWN solo album called ‘Ripples’ on indies only white vinyl.. His sons are involved musically on the album.. Catch tune the lead single in fairness.. You know as i’ve mentioned it before, met Brown a few times.. Fave one was outside at the Fountain in town at about 3 in the morning after a solo gig in Henrys in 97 I reckon, maybe 98.. He unashamedly, completely unashamedly tried to pinch my mates missus to go back to his hotel.. You chose well Viv, Sully has aged well!!!
I remember it so vividly it was such a normal conversation up to the pinching attempt.. This dude was in one of “my” bands as a 15/16 year old.. And here we were within a Rizzla paper of having him back in our rented gaff… Surreal…

Universal also a new, yes I say new, album by THE SPECIALS.. “Encore” it’s called.. First album in 37 years.. Sounds alright too.. Lead single is a bit like “Ghost Town” Part II.. Hall, Golding and Panter still involved and I think Steve Cradock plays on this record also.. WITHIN TEMPTATION also have a new album out on Spinefarm, and Universal are reissuing THE CARDIGANS discography on LP, as well as EMPIRE OF THE SUN‘s album “Walking On A Dream”.. Indies only blood orange vinyl for that one…

Sony for the 1st of Feb have PADDY MCALOON’s, or now credited to PREFAB SPROUT for this 2019 reissue of “I Trawl the Megahertz” where McAloon uses radio clips and various other sounds to make the record.. I know the first three Sprouts records well but don’t know this.. Looking forward to it.. Very different I believe but still looking forward.. Talk of a brand new album this year??? Bueller… Bueller..

Proper for the 1st of Feb have the 70th Birthday Party Concert of ANDY IRVINE at Vicar Street Available on CD or LP.

The Orchard for the 1st of Feb have new albums by NINA NESBITT and also THE NEIL MORSE BAND..

MOV have the Original Soundtrack to “The Hurricane”

Warner for the 1st of Feb have limited runs of the two excellent BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD albums in Mono.. Only 5K of each in the world being pressed.. Now that should help the yacht fund a little bit.. RAMONE’S “Road To Ruin” 140gm Blue Vinyl only 6K in the world..

Warner also have LINAD RONSTADT‘s ‘Live in Hollywood’ release, PHIL COLLIN‘s reissues “Serious Hits…”, “Live and Remastered” on CD or 2LP, as well as “A Hot Night In Paris”..

Thanks again to everyone who voted in our albums of the year.. As promised here are a few blurbs on the albums that charted, and we’ll start with my own..
1) The Good, Bad & The Queen
Late in year release but a lovely listen.. Hardly a day passes when I don’t play it.. Lovely melodies, easy on the ear record.. I’m sure i’ll still enjoy it in 3 or 5 years tome..
2) Hedge Schools
A beautiful listen.. Late night, thought provoking, deeply layered listen.. I love it, simple as for me.. Each to our own folks!!
3) Rolling Blackouts
Indie Rock, some class tunes on this one.. I see it won the top spot.. Jingle Jangly guitars and definitely a couple of the tunes of the year on it.. It’s the Aussie’s debut record..
4) Villagers
Conor’s best outing yet in my opinion.. Fine fine listen..
5) Richard Swift
Late to it also, and a right mix mash of genres and sounds that probably shouldn’t work but repeat listening does reward.. But heh, that’s just my opinion.. That’s what’s great about it.. Each to our own!!

And here’s a couple of words from some of yourselves and what ye thought of some of last year’s finest listens!!

Malcolm’s top 5!
1. Shame – Songs of Praise. It came out in January and I have been listening to it ever since.  I saw them live twice – crazy stuff!  Punk Rock is in safe hands…
2. Richard Swift – The Hex.  What a mix of styles. This guy can get away with anything. This album definitely has the makings of an all-time classic.  It is very sad that he is no longer with us.  Give it a few spins and you will be hooked.
3. Richard Thompson – 13 Rivers.  RT will be 70 next year and he is still producing the goods. While he is definitely one of the guitar greats, he is also much more than that: the songwriting is superb throughout.  If this album was produced by a young fella it would win the Mercury Prize.
4. Suede – The Blue Hour.  This is one that you need to listen to from start to finish. It really hangs together and builds like a movie.  Consistently good throughout; perhaps surprisingly so.
5. John Grant – Love is Magic.  Not nearly as consistent as his first 2 albums (which were complete masterpieces) but the high-points of album #4 are great and they help you to support some of the moments which are just bizarre.  If you can get to see him in the Cork Opera House in 2019 don’t miss the gig!!!

Flor’s Top 5
1. Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour (By a distance. One of the best albums for years in my opinion)
2. Natalie PrassThe Future and the Past (A really great pop record)
3. The Villagers – The Art of Pretending to Swim (Really great record, saw them supporting The National in Dublin as well and they were excellent so gave them an extra vote for that)
4. Cat Power – Wanderer (She has an amazing voice. A few cracking tracks, not as complete and even as choice 1 and 2 above)
5. Dave Matthews Band – Come Tomorrow (This guy is so under rated. While this album wasn’t as critically acclaimed as I thought it should it is a great album and showcases what he is best at very well)

Adam’s Top 5
1.  Kurt Vile : Bottle It In
This is by far my album of the year! Absolute magic album…There’s a line in the track ‘One Trick Ponies’ that says ‘…I’ve always had a soft spot for repetition‘ and that sums up the album for me. Listening to this is like a hug from someone you’ve known years….it”s unmistakably Kurt Vile. And all the better for it.
But in saying that he adds more layers, experimental ideas and unique rhythms. Tracks like ‘Bottle It In’ and ‘Bassackwards’, 10 min odysseys that on the 1st listen sound like the same idea repeated over and over but after a few listens (like all good albums) grow into magic epic tracks. Hands down a classic album! 2018…album of the year! There you have it.
2. Foxwarren-Foxwarren
Came across these guys by accident….a ‘recommended’ band from the google box. Had a listen and was blown away by the album. A mix of midlake/Kevin morby type of folk rock group but really good melodies. The track ‘Lost in a Dream’ could have come straight out of the Thom Yorkes piano book. A great album.
3. B.E.D: Baxter Dury, Delilah Holliday, and Étienne de Crécy
Now this is a strange album…the whole album is 19mins long in total!! 19 mins!!
It’s over before you know what’s going on but it’s class. It’s electro-synth pop music with quick snappy upbeat songs that get to the point. Well worth a listen. Baxter has that english sarcastic drowl speaking/singing voice and the Delilah has this lovely melodic voice which works. A very odd album but if you have 19 mins and feel like synthesisers…this is your album. Class!!
4. EELS-The Deconstruction
The main man himself…Mr. E. A legend….a mighty legend. In 4 years he had got married, had a baby and got divorced… 4 years!!
And what came out of all that was this album. The (apply named) ‘The Deconstruction’. Knowing what he’s been through adds another layer to this album. It’s classic EELS but that’s always a welcome. Just listen to the opening track ‘The Deconstruction’ and tell me he’s not a genius!?!
5. S. Carey-Hundred Acres
A mellow folk album from one of the Bon Iver boys. I picked this up (from music zone of course) about a week before the mega snow hit us in Feb/March. So as we were all government mandated to stay at home, myself, my wife and daughter hibernated at home listening to this album. A lovely, melodic album with some great songs. It will always remind me of the snow! S. Carey has a great voice..(if you’re into the high/melodic voice stuff ) and great melodies. A fine album.

Will have more of these for you next week!! Thank you to everyone again…

Sin é for this week folks.
Go raibh maith agar as do chluas a thabhairt

The State of our Nation + The Nation In General and Springsteen Pre-Orders

Hi Everyone, 
A horse is a beautiful animal, really strong and powerful and beautiful up close.. I have never sat on one so maybe that’s why it’s hard to get back on it.. When you run a small business (i’d imagine it’s similar no matter what you do or don’t do in this life), I find the new year a bit daunting from a work point of view.. Christmas / December is our busiest month.. Albeit worth 3 good months.. (Was 4 months in the in the heady days) so it’s very important. The shop is awash with bodies and there is a buzz.. New Year passes and it really quietens and it is daunting having to drive the business on.. Couple of okay weeks and hopefully all will be okay again..

The shop, our shop, your shop, performed well in December in the grand scheme of things… Turnover was down 1% which was good in the game we are in, i’d say so anyway.. Overall 2018 v 2017 in the shop we were down nearly 5%, or 4.8% to be exact, but the website showed strong growth so that pulled it back to only 1% down year on year. I’d take that lads for the next 10 years!!
More cost, work and problems involved in the website but if it helps stem the tide… Then it helps stem the tide. 10 years of 5% loss would not be good, so stemming the tide must be done..

Well, that’s the state of our nation, whom without it’s citizens would not be a nation so once again thanks!! I Know an odd day I can be a grumpy git but try put up with me!!
I think overall in Ireland the physical market, constructed by varying reports, is down  between 8% and 12% is the consensus.

The UK (Brexit is another newsletter) saw some big losses on the CD Format in 2018 vs 2017. CD Sales per units dropped from 42 Million units to 33 Million units, nearly 25% down, but vinyl grew by 3% up to 4.2 million units sold in 2018.
32 Million CDs and 4 Million LPs sold in the UK last year.. Still a couple of billion pounds industry so hopefully the CD will solidify a bit and the vinyl grows away slowly. Vinyl growth of 9% in the USA in 2018 vs 2017m so there is a lot of positivity to be taken from that..

The loss of HMV in the UK will be a blow if it happens as it was a blow when the closed here… It’s not good for the physical industry having shops close.. We meed more visibility, not less and it increases the costs to the record companies… It would be healthier for everyone if that find a buyer and survive.. I’m not so sure though..

So that’s the state of the nations.. Happy New Year everyone! The ball has to roll and the ole wheel will turn like little mice on a mill… We go again..

In the shop today we really only have the vinyl release of the NAS album ‘Nasir’, and (and it’s a lovely listen) the new album by THE DELINES on Decor records. The album is called ‘The Imperial’, and it’s available on CD and l*****d gatefold DLP with a bonus 7”..

Right so, before I move on to releases for the 18th of Jan of which there are a couple.. I mat as well get the first cap out for the new year… It’s not a new cap or anything..
So the cap is for the new BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ‘SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY’ 4LP Vinyl Box set.. Best price pre-order job is 70EUR on it.. As usual we are delighted to take ye’r names for it..

Right so on to releases for the 18th of January.. PIAS have the new album by SHARON VAN ETTEN called ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ on CD and indies only pink vinyl

PIAS also have new albums by DEERHUNTER, M. WARD, and THE TWILIGHT SAD.

Sony for the 18th have the new album on CD by CHAINSMOKERS

Universal for the 18th of Jan have a new Joe Jackson album ‘The Fool’ on CD, LP or Ltd LP with a bonus 7” as well, and a new album by MAGGIE ROGERS, and some MARILLION ‘Live Double CDs’.. Uni on the vinyl front for the 18th have reissues by SNOW PATROL as well as the QUAVO release on LP and VENOM ‘Storm The Gates’ LP.

Warner for the 18th of Jan have three nice enough releases including RUSH IN RIO 4LP Box Set, JONNY GREENWOOD’s O.S.T to ‘There Will Be Blood as a l*****d release on LP and THUNDER’s ‘Please Remain Seated’, a live album on CD or LP.

Republic of Music have a reissue of THE BIG LEBOWSKI O.S.T on Mondo..

MOV have Indigo Girls’ self titled LP release, as well as a reissue of DEATH IN VEGAS ‘Contino Sessions’

Last chance saloon for your Top 5 Albums of the Year.. I dropped the ball… Meant to do Top 5 Irish Albums also, so if you do feel like throwing those our way we would be delighted to compile an Irish albums list also… So all entrants in by close of play next Thursday and we will announce the 50EUR voucher winner on Friday next with the MZ Top 20 of 2018 and maybe an Irish top 10… Also our own top 5’s will be included..

Here’s to another year folks..
Thanks for the support
Sin é for this week
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
Music Zone

Doctor Evil Has A Sore Head and Some Stories, Dylan and Metallica Boxes, And A Gavin James Launch Party With RedFM

Hi Everyone

How’s the form..

I’m a bit tender myself tonight to be honest so not sure how well or unwell this will go… Davey from Rollercoaster was on a bus back to Kilkenny this morning early (yesterday morning now) to open his abode to sell Westlife tickets.. So that does make me feel a bit better…. Not the selling of the Westlife tickets, that’s cool,  the getting up for the bus at 7AM part..

Treated to David Byrne last night in the 3 Arena… Top night out… Good few record shop kids at it… Warner looked after us all splendidly… I promised some of ye I met to throw ye down some prawns from the VIP Bar but alas if ye didn’t get them the birds must have… Top show… Top top show… That’s what it was … A show… Some man for 66 I think…Well able… But the show was superb… Thoroughly engaging from start to finish…. As Ed said during the week, directed from start to finish… 12 on stage most of the night… Barefooted all, bar the lead guitarist as she wore flip flops.. Must have a verruca or something… Not a cable in sight… 6 folks banging all sorts of drums… All around their waists…  A lad on keys around his waist… A bassist… Lead guitar… Two backing singers and prop putter in placers (one of them Gavin James i’d swear..he is a busy boy ) and then the main man himself.

Not a cable in sight… The stage was like an operating theatre… We..the crowd, loved it.. Top top stuff to be fair.. I dropped the ball though… Yep I probably did drop the ball… I was in the company of the record company guys after the gig when they were going down to meet the man himself… Easy for me to say ‘can I gatecrash also?’… I’m sure it would have been no bother… Didn’t open my gob… Decided not to to be honest… Have a pic with Austin Powers from around ‘05 on a work thing which is in the house… His other side gave me a tip or two as ye probably know….. Me : “Hi, nice to meet you..” Austin : “Hi… Where are you from?”… Me : “Ireland”… Austin : Oh, I love Ireland”… Snap photo… Move on.. I love the photo though… Two doctor evils in the one snap… So to cut a short story long… I dropped the ball…?
Got my Microdisney tickets for Cypress Avenue this morning so that did cheers me up… Next.

Ok I have nothing done… Not a morsel sold or even attempted…

Out today we have releases by THOM YORKE, GAVIN JAMES… A nice little one on the Gavin James release… We have limited wristbands with the purchase of the new album… Out today… For an intimate meet and greet with Gavin where he will also perform tracks from his new record in Cypress Avenue next Tuesday evening the 30th at 7PM… All ages album Launch Party with RedFM… We do not have loads so if you or yours like the Gav man… Buy the album… Get into the event… Gavin done an in-store in the old shop for his debut album and it was great and he was such a gent..

Other releases today are THE KINKS boxset and vinyl reissue. Some new releases from JULIA HOLTER, TOM ODELL, YAZOO, NAO, DAVID CROSBY, BRONSKI BEAT, TROJAN : RUDEBOY OST, ARIANNA GRANDE (new album, CD landed a few months back), POST MALONE (same as Arianna!), THE TWILIGHT SAD, B.E.D (BAXTER DURY new supergroup), BARRY ADAMSON, and ROBBEN FORD. Reissues in the siopa today from GRINDERMAN, JOHN FOGERTY, BERT JANSCH, THE BEE GEES, and THE CHARLATANS.

So quite a bit there today.. New release video up here to watch

Okey dokey, moving on to releases for the 2nd of Nov we have a few heavy hitters… SONY have the Newest BOB DYLAN Bootleg  Series.. Vol. 14 is it… “More Blood On The Tracks”… Arguably “The Dylan Album”… It’s available as a 1CD, 2LP or 6CD/DVD boxset…€14, €25 or €120 (best price on the box)…

The latest chapter in Columbia/Legacy’s highly acclaimed Bob Dylan Bootleg Series makes available the pivotal studio recordings made by Bob Dylan during six extraordinary sessions in 1974–four in New York (September 16, 17, 18, 19) and two in Minneapolis (December 27, 30)–that resulted in the artist’s 1975 masterpiece, Blood On The Tracks. One of the top-selling albums of Dylan’s career, Blood On The Tracks redefined the boundaries and structures of modern pop songwriting (a genre Dylan had virtually invented a decade prior), reached #1 on the Billboard 200, achieved RIAA 2x Platinum status and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2015.
The single disc / 2LP configuration of More Blood, More Tracks assembles 10 of the most emotionally resonant alternate takes of each of the 10 songs appearing the original Blood On The Tracks plus a previously unreleased version of “Up to Me”. The 6CD full-length deluxe version of Bob Dylan – More Blood, More Tracks – The Bootleg Series Vol. 14 includes the complete New York sessions in chronological order including outtakes, false starts and studio banter. The album’s producers have worked from best sources available, in most cases utilizing the original multi-track session tapes.

Sony also have the new TENACIOUS D album called “Post Apocaltyo” on CD , LP or indies only green vinyl… Mr. Dave Grohl is on drums on this record… BTW… Saw Goosebumps with the kids for movie night last sunday evening… Very enjoyable… Nice actor Mr. Black.. Nice musician also.

Sony also have a new BARBRA STREISAND album, and the debut ARCADE FIRE E.P. gets a reissue.. Lastly Sony have a reissue, first issue i’d say on LP of the excellent PADDY CASEY album “Living”.. One of the biggest selling albums of 2004 in this country… Cracking album in my opinion.

Universal for the 2nd of Nov have the next in the series of METALLICA box sets… This time its fourth album “…And Justice For All” on LTD Deluxe Box or 3CD or 2LP or 1CD or cassette..

Metallica commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of their breakthrough fourth album …And Justice For All with the announcement of its definitive reissue, out November 2nd via UMC and the band’s own Blackened Recordings.

The re-release of …And Justice For All has been remastered for the most advanced sound quality, as overseen by Greg Fidelman, and will be available in multiple physical configurations. The …And Justice For All reissue will be available physically as a Standard Double 180 gram LP, Standard CD, 3 CD Expanded Edition, Cassette and a Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set. The Expanded Edition will include previously unreleased demos, rough mixes, previously unreleased live tracks, and an expanded booklet of never-before-seen Ross Halfin photos. The one-pressing-only Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set will include the remastered double 180g LP, a “One” picture disc, 3 LPs featuring their iconic performance from Seattle in 1989 remixed by Greg Fidelman, 11 CDs, 4 DVDs, a set of four patches, a Pushead print, a tour laminate, lyric sheets, a download card for all material in the set, and a deluxe 120-page book with never-before-seen photos and never-before-told stories from the people who were there.

Next up on my notes is CHRISTIE HENNESSY with the RTE Concert Orchestra called “The Last Goodbye”… Supposed to be out on the 2nd… Moved to the 16th now I think… I’m partial to Christie if im to be honest.

Universal also have a live album on DVD OR BLURAY or 2CD/DVD or 2CD/BLU from the most successful British musician most people never heard off…. Mr STEVEN WILSON… “Home Invasion : Live From the Royal Albert Hall”

Uni also have MOODY BLUES reissue of “In Search of the Lost Chord”… 50th ann… They also have an AMY WINEHOUSE DVD documentary on the making of “Back to Black”, which includes an intimate show never seen before (ala Gavin James..), and a new ROSANNE CASH album “She Remembers Everything” on CD or LP ….There are also some reissues of the first four OMD records, half speed abbey road masters, RICHARD ASHCROFT “Alone With Everyone” reissue and the KID CUDI/KANYE WEST “Kiss The Ghosts “ gets an LP release.

Do you know the way I missed an open goal with Mr Byrne… Two different lads were in the shop this week who scored… I’ve loads of these type stories but these two are fresh in my head as they say.. First up… Our lad was working in a hotel in London many years ago and was going down stairs with a combi cage to get some meat from the fridge/freezer near the employee entrance… He swept through the door  and jammed someone against the wall with his cage… That person within a nano second raised their hands in the air and wriggled there fingers in a ghostlike fashion (made the face also)… Grey T-Shirt, jeans, no makeup on and loads of hair… That person was Robert Smith… My guy recognised him straight away and just apologised and moved the cage… Mr Smith just said “no problem at all” and moved on… Class story I thought, I laughed hard.

WARNER for the 2nd of Nov have a great EAGLES ‘Legacy’ Boxset… 15LP set or 12 CD/Bluray…

The CD version has 12 CDs and includes all seven of the band’s studio albums, three live albums, and a compilation of singles and b-sides. It also includes two concert videos: Hell Freezes Over (DVD) and Farewell Tour: Live From Melbourne (Blu-ray). The vinyl version of LEGACY has all the music from the CDs on 15 LPs, but none of the videos. Both sets are housed in handsome slipcases and accompanied by a 54-page hardbound book that’s filled with rare and unseen photos, memorabilia, and artwork that encompasses the band’s entire career.

There is an ART OF NOISE 2CD version of In No Sense! Nonsense!… WARNER also have a new MARIANNE FAITHFULL album on BMG on LP… Ltd to 1k… LP and Deluxe CD boxset available also… 200 of them available only…MATT CORBY new album also.. NICK CAVE and Warren Ellis “The Proposition” LP O.S.T… Ltd to 1500 units… New ALBUMS also by OPETH ‘Live From Red Rocks’, and PRODIGY next week through Warner.. Opeth on ltd orange vinyl 2LP only 220 copies available. Prodigy also indies only vinyl..

Sin é for this week folks i’d say folks..
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt

National Record Day and The Physical Industry, A Kinks Cracker Jack of a Box Set, And Gavin James’ Return Brings A Big Surprise

Hi Everyone,

How’s the form with ye… Hope all is alright.

Last Saturday was National Record Day across the pond… I meant to mention it last week…. It was the first one held.. A good success by all accounts.. We are our own nation as ye know hence we weren’t involved… We have had plenty of fine records ourselves down through the years so maybe IMRO or someone will look at something like it for here… I suppose from where I sit (self servingly sit Raymond, old chap) anything that will enthuse people to buy physical music i’m all for obviously… The album is 70 years old this year… 1948… Look at the joy it’s brung.
If the physical music industry has a chance to live for anywhere near that length of time again, then the industry as a whole has to embrace and advertise and promote the physicality thing… That, along with sound are two big selling points.. Process, warmth, wholeness amongst others but i’m slipping from my point.

The physical industry has got to get kids and young adults to embrace the physical… A good example of how it worked well recently… 21 Pilots new album… Warner/Atlantic gave us some tees/wristbands/balloons (all 21 Pilot branded stuff) to give away to customers (kids and young adults) … The first few girls left with a tee, wristband, balloon and CD .. All for 13 Euro… You won’t get that on a streaming platform folks… The girls were gobsmacked.. I’m sure they will have told everyone in their respective classes when they got back… That makes a difference.

People still love music as much as ever (kids too!!), but they obviously have different options in how to consume it… So the powers that be in my game, the physical one need to promote the physicality, with stuff… Give stuff… Bundles… Little mix CD with Tee-Shirt 20 Bucks (I know the bundles have been tried with metal bands and rock bands in the past but to a more mature consumer… Not really ever to the kids/young adults…) Free headband with CD type thing… I hope those girls with the Pilots stuff made others jealous…. It’s what’s needed… Physical needs to be the cool king again with the kids… Free has got in the way of that… Free is nearly always cooler…. Take the debut record from GRETA VAN FLEET, those boys see the importance of physical… They love records and they want to promote their record to their fans, not islands on a stream… New album, 10 brand new tracks.. None of the hits from the first few EPs.. Not good for streaming.. But ballsy.. Here’s 10 new cracking tracks.. We’ve got plenty more..

The physical industry which is a one with the stream industry (wherein a bit of the problem lies) needs to convert those young fans to the physical joy… But do they care enough? Monetary wise probably makes no odds to them… Industry is making money through streaming platforms in markets it never made a dollar in like eastern Europe and India… So records will probably continue to be a niche bit of the whole pie (the best bit of the pie mind you) but if enough people don’t care about it within the industry, the record may not come within an ASSes roar of another 70 years.. I’m preaching and i’m preaching a bit to the converted here I know but stuff just comes out the gob sometimes.. Sermon over… So right say two Hail Marys and an Our Father and buy a record before Christmas… That blasphemy thing still in law??…A joke. It was a joke.

Anyway anyway Raymond… Could be a long night folks… Releases in the record and tape emporium include new albums by GRETA VAN FLEET, CLIFF MARTINEZ, WILL OLDHAM, DISTURBED, RICHARD ASHCROFT, SOULFLY and ST VINCENT… Newish Compilations kind of things by QUEEN and R.E.M, and reissues by THE CRANBERRIES, DAVID SYLVIAN, THE CULT, LOW, FRANK SINATRA, BETA BAND and KREATOR.

Video up here for this week!

Right so onto without further adieu and no little haste (after my rant, speech) are releases for October the 26th.

Warner for the 26th have the new and second album by GAVIN JAMES called “Only Ticket Home”… Buy the album from us and you could be in for a nice surprise! Lips are sealed for now… Tell me have to kill me type of thing.

Warner also have THE KINKS cracker jack of an album “The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society” on Boxset, CD, 2CD, and 1LP.. More info on the boxset here.

The boxset contains remastered original LPs, CDs of the remastered original albums plus a wealth of rare and unreleased bonus material, reproduced 7" singles, deluxe hardback photo book with comprehensive notes and new band interviews, and reproduced original memorabilia.


Gatefold 2LP – Original album 2018 stereo & mono remasters, 180g heavyweight vinyl, carefully restored original artwork.

1LP – Original Swedish 12 track LP, 2018 stereo remaster, 180g heavyweight vinyl, carefully restored original artwork.

5 x CDs in bespoke accessories holder:
CD1 – Original album, 2018 stereo remaster + bonus tracks; CD2 – The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society, 2018 mono remaster bonus tracks; CD3 – Village Green sessions, containing demos and alternative versions / mixes from the original mid-sixties recordings sessions; CD4 – Village Green At The BBC, track audio and band interviews; CD5 – Preservation, Live & Demos, including previously unreleased home demos, Ray Davies live in Denmark 2010 and unreleased track ‘Time Song’.

7” singles (Reproduced original picture sleeves):
Days / She’s Got Everything (Italian picture sleeve, 1968)

Starstruck / Picture Book (Continental Europe, 1968);

The Village Green Preservation Society / Do You Remember Walter? (U.S., 1969)

Beautifully produced, linen covered, 12” x 12”,52-page hardback book containing: Extensive sleeve notes by acclaimed writer Andy Neill, with new Ray Davies interviews and new quotes from Dave Davies and Mick Avory; essays by Pete Townshend, Robert Ryan and Kate Mossman; rare and unseen Kinks Village Green related photos and imagery

Reproduced original memorabilia:
Poster of Village Green LP inner gatefold; Empire

Liverpool April 1968 tour poster; 5 glossy 10” x 8” photos from Hampstead Heath

1968 photoshoot; colour press photo with reproduced band signatures; Bournemouth April 1968 gig ticket; 2-sided PYE Records promo card; ‘Days’ 4 page sheet music

Warner also has new albums by BOY GEORGE & CULTURE CLUB… First in 20 years “Life” it is called and there is an indies only vinyl version l*****d to just 1000 copies. New ones as well from LUKAS GRAHAM and DAVID CROSBY as well as reissues by on CD and LP by JOHN FOGERTY, BERT JANSCH, BLACKBERRY SMOKE and BRONSKI BEAT.

Warner also have DR. FEELGOOD “Live at the BBC” CD, YAZOO “Four Pieces” LP box set, and the soundtrack to RUDEBOY. A movie about the TROJAN Record Label. Lastly from Warner for next week the 26th of October is a reissue of the first GRINDERMAN album… L*****d to 1500 this one on green indies only.

SONY for the 26th of OCT have new albums by TOM ODELL, NAO, JOHN LEGEND, a Christmas album, and last but not least ROGER WATERS “A Soldier’s Tale”..  Stravinsky’s Work narrated by ROGER WATERS… I hear its excellent… I dunno… Will give it a listen.

PIAS have some nice releases for the 26th October to be fair… First up is THOM YORKE with the soundtrack to “Suspiria” from the Luca Guadagnino film (you’d want to be an impressive dude to get Thom Yorke to do your film music for ya i’d say).. I heard one track from this and absolutely loved it… It’s on 2CD or 2LP indies only pink vinyl… My notes tell me it was the title track I loved… Thank you dear notes from a few weeks back… Other than the title track there are 24 other compositions, written by Yorke… Some traditional song
structures, some interludes, some instrumentals.

PIAS also have the reissues of the THIS MORTAL COIL Records…. For those of ye who don’t know (apologies to those of ye that do) THIS MORTAL COIL was a music collective of the 4AD record label under the stewardship of IVO WATTS-RUSSELL, with guests from DEAD CAN DANCE, COCTEAU TWINS, PIXIES to name but a few… Some beautiful records… So the three are getting reissued on CD or 2LP… “It’ll  End In Tears” “Blood” and “Filigree & Shadow”.

PIAS also have the new PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING 4 Track EP “The White Liner” based on the Titanic, as well as the new album from JULIA HOLTER (her last album made our customers top 10 the year it was out… 2016 was it?) It’s called “Aviary” on Domino records.

PIAS for the 26th also have new albums by KYLE DIXON & MICHAEL STEIN “Stranger Things – Halloween Sounds From The Upside Down” on CD and Purple Orange vinyl… Out on Invada records as well as debut record by B.E.D..  A collective of Baxter Dury, Etienne De Grecy and Delilah Holiday.

Last few bits from PIAS for the 26th are the BAUHAUS LP reissues on coloured lp of “Mask” and “In A Flat Field” and the Bad Seed BARRY ADAMSON has an Anthology released on Mute on CD and indies only coloured LP.

Oh TWILIGHT SAD brand new 10” also.. Told yeah there was a few and they were nice.

UNIVERSAL for the 26th have the new STRUTS album on CD only for now “Young and Dangerous” it’s called… Aren’t we all, as well as a new album from ROBYN and a new ANDREA BOCELLI album also called “Si” which features a lot of duets. UNI have a BARRY WHITE 9LP and 9CD boxset and a new album by ROBBEN FORD “Purple House” . Uni also have a fabulous JS BACH Complete Collection on 222CDs and 1 dvd.. Which presents ever known note from the composer… 399 Euro price if anyone interested.

On the vinyl record front from Universal there is a BEE GEES “All Time Greatest Hits” LP, POST MALONE “Beerbongs and Bentleys” gets its LP release on ltd clear vinyl, a couple of CHARLATANS reissues including “Up At The Lake” and “Wonderland”, and the new ARIANA GRANDE album “Sweetener” gets it’s vinyl releaseL lastly is BLONDIE’s “Heart of Glass” EP reissue.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have some LEVELLERS reissues on coloured vinyl “Letters From The Underground”, and “Static on the Airwaves”, a new album from LAURA GIBSON on City Slang and John Carpenter’s “Halloween” LP reissue.

The ORCHARD for the 26th of Oct have  new albums by MICAH P HINSON, SETH LAKEMAN and UNLEASHED, as well as a reissue by BTS and some LP reissues by OBITUARY.

PROPER for the 26th have a new compilation by ANATHEMA and new albums by RAZORLIGHT, LISA O NEILL and ANDY IRVINE/RENS VAN DER ZALM.

Final note, s friend of the shop has a spare ticket for The Chemical Brothers (Oct 29) for sale for 50 EUR if anyone is interested.. (face value 66 on ticket).. Pop us a mail if interested and we’ll put you in touch.

Sin e for this week folks,
Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt