Fleet Foxes / Royal Blood / The Strypes Return, The Bolloxology of The ‘World We Created’, and Transmission Club In-Store June 17th at 1PM

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Hope you’re all doing ok… Navigating your way as smoothly as possible.

Stuff.. Nice stuff… But stuff all the same in the siopa today includes new vinyl records by LONDON GRAMMAR, SUFJAN STEVENS / BRYCE DESSNER, CHUCK BERRY, ALBERT HAMMOND, LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM / CHRISTINE MCVIE, MAGPIE SALUTE and SUFFOCATION, as well as reissues by SOULWAX, FATS DOMINO, DAVID BYRNE and STING.

Last one in for today is the new ARCADE FIRE 12“… 2000 copies in the world… We have some.. Orange vinyl… Produced by Daft Punk…. I was sworn to secrecy on this one but they are here now so pop us a line if you want one..

Video also is up for this week, we’re on a roll.. We’re on a roll..


Moving on so I suppose to releases for the 16th of June, and what a dinger of a day it is for releases to be fair to it… Summer is coming though…. Reverse Game Of Throne reference…. A lot of good new stuff out for the 16th starting with the return of FLEET FOXES, their third album ‘Crack Up’…. Been a while, this one should be a real cracker…. We have a nice little cardboard image with the first 15 pre-orders… Have 4 or 5 already so Bueller… Bueller…

Warner also have the new and second ROYAL BLOOD album ‘How Did We Get So Dark’ on indies only white vinyl, standard vinyl and CD… Shane was chilling in Slane when he met the boys from Royal Blood and he asked them to give a shout out to the record shop he works in… Here it is…


Eeerrr no that wasn’t what happened…. The lads from Warners sorted it for us… And it’s the job.

I was chatting to a lad a few weeks ago when he was in the shop who has a record shop in Sheffield, and we were talking about, amongst other things, how bands from a region can help the auld record shops the region…. I had mentioned to him about having the ARCTIC MONKEYS in for an in-store and he kind of laughed… He then made a really good point I thought… Even if bands or members of bands came into the shop after hours for a few photos…… No hassles with dealing with Joe Public or having to sign a load of things…. 10 minutes for the band… In and out … Few pictures taken rooting through the racks in the shop to be used by the shop on social media… The band to sign an album or even the wall of the shop… Few little things like that, without much pain for the band… Would really help a little record shops ‘profile’… It’s all bolloxology… The ‘profile’ thing, but sure as RW says ‘is this the world we created?’…. I know if I was famous i’d be allergic to Joe Public… Will ya sign this… Can I have a photo… Whereas this way is painless enough for them and would greatly benefit the shop… Anyway I thought it makes sense anyway… That’s not to say when JOHN BLEK AND THE RATS blow the world apart with their third record that they’ll get away with an after hours photo shoot… No way Jose… Their arms will be falling off from signing things in the shop…!!

Warner have a blast of BOWIE releases for the 16th (I dunno they must be taking the rest of the summer off or something… Get up early and have the dinner and you’ve the day to yourself type of thing) including the next one of the 40th anniversary picture discs… This time ‘Be My Wife’ from some album called ‘Low’…  Is it?…(thought that was a Brian Eno record..?)…. BOWIE ‘Cracked Actor’ gets its 2CD release as well as the limited (and in fairness they are… ‘Hunky Dory’ gold vinyl sold out in the UK record shops), and available only through bricks and mortars stores reissue of ‘ZIGGY’ on gold vinyl also…. Not to be sold on any online platform… Get your arse into a shop and buy it… Old school…

Warner also has some JOHN COLTRANE reissues on Mono LPs, a Three Tenors Concert from 1994 on 2 LP, ZZ TOP first five records in a vinyl boxset, DELANEY AND BONNIE (and a good girl she is) on tour with CLAPTON as a 4 CD set, and lastly but certainly not leastly is the new record by STEVE EARLE and THE DUKES ‘So You Want To Be An Outlaw” on CD, CD/DVD or 2LP… I really liked his last couple of albums…. So right thats Warner done.. No more waffle from me… On with it.

THE ORCHARD who are a merge of RED ESSENTIAL, and the aforementioned, have the new JASON ISBELL And The 400 Unit record called ‘The Nashville Sound’ on CD and LP…. If this guy hasn’t hit your radar yet… He is well worth checking out… This new one sounds great as usual… Here’s a taste

The Orchard also has a new album by ALISON MOYET, new GOLDIE album and a new ICED EARTH album on CD, deluxe CD, a boxset and 2LP.


PROPER have a new NATHAN CARTER album for the 16th of June.


Sony just have an ELO compilation really for the 16th.


UNIVERSAL for the 16th have the return of the boys from Cavan… A lot of ye would know they would be shop favourites… So really looking forward to the new record… Third record now… ‘Spitting Image’… CD is the 16th and the LP is the 23rd…. Sorry… THE STRYPES of course… Cracking young hardworking band…. Would love to have them in the shop sometime… Another job for ye lads, would ye go into Music Zone in Cork and play a few tunes…. Ah FFS…. Ahat’s a terror…. Said in my best Cavan, (the mother in law is from up them parts…. Sound folk up there….. Don’t mention Toibin though!).. Jesting and joking aside we really hope the record does really well for them… Looking forward to hearing it here.

Universal also have the new album by LORDE… Her second…. Huge in her native New Zealand and the Bowie man was a big fan also… Talented girl

In 2013, a 16-year-old LORDE quietly, yet confidently asserted herself as the voice of a generation with her full-length debut, Pure Heroine. The album would go triple-platinum, selling over 4 Million worldwide, win two GRAMMY Awards, a BRIT and spawned the seven-times platinum record-breaking international juggernaut single, “Royals,” and quadruple-platinum follow up “Team.” Her last trip to the UK was when she was personally asked by David Bowie’s family to perform her spellbinding tribute to the late artist at 2016 BRIT AWARDS. An LP format to follow later in year

BETH DITTO the vocalist from THE GOSSIP has a solo album out on the 16th as well as BIG STAR ‘Best Of’ compilation on CD and 2LP, SIMPLE MINDS ‘ACOUSTIC’ in concert CD/DVD, TAJ MAHAL and KEB MO have an LP and CD called TAJMO.. There’s reissue on vinyl of SUZANNE VEGA’s ‘Solitude Standing’ also through Uni, and a reissue of BILLY MACKENZIE’s “ Beyond the sun” on LP, and lastly from is the vinyl release of the new CHRIS STAPLETON album.


PIAS for the 16th have new albums by RIDE ‘Weather Diaries’ on CD and indies only coloured vinyl, KEVIN MORBY ‘City Music’, SONGHOY BLUES ‘Resistance’ on CD or indies only yellow colored vinyl and a nice CAN compilation ‘The Singles’ on 3LP or CD.

Right so on the local scene we are delighted to announce that we have a really talented up and coming Cork band coming in to do an instore with us on Saturday the 17th of June at 1PM….. The band are called TRANSMISSION CLUB and its alternative rock, indie folk rock with a hint of dream in it I suppose…. Check out the the latest tunes here


These tracks will be available as an EP on the day of the launch in the shop…. We also have an older EP in the shop.. A cracking three track… Really good also…. Made as it says on the cover ‘In A Bedroom in Cork City”…. Really like the sound of these lads… Try get in if you can!!

Sin e for this week folks,

Thanks for listening,



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