Important Shop Update. Please Read.

Hi Everyone,
Happy new year!! Let’s hope for a more settled one… Not the best of starts but a necessary one… Not ideal at all, what needs to be done needs to be done… I know I would feel our shop is a safe environment especially in January / February when things are quieter, but I fully appreciate what is required by everyone in trying to get a handle on it again… It is what it is… Brighter days ahead… while i’m here, I would and i’m sure Bobby and Shane would also like to thank all of ye for the love and support in 2020 shown to the good siopa … Thanks for keeping oil in the machine.. Go raibh mile maith agaibh…

Right so… Scéal going forward is the same as the last lockdown… Website full open, call and collect, click and collect available, phone orders… Door is firmly closed folks but others available… Contact details are :
Phone : 021-4967119
Email : or

The three of us here had agreed a roster for 2021 so we are going to stick to it…(This could be a fairly quiet lockdown but we have a good bit of housekeeping to keep us going).. Bobby has the finer details of when we are on site, but 7 days a week after tomorrow (so we are going to stick to it for the lockdown as if we were open, so we are very reachable on the phone 021-4967119 or the email..)

We are closed fully tomorrow but will be on site behind closed doors from then.. And one small difference to the roster, this Saturday, January 2nd 2021, we will only be onsite from 10AM-4PM.

But here are the hours going forward from after Saturday and for the future
Monday : 10AM-6PM
Tuesday : 10AM-6PM
Wednesday : 10AM-6PM
Thursday : 10AM-6PM
Friday : 10AM-6PM
Saturday : 10AM-6PM
Sunday : 11AM-4PM

I know it’s hard for everyone this, and some friends of the shop have lost loved ones in 2020 and it’s a horrific time to grieve and lose someone… We al need to keep going I suppose..

Back next week with a full on hawking newsletter… Hawking like you’ve never seen hawking.. A hawk fest… Sher what more would you expect from us!! I’ll leave with Lennon again.. ‘Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end’..

Sin é for now folks,
Stay safe
Peace and love
Ray, Bobby & Shane

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