Japan Abbey Road Half Speed Masters, Near Volcanic Eruptions In Cavan, and a Led Zeppelin ‘The Song Remains The Same’ Pre-Order Offer!

Hi Everyone,

Guess who’s back…. Back again… Full of the joys of late summer after the break… Ye know I love ye… xx… But ye know the sceal also… Rough week the first week back… Started back Monday and a dose of three 15 hour days to get myself back in the game… Poor baba hah.

Right so releases in the greatest record shop in the world part 77 for today include new records from INTERPOL (more stock on the way) ALICE IN CHAINS, WHITE DENIM, STONE FOUNDATION, JAIN, JUSTICE, MARK LANEGAN & DUKE GARWOOD and OLAFUR ARNALDS, as well as reissues by BOB MARLEY, ALABAMA 3, CELINE DION, ED SHEERAN and some nice MICHAEL JACKSON Picture Discs.

Also the JAPAN DLP Abbey Road Half Speed Masters of “Tin Drum” and “Gentlemen Take Polaroids” landed in this week…. Also at 45RPM for the best sound quality… Mentioned them back along in the newsletter… Here now Sylvain fans… They say he is kind of allergic to the Japan stuff…? Am I correct in saying that? But he must have given the nod to get these pressed up i presume..?
Another one for the forum… It has to happen.

Video up for this week here, give it a view!

Great week away from it all we had in the hills and lakes of Cavan… When you take the foot off the pedal you kind of realise how hard the foot can be on the pedal normally… No complaints… But when you switch off the lights of work for 9 or 10 days it is lovely… The kids are still busy of course but in a great way… I want that, I want this, I don’t want that, I don’t want this, I want to wee, I don’t want to wee, I won’t brush my teeth, I will brush my teeth, where’s that, where’s this, where’s what, who, where, whenever, whatever… But brilliant, go back in the morning I would… Had a few visitors to our rented cabin on the lake… The boy from barrack street would not be used to country visitors…. Pine Martens the locals called them… Very very big rats the baracka boy would call them… Brave shites too, turn and face yeah, not great with little people around the gaff but no drama in the end…. While i’m at it the only other kind of negative was Tayto Park… Two older kids loved it, lots of queueing all that jazz, thats grand like, expensive it is and loads of angles to get money from you… Changes this year like entering and leaving via a shop (small tired kids, ye know the drill)… Noticeably change in staff behaviour I found this year… Nearly across the board (all kids, 17 to 21s) just a yukey attitude… I’d be a whoarrrr for customer service and its lacking more and more out there I think in general… Nice to be nice and it don’t cost a shilling blah blah blah… We (as in all the customers in Tayto Park) seemed like we were the enemy to the staff… I have quite a few staff tales but my favourite was one from late in the day… Myself and Bonnie the baby were circling a ride in the bugey that the rest of my gang were queuing up for… On three occasions as I was circling I heard one of the staff who was “helping” people leave the ride, say to customers who thanked him as they departed  “best of luck now with the traffic getting out”.. He just about managed i’d say to keep “ye fuckers” from his sentence… And this was not isolated, a bad bang all day long more or less expect for 2 maybe 3 exceptions… I wouldn’t rise for a volcanic eruption on me hols… Chilled chilled chilled… But on another day.

Anyway enough about Pine Martens and young immature adults whom I can only imagine are not been treated great from the chain of command… On to the tunes Raymondo…

Aug 31st… Eight months of the year gone.. And a few nice ones via PIAS…
IDLES new album is out “Joy As An Act of Resistance” on CD, Deluxe CD, Indies only LP and Std LP.
Singer Joe Talbot summarizes: “This album is an attempt to be vulnerable to our audience and to encourage vulnerability; a brave naked smile in this shitty new world. We have stripped back the songs and lyrics to our bare flesh to allow each other to breathe, to celebrate our differences, and act as an ode to communities and the individuals that forge them. Because without our community, we’d be nothing”… Sentimental I am after the break also but Joe the last sentence sums it up for us also my man.

SUFJAN STEVENS has grown to be one of my most favourite artists to be perfectly honest… The last album is a masterpiece in my opinion (we are all entitled to them like) and Asthmatic Kitty are releasing “The Avalanche” on vinyl for the very first time… Originally out on CD in 2006… It gets a l*****d  DLP Red and Clear coloured vinyl release… Sweet as a nut.

PIAS again for the 31st of August have the BIG RED MACHINE album… Collaboration between Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon… Each of the 10 songs on the album include a large number of collaborators via the PEOPLE platform like Phoebe Bridgers, Lisa Hannigan, Richard Reed Parry and more.

PEOPLE is a steadily growing group of international artists who have come together to create and share our work freely, with each other and everyone. It was born out of a wish to establish an independent and nurturing space in which to make work (generally around music) that is collaborative, spontaneous and expressive in nature and where all unnecessary distractions or obstacles that get in the way are removed. PEOPLE is for the benefit and development of the artists involved and just as importantly, for those who would like to access and enjoy the output. It is as much about the process of making work and showing all that openly as it is about the final outcome.  Available on CD, Cassette and LP via Jagjaguwar.

Not done with Pias at all yet, still a few more really nice ones… The new and third ANNA CALVI album on Domino called ‘Hunter’…CD, LP and indies only red coloured LP.. One to watch if not already on your radar, as well a new IRON & WINE 6 track mini album on indies only orange vinyl and then lastly from PIAS is a new MOGWAI album , a soundtrack to KIN again on CD, LP and indies only LP.

Sony for next week the 31st of Aug have the first two DEPECHE MODE 12” Single Box sets… The 12” singles from “A BROKEN FRAME” in a box, with limited T-Shirts… A few left… And the same with “SPEAK AND SPELL” again a few T-Shirts left…

Speak & Spell | The 12″ Singles

3 x 12” on 180g vinyl, plus 7” red flexi disc, poster and download card
Dreaming of Me (Single Version)
Ice Machine (Single Version)
New Life (Remix)

Shout! (Rio Mix)
Just Can’t Get Enough (Schizo Mix)
Any Second Now (Altered)
Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead / King Of The Flies (by Fad Gadget)
Just Can’t Get Enough (Original Poster)

A Broken Frame | The 12″ Singles
3 x 12” on 180g vinyl, poster and download card
See You (Extended Version)
Now This Is Fun (Extended Version)
The Meaning of Love (Fairly Odd Mix)
Oberkorn (It’s a Small Town) (Development Mix)
Leave In Silence (Longer)
Further Excerpts From: My Secret Garden / Leave In Silence (Quieter)
See You (Original Poster)

Sony also have a new album by NOTHING BUT THIEVES “Broken Machine” on mint green vinyl as well as PAUL SIMON LP reissues of “ One Trick Pony” and “Rhythm of the Saints” .

Warner for the 31st of August have the LP release of the “This Is Morrissey” compilation, a GRAHAM NASH compilation on DLP, NICK MASON’s three solo albums in either a CD Box or an LP Box and the last of the PET SHOP BOYS Extended  and Expanded editions. ‘Behavior’, ‘Bilingual’ and ‘Very’

Just a quick cap in hand one for ye… Yachts to be cleaned and all that… The next in the LED ZEPPELIN Super Deluxe Boxes is out on the 7th of Sept via WARNER / ATLANTIC / SWANSONG…. This time it’s “The Song Remains The Same”… So available as a super Deluxe Box, 4LP Set, 2CD set or 1 Bluray audio… Four formats…. Best price pre-order job (cap in hand) on the super deluxe of 225 Euro and we will have some merch…. L******d tees, bags and posters of Zepp… Last ones merch was excellent… Throw us a mail if interested please.

Universal for the 31st of August have the MAN FROM MO WAX Vinyl and CD release as well as a 50th ANNIVERSARY of THE BAND’s debut album “Music from the Big Pink”.

UMC will release Music from Big Pink in newly remixed and expanded 50th Anniversary Edition packages, including a Super Deluxe CD/Blu-ray/2LP/7-inch vinyl box set with a hardbound book; 1CD and 180-gram 2LP black vinyl (includes download voucher). All the Anniversary Edition configurations feature a new stereo mix for the album, produced by Bob Clearmountain from the original four-track analog masters, achieving a striking clarity and incorporating some previously unreleased chatter from the studio sessions.

Uni also have new albums from TROYE SIVAN, SOPHIE MUTTER, IAN GILLAN and MADELEINE PEYROUX  as well as a 5 cd GRANT GREEN set and a new Northern Soul Comp on LP.

THE ORCHARD for the 31st of August have the new PASSENGER Album on Standard and Deluxe cds and Standard and Deluxe LPS… Standard CD is 9.99 on pre orders if interested.

Sin é i think for this week… It’s quite likely I missed one or more things because release date Aug 31 would mainly have to have been ordered  the week I was on hols… The lads and I done our best to get everything above covered anyway for the 31st… Thanks to Bobby and Shane for minding the place for me while I was away and letting me not think about it at all… Twas great.. Sound lads… All very nearly back to normal now… Loads I had planned to talk about but sure time enough… Enough done for one Thursday plenty more in the winter ahead!

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabairt.


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