Kamasi on the Horizon, BUELLER, BUELLER, BUELLER and God Only Knows!


Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well….footie season is upon us…a great shame we ain’t involved…i have fallen out of love with “ the beautiful game” to a degree to be honest…there was a time when i loved it…but the world cup does entice and excite me somewhat …my first one was 82 and the match that set soccer off for me was Brazil v Italy..i watched it a friends house, i was 8 and it was class…brilliant Brazil with Zico, Eder, Socrates and Falco but Paolo Rossi nipped in for a hat trick that day and stole the show and Italian hearts…enthralling for an 8 year old…didnt our boy Tardelli score a good goal in the final that year and ran off with the greatest world cup face of all time….its a music blog raymond…geerrra a grip.

Ok sorry… out today is the beast, it is a beast of a thing actually( it weighs in at 8.9 kg)…its a beauty too, a beauty, costs nearly as much as my last car though ( in trouble with that at the moment but sin sceal eile, amusing nearly as the last Fiesstiiieee that went to the great gig in the sky but a bit painful to share just for now)….its THE ROLLING STONES box set…even the outer box is class to be fair…stones branding on the outer box….never saw it before…the boxset is inside a box which is stones branded which is then inside another box…pandoras and all that..?

Also out from Universal is the DEF LEPPARD greatest hits and a new WILKO JOHNSON album ( looks well for a dead man , fair play to him) as well as 5SOS new LP.

Warner have the new JOHNNY MARR ( indies only purple) and THE SISTERS OF MERCY reissues as well as FULL METAL JACKET OST, TOM WAITS reissues, ANTHRAX, SEPULTURA and new album from BUDDY GUY…meant to be very good.

Also out today is the release of local lad TALOS debut album “ wild alee”…he released it independently there about a year ago and we got some LP in from him…he got signed to BMG in the states only recently ( around RSD)  so the record company are putting the record out again this time on CD also with some bonus tracks…CDs landed today and the LP is in with us Monday or Tuesday…cracking listen in my opinion…epic new classical type stuff…quality in my opinion…we have tried to get him in a few times for a little instore but hasn’t happened as yet…will keep trying though!!

Thank you actually to those of ye who came for the excellent HEDGE SCHOOLS instore last week….more quality …video to follow soon

Right so moving on to releases for next friday the 22nd of June we have the new KAMASI WASHINGTON album via Young Turks/Pias, available as a 4LP set…on the pricey side i suppose really at 55 euro as the 2cd is 15 euro…could be an interesting one to be fair..Pias also have the David Sylvian & Holger Czukay rerelease of Plight & Premonition Flux & Mutability this time on the one double CD or DLP.

Pias also have the Jonny Greenwood – coloured vinyl release of You Were Never Really Here (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

INVADA records also have Alex Somers & Sigur Rós  Black Mirror: Hang The DJ (Music From The Netflix Original Series) CD released next friday, LP on the 13th of July and lastly from Pias for the 22nd of June is the 20th anniversary reissue of GARBAGES version 2.0 on CD, 2CD, indies only orange 2lp and a deluxe limited box also.


WARNER for the 22nd of June have the new album by PANIC AT THE DISCO …in fairness to this gang ( dont know much about them ) but they are one of the few bands who have young fans that seem to really attach and buy their records and merch etc…self serving i know but it’s refreshing to see it….a guy rang me during the week doing some project or thesis on the music industry and he asked me about the future off the industry…clueless to a large degree i told him…more and more niche maybe what i do??…a movement back to it in time…???? Doomsday ???

Coined Brian Wilson i did…god only..

He had the answer though….no more albums in the future…bands/artists would just release songs…thats it a song, 3 months later a song..3 months later a new song…..who knows he could be right….what ye guys think??

On this one way rambling street that im on,  where i do all the talking and ye guys are like the quiet psycho therapist in the corner nodding or taking notes…what are yer thoughts on a shop forum, a music forum…would ye be interested? Would ye get invovled??

This is something i have tried and kind of failed at on a few occasions… believe it or not it requires a nice bit of investment in the website to get it up and running and keep it free from spam and shite…mines allowed and i will allow yer spam as well.

Nods my way in regards involvement or interest would help my decision a bit…nods if interested would be great.

Warner also have reissues by CHRIS REA, LOST BOYS OST, MARILLON, KING CRIMSON and THE POGUES best of gets a LP release also.


CARGO for the 22nd of June have the SPACEMEN 3 LP reissue “ for all the f**ked up children”.


The Orchard for JUNE 22 have a new record by THE ORB called “ no sounds are out of bounds” via Cooking Vinyl..THE ORBs 15th studio album, THE ORCHARD also have the new album by MARDUK called “ viktoria” on CD , DELUXE CD and LP….think this one maybe moved to the 29th of June now.


UNIVERSAL for the 22nd of June have the third instalment in the nine inch nails EP trilogy ( maybe strengthening our friends case about the death of the album) available on CD AND LP, there is a new album from SWING OUT SISTER and a PANTERA live at DYNAMO OPEN AIR 1998 CD as well as ELTON JOHNs revamp and restoration albums get  vinyl releases.


PROPER for the 22nd of June have a PAUL RODGERS “free spirit” live cd/dvd or 3lp release as well as INDIGO GIRLS live 2cd or 3lp release or lastly a couple of KIRSTY MACOLL LP reissues including “ kite” on clear vinyl or “ electric landlady” on pink vinyl…oh sorry they have a nice and interesting looking alternative 80s 2lp also..


We are getting the titles up on the website for the vinyl sale…its 2 for 30 instore but online i had to do 16.50 each ( shipping had to factored in as in free shipping on three records and all that…still descent i think onliners…?

Here’s the link to what we have up:



Don’t forget to remind yer better halves ( not hard ) where we are, for father’s day or any of that malarkey

Shane and myself are holding the fort as the Bob man is on his well earned holidays from me…Bobs like a Dad to me…when im at home with the nightwalkers i hear the word Dad about 150 times a day…when in work… Bob…Bob…Bob…Bob…Bob…Bob is all he hears i say…Shane has it now, he’s probably counting the days to when Bobby’s back……anyway


Sin e for this week i think

Thanks for listening


Shane, Shane… where’s the..




Oh by the way…i think i may have found my new favourite artist ….NATALIE PRASS.

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