Little Amber Fish – Record Store Day 2020 : List With Prices

DYNAM7074/75 2×7″ OST: Johnny Pate / Shaft In Africa (2×7″) £23.00 Best cuts from the LP, first time on 7″ 1st RSD release on Dynamite Cuts 7141095204164 Dynamite Cuts
SIL71617 7″ OST: The Godfather  / The Godfather (7″) £17.00 White vinyl, thick card with printed inner 0738572161774 Silva Screen
VR15 10″ Mar-Keys, The / Last Night EP (10″) £20.00 Stax instro classic! 10″ 4 track Red Vinyl 0645653970960 Vinyl Revival
MOV12009C 12″ Slowdive / Slowdive EP (12″) £27.00 Aluminium sheen finish on sleeve, coloured vinyl 8719262012455 MUSIC ON VINYL
TH10102020 1LP OST: Terrahawks / Terrahawks – Theme Music and Audio Story (1LP) £27.00 Orange vinyl LP, Brand new story, original cast! Gerry Anderson! 5060534283244 Gerry Anderson
TADLOWLP32 2LP OST: Dracula / The Curse of Frankenstein / (Hammer Horror) (2LP) £32.00 Two LP red vinyl, one green! 0738572162177 Silva Screen
MOVATM279C 2LP OST: David Bowie, Courtney Love / The Turning: Kate’s Diary (2LP) £32.00 Unreleased Bowie track! Only on this LP. Unreleased Courtney Love track. Coloured Vinyl 8719262014848 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOVLP1933C 1LP Sugarhill Gang / Sugarhill Gang (1LP) £28.00 40th Aniv release. Coloured vinyl, invc Rappers Delight long version! 8719262004351 MUSIC ON VINYL
HSKTF001 7″ Redmond, Roy / Ain’t that terrible / A Change Is Gonna Come (7″) £22.00 Northern Soul killer!  1st RSD release on Harlem Shuffle 7141095204355 Harlem Shuffle
MOV7042C 7″ Batmobile / Big Bat A Go-Go (7″) £16.00 7″ yellow vinyl 8719262013810 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOV7055C 7″ Golden Earring / Radar Love (7″ + Golden Earring Adapter) £16.00 7″ coloured vinyl + Golden Earring Adapter 8719262013476 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOV10032C 10″ Various : A Mikey Dread Production / His Imperial Majesty (10″) £23.00 10 inch (red/green/gold) colours supplied randomly. 8719262014466 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOV12010C 12″ Sumy / Funkin’ In Your Mind (12″) £23.00 Rare European funk track 602508609763 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOVLP2695C 1LP OST: Jimmy Urine & Serj Tankian / Fuktronic (1LP) £30.00  Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence) and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down).British gangster soundtrack! 8719262014497 MUSIC ON VINYL
RMLP6160LE 1LP Fraternity / Livestock (1LP) £25.00 feta Bon Scott of AC/DC. Rock history, 1st official issue since 1971!! 5022221016160 Reel Music
RMLP6146LE 1LP Kuumba-Toudie Heath / Kawaida (1LP) £25.00 40th Aniv, hip Jazz  feat Don Cherry and H Hancock 5022221016146 Reel Music
MOVATM278C 1LP OST: Ryuichi Sakamoto / Black Mirror Smithereens (Music By Ryuichi Sakamoto) (LP) £32.00 Coloured vinyl/cult series/in demand Sakomoto score! 8719262014701 MUSIC ON VINYL
RMLP6139LE 1LP Sweet Inspirations, The / The Sweet Inspirations (1LP) £25.00 Rare 1979 album, silly discogs prices! 5022221016139 Reel Music
RMLP6153LE 1LP Zoo, The / Presents Chocolate Moose (1LP) £25.00 feat Howard Leese of Heart. Psych rock,  first official release in decades! 5022221016153 Reel Music
VR14 1LP High, The / Unreleased Martin Hannet Sessions for Somewhere Soon (1LP) £25.00 30th Aniv of the album. Factory mix guru Hannett unreleased mixes. White Vinyl 0645’653970898 Vinyl Revival
MOVLP2561C 2LP Mew / And The Glass Handed Kites – 15Th Anniversary Expanded Edition (2LP) £36.00 15th Aniv, expanded edition. Coloured vinyl 8719262012295 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOVLP2636C 2LP Paradise Lost / Live At Rockpalast (2LP) £32.00 1st time on vinyl. Bizarre Festival Germany 1995 8719262013322 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOVLP2692C 2LP Various : Behind The Dykes /  Psychedelic Nuggets From The Lowlands 1964 – 1972 (2LP) £35.00 Decca branded Nederbeat compilation 600753898703 MUSIC ON VINYL
SILLP1612 2LP OST: BBC TV / The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials (2LP) £32.00 BBC Tie in – features unreleased music from series 0738572161279 Silva Screen
VP90143C 2LP Various Artists / Pin-Up Girls (2LP) £22.00 kitsch collection of tracks from Hollywood’s pin up girls 8719039006069 Vinyl Passion
MOVCL049 4LPBox Phillip Glass / The Essential (4LP Box-Set) £95.00 Career spanning box set of Essential Glass 8719262012943 MUSIC ON VINYL
SILCD1599 6CD BBC Radiophonic Workshop, The / Four Albums 1968 – 1978 (6CD) £38.00 2 previously never released CDs plus the 4 classic albums, Great Price 0738572159924 Silva Screen
SK500 CD Thomas Leer / Emotional Hardware (CD) £15.00 brand new album.1st 300 signed!! 7141095204072 Smitten Kitten
European Music on Vinyl RSD releases
MOV10030C 10″ Hay, Barry & Jb Meijers / The Artone Session (10″) £23.00 live session by Barry Hay (Golden Earring), JB Meijers and band Bayou 602508473586 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOVLP2416C 1LP Brood, Herman & His Wild Romance  / Ciao Monkey (1LP) £28.00 Herman Brood’s last official studio album, on vinyl for the first time. 8719262009806 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOVLP2634C 1LP Koelewijn, Peter / The Best I Can Give Is Still Unworthy Of You (1LP) £28.00 English version of the 1977 debut album 602508435621 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOVLP2662C 1LP Flyin’ Spiderz, The / The Flyin’ Spiderz (1LP) £28.00 The first Dutch punk band to appear on a record. includes an insert. 602508573255 MUSIC ON VINYL
MOVLP2648C 1LP Meteors, The / Teenage Heart (1LP) £28.00 Teenage Heart is the debut album by Dutch new wave band The Meteors. 602508538742 MUSIC ON VINYL

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