Me Me Me, Bob Dylan’s ‘Triplicate’ Vinyl Record Box Set Special Offer, and Marlene Enright In-Store

Hey Everyone,

Hope life is treating you ok..

Wish lists for RSD done…

I know some lads are old school also and just like landing in and seeing what’s there… They don’t even want to see a list…. Bigger thrill that way alright I suppose…. But life is all information now…. We have been pedaling this stuff all week long to ye… Nearly ramming it down ye’r throats… Come on what ye want, what ye want… Self serving, I suppose… It gives me a better idea I suppose so I don’t fuck up to badly with stock and hopefully have what ye want on the day also…. Thats my self serving excuse anyway…

I should be getting a fairly full fill I think… U2, SMITHS and most of the BOWIE’S should be OK… Not 11 o’clock OK’s now like…. ‘No Plan’ and the Cure stuff…. Have a plan i’d suggest and be fairly early i’d say lad…

I’ll get info on that out to ye soon enough… What time into the centre and all that..

Massive demand around the Cure… Hope I won’t let anyone down…

Thanks to all those who took the time and effort to email us and we appreciate ye’r understanding.

A couple of extra bits from Warner have made the list which weren’t on the original I don’t think.. So here they are with prices..
1) Notorious BIG, The – Born Again [2LP] 35EUR.
2) PRINCE “Little Red Corvette / 1999” – 7” Picture Disc. 18EUR
3) THE WAR ON DRUGS “Thinking Of A Place” 12” Single. 17EUR.

Anyway on to the boring stuff…. I could ramble away all night but when it comes to this record is out and that record is out and lastly that record is out… It bores the liathroidi off me to be honest…. Not the records obviously, the tediousness of typing them…. Anyway the castle at home here must take preference over the next 6 months or so… So the corporation tower’s newsletters may become a little more brief… Anyway ye must be sick shit of me this week…i’ve ye poisoned.


Image result for Jesus and mary chain damage and joy

No video again this week folks, been a hectic week with everything.. Back to normal next week


Moving on so to to releases for next week the 31st of March Sony have the newBOB DYLAN Triplicate’ vinyl record limited boxset. Still time for the 50 euro pre-order for deluxe box.. Also out are Reissue of BOWIE’S ‘Heathen’, AEROSMITHS ‘Rocks’, JOHNNY CASH’s ‘FOLSOM PRISON’, as well as new LPs from ZARA LARSSON, BODYCOUNT and ARCH ENEMY.

New Gorillaz album just announced April 28th…. Half ten on a thursday night… One of the 4 songs they released here. Will be a big album again i’d say..



Warner for the 31st March have the DOORS Debut album on a Deluxe Box Set… 3CD/LP and, and also the new album from cracking rock band MASTODON.


Cargo have the new WIRE album for next Friday the 31st.


PROPER for the 31st have the raw NICK CAVE documentary ‘One More With Feeling’… Film of the year say Mojo… Hard to disagree….

Speaking of rockumentarys, saw on youtube during the week a film about the making of the newest MALOJIAN record…. Really is a very enjoyable watch about the processes a band have in the studio recording their record…. They recorded it on analogue over in Chicago with world famous ‘sound’ man Steve Albini… Link here… Well worth a watch… Interesting and funny.


AIMEE MANN and COLIN HAY also have new albums next week.


UNIVERSAL have new ones by JAMIROQUAI and BRITISH SEA POWER…. Two nice ones id say….. A reissue of the long out of print U2 album ‘How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb’ as well as WAR on vinyl record.

Universal also have DEACON BLUE live and some nice 3CD ‘Best Ofs’ by Level 42, Joan Armatrading, Fairport and Big Country.


PIAS For next Friday have new releases from GOLDFRAPP, RODNEY CROWELL and JULIA HOLTER.

Republic of Music have the new STONE FOUNDATION record…. This could be a cracker… If you like a bit of soul…. WELLER heavily invovled on it…. Sings on three and plays on all tracks… Lovely tune here :


The FIGHT CLUB Score and HAUSCHKA LPs out also next week.


Seeing as it’s all about me lately…. Me me me…. I done an interview with a music website and magazine OVERBLOWN recently… Here’s the story if you want a read… If you are fairly bored like…


On the local front Marlene Enright was with us Saturday, and CLARE SANDS this coming Saturday at 1PM…. Try pop in if you are around…. Please…. Marlene was launching her new album with us…and truly a great listen..

Sin e for this week folks…

Thanks for listening

Could be busy next week like but talk soon



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