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Hi Everyone,

Im back, and with a new fancy header, all thanks to my young colleague Shane ( i think i managed it, thanks Shane boy).

Easy enough to get Shanes fab four above or maybe one tricky one??

releases, mainly for Friday the 20th June.

Warner has ED SHERRANs second record, a new album from MASTODON, some RICK WAKEMAN reissues ( met him whilst on a stag in Swansea some years ago….dont ask….and a friend of mine thought he was Noddy from SLADE)

Warner also has a new PETER GABRIEL live DVD and BLURAY and a couple of GRAM PARSONs Vinyl reissues.

And for the BOWIE heads the lastest in the 7” picture discs “ DIAMOND DOGS”.

Universal for Friday the 20th have a good few Vinyl reissues including EELS brillant debut, JOHN MAYALL, STEREO MCS, JAPAN, EMINEM and some good jazz LPs.

Pias for the 20th June has a CABARET VOLTAIRE Vinyl compilation and an EP from a band from amerika called THE DISTRICTS, ones to watch by all reports.

Pias also have a release out on the 20th that i am going to get on my horse about, some/many of you will be aware of this album and some ( one) of you may thank me for getting on my horse about this.

In the early 90s, four teenage boys from Kentucky made there second album ( only ever made two) it was a loud and lairy, dark and dreary, soft and gentle, doorsy and nirvanay, lyrically mindbendy piece of work.

The album was called SPIDERLAND by a band called SLINT….it wont be everyones cup of cha but to some it could be a HOLY SHIT moment.


Easy to find full album on Youtube, listen to it…..just give me a sec now as i must get down off my horse….


Pias for the 27th have PRODIGY greatest hits on Vinyl for the first time, DEERHUNTER “ MICROCASTLE” reissue and DOVES JIMI GOODWIN new single.

Music on Vinyl releases for 23rd and 30th June including MARK KNOPFLER/ CHET ATKINS brillant “ neck and neck” and NICOs “marble index”.


We have local boys RAISING JUPITER in the shop tomorrow doing a few songs and a signing of there new CD…mini gig starts at 5 …well worth seeing if you are around….the lads are great live.


On a complete aside, Brazil didnt look the mae west tonight…saw the last half hour and if there wasnt a goalkeeper who wouldnt get his game with Rockmounts Junior team and a ref from a hotbed of soccer on the pitch could easily have being have a much different result.

Scheming Sepp cuddled up then with the Brazilian Taoiseach in a country where half the population struggle to eat, and the government spends 9 billion to bring it there.

I dont know, anyway i feel like im getting up on that horse again so im gona jump.

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Sin e,