My Bloody Valentine Reissues, An Angel Olsen Box Set, And John Spillane Release Week

Hi everyone,

Hope all is well enough and that the form is good.. 31st March, 3 months to the day since we had a customer in the shop.. I’d say since the fire in Douglas in Aug / Sep 2019 we are closed to the public as much as open!! Non-Essential retail wasn’t fully clear last night and I heard and saw mixed message about call & collect, but on it looks like call & collect / click & collect is 4th of May.. So for now it is what it is.. Another month so no choice but to drive on… Thanks for ye’r patience and understanding over the last 3 to 19 months!!

Anyways here are the releases for this Friday releases for this Friday, the 2nd of April.. These include new releases by GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR, JOHN SPILLANEHELLOWEENTHE FRATELLISSTURGILL SIMPSONJAZZ IS DEAD 006DRY CLEANING, FLOCK OF DIMES, reissues by EAGLESTHE VACCINES (limited coloured)FATHER JOHN MISTY, TRAVISNADA SURFWARREN ZEVON, and MF DOOM.

Had a few listens to the JOHN SPILLANE record the past few days and I am really enjoying it… Reviews across the board are really 9 out of 10’s, four starts around the place.. I hope it goes really well for John, not alone is the album quality, the man himself is sound as a bell also and we all in the shop hope this album does really well for him… We are still running our competition until Thursday April 8th for the bundle in the photo below.. If interested in winning this prize pre-order the new album with the good siopa and we will enter you into the draw!!..

Just a quick one re hours over the weekend… I’m taking a few days off after today but Bobby & Shane will be on site from 10-5 on Thursday and Friday and N.B. there will be no-one on site Saturday or Sunday if you are trying to get us on the phone 021-4967119.. Back to it Easter Monday then, just so ye know..

Here is the new release video from last Friday folks.. Be sure to subscribe!!


A reminder also now for our DECLAN O’ROURKE ‘Arrivals’ competition. 3 prizes up for grabs folks for 3 separate customers who pre-order the album with us.. 
Prize #3 – A Signed CD Copy of Declan’s new album ‘Arrivals’
Prize #2 – A Signed Vinyl Copy of Declan’s new album ‘Arrivals’
Prize #1 – A Private Virtual Meet & Greet with Declan for a few questions a performance of a new track for one lucky winner / winner’s household!

I have to say the new album from Declan is only gorgeous… Beautiful songs throughout, a fine fine record…

I had an awful week with Brexit, yep it’s still going on.. 3 months in… Still problems.. 3 import boxes held up in customs last Wednesday the 24th.. A week later they are still not here.. Due tomorrow now i’m told.. This is how it played out.. DHL came to the door with some boxes last Wednesday but said there was 3 boxes that did not clear customs and that there is money / taxes / duties owed on them.. I said sher we are now set up for PVA (after months of trying to get set up) Postponed Vat Accounting, the goods should be free to move.. ‘I only bring them from A To B Boy..’ Fair enough I say.. I tried ringing them, 37 minutes on hold and finally spoke to someone, they said on the phone it was their error and they would send an amendment email to a team to look after it.. I asked ‘how long?’ and he said there was ‘queues at amendments’.. It is in process now.. Sher what can I do!! Still no boxes.. I gave up twice on hold, and on hold they offer a callback option if you just leave them a voicemail.. FULL Voicemail Inbox.. Ah man it has my heart broken the last week through no fault of our own.. They got ‘released’ today so should be here tomorrow.. We will get the stock out ASAP.. In the 3 boxes are CATHAL COUGHLAN, FOR THOSE I LOVE and FIRST AID KIT among others…Look sorry for those waiting.. It is a mare this Brexit thing.. Still a complete pain in the arse.. Daily different boxes.. Look sorry if your record is delayed..

Right so moving on to releases for the 16th of April… Warner have the TOM PETTY ‘Finding Wildflowers’ alternative takes release on limited gold vinyl or CD… Black vinyl to follow in a few months.. This release will have 16 alternative versions from the sessions of the excellent Wildflowers album.. It was a part of the 7LP boxset released last year, now getting it’s own standalone release.. 

Warner also have the DEFTONES ‘White Pony’ 20th Anniversary 4LP set. JETHRO TULL’s ‘A : A La Mod’ 3CD/3DVD set is also out, as is a new MARTY FRIEDMAN new CD and vinyl.. Finally from Warner is a reissue of ALEX SOMER of Sigur Ros’ two albums ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’.. Both coming on vinyl via Krunk.. As always very interesting stuff… Check out ‘Between us’ below

Universal for the 16th of April have the brand new second GRETA VAN FLEET album ‘The Battles At Garden’s Gate’ coming through EMI.. It’s released on CD, Gatefold 2LP or Exclusive Green Gatefold 2LP.. Less than 200 of the exclusive copies for Eire..

Universal also have the new album from THE OFFSPRING, their 9th album ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’ on Concord Records… CD, Standard LP or Limited Indies Orange Crush Coloured Vinyl for band’s website and indie stores only.. NORAH JONES has a new live album out on the 16th, ‘Til We Meet Again’ on 2LP or CD.. ERIC CHURCH has a new album ‘Heart’ on CD or LP through EMI Nashville, and there is a deluxe CD of MELODY GARDOT’s ‘Sunset In The Blue’

There is a ‘One Night In Miami’ OST coloured vinyl release by Uni for the 16th of April, a limited SPORTS TEAM ‘Plant Test’ B-Sides vinyl release exclusive to indie stores (black vinyl just exclusive), a reissue by EVE, and the DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 vinyl release has also been pushed back to the 16th for release..

Finally from Uni for the 16th of April is the brand new IMELDA MAY album ’11 Past The Hour’ on Decca, released on CD or LP.. New single here with Ronnie Wood on guitar and Noel Gallagher on vocals..

Sony for the 16th of April now have the new LONDON GRAMMAR album ‘California Soil’ which was pushed back a week… It will land now for the 16th on CD, Vinyl, Indies Coloured Vinyl or the limited Box Set.. New single ‘How Does It Feel’ was released last night..

PIAS for the 16th have new releases from hip-hop’s AJ TRACEY sophomore album on Revenge Records on CD, LP or Indies LP.. Single ‘Anxious’ here if you like your hip-hop :

AVISHAI COHEN also out through PIAS for the 16th on CD or LP, and a reissue of GOLDIE’s ‘Timeless : 25th Anniversary’ on gold vinyl or 3CD..

Cargo for the 16th have releases by BERT JANSCH, ANNE BRIGGS, and THE NIGHTINGALES..

Music on Vinyl for the 16th of April have a reissue of THERAPY?’s ‘Infernal Love’..

The Orchard for the 16th have a few nice bits.. LUCINDA WILLIAMS releases ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream : A Tribute To Tom Petty’ on CD or LP through Highway 20 Records… There is a CAROLINE POLACHEK ‘Standing At The Gate : Remix Collection’ indies grey vinyl.SAINT RAYMOND has a new album out through the Orchard on the 16th called ‘We Forgot We Were Dreaming’ on Cooking Vinyl out on CD or LP.. Finally from The Orchard is the new CANNIBAL CORPSE album ‘Violence Unimagined‘… Well if it was called ‘Pretty Green Flowers On A Bed Of Marshmallow Candyfloss’ it probably would turn an eye.. Out via Metal Blade on CD, standard LP or Indies LP…

Republic of Music for April 16th have a new double A-Side 7” single from TEENAGE FANCLUB for ‘Home / Everything Is Fallen Apart’ through PEMA.. Both taken from the upcoming album ‘Endless Arcade’.. ‘Home’ is sounding great..

ROM also have a DREAM WIFE Live in London 2020 Orange coloured vinyl..

Right i’ll hand you over to Bob now for a few nice releases announced in the last week or so.. And a few nice ones there are..

Hey folks,
Kicking us off this week we have a biggy. A biggy indeed. There are very limited reissues coming of the cracking MY BLOODY VALENTINE records ‘Isn’t Anything’, ‘loveless‘ and ‘m b v’, all coming on CD, Standard Vinyl or Deluxe Vinyl.. There is also a CD reissue of ‘ep’s 1988-1991 and rare tracks’ .. The band’s catalogue has now moved over to Domino, and this is a series of reissues very eagerly awaited for a long time, it’s great to see them getting re-released! Here’s a few notes on the reissues : 

Isn’t Anything and loveless have been mastered fully from analog for deluxe LPs and also mastered from new hi-res uncompressed digital sources for standard LPs, with each being made available widely for the first time ever. Fully analog cuts of m b v will also be available on deluxe and standard LPs globally for the first time. 

These are very limited folks, both the standard vinyl and the deluxe vinyl, so when they’re gone on the site they are gone for now. We have tried to find out if a repress will happen or if there is a date for more stock to appear, but PIAS are currently unsure as to when it will be, but not on the horizon at the moment.
A quick note from Ray on the MBV’s : Email if you like prefer on the MBV’s but it might not be seen in time.. Website is safer but email if you like.. Stock is fierce limited, sorry..

There is also a lovely ANGEL OLSEN 4LP Box Set ‘Songs From The Lark and Other Far Memories’ release coming from PIAS, again it’s very limited.. Like with the John Grant set last week, this is going to be a case of fastest fingers first, all the stock we are getting (2 copies) are up on the site for purchase now for anyone who may be interested in buying it. An email could easily be missed / not seen for some time, so we think the fairest way for releases like this is to just put them up on the site for a game of fastest fingers first. The set is a collection featuring the last two albums, with a host of unreleased rarities. The set also has a 40 Page book.

A few other nice ones to blast through for this week include a 10th Anniversary Coloured Vinyl pressing of Irish rock band THE MINUTES’ debut album ‘Marcata’, a reissue of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS’ ‘Tiny Music.. From The Vatican Gift Shop’. This on is on CD, Deluxe 2CD or Super Deluxe 3CD / Vinyl. There is a new LAURA MVULA record coming on CD, Pink Vinyl or Indies Exclusive Orange Vinyl, and finally there is a BAND OF BROTHERS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK reissue on coloured vinyl through Music On Vinyl.

Two bits worth noting, due as a bit of a rush release (was meant to land for 26th March but still not here yet) there is a limited clear vinyl repress of BOB DYLAN’s ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ now up on the site. Not in the shop just yet but up for order now. We also have just gotten stock of the brand new REGA PLANAR 1 PLUS for 2021, redesigned with a lovely new matt finish. Lovely turntable with a built-in pre amp, allowing it to connect directly to active speakers. We have a couple of the new matt black players in stock now, and also have the new matt white player up on the site.

That’s it from me for this week folks,
Back to the boss-man

Thanks Bob!!
A few so for April 23rd… PIAS for April 23rd have the new DINOSAUR JR album ‘Sweep It Into Space’ on Jagjaguwar.. CD, Indies Only LP (maybe 2 Indies only LPs) and standard vinyl on this one… New single ‘I Ran Away’ solid and good as ever… Co-produced by Mascis and Kurt Vile.. Vile has been a 4 musician on the album as weak as J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph..

PIAS for the 23rd also have the new FIELD MUSIC album ‘Flat White Moon’ on Memphis Industries.. It’s on CD, Vinyl or Indies Clear Vinyl.. Here’s ‘Orion From The Street’ from the album..

PIAS for the 23rd also have a reissue on blue vinyl of SOUL JAZZ RECORDS PRESENTS – STUDIO ONE ROOTS 20th Anniversary Edition… A special one off blue coloured vinyl press, fully remastered analogue cut.. Finally from PIAS for the 23rd there are two 12” vinyl release of FLOWERED UP’s ‘Weekender’, including a separate Andy ‘Weatherall’s Weekender’ Remix 12”, both out on Heavenly..

Cargo for the 23rd have a ARLO PARKS ‘Super Sad Generation CD only release, a collection on CD released for the first time featuring tracks from Arlo’s first two EPs… There is also a JOHN FOXX ‘The Virgin Years’ 80-85 5CD Box Set..

Just as regards to the My Bloody Valentine vinyl, it’s an awful pity for us as a shop that the stock was so limited.. Sure it is what it is, we would have sold a whole load more.. ‘No sign of a repress on the horizon’ the rep says.. Fastest fingers here… Only got allocated small numbers and folks were on early today after today’s announcements.. So only 2 of ‘loveless’ Deluxe vinyl left… Again, sorry..

Look sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening 
Ray, Bobby & Shane,