Nearly Last Calls For RSD Lists, New SEA GIRLS, PLACEBO, STONE FOUNDATION And Very LIMITED But Expensive!

Hi Everyone,

Hope ye are all well.

Firstly, a few movers and shakers re RSD…the Hendrix release is pulled completely off the lists and there is a FOO FIGHTERS 7” added to the list @ 17 quid…for 23rd April

We have today the Universal Record Store Day list with pricing so we  need universal  wishlists back by next weds the 16th March please….or over the weekend on any of the others please would be great.

It looks as if it will be a “ normal” Record Store Day this year, so will be open at 8 am as usual and can flood the shop ( no pun intended),can’t go online with RSD until the following Friday i believe, but there’s always the phone! I  must get my finger out and organize a bit of live music for the day so I will come back to ye folks on that over the coming weeks…

Shane will pop up all the lists here again with pricing including the Universal one.

Looking forward to the day now.

Here is the Universal list folks:

UNIVERSAL RSD 2022 List with Pricing

And here are the others again:

WARNER RSD 2022 List with Pricing

CARGO RSD 2022 List with Pricing

SRD RSD 2022 List with Pricing

PROPER RSD 2022 List with Pricing

The Orchard RSD 2022 (Drop 1) List with Pricing

The list for PIAS/Integral was missing artist titles last week, so here is the updated one below:

PIAS/Integral RSD 2022 List with Pricing

SONY RSD 2022 List with Pricing

LITTLE AMBER FISH RSD 2022 List with Pricing

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC RSD 2022 List with pricing

SHELLSHOCK RSD 2022 List with pricing

SRD RSD 2022 List with Pricing

Right releases in the siopa for this Friday the 11th March include …

Releases then for the 18th March include…

live at the fillmore east and live at the rainbow theatre.

and we will have the THUMPER record on the 18th also

Right so onto the 25th March and VIA UNIVERSAL and POLYDOR records we have the second album from London Towns SEA GIRLS “ homesick” on cd, std lp and indies yellow lp…

Here is “ sick” from the new record

There is a nice ORNETTE COLEMAN 2CD set on Concord “ genesis of genius” , a reissue on UMC of RICHARD THOMPSONs compilation album “ Guitar/Vocal – a collection of rare and unreleased recordings 1967 to 1976” , there is a brand new MACHINE GUN KELLY CD for the 25th also.

Lastly from Universal for the 25th March are 4 reissues from War Child records

 help! A day in the life”, “ 1 love “ ,” heroes “ and” hope “….all proceeds to go to war child in their quest to help children in war torn countries….its hard to find words really for the barbaric, brutal events occurring in the Ukraine really… 2022… treating human life with so little respect…to achieve what exactly, where is it going like, what does he hope to achieve…some deluded ideas at play …Bruce said it “ war, what is it good for…absolutely nothing” …and you can say it again and again.

Warner for the 25th of March have the KRAFTWERK remixes physical release via Parlophone…its available on 2 cd or triple lp formats…should be banging

Here William Orbit has a gary off “ radioactivity”…

Warner have a nice few reissues for the 25th March including DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES  25th anniversary job on “ marigold sky” on double lp and expanded cd, SOILWORK “ predators portrait” on Orange vinyl via Nuclear Blast, Madness album “ keep moving” gets a reissue on lp via Salvo…the fantastic debut album “ felt mountain”  from GOLDFRAPP gets a reissue on CD and indies coloured vinyl via MUTE /BMG…here is lovely head from the album

What else do Warner have so for the 25th March, there is a CHESNEY HAWKES 5cd/dvd complete picture boxset, there is a brand new SUICIDE compilation “ SURRENDER – A COLLECTION” it is called, and will be available on cd and indies only vinyl lp…the compilation is newly remastered and the lp is limited im told…here is the title track i suppose…beautiful song 

Lastly Warner have a new Michael Buble album “ higher” on cd and lp,

Sony for the 25th of March have 2 more vinyl reissues by THE WHITE STRIPES with the self titled album and de stilj, there is a debut album from Jamaican artist KOFFEE and a new album also from MAREN MORRIS on cd and lp.

Heads up on next weeks opening hours as thursday the 17th is Paddys day and the shop will be closed…Friday the 18th is also a bank holiday but ill be in and open from 11 to 4…please note these 2 dates, closed on the 17th and ill be in on the 18th but just from 11 to 4…im still sure to get a crankyish email on the 18th at 5 o’clock to ask why aren’t we open!! Just call us lazy geits!

Republic of Music has a few nice ones for the 25th of March with the release of the new PLACEBO album on So Recordings…we will have a deluxe CD version and an indies only coloured vinyl in…i have always liked this band…here is “ happy birthday in the sky” from the new record…pricing needs a newsletter again soon..note to self

(245) Placebo – Happy Birthday In The Sky (Official Visualiser) – YouTube

there is also a new STONE FOUNDATION album out on 25th which has an indies only vinyl and last but certainly not least is the TINDERSTICKS compilation album “ past imperfect, the best of Tindersticks” on City Slang, that will be into us on deluxe 2CD, double LP and also a 4 LP boxset…sweet!!

Proper for the 25th of March have a few also worth noting, there is a COWBOY JUNKIES album “ songs of the recollection” on CD and LP….this is a covers album…here is their cover of a certain Mr Bowies “five years”

(245) Cowboy Junkies – Five Years [official audio] – YouTube

Proper also have a reissue of TRASHCAN SINATRAS “ weightlifting” on indies only blue vinyl and there is an ORNETTE COLEMAN reissue of “ the shape of jazz to come “ on indies only orange vinyl.

Gonna head over to Shane now with a few interesting further down the road releases …TOOL fans at the ready…on this release actually i must say a few words…its wicked expensive to start with…but even aside from that, qty pressed is tiny and even at the price we may have done double the number we were allocated ( 5 copies and 3 spoken for already) , tis frustrating to be honest, sometimes allocations are 1 or 2 units…we are even been allocated on catalog stock now from some record companies…it is what it is, a blessing and a curse.

Sorry over to you Shane kid..

Sound Ray, yeah I agree, this is mad expensive but unfortunately Tool fans like myself have to go for it.
I read during the week that there were signed versions of this released through their website and fans were giving out as it was over 800 dollars, so they released these more affordable (!) non-signed ones.
In fairness, they do always do very cool artwork and packaging but still.
I’m going to see them in Dublin in May, the first time they’ve been in Ireland since 2006!
We have very limited quantities as Ray said of this vinyl box set of their last album ‘Fear Inoculum‘ which is class.
Fastest finger first on this so if interested don’t wait:

 Second up is another favourite of mine (and Bobby’s) King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have yet another new album coming on the 15th of April. It’s called ‘Made in Timeland’. Seriously impressive band, they often release 2 or 3 albums a year. A few years back they did a thrash metal one, then built their own guitars with unique tunings for another 3 albums and recently they did an electronicy one!
Here’s the ‘Dripping Tap’

A bit further down the line, is a new Live album on coloured vinyl by Irish legends MOVING HEARTS. It was recorded in Vicar St. in 2007. It’s limited to 750 copies worldwide and will be out at the end of May.

Also coming soon are new albums by KURT VILE and KEVIN MORBY.

Oh, forgot to link the Tin Machine 2 release last week, so there you go.

Think that’s about it from me. Back to you Ray!


Thanks Shane!

Here are links to the last couple new release Youtube videos done by Adam and Ray:

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Right so Integral for the 25th of March there are new albums from ALDOUS HARDING and DESTROYER, reissues from BON IVER and TINARIWEN and new EP from FOLLY GROUP.

INTEGRAL for the 1st April have two CAN reissues on MUTE/SPOON records…the reissue of the hugely influential debut album “ monster movie” on indies blue vinyl ( one press only) a band that were ahead of their time in lots of ways ,,,imagine first hearing this in 1969…thats if you have 20 minutes to spare

(245) Can – Yoo Doo Right – YouTube

CAN also reissue compilation album of “ soundtracks” on clear purple vinyl.

Sin e really folks for this week

Thanks as always for listening

Ray, Shane and young Adam.