New Bob Dylan, Pixies And War On Drugs Releases, Niamh Regan Live Performance Announcement 1

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Hope all is well enough with ye… Going to start this week with last week’s dinner.. Apologies once again to those of ye we let down.. Sorry I am talking about the Whipping Boy reissue on vinyl for 3rd of Sept.. To cut a long story short the late land distribution company got caught out by demand (the retailers knew).. I believe less than 80 copies are going to be in the country on vinyl for the 3rd of September now.. One shop could have sold them!! Anyway, we always want a firm number of records we can sell and in this case also we kept asking.. 100 Copies.. That was the hope.. Went on the site and on sale at 11AM.. 6 hours later, bad news a far far cry from 100… Pules apart.. Anyway let’s park Sept 3, vinyl 2nd press now for late November.. Guaranteed the 100 copies for then so the list is full open.. Email us if you want to get a copy from us.. Crucial going forward that shops are allocated quantities so they do not oversell and look like Trotter’s independent trading company New York – Paris – Caro – Cork… Anyway the winter will be here soon enough..

Right moving onto releases for this Friday 23rd of July.. We will have new releases by KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD (vinyl not till August), ANNE-MARIELEON BRIDGERSDREAM THEATER, DAVID CROSBY (CD only for now), HEAVY WATER, DARKSIDEPIROSHKACHRISTONE KINGFISH INGRAM (CD only for now)a 4AD Compilation  and the PAUL MCCARTNEY ‘III Imagined’ release.. There are reissues by THE UNDERTONESSTONE TEMPLE PILOTSPJ HARVEY / JOHN PARISHTHE SHINSR.E.M. ‘Radio Free Europe’ 7” (a few copies still remaining)EVA CASSIDY, MUDHONEYTHE LLOYD MCNEIL QUARTETTHE WEDDING PRESENT CD/DVDENIGMA2PACDEXTER GORDON, and GLEN CAMPBELL.

Video for last week’s releases now up on Youtube at the following link :


Right so moving onto releases for the 6th of August (Raymond is on hols that day / week or so).. UMC / Virgin have a deluxe reissue of BRIAN MAY’s debut album ‘Back To The Light’ remastered by bob Ludwig.. There is a limited edition Collectors Box which has a heavyweight coloured vinyl, the remastered CD plus a bonus disc of alternate versions and B-Sides, plus an exclusive pin badge.. Also available as a 1CD, 2CD or 1LP… Virgin have the rescheduled MR. JUKES & BARNEY ARTIST album also.. The biggie from Universal for the 6th of August is without a doubt the deluxe remix of GEORGE HARRISON’s ‘All Things Must Pass’.. The best ex-beatles record of the lot?? Dhani Harrison says the remix transforms the album by socially upgrading it.. Making it sound brighter and fuller.. The super deluxe 8LP collects 70 tracks, a 60 page scrapbook handwritten lyrics, diary entries, studio notes and a poster.. 5CD boxset contains more or less the same.. There is a 5LP3LPLimited 3CD, and 2CD version also…

UMC have 2 O.M.D reissues on vinyl of Liberator and Universal.. These LPs haven’t been available on vinyl since their original release in the 90s.. A couple of Bluenote Ton Poet Audiophile vinyl reissues through uni also for August 6th… SONNY CLARK ‘My Conception’ and MCCOY TYNRER ‘Expansions’... Those are all analogue releases from original master tapes.. Uni also have a MAX RICHTER ‘Exiles’ 2LP release

Warner for the 6th of August have LCD SOUNDSYSTEM ‘The Long Good Bye : Live At Madison Square Garden’ 10th Anniversary repress on 5LP Box Set or on 3CD Set for the first time.. The full four hour show from that staggering night in NYC…

Inside Recordings have the vinyl release of the new JACKSON BROWNE album ‘Downhill From Everywhere’… Nuclear Blast have a reissue of ‘Once’ by NIGHTWISH as a 2CD, 2LP or 4CD remastered reissue.. BMG have a new STAIND live album on CD or Double LP.. There is a CD version of THE FLAMING LIPS ‘The Soft Bulletin’ also through WEA for August 6th

Sony for the 6th of August have a new BARBRA STREISAND album ‘Release Me 2’ on CD and vinyl... Sony have the vinyl release of the MODEST MOUSE album ‘The Golden Casket’ on DLP black vinyl and lastly SHUNSUKE KIDE releases Demon’s Souls Soundtrack on vinyl..

Live music people yes live music in the siopa (most likely) or maybe outside the siopa (depends)… We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we will have NIAMH REGAN in with us for a performance on Friday the 30th of July at 4PM… Take Note Friday The 30th of July at 4PM… Because of everything going on in the world an expression of interest in this would be huge help (to book your spot type of thing.. free performance).. So it would be great if you want to come in, email us to book a spot.. A little about Niamh.. A Galway native, her debut album ‘Hemet‘ was released just before Covid I think, early 2020 sometime, the record was nominated for the Choice Irish Music Album Of The Year 2020.. The album is in one word, super… Was one of the shop’s favourite albums from last year, we are all big fans.. Here is ‘Freeze Frame’ from the album performed on the Late Late Show a few months back..

Let us know if you want to pop into the performance.. Niamh will sign copies of ‘Hemet’ on LP and CD on the day and if you can’t make it in and want a copy signed, we can sort that also.. Sin sin.. Hope to see you on Friday the 30th at 4!

The Orchard for the 6th of August have new albums from WILLY MASONWILL YOUNG and HIPPO CAMPUS

Integral for the 6th of August have a reissue of DRIVE-BY-TRUCKERS ‘Plan 9 Records July 13’ on New West… The band played an in-store for the 25th Anniversary of their local shop… Available to Indies Shops like us on Spring Green coloured 3LP.. Originally was available as a very limited and long sold out vinyl only pressing (a few hardcore shop heads bought these vinyl off me back in the day but for more than 40 quid i’d say!!) now available on CD and coloured for first time on New West…

It has been tame enough for releases for last few weeks, and the next few weeks.. But boy oh boy does Bobby have some announcements for ye this week… Throw your wallet in the sea.. You could be better off.. There is a rake of biggies announced!! One release I have to pass comment on is the new WAR ON DRUGS album.. It concerns me to be honest. The pricing concerns me, it is bad for business. With a capital full stop. It is an awful lot of money for an album.. Indies Only at 48 or 50 euro… Single album.. 10 tracks… Sure folks are going to walk away for that.. It is simply too expensive.. We are very competitive here in Ireland as VAT and Import fees from UK make it way worse… Rough Trade are 40 and 45 sterling for standard and indies.. Would cost you 60-70 euro with VAT and fee plus postage to get it over here.. So €50 looks okay in that regard… I’m okay with brand new albums for the €30-40 bracket now in today’s world… If you use the inflation calculator from 40 years ago the price of a nice release vinyl record would correlate to between 35-40 euros in today’s money… It’s the extra 25% on top is the problem.. Billie Eilish new album is out on the 30th July.. If ye could retail at €35 we would sell 25 copies i’d say.. Revenue of €900 lets say… We have 9 names for it at €45.. €400 revenue… War on Drugs would be a 50 copies at €35 but how many copies at €50.. 10ish i’m going to say.. €500 revenue versus €1500 revenue.. For all parties involved, less ales.. The industry as a whole better watch itself as it’s taking it’s gun from it’s holster and taking aim at it’s own foot… It is what it is and I can’t control it… We need to be getting these albums back in price by 25% and stop trying to turn them into gourmet products which you can listen to for free… COLDPLAY have a new album in Bobs announcements and the RRP on the single LP is €28.. Nearly half… Surely royalties are the only cost difference here?? Or maybe I am naive to other stuff.. Anyway Im letting it go folks.. There it’s gone.. Over to Bob.

Hi folks, 
Hope all is safe and well.
As Ray said a few nice ones today to say the least.
Already mentioned we have the brand new WAR ON DRUGS album ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’, due late October on CDLP or Indies Exclusive Blue LP. And also mentioned there is the announcement of the new COLDPLAY record ‘Music Of The Spheres’ on CD or Limited Splatter vinyl, this one landing with us October 15th.

So other nice bits. Where do I start? We’ll go with Mode. The next of the DEPECHE MODE 12” Singles Box Sets has been announced and is now up on the website. This time up is the 8 x 12” set for ‘Ultra’ which is due out late September.

Next the next of the BOB DYLAN ‘Bootleg’ Series of Box Sets is up. This time we have Bob Dylan – Springtime In New York: The Bootleg Series, Vol.16 : 1980-1985 which documents the Shot Of Love, Infidels, and Empire Burlesque era of Mr Dylan. It is coming as a 5CD Set, or as a highlights 2CD or 2LP Vinyl. Due out September 17th.

For all the metal heads out there, a seriously anticipated record has just been announced. Fresh from the press is the announcement of the brand new IRON MAIDEN studio record, ‘Senjutsu’. It’s coming on 2CDDeluxe 2CD Book, 3LP, Indies Coloured 3LP or as a deluxe set. Again a word on the price of the vinyl worth say. Indies LP is €66, just too expensive. Even as a 3LP. Too expensive.

There is another savage TROJAN Box Set released announced for September 3rd, this time up is ‘Reggae Business’, which is out as a 2LP / 2CD / 7” / Book / Memorabilia box.

We have 2 games of fastest fingers first for this week. Two allocated releases. First up, there is a limited green LP reissue of PIXIES ‘Trompe Le Monde’ released for the 30th Anniversary.. Only allocated 10 copies, and 2 people have asked already so only 8 copies for the site. Finally from myself and for the second game of F.F.F, there is a IDLES 7” limited single release for ‘Model Village’ (great track!). Only a few of these on the site as well folks.

That’s it from me for this week folks, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!

Integral for the 13th of August have DEVENDRA BANHART and NOAH GEORGESON ‘Refuge’ on Dead Oceans, new JOSIENNE CLARKE ‘A Small Unknowable Thing’ on Corduroy Punk Records.. Vinyl in December folks..

Look sin é got this week folks.. Sorry for giving out!!
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane