New Jack O Rourke, New The Altered Hours And An Ode To Adele And Bowie I Suppose

Hi folks,

Hope yer all doing well enough.

Bobs on a week’s hols so i am flying solo this week with the newsletter.

Lets crack straight into it with releases in the good siopa for this friday the 22nd of October… 


There are also delayed albums like the sufjan stevens & angelo de augustine a beginner’s mind vinyl release, very nice listen as well it is….and THE BLACK PUMAS capitol cuts vinyl is also due for this Friday….as i have said here before , release dates sometimes feel  a bit like picking the winning lottery numbers.

And Corks very own THE ALTERED HOURS new album “ convertible” is out Friday on indies blue or std black vinyl….here is “ thistle” from the new album…great tune


There are reissues on the 29th of Oct by PINK FLOYDWHITESNAKER.E.MWHITE STRIPESWHITNEY, BILLY PRESTON DAVE GAHAN, KHRUANGBINALABAMA SHAKES and WORLD PARTY  and lastly a couple of best of thingies from ELP and MOTORHEAD.

Hard to know what way Christmas will go for retail this year, it has been such a topsy turvy few years for all of us…in our specific line of work ( COVID, D2C, PRICE HIKES, RECORDS OUT Of STOCK) when we were open and open for call and collect we done really well…not so much obviously when we were locked down to just online only. Big thing in our favour when we were “ open” was folks more or less couldn’t go to a gig, go for a pint, go to a match, go on holidays…could do feck all really …but you could listen to music…so we did see the benefit of that…that has settled in the last few months…so hard to know how the next few months will play out for retailers …the year has flown in  many ways.

Right so moving on to releases for the 5th of Nov….PIAS/INTEGRAL have the RADIOHEAD release ( interesting one) KID A MNESIA …which is out via XL , 3lp or 3cd versions left ( unfortunately im told the 3lp red version is gone for now if not forever id say) .

KID A MNESIA collects Radiohead’s fourth and fifth albums alongside the debut of a newly compiled third disc titled Kid A mnesia. Exclusive to this release, Kid A mnesia is comprised of unearthed material culled from the Kid A / Amnesiac sessions. Along with alternate versions and elements of Kid A and Amnesiac album tracks and B-Sides, Kid Amnesiae features the never-before-heard “If You Say the Word” and a previously unreleased studio recording of “Follow Me Around.” Three 12” half-speed cut black vinyl pressings of KID A (A/B), Amnesiac (C/D) + KID AMNESIAE (E/F) bonus volume containing unreleased material, in artwork sleeves.

We have a good few cd and blk vinyl due in.

Integral also for the 5th of Nov have via Knitting Factory FELA KUTI – LONDON SCENE, JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN with TONY ALLEN & DAVE OKUMA “ the solution is restless” , Brainfeeder has the new ROSS FROM FRIENDS album “ thread” , Matador have the brand new SNAIL MAIL album “ valentine” ….here is “ ben franklin” from the new album

Lastly from  New West are a bunch of STEVE EARLE coloured vinyl reissues.

The Orchard for the 5th of OCTOBER  sees the release of the Osees live ‘Levitation Sessions’, these are extremely limited and the record company has said cuts are inevitable with them so tis a pot luck one, ORCHARD ( wrongly) don’t do allocations ( you have to allocate in my opinion, so we all know where we stand with limited titles, no allocations exposes us and we can look like amateur hour when if we oversell)  and the same goes for the Limited Reissues of José González  first three solo albums “ VENEER”, “ VESTIGES AND CLAWS” and “IN OUR NATURE DIARY” all on Dirty Pink Vinyl….again sorry i cant allocate or promise so if interested will do our best, so drop us an email….. We also have the return of Aimee Mann with an album inspired by the book ‘Girl Interrupted’ on CD only for now with Vinyl scheduled for 19th November, the sequel to last year’s ‘Kings Disease’ from Nas album on CD with Vinyl to follow in March 2022 and lastly Conan Mockasin on Transparent Blue Vinyl from Mexican Summer.

Give us an email if interested in anything above please.

Aimee Mann’s last album was great so looking forward to that.

We have a really exciting release coming out on the 5th of November…a release close to our hearts here, with the new second full length album by JACK O’ROURKE…the album is called “ wild place” and after one full listen sounds just stunning…beautiful piano, vocal and strings throughout.its gorgeous.  Jack has always been a friend to and supported the shop here or wherever we are through thick and thin.

We will have Jack in for an instore around the album release , either going to be Friday late afternoon/evening or Saturday morning the 5th or 6th of November….one instore to seriously look forward to…will confirm here soon! 

Here is “Patsy Cline” for the new record…

Heres a bit about Jack and the new album…CD only for now, hopefully the vinyl version next year..

Wild Place is Jack’s first release since 2019’s Ivory Towers and first full album release since his acclaimed debut, Dreamcatcher, which entered the Irish Top 5. In the intervening years Jack has established himself as one of Ireland’s finest songsmiths and a live favourite. For the recording of Wild Place, Jack and his band based themselves in Triskel Christchurch in Cork and used the wonderful acoustics and Triskel’s grand piano to great effect. The results are probably Jack’s most endearing work to date – the songs emanating from a soulful and folk-inspired place.

Jack first came to prominence with his ode to misunderstood youth and growing up gay, ‘Silence’, became a torch song for the Irish Marriage Equality Referendum and won the Nashville Songwriting Competition (judges included Tom Waits and Bill Withers). Chosen as a 2019 headliner for Other Voices, Jack was featured prominently in the television series (most recently part of the Home special in December, featuring himself. Loah, Villagers and Denise Chaila) and his collaboration, ‘New Day’ with electronic artist, Kormac has nearly 500,000 views for its award winning music video.

“Wild Place has songs of love and loss, beautiful misfits, nature and wilderness,” says Jack. “There’s freedom and rage in there too, alongside questions on race, friendship, a still-Covid world, my dreams and sea swimming.”

The piano and vocal are centre, but there are elements of folk, roots, blues, Americana and chamber music.” There’s also a song, ‘Strange Bird’ written about the last year and a half – a drone recording a town during lockdown and all we’ve lost and gained. It’s influenced hugely by John Prine – “When John Prine died during Covid, it was a Bowie or Cohen or Prince moment – I was heartbroken without knowing him personally – his lyrics and his style meant so much, and his songwriting always floored me. There’s a Steinbeck or Mark Twain quality – he says so much without being flowery.”

Jack teamed up with members of Crash Ensemble, Clare Sands, Hugh Dillon and Aisling Fitzpatrick to record Wild Place, with a live quality brought to the songs by Ber Quinn’s mixing. Jack’s long-standing drummer, David Ryan, produced the album, despite not using drums on any of the tracks and it was mastered in Canada by Philip Shaw (Feist and Bob Iver).

Ok ok just got word…the album launch party instore is in our gaff/ humble abode/record shop on Friday the 5th of November at 6 pm..the day the album is out…sweet, Jack is great live…hope ye can make it, more on it next week.

Sony for the 5th November have a BILLY JOEL 9LP boxset called collection volume 1…i must admit i have strong strong childhood musical memories of Joel…there was a few records around the house of him when i was a child..greatest hits vol1 & 2 on a double LP with Goodnight Saigon finishing one of the sides….side 3 if memory serves and that song kind of blew a 12 year olds mind a little bit..ah the power of the ceol.

Sony also has a brand new album by JAMES ARTHUR.

Got a call tuesday morning re THE WAR ON DRUGS new album…the vinyl in particular….2 problems really…firstly its delayed …so won’t be with us on the 29th of October ( the CD will,  but not the lp formats) second issue is amount of stock been received , it has turned into a bit of a disappointment im afraid….so the latest format we plugged to ye , the 2lp red vinyl version is not happening at all full stop, not happening….there was four of ye asked for it so don’t know if ye want the indies only blue version or the std blk versions….let us know sher….the indies blue version was cut hugely and only have  2 /3 or maybe 4 copies left of it to sell and it doesn’t look like there will be  anymore this side of Mr Claus…i have a good few std left to sell but when they are gone, they are gone for a while also…im just passing the info on folks.

Right Warner for the 5th November have the next in the series of JETHRO TULL deluxe remix albums by Steven Wilson…this time up is “ benefit” as a 4cd/2dvd version….it is 45 euro and we will get the link up next week or sooner hopefully! Email in if interested!

Warner also have a deluxe 2cd/bluray of AIRs 10000 hz legend, there is a new christmas album by BILLY IDOL, KEITH RICHARDS “run rudolph run” 12” reissue, there are 3CD deluxe reissues of PRETENDERS 1 and 2 and THE BLACK KEYS 10TH anniversary deluxe versions of “el camino” as  4CD, 5LP or 3LP versions.

Right ill hand ye over to Raymondo Dinzeo to run and jump through announcements and down the line stuff.

There probably are a few but we are a little short at the moment so we only have links for 3 titles done…

First up first up is the announcement of ADELEs new album “ 30” via Sony on the 19th November…it is available as CD, std blk vinyl and limited indies only clear vinyl version…ta an leabhar ar oscailt!!…i think nearly every record shop still trading  here and in the UK owe this lady a debt of gratitude…she nearly single handedly kept record shops open in 2011/2012…her album” 21” hit a nerve and man did it sell….when we were selling nothing, we were selling hundreds of Adele CDs…every week when we were living on fumes, Adele was the bit of petrol…honestly she played a big part in keeping our doors open…if i ever meet her i will be buying her a pint…unlikely i know…i remember Dave Grohl saying around the same time how record shops are an important part of a lot of people’s lives ( at the time there was a huge cull of record shops…circa 200 in Ireland in 2005 down to circa 40 shops in 2012…it was finger nail stuff…honestly…many a time i thought would i be better off just shutting the door….i was afraid to close, what will i do?…I had worked selling albums for all my adult life, nearly 20 years at that stage…what oh what could i do in the real world?? But Adele was selling and then the green shoots of vinyl started to appear and started to blossom with Bowie’s next day album in 2013 and the rest is in the history books….i often think of some of the independent record shop owners who shut their doors in 09, 10 and 2011 and wonder if they could have managed to hang on for another bit longer, they might have survived…they weren’t to know Adele and David were around the bend of the river in a rescue boat i suppose…no one did) and that if the music is good enough people will buy it…a lot has changed in the 10 years since “21” but lets hope we are both still at it for album” 50” Adele…a pint of guinness here if your every in Cork…ill try be nicer to the Bowieheads David i suppose , that might be a way of saying thanks to you…ill try i said.

Right i got sidetracked…sorry….there is a new NEIL YOUNG AND CRAZY HORSE album out in December the 10th i think…brand new material from Young…available on cd, std lp, limited indies lp and a deluxe boxset….everyones elses prices are going up and Neils are coming down it seems…vinyl anyway!

Last one for this week is TAYLOR SWIFTs “ RED – TAYLORS VERSION” as a 4lp set or 2cd also…due on 12th November.

Ill hand you back to Ray now…

Thanks Raymondo…you went on a little there chief, I thought you were going to start rabbiting on about floods and fires and pandemics again there……man, you can give that stuff a little rest to be honest.

Pias for the 12th November have the new DAMON ALBARN record “ the nearer the fountain, more pure the stream flows” out via Transgressive records now which is his new label…fine label, home also to Arlo Parks , Loyle Carner and FOALS amongst others…anyway new record out on the 12th …Albarn impresses me more and more as time goes by, i think the musical history books will be deservedly very kind to him as a inventive, invocative progressive musician …the new album is on cd, indies only white vinyl vers, std lp, cassette and casebound deluxe book edition with scanned lyrics photos etc white vinyl and 7” single aslo…here is “ royal morning blue” from the album

PIAS or INTEGRAL as know as now have the new IDLES album on Partisan records…” crawler” its called and its available on the 12th on CD, DELUXE 45RPM LP, indies coloured vinyl also….std lp is out in Jan 2022…here is “ the beachland ballroom part 1” from the new album…fine tune.


INTEGRAL also have the new JON HOPKINS album, cd only for now, LP versions out in feb 2022 “ music for psychedelic therapy” on Domino…and lastly there are some ALL THEM WITCHES coloured vinyl reissues on New West.

Just spotted a new SIMONE FELICE ALBUM announced for jan 2022 there, will get link done soon.

Alright musicians/bands out there…hello, hello…our good friends in Douglas Village ( Bartosz the centre manager, the traders and the other staff ) are going to be celebrating 50 years of the Douglas Village shopping centre been open in November across 3 Saturdays ,,,party/fun atmosphere lots of giveaways etc etc…Bartosz is looking for some bands to play on the mall in the shopping centre across those 3 Saturdays….lots of exposure from it, you can sell whatever you like and maybe a few bob in it…give us a nudge if interested and we will put ye in contact.

UNIVERSAL for the 5th of November have the brand new ABBA studio album ,,,indies blue lp, std lp and cd.

Universal Music Ireland with 2FM have a very important release with SALVATION – inspired by the Cranberries…this is a charity album in aid of Pieta House …a very important charity that ensures there is help available for  folks in suicidal crises…ah look fierce important…this album is more or less charity all along the chain and support for it is greatly appreciated…its on CD and LP..more on it next week.

Uni have BLONDIE 12” with Fab 5 Freddie “ yuletide throwdown” , there ia a brand new album by NATHANIEL RATECLIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS on Concord…it is his third studio album…here is “ what if i” from the new record

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – “What If I” (Official Audio)

Uni also has new albums from DIANA ROSS, PARCELS and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, a lost live album on Bluenote from ART BLAKEY AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS and a GREGORY PORTER greatest hits.

Sin e really for this week folks..crikey ye must be bored to tears if you’re still reading this!

Bob is flying solo with the newsletter next week as i have a few days off

Thanks for listening as always.

Ray, Bobby and Shane.