New JACK WHITE, CHILIS, KAE TEMPEST A Shout To The Major Labels And More

Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well enough.

Back again we are, the RSD orders are well in and in the lap of those great RSD gods……ah sucking up will probably get me nowhere!!

 We will as with every other year be in touch with problems/cuts/movers and sometimes even shakers….there was about 15/20 titles from the list of over 400 titles that are either now USA only releases, pulled completely from the schedule or is a brexit problem…overall not to bad though as 95 or more per cent of wishlists were orderable…a few of ye got an email last night letting ye know of probs…sin sin for now on it really…will update on the live music in the shop on the day saturday april 23rd ( we do need a sick cert from your doc if you are not here on the day) in the next few weeks here on the “ AD”.

FONTAINES D.C released their debut album  ( i think on the 17th April 2019) the day before record shop day ( i asked Fin and Cal to collect some of it for me from the courier…sound again lads!) and they are releasing the third album again the day before RSD on the 22nd April this year….third single released from the record “ skinty fia” yesterday, self titled single and its another belter…3 in a row, this record could move them to another level around the world,  to mega like…here is the latest single …feckin cracking again

Right so releases in the siopa for this Friday the 25th of March….

SEA GIRLS , ORNETTE COLEMAN 2CD , RICHARD THOMPSON ,  help! A day in the life ,  1 love  , heroes  and hope `


 DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES , SOILWORK “ predators portrait” , GOLDFRAPP 


Michael Buble , THE WHITE STRIPES self titled album and de stilj ,  KOFFEE , MAREN MORRIS ,  PLACEBO





And releases for the shop on friday 1st April…

Red Hot Chili Peppers , Mike Campbell ,  MESHUGGAH , Linda Ronstadt , PILLOW QUEENS ROXY MUSIC for your pleasure ,  MAMMA MIA 2 ,  HANNAH PEEL & PARAORCHESTRA

Rush moving pictures gets its 40th anniversary reissues ,  CERAMIC ANIMAL

JACKIE MCLEAN “ TIPPIN THE SCALES”  , SONNY RED “ out of the blue”  , HANK MOBLEY “ curtain call” 


TOM MORELLO ,  CAN reissues

Main point of attack this week though is the 8th April, 

Universal for the 8th of May have the new album from Kae Tempest ( i think she may have dropped the T from her name, ill not sure but tis Kae everywhere now as far as i can see…anyways…new album out via Fiction records called “ the line is a curve” , available on CD, deluxe CD, STD LP and indies only orange LP…sure to be an interesting listen im sure…here is a tune from it “

Kae is in Cypress Avenue here at the start of May…would be worth checking out.

Virgin have a boxset of TAME IMPALA s last album “ the slow rush” , the soundtrack to ENCANTO gets a vinyl release on UMC/DISNEY, Bluenote reissue GREGORY PORTERS debut album “ water “ from 2010 on LP and CD.

UMC have some VAN DER GRAF GENERATOR LP reissues , theres the 50th ann edition of “ the least we can do is wave to each other”  as well as “ he to he who am the only one” “ pawns heart” and “ godbluff”.

Lastly Mercury K have the latest film score from JONNY GREENWOOD “ Spencer” OST on cd and lp.

Warner for the 8th April has one of the quietest weeks i’ve seen from them in many a year ( RSD around the corner for all of us anyway. We  must get our wallets out, mise included) BMG have the remastered SUICIDE compilation album “ surrender – a collection” as a limited edition 2 LP 140g blood red vinyl housed in an embossed and mirror board gatefold sleeve….Warner also have the new PAPA ROACH album.

Sony for the 8th of April have a new CD by CAMILLA CABELLO “ famila”, and there is a deluxe vinyl format from FOSTER THE PEOPLE “ torches x” and lastly but sold out now ( unless we get lucky and get a copy or two more) is the TOOL “ Fear Inoculum” 5 lp set.

The Orchard for this week sees the release of the fourth studio album from Jack White “Fear Of The Dawn” including an Astronomical Blue Vinyl. 

It is also available on cd and std lp.

I read recently where Jack was imploring the major record companies to act in the industry as regards the problems/queues/shortages on the record plants.

Jack feels the majors should get involved and build some plants to help alleviate the pressure and I think he feels it would be a good business move also….from a retailers point of view the prices/delays/cuts/allocations/out of stocks are a constant in our world now. Ill paint a quick picture…we probably there or abouts anyway receive 100 requests a week that go in to our special order book…we check each and everyone of them as thoroughly as we can…if we succeed in securing 30 of them a week we have done well…70 folks receive an email saying sorry this record is not in stock at the moment but we can keep you on file type of thing…in most cases we cant find out whether it is planned to be repressed or not…thats 70 emails to the reps asking can you find out when Boards of Canada “ music has the right to children” will be repressed please…they cant or wont respond…the volumes of emails some of them get is frightening…4 a minute the integral rep told me, he has 300 shops to look after, balls are gonna be dropped, the industry , physical part of it, needs to try and improve communication with the retailers…concrete info is key…anyways , all industries have challenges, these are ours at the moment…the majors getting involved would help, for sure your right there Jack kid.

His own new record is out on the 8th April.

Check out the video for Jack White’s “Fear Of The Dawn” HERE.

Proper for the ( sorry just got word Sony from April 1 are increasing the price of their vinyl cat and new releases by anywhere from between 15 to 40% depending….not great again, but in fairness they were the last to move still no great consolation in it for any of us…bottom line, ye guys will buy less and we will sell less….invest  the depths of their pockets in a sustainable future as Jack suggested or increase the price…anyways, i must watch me blood pressure)

Proper for the 8th have a couple of NICK LOWE vinyl reissues of “ dig my mood” and “ the impossible bird” …both of these remastered also.

Going to hand ye over the Shane man now as he will take ye through further down the line releases and announcements…

Sound Ray, cheers!

Howdy everyone, hope yere all well and had a nice Paddy’s Day break. Some biggish ones to tell ye about this week.
First up is a nice reissue of Pink Floyd’s second album ‘Saucerful of Secrets‘ coming at the end of April. It’s a Mono master of the album, similar to the last one ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’. This is the first album to feature David Gilmour and the last with Syd Barrett. It’s a good price as well at €22 which is always good!

Then at the start of May, ARCADE FIRE will be releasing their brand new album ‘WE’ on a few formats. Good few years since their last one I think. Good band. The cover is cool on this one. We will have the limited white vinyl of it! Here is the single ‘The Lightning 1,2’ from it

On the 15th of July, indie-electronic band WORKING MEN’S CLUB will be releasing a new album. Their second I think, called ‘Fear Fear’..I like their sound, their first one was good and there was a fair bit of interest in the shop in it. We will have very limited quantities of the pink vinyl of this, so definitely a ‘fastest finger first’ one at the above link.

Finally, a good bit away on August 26th, MUSE will release their new album ‘The Will of the People’. We like them in the shop. Matt Bellamy is a seriously talented dude! Available on a few formats with us.

Think that’s all this week from me. 
Back to you Ray, cheers!

Thanks Shane!!

Right so onto Integral for the 8th of April and they have a good week of releases in fairness…the WET LEG album should do really well and looks like its a cracking debut, they have the new FATHER JOHN MISTY also as well as new ones from DANIEL ROSSEN and HORACE ANDY and deluxe reissues from PAVEMENT and soundtrack to STAR TREK DISCOVERY 3 by JEFF RUSSO.

I get asked all the time about the BOB man and we were chatting last week and he is in flying form, enjoying life in the big city ( expensive though) he had a couple of nice interviews last week with a few record companies in London town so hopefully he will catch a start with one of them…he would be a perfect fit, they just need to realize it, he would be a great asset….when Bob becomes the bossman of one of those companies in a few years…he’ll drop the prices in the rebel county i’m sure!!

Right last bit of the “ ad” tonight is INTEGRAL for the 15th April which has the new KING GIZZARD album “ made in timeland” as limited coloured vinyl and std vinyl on KGLW records…no CD of this one im afraid, this album interestingly enough will not appear on any digital platforms anywhere. LPs housed in a brown paper bag , coloured vinyl edition is an eco mix of recycled coloured vinyl.

Integral also has a new album by JON SPENCER ( AND THE HITMAKERS) “ spencer gets it lit” on CD, coloured lp and std vinyl on Bronzerat records.

Sin e really for this week folks

Thanks as always for listening

Ray, Shane and young Adam.