New Lana Del Rey, New Steven Wilson And Seriously Impressed By Arlo Parks

Hi Everyone,Hope ye are all keeping safe and well.Tis a nightmare out there for some families and we all have to do everything we can to alleviate the pressure on the health system…stay at home, stay away from people. Loads of time to listen to music I suppose!The whole deliveries thing is not great at the moment either….in this one way, as well as for public health reasons, we are lucky we are not open…they are a bit of a mess. Sony/Pias trucks returned to the warehouse last week without managing to board the boat…stock still on trucks……so any Sony/Pias new releases or catalogue stuff ordered before christmas for new releases or 4th jan for cat stuff are still in the warehouses in the uk ( attempted deliveries again this week)   .DPD who carry Proper/Orchard/ SRD/Shellshock have suspended operations to Europe and here until this friday the 15th of Jan. So it’s not great out there re supply chains.I think its not having the right paperwork ( in simple terms) at the port….it will iron itself….if the paperwork is correct, there is a green line which moves relatively quickly….a matter of time before all the companies using it get there paper work right and things get moving better…sorry…be worse if we were open!! Placed an order with Universal on monday the 4th of Jan and it landed on Monday 11th of Jan…so not too bad considering so will get there….normal service would be 24/48 hours delivery after order placed so if lands at 48/72 hours that wouldn’t be too bad.Warner is no problem at all to be fair…their warehouse is in France and it’s the usual 48 hours delivery….Bowie single only shipped Tuesday …so everything in simple terms is delayed!!Silver lining… if we were open it would be worse!! ( as in, we would be sick of saying, sorry its delayed) Some silver lining that is…necessary though.Maybe by this time next month click/ call and collect will be back and that would be a big help to trade but for now its website/delivery only. or its the 13th jan already, there will be a step in the evenings soon and our corner of the world will be a brighter place.Right the tunes so…releaseS from last friday, ALICE IN CHAINS, PASSENGER, BOWIE and BARRY GIBB for example still have not landed but are due in the next few days.

Some decent releases for this Friday when they land next friday …or before that i hope obviously….so the new SHAME record is out and really looking forward to that one myself as well as the new SLEAFORD MODS album also….if interested, no problem we can put it away till click and collect is back…no problem just give us the nod. Two big releases and would have brought folk into the shop…both have a fairly limited vinyl available for a short period.Sleaford mods released a new single yesterday Kurt VileS NEW EP is due out for this Friday also from Pias.Warner for the 15th …this friday… have a reissue of BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONGs and NORAH JONES collaboration album “ foreverly” on Reprise records….smashing little record in my opinion.Heres a tune from it remember when it first got released, i used to be “ pop quizzing” lads in the shop with who is this…ah sher easy when you know!!….tricky to pick Billie Joe from Greenday from this isnt it…and Nora also!There is also a live STEVIE NICKS  in concert album due out from Warner for the 15th….limited clear vinyl due and cd/dvd also.

Right thats kind of it for this Friday.Moving on to the 22nd of Jan Warner have the Bowie STATION TO STATION vinyl in store only….various colour variants i believe this time….we can’t list on our website but we are allowed to take phone orders and ship it folks…so if interested , you know where we are…021 4967119.The record will be on white or red vinyl i think or are they all red/white…45th anniversary, indie shop only version anyway.

Stumbled across a treat last sunday lunchtime actually….a real treat….i was listening to a bit of bbc radio 6 ,,,i find Cerys Matthews and later Guy Garvey very enjoyable if time permits…Lillian Smith on radio 1 here is quality also if your an early bird at the weekends…Anyway, .in between Cerys and Guy last Sunday lunchtime was David Bowie for an hour with a bottle of water and a bunch of records as he said himself ( i know you fanatics have heard in all before blah blah blah, but if not, and you don’t suffer with uberfanditis, you’ll probably find it on some player or something …) so David done his DJ set with records that he loved basically…he opened with “love street” saying if there was any street we would want to live on it would be here…he had me at hello…it was pure lovely is all i can describe it… was class..the power of radio, the power of music….David was in my kitchen whilst i was peeling the spuds 5 years after he left us. 

Right what else for the 22nd…Nonesuch reissue Sam Amidons self titled LP, new albums by RHYE and some DIO vinyl reissues via Universal.Sony FOR THE 22ND have those limited coloured vinyl runs by BOB DYLANLOU REEDSIMON & GARFUNKEL, SANTANA and Mr.ELVIS AARON PRESLEY.Right so the 29th of Jan so…Universal have the new STEVEN WILSON album on cd and 3 different colour vinyl formats….the white one been the indies only one….Underrated dude is Steven, hand cannot erase was a great album about 6/7 years ago id say…new album is called “ future bites” and i’m looking forward to it.Heres a tune from it

Uni for the 29th of Jan have the reissue of PJ HARVEY’s fourth record “ is this desire” cd and lp as well as a separate demos vinyl.Uni also have a reissue of excellent BOB MARLEY “ songs of redemption” boxset on CD or limited 6LP boxset…its the first time ever the vinyl set was available outside Jamaica and the first time in 30 years its available anywhere.Uni also for the 29th have reissues on vinyl of THIN LIZZY’S “ CHINATOWN”, MAMAS AND PAPAS excellent debut album “ if you can believe your eyes and ears” , THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS “ the gilded palace of sin” with Mr Parsons and Mr Hillman and lastly a reissue on bluenote of JOHN SCOFIELD/PAT METHANY “ I can see your house from here” .Warner for the 29th of Jan have a reissue of excellent album by ST GERMAIN “ TOURIST” on 2LP as well as a STEVE HARLEY and cockney rebel on 2LP.Young guns or maybe not so young guns…have a listen to ST GERMAIN…class 

We go on as if things are a normal working environment…they aint…but we still try hawk ye records….its what we do…one of my sidekicks and chief LINK man Bobby “ the hitman with alotta heart” Buckley is on a few days hols so i am one/two fingering tapping this…bare with me, or more to the point,  Raymond bare with it!!One big release announced in last few days is new LANA DEL REY album…nice indies yellow vinyl here also…her last one was norman fucking brilliant i thought …the hitman would be proud of me. Folks, get the aul top 5s back into us if you can spare the few minutes….absolutely no judgement at all if that is deterring you….the mocking would be to your face…..the more in, the better the chart…it won’t be announced until this newsletter in a fortnights time….throw your tuppence worth in folks!!Top 5 albums, top 5 irish albums and top 5 gigs….please if you have a minute….2 weeks left! 

Sometimes , something smacks you square in the face…it happened to me last saturday night as i was doing a bit of new release sampling ( not always fully done but try to give a lot of things 30 seconds and if it grabs me…i keep listening….not ideal i know as im sure i miss a load of great stuff…but its a sample listen anyway…there is tonnes of stuff every week, impossible to hear even 25% of it properly, a lot of the cream will rise but not always)…so i done my 30 seconds with a new artist who is releasing her debut album on Transgressive Records on the 29th of Jan…ill walk you through my thoughts as they happened…so i played this first first thing that grabbed me is the voice…the poignancy in the vocal, the honesty in the vocal, the emotion in the vocal, the starkness and emotion in the image…where is this going i ask myself…listen on…ok its a trip hoppy/electronic beat thing going on but at the heart of the song is a story which i become very easily engaged with…a knack very few songwriters have i feel…JOHN PRINE had it, TRACY CHAPMAN has it…i am not now watching this story unfold….i’m in… i want to hear more.So i choose this…black dog its called powerful a song i have not heard in a long time…the most thought provoking, insightful and understanding  song i have heard about mental health…Miss Parks hats off to you…hats off… summing up a family’s plight in trying to deal with mental health in a 4 minute song.If you never listen to a song all year, give this song a listen…it might help us all be more understanding and open.To cut it short, im in…smacked in the face in…the record is out on 29th jan and the first press only is on red vinyl.Pias also have new Martin Gore EP, new GOAT GIRL album, live JOAN AS POLICEWOMAN. Look sin e for this weeks folks…Must make my way to the siopa and take over from Shane to continue with stocktake.Stay in by the wall.Thanks for listeningRay,Bobby and

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