New One From JESSIE BUCKLEY And BERNARD BUTLER, The YEAH YEAH YEAHS Are Back, BOWIE, More Good Irish Releases And A Classic Rant From Ray!

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Hope all is well out there.

The music community lost more than one last week…Andrew “ fletch” Fletcher passed on also, another relatively young man at just 60 years of age…one of the founding members of one of the biggest bands on the planet DEPECHE MODE…the band play(ed) a huge part in popular culture…those of you of a certain age may remember their teenage years around Cork with two tribes…the Modeies or the  cureheads…its not like that anymore sher its not, pity really, but the world keeps changing…i really liked both bands, and both bands have stood the test of time, Fletch would not have got the plaudits obviously that Mr Gahan and Mr Gore receive ( or Mr Wilder when he was there) but something tells me he was the glue that kept the band together….40 years at the top of the game, some going..Yes drummer ALAN WHITE passed away also last thursday…rest in peace both.

Just on RSD DROP 2 coming up on Saturday the 18th JUNE..a few little problems with stock…THE HUMAN LEAGUE release is very very tight on stock as is the SANDIE SHAW release…so far they are the only ones i know that we have problems with but ill keep ye posted next week and the week after. Just got word this one is cancelled:
Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers – Super Freak


Right so releases for this Friday the 3rd of June include..


And for the 10th of June we have…

 KREATOR ,  LITTLE FEAT  , THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G  , ASIA  , RUFUS WAINWRIGHT , VANCE JOY , RICHARD ASHCROFT , ROLLING STONES – singles box 1963 to 1966 + licked live in NYC ROXY MUSIC  , NICK MULVEY , CHASE & STATUS , NENEH CHERRY , DOOBIE BROTHERS , BTS , MAX RICHTER , KISS  , ELTON JOHN , GEORGE EZRA  , WARDRUNA , DEPECHE MODE 12” singles boxset -“ Exciter”, KELLY LEE OWENS , SINEAD O BRIEN , the dream syndicate , SONIC YOUTH , Kula Shaker , Malcolm Middleton , THERAPY? – crooked timber , ANATHEMA , JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR , POKEY LAFARGE , BAD RELIGIONs “ process of belief” DAVID SYLVAIN “ sleepwalkers” cd, THE LIBERTINES “ what a waster” 7” and the NICK CAVE/WARREN ELLIS score “ la panthere des neiges” .

So the main week for this week is the 17th june..the day before RSD DROP 2…Warner have a nice few releases on the day…first up is, and more or less to the day since its arrival into the world 50 years ago, BOWIES ziggy stardust reissues on Parlophone…available on two formats, half speed remaster vinyl as well as a picture disc vinyl, Warner have the brand new album from FOALS “ life is yours” on CD, LP and an indies only white vinyl also…FOALS also reissuing “ antidotes” on splattered vinyl…here is “ wake me up” from the new record…bouncy tune

(327) FOALS – Wake Me Up [Official Music Video] – YouTube

BMG has SOULFLY – the soul remains insane -the studio albums as an 8 LP set or 5 CD set, Rhino have a CD remaster of the JONI MITCHELL stone wall classic “ blue”…just CD for now, hopefully the lp reissue will be later in the year, there is a reissue on red coloured vinyl of BRUNO MARS “ unorthodox jukebox” and there is a vinyl release of the newest BRAD MEHLDAU album “ jacobs ladder” on Nonesuch…here Brad and his friends do a fine job on the RUSH song “ tom sawyer” (brilliant album – Shane)

(327) Brad Mehldau – Tom Sawyer (Official Video) – YouTube

Last but not least from WARNER for the 17th June is the vinyl reissue of the CHRISTY MOORE collection…absolutely cracking tunes on this compilation, shortened from the 20 tracks on the CD to 15 to fit the LP…really good compilation.

Sorry i forgot to mention the SUGGS/WELLER 7” OOH DO U FINK U R on BMG…stock limited on this one so if interested mail back…only 3 or 4 left to sell….anyone for the last few choc ices there now.


A really nice one coming our way in the next week or two is the reissue by THE FRAMES of “ for the birds” on vinyl…a cracking good album, cracking. THE FRAMES stuff is hard to come by so delighted we will be getting some copies of this, a good few years ago Music On Vinyl had a reissue of Fitzcarraldo which we had stock of for a good while and Warner had a compilation “ longitude” a good while back now also. But nothing around on LP for ages so delighted this one is on the way. We will have about 20 copies and the price  I’m fairly sure is 25 euro…we dont have a link set up yet,   but if interested give us an aul email back and we will add your name to the list. Thanks very much to THE FRAMES people for being sound out in dealing with us!

Sony for the 17th June have the SUMMER OF SOUL vinyl releases, so there is a 2lp version as well as a limited coloured 1 lp version, Sony also have PRINCE “ the gold experience” cd reissue and lastly there is a new ALANIS MORISSETTE CD “ the other side of stillness” , i dont have a whole pile of info on this one but i think it is a meditation album.

Universal for the 17th of June have a nice few, starting us off via EMI is a record from JESSIE BUCKLEY & BERNARD BUTLER “ for all our days that tear our heart” …this sounds like a beautiful album from what i have heard, JESSIE seems to light up every room she goes into, everybody who works with her has nothing but great things to say including Mr Butler…Jessie a native of Killarney i think…here are the duo and friends on Jools

(330) Jessie Buckley & Bernard Butler – Footnotes on the Map (Later with Jools Holland) – YouTube

EMI also has QUEEN “ THE PLATINUM COLLECTION” LTD 6LP Coloured boxset…first time on vinyl for this…CD is around a long time….its the 3 greatest hits compilations Queen had…3 great compilations as well, i include the third one in that, some cracking tunes there also…this one is limited out and as i write this we only have one copy of it left to sell….ill ask the rep if there is a chance of a few more but for now just one to sell. 

Uni have a new CD by SIGMA “ hope” on 3 beat and there is a lovely bluenote lp reissue of “ blues walk” by LOU DONALDSON.  This Blue Note Classic Vinyl Edition is stereo, all-analog, mastered by Kevin Gray from the original master tapes, and pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal.

VERVE have the next in their acoustic sound series with BILL EVANS TRIO 65 release, Verve’s Acoustic Sounds Series features transfers from analog tapes and remastered 180-gram vinyl in deluxe gatefold packaging. Here is Israel from the album

(330) Israel – YouTube

Lastly Easy Eye Sounds have the new HANK WILLIAMS JR album “ rich white honky blues” on CD or LP.

The business here changed with Covid as a lot of businesses did im sure…we started selling a lot more online , well from where we were a lot more anyway, jan 2020 i think we were only sending about 10 orders a week…so it has improved a lot from there, but the amount of leakage involved is hard for a bricks and mortar traditionalist like mise to get used to…small shops businesses like ourselves would always traditionally have kept things tight, but the more online selling the more leaking money that goes on…and its a double edged sword so i am learning to park it for what it is…few examples…a lad in roscommon buys one record, we make 7 quid on it say, there’s a problem with it, it skips , creased , split whatever…lad wants a new one…this happens on shop floor , no cost involved…so doesn’t cost a thought…online though we have to get it back, costs us 6.50 to do that, we have to resend new copy , costs us 7.25 to do that ( courier and packaging) so our 7 quid profit is now 7 quid in the negative as well as time involved to sort it and we now have a record we need to try claim from the record company ( ball of work basically for a negative outcome, and the courier the only winner) …small example that but a regular enough one…overseas orders are hardly worthwhile…the courier will only insure 15 euro per kg outside of Ireland…sent a record to greece a few months ago…cost the shop 58 quid for the record, the courier lost it …got claim ( 14 weeks later) back of 15 euro!…negative of 43 quid…had a problem with a usa order, creased sleeves…gave him the records 5 of them for free in the end and we paid the postage also…negative of 130 quid…( getting them back and resending them would have cost more, so he got them free gratis, he could have know well what he was at, sher what can i do, park it, move on) had a problem with Stripe lately ( more detail in the future hopefully) cost the shop 300 quid, yep 300 quid…lot of records to be sold to get that back. This is not a poor me thing, im very aware that if we shut the website overnight our sales would fall 40 to maybe even 60% , we may struggle to survive…a lot of folk would use the site as a guide and buy in the shop so it is so necessary to have the site but it aint all wine and roses. When we started the site i think there was less than 1 in 4 Irish retailers online, when we got a revamp during covid it was still only at 30% …reason…its bloody a ball of work and for small shops to keep on top of it , you need to be constantly at it…we have a bit of a system now and it works okay but there is a lot of leakage involved, much more than when we were in store only, but flip side of the coin is that we have more sales also…the online game is skewed towards the big corporations because of whats involved…but if online you have to take the good with the not so good and park the leakage for what it is and try do your best with it ( 30 years of shop floor interactions with little leakage to 2 years of decent online trade with a lot of leakage, hard for an aul fella to adjust and park it) …right park this now i think, i know a few of ye enjoy when i do be giving out, hope you enjoyed that Lorraine!

Sidetrack city there sorry…THE ORCHARD for the 17th June sees the reissue of The Waterboys ‘An Appointment with Mr Yeats’, originally released in 2011. CD for now with Ltd. Green Vinyl to follow in December. They also have a 10th Anniversary Edition of Five Finger Death Punch ‘American Capitalist’ on Ltd. Gold Vinyl .

Proper for the 17th June have the new NICK CAVE release “ seven psalms” on lp only via bad seed ltd. Seven psalms or small sacred songs written during lockdown…here is a trailer for the release


THE ALARM reissue “ omega” on splattered vinyl, Ear music has ROBBEN FORD & PAUL PERSONNE “ lost in paris blues band” 

Lastly Wienerworld has RZA new album “ bobby digital vs RZA” on LP only

There is a new JOHN NEVILLE due for release on the 18th june also, we will hopefully have more info on that next week… last album is in stock in the shop now or here online also..

Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he runs through down the line stuff…

Sound, Ray!
Howdy everyone! Hope yere all well. A good few ‘coming soon’ ones today again, hope the wallets are surviving!

First up this week is an exciting irish release from KEELEY, ‘Drawn to the Flame’. It’s just on CD for now. 7 new tracks, coming out July 1st. Dream pop rocky sound. There was a bit of interest in the shop in their last EP. Here’s a track from that EP that they released around this time last year:

Next up is a big one, the YEAH YEAH YEAHS have just announced a brand new album called ‘Cool it Down’. Their first in nearly 10 years I think. We will have two colour variants, yellow and splatter, both are limited. Good band, Karen O is a great frontwoman.

Also coming soon, the BEASTIE BOYS are releasing a 4 LP expanded box set of ‘Check Your Head’ halfway through July, JAMES BAY is putting out a new album and there will be a deluxe coloured reissue by THE WALKMEN of ‘You and Me’.

Mr. PAUL WELLER is reissuing his album ’22 dreams’, also in July. I don’t know the album to be honest, must chat to Adam about it, I’m sure he’ll fill me in, he’s a Weller-head.

BETH ORTON has a brand new one coming in September ‘Weather Alive’, we will have a few formats of it.

And finally, there are reissues by ECHO AND THE BUNNYMENSUEDE and another one of Adam’s favs OCEAN COLOUR SCENE.
Oh and a compilation of 80s DANCE CLASSICS which has a good tracklist.

Here’s the lads’ latest video from Youtube.

I think that’s everything from me this week.

Back to you Ray, so, cheers!


Thanks Shane!!

Right so Integral for the 17th June have the release of THE SMILE album from the Radiohead boys and the SONS OF KEMET boy…sneaky listening to it a bit…sounds really good…here is “ free in the knowledge” from the record

(330) The Smile – Free in the Knowledge – YouTube

Integral also for the 17th June have reissues from BLOCKHEAD, CABARET VOLTAIRE and PERFUME GENIUS as well as new albums from LYKKE LI and BANGS & TALBOT.

Integral then for the 24th june has the KING GIZZARD DELUXE Vinyl reissues off “ im in your mind :audiophile edition”, paper mache dream ballon : instrumentals edition” and “ quarters : audiophile edition” via Heavenly, these have been out of print for a while now .

MARTIN Courtney ( no relation of Tom) singer from Real estate , ( Martin, not Tom…unless Tom played the drums for a while) releases his second solo album on Domino “ magic sign” …indies only vinyl available with this one…MY BLOODY VALENTINE reissue debut lp  “ isnt anything” on Domino …includes art prints and download code and is a fully analogue release.

There is a new POLICA album out on the 24th june also and check out this one folks…an album called “ living isnt easy” from the ROBOCOBRA QUARTET , a collective from the north of our isle…here is a track called “ wellness” …man i like this…groovy clever song…

ALBUM out on the 24th june via first taste records..there is an indies only version available…i really like this…second listen

Hi all!! Adam here making my DAYBOO on the newsletter! We received our shipment of the God Save The Queen 7” today (Don’t get too excited, they’re sold out). The single was released in 1977 and is getting a reissue, we got ten copies with numbers 1956 and 1970-1979… Those of you good at maths will notice thats 11… We were left out number 1977, someone obviously snatched it at the shipping plant when they saw it, fairly annoyed here doing the stock but we’ll struggle on. Anyhoo thats my little bit…

Anyways, sin e for this week folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and Young Adam