New Project Between RADIOHEAD And SONS OF KEMET Members, ‘The Smile’, 3 More Sleeps Til RSD, New WARPAINT And An Exciting Album Launch In-Store!

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well.

Record shop day week ( this Saturday the 23rd of April) this week, so lots going on.

Shop will be open at 8 AM on Saturday…plenty of records here now for it!. Plenty!

Music starts at 1 PM with THE BURMA, hot off their number 6 slot in the Irish singles chart.

Lewis Barfoot is on at 2pm, RUA RI is 3 PM and John Neville is 4 PM.

Good few spots on the day, few beers etc hanging about the place, nice atmosphere around the siopa hopefully on the day, a celebration of record shops…really hope ye folks can pop in on the day. Please make sure to ask on the day if you are chasing a record and we will help, RSD goes online then on Sunday the 24th of April at 7 pm. That’s it for now, hope to see ye Saturday.

Busy weekend ahead also with non-RSD releases, i suppose the record companies know there is a lot of footfall in the shops so stack up the releases…last week to enter our fab FONTAINES DC competition, new record out this Friday, really looking forward to it.

Other releases out this Friday the 22nd April include…


Releases for the 29th April include …

Right so onto releases for friday the 6th of May ( just got more news re RSD….Ireland got no stock of THE STREETS title for rsd, so really sorry about that, out of our hands, sorry…also the RAMONES title is moved to drop 2 on 18TH June….the SIMPLE MINDS release for RSD has run into a problem….we were badly cut and only got 5 copies of it….8 lads had wishlisted it so early birds will get them folks….out of my control, simple minds fans set yer alarms….ohh the pressure …how many in front of me in the queue? How many simple minds heads in front of me in the queue?? Ohh the pressure, i’m not being flippant here…nervous for us as well, we want folks to be happy but lots of uncontrollables….hopefully the shutter will open, the credit card machine doesn’t crash!  That does happen a few times a year for 15/20 mins…hopefully not sat at 8.25!!)…the who its hard is now also drop 2!)

Repeat,,,right so onto the 6th May, Warner have the 3 Neil Young live reissues on CD and LP ON REPRISE Citizen Kane Jr. Blues 1974 (The Bottom Line), Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 1971, Royce Hall 1971 all on CD and LP, the new SOFT CELL album “ happiness not included” lands on the 6th May also on BMG, brand new album from HALESTORM “ BACK FROM THE DEAD” also that day via ATLANTIC on cd, lp and indies only LP. CHRYSALIS have a reissue of GO WESTs debut album on LP or as a CD boxset , there is a new KYLIE “ infinite disco” LP on BMG…a live album from during lockdowns and there is a new DONNY OSMOND vinyl.

Universal for the 6th of May have via Island the new SIGRID album “ how to let go” on cd, lp or indies only galaxy pink.


Uni also have the brand new WARPAINT album “ radiate like this” on Virgin/Heirloom records….its the bands first album in 6 years and is available on CD, LP or INDIES YELLOW LP…here is “ champion” from the new record…lush

(275) Warpaint – Champion (Official Video) – YouTube

UMC have two half speed masters by THE WHO with “ my generation” and “ a quick one” .

UMC also reissue two DEF LEPPARD albums on vinyl…smash hit “ pyromania” as well as compilation album “ retro – active” 

A nice one on UMC also for the 6th May with the vinyl reissue of EDDIE VEDDERs “ ukulele songs “…here is “ sleeping by myself” from the record…atdaboyEddie

(275) Eddie Vedder – Sleeping By Myself – YouTube

Lastly universal have two more on the Bluenote tome poet series with GERARD WILSONs “ moment of truth” and FREDDIE HUBBARDs “ breaking point”.

Fontaines DC album sounds great, had a few sneaky listens this past week…magic, it will be massive.

Sony for the 6th May have the brand new ARCADE FIRE album “ we” on deluxe cd, std lp or indies only white LP, here is “the lightning 1 & 2” from the new album

(275) Arcade Fire – The Lightning I, II (Official Video) – YouTube

Sony has a brand new ALEXIS FFRENCH album “ truth” and JAPANESE BREAKFAST “ SABLE” video game OST.

Proper have a new KATE RUSBY on cd only for now, deluxe or std.

THE ORCHARD for the 6th MAY have the JESUS AND MARY CHAIN “ damage and joy” reissued on ultra clear vinyl….THE WATERBOYS new album “ all souls hill” was due on the 6th of May ( but i think it is delayed and pushed back now to later in the year, the rep still needs numbers this week) it is available on CD and LP…here is the title track from the new album

(275) The Waterboys – All Souls Hill (Official Video) – YouTube

Needle mythology reissue ALT,  “ altitude” the collaborative 1995 album by Liam Ó Maonlaí (Hothouse Flowers), Andy White and Tim Finn (Split Enz/Finn/Crowded House). It is on CD and LP.

Here is Tim Finn unboxing the record…

(275) Tim Finn unboxing ALT’s ‘Altitude’ reissue – YouTube

RYAN SHERIDAN has a new album on Rubyworks for the 6th May called “ americana” on CD and LP.

Last one and the most important one for us from THE ORCHARD via the Beverly Martel label in Los Angeles is the debut album from Ireland and Leesides very own ROWAN. Here is a bit more about the 3 piece…Debut album from Irish rock band ROWAN. Born in Cork, Ireland out of the early pandemic last year, when the three accomplished musicians were forced into a hiatus from session work, Rowan are fast becoming one of the most exciting new Irish acts around. Signed to Beverly Martel with last year’s EP ‘Everybody Talks’ their first imprint with the LA label. Instant earworms such as ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change’ and ‘One Of These Days’ put the band on the map in Ireland and beyond. Playing at the Prestigious Other voices festival in Ireland and getting play and support from tastemakers like Steve Lamacq and Lauren Laverne at 6 Music as well as Ed Smith and Jessica. Fast forward to 2022, the stage is well and truly set for Rowan, who teamed up with producer Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam, James) for their superb debut album Does It Make You Happy?.

Really looking forward to this release here in the shop, the lads have played in various bands in the siopa down through the years ( and in various bands in Cork through the last few years) and its great to see them get a record deal and a bit of push behind them, hope this record will do really well for them and push them further up the ladder. I saw them live before Christmas and was really impressed with them, i had seen them in different bands before but never as ROWAN and it was a treat.

Here is “ everybody talks “ from the new record..cracking tune

(275) Rowan // Everybody Talks (Official Video) – YouTube

Album will be available on vinyl and i think CD could be coming soon also…LP is the 6th May folks for sure.

Great news great news….ROWAN will launch the album in the siopa with us on Saturday the 7th of May at 2pm…i hope ye can come out and support the band, this should be a great instore folks, delighted to be involved we are. The band will play songs from the record on the day and sign copies of their debut album….more great news there will be cd copies here also now for the 6th May. reserve a copy by emailing us or purchase from the website also….more in the next few weeks.

Going to hand ye over to Shane now as he takes ye through nice announcements made in the last week…RADIOHEAD fans hold onto yer hats is all i say ( maybe not yer wallets like!) 

Cheers Ray!
How’s it going everyone? Hope all is good with ye.
Yeah, Ray’s right, first up is a very interesting release coming on June 17th, two of the RADIOHEAD boys JONNY GREENWOOD and THOM YORKE team up with drummer TOM SKINNER of SONS OF KEMET. They’re calling the group THE SMILE.
Jonny has created some absolutely brilliant music over the last decade or so for films. Went to see the movie SPENCER a few months back and his music in it was class. And of course, Thom is great too.
Also, the modern jazz/afro-beat band SONS OF KEMET are class as well, so this should be good. 
Here’s a track from it, not what I expected:
The yellow vinyl is limited so be quick if interested.

Secondly, WILCO are releasing a load of formats of the 20th Anniversary deluxe edition of their excellent album ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’. There will be a Super Deluxe 11 LP set with loads of extras, an indies coloured vinyl, CD box set and more. That’s due out in September.

Andy Bell’s RIDE are reissuing their early albums and EPs on coloured vinyl.

Also down the line, an ORBITAL  4 LP box set, a brand new one by HOT CHIP — limited quantities of the indies coloured vinyl of that!–  DRIVE BY TRUCKERS and new LIZZO.

Think that’s all from me this week. Hope to see ye for a bit on Saturday!

Thanks Shane!

Integral for the 6th of May have three nice new studio albums  from BELLE & SEBASTIANROLLING BLACKOUT COASTAL FEVER  and SHARON VAN ETTEN…3 nice ones!

Integral then for the 13th of May have a real interesting one with the debut release from GENTLE SINNERS ( a project from James Graham of THE TWILIGHT SAD and Aidan Moffet of ARAB STRAP) it is coming out via Rock Action records and the cd is out on the 13th of May but LP FORMATS aint out till the 26th September…it will be available to indie retailers as an indies red vinyl with bonus 7” and DL code…here is a tune from the magical duo..” killing this time”

(275) Gentle Sinners – Killing This Time – YouTube

Integral also has the KEVIN MORBY “ this is a photograph” on dead oceans…available as a gold nugget indies coloured vinyl…here is an interesting human side to the record…

The story begins with Kevin Morby absentmindedly flipping through a

box of old family photos in the basement of his childhood home in

Kansas City. Just hours before, at a family dinner, his father had

collapsed in front of him and had to be rushed to the hospital. That night

Morby still felt the shock and fear lodged in his bones. So he gazed at

the images until one of the pictures jumped out at him: his father as a

young man, proud and strong and filled with confidence, posing on a

lawn with his shirt off.  This was in January of 2020. As the months went on and the world

dramatically changed around him, Morby felt an eerie similarity between

his feelings of that night and the atmosphere of those spring days. Fear,

anxiety, hope and resilience all churning together. The themes began

twisting in his mind. History, trauma and the grand fight against time.

Having the courage to dream, even while knowing the tragedy that often

awaits those who dare to dream.  While his father regained his strength, Morby meditated on these ideas.

And then, he headed to Memphis. He moved into the Peabody Hotel and

spent his days paying tribute and genuflecting to the dreamers he

admired. In the evening, he would return to his room and document his

ideas on a makeshift recording set-up, with just his guitar and a

microphone. The songs, elegiac in nature, befitting all he had seen,

poured out of him.  

Here is the title track…more resonance after you read above it doesnt it

(275) Kevin Morby – This is a Photograph (Official Video) – YouTube

Right so Sin e for this week really

Hope to see ye Saturday, when all is said and done it is an important day for us…we are a community siopa really, not 2 a penny those anymore in the world we live in, i was chatting to a wife of  a  good friend of mine and customer in the shop and she was saying shops don’t “ keep things” anymore , that that is a thing of the past, i hadn’t thought about it really but tis true i suppose , we have a fine record shop behind us  “ kept” for lads not to mind what’s on the shop floor to buy…but sure we are a business also, have to pay the bills ( someone has to pay for the wax ( for the yacht) )) but pride ourselves much more on the former if truth be told…i always tell myself enjoy the day Ray, but can be hard to relax as a lot going on and you want everyone to be happy and relaxed also….impossible really, but sher lets do our best…hope to see ye on the day…spots, beers, live music, loads of records and a few laughs hopefully.

Sin e

Thanks for listening

Ray, Shane and young(ish) Adam