New Releases From John Grant and Kurt Vile, Bowie Bowie Bowie, and Offerings From Satan (or Santa).. 

Hi everyone,
Hope all is good..

Releases will start coming thick and fast for the next 6 or 7 newsletters… Btw the banks are more flexible with skipping a mortgage repayment these days I believe… Just saying is all.

Right so releases in the siopa today include new albums by TWENTY ONE PILOTS… (Pilots wristband with each purchase exclusive to ourselves if you or any of yours are interested), CAT POWER, HILARY HAHN,  PHOSPHORESCENT, JOHN SMITH (in store next Thursday @ 5PM… Please drop in if you can at all and are interested.. Please… I remember the PAT DAM SMYTH instore with me, Bobby and Vince… And Pat of course… And the centre was dead at the time as well… Audience of 3 for the whole thing… That’s cringey like. We all bought the record and the shop bought a copy as well… JOHN  SMITH is quality.. I hope a few of ye manage to get in…. Tune from the man here..)

And finally on new releases, we have the new BEHEMOTH on indies only blue vinyl.
Reissues today from JOHN LENNON BOX-SET or Vinyl of ‘Imagine’, BLOC PARTY, BUSH, TRICKY and DJ SHADOW.

Video up here again.. Subscribe and give it a thumbs up for us! Bob man is back on it this week

Right so moving on to next friday the 12th of OCTOBER… The next instalment of the BOWIE box-sets is out… LOVING THE ALIEN… Pre-Order T-Shirt and price offer/cap still on… 225EUR and let us know your tee size as well.. Payment installments cool also…. Those kind folk who pre=ordered already have their tees in the bag, and speaking of bags, we will also have some tote bags… So those will be given out on a first in first out basis on Friday…. I think thats the fairest…. So some  will get both tee and bag and maybe even a bowie poster… 3 items!! 2 for most… Tee and poster… Boo hoo I hear some of ye non Bowie enthusiasts say… Bowie Bowie Bowie…. Boo fecking hoo.

Warner also have the new and second JESS GLYNNE album “Always in Between” on CD, Deluxe CD and L*****d 140 gram Blue Vinyl, a new solo album by TOM MORELLO, a live album by KADAVAR, some bespoke and l*****d HARRY POTTER O.S.T Picture Discs on vinyl, and a 60th Anniversary  7” single of CLIFF RICHARD’s first single from 1958… Replica cover, ltd and numbered.

WARNER also have vinyl reissues from ALICE COOPER ‘Best Of’, CHRIS REA ‘Very Best Of’, ENYA all her catalogue basically, and FLEETWOOD MAC ‘Say You Will’ and ‘The Dance’.

Universal for the 12th of October have a (sorry now for mentioning) Christmas album by ERIC CLAPTON called “Happy Xmas” , a new album by ELVIS COSTELLO & THE IMPOSTERS called “Look Now” on CD and LP and also Deluxe 2CD and Deluxe 2LP… Getting well reviewed this Costello record is.

Uni also have a lovely 4CD box set of THE COCTEAU TWINS “The Fontana Years”. This 4-CD set brings together the two albums the band recorded for Fontana along with B-Sides, EP’s, Radio One sessions and the odd rarity. The set was mastered at Abbey Road from the original tapes and approved by Robin Guthrie. Housed in a study box designed by James Issacs – the booklet contains photos a discography from the era as well as a sleeve note by noted author Chris Roberts.

Synthesis Live is a new Live visual by EVANESCENCE on DVD and BLURAY, new album also out by ATREYU, as well as LP reissues by RED HOUSE PAINTERS “Songs For A Blue Guitar”,  AMY WINEHOUSE “Back To Black” on the Abbey Road half speed master, THE WHO “Live At Leeds” Abbey Road half speed master again, and while we are at it.. SO THIS IS A CHRISTMAS a Double LP of festive favourites… Look may as well get it over and done… MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

Whilst tonight’s theme has turned so festive on us… We might as well keep going with it and discuss Christmas presents to yer good selves.. Sure ye deserve it….(I know i’m all always banging on about names for this and names for that… Ye kind folks are my barometer to be honest and especially at this time of the year I need to get in forecasts and orders and stuff… Hence the caps in hands type requests.. A lot of it is temperature taking… And when its hot, its hot and when its not its not..) And this cap been passed around is for one of the greatest albums the world has ever seen I.M.O… So how many of ye are going to treat ye’rselves and the good house MUSICZONE.IE to the deluxe reissue of THE BEATLES “WHITE ALBUM” ??… Formats are 3CD : best price 23EUR, 2LP : best price 44EUR, 4LP : best price 93EUR, and 4CD/2 BluRay Boxset : best price 135EUR.. We will as always gladly take ye’r orders and ye’r wives/ husbands money for your christmas present… An easy fix from SATAN.. Sorry SANTA I meant.

Just on pricing… If i am off the mark on something… Please let me know…. I can’t check everything.. I do try secure best prices for me and hence for ye…

Here’s more info on the release..

3 CD

·         Expanded 3CD package features the new stereo album mix on 2CDs and adds a third CD of the ‘Esher Demos’

2 LP 

180-gram 2LP vinyl set featuring the new stereo album mix

·         Packaging faithful to the original album

4 LP  

·         180-gram 4LP vinyl set housed in a 2 piece lift off lid box with 16 page 12”x12” stapled book

·         2 x 2LP in gatefold sleeves

·         LP1 + LP2 (gatefold): New ‘The Beatles’ stereo album mix

·         LP3 + LP4 (gatefold): Esher demos

·         Limited

Box set

·         CD1 + CD2: New ‘The Beatles’ stereo album mix

·         CD3: Esher demos

·         CD4 + CD5 + CD6: Outtakes – 2 hours and 45 minutes of music and studio chat of alternate takes of nearly every song from the album

·         DISC 7 (Blu-ray): 5.1 surround of whole album / hi-res stereo mix of album / hi-res mono mix of album (it is quite different in key places so the fans will want this) / various other tracks that don’t fit easily into the above CD’s

·         Limited

One more quick one tonight… PLANXTY “Best Of” on  vinyl .. Not much more info… 27EUR retail.. Single LP as far as I know… Out late November… I need to forecast for the whole christmas.. Iinterest out there  folks??… My guess is yes…

Thanks for those… More caps next week for stuff from Satan sorry Santa.

PIAS for the 12th have a nice few releases including JOHN GRANT’s new record “Love is Magic” on CD, DLP or deluxe indies only DLP… Clear vinyl gatefold, 16 page lyric booklet, 24 page photo booklet, all via bella union.
New KURT VILE record also out on the 12th of OCT  called “Bottle It In” on CD or indies only double blue vinyl.

New CDs and LPs also out by DONNY MCCASLIN (I used the Blackstar gag once to often as it was, and also I don’t want any nice fella pulling out of a Bowie box-set on me) who is in the everyman over the jazz weekend… And JIM JAMES has another new album, “Uniform Clarity”…. Companion album to “Uniform Distortion”, and lastly new album out from Pias for the 12th would be the new JOHN HIATT “The Eclipse Sessions” on indies only metallic silver and white split splatter vinyl (i’ll be on with Dermot Bannon next)..

Last couple from Pias for the 12th of Oct are A CERTAIN RATIO “Best Of” on 2LP or CD and also a reissue of “I am Kurious Oranj”… 30th Anniversary of 11th album by THE FALL on indies only, yep you guessed it,.. Purple vinyl…

PROPER for the 12th of Oct has some LAURA VEIRS reissues on LP or CD.

MUSIC ON VINYL for the 12th of Oct have the reissue of MUDHONEYs “Tomorrow Hit Today” on LP.

The Orchard have the new COLTER WALL album “Songs Of The Plain” on CD and LP.

SONY for the 12th have PRIMAL SCREAM “Give Out But Don’t You Give Up : The Original Memphis Recordings” on CD or LP… Same songs kind of but a different record from the one you know.

Reissues on LP by SYSTEM OF A DOWN including “Toxicity” and the debut album by GLASVEGAS.

THE FALL album above is on orange vinyl… I found it amusing…. You write a 1200 or 1300 word yoke every week… Or one finger type it, even worse, and try and stay amused… Ala Joe Pesci..

Nice little link here came my way today… Thank you Joseph…  The Bonovox of U2 had a few nice words for one of our own… Have a watch here..[0]=68.ARCEKluMQ2rb1XOyb9Y8nSPDnomPbYfAkzf6fhkkRz8JGcI8vZ9FUNKLQGIVBKpPdzGg9iR49zm9B4couuDhnUOjEtG4GFYbmj06ZMp1VGrB14DyQFfhQ5IqK4nL1hYFmFArvD1hMb56R18dXjwsJji2APefi2M-aB6TuxlAsMcc5mTviEHaPg&__tn__=FC-R

JOE is one of our own….I know a few who know him and his wife, and they all say they are as down to earth as they come… Sound as a pound… I think it’s a Cork thing, we don’t get ahead of ourselves… Ahead of yourself in Cork and you would be know as a langer, and get a phunt up the hole … On the flipside, when we are good at something we have no problem telling everyone… Without getting ahead of ourselves… A CORKISM if ever I know.. Anyway good on ya Joe Boy…. It only took Bono 40 years to mention ya like… (Tongues in cheeks)

I was supposed to go way for the weekend with 5 lifelong friends but thats gone on the backburner for now… But there’s a flipside because one of my favourite Cork bands are playing in the Siopa tomorrow SAT @ 1PM… THE BURMA are back with some new cracking tunes… These boys are great, and also sound as a pound… Try get in to us if you are around… Tomorrow at 1!

Ok folks… Lots of words so
Sin e for this week.
Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt

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