No Beef with iTunes, Raconteurs Return, the Original Sinnerboy and Last Chance for Mick Tix

Hi Everyone,


Hope all is well out there in record land…got a bit of a reaction to the iTunes thingy last week…sure i know, i know…the tongue do be fairly firmly stuck in the auld cheek a lot writing this…sure it is only a rejig in Apple, but give me and my sling shot a moment in the sun like!!


Point of note here also…the DIVINE COMEDY album is excellent i.m.o….so varied musically and so so clever and witty and albeit sarcastic lyrically…top class i.m.o.


Right so releases today in the all conquering corporation include the new MURDER CAPITAL 12” (excellent, excellent tune), JOY DIVISION’s limited 40th Anniversary edition of ‘Unknown Pleasures’ on rebel red vinyl, new MADONNA also, ABBA 7” reissues, REM Best Of, new BASTILLE, new KATE TEMPEST, ‘Tommy’ classical by ROGER DALTREY, new BILL CALLAHAN, NOEL GALLAGHER 12”, new CALEXICO and IRON + WINE collaboration album. So that’s the bulk of it really…oh yeah…some guy from New Jersey has a new record out today also called ‘Western Stars’…could be worth a listen…his name is BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN…remember now lads ye want records for Father’s day isn’t it…records or record vouchers…eh hem blatant raymond, downright blatant…

Right so onto releases for the 21st of June and let’s start with Play It Again Sam as they have a couple of nice ones…first up and quick off the draw here folks…I might be like the boy who cries wolf sometimes but this time…THE RACONTEURS are back – JACK WHITE, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, their 3rd studio album on Third Man Records, first in over a decade…here’s the quick draw McGraw bit (very very few) available to indie retailers on white vinyl with an alternative cover and hand, screen printed LP jacket…we were cut cut cut…we will disappoint more than give a smile to…pistol ready folks…oh the standard black is easy peasy if you want one of them.


PIAS also have the new HOT CHIP album for the 21st of June, their 7th in total, 3rd on Domino, CD, LP or indies only LP…cassette as well actually.

New album from BLACK MIDI also…buzz building on these, BUDDY and JULIE MILLER new album ‘Breakdown on 20th Avenue South’ on CD, LP or indies LP.


Lastly from PIAS for the 21st of June but not least is the new TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB on CD or coloured vinyl.


SONY for the 21st of June…(oh that Aldous Harding album is a fine listen also…come out a few months back) have a new album by MARK RONSON ‘Late Night Feelings’ on CD, LP or indies only LP…lots of good guests on this one.

WILLIE NELSON has a new album also ‘Ride Me Back Home’ on CD or LP and there is a vinyl repress of AEROSMITH ‘Greatest Hits’.


The Orchard for the 21st of June has a new album by WILL YOUNG.


Proper for the 21st of June have the new JIM LAUDERDALE album.


Repubic of Music for the 21st of June have some nice exclusives LP with tote bags for around 27 quid…so they have BOB MARLEY ‘Sun is Shining’ LP (with a Bob tote bag)…ELVIS ‘Jailhouse Rock’ with Elvis tote and NINA SIMONE ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ with NINA tote.


FIRST CUSTOMER last monday morning seemed like an interesting dude…happy chap, lots of hair (ala Bobby’s league), bought the RORY GALLAGHER ‘Blues’ 3 CD compilation from me…so I strikes up the aul conversation as record shop people do like..SINNER BOY were in the South County last night…’Aye’ was the reply ‘I play bass with ‘em’…i felt like a character from Shrek…the one with the hoover!! I was the ‘sinner boy’!! Never saw them before…Bobby told me they were excellent but I’ve never seen them…Donkey! Our man, the bassist was sound…had a good chat…he was delighted he got his ‘Rory’ in Cork…said it three times ‘Aye, got me Rory in Cork, delighted ‘Got me Rory in Cork’…pity he met a donkey along the way.

Warner for the 21st of June have a new PRINCE release called ‘Originals’’, a live WU-TANG CLAN album on CD+LP called ‘Disciples of the 36 Chambers: Chapter 1’…there is a nice indies-only coloured vinyl on this one actually as well.


Warner also have nice vinyl reissues by DAVID GUETTA, L7 ‘Best Of the Slash Years’ limited and numbered, GILBERT O SULLIVAN ‘Back to front’ reissued on vinyl for the first time since its release. Warner for the 21st of June also have some CHIC hallf-speed LP remasters of ‘C’est chic’ ‘Chic’ and ‘Risque’. They have a numbered and limited reissue of CHER’s ‘3614 Jackson Highway’ 180g coloured gatefold tip on sleeve…


Lastly, Warner have a new CLIFF MARTINEZ Soundtrack ‘Too Old to Die Young’ on 2CD OR 2LP.


Uni for the 21st of June hae The ROLLING STONES ‘Bridges to Bremen’ via Eagle Rock on DVD, Blu Ray, DVD + 2CD, Blu Ray + 2CD or 3LP.

Universal also have the TRAVIS 20th Anniversary of ‘The Man Who’ reissue on CD, LP or boxset as well as DEF LEPPARD CD box set Volume 2 7 CD set or Vinyl box set Volume 2 10 LPs.


Lastly from Uni for the 21st of June is the CARPENTERS with the RPO on vinyl release.

Few spots left for the MICK FLANNERY show in Coughlans on Friday the 5th of July…buy the album here to get in…


Sin é for this week folks, sorry for lack of videos…back next week.

Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt,


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