Ryan Adams Results, Deluxe Feshties and More Limited Editions from the Smiling Assassin

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is good with ye…

Nice few bits hit the shop floor today with us including the debut from RAG N BONE MAN…a slide on steptoe and son i think….the beautiful BOWIE sound and vision picture disc…nearly exactly 40 years to the day…originally released on the 11th of Feb 1977…one of my own favourite Bowie tracks …the reissue of the three studio albums also out, station to station, young americans and diamond dogs as well as the live albums from the mid 70s….the studio albums are 18 euro each…we all crib about pricing but in this instance we can’t really crib…tough for us i know…..not cribbing that is….some of us anyway…like how one cannot get car insurance for one’s 98 fiieeesstiiiii deluxe….what’s that about like….one may be forced into selling one’s prized yacht….or……hats, scarves or headbands…anyone for the last few Harrison boxsets…hats, scarves or headbands….last few choc ices…

Also out today are some more PRINCE 12” singles, some more DEPECHE MODE reissues and some REPLACEMENTS reissues on LP.


Moving on to releases for next Friday the 17th of Feb...the big one really is the new RYAN ADAMS album…prisoner…the preorder price is still in place if anyone is interested….gonna do the draw for the five red ones tomorrow…which is today now….i one finger type this on a thursdaynight and my IT department tidy it up on a friday ( Bobby most weeks but Shane this week as the Bob man is away in London town for a well earned weeks holidays…) so the five names for the red vinyl are Billy Coleman, Paul customer, Matthew Cullen, Joe Flynn and Dave O Conner….there was some very good customers names not pulled out of the hat….it was a fair draw picked by an 8 year old girl and her mam in the shop at 17.20…so sorry… Flor, Frank, BOD, Keith O D, Eddie O D, Donal B, Peter L, Brendan M and Kieran  O Reilly….it was a fair draw lads….i hope i will get 5 red ones now!!



Universal have a new album by AMY MACDONALD out next week also called under stars, a new album from KID CUDI  his 6th, the Danny Elfman score to the Tim Bruton classic “ a nightmare before christmas” on 2LP , THE BRITS 2017 3 CD set and some STEVE WINWOOD LP reissues including “ arc of a diver” and “ talking back to the night” .

Lastly from UMG for next week are some really limited PETE TOWNSEND reissues…his album with Ronnie Lane bassist of THE SMALL FACES on 180g red vinyl…500 only i think UK and Eire…as is his solo album “ who came first” ….a quiet listen…. on white vinyl this one…same numbers.



Sony have a reissue of IGGY AND THE STOOGES “ raw power” on LP for next week.


Music on Vinyl have a repress of Total Madness by MADNESS,  a greatest hits as ye know….first 1000 pressed are on red vinyl…i hope to have some.


Seen as im on a roll with the limited, numbered coloured stuff Shellshock have THE BEATLES live on air 1963 on coloured or picture disc…2,000 pressed of each….THE BEATLES outtakes LP from 1963 on coloured vinyl and THE WHO “ radio sessions” on coloured or picture disc ….again limited to 2000 world wide.

The smiling assassin is back with avengence!

Did i mention the Harrison box is limited to 1000….ouch….only saying like….!!

I’m here to give info…thats all im doing…well not all im doing…a few smiles thrown in.



Warner for the 17th have some PANIC AT THE DISCO LP reissues including “ pretty odd” and “ a fever you can’t sweat out” as well as THE DAMNED reissue of “ damned, damned, damned


PIAS have a new album by BING & RUTH…..instrumental , beautiful stuff altogether…composer/pianist David Moore…piano, bass, woodwinds….have a little taste here if you think its your cup of cha


…indies only clear vinyl…i could sit in a dark room on my own no problem and listen to this….happy out….i am someway even minded i think

PIAS also have the physical release of the LONDON O CONNOR album “ circle/triangle” after its soundcloud success.

PIAS also have a new JENS LEKMAN album, reissue on Domino of MAGNETIC FIELDS “ the wayward bus” with its predecessor “ distant plastic trees” as a 2 in 1 purchase…..the tour edition of the new ANTHRAX album “ for all the kings”  is out on CD and a six by seven reissue of the closer you get.



Cargo have some Gary Numan live CD reissues.


Republic of Music have the ANGELO BADALAMENTI “ twin peaks – fire walk with me” on 2LP cherry red vinyl…its 55 euro so i didn’t buy it …i to have to draw a line also at times…if i think its too dear, not good enough value…i wont buy it…if anyone is interested, let me know….Bowie young americans record 18 euro…death waltz soundtrack 55 euro….


RED/ESSENTIAL have the new SON VOLT called “ notes of blue” …if you like our americana.



PROPER have the RAY DAVIES DVD “ return to waterloo” in which Davies wrote, directed and composed the movie…the dialogue is told through lyrics and music….pharrell for the upbeat parts and williams in a schindlers mood for the downbeat bits

Proper also have the new DEADMAU5 LP…


On the local scene we have a couple of lovely live instores coming up….

We hope to do more and more instores as the year progresses to hopefully nearly land at one a week….i know we have been slow to get on the bike this year with them…but we are off and running with two beauts…( we really do appreciate people showing up to support the artist ….really really appreciate it…take a chance on some of these…. the quality is there if you give it a chance….anyway speech over…)

Two beauts to start with…

JOE CHESTER first up on Friday the 3rd of March at 4 pm

Here’s a little bit about Joe if he is new to you…http://www.joechester.com/


Followed by AUGUST WELLS on Saturday the 4th of March at 1 pm

Two quality instores…i hope ye might consider timing your visit to us with the instore…consider is all we ask…


Sin e for this week folks..

Its been a good week…much loved additions and surviving deluxe fieesstiiieeesss

Thanks for listening,


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