Sign ‘O The Times Is With Us, National Album Day Special Releases, and The Divine Comedy’s Massive New Boxset

Hey everyone,Hope ye are staying safe and well and that the form is good.RSD Drop 2 Week and I don’t have any major news on it… Some of my/our orders have not left the UK which is a little concerning but I am promised I will have them for  Friday…. Hopefully so… Warner / Proper / Music On Vinyl / Orchard / SRD/ Shellshock all with me… Uni and Sony leaving the UK today… ROGER WATERS this drop now and BOB MOULD moved to October 24th drop. As far as cuts… I got cut back on the Stones single and the Paul Mccartney self titled release… Other than that I think i’m alright… But sure ’tis a bit of a minefield this year anyway so i’m sur you will understand if the machine creaks.I plan to open at nine on Saturday morning and I’d ask ye folks to take the shop guidelines seriously please… There are probably more cases in Cork in the last week than there has been in the last 3 months…  So its out there, so let’s be careful and look after one another.2 metres 2 metres 2 metres.Apart from the lovely RSD DROP 2 releases for this Saturday, we have quite a few releases in the shop Friday the 25th also.The various formats of the PRINCE “Sign O’ The Times” boxset have landed in…

What an album… I saw him in Pairc Ui Chaoimh in 1990… I was only a young fella (16) and I suppose  I felt the crowd and the great man just never gelled that night… As I said I was only a young fella so my memories could be way off the musical mark but no great rapport was struck up… I do recall some long guitar solos… I recall some brilliant moments… I recall being embarrassed when parts of the crowd started chanting OLE OLE OLE (it was the height of ITALIA 90).. I still get embarrassed to this day if a crowd is disrespectful or overly apathetic to a band or artist… I’m proud Cork (aren’t all ye fuckers down there.. I hear ye cry) but if a travelling band comes to town and isn’t shown respect (mainly the chat brigade) then it embarrasses me… Rooted back to that night in 1990 I wonder… ‘Cos those that chanted, I know well intentioned for a bit of craic like, we’re an embarrassment. 
I saw MJ in 1988 on the same field and that was simply AMAZING… Well had no money for a ticket for Jackson but went down da Pairc to soak up the atmosphere and hear the gig…. Mad really when I think back on it.. Could go right outside the stadium without a ticket… Right outside… Hear the gig as plain as day…. Amazing sound… 30 minutes left in the gig and the stewards are opening the big gates to let folk leave… In we slipped as you do… Incredible is the only word I can find to describe that 30 minutes, he was so so good, the sound was so so good… I’ll never forget it…. Man in the Mirror… So powerful.. A song for the ages…. Back down the Pairc the following night… Radio repeat of the night before… Got in a bit earlier in fact… Mad isn’t it, you wouldn’t get in a asses roar nowadays don’t mind seeing nearly half the show… Happy days.Anyway, the Prince S.O.T.T. reissues are with us.LOU REED ‘New York’ boxset is also in with us… DEFTONES new albumIDLES new albumGUNS N ROSES Greatest Hits vinyl, A CERTAIN RATIO new album, ELLIOT SMITH self titled reissue, new SYLVAN ESSO, new DIANA KRALL, ELBOW vinyl reissues (have not shipped yet), ROLLING STONES ‘Steel Wheels Live’ on various formats, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL ‘Chronicles Greatest Hits’ LP, some JEFF BECK reissues on coloured vinyl, JJ CALE “ TRAVEL LOG” on coloured vinyl… JOHN PRINE “ SOUVENIRS” vinyl is due for Friday (again not yet shipped but is still due friday). BOB MOULD’s new one is on route also for friday!!

MALOJIAN’s new album “Humm” is with us on CD and LP… Delighted to have that in stock and looking forward to giving it some time… Previous couple of albums we had were excellent, so really looking forward to it… This dude is worth checking out folks, seriously talented… Here is a tune Stevie done at the start of lockdown… Beautiful.

I think thats more or less it for releases out this weekend… about 40 RSD 2 title drops also…Right so onto October 2nd, the new SUFJAN STEVENS album…. CD, LP, indies lp sold out i’m afraid (ye did receive a word of warning my friends, not always the boy who cries wolf) 90 minutes for the SUFJAN man… Looking forward to it.PIAS have THE WORKING MENS CLUB debut album released on the 2nd of Oct also.Warner for the 2nd of October have the new COREY TAYLOR (SLIPKNOT) and we have signed copies of it on cd and lp!! Warner also have new records by JONSI, GROOVE ARMADA, ENSLAVED as well as a SIGUR ROS reissue of () and a ROBERT PLANT 2CD solo anthology called “Digging Deep” .  Lastly and arguably the cream of the crop is the NEW ORDER “Power, Corruption, Lies” box-set… 100 euro best price pre-order job as well as the reissue of the four 12” singles from the album “Blue Monday”, “Confusion”, “Murder”, and “Thieves Like Us”.SONY have the ROGER WATERS “Us and Them” live release across four formats on the 2nd of October. Sony also have MARIAH CAREYs rarities album.

 REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have the debut album by AILBHE REDDY on the 2nd of October….looking forward to this one.Heres a tune from the album ORCHARD have the 25th Anniversary Silver Vinyl reissue by Oasis of “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory”…. One run silver vinyl only.UNI for the 2nd of Oct have the LANA DEL REY poetry album, QUEEN & ADAM LAMBERT live release, BON JOVI new album on CD, ELLA FITZGERALD berlin tapes lost album.Bobby is going to run through some release announcements in the last week or so and give ye a lowdown on them.

Not as busy this week folks with announcements from the last week. Kicking us off is the new ELTON JOHN ‘Jewel Box’ 8CD set, as well as it being split into 3 different LP releases ‘Deep Cuts’, ‘Rarities & B-Sides’, and ‘And This Is Me’. The sets feature more deep cuts, curated by Elton himself and spans over 30 years of material.

There is a THE STYLE COUNCIL new 3LP or 2CD compilation release, entitled ‘Long Hot Summer : The Story Of The Style Council’, which features 2 previously unreleased tracks. 

THE SMASHING PUMPKINS have announced a brand new studio LP ‘CYR’, which will be available on CD, LP or indies only pink LP. Also a new release coming down the line from THE AVALANCHES, which will be available on CD, Indies Only Coloured Vinyl, or a Limited Deluxe Vinyl pressing. 

Other bits announced / now up for pre-order on the site include a new STEVIE NICKS live album (CD only for now), the debut solo album from MATT BERNINGER of The National, coloured vinyl reissues of SLEAFORD MODS’ ‘Austerity Dogs’ and ‘Divide And Exit’, the release of HANS ZIMMER’s Soundtrack to the new Bond Film ‘Time To Die’, and indies exclusive pressing of the new ELVIS COSTELLO record ‘Hey Clockface’, 

Back to the bossman!Right so on to Oct 9th… What would have been the great Mr. Lennons 80th birthday and what this year is NAD,  no, not a festival in North Cork (Nadfest), nor the home of good friend of Mr. Lennon, Donovan, but in fact NATIONAL ALBUM DAY…. And some nice releases out for it.. All of them limited and usually on a coloured vinyl or picture disc… So releases for NAD include (it has an 80’s theme i’m told… I just hope the industry isn’t turning into an episode of X Factor) PAUL SIMON’S “Graceland”STONE ROSES Debut, DEACON BLUE “Raintown”, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK “Hanging Tough”, FOOTLOOSE, TOP GUN and ROCKY 4 Soundtracks, PREFAB SPROUT “Steve McQueen”, EUROPE “Final Countdown”, WEDDING PRESENT “Bizarro”, A-HA “East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon”, PHIL COLLINS “No Jacket Required”FRIENDS Soundtrack, TEARS FOR FEARS “Seeds of Love”, nice boxset available for that also. … So I think they are the main NAD releases for the 9th of October..all limited colour or picture disc vinyl.One press and probably only one ship of each of these.Lots of other releases on the day as well folks… I’ll start with the LENNON release ‘Gimme Some Truth’ via Universal … Good few formats here… 36 tracks remixed by Sean Lennon and Yoko… Boxset contains a 124 page book, bumper sticker, postcards, posters and a copy of the MBE refusal letter.. 
Ah 80 he would have been… Nearly 41 years ago now… Ye’r man sent apologies there lately… FFS… John boy it was probably just written in the stars… Safe to say you will always be remembered.

Our own fallen hero down these parts has a really good “Best Of” album coming out on the 9th of October… RORY that is…its on 2LP2CD or CD… 30 tracks that span his whole career from Taste to “Fresh Evidence”.. Fairly comprehensive.Universal also have DIRE STRAITS “The Studio Albums 78 -91” (and what albums they were too)… Limited on both formats… Savage value on the CD Set at 25 euro and good value on the Vinyl boxset also I feel… Say no more!Right so, INHALER… Yes INHALER… There was a lot of interest in the EPs for RSD.. Only one coming out now in RSD DROP 3…. but “Falling In” by INHALER is coming out on the 9th of October as a limited coloured 7”.. I should have 15 maybe 20 of them… Email in or buy it from the site I suppose is the way to go. BILLIE EILISH’s new 7” is out on the 9th Oct also… New Bond theme isn’t it?… “No Time To Die”… ah pure Bond.Sorry few other NAD releases by SOUL II SOULJOE JACKSON Live and MARILLION Live.Warner for the 9th, aside from NAD, releases have some nice boxsets by BLACK SABBATH “Paranoid” 4CD or 5LPULTRAVOX “Vienna” 5CD/DVD boxset (or half speed vinyl), LINKIN PARK “Hybrid Theory” 20th Anniversary EditionTHE DOORS “Morrison Hotel” 50th Anniversary Edition, maybe my favourite Doors album but like asking a fella to pick his favourite child…. And there is a REPLACEMENT’s ‘Please To Meet Me’ Box also… And a 3LP reissue of SIGUR ROS “ Takk..”.WARNER also for the 9th have a one press only reissue of the KRAFTWERK Albums on coloured vinyl… German Versions of the albums available also… One press only.Lastly Warner have a new album by TRAVIS for the 9th October called “ 10 songs”.Pias for the 9th of October have the THE DIVINE COMEDY Boxset as well as the LP reissues… Neil is just the berries really… Brilliant, quirky, intelligent lyrics and the dude is a king of melody… Ohh sweet melodies, where does he find them… The boxset is fab and massive… 23CDs and a DVD best price job 150 on pre-orders… All the records, under DIVINE COMEDY moniker anyway, expect the latest two and maybe the very first album are been reissued on 2LPS… 9 in total… Ah bliss, thats the word I think… Sunday afternoon bliss.

PIAS have FUTURE ISLANDS new album out on the 9th Oct also “As Long As You Are” on CD, INDIES COLOURED VINYL and vinyl. METZ new album also “Atlas Landing” as well as a 30th anniversary reissue of BUFFALO TOM’s “Birdbrain” on mint green vinyl.Look thats enough to be rabbiting on about so.
Sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening
Ray, Bobby and Shane.

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