SRD – Record Store Day 2020 : List With Prices

Artist Title Cat numbers price Label: Barcode:
Non Dance Albums
Snapped Ankles 21 Metres to Hebden Bridge BAY122VX £27.00 The Leaf Label 843190012237
Lee Fields Let’s Get A Groove On DAP062 £30.00 Daptone Recordings 823134906211
Various Artists Wick Records: Battle Of The Bands Vol.1 WCK005 30 Wick Records / Daptone 823134990517
The Wake Here Comes Everybody FBN35 £33.00 Factory Benelux 708527200018
The Durutti Column Vini Reilly + Womad Live FBN244 £35.00 Factory Benelux 708527180471
The Pale Fountains Longshot For Your Love MA85 £30.00 Marina Records 4015698347968
Lee Scratch Perry Lee Scratch Perry meets Daniel Boyle to Drive the Dub Starship through the Horror Zone RLSUPSETTERLP006 £30.00 Upsetter 5051142007162
Alpha & Omega meets The Disciples Sacred Art Of Dub Volume 1 MD017 £30.00 Mania Dub 8713748986056
Alpha & Omega meets The Disciples Sacred Art Of Dub Volume 2 MD018 £30.00 Mania Dub 8713748986063
Johnny Thunders & Wayne Kramer Gang War! FREUDLP076 £30.00 Jungle Records/Skydog 5013145207611
Eddie & The Hot Rods Get Your Rocks Off FREUDLP079 £30.00 Jungle Records/Skydog 5013145207918
Geraint Watkins Geraint Watkins & The Dominators FREUDLP126 £30.00 Jungle Records/Skydog 5013145212615
Broken Bones Dem Bones FALLLP028 £25.00 Fall Out Records 5013145302811
Tal Ross Giant Shirley TWM53 £45.00 Tidal Waves 742338383683
Loleatta Holloway Cry To Me TWM54 45 Tidal Waves 752505992464
Thelonious Monk Palais Des Beaux-Arts 1963 TWM55 45 Tidal Waves 752505992471
Chet Baker Mr. B TWM56 45 Tidal Waves 752505992549
Cybotron Colossus DUAL013LP £45.00 Dual Planet 934334409065
Ennio Morricone A Fistful Of Dollars GDMEP6502R 45 BTF 8018163165025
Ennio Morricone Once Upon A Time In The West GDMLP6503Y £45.00 BTF 8018163165032
Ennio Morricone The Good, the Bad and the Ugly AMSLP160 £45.00 AMS 8016158316049
Ennio Morricone For A Few Dollars More AMSEP82 45 AMS 8016158308259
Morricone Youth/Devon Goldberg The Last Porno Show (Original Soundtrack) CCR012 £33.00 Country Club 659696517714
Goblin Greatest Hits Vol.1 – 1975-79 LPOST16 £42.00 AMS 8004644008479
Blaze Foley Live At Austin Outhouse EOE3/LAR1015V £35.00 Art Yard/End Of An Ear 843563126950
Various Artists Hillbillies in Hell : Volume X IMAR121LP £40.00 Iron Mountain Analogue 934334408358
Various Artists Troubled Troubadours IMAR122LP £40.00 Iron Mountain Analogue 934334408686
Various Artists You Gotta Have Soul: Raw Sonoran R&B and Funk (1957-1971) ZIA002 26 Zia Records 711574902910
Jack Wilson Quartet featuring Roy Ayers Call Me: Jazz from the Penthouse C67003LP £40.00 Century 67 844667044348
Various Artists Detroit Punk Archive presents “The End of the Night (1976-1983)” HFV0420 £45.00 Hold Fast 826853968911
Alessandro Alessandroni Ritmo dell’industria n. 2 VMLP231 45 BTF 8016158023145
Gato Barbieri Last Tango In Paris AMSLP157 £45.00 AMS 8016158315745
Nicholas Pike C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D. OST T.V.022 £50.00 Terror Vision 643157447788
Non Dance Singles
Sarathy Korwar Otherland DOCK71X 15 The Leaf Label 843190057160
Warmduscher European Cowboy DOCK69 15 The Leaf Label 843190056965
Paw Patrol Official Theme Song ETT022 22 Enjoy The Ride 843563126615
Magnetic System Godzilla/Escape AMS4507 28 AMS 8016158450743

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