Summertime and Kodaline have the album delayed, Editors not The Editors and Out the Gap!

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well..

Bobby and Shane stepped into the breach last week at the 11th hour…sound lads…one of my little ones was sick…ended up in hospital for a few days…all mending thankfully…little bump on the road we travel folks…ye all know the drill…no big drama in the end, in the end….THANKFULLY.

We all travel the bumpy road folks…keep going, keep going.

On the business side, it’s always going to be bumpy, the game we are in….we are up against “free”…”free” is no good for no one, but that’s another sceal for  another guys keep us open…please please be aware we are very mindful of that.

Our good and sound neighbours Welch Sports closed their doors for what was i believe the very last time…that  saddens me to be very honest…an independently owned sports shop, i don’t know, trading 30 years..? Gone……again i don’t know,… the rigours of modern business…rent, online comp…loads of factors id imagine…pity like.

Independent shops, retailers…will they be around in 20/30 years??…one for the forum….yes lads our corporation is going to invest in the forum i think…birth, life and no death of the album going to be one of the first topics…i hope ye will involve yerselfs a little bit.

The two aforementioned sound lads are going to be holding the fort from next Thursday the 9th….me myself and i is off with the clan for 10 days to the hills and lakes of the county Kkkaaavvnnnn…no phone or internet access…ah sucks…please feel free to bombard the trenches in my absence.

The Bob man will be on newsletter and videooo duty for two weeks so im sure they will be of exceptionally high standard…ill input it for him here…ah ray ya bollox.

Right so…enough ramas for one day Raymond…on to the tunage…newbies in the global corporation today include LYKKE LI and JAMES as well as reissues by GENESIS, ELO, LAMBCHOP and ELTON JOHN.

I suppose i couldn’t  leave it pass and break the habit of a newsletter lifetime and subconsciously probably the reason for the ramas…Summertime and the releases are iffy.

So moving swiftly on to releases for the 10th of August …the new Kodaline album was supposed to hit the shelves then but its now pushed back till late sept i think…would of should of been a good one for the siopa….so look we nearly had it in lads….and there was a limited to 250 blue vinyl supposed to happen…presume it will be still blue on the 28th of sept.

A bit bluey myself after the Cork match as well…no complaints for sure after 90 mins but when you are 6 points up with8 normal time left…you would hope you would get over the line…i could write a book on that match but look not to be…hurling…is the game really isn’t it to be fair…nearly all others pale into insignificance.

Sony have an ELVIS release for the anniversary…the gospel recordings…called “ where no stands alone on” and also the reissues of the five TEENAGE FANCLUB albums including bandwagonesque and grand prix.

Pias for the 10th of August ( the second eldests birthday btw…happy birthday Zach!) have reissues of the first three Editors albums…point of note here…Editors…not THE EDITORS..just noting it is all…so the back room, an end has to start and in this light and in this evening are reissued on LP.

PIAS also have THE FALL 458489 A Sides LP on coloured white vinyl…MARK E was involved in over 100 releases tween studio , live and comps and had over 60 band members and that’s just tipping the iceberg id say…another forum one id say…mark e smith stories…

PROPER for the 10th of AUG have new albums by ETHAN JOHNS and KATATONIA and a reissue by SUN RA.

Warner for the 10th of Aug have GILLIAN WELCHS “ SOUL JOURNEY” on ACONY Records…first timer on vinyl for this beaut….great words here from the girl herself…dowchta Gillian girl.

We have been working and waiting 20 years to bring you our music on phonograph record. It took a while, because we wanted to do it the right way, the absolute best way humanly possible, and I believe that’s what we’ve done. No sonic stone was left unturned, no nuance let fall by the wayside. There is honestly nothing else I can imagine hoping to hear out of the original tapes. It is all there in the groove. As people whose lives were changed by the sound of music coming off turntables, we humbly invite you to include us in your record collection.” – Gillian Welch

  • Released for the first time on vinyl, 2003’s Soul Journey features two of Gillian’s top tracks “Look At Miss Ohio” and “Wayside/Back In Time”.  
  • Soul Journey is the second title from Gillian Welch’s back catalog to be released on vinyl.
  • The Harrow & The Harvest was the first in July 2017.   
  • Mastered direct from the original tapes through custom Ortofon amplifiers to the artists’ own personal Neumann VMS-80 cutting system.   
  • Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings on 150 Gram audiophile quality vinyl.   
  • Packaged in an “Old Style Tip-On” gatefold jacket with lyrics (for the first time) and with a printed sleeve
  • Previous vinyl releases from Acony Records have received top notch accolades from trusted audiophiles at Analog Planet and The New Yorker.


WARNER also have the reissue of TOM WAITS “ BLUE VALENTINE” a fine record as ye know….remastered and on indies only blue vinyl for a few k.

Warner also have new albums by MAGPIE SALUTE, JASON MRAZ and THE CORAL.

UNIVERSAL have a new album by MILES KANE “ COUP DE GRACE” on cd, lp and indies only LP…pink indies only as well as new albums by NICKI MINAJ, IL DIVO, GORGON CITY and JAKE SHEARS – frontman of scissor sisters.

MUSIC ON VINYL have releases by ELVIS – FROM ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD MEMPHIS TENNESSEE…2000 OF THEM ONLY, individually numbered copies on transparent blue vinyl as well as MISFITS – FAMOUS MONSTERS… 2 AND A HALF K numbered and on green and yellow vinyl as well as KEB MO – MARTIN SCORSESE PRESENTS THE BLUES.


IF i dont see ye in the next four or five days …i will ramas again this night 3 weeks.

Over to the lads.

Sound folks

Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt



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