New Band Of Horses, Some Cracking Irish Releases, RSD First Look And Out Galavanting After Today’s Ad

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well….i’m as excited as a little baby puppy…i am…A LAZARUS SOUL are playing Coughlans Live tonight with support from ARRIVALISTS  and i am as excited as a little puppy…this is the one, ohh this is the one…pure magic are the only words for it…what should be a great night of class music….when all the gigs were been canceled march/april/may 2020 and the shite was hitting the fan i think i had about 7 tickets bought for various gigs, but this was the one i was most looking forward to and most disappointed when it was canceled …here we are now though!! Pure magic…..great band  by the way in case they are new to you

Here is “ funeral sessions” from A LAZARUS SOUL

Right enough about me…here are the releases in the siopa for this Friday the 18th of Feb…



Khruangbin & Leon BridgesWHITE LIES , SPIRITUALIZED


And now we have the releases for the 25th of feb…the new JOHNNY MARR album, SOFT CELL TANKARD boxset, AVRIL LAVIGNE  and a new RICHARD CLAYDERMAN comp.


The main point of attack of this weeks ad is friday March 4th …ah Terry harsh kid…Terry is a pushing on geezer from the east end of London town who one day 5 or 6  years ago said to me…” you know it was in your ad” and i was looking at him as if he had 3 heads and was from London town…he repeated it a bit more floury in a thick London accent “ it was in your fuckin AD” …Ad…is he talking about my weekly masterpiece…fucking Ad he is calling it…i never thought of it like that and off course he was right, would;nt tell him that though….should;nt have said he was pushing on either i suppose! Rumour has it he pushed Adam Ant off the stage they shared when playing a gig together back in the day in London town…be careful out there Bob! …anyway the 4th of March…sorry first….RSD will jump upon us very soon and i know theres a few leaks and slippages out there already…we will as ever, like every other year, send out the full lists when we are allowed to and we shall ask for wishlists as usual and will keep the lines of communication as open as we can…so more on that over the weeks…critical point …a wishlisted record is not a guarantee..anyway more on that over the weeks but back to the AD.

 We were caught a bit by surprise with the RSD 2022 List of Releases. It’s just been announced, here is a link to the list: RSD 2022 Releases

We will have more in-depth info next week with prices but will start the wishlist in the shop now so the book is open now for any requests!

Right so, the 4th of March, Warner have the brand new BAND OF HORSES album on BMG entitled “ things are great” …6th album now from Ben Bridwell’s alt country rockers from Seattle…there has been a lineup change and Ben says he is back with renewed vigor…this is available on CD, std lp and indie shop only coloured vinyl…i like their sound…here is “ in need of repair” from the new record

BMG also have JOHN MCLAUGHLIN “ the montreux years” on CD and LP, PINK FLOYD MUSIC LTD reissue debut “ piper at the gates of dawn” on mono, yep remastered from the original mono tapes…remaster was 2017 and a very limited release in 2018 so released again now.

Rhino have a reissue of RANDY NEWMANs 4th album “ good old boys” as a 2lp, there is a new MARIANNE FAITHFULL album “ vagabond ways” on cd and lp, mainly covers i think, produced by Daniel Lanois…. brand new SABATON album also out on the 4th March via nuclear blast “ the war to end all wars “ …well hopefully not!…cd, deluxe cd and lp on this one.

Last one from Warner for the 4th of March is the second album from MIKE CAMPBELL AND THE DIRTY KNOBS “ external combustion” on BMG…Mike was TOM PETTYs sidekick in the heartbreakers for years and this is now his second album since his life changed forever in 2017…CD only for now on this one, lp later in the year…here is “ wicked man” from the new album…good ole fashioned rock n roll

UNIVERSAL for the 4th March have the debut album by KAWALA on EMI records called “ better with you” …here is im good like this from the album

Bluenotes Tone Poet series returns with 2 more titles on the 4th March …with SONNY REDs “ out of the blue” and GRANT GREENs “ the latin bit” getting the high quality represses out of Record Technology Incorporated ( RTI)

Because music has a reissue of the CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS debut album “ Chaleur Humaine” on vinyl.

Lovely, interesting Irish release ( half cork like) out on the 4th of march via Dimple discs is the debut album by Jackknife Lee and Cathal Couglan TELEFIS … the record is called A HAON… it  is an exploration of Irish nostalgia and modern global hierarchies,

strange characters and caricatures springing from Coughlan’s fertile imagination,

while Jacknife Lee creates irresistible electro-funk backdrops full of melodic,

squelchy synths and thunderous basslines.

Here is one of  the tracks from it “ mister imperator”

The Orchard for the 4th of March  sees the release of STEREOPHONICS brand new album ‘Oochya!’, their 12th studio album featuring the new single ‘Hanging On Your Hinges’. 

The veteran Welsh rock band were formed 30 years ago, in 1992, and 2022 also marks 25 years since the release of their debut album. 

We also have Canadian folk band The Weather Station – ‘How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars‘, self-described as “a quiet, strange album of ballads” – please note stock limited so cuts may have to be made….at the moment we are allocated for 10 copies of the indies vinyl version but with the orchard trust me that can change….just warning ye…last years album was really good…here is “ endless time” from the new one

We hope to get a few copies of THE CORAL self titled lp reissue via ROM on white vinyl …it is expensive at 44 euro…due around the 4th march also.

Proper have a nice few for the 4th of March…Highlights  include the brand new studio album from Dolly Parton…available on cd and lp,  the debut release from the brilliant CMAT….here is “ lonely” from the debut album

CMAT is the stage name of Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson, from Dublin Ireland, one to watch out for me thinks…she says  “I realised the thing I was best at in music was toplining – coming up with melodies, lyrics, hooks, arrangements, structure; the skeletal form of everything is what I know I can do.”

Well thats some start! Available on cd, std lp, indies lp and cassette i think also.

 Proper also have a  beautifully repackaged reissue from Mulligan Records of the landmark Andy Irvine/Paul Brady album on indies coloured lp and cd….beautiful album.

Going to hand ye over to Shane now who will run through a few interesting but further down the line releases with ye..

Cheers Ray! Hey everyone, hope ye’re good and the week is going smoothly enough. Nothing massive this week compared to last but some interesting ones coming up nonetheless that we thought were worth a mention.

First up is a reissue of the excellent debut record by Goldfrapp, ‘Felt Mountain’. It’s going to be available on limited gold vinyl which is nice. That will be out on March 25th through Warner. Here’s one of the singles from it, ‘Utopia’

 Second up is a very limited ‘fastest finger first’ 12″ EP release from up and coming London band FOLLY GROUP, they’ve a post-punky sound, the singer of IDLES is a fan and has been giving them rave reviews. Lots of interesting stuff coming out of London. You picked a good spot Bob! Here’s a track from the new EP

Thirdly is the brand new album by CYPRESS HILL called ‘Back in Black’ (sounds familiar!) which will also be out on March 25th. Their last one ‘Elephants on Acid’ was quality, so looking forward to it.

Also, just a quick note, there are a few other interesting ones coming. A first timer on vinyl live album by QUEENSRYCHE, an interesting hidden gem 70s compilation from David Hepworth and a HALL AND OATES reissue of ‘Marigold Sky’

Anyway those are the main ones that are coming down the line, but not too far away either.

Back to you Ray! Enjoy the gig tonight!

Thanks Shane!

Right INTEGRAL for the 4th march have the reissue of BRONSKI BEATs debut, a brand new Porches album, a lovely couple of reissues from SOUL JAZZ records “ studio one dub” and The Winstons ‘Color Him Father’ .

Lastly for this weeks ad so is Integral for the 11th March, there is a brand new album by ALEX CAMERON “ oxy music” on Secretly Canadian , a fine FRANZ FERDINAND best of compilation on Domino on loads of different formats, there is a brand new album also from JENNY HVAL and last but not least is another Irish release ( really nice sprinkling of Irish releases across this week’s newsletter…great to see) this one is a brand new EP from Dublin band SPRINTS …ep is called “ a modern job” …here is a cracking tune from it “ how does the story go”

…its out via nice swan records…i be honest the 3 tunes i have heard from this band are cracking…really cracking.

Sin e for this week really

Im off out galavanting

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and Young Adam

Johnny Marr Is Back, New Chilis Album With J.F., Beth Hart Does Zeppelin And CD Love

Hi folks

Hope all is well.

Few nice little interesting bits landed into the shop in the last week which I may not have mentioned before now. We are delighted to get some copies of the new ARRIVALISTS album on CD …beautifully packaged CD to be fair, full of beautiful songs…” last of the written words “ it is called.

We have got copies of JOHN BLEK’S “ on ether and air” on cassette!!

And local metal band SOOTHSAYER have a brand new cd out “ echoes of the earth”…the new BIG THIEF album is sounding only lush to me also.

Right firstly we have releases in the siopa for this Friday the 11th Feb …the new ALT J record “ the dream “ , SLASH album featuring MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS 
 AMORPHIS “ halo” ,BRUNO MARSSEPULTURA,  John Prine tribute album, new EMPATH STOCKTON’S WING,  FRANK TURNER,  KANYE WEST and EDDIE VEDDER‘s new solo album 



Khruangbin & Leon BridgesWHITE LIES , SPIRITUALIZED

.i think i may have forgot to plug the Cargo releases for the 18th last week with all my excitement in giving out about spotify…i won’t go there again for fear of more abuse..( im serious !) so Cargo for the 18th Feb have the new album by ANDY BELL “ flicker” as CD or limited clear vinyl, there is a ROLLING STONES “live in london and detroit 1969” tv and radio broadcasts on Rhythm and blues records and there are 2 JOHN FRUSCIANTE LP reissues of “ the empyrean “ and “ curtains” …Shane will have more on Frusciante later…oh yes indeedy…KANYE’s – my dark twisted lp is finally going to be back in stock thursday if anyone interested.

Right so , moving onto the releases for the 25th of Feb…Warner have the new JOHNNY MARR album on BMG/ADA called “ fever dreams pts 1 to 4” …it comprises a few eps released last year…i really like Johnny’s three solo albums to be honest, all good …this one is available as CD, std black vinyl as well as a limited turquoise vinyl…we were allocated 16 copies of this version so fine for now but wont last long either…here is “ lightning people” from the new record

Warner also for the 25th Feb have a brand new SOFT CELL album on BMG also…” happiness not included” …good title…MARC ALMOND and DAVE BALL return with their 5th studio album and first album in 20 years! This one is available on CD and indies only yellow vinyl version…here is “ heart like chernobyl” from the new album.

Warner also has a TANKARD boxset, brand new AVRIL LAVIGNE on CD and a new RICHARD CLAYDERMAN comp.

UNIVERSAL for the 25th of Feb have a brand new album from TEARS FOR FEARS on Concord…” tipping point” is the title and it is available on a few formats, CD, deluxe CD, std vinyl and a limited indies only green vinyl…fine band in their day and this is their first studio album in nearly 20 years also…here is the title track for the album

Tears For Fears – The Tipping Point (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Another interesting release from Concord on the 25th of Feb is the new ROBERT GLASPER album “ black radio 3” …CD and LP available on this one from the four time grammy winner..a mish mash of hip hop, R&B and Jazz …quality stuff…here is black superhero from the new album

Robert Glasper – Black Superhero (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Brand new Rock album from SCORPIONS on Spinefarm records also out via Uni.

“ rock believer” is the title and is available as a CD, 2CD deluxe, LP and limited 2LP gatefold ..the deluxe versions have the full 16 tracks…just 11 tracks on the one disc versions.

Impulse reissue two Jazz classics with self titled releases of DUKE & COLTRANE and also COLTRANE & JOHNNY HARTMANN.

UMC have a reissue of YUSEF/CAT STEVENS “ teaser & the firecat” and there is a CURTIS STIGERS release on cd and lp..compilation type of thing.

Sony for the 25th of Feb has a debut album by Londoner BAKAR on black butter records…its available on cd. Lp and an indies only white version also…could be hearing a lot more from him i think in years to come…here is the 1st time from the debut record

Bakar – 1st Time (Official Video) – YouTube

Lots of talk/articles online about “the cd revival”…it never needed to be revived from where we sit, granted we do more vinyl but we do sell nice levels on cd as well…generally on the new releases to be fair…back catalogue is slow to be fair ( our customers have the back catologue already!!) …in the uk in 2021 physical music was up 7.3% on 2020…the first growth in physical music in nearly 20 years…see the cd was in decline year after year…CD sales increased by nearly 2% last year for again the first time in 20 years…vinyl grew once more by over 20% in the uk to 135 million pounds…is there a stabilization of the physical formats? We hope so obviously!…streaming has the bulk of the revenue with 85% of the market and downloads fell again by 27% …back to the CD…if you are an up and coming band /artist ( in my opinion) you have to produce a cd..ideally vinyl also..tee shirts, mugs, lyric books, hats, sandals..anything else you can sell from your merch table after a small show…you will sell them…bands that don’t produce a CD are nuts in my opinion…why not ? cost of making them is low and they will sell…why not make them…it makes no sense …and we saw it in the last few years that some bands/artists were not releasing their albums on CD…mistake in my opinion, you should be….CD sales were probably helped along last year by the trouble with stocking vinyl and also  the price difference between the two formats…sometimes a CD is a third of the price of the lp…thats mad as well…look from where things were for the physical record shops 10/12 years ago…its great to see growth again…there was a cull of record shops back then when probably only 20% of shops survived…over 200 here in 2005 and down to 40 by 2013..UK similar…over 2000 down to less than 300 shops in 2012…last shop standing was really a thing…fingernails stuff i remember it well, running on fumes..not enjoyable…so look hopefully a period of stability ahead for us record shops with lots of cds and lps selling and a few cassettes throw in !!

Going to hand over to Shane now as he tells ye about some interesting further down the line releases …

Sound Ray, cheers!

Hey everyone! Hope ye’re all getting on ok! Definitely some interesting ones to mention this week. Biggies as well.
First up is the third album by Australian band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. They’ve a really good summery indie sound. We all enjoyed their last two in the shop. Lots of good stuff coming from Australia in recent years. This one is called ‘Endless Rooms’ and it’s out on the 6th of May. We were only allocated a small amount of the indies yellow coloured vinyl… so as Bob and Ray say, ‘fastest fingers first’ for them here 
Best to order straight from the link there if interested as emails might be missed over night/until morning.

Second up is the brand new album by RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS called ‘Unlimited Love’. It’s going to be released on April 1st. First album back with legendary guitar player John Frusciante since ‘Stadium Arcadium’ I think in the 06/07 season. They released the first single from it a few days ago and John’s playing/sound is recognizable straight away…here tis
He’s a lucky boy to be alive, like a lot of musicians down the years.
Great to see him back. We will have the indies coloured version plus other formats!

Thirdly, and another biggie, LIAM GALLAGHER‘s new solo record is coming on May 27th. ‘C’mon You Know’ it’s called. Liam has been doing well in the last few years. 

and finally, two quick mentions. There’s a nice Hip-Hop compilation coming on March 18th, not too far away, with loads of big names included. It’s on limited coloured vinyl from Music on Vinyl.

And we will have vinyl copies of the debut album by Cork band ROWAN, they’ve a good sound, here’s ‘Everybody Talks’

Back to the gaffer!

Thanks Shane!

We have a few videos to share as well…Young Adam makes his debut!!

here’s last week’s:

and this weeks vid:

Right Integral for the 25th feb were to have the new SPIRITUALIZED album but its now moved to April…it turned into a dogs dinner for us as we thought we were allocated 4 copies of deluxe vers and 4 of jap vers …only to be told this week just 1 copy of each now…had to disappoint 6 people…not finding a record when someone buys it off the site and overselling are two parts of the job that bug the hell out of me…the missing record is one of those things, human error somewhere, it will happen, apologise and move on…its an error….but the overselling does my head in…give us a firm allocation, be it 1 but dont say 10 and then its 2…it leaves us exposed and you cant blame folk for being pissed off…anyway spiritualized was a dogs dinner as was slash cd boxset..sorry again to those affected.

PROPER for the 25th feb have a brand new BETH HART release on Provogue “ a tribute to Led Zeppelin” on cd, std 2lp and indies only orange 2lp…some undertaking!!

Here is “ good times, bad times” from the album…they make a fine fist of it in fairness

Beth Hart – Good Times Bad Times (A Tribute To Led Zeppelin) – YouTube

Proper also have a brand new TANGERINE DREAM album as well as the new HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT CD.

INTEGRAL for the 4th March have a reissue on London records of BRONSKI BEATS “ age of consent” , there is a brand new album from PORCHES on Domino called “ all day gentle hold!” and SOUL JAZZ records have a couple of nice releases…STUDIO ONE DUB gets reissued for the first time in 18 years ..available as an orange coloured CD and as a strictly one press only on 2lp orange vinyl with download code…lastly SOUL JAZZ reissue THE WINSTONS “ color him father” on LP and a one sided 12”…” amen brother” a track on the album is the most sampled drum break of all time..over 5000 samples…THE WINSTONS were made up from the backing bands of Otis Redding and Curtis Mayfield ( say no more nearly Raymond) and only released this one album before splitting up ( citing difficulties in america with touring due to their inter racial line up)….this lp has not been out for over 50 years and now soul jazz are putting it out…one press only again…here is “ amen brother” from THE WINSTONS

The Winstons – Amen Brother – YouTube

Sin e for this week really folks

Thanks for listening as always!

Ray, Shane and Young Adam.

Canada Vs Spotify, David Crosby, New Hurray For The Riff Raff And The MZ Top Albums Of 2021 List

Hi folks

Hope all is well out there…

Main week we are focusing on is releases for Friday the 18th Feb…firstly though, nice few bits for this week the 4th feb…here they are… MR. PAUL MCCARTNEY’s third studio (and first Wings) album ‘Wild Life’,
and THE DIVINE COMEDY ‘Charmed Life : The Best Of The Divine Comedy’
 MITSKI ‘Laurell Hell’  (Vinyl delayed) a new JOSIENNE CLARKE EP,  ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. 
PETE TONGACE FREHELY, and a vinyl reissue of ENTOMBED’s ‘Left Hand Path‘ via Ear Ache.

Also GRANDADDY , ALKALINE TRIO and the brand new record from CATE LE BON

Also here are some releases for friday the 11th of Feb…the new ALT J record “ the dream “ , SLASH album featuring MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS 
 AMORPHIS “ halo” ,BRUNO MARSSEPULTURA,  John Prine tribute album, new EMPATH STOCKTON’S WING,  FRANK TURNER,  KANYE WEST and EDDIE VEDDER‘s new solo album 

Well a week when the Canadians tried to put some manners on Spotify…ill be honest, i was hoping it was going to snowball…they need manners put on them, be it for whatever rubbish they allow to be spouted from their platform or more importantly for me is the remuneration policy they have for musicians plays…top 1 per cent make dosh, most of the rest get a cup of coffee a year at best id say….i’d love a look under their financial hood to see how profitable they are…there was a new streaming platform launched out of Ireland in the past few weeks ( MINM) who claim to give artists a very fair remuneration…did i read 50% per cent of revenue…time will tell but i do believe there is a huge appetite to support artists/creators properly so hopefully the wheels of change will slowly start turning.

Right so onto Friday the 18th Feb…Warner have the vinyl release of the new DAVID CROSBY album “ for free” …CD came out last year…this is a really good listen in my opinion…i like Croz, he seems like a great character…there’s a really good rockumentary on Netflix called “ echos of the canyon” with Jakob Dylan as the chief character  which has lots about the mid 60s in Laurel Canyon with THE BEACH BOYSTHE BYRDSBUFFALO SPRINGFIELDTHE MAMAS & PAPAS etc etc…Croz is interviewed a few times in it…he says “… “do you know why i was kicked out of the byrds?” to Dylan…” do you know why I was kicked out of the byrds?” and he looks straight into the camera and says “ because i was an asshole”…ah sher gotta love that Croz… here is Jakob with Jade Castrinos doing a mamas and papas cover…quality stuff altogether…what a voice she has

Go Where You Wanna Go – Jakob Dylan – Jade – The Mamas and the Papas – YouTube

Jays i do gets sidetracked…meandering around the gaff…Crozs new lp is out via BMG on the 18th Feb and there is an indies only version available also.

ADA/BLIX have a deluxe audiophile 45 RPM reissue of EVA CASSIDYS seminal album “ songbird”, there is a new album by FORENZICS…Forenzics is an exciting new project from former Split Enz members Eddie Rayner and Tim Finn.

The project saw two artistic endeavours meet in the middle and started when Eddie and Tim had been revisiting some of their favorite sections from lesser-known Split Enz works, using them as inspiration and the basis for new songs. 

HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF aka Alynda Segarra has signed to Nonesuch records and releases a brand new album with them…11 new songs….” life on earth” it is called and will be available on CD or LP…here is a track from the new album…” pierced arrows”

Hurray for the Riff Raff – PIERCED ARROWS (Official Video) – YouTube

Parlophone issue a stereo remix of MARILLIONS second album “ Fugazi” on cd or lp, there is a YOKO ONO tribute album on Atlantic,some serious people on the recording,  PINK FLOYDs P.U.L.S.E restored and reedited bluray and dvd formats will be joining us on the 18th feb also, ,,,first time on bluray for this one, what a show…these versions for initial orders also have the iconic flashing light ala the original albums back in the day…95 was it maybe 94…and lastly from Warner for the 18th feb is a LP reissue of ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN compilation album “ SONGS TO LEARN AND SING” .

Universal for the 18th of Feb have the brand new METRONOMY album “ small world” on because music…it is their 7th studio album…there is a ltd transparent vinyl available.

Debut record coming out on Real World on the 18th feb also which one of the most lauded vocalists in Africa ROKIA KONE teaming up with our own JACKNIFE LEE…” bamanan” is the name of the record…here is Kurunba from it

Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee – Kurunba (Official Video) – YouTube

There are a couple of nice bluenote lp reissues out via Uni on the 18th…JOE HENDERSON “ inner urge” and LEE MORGAN “ caramba” ..2 nice ones.

Sony have a quiet 18th feb…maybe jazz vocalist JUDI JACKSON debut album is worth a spin.

Sad news yesterday when i read that Isaac Wood was stepping away from his band BLACK COUNTRY NEW ROAD…here is what he said ““I have bad news which is that I have been feeling sad and afraid too. And I have tried to make this not true but it is the kind of sad and afraid feeling that makes it hard to play guitar and sing at the same time”

You have to wish the young man so well and hope he can find peace and contentment.

The Orchard for the 18th have a new JOSS STONE CD “ never forget my love” , Orchard also have  the release of Bobby Weir And The Wolf Bros on Third Man with a Limited Opaque Jade & Gold Vinyl as well as CD.

Drum roll, drum roll please…finally the albums of the year…

Here is the overall top 20

1.The war on drugs – I don’t live here anymore

2.Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend

3. Mick Flannery & Susan O’Neill  – In the game

4.The Killers – Pressure Machine

5.Mogwai – As The Love Continues

6. Villagers – Fever Dream

7. Paul Weller – Fat Pop

8. Alison Krauss/Robert Plant-Raise the Roof

9. For Those I Love – For Those I Love

10, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Carnage

11.Arab Strap – As Dark Days Get

12. Low- hey what

13, Idles – crawler

14, Public Service Broadcasting – Bright Magic

15. John grant – boy from Michigan

16. Gruff Rhys – Seeking New Gods

17, Black Country, New Road – For the First Time

18. Arlo Parks – Collapsed in Sunbeams

19. John Blek –  Ether and Air

20. Big Red Machine – How Long Do

And my own favourite …the top 20 Irish albums of 2021 voted by you our customers

1.Villagers – Fever Dream

2. Mick Flannery & Susan O’Neill  – In the game – 

3. For Those I Love

4.John Blek Ether and Air

5.Inhaler – It Won’t Always Be Like This

6.Jack O’Rourke – Wild Place – 

7. Declan O’Rourke – Arrivals 

8. Brendan Tallon – Love In These Times

9. Saint Sister  Where I Should End 

10. Altered Hours – Convertible

11. Orla Gartland – woman in the internet

12. soda blonde small talk

13. Paddy Casey Turn This Ship Around

14.John Francis Flynn – i would not live always

15.Power of Dreams – Auslander

16. Wyvern Lingo  Awake You Lie 

17.Bicep – Isles 

18.The Love Buzz – Here Comes the Scum EP

19. Arrivalists – The Last Of The Written Pages  

20. Windings- focus on the past 

Gig of the year was MICK FLANNERY/SUSAN O NEILL in the opera house…well John Blek got more votes but across different venues so maybe tis a tie in dunno..its a tie…i have decided!

And the winner of the 50 euro voucher is….rick sent all the email addresses on excel so i picked number 47 before i looked…

Number 47……we will send you an email or if you see this, email us!

Proper for the 18th of Feb have 3 nice BETH HART reissues on clear vinyl via provogue…we will have “ bang, bang, boom, boom” “ fire on the floor” and “ better than home”…there is a ROBERT JOHNSON compilation album of Original recordings “ cross road blues” on 180 gram vinyl and lastly there is a Marty ROBBINS “ gunfighter ballads and trail songs” lp/cd combo format..

Right going to hand ye over to Shaney boy who will run through a few down the road releases for ye now…

Sound Ray! Hey all! Hope all is good with ye!
Second week on newsletter duties now with the gaffer, getting into the swing of it a bit more.
Lots of releases but sure that’s good. That was one of the positives from the lockdowns, the releases kept coming and kept us all somewhat sane!

So, a few interesting ones coming in the next few weeks and months that we have up for ‘pre-order’…
Firstly, Placebo have a brand new album coming out March 25th. Good band! Their first in years. Here’s the first single from it:

Then there’s a compilation by Tindersticks, ‘The Past Imperfect: Best Of ’92-21 on a few formats. Also out on March 25th. I haven’t listened to much of their earlier stuff but the last few albums were big favourites in the shop.

Electronic pioneers KRAFTWERK have an album of remixes coming out too. Some big names involved including William Orbit and Hot Chip! That’s out on March 25th as well.

A bit further ahead, blues guitar legends Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder have a collaboration album coming in April…here’s a great little tune from them:

And finally, on March 11th, the last studio album reissue from PJ Harvey, The Hope Six Demolition Project…album and demos. I really like that album, one of my favourites of hers. The reissues have been reasonably priced too which is good.

Just to note as well, the new BEACH HOUSE record has been pushed back for release, now due on April 8th.

Back to you Ray!

Thanks Shane!

Right so we have Integral for the 18th feb….they have the Khruangbin & Leon Bridges new ep “ texas moon”, the fat cat records lp reissues by FRIGHTENED RABBIT and THE TWILIGHT SAD as well as the brand new WHITE LIES album.

Integral for the 25th Feb have the new SPIRITUALIZED album..” everything was beautiful” …cd and lp formats left…i think we are out of the fancy versions but ill check for more…

Sin about e for this week really folks

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and Young Adam.

New Alt-J, MITSKI, Slash And Myles Are Back And A Debut Match For MZ FC

Hi everyone, 

Hope all is good out there…January, January…nearly put to bed now sher…on we go.

The shop is closing today the 26th at 4pm..sorry for the inconvenience…well i dont am i really, are we really….myself Shane and young Adam are going for pints with the Bob man  before his departure…organized before restriction change but going to drive on with the same time so closed at 4 pm today folks…should be a happy, going for a few beers newsletter…grumpy Ray is with o’leary in the grave till next week anyway.

Right so,  Shaney Boi will throw links here for records/cds due for release this Friday the 28th in the shop…Shane is making his debut today on the newsletter …no bother to him…its not like the FA cup final , your 17, one down to Liverpool, 9 minutes left on the clock and Fergie says “get me a goal son “…not a bother to him…Shanes a real creative guy and arguably the best ear in the shop and i hope in time that will shine through ( the shine bit was for you Adam! So let it shine, let it shine)…i better wisht up or i could have a few shinners going home tonight!

And heres is whats due in the good siopa for friday the 4th Feb….
 MR. PAUL MCCARTNEY’s third studio (and first Wings) album ‘Wild Life’, pressed as a 1/2 Speed Master on black vinyl.
There are two nice reissues on the Blue Note Tone Poet Series of STANLEY TURRENTINE’s ‘Rough N’ Tumble’ & JOE PASS’ ‘For Django’BASTILLE ‘Give Me The Future’ 
KORN ‘Requiem’ out on CD or Indies Only Vinyl, a new VANGELIS release on vinyl of ‘Juno to Jupiter’, and finally from Universal a 2CD format of the JOHN WILLIAMS X THE BERLIN CONCERT

Warner for February 4th have SAXON’s new album ‘Carpe Diem’, landing in with us on CD, Indies Only Exclusive Vinyl, or as a lovely CD / Vinyl Deluxe Box Set. They also have a GOO GOO DOLLS compilation reissue of ‘Greatest Hits : Vol 1 The Singles’ on vinyl.

Integral for the 4th of Feb have the new album by BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD. 
and THE DIVINE COMEDY ‘Charmed Life : The Best Of The Divine Comedy’

Integral also have the brand new record from MITSKI ‘Laurell Hell’ on CD, Cassette or Vinyl (Red Indies Vinyl sold out), a new JOSIENNE CLARKE EP, and a new release from ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. 

Sony for Feb 4th have a PETE TONG vinyl release of ‘Pete Tong & Friends : Ibiza Classics’.

Proper for Feb 4th have ACE FREHELY’s ‘Greatest Hits Live’ reissue as a 2LP Exclusive Orange Vinyl, and a vinyl reissue of ENTOMBED’s ‘Left Hand Path‘ via Ear Ache.

The Orchard for Feb 4th have a nice pink vinyl reissue of GRANDADDY’s ‘The Sophtware Slump… On A Wooden Piano’, a 20th Anniversary reissue of ALKALINE TRIO’s ‘From Here To Infirmary’, and the brand new record from CATE LE BON ‘Pompeii’ on CD or Indies Yellow Vinyl.

Right so, the main week of hawking for this week is the friday 11th feb 2022…Warner have a few nice ones for the 11th,…one that slipped in under the radar via BMG is the new ALT J record “ the dream “ on cd. Deluxe cd, std vinyl and an indies only coloured variant also…i like the sound of the couple of tunes i just listened to now…here is “ hard drive gold” from the new album..

BMG also have the new SLASH album featuring MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS …called 4…loads of physical formats on this one including cd boxset and independent shop only blue coloured vinyl…

Wea also has a brand new album from AMORPHIS “ halo” on Atomic Fire record label…indies vinyl and cd formats here…Warner have a reissue of BRUNO MARS 24 carat on vinyl also…there is a brand new MARY J BLIGE CD called good morning gorgeous , and lastly there is a 25th anniversary  deluxe boxset edition of SEPULTURA roots album.

The ORCHARD for the 11th of Feb sees the release of the John Prine tribute album Vol 2 (Vinyls to follow in April), the new EMPATH album on Fat Possum with a Bone Coloured Vinyl, the return of Urge Overkill after an 11 year hiatus, a Turquoise Vinyl repress of the Esther Rose album “You Made It This Far” on Full Time Hobby and the debut EP from Blue Bendy. They also have Metal from Cult Of Luna, Voivod, Napalm Death, Author And Punisher.

Here is STURGILL SIMPSON covering John Prines “ paradise” from the new tribute album…

Prine gives me goosebumps, so simple yet so beautiful his songs are…gifted,  and gave us numerous gifts to last forever…rest in peace Priney boy…the curse of covid to the world in two words.. John Prine….it got Meat Loaf as well i read, complications of covid.

Universal next for the 11th of February folks. Firstly, there is an Irish release from Universal Music Ireland…STOCKTON’S WING ‘Hometown: Stockton’s Wing Live’…15 track live collection from February 2020…Universal via Polydor have the ninth studio album by FRANK TURNER ‘FTHC’…Frank Turner Hardcore…and in these formats there is a nice deluxe CD version as well as an indie shop RED vinyl.
Uni/EMI have the new KANYE WEST album ‘Donda’ as a deluxe CD…vinyl will follow later in the year…the packaging on this release is more or less completely balck with no clear markings to artist or title, no stickers, just a barcode and some legal line to indicate it is a Kanye album…high security release, won’t be in stock til the 11th of February at best.
Uni for the 11th of Feb also have EDDIE VEDDER‘s new solo album ‘Earthling’ on CD only for now…Vinyl again will be later in the year…here is ‘Brother Cloud’ from the album…

I really like the couple of tunes I’ve heard from the album so far.
Uni also have the soundtrack to HAROLD and MAUD by YUSUF/CAT STEVENS as a limited 50th anniversary edition, as well as the vinyl soundtrack to new move ‘French Despatch’
Lastly from Uni is NINA SIMONE ‘Hits and Remixes’.

Lists of the year (2021)…last few days to get them in MUSIC ZONE – ALBUM / IRISH ALBUM / GIG OF 2021 POLLS
We are closing the poll on Friday and will post the results next Wednesday in the newsletter.

All media outlets are going to be on it…I’d like to thank STOKES, KENNEDY, CROWLEY and O’NEILL for looking after it for us……i do know it is tied at the top…50 euro voucher for one person…here’s my tuppence worth..

Top 5 Irish:
Paddy Casey
Mick and Susan
John Blek
For Those I love
Jack O Rourke

Top 5:
Kings of Leon
Arlo Parks
Floating Points
Black Country New  Road

Best gig…we are, we are, we are the FRANK AND WALTERS

KINGS OF LEON…I know…uncoolest kid in school now!! I know…what can I say, I really like it!!
So let it shine, let it shine…I really like that song also Adam, truth be told!!

Right so going to hand ye over to Shaney boy for a few down the road releases…for the first time…get us a goal son…

Thanks gaffer! 
Hi everyone, debut appearance today! Big boots to fill now that Bobby is off on his adventure. Thanks Bob for everything over the years and the best of luck for the future.
Will do my best and as the gaffer says ‘that’s all you can do’

So for some interesting bits coming out in the next few weeks and months, first up is one of Bobby’s favourites actually, WARPAINT have a new album coming on May 6th! Their first in a few years, so should be good…here’s the first single

Andy Irvine and Paul Brady have a nice reissue of the album of the same name, released soon after the end of Planxty. It’s on purple coloured vinyl so will be nice. That will be out on March 4th.

Another interesting down the road release is a T-Rex compilation of singles and live recordings called 1972. That’s out on April 22nd. 3  formats…white vinyl, 6 LP box set and 5 CD set. Available now to pre-order on the site.

And finally, there is a reissue from Keith Richards, ‘Main Offender’ on a few nice formats. The last couple Keith Richard’s releases were popular in the shop.

Also, on the website since yesterday is a class ‘plug and play’ hi-fi set up from Rega. It’s called the Rega System One. Ray will mention it again down below…

So that’s all from me for this week. Back to you Ray!

Thanks Shane!

Right, next up is PROPER for the 11th of Feb…they have a new MORCHEEBA album ‘Blaze Away’ on CD and Indies Orange LP, MY DYING BRIDE live CD/DVD, BO BURNHAM ‘Inside the Songs’ CD and lastly KURT VILE and STEVE GUNN’s studio album ‘GUNN VILE’.

PIAS/Integral releases for February 11th include the new album from BIG THIEF… sounds great is time escaping from the album…

Fine band…productive band…20 new songs here on this record.

‘The Kick’ by FOXES has been put back to the end of February…vinyl is April now. 

There is a 10th anniversary edition of MIDLAKE’s ‘trials of van occupanther’ on coloured vinyl, brand new SPOON album ‘Lucifer on the Sofa’ out February 11th also, as well as a new TRENTMOLLER album.

Lastly for this week so is Integral for the 18th of Feb…the Fat Cat reissues by FRIGHTENED RABBIT and TWILIGHT SAD are sold out as i send this letter but ill try to get more, unlikely but ill try…so if interested nod our way. What we do have to sell via Dead Oceans is the new Khruangbin & Leon Bridges EP “ texas moon” …savage good collaboration here…we are big fans of Khruangbin here in the siopa…here is new tune …here is new tune B-SIDE from them..

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – B-Side (Official Video) – YouTube

Class tune once again…looking forward to this one…allocated 10 copies of indies blue version…ta an leabhar ar oscailt agus an siopa san spear fresin.

Brand new WHITE LIES album out on Pias for the 18th feb also…consistently good band also…there is a cd, std lp and limited indies white lp version…here is the title track from the new album

White Lies – As I Try Not To Fall Apart – YouTube

Last thing before we go…

REGA have finally launched their System one Sound System…consisting of blk planar one, Io amp, KYTE speakers and 2 metres of cable.

Rega System One – Turntable Bundle | MusicZone | Vinyl Records Cork | Vinyl Records Ireland

The reviews are super on the system…we have it set up in the shop if anyone wants a listen…what ill say about it is i never want to walk away from it when its on…simple as that…it has such warmth and depth…it is a truly lovely soundsystem…

Anyways…sin e for this week

Pint and a drop please boss..

Thanks for listening as always

Ray, Shane and young Adam.

Pink Floyd in Mono, New Big Thief, and The Bob-Man Signs Off For The Final Time

Hi folks,
Hope you are keeping safe and well..
Bob-Man here for the final time.

Last shift for the MZ HQ today. Emotional stuff! 
Been a funny turn of the year with being out for 10 days with Covid, feel like i’ve barely been in the siopa, but the big moving day now confirmed for Friday week.
Will be in the shop in person once or twice more between now and then to pick up a few LPs, so hopefully will catch a few of ye before I go. Will be on the opposite side of the counter, better learn how to start slagging the boss-man! Any tips sure send ’em my way!!

A huge, heartfelt thank you to all of you who call in to the shop, phone in, email in, tweet in, everyone! I’ve made some great friends throughout the years, thank you for the laughs, chats, support, slagging, banter and friendship. I’ve been so lucky to have made some amazing memories in the last 10 years, will miss it all very much!

Boss-Man, Shaney Boi and Young Adam, keep it lit!

Hopefully get to see some of you all before I fly off x

Before we crack into releases for the new couple of weeks a few bits of tidying up which is becoming the norm now with release dates. A few changes to list out again.
The Salvation : Inspired By The Cranberries For Pieta House vinyl release is now pushed back until February 18th for release
Saint Etienne’s ‘Foxbase Alpha’ Green Vinyl 30th Anniversary reissue is now pushed back until February 11th for release
The CD and Vinyl of Telefis’ ‘A hAon’ is now March 4th 
And finally the Anais Mitchell new self-titled vinyl release has been pushed back until March 11th.

And last bit of housekeeping, shop will shut a small bit early next Wednesday 26th, with the doors closing at 4PM.

Right on to the hawking! Releases for this Friday January 21st include new releases from MILES KANEYARD ACT, SILVERBACKS, YEARS & YEARSTHE DMA’sGHOSTAURORAEINAUDI, and the vinyl pressing of AIMEE MANN’s newest record. There are reissues from WHITE STRIPES,  IDLESCHARLES MINGUSJAMIROQUAIKREATOR, AL GREEN and THE GUN CLUB


The video is back this week, we have it up at the link below!

The main week of focus for today is releases for February 4th. 
We’ll start off with Universal who have a few nice bits announced. Kicking us off is a nice indies / high street exclusive reissue of MR. PAUL MCCARTNEY’s third studio (and first Wings) album ‘Wild Life’, pressed as a 1/2 Speed Master on black vinyl.

There are two nice reissues on the Blue Note Tone Poet Series of STANLEY TURRENTINE’s ‘Rough N’ Tumble’ & JOE PASS’ ‘For Django’. There is also a brand new record from BASTILLE ‘Give Me The Future’ through Uni, landing on CD or Indies Coloured Vinyl.

Last few bits for February 4th from Universal, there is a new album from Nu Metal pioneers KORN ‘Requiem’ out on CD or Indies Only Vinyl, a new VANGELIS release on vinyl of ‘Juno to Jupiter’, and finally a 2CD format of the JOHN WILLIAMS X THE BERLIN CONCERT

Warner for February 4th have SAXON’s new album ‘Carpe Diem’, landing in with us on CD, Indies Only Exclusive Vinyl, or as a lovely CD / Vinyl Deluxe Box Set. They also have a GOO GOO DOLLS compilation reissue of ‘Greatest Hits : Vol 1 The Singles’ on vinyl.

Integral for the 4th of Feb have the new album by BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD. Went back listening a lot to the debut record again in the last few weeks. For myself, it’s the standout album of the year for me for 2021. Only 6 tracks, but 40 minutes of class. So fierce excited for this new record ‘Ants From Up There’. Few formats on this, there is a CDDeluxe 2CD with bonus live showStandard VinylLimited Exclusive Blue Vinyl, and a Deluxe 4LP Set which has the live show also. Signed vinyl sold out now i’m afraid.

Another really nice release from Integral for Feb 4th is the compilation release from THE DIVINE COMEDY ‘Charmed Life : The Best Of The Divine Comedy’. Few formats on this, including 2CDDeluxe 3CD with a bonus disc of extra material, a Standard Vinyl, and a Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl press.

Integral also have the brand new record from MITSKI ‘Laurell Hell’ on CD, Cassette or Vinyl (Red Indies Vinyl sold out), a new JOSIENNE CLARKE EP, and a new release from ANIMAL COLLECTIVE. 

Sony for Feb 4th have a PETE TONG vinyl release of ‘Pete Tong & Friends : Ibiza Classics’.

Proper for Feb 4th have ACE FREHELY’s ‘Greatest Hits Live’ reissue as a 2LP Exclusive Orange Vinyl, and a vinyl reissue of ENTOMBED’s ‘Left Hand Path‘ via Ear Ache.

The Orchard for Feb 4th have a nice pink vinyl reissue of GRANDADDY’s ‘The Sophtware Slump… On A Wooden Piano’, a 20th Anniversary reissue of ALKALINE TRIO’s ‘From Here To Infirmary’, and the brand new record from CATE LE BON ‘Pompeii’ on CD or Indies Yellow Vinyl.

Moving onto down the line bits for the week. Shaney Boi was giving me a hand today with the website so we’ve got through a good bit of new pre-orders. Will rattle them off fairly quickly!

Warner have a lovely reissue of PINK FLOYD’s 1967 debut LP ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’, pressed as a limited mono vinyl, and at a very decent price it must be said. Cracking album, I love the Syd era myself I must say!

JOHNNY MARR’s new collection of EP’s ‘Fever Dreams Pts. 1-4’ is getting a release as a CDVinyl or Indies Exclusive Turquoise Vinyl. We struggled to get our lámha on these EP’s as they were coming out, so thankfully they are getting released all together as an album. This one is coming in February via BMG / Warner.

ALODUS HARDING is back with her new album ‘Warm Chris’, released via 4AD in March. This is the follow up to ‘Designer’ from 2019 which was a favourite in the shop. CD or Standard Black Vinyl for this one, allocated on the vinyl so if interested website or let us know ASAP best way, may be gone by the time March comes around.

Speaking of favourites in the shop, the brilliant THE DELINES are back with a brand new album ‘The Sea Drift’, due for release on CD or Vinyl on February 11th. The Oregan based groups previous outing ‘The Imperial’ from 2019 was a firm favourite with both customers and ourselves, so looking forward to hearing this! Here is new single ‘Kid Codeine’

Right last few bits so for down the line. Said i’d rattle through them and feel i’m ranting through them. We have a very small allocation of the new ARAB STRAP new 7” ‘Aphelion’, these are gonna be gone fairly fast so through the website again is safest, as emails may be missed, only a small few landing in. This is due March 4th. Warner have a vinyl reissue of ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN’s compilation LP ‘Songs To Learn To Sing’ due for release on February 18th. Alex Lifeson, guitarist of Rush, has a new project entitled ENVY OF NONE coming on April 8th via KScope. Quite an industrial feel to it. Here is lead single ‘Liar’

Finally for down the line releases for this week, we will have CD copies of 17 year old Dublin busker / YouTuber SAIBH SKELLY’s debut EP ‘Undercover Heartbreak’, being released on Rubyworks. This one is due for release on April 8th.

Lastly for mise for this week folks is Integral for February 11th, and a few nice ones again. The new BIG THIEF album ‘Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You’. Not many left to sell here, the indies vinyl is fully sold out, and only 3 copies of the standard vinyl left, so if interested fastest fingers first here may be safest option. CD due in also on this.

There is a lovely 15th Anniversary reissue of MIDLAKE’s class album ‘Trials Of Van Occupanther’ pressed on gold vinyl for release on Feb 11th, as well as a reissue of SPOON’s 10th album ‘Lucifer On The Sofa’. This one is coming on CDVinyl or Indies Only Vinyl. Very very tight allocation on the Indies Only Vinyl (only 1 to sell sorry), so up on the site now and fastest fingers first again on it, sorry.

FOXES new album ‘The Kick’ is being released on the 11th of Feb as a Deluxe CD (Vinyl not released on this one until April 8th), and finally there is a new studio album from Danish composer and producer TRENTMOLLER entitled ‘Memoria’ coming as a 2LP via In My Room.

Right so sin sin from mise (for the last time on this!),
Thanks as always for listening,
Signing off as the Bob-Man for the final time, see you all down the line!
Bob-Man x, Shane, Young Adam & The Boss-Man

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Wyvern Lingo Live In-Store, Bowie’s ‘Brilliant Adventure’ Set, And A Pixies Live Box Set

Hi everyone
Hope all is well with ye all… Today’s newsletter will mainly be absit releases for November 26th (Black Friday) but let’s start with the releases we have in the siopa for this Friday the 12th of November.. We have new releases from THE CHIEFTAINS, DAMON ALBARNIDLESJONI MITCHELLCOURTNEY BARNETT, ROD STEWARTKYLIE MINOGUEERIC CLAPTONDAVE GAHAN & THE SOULSAVERSELVISTHE CHICKSGOV’T MULE and a 80s and 90s Vinyl compilation.. On the reissue front there is the NIRVANA ‘Nevermind : 30th Anniversary’ vinyl, 2cd and CD Boxset releases, CAT STEVENS / YUSUF’s ‘Teaser and The Firecat’ anniversary releases, as well as a reissue from PARAMORE on silver vinyl…

I think we have a few competitions to tidy up.. Ed Sheeran and War on Drugs ones.. I think both comps are tickets for the gigs in question next year.. Will sort these out soon…


Video for the week is now also up.. Had missed the last few weeks with hols so a good bit of catch up with releases on this one

Right so onto releases for Friday November 26th (Black Friday Weekend)… The black Friday thing is fairly lame in my opinion in our industry.. A few years ago as well as the ‘limited’ runs of vinyl for Black Friday we were offering some fairly great half price offers on some lines.. I think that should be looked at by record companies.. Just flogging overpriced reruns is getting a bit lame (with little or no thought going into the titles)… I love RSD (Record Store Day) and it is a crucial day for the shop (or even 2 days, I wouldn’t mind that).. But this year 2021.. We have had 2 RSDs, Love Record Stores, National Album Day and now Black Friday all with limited runs of stuff.. And I probably forgot some days.. I think one of those days should offer VALUE… Even if it is small margins to record companies.. Change it up a bit.. 10 titles each major company at half price on good titles.. Never going to happen I suppose when they are all fighting to get stuff pressed..

Anyway, Uni for the 26th of nov have for BF a 40th Anniversary Edition of U2’s ‘Gloria’ and a fancy version of LANA’s ‘Chemtrails’, amongst a few others.. DIRE STRAITS ‘Encores’ is due also..

Uni for the 26th have a new Christmas album by GARY BARLOW ‘The Dream Of Christmas’ on CD, Deluxe CD or white Vinyl.. Spinefarm have a brand new BLACK LABEL SOCIETY album ‘Doom Crew Inc.’ on CD, Silver 2LP or White 2LP.. Here is ‘Set You Free’ from the new album..

Virgin are reissuing THERAPY?’s ‘Nurse’ as a Deluxe 2CD or standard LP on the 26th of Nov via Uni.. Nearly 30 years old it is!!.. Craft have a splattered vinyl reissue by VINCE GUARALDI TRIO’s ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ also..

Sony for the 26th have MINISTRY OF SOUND’s ‘The Annual 2022’ on CD as well as the reissue of MARTIN GORE’s ‘Counterfeit’ EP which was due a few months back originally.. Few nice Black Friday releases ala LEONARD COHEN, FOOs, HENDRIX and MILES on Sony..

Warner for the 26th have the biggest release of the weekend… Biggest in more ways than one.. Size, price, volume of stuff and interest,,, Yup it is the next in the series of the BOWIE Box Sets.. Brilliant Adventure’ 1992-2001 18LP Vinyl set.. Yes 18LP boxset.. 

DAVID BOWIE 5. BRILLIANT ADVENTURE (1992 – 2001) is an eleven CD box, eighteen-piece vinyl set and standard digital download box set; it is named after the Koto led instrumental, the penultimate track from the ‘hours…’ album. The boxsets include newly remastered versions, with input from the original producers and collaborators, of some of Bowie’s most underrated and experimental material: BLACK TIE WHITE NOISE, THE BUDDHA OF SUBURBIA (available on vinyl for the first time in nearly 30 years), 1.OUTSIDE, EARTHLING and ‘hours…’ along with the expanded live album BBC RADIO THEATRE, LONDON, JUNE 27, 2000, the non-album / alternative version / b-sides and soundtrack music compilation RE:CALL 5 and the legendary unreleased album from 2001 TOY.

We realise it’s an expensive box ok a very expensive box so we are doing a best price we can possible do on it at €360… As far as we can see we are the cheapest price on the whole continent… Over €80 cheaper than the biggest Rottweiler in the sky.. So if interested pull the trigger in the next few days as by the weekend the price will be going back up to €400.. Forewarned and all that.. We are ok with stage payments if that suits someone better also. I releases it’s half the price of my last car.. What’s wrong with my car.. Go way ou dat.. My friends love it.. That’s Bowie for you anyway.. Available as an 11CD Box set also…

Warner aside from the Bowie man have a 30th Anniversary reissue of ROXETTE’s ‘Joyride‘ on the 26th, coming on a few different formats. There is a standard vinyla limited marbled vinyl reissue, and then deluxe 3CD or 4LP sets with a host of unheard material… they also have a vinyl reissue of SIGUR ROS’ ‘Með suð í eyrum við spilum end’ via Krunk.

Warner also for the 26th have a 10CD ASIA Boxset ‘The Official Live Bootlegs, Volume One’, as well as a live DARYL HALL & JOHN OATS album ‘Live at the Troubadour’ on 2CD or 3LP vinyl.. Nuclear Blast via WEA have a host of IN FLAMES reissues on CD only, there is a reissue of KD LANG’s third album ‘All You Can Eat’ on vinyl, KATIE MELUA’s ‘Acoustic Album No. 8’ CD release only for now also out.. There is a new live RUFUS WAINWRIGHT release, a 20th Anniversary reissue of SODOM’s ‘M-16‘, and finally there is the new WESTLIFE album due in on CD or Deluxe CD

Moving onto releases for the 26th of November by The Orchard.. We have a deluxe 2CD version of WYVERN LINGO’s ‘Awake You Lie’ album via Rubyworks.. It is a cracking album folks.. There are 12 bonus tracks on the deluxe version including a Janis Ian track ‘Better Times Will Come’, which they perform with Ian on the deluxe CD.. Ms Ian approached the band after she was taken aback by their ‘heavenly harmonies’ and so the collaboration began.. Here it is minus Janis, and here also is ‘Don’t Say It’ from the new album..

We are delighted to announce that the band will be performing an in-store with ourselves on Saturday the 27th of November at 2PM.. It’s a great opportunity to hear see some of these great new songs live.. You can buy the deluxe CD and or vinyl direct from the band on the day and they will sign for you / us also.. The girls played in the shop in Douglas upon release of the debut album 3/4 years ago I suppose now and they are so talented.. It was a real treat.. So I hope you can join us on the day for an in-store we are really looking forward to.. If you can’t make it and want a signed copy, drop in the muala and we will sort it out for you.. Hope to see you on the 27th!!

The Orchard also for the 26th have the JASON ISBELL ‘Georgia Blue’ covers album on CD..

Right i’ll hand you over to Bob now for a few further down the line releases

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well! 
Kicking us off this week for down the line bits is the announcement of a brand new PIXIES live release coming via Demon / Edsel, ‘Live in Brixton’. This is coming as an 8CD Set, and standard translucent coloured 8LP set, or a limited indies exclusive splatter coloured 8LP vinyl set, which captures four full sold out shows in Brixton on the band’s reunion tour in 2004.

BEACH HOUSE have just announced their brand new studio album is due in to us in February ’22. ‘Once Twice Melody’ is released via Bella Union, and is landing on CDVinyl or as a limited 2LP Gold / Clear Vinyl Box Set. The box set is limited in numbers and has been allocated so when they are gone they are gone again i’m afraid.

There is a nice reissue of THE LONG BLONDES ‘Someone To Drive You Home’ on 2LP Gold & Red Vinyl, released for the album’s 15th Anniversary through Rough Trade. This one comes as a gatefold LP with a bonus LP of 11 B-Sides.

Two more nice releases unfortunately here with allocations, so again buying from the site is the safest bet if interested incase the email isn’t checked until the morning. There is a SHARON VAN ETTEN limited blue 7” vinyl of ‘Silent Night / Blue Christmas’, released on December 10th which we have been allocations on, and there is also a brand new BILL CALLAHAN & BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY record due called ‘Blind Date Party’. This is a collection of favourites recorded with a host of different artists from the Drag City label roster, recorded over 2020, should be an interesting listen! The 2CD of this will be fine, but again the vinyl is very limited, and we do expect to run out so site is safest.

Last couple of bits from mise, there is a brand new record announced from MITSKI, entitled ‘Laurel Hell’ due in February of next year, and it is released on CDStandard Vinyl or Limited Opaque Red Vinyl. And finally, Music On Vinyl have a couple of nice releases in the ‘Collected’ series due in to us, with a lovely limited and numbered 3LP GENE CLARK ‘Collected’ due in December (this has a bonus 3rd LP of extra material, when the 3LP sells out with the label, it will only be the standard 2LP format available), and also some nice decades compilations on coloured vinyl due to us in the next week or two with ‘Sixties Collected’ on green vinyl‘Seventies Collected’ on red vinyl, and ‘Eighties Collected’ on magenta vinyl.

That’s it from me for this week folks,
Back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!
Proper for the 26th have a live WISHBONE ASH album from 1980 in Portsmouth..

Integral for the 26th of Nov have the FIONN REGAN ‘100 Acres of Sycamore’ Indies LP reissue on Heavenly, and they also have the JARV IS ‘Remix Ed’ 2LP, RICHARD DAWSON & CIRCLE : HENKI on Indies LP

Integral for the 3rd of December have a BAXTER DURY ‘Mr. Maserati – Best Of 2001 – 2021’ on Heavenly on CD or LP. Mute for the 3rd have CAN ‘Live In Brighton 1975’ 3LP Gold Vinyl version available.. London Records are putting out a deluxe reissue of the debut, self titled album from THE COMMUNARDS for the 35th Anniversary of the LP LP the artist LP, not the format LP, has their sixth studio album out via PIAS Recordings.. ‘Churches‘ it is called and it is available on CD or 2LP.. ATO have a live 3LP MY MORNING JACKET album ‘Live 2015’ on 3LP Coloured Vinyl

Sin é really folks for this week..
Looks like there might be a newsletter ‘special’ next Monday… More on that on Monday..
Sin é,
Thanks for listening as always
Ray, Bobby & Shane

Planty And Krauss Return (With A Pinch Of Salt), Mode’s 101 Release, And Black Friday Releases

Hi everyone,
Hope all is well enough… Little piece of bad news to start off with tonight… The JACK O’ROURKE in-store this Friday has to be postponed i’m afraid for a date down the road.. Really sorry for disappointing here but we will have Jack in the siopa playing a few tunes soon enough hopefully.. Sorry, Friday not happening though.. New CD ‘Wild Place’ is out Friday and it is a beautiful listen.. Here is ‘Sea Swimming’ from the album

Right so here is what else is out this Friday Nov 5th.. This Friday has releases from ABBANATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATSJOAN AS POLICE WOMAN / TONY ALLEN / DAVE OKUMUROSS FROM FRIENDSSNAIL MAIL, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, PARCELS, DIANA ROSS, a ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS lost recordings album from 1961, a BILLY JOEL Vinyl Box Set, a GREGORY PORTER ‘Greatest Hits’ vinyl, and THE CHARLATANS ‘Head Full Of Dreams’ best of compilations. There are reissues from RADIOHEADTHE BLACK KEYS , STEVE EARLEA CERTAIN RATIOFELA KUTI, a couple of JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ reissues of ‘Venner’, ‘Vestiges & Claws’ and ‘In Our Nature Dirty, all on ‘Dirty Pink Vinyl’. On the CD front there is a JETHRO TULL 4CD/2DVD deluxe release of ‘Benefit’, 3CD Deluxe reissues from PRETENDERS, and a new release from AIMEE MANN on CD only for now.

 Moving onto releases for next Friday the 12th of November.. We have new releases from THE CHIEFTAINS, DAMON ALBARNIDLESJONI MITCHELLCOURTNEY BARNETT, ROD STEWARTKYLIE MINOGUEERIC CLAPTONDAVE GAHAN & THE SOULSAVERSELVISTHE CHICKSGOV’T MULE and a 80s and 90s Vinyl compilation.. On the reissue front there is the NIRVANA ‘Nevermind : 30th Anniversary’ vinyl, 2cd and CD Boxset releases, CAT STEVENS / YUSUF’s ‘Teaser and The Firecat’ anniversary releases, as well as a reissue from PARAMORE on silver vinyl…

The amount of records that are out of stock (i’m like a broken record here I know) is so frustrating.. We do our special orders / catalogue orders every Monday and they can take the day and more sometimes.. Our conversion rate is maybe 30 to 40%.. The rest are out of stock.. Equally frustrating, actually more frustrating for the punter as there may be stock on the big beast in the sky and are trying to support us but we keep saying ‘sorry it’s out of stock’.. The industry is a bit wonky this year to be honest.. We will try and give as good info as we can from here to Mr. Claus.. Hi-Fi Hardware was another problematic area all year but we received a good supply of REGA (the best in the biz) stock there a week or two ago, so if anyone is interested in an upgrade or starting out, give us a shout on it..

Right so we will move onto releases for the 19th of November mail.. So let’s start with Warner who have the second outing from ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS.. Well if it comes close to the first outing it will be stunning.. ‘Raise The Roof’ is the title of the new record on Warner UK and is available as a CD, a Deluxe CD, a Double LP and an Indie Shop Only Yellow Double LP.. Just heard yesterday that the Yellow Indies version is now looking like it will be Dec 3rd before it will be with us.. The new record was produced by T Bone Burnett and has some quality musicians playing.. Bill Frisell, Buddy Miller, Russ Pahl AND Jay Bellerose to name a few.. The album is made up of obscure covers and one Plant / Burnett original, ‘High & Lonesome’, here tis :

It is one we are really looking forward to here in the siopa..I heard a story a few years back on the shop floor.. From a man, from a man, from a taxi man story so maybe a few grains of salt required.. Planty and Alison spent a few days in Timoleague here in the Rebel County a few years back, in Roy Harpers house i’m told, and local taxi man brought them back to the house and let’s just say from the account I was told they weren’t one bit worried about Covid in the back seat of the tax… More power to em!!! That’s any hope of an in-store gone I suppose Robert?? With me doubling as the showbiz reporter for the Sun…

Warner also have the vinyl release of the new TWENTY-ONE PILOTS latest record, the new JOOLS HOLLAND & FRIENDS release also out on 2LP or CD, a new score by JONSI on Krunk, a JAMES BLUNT greatest hits on 2CD, Deluxe 2CD or 2LP.. Warner also have a brand new EXODUS album as well as the first two INSPIRAL CARPETS albums reissued on indies coloured vinyl..

Lastly from Warner we will be getting copies of Meath outfit N.O.A.H’s EP ‘Echoes Of The Night’ in on vinyl very shortly.. The CDs landed a few weeks ago and the EP is making a bit of noise here and abroad, and rightfully so with some good tunes there.. Here is the single ‘Hands Up’ :

Oh re Black Friday releases.. You should see releases here on Record Store Day site.. If interested in anything shoot us back an email

I’m little disorganised and behind this week, with having been of last week and went to VILLAGERS last night in the Opera House.. Great it was btw.. First gig back pour moi.. Was lovely..

Sony for the 19th of Nov have a big big week with the release of our saviour ADELE’s new album ’30’ on CDBlack Vinyl or fairly fairly limited clear vinyl indie shop only version..

BRUCE is back also on the 19th of Nov with the ‘Legendary 1979 No Nukes Concert’ as a 2CD/DVD, 2CD/BluRay or 3LP Vinyl.. Here’s a trailer to the concert.. It looks only savage to be fair..

Speaking of legendary, the one and only CHRISTY MOORE has a new record out on the 19th of Nov also.. It’s title is ‘Flying Into Mystery‘.. Brand new studio album from Christy.. Poignant lead track considering the crisis we all face with climate change.. Here is ‘Clock Winds Down’ from the upcoming album.. Good on ya Christy.. Beautiful artwork actually also on the Lp and CD…

So Sony have 3 massive releases for the 19th.. The books are open folks.. Tá an leabhair ar oscailt duine go léir …

Integral for the 19th of Nov have a DAVID SYLVAIN Photography Book.. There is a DAWES 10th Anniversary reissue of ‘Nothing Is Wrong’, a couple of JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE reissues on coloured vinyl via New West, as well as reissues from THE NUDE PARTY and POKEY LA FARGE..

Integral for the 26th of Nov have the 10th Anniversary reissue of FIONN REGAN’s ‘100 Acres Of Sycamore‘… Beautiful album.. There was talk of cuts on this one but we hope to cover who asked for it.. The album is out via Heavenly… Rough Trade have a couple of ARTHUR RUSELLL LP reissues ‘Iowa Dream’ and ‘World Of Echo’.. Rough Trade also have JARV IS ‘Remixed’, a remix of ‘Beyond The Pale’ album.. New RICHARD DAWSON & CIRCLE album also..

The Orchard via Big Brother Recordings have the OASIS ‘Knebworth 1996’ physical formats.. 25 years ago.. I was working in GD on Patrick Street at the time and the two bucks strolled into the shop, had a quick look and left again.. Not the tallest lads in the world now to be far… Saw them over two nights down the Pairc back then as well.. Very enjoyable to be fair.. What a track list on this live album.. Plenty of Physical formats here

Cooking Vinyl have the brand new THE DARKNESS album ‘Motoheart’ on CD, Deluxe CD and LP.. They also have brand new DEAP VALLEY album out on the 19th of Nov ‘Marriage’.. Lastly from the Orchard for the 19th is Volume 5 in LUCINDA WILLIAMS Jukebox Series… ‘Have Yourself A Rockin Little Christmas’.. CD or Vinyl... Sorry sorry nearly forgot there is a PRIMAL SCREAM ‘Live At Levitation’ blue and yellow swirl vinyl releases also..

Will pass you over to the Bob Man now to run through a few down the road announcements..

Thanks Boss-Man, welcome back. Howdy folks.
Kicking us off this week on the down the road bits, we’ll have to start with the brilliant ‘101’ reissues by DEPECHE MODE. Cracking cracking live album. The updated versions due out are lovely. There is a expanded BluRay or 2DVD of the documentary with a few extra bits added in, and there is a lovely 2CD/2DVD/BluRay Box Set also. Have never seen the documentary myself, will have to give it a watch! This is due out on December 3rd.

Next up we’ll go with the next EDDIE PILLER release just announced, with ‘Eddie Piller Presents British Mod Sounds of the 1960s’. A savage collection of tracks. 100 tracks on the boxsets, 34 tracks on the 2LP vinyl formats. So with this one, we will have a 4CD Boxset, an Indies Only 6LP Clear Vinyl Boxset, a really limited 6LP Black Vinyl with Signed Exclusive Print Boxset, the standard 2LP Vinyl, and an indies only red / blue 2LP vinyl. February 2022 for this one.

There is a nice new Irish release due into us in February 2022, with the new album from TELEFÍS, entitled ‘a hAon’. Telefis is a new project from the legends that are Cathal Coughlan and Jacknife Lee. Will no doubt be an interesting listen that we’re very excited for. It’s coming on CD or LP, and here is ‘Mister Imperator’ from the album

Gonna fly through the rest of these fairly quickly, ENYA has an anniversary picture disc release of ‘It May Be’, which was a track recorded for the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack 20 years ago now. There is a reissue on green vinyl coming of BLACK CROWES ‘Before The Frost… Until The Freeze’, and there is a coloured limited compilation vinyl record release due from FRANZ FERDINAND ‘Hits To The Head’, pressed on red vinyl.

Fastest fingers first jobs with these last two i’m afraid. SPIRITUALIZED have a new album just announced, ‘Everything Was Beautiful’ is the title. With this one the CD stock and standard LP stock are okay, but there is a Deluxe Indies Pink Vinyl, and a Japanese Edition vinyl which stock is very tight on both. There is also a nice reissue of SAINT ETIENNE’s classic ‘Foxbase Alpha’ pressed on green vinyl released for the 30th Anniversary. Again stock is very tight on this with allocations, so for both these releases safest bet is through the site as they may be sold out before we see an email.

That’s it from mise for this week folks, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!
Right so Universal for the 19th of November have a brand new studio album by ELBOW ‘Flying Dream 1’ as CD, Standard LP or Indies / HMV Exclusive green vinyl version.. Haven’t heard any of this one yet.. Looking forward to it..

There is a brand new studio album by STING on the 19th of Nov, ‘The Bridge’ on CD, Deluxe CD, LP, Limited 2LP, or as a Limited Deluxe CD Box Set.. FRANK ZAPPA ‘200 Motels’ OST is out on 2CD or 2LP or a limited 6CD Book.. UMC have the 45th Anniversary of KISS’ ‘Destroyer‘ album as a 2CD or 2LP.. There is a new ANDRE RIEU release, NOW 110 compilation and Decca have a nice BRIAN WILSON album, solo renditions of classic Beach Boys tracks on piano.. Just piano no vocals.. Lovely though.. Here is ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’.. LP of this not till December

LADY GAGA has a remix album ‘Dawn of Chromatica’ CD only.. A nice collection from THE WEEKND ‘The Highlights’ is out on limited vinyl release, there is a brand new RINGO 4 Track 10” EP, WELLER’s ‘Illumination’ LP reissue is out also on the 19th… Verve Acoustic Sounds have a reissue of CHARLES MINGUS ‘The Black Saint & Sinner Lady’ and lastly there are four nice Blue Note vinyl reissues from DONALD BYRDBOBBI HUMPHREYART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS and HORACE SILVER

Sin é really for this week folks,
Thanks as always for listneing
Ray, Bobby & Shane

Midlake Return, New Courtney Barnett, And The Album That Got Me Obsessed!

Hi folks,
Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.
Bob here as boss-man is off on his well earned week off! 
Might be a quick one this week as lots to get through. The machine keeps rolling!

We’ll kick off with new releases for this week, October 29th. There are new albums out from THE WAR ON DRUGSED SHEERANMASTODONJOE BONAMASSARICHARD ASHCROFTTORI AMOSNAT KING COLEBILLY BRAGG MARISSA NADLER, NIGHTMARES ON WAXHANS ZIMMER, and a new SOUL JAZZ compilation. There are reissues for this Friday by PINK FLOYDWHITESNAKER.E.MWHITE STRIPESWHITNEYBILLY PRESTONDAVE GAHAN, KHRUANGBINALABAMA SHAKES and WORLD PARTY  and lastly a couple of compilation releases from ELP and MOTORHEAD, and a new 7” from THE DELINES.

Onto releases for next Friday, November 5th. There are new releases from ABBANATHANIEL RATELIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATSJOAN AS POLICE WOMAN / TONY ALLEN / DAVE OKUMUROSS FROM FRIENDSSNAIL MAIL, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, PARCELS, DIANA ROSS, a ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS lost recordings album from 1961, a BILLY JOEL Vinyl Box Set, a GREGORY PORTER ‘Greatest Hits’ vinyl, and THE CHARLATANS ‘Head Full Of Dreams’ best of compilations. There are reissues from RADIOHEADTHE BLACK KEYS (4CD pushed back to December now), STEVE EARLEA CERTAIN RATIOFELA KUTI, a couple of JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ reissues of ‘Venner’, ‘Vestiges & Claws’ and ‘In Our Nature Dirty, all on ‘Dirty Pink Vinyl’. On the CD front there is a JETHRO TULL 4CD/2DVD deluxe release of ‘Benefit’, 3CD Deluxe reissues from PRETENDERS, and a new release from AIMEE MANN on CD only for now. Vinyl now released November 19th. A few of these never made the site because of holidays, so if interested or need more info pop us an email and we’ll get back to you!

The CD release of the SALVATION ‘Inspired by The Cranberries’ charity release for Pieta House is also due on November 5th, but the vinyl now has been pushed back a week or two, hoping to have in with us by Nov 19th. A great compilation for a great cause. 
Right so releases for November 12th. Universal also for the 12th have the release of the 30th Anniversary Edition of NIRVANA’s ‘Nevermind‘. What an album. The soundtrack of my childhood really. The first two albums I ever owned were ‘Appetite’ from GN’R and Nirvana’s debut ‘Bleach’, but it wasn’t until someone gave me ‘Nevermind’ a short while later that I became truly obsessed with music. I think that album had the same impact on many many people around the globe. It’s an album I hadn’t pulled out in quite a while and went back to when the anniversary fell a month or so ago. The production on it just blew me away again. Butch Vig made the record sound absolutely huge. And the tracks, just belter after belter. Great great pop songs, written exceptionally, disguised with heavy guitars and Kurt’s voice. An iconic record. 

There are a few nice formats out for this one. We will have a Deluxe 2CD (comes with a bonus live CD featuring highlights from 4 shows from the Nevermind-era. No Sir Henrys though, a shame!!). There is a Vinyl repress on gatefold with a bonus 7”, and also there is a Super Deluxe 5CD/BluRay set which comes the album remastered, 4 full concerts, the BluRay of one of the shows from Amsterdam, and a 40 page hardcover book. There will also be an 8LP Super Deluxe Vinyl with the extra live material, but this is looking like May 2022 for release now.  

With some of the Uni releases for the 12th, we didn’t have prices in time for getting this sent out, so a lot of links might be missing. Again if there is anything you are interested in pop us a mail and we can put it in the leabhair, or if looking for price or info let us know and we can chase up! Everything should be on the site by next week from Uni.

There is a really nice compilation release from THE CHIEFTAINS due out via Universal. What a legendary group. This one, entitled ‘Chronicles : 60 Years Of The Chieftains’ is out on 2CD, 2CD/DVD, 2LP Vinyl or as a limited Irish Exclusive Coloured 3LP Vinyl. 

Uni for the 12th have the TAYLOR SWIFT release of ‘Red (Taylor’s Version) as the next in the series of deluxe reissues, coming as a 2CD or 4LP. There is a nice reissue of YUSUF / CAT STEVEN’s classic ‘Teaser & The Firecat’ coming on CD, Deluxe 2CD, Vinyl, Limited 4CD/BluRay set, and as a Limited Super Deluxe 2LP / 7” / 4CD / Blu Ray Set. The vinyl release of JARVIS COCKER’s new French-pop tribute ‘CHANSONS d’ENNUI TIP-TOP’ album is out on the 12th, as is a brand new album by GOV’T MULE. Lastly from Uni for the 12th is a brand new album by ERIC CLAPTON ‘The Lady In The Balcony : The Lockdown Sessions’ on a host of formats including CD, CD/DVD, CD/BluRay, DVD, BluRay, 4K UHD/BluRay, Deluxe Box DVD/CD/BluRay, Vinyl, and a limited Yellow Vinyl.

Warner for November 12th have a deluxe reissue of KYLIE’s ‘Disco’ record from last year, entitled ‘Disco : Guest List Edition’. It is released on 2CD3LP or as a Deluxe 3CD/DVD/BluRay set, all featuring plenty of unreleased bonus material and remixes. There is a new ROD STEWART album out, ‘Tears Of Hercules’, featuring all new material. PARAMORE’s reissue of ‘All We Know Is Falling’ on Silver Vinyl coming via Fuelled By Ramen has now been pushed back but is due to land also on November 12th. Nuclear Blast via Warner have a reissue of HAMMERFALL’s ‘Renegade 2.0’ for the 20th Anniversary on 2CD/DVD or LP, and also SUFFOCATION’s ‘Live in America’ on CD or LP.

Warner also have the release of the JONI MITCHELL’s 3LP ‘Live At Carnegie Hall 1969’, and the 5CD ‘ Archives Vol. 2 : The Reprise Years 1968-1971’. What an incredible period of music from Joni. These were due out late October but now coming out on November 12th.

Integral have a few nice ones for November 12th also. DAMON ALBARN releases his second solo album ‘The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows’. There are a few different formats on this one, with it coming on CDCassetteStandard VinylIndies Exclusive White Vinyl, or as a nice deluxe edition casebound book with white vinyl and a bonus 7” single.

PIAS also have the new album by IDLES, ‘Crawler‘. Looking forward to giving this one a spin. Really enjoyed the last couple of releases in the siopa. Another band with a new album only 12 months or so on from their last. Check out the second part to the new single ‘The Beachland Ballroom’ below.

Finally PIAS for the 12th of November have a new JON HOPKINS release via Domino, called ‘Music For Psychedelic Therapy’. This one is out on CD or Indies Clear Vinyl

The Orchard for November 12th have a limited opaque light blue vinyl reissue of RIVAL SONS’ ‘Pressure & Time’

Proper for November 12th have one again i’m very excited for, which is the release of the new COURTNEY BARNETT record ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’. It is out on CDStandard Vinyl, or Indies Only Blue Vinyl. Definitely a new feel to this record from what I’ve heard so far, more acoustic based, but sounding great! Here is ‘Before You Gotta Go’ from the record

Proper for the 12th also have a new release from LAURA STEVENSON, a reissue of PORCUPINE TREE’s ‘Deadwing’ as a 2LP, and a few MAC MILLER albums on Cassette.

Not much time for down the line announcements this week folks, but it is starting to get a bit quieter as we approach the year’s end. A few crackers for 2022 being announced already though!
This week we have the announcement of the highly anticipated 5th studio record from MIDLAKE, entitled ‘For The Sake Of Bethel Woods’, coming on CDVinyl or a limited White Vinyl. This one is due in March 2022, and you can check out the first single ‘Meanwhile…’ below :

The Orchard via Mexican Summer have announced the upcoming sixth studio album from CATE LE BON, due in in February 2022. This one, called ‘Pompeii‘ is landing on CDVinyl or Coloured Yellow Vinyl.

There is a new GREEN DAY ‘BBC Sessions’ live compilation release due from Warner in December, coming on CDVinyl or Indies Exclusive White Vinyl. It contains 16 tracks recorded over four sessions between 1994 to 2001. Out December 10th.

Lastly on the down the line releases, there are a few nice coloured limited reissues from THE PRIMITIVES due in, with an exclusive signed print coming with the vinyl. Only a couple of copies of each due into us folks so if interested, fastest fingers first here is safest. Emails won’t be checked again until the morning so they could be sold out by the time we see any communication. Reissues on coloured vinyl with signed print of ‘Lovely‘, ‘Pure‘ and ‘Galore‘.

Finally so for this week, Integral for November 19th. They have a lovely 10th Anniversary 2LP reissue of DAWES’ sophomore record ‘Nothing Is Wrong’ on two different coloured variants. One is a Orange & Blue 2LP Coloured pressing, and there is a Black / Gold / Silver swirl pressing also. Both of these come with a bonus 7”.  New West Records via Integral have a few more nice coloured vinyl reissues of some of their classics. This time up is JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE’s ‘Kids In The Street’ and ‘The Saint Of Lost Causes’, as well as NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALLSTARS ‘Up and Rolling’.  There is a nice deluxe clear vinyl pressing on 2LP of SHAME’s latest record ‘Drunk Tank Pink’. This one comes with a bonus LP of Demos and is an Indies Exclusive.

Lastly from Integral for the 19th is the next in the SOUL JAZZ – STUDIO ONE coloured vinyl reissues, this time up with ‘Studio One Groups : The Originals’ on red vinyl.

That’s it from mise for this week everyone, felt I just rattled through bits, apologies if a bit boring! Boss-man will be back on duties next week! Full of cheers after his hols no doubt!
Thanks as always for listening folks, have a good week.
Bobby, Shane & The Boss-Man

New Jack O Rourke, New The Altered Hours And An Ode To Adele And Bowie I Suppose

Hi folks,

Hope yer all doing well enough.

Bobs on a week’s hols so i am flying solo this week with the newsletter.

Lets crack straight into it with releases in the good siopa for this friday the 22nd of October… 


There are also delayed albums like the sufjan stevens & angelo de augustine a beginner’s mind vinyl release, very nice listen as well it is….and THE BLACK PUMAS capitol cuts vinyl is also due for this Friday….as i have said here before , release dates sometimes feel  a bit like picking the winning lottery numbers.

And Corks very own THE ALTERED HOURS new album “ convertible” is out Friday on indies blue or std black vinyl….here is “ thistle” from the new album…great tune


There are reissues on the 29th of Oct by PINK FLOYDWHITESNAKER.E.MWHITE STRIPESWHITNEY, BILLY PRESTON DAVE GAHAN, KHRUANGBINALABAMA SHAKES and WORLD PARTY  and lastly a couple of best of thingies from ELP and MOTORHEAD.

Hard to know what way Christmas will go for retail this year, it has been such a topsy turvy few years for all of us…in our specific line of work ( COVID, D2C, PRICE HIKES, RECORDS OUT Of STOCK) when we were open and open for call and collect we done really well…not so much obviously when we were locked down to just online only. Big thing in our favour when we were “ open” was folks more or less couldn’t go to a gig, go for a pint, go to a match, go on holidays…could do feck all really …but you could listen to music…so we did see the benefit of that…that has settled in the last few months…so hard to know how the next few months will play out for retailers …the year has flown in  many ways.

Right so moving on to releases for the 5th of Nov….PIAS/INTEGRAL have the RADIOHEAD release ( interesting one) KID A MNESIA …which is out via XL , 3lp or 3cd versions left ( unfortunately im told the 3lp red version is gone for now if not forever id say) .

KID A MNESIA collects Radiohead’s fourth and fifth albums alongside the debut of a newly compiled third disc titled Kid A mnesia. Exclusive to this release, Kid A mnesia is comprised of unearthed material culled from the Kid A / Amnesiac sessions. Along with alternate versions and elements of Kid A and Amnesiac album tracks and B-Sides, Kid Amnesiae features the never-before-heard “If You Say the Word” and a previously unreleased studio recording of “Follow Me Around.” Three 12” half-speed cut black vinyl pressings of KID A (A/B), Amnesiac (C/D) + KID AMNESIAE (E/F) bonus volume containing unreleased material, in artwork sleeves.

We have a good few cd and blk vinyl due in.

Integral also for the 5th of Nov have via Knitting Factory FELA KUTI – LONDON SCENE, JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN with TONY ALLEN & DAVE OKUMA “ the solution is restless” , Brainfeeder has the new ROSS FROM FRIENDS album “ thread” , Matador have the brand new SNAIL MAIL album “ valentine” ….here is “ ben franklin” from the new album

Lastly from  New West are a bunch of STEVE EARLE coloured vinyl reissues.

The Orchard for the 5th of OCTOBER  sees the release of the Osees live ‘Levitation Sessions’, these are extremely limited and the record company has said cuts are inevitable with them so tis a pot luck one, ORCHARD ( wrongly) don’t do allocations ( you have to allocate in my opinion, so we all know where we stand with limited titles, no allocations exposes us and we can look like amateur hour when if we oversell)  and the same goes for the Limited Reissues of José González  first three solo albums “ VENEER”, “ VESTIGES AND CLAWS” and “IN OUR NATURE DIARY” all on Dirty Pink Vinyl….again sorry i cant allocate or promise so if interested will do our best, so drop us an email….. We also have the return of Aimee Mann with an album inspired by the book ‘Girl Interrupted’ on CD only for now with Vinyl scheduled for 19th November, the sequel to last year’s ‘Kings Disease’ from Nas album on CD with Vinyl to follow in March 2022 and lastly Conan Mockasin on Transparent Blue Vinyl from Mexican Summer.

Give us an email if interested in anything above please.

Aimee Mann’s last album was great so looking forward to that.

We have a really exciting release coming out on the 5th of November…a release close to our hearts here, with the new second full length album by JACK O’ROURKE…the album is called “ wild place” and after one full listen sounds just stunning…beautiful piano, vocal and strings throughout.its gorgeous.  Jack has always been a friend to and supported the shop here or wherever we are through thick and thin.

We will have Jack in for an instore around the album release , either going to be Friday late afternoon/evening or Saturday morning the 5th or 6th of November….one instore to seriously look forward to…will confirm here soon! 

Here is “Patsy Cline” for the new record…

Heres a bit about Jack and the new album…CD only for now, hopefully the vinyl version next year..

Wild Place is Jack’s first release since 2019’s Ivory Towers and first full album release since his acclaimed debut, Dreamcatcher, which entered the Irish Top 5. In the intervening years Jack has established himself as one of Ireland’s finest songsmiths and a live favourite. For the recording of Wild Place, Jack and his band based themselves in Triskel Christchurch in Cork and used the wonderful acoustics and Triskel’s grand piano to great effect. The results are probably Jack’s most endearing work to date – the songs emanating from a soulful and folk-inspired place.

Jack first came to prominence with his ode to misunderstood youth and growing up gay, ‘Silence’, became a torch song for the Irish Marriage Equality Referendum and won the Nashville Songwriting Competition (judges included Tom Waits and Bill Withers). Chosen as a 2019 headliner for Other Voices, Jack was featured prominently in the television series (most recently part of the Home special in December, featuring himself. Loah, Villagers and Denise Chaila) and his collaboration, ‘New Day’ with electronic artist, Kormac has nearly 500,000 views for its award winning music video.

“Wild Place has songs of love and loss, beautiful misfits, nature and wilderness,” says Jack. “There’s freedom and rage in there too, alongside questions on race, friendship, a still-Covid world, my dreams and sea swimming.”

The piano and vocal are centre, but there are elements of folk, roots, blues, Americana and chamber music.” There’s also a song, ‘Strange Bird’ written about the last year and a half – a drone recording a town during lockdown and all we’ve lost and gained. It’s influenced hugely by John Prine – “When John Prine died during Covid, it was a Bowie or Cohen or Prince moment – I was heartbroken without knowing him personally – his lyrics and his style meant so much, and his songwriting always floored me. There’s a Steinbeck or Mark Twain quality – he says so much without being flowery.”

Jack teamed up with members of Crash Ensemble, Clare Sands, Hugh Dillon and Aisling Fitzpatrick to record Wild Place, with a live quality brought to the songs by Ber Quinn’s mixing. Jack’s long-standing drummer, David Ryan, produced the album, despite not using drums on any of the tracks and it was mastered in Canada by Philip Shaw (Feist and Bob Iver).

Ok ok just got word…the album launch party instore is in our gaff/ humble abode/record shop on Friday the 5th of November at 6 pm..the day the album is out…sweet, Jack is great live…hope ye can make it, more on it next week.

Sony for the 5th November have a BILLY JOEL 9LP boxset called collection volume 1…i must admit i have strong strong childhood musical memories of Joel…there was a few records around the house of him when i was a child..greatest hits vol1 & 2 on a double LP with Goodnight Saigon finishing one of the sides….side 3 if memory serves and that song kind of blew a 12 year olds mind a little bit..ah the power of the ceol.

Sony also has a brand new album by JAMES ARTHUR.

Got a call tuesday morning re THE WAR ON DRUGS new album…the vinyl in particular….2 problems really…firstly its delayed …so won’t be with us on the 29th of October ( the CD will,  but not the lp formats) second issue is amount of stock been received , it has turned into a bit of a disappointment im afraid….so the latest format we plugged to ye , the 2lp red vinyl version is not happening at all full stop, not happening….there was four of ye asked for it so don’t know if ye want the indies only blue version or the std blk versions….let us know sher….the indies blue version was cut hugely and only have  2 /3 or maybe 4 copies left of it to sell and it doesn’t look like there will be  anymore this side of Mr Claus…i have a good few std left to sell but when they are gone, they are gone for a while also…im just passing the info on folks.

Right Warner for the 5th November have the next in the series of JETHRO TULL deluxe remix albums by Steven Wilson…this time up is “ benefit” as a 4cd/2dvd version….it is 45 euro and we will get the link up next week or sooner hopefully! Email in if interested!

Warner also have a deluxe 2cd/bluray of AIRs 10000 hz legend, there is a new christmas album by BILLY IDOL, KEITH RICHARDS “run rudolph run” 12” reissue, there are 3CD deluxe reissues of PRETENDERS 1 and 2 and THE BLACK KEYS 10TH anniversary deluxe versions of “el camino” as  4CD, 5LP or 3LP versions.

Right ill hand ye over to Raymondo Dinzeo to run and jump through announcements and down the line stuff.

There probably are a few but we are a little short at the moment so we only have links for 3 titles done…

First up first up is the announcement of ADELEs new album “ 30” via Sony on the 19th November…it is available as CD, std blk vinyl and limited indies only clear vinyl version…ta an leabhar ar oscailt!!…i think nearly every record shop still trading  here and in the UK owe this lady a debt of gratitude…she nearly single handedly kept record shops open in 2011/2012…her album” 21” hit a nerve and man did it sell….when we were selling nothing, we were selling hundreds of Adele CDs…every week when we were living on fumes, Adele was the bit of petrol…honestly she played a big part in keeping our doors open…if i ever meet her i will be buying her a pint…unlikely i know…i remember Dave Grohl saying around the same time how record shops are an important part of a lot of people’s lives ( at the time there was a huge cull of record shops…circa 200 in Ireland in 2005 down to circa 40 shops in 2012…it was finger nail stuff…honestly…many a time i thought would i be better off just shutting the door….i was afraid to close, what will i do?…I had worked selling albums for all my adult life, nearly 20 years at that stage…what oh what could i do in the real world?? But Adele was selling and then the green shoots of vinyl started to appear and started to blossom with Bowie’s next day album in 2013 and the rest is in the history books….i often think of some of the independent record shop owners who shut their doors in 09, 10 and 2011 and wonder if they could have managed to hang on for another bit longer, they might have survived…they weren’t to know Adele and David were around the bend of the river in a rescue boat i suppose…no one did) and that if the music is good enough people will buy it…a lot has changed in the 10 years since “21” but lets hope we are both still at it for album” 50” Adele…a pint of guinness here if your every in Cork…ill try be nicer to the Bowieheads David i suppose , that might be a way of saying thanks to you…ill try i said.

Right i got sidetracked…sorry….there is a new NEIL YOUNG AND CRAZY HORSE album out in December the 10th i think…brand new material from Young…available on cd, std lp, limited indies lp and a deluxe boxset….everyones elses prices are going up and Neils are coming down it seems…vinyl anyway!

Last one for this week is TAYLOR SWIFTs “ RED – TAYLORS VERSION” as a 4lp set or 2cd also…due on 12th November.

Ill hand you back to Ray now…

Thanks Raymondo…you went on a little there chief, I thought you were going to start rabbiting on about floods and fires and pandemics again there……man, you can give that stuff a little rest to be honest.

Pias for the 12th November have the new DAMON ALBARN record “ the nearer the fountain, more pure the stream flows” out via Transgressive records now which is his new label…fine label, home also to Arlo Parks , Loyle Carner and FOALS amongst others…anyway new record out on the 12th …Albarn impresses me more and more as time goes by, i think the musical history books will be deservedly very kind to him as a inventive, invocative progressive musician …the new album is on cd, indies only white vinyl vers, std lp, cassette and casebound deluxe book edition with scanned lyrics photos etc white vinyl and 7” single aslo…here is “ royal morning blue” from the album

PIAS or INTEGRAL as know as now have the new IDLES album on Partisan records…” crawler” its called and its available on the 12th on CD, DELUXE 45RPM LP, indies coloured vinyl also….std lp is out in Jan 2022…here is “ the beachland ballroom part 1” from the new album…fine tune.


INTEGRAL also have the new JON HOPKINS album, cd only for now, LP versions out in feb 2022 “ music for psychedelic therapy” on Domino…and lastly there are some ALL THEM WITCHES coloured vinyl reissues on New West.

Just spotted a new SIMONE FELICE ALBUM announced for jan 2022 there, will get link done soon.

Alright musicians/bands out there…hello, hello…our good friends in Douglas Village ( Bartosz the centre manager, the traders and the other staff ) are going to be celebrating 50 years of the Douglas Village shopping centre been open in November across 3 Saturdays ,,,party/fun atmosphere lots of giveaways etc etc…Bartosz is looking for some bands to play on the mall in the shopping centre across those 3 Saturdays….lots of exposure from it, you can sell whatever you like and maybe a few bob in it…give us a nudge if interested and we will put ye in contact.

UNIVERSAL for the 5th of November have the brand new ABBA studio album ,,,indies blue lp, std lp and cd.

Universal Music Ireland with 2FM have a very important release with SALVATION – inspired by the Cranberries…this is a charity album in aid of Pieta House …a very important charity that ensures there is help available for  folks in suicidal crises…ah look fierce important…this album is more or less charity all along the chain and support for it is greatly appreciated…its on CD and LP..more on it next week.

Uni have BLONDIE 12” with Fab 5 Freddie “ yuletide throwdown” , there ia a brand new album by NATHANIEL RATECLIFF & THE NIGHT SWEATS on Concord…it is his third studio album…here is “ what if i” from the new record

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – “What If I” (Official Audio)

Uni also has new albums from DIANA ROSS, PARCELS and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, a lost live album on Bluenote from ART BLAKEY AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS and a GREGORY PORTER greatest hits.

Sin e really for this week folks..crikey ye must be bored to tears if you’re still reading this!

Bob is flying solo with the newsletter next week as i have a few days off

Thanks for listening as always.

Ray, Bobby and Shane.

New Eels & Black Country, New Road, Silverbacks Return, and The Passing of an Irish Legend.

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well enough.. We are in holiday mode here at your local LP, CD & Cassette Emporium.. Shane is enjoying a few well earned days off, Bob’s off next week and i’m off the week after.. So with Shane off today, i’m in the siopa or about to leave it soon now.. So Bob is on newsletter duties from home.. Normally the newsletter is a tag team and the two of us work on it on Wednesday.. But Bob is mainly in charge of taking ye’r money this week.. Before I let him to it.. Paddy Moloney from The Chieftain’s passed away in the last few days.. Bit of a tribal leader in many ways, as The Cheiftain’s carried the Irish Traditional flag proudly for so many years.. I remember the Sony rep coming into the Golden Discs shop on 25 Patrick Street circa 94/95 i’d say and having a little pop quiz.. He played a CD and we were to tell who t’was… It ended up being Gordon Sumner ‘as gaeilge’ with the bould Chieftains.. Always finding new ways.. Respected the globe over.. R.I.P Paddy..

I’ll hand ye to the Bob man for now so..

Hey folks, 
Hope you are all keeping safe and well.



Video for the week is now up here! Be sure to subscribe!

Onto releases for October 29th and it’s a busy week again. A big week of releases from Warner. They have new ED SHEERAN album ‘=’ out on CDVinyl or Indies Vinyl. Warner have a new EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Boxset ‘Anthology 1970 – 1998’ on 3CD or 4LP and there is also a live box set release from ELP, called ‘Out Of This World : Live (1970-1997)‘ on 7CD or 10LP sets. There is a BLACK VEIL BRIDES album ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’, a reissue of FALCO’s ‘Emotional’ on 3CD/DVD or Vinyl, a new JOE BONAMASSA release entitled ‘Time Clocks’ on Deluxe Box CD or indies exclusive gold vinyl. 

Warner for the 29th also have the highly anticipated new album from MASTODON, ‘Hushed And Grim’, their first since 2017. This one is coming on 2CDVinyl or indies only Clear vinyl. There is a new MOTORHEAD compilation album released via BMG for the 29th, ‘Everything Louder Forever – The Very Best Of’. It is released on 2CD2LP vinyl or deluxe 4LP foldout cover vinyl pressing. BMG via WEA also have a new OVERKILL boxset release ‘The Atlantic Years: 1986-1994’, on 6CD or 6LP.

Couple of big ones left with Warner. PINK FLOYD’s ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’ is reissued on CD2LP Vinyl, CD/BluRay or CD/DVD with remixed and updated audio, done for the ‘Later Years’ project in 2019. All remixing done from the original tapes. RICHARD ASHCROFT’s ‘Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1’ is also out on the 29th. It is a collection of 12 newly recorded acoustic versions of hits from throughout his solo career and his time with The Verve. WHITESNAKE have a 25th Anniversary release of ‘Restless Heart’ out via Rhino on 2CD2LP Silver Vinyl4CD/DVD or Standard 1CD.

Last but definitely not least from Warner for the 29th is the release of the brand new WAR ON DRUGS album ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’, one we are very excited for in the siopa. The last couple of records have been top class. It is coming on CD, standard vinyl, Indies Exclusive Blue vinyl or as a really limited red vinyl we are lucky to be getting a few copies of. We also have a pair of tickets up for grabs for anyone who pre-orders the album for the band’s show in the 3Arena in Dublin in April 2022. Here is the single ‘Living Proof’.. Lovely song. Great band.

On to Universal for October 29th. Well first we need to mention a Uni release for November 6th. ABBA’s ‘Voyage’ lands in with us on Nov 6th, the band’s 9th studio album and first album in 40 years. The vinyl pressing, both the standard and exclusive blue vinyl are both very limited so we need to have numbers in for orders this week (a week earlier, hence plugging it with Oct 29th stock). So if interested give us a nudge or up on the website! Other formats for ABBA include CDCassette or Deluxe Eco Box CD..

Onto releases from Universal for October 29th. Uni’s biggest release is the R.E.M reissue of ‘New Adventures in Hi-Fi’, for the 25th Anniversary of the album.This release is coming as a 2LP2CD/BluRay set or as a 2CD. Uni also have a brand new album from TORI AMOS entitled ‘Ocean to Ocean’, her first since 2017’s ‘Native Invader’. This one is coming on CD or as a 2LP Vinyl. 

Universal have the release of NAT KING COLE’s ‘A SENTIMENTAL CHRISTMAS WITH NAT KING COLE AND FRIENDS: COLE CLASSICS REIMAGINED’, which sees reworked classic tracks with duets from artists such as John Legend, Calum Scott, Johnny Mathis and more. Final bits from Universal include a nice Island Records compilation LP entitled ‘The Vinyl Series Volume 3’, featuring a nice collection of folk / acoustic based material in which Island Records was founded upon. UMC also for the 29th have a vinyl reissue of BILLY PRESTON’s ‘Encouraging Words’ from 1970 on limited vinyl release. 

Sony for October 29th have a HANS ZIMMER live album ‘World of Hans Zimmer – A Symphonic Celebration’, on 2CD/BluRay or BluRay. There are vinyl reissues of WHITNEY HOUSTON’s ‘Greatest Hits’ and DAVE GAHAN’s ‘Paper Monsters’

Integral for October 29th have releases from KHRUANGBINALABAMA SHAKESMARISSA NADLERNIGHTMARES ON WAX, and a new SOUL JAZZ compilation.

The Orchard for the 29th of October have the release of the new BILLY BRAGG album ‘The Million Things That Never Happened’ on CD only for now, Vinyl formats pushed back to December 10th now. Rubyworks via The Orchard also have a 2CD/DVD reissue of RODRIGO Y GABRIELA’s ‘FOC / RE-FOC’ as a Hardback Book Set. This was originally released via mail order only and sold out gigs, and is the duos first collection of songs originally from 2002.

Proper for October 29th have a reissue of WORLD PARTY’s second album ‘Goodbye Jumbo’ on vinyl, and also two Porcupine Tree reissues, ‘Signify’ and ‘Stupid Dream’, both 2LP reissues on 140Gram Vinyl with a Gatefold Sleeve.

Right so, time for some down the line announcements.
Kicking us off on this front this week is the announcement of the second studio album from BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD, entitled ‘Ants From Up Here’. The debut is a firm shop favourite over the last 12 months, a cracking listen start to finish, so we’re looking forward to this landing in February. A good few formats on this one, and all the vinyl are allocated folks, so fastest fingers first, especially the vinyl formats. The two most limited formats are lovely. There is a 2LP Blue Marbled SIGNED Exclusive vinyl pressing, we are getting very very little of these so safest bet is to buy from site. An email could be missed and not seen until later tonight / early tomorrow and could be sold out by the time we see it. So if interested site is safest bet. There is also a lovely 4LP Vinyl Set with a bonus live album which the stock is tight on, so again site is safest best. The other formats include CDDeluxe 2CD with live CD bonus, standard 2LP Vinyl and the Indies Exclusive Blue Vinyl.

Dublin’s SILVERBACKS are back in January 2022 with their second studio output ‘Archive Material’, coming on The Orchard via Full Time Hobby on CD or Limited Blue Vinyl. Their first album ‘Fad’ was a great listen. Fine punk, alternative rock from our little island. Check out the new album titled lead single here :

We will have a lovely MOGWAI ‘EPX3’ coloured vinyl 3LP set due in to us for release in late November up on the site now. It’s a vinyl reissue of their 3 EPs from the 1990s, reissued on vinyl for the first time. We have been given allocations again here, so when they’re gone they’re gone. Fastest fingers first is the safest again. 

There is a 9LP Vinyl Box Set release from BILLY JOEL, ‘The Vinyl Collection Vol.1’. It contains all of Joel’s albums from the 1970s, including Cold Spring Harbor, Piano Man, Streetlife Serenade, Turnstiles, The Stranger, 52nd Street, and also Songs in the Attic, a live release from 1981. This is coming via Sony on November 5th.

Another nice announcement for early 2022 (which is shaping up to be strong on the release front) is the 14th studio album release from EELS. The album entitled ‘Extreme Witchcraft’ is out January 28th on the bands own E-Works label with PIAS. The album is produced with John Parish, marking the first time he has worked with Eels since 2001’s classic ‘Souljacker’ LP. It is coming on CD or as a Opaque Transparent Yellow Vinyl pressing. Again allocations given on the vinyl of this, when it’s gone it’s gone.

Right so, Integral for November 5th up next to finish off for today, and a few nice bits out. Integral’s big release for the week (and arguably the biggest overall) comes with the release of RADIOHEAD’s ‘KID A MNESIA’ via XL Recordings. It features the two classic albums ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesia’, as well as a new bonus material album ‘Kid Amnesiae’, featuring unearthed material from the recording sessions of both albums. The red 3LP format is fully sold out i’m afraid, but we do have the 3CD and standard black 3LP Vinyl left.

Integral also have a new A CERTAIN RATIO new remix 2LP on limited sparkle vinyl, with a bonus 12′‘ coming via Mute for November 5th. INVADA Records have the next in the series of CLINT MANSELL soundtrack releases, this time up with ‘In The Earth (Original Music)’ on vinyl, the film came out early 2021. There is a splatter coloured vinyl reissue of FELA KUTI’s ‘London Scene’ LP. PIAS have a new release from JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN, TONY ALLEN & DAVE OKUMU entitled ‘The Solution Is Restless’. The legendary Tony Allen was Fela Kuti’s drummer in the 70’s, and recorded this album shortly before passing away in 2020. It also features Damon Albarn on a track, who introduced Joan to Allen in 2019. Check out Take Me To Your Leader below, really enjoying this track

MR. BUNGLE have a live stream album release from October 2020, ‘The Night They Came Home’ on Indies Orange Vinyl. ROSS FROM FRIENDS has a new studio album ‘Tread’ out via Brainfeeder on CD or Indies LP. ‘Valentine’ the sophomore album from SNAIL MAIL lands on November 5th via Matador on CD or Indies Gold Vinyl, and finally Integral also have a host of STEVE EARLE coloured reissues out also on Nov 5th.

That’s it for this week folks,
Thanks as always!
Bobby, Shane & The Boss-Man!

A Classic White Stripes Reissue, Weller With The BBC Symphony Orchestra and Four Echo And The Bunnymen Classics

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well.. Where is the year gone?? They seem to zip by when you get to a certain age.. Right so, releases for this Friday the 8th of October.. Tame enough week to be honest but we will have new releases by BILLY BRAGG, SAM FENDERJAMES BLAKEBADBADNOTGOODJOHN COLTRANE, DMAS, EFTERKLANGTRIVIUM (CD only for now)NOAH GUNDERSEN (CD only for now) .. Reissues by JOHN PRINEVIOLENT FEMMESNOTORIOUS B.I.G.THE DRIVE OSTELLA FITZGERALD, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and the DAFT PUNK back catalogue gets reissued on CD only for now... 

Video for the week is up here :

Releases on the 15th of October.. We have new releases by THE BEATLESTHE CHARLATANSDAVID KEENANCOLDPLAYJOHNNY MARRLUCINDA WILLIAMSFELA KUTI & GINGER BAKERPRIMAL SCREAMJUDAS PRIESTCHRISTONE KINGFISH INGRAMFRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES, and A.A. WILLIAMS… Reissues by PAUL WELLER, DAVID CROSBYSAM COOKE, THE ALARM, NINA SIMONEPARAMORENICK LOWE, and LINTON KWESI JOHNSON… And National Album Day releases from EVA CASSIDYDIDOAMY WINEHOUSEMARIANNE FAITHFULL, GABRIELLEKIRSTY MACCOLL, MS. DYNAMITESOLANGEFIRST AID KIT, MARIAH CAREYBILLIE HOLIDAY, JOAN JETT, KATIE MELUAKYLIE MINOGUELYKKE LI, and OMARA PORTUONDO.. And one nice edition for the 15th of October is a legacy solo album by CHRISTY DIGNAM.. The great Christy Dignam is what I should have wrong.. 11 songs, some covers, some originals.. The title is ‘The Man Who Stayed Alive’.. CD is the 15th of October and LP is now not out until December 3rd… Great man Christy..

Right so i’ll move on to releases for the 22nd October.. Warner have reissues of the first four ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN records… So we have ‘Crocodiles, ‘Heaven Up Here’, ‘Porcupine’, and ‘Ocean Rain’… Some great music there.. BMG have a brand new DURAN DURAN album on the 22nd also with a CD format, deluxe CD with hardback book, standard LP and indies only red vinyl

Warner also has a brand new album by BIFFY CLYRO ‘The Myth of The Happily Ever After’ on CD or Red Vinyl / CD set, and also there is a limited 10” EP from Biffy, ‘Errors In The History Of God’.. The last Biffy album was excellent.. Really good.. If it passed you by, well worth spending a bit of time with it.. So really looking forward to this release.. Here is a video of the two lead singles from the new record ‘A Hunger In Your Haunt / Unknown Male 01’

Provogue have a reissue of BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION’s ‘BCCIV’ on 2LP. BMG have a reissue of tenor sax BOOKER ERVIN’s debut album from 1961, ‘The Book Cooks’.. Influential album.. Nuclear Blast have a brand new studio album from CRADLE OF FILTH ‘Existence Is Futile’ on CD, Vinyl Gatefold, Deluxe CD, Picture Disc Vinyl or CD/LP Memorabilia Box.. East Records have 3 vinyl reissues from FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND on indies only exclusives ‘Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation’, ‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves’ and ‘Hours’.. There is brand new albums also from HONNE, MASSACRE, new remix album from SIMPLY RED on CD, some Christmas albums on CD and vinyl, brand new SEPULTURA boxsets ‘Sepulnation – The Studio Albums 1999-2009 on 5CD or 8LP.. BMG also have the collaboration album by TONY ALLEN & HUGH MASEKELA ons CD and LP.. TURNSTILE reissue out on vinyl also as first time reissues on Oct 22nd… Lastly from Warner via BMG is the reissue of NINA SIMONE’s debut ‘Little Girl Blue’ on CD, LP or indies only clear LP…

Do you know what are great i.m.o… BLACK COUTRY NEW ROAD’s album.. Here is ‘Sunglasses from it’..
The newer PADDY CASEY is great also.. Just great well written tunes.. Here is ‘You Are The One’ from it..

Sony for the 22nd of October have a reissue of WHITE STRIPES ‘White Blood Cells’ on black vinyl and coloured vinyl.. Whatever pinwheel colour is.. This one is not for the website we are told hence the will be no link going up for it.. Price on the black standard is €27 and the indies is €40… Let us know by email if you want a copy and will sort for you.. Thanks!!

Sony for the 22nd of October also have a festive album on CD by THE PISTOL ANNIES..

The Orchard for the 22nd of October have the 4th in the SPIRITUALIZED reissue series with ‘Let It Come Down’… Just waiting on an allocation on these but hope to have at least a handful again.. Inside Out Music via The Orchard have the 15th studio offering by DREAM THEATER.. Available physically on a host of formats.. CD, 2LP/CD version, 2CD/BluRay version and a 2LP/2CD/BluRay boxset also.. Metal Blade records are reissue some SLAYER albums.. There is not great info on the limited coloured ones but we do hope we will get a few.. These titles are available also on CD or Standard Vinyl… So being reissued are the debut ‘Show No Mercy’, first live album ‘Live Undead’, second studio album ‘Hell Awaits’ and lastly the ‘Haunting The Chapel’ EP.. The EP was released between debut and second albums.. I have emailed trying to get numbers on the Slayers…

Republic of Music for the 22nd of October have the brand new and 4th studio album by GLASVEGAS called ‘Godspeed’ on indies green vinyl.. It seems like a vinyl release only.. Madness in my opinion.. Why alienate physical CD buyers?? If it costs a label €2 to send a CD to a shop it costs them a lot.. Do a run of 500 CDs anyway.. Probably make 3k profit on 500 CDs.. So it alienates and makes no business sense Either.. I could be wrong and the maybe the CD is out further down the line.. I don’t get it if there is none produced though.. Same thing with a download code.. They seem to be becoming less and less.. More madness. It should be given if you buy a vinyl record… Give the bloody code… The LPs are dear enough.. The amount of folk who walk away form the vinyl because here is no code is a 3/4 people a week.. Listen to the frontline.. Codes are important.. More and more we need to see, not less and less.. Again it does not make sense to me.. Some of the 3/4 a week will buy CD.. Others will just leave it altogether… No good for us or for the record company..

ROM also have THE STOOGES ‘Live At Whiskey A Gogo‘ and PINK FLOYD in Jazz tribute album..

Integral for the 22nd of Oct have a 7” by IDLES, as well as brand new albums by MY MORNING JACKET and PARQUET COURTS..

Integral for the 29th of Oct has a new album by ADAM BALDYCH (jazz violinist) on ACT.. Rough Trade releases a deluxe edition of ‘Sound & Colour’, ALABAMA SHAKES ground breaking, sophomore, Grammy Winning 2015 album.. There are 7 bonus tracks.. CD or Coloured vinyl on this one.. Dead Oceans release KHRUANGBIN ‘Mordechai Remixes’.. We all love the studio album here in the shop so looking forward to this one.. Bella Union have the new MARISSA NADLER album ‘The Path Of The Clouds’ on CD, or 180GM White Vinyl with download code.. Yipee for Bella Union.. All together now.. Hip hip.. Hip hip… And there is a nice special version for indie shops.. 180gm silver and white vinyl, with a 12 x 12” print and the code! Here is ‘If I Could Breathe Underwater’ from the new album

Warp have a brand new album by NIGHTMARES ON WAX for the 29th.. It’s on CD, standard vinyl and indies only blue vinyl… Here is ‘Own Me’
I’m gonna mention it in future when I see a code with it so there is a cod with the N.O.W. album also.. There is a nice Act Jazz Compilation on CD also.. Nice list of great artists.. The Spirit of Jazz is the title.. Lastly from Integral, Soul Jazz Records Presents : CUBA – Music and Revolution : Culture Clash in Havana Experiments In Latin Music 1975-1985 Vol. 2.. Compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker.. It is on 2CD or 3LPs..

I’ll hand you over to the Bob Man now who will run through up and coming releases 

Hey folks, 
Quieter from me this week, I’d say the week of OOct 22nd / Oct 29th which are linked for the site this week are the busiest of the year (definitely the busiest so far for the year anyway, we’ll see how November shapes up!), which eats into time at getting down the road releases programmed. A nice one none the less is the new PAUL WELLER release coming via Universal for December 3rd. It is ‘Paul Weller with Jules Buckley & the BBC Symphony Orchestra – An Orchestrated Songbook’, a live concert from Weller captured in May 2021, performing hits from The Jam, The Style Council and solo material with a full orchestra. No vinyl yet on this but it lands in December on standard CD or as a deluxe CD house in a hardback book.

Quick note also on THE WAR ON DRUGS new record ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore‘. There has been another vinyl added, with a nice red exclusive vinyl landing now with a few of the indie shops in the country. So now there is CDStandard Black Vinyl, Indies Blue Vinyl or this new Exclusive Red Vinyl. All formats enter you into the competition to win a pair of tickets to the April 2022 show in the 3Arena in Dublin

JOOLS HOLLAND has a new album out in November via Warner, entitled : PIANOLA : PIANO & FRIENDS. It’s a collection of piano tracks that have inspired Mr. Holland and features guests such as David Gilmour, Gregory Porter, Joe Bonamassa, Rick Wakeman and more. Coming on November 19th on CD or 2LP Vinyl. 

Finally from mise for this week, fresh from the press and only announced in the last hour or so is the next in the live series from CAN, this time ‘Live in Brighton 1975’. Extremely well remastered live albums all from original tapes by all accounts with this series. This one is coming on CD or as a limited gold 2LP Vinyl on Dec 3rd

That’s it from me folks, hopefully will have a few more next week for ye. Back to the bossman! 

Thanks Bob!
Universal for the 22nd of Oct have ELTON JOHN’s ‘The Lockdown Sessions’ on CD and LP.. THE ROLLING STONES have the deluxe versions of TATTOO YOU out.. Formats are CD minipack, 1LP Standard Black (Mick cover), 2LP 180gm double deluxe vinyl, 4CD Boxset and lastly the 5LP boxset.. LANA DEL REY has a brand new album ‘Blue Banisters’ on CD and LP.. Here is ‘Arcadia’ from the album

Uni also have the OST to ‘The French Despatch’ movie and JARVIS COCKER ‘Chansons d’Ennui Tip Top’ which is a new album and a nod, tip of his hat to French pop music..

Sin é really for this week folks
Thanks for listening as always
Ray, Bobby & Shane

New David Bowie Box Set Announced, Nirvana’s Nevermind 30th Anniversary Releases, and National Album Day Full Lists

Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well enough out there… Main weekend I will be rabbiting on about this week is releases for 15th of October.. This year’s National Album Day (NAD), so some nice releases for the day in question… Anyways before that we have some lovely releases in the shop for this week October 1st including the METALLICA ‘Blacklist’ boxsets, the BLACK SABBATH ‘Technical Ecstasy’ boxsets, MARK KNOPFLER’s ‘Studio Album 1’ boxsets, and new releases by NEIL YOUNGROGER TAYLOR, TONY BENNET & LADY GAGAHANS ZIMMER, TAYLOR SWIFT, DONALD FAGENSTEELY DANNILS LANDGREN, BRANDI CARLILEONE REPUBLIC, STRAND OF OAKSYESTHE SCRIPT, N.O.A.H, Primal Scream Boxset and the SALVATION : INSPIRED BY THE CRANBERRIES FOR PIETA HOUSE CD or Yellow Vinyl… There will be reissues this Friday by ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN, FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALSGARBAGE, GRATEFUL DEADSIGUR ROSVINCE GUARALDI, JOHN PRINEWHITNEY HOUSTON and CARA DILLON..

The winner of the signed test pressing of MICK FLANNERY & SUSAN O’NEILL’s ‘In The Game’ (signed by Mick) album was drum roll please… Mr JERRY COONEY.. You can watch the draw ‘live’ ala the great Bill O’Herhily here with this week’s video!!

Hope to have the Maiden tees this week so will do another ‘live’ draw for them this week… Hays the excitement.. I can hardly bare it… Speaking of Mick / Susan… People really love the record.. Mick is selling to people who never bought / got Mick before (what do be wrong with ye like!!) and Susan’s talent has reached a fine audience.. They are getting a great reaction on the American tour.. Phoebe Bridgers loves the pair of them.. The stars seems to be aligned on this record.. Both voices are only beautiful to be fair.. Great stuff it is…

Right, sidetracked I was.. Sorry.. Releases for the 8th of October include new releases by BILLY BRAGG, SAM FENDERJAMES BLAKEBADBADNOTGOODJOHN COLTRANE, DMAS, EFTERKLANGTRIVIUM (CD only for now)NOAH GUNDERSEN (CD only for now) .. Reissues by JOHN PRINEVIOLENT FEMMESNOTORIOUS B.I.G.THE DRIVE OSTELLA FITZGERALD, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and the DAFT PUNK back catalogue gets reissued on CD only for now...

Right so moving on to releases for the 15th of October (National Album Day, which showcases some unreal talented female musicians this year)… So for NAD, WEA have releases by EVA CASSIDY ‘Live At Blues Alley’ on CD or LP... Her only solo album released while she was alive.. It was recorded in 1996 on the 3rd of Jan.. Her aunt helped our out with the cost of getting it recorded as she hadn’t a bean… Her purpose with the recording was to allow her the chance to sell a CD at her shows after.. It is an exquisite recording… Went far too early did Eva… BMG have a coloured vinyl version of KATIE MELUA’s ‘Ultimate Collection.. Warner have a coloured vinyl version of KYLIE’s ‘Fever’LYKKE LI’s ‘Wound Rhymes’ reissue, OMARA PORTUONDO self titled coloured reissue also with help from all her friends in the Buena Vista Social Club.. All these releases are through Warner for NAD…

Warner, separate from the NAD releases have the brand new album from COLDPLAY ‘Music Of The Spheres’ on CD and LP (price is good on this one when you consider ‘big artists’ release pricing of late… Anything 30 quid or under is a good buy nowadays).. PLG UK putting this out..

Rhino Atlantic have the 50th Anniversary edition of DAVID CROSBY’s solo debut album ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name’ as a 2CD or LP... Loads of class musicians play on the record… There is a new JOHNNY MARR E.P on BMG called ‘Fever Dreams Pt. 1’.. BMG also have a new SANATANA album on CD only for now, PARAMORE ‘All We Know Is Falling’ coloured vinyl reissue and lastly a fancy coloured vinyl reissue of TWENTY ONE PILOT’s ‘Blurryface’ on 2LP Limited Coloured vinyl through Fuelled By Ramen / Atlantic..

Few bits of housekeeping.. Richmond Fontaine’s ‘Freeway’ RSD 2021 vinyl landed in but Raymond deleted the list of people’s wish lists / who had asked for a copy… So if you want a copy.. Pop us an email.. Only have 3 copies now..

Anyone know someone hand who fixes hi-fi?? A sound head now like.. Local enough be better..

Last one, Shane here has 2 tickets for JAMES in the 3Arena in dec and he can’t go so face value €100 for the 2 if anyone is interested.. Sin sin.. Well i’d like to wish a happy birthday to Tommy T.C as allegedly he likes a lot of attention.. It’s like the Larry Gogan show today..

Anyway, The Orchard for the 15th of October have the second studio album by DAVID KEENAN ‘What Then?’ on CD and LP via Rubyworks… Here is ‘Philomena’ from the new record.. Very interesting artist..

Orchard also have the next 2 volumes of LUCINDA WILLIAMS ‘Lu’s Jukebox Series’ with the release of Volume 3 and Volume 4 on the 15th of Oct… 3 is ‘Bob’s Back Pages : A Night Of Bob Dylan Songs’ and Vol. 4 is ‘A Night Of 60s Country Classics’.. Both on CD and LP..

Proper for the 15th of Oct have a brand new CARAVAN album ‘It’s None Of Your Business’ on CD only and the LP now is Nov 5th… New FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES also ‘Sticky’.. Indies only red & blue LP.. There are a couple of NICK LOWE reissues and lastly CHRISTONE ‘KINGFISH’ INGRAM’s new album ‘662’ get’s it’s vinyl release on the 15th Oct…

Republic of Music for the 15th Of Oct have a career spanning best of by THE CHARLATANS entitled ‘A Head Full Of Ideas’.. Good few versions out including a limited coloured triple LP version and a 2CD deluxe featuring the hits album plus a bonus live album.. Also a CD or standard vinyl of just the hits.. There is a really limited boxset but as I write this I don’t know will I be getting any.. It’s 6LP Set, signed exclusive poster, 12 page booklet and on limited transparent blue vinyl

Nevermind me for now, i’m going to hand ye over to the real Boss who has some lovely announcements made over the last week to help the easing opening of da aul wallets..

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Kicking us off this week is a big 30th Anniversary announcement. Last week saw the anniversary of NIRVANA’s stone-cold classic ‘Nevermind’, which is getting reissued on a nice few formats. There is a 2CD (including album remastered and a bonus live CD), a Vinyl & Bonus 7” reissue, a deluxe 5CD/BluRay set which has the album remastered, 4 full live concerts and the BluRay footage of the remastered Amsterdam gig. All these formats are due out in November, and there finally is a savage 8LP super deluxe boxset which also features the remastered album and 4 complete live shows, but this one isn’t due out now until 2022.

Busy week this week, as also just announced to us today is the release of the next in the series of DAVID BOWIE box sets. ‘Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001)’ is due for release on November 26th, the fifth release in the Bowie career spanning box sets. This set captures a more experimental time for Bowie, and will contain albums Black Tie White Noise, ‘The Buddha Of Suburbia (first time on vinyl in nearly 30 years), ‘1.Outside’, ‘Earthling’, ‘hours’, as well as the expanded live album from BBC Radio Theatre, London 2000, the non-album / alternative version / b-sides compilation ‘Re:Call 5’, and legendary unreleased 2001 album ‘TOY’. As normal, this is coming as a 11CD Box Set, or as a 18LP Vinyl Box. 

Following from this but staying with Bowie releases. Parlophone are also releases a standalone, expanded version of ‘TOY: Box’ in January 2022. This expanded edition will feature the unreleased album, bonus alternative versions and alternative mixes, proposed B-Sides, and an ‘Unplugged & Somewhat Slightly Electric’ mixes of thirteen TOY tracks. This set will be released as a 3CD or a 6 X 10” Vinyl Box Set.

Sony has the release of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND’s ‘Legendary 1979 No Nukes Concerts’, coming as a 2LP Vinyl, CD/DVD or CD/BluRay on November 19th. The two classic performances have been compiled into a 90-minute show which was recorded as the Boss was recording ‘The River’, with the footage being edited from the original 16mm concert film. A rarely filmed era for Bruce, meant to be a cracker of a gig.

Last couple from mise for today, IDLES have announced a brand new studio album ‘Crawler’ due for release also in November. This is coming as a CDEco Mix Vinyl (all unique pressings varying in colour from one copy to the next), and a deluxe, DLP 45RPM format of the vinyl. There is also a standard vinyl pressing but this won’t be released until January 2022. Heavenly Recordings have a lovely 10th Anniversary reissue of ‘100 Acres Of Sycamore’ by Bray’s own FIONN REGAN. First timer on 180gm vinyl for this one, and unfortunately we are only getting a handful of copies so it’ll be fastest fingers first here folks, sorry. Lastly, WHITE LIES have announced their new studio album is due in February 2022, entitled ‘As I Try Not To Fall Apart’, being released on CDVinyl or Indies Only Coloured Vinyl. 

Back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob.. Did ya like what I did there?? Subtle out!!

Re the new WAR ON DRUGS album… We have 2 tickets for the show in the 3Arena next year up for grabs and as well as that, we have secured a price promotion on the new vinyl.. The Indies One and the standard black one.. So the prices of the vinyl are now €40 Best Price on the Indies Vinyl and €35 Best Price on the Standard vinyl.. Anyone who had bought it at the older price we will sort refunds out for you for the difference..

Intergral for the 15th of Oct have FELA KUTI’s ‘Live With Ginger Baker’ 50th Anniversary edition Red Coloured Vinyl, KIEFER ‘Kickinit Alone’ green vinyl.. For NAD Sub Pop have a coloured reissue of WEYES BLOOD ‘Titanic Rising’ on Gold Vinyl and YVES TUMOR has a new 12” ‘The Asymptotical World’ EP

Integral for the 22nd of Oct have a 7” vinyl single of IDLES ‘Model Village’.. There is a new self titled album release from MY MORNING JACKET.. First studio album in 6 years.. CD and first press only coloured vinyl released via ATO.. Integral also have the brand new PARQUET COURTS album for the 22nd on Vinyl, Deluxe Vinyl, CD or Indies Only Vinyl..

Sony for the 15th of Oct have a few nice NAD Releases including PATTI SMITH’s ‘Horses’DIDO ‘No Angel’FIRST AID KIT ‘Stay Gold’SOLANGE ‘Seat at the Table’BILLIE HOLIDAY ‘Lady In Satin’JOAN JETT ‘Bad Reputation’ and MARIAH CAREY ‘Emotions’, all on limited vinyl..

PRIMAL SCREAM release ‘Demodelica’ on the 15th of Oct also which are previously unreleased demoes and work in progress mixes of the classic ‘Screamadelica’.. Available on CD or DLP.. There is a JUDAS PRIEST new best of compilation ‘Reflections : 50 Heavy Metal Years’ on CD or DLP also…

Uni for the 15th of October next, last but not least.. Hold onto ye’r wallets.. THE BEATLES ‘Let It Be’ 50th Anniversary editions are with us.. There are a number of physical formats including 5LP Box Set best price €145, 5CD/BluRay Version Best Price €1301LP Reissue, 2CD and a 1CD version also... I’d like to think that the shop is very inclusive as regards to musical taste (with no looking down from the srón area).. So whether tis Cannibal Corpse or Celine Dion floats your boat.. Who are we to disagree with you! You enjoy it and are hurting no one.. Drive the feck on is our motto.. But I will say I do find it hard to understand when people dis The Beatles.. I’m like (in my head.. Politician of course) how can you not appreciate songs like ‘Get Back’, ‘Across The Universe’, ‘Let It Be’… Timeless, incredible songs.. Sounding better now then when I first heard them.. The best ever?? Hard to argue really.. Maybe The Doors shade it personally for me.. Anyway’s i’ll let it be.. Across the Universe is probably my own favourite Beatles song…

Uni also for the 15th have the debut release from FINNEAS (eight time grammy winner).. Makes some records with a Billie Eilish, co-writes and produces Billie Eilish, has a sister named Billie Eilish.. A talented dude.. Debut out on Polydor on 15th Oct.. CD and LP on this.. Here is ‘the 90s’ from the album.. Also ‘Break My Heart Again’ another fine tune..

UMC also have a couple of WELLER limited reissues.. ‘Days of Speed’ as a Limited 2LP (acoustic live album) and ‘Illumination’ limited 1LP.. First ever reissue on vinyl of the 6th solo album from 2002..

Onto the NAD releases from Universal for the 15th of Oct.. AMY WINEHOUSE’s ‘Back To Black’ picture disc is most likely sold out but i’ll try get a few more if anyone wants to go on a waiting list… MARIANNE FAITHFULL’s ‘Broken English’ only 2 copies left but will try get a few more also.. We will also have KIRSTY MACCOLLMS DYNAMITEGABRIELLE and KT TUNSTALL.. Also UMC for the 15th of Oct have reissues by SAM COOKE and LINTON KWESI JOHNSON..

Sin é for this week folks,
Went on a bit.. Sorry!!
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane

New Elbow & A Black Keys Reissue, National Album Day 2021, And A Strange Industry

Hi Everyone
Hope ye’r all well enough.. We had a bit of a ropey week with deliveries.. Mick / Susan and Dylan Bootleg all delayed.. The Dylan delay was a bit of a saga.. It’s on the way.. It’s on the way was the message until Tuesday morning (yesterday) the boxes were missing and the order was to be rekeyed (for delivery next week!!).. Then 9 boxes of records landed at 4PM yesterday (phew) just when I was composing an email to the folks that pre-ordered… I am like a broken record here a bit but release dates / deliveries are wonky.. The Brexit thing is as tricky as the 4th of January.. So bare with us if possible when things go a bit astray!!

Right, Releases for this Friday the 24th of Sept include new releases from PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING, THE ALTERED HOURSSUFJAN STEVENS & ANGELO DE AUGUSTINE, SHARON CORRTYLER THE CREATORANGEL OLSEN EPa METALLICA Remix 12”DONALD FAGEN & STEELY DAN live albums, and the new VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO Tribute album ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’... There are reissues from DJ SHADOWPIXIES (sold out sorry), & GARY NUMAN. 

And releases for next Friday October 1st include the METALLICA ‘Blacklist’ boxsets, the BLACK SABBATH ‘Technical Ecstasy’ boxsets, MARK KNOPFLER’s ‘Studio Album 1’ boxsets, and new releases by NEIL YOUNGROGER TAYLOR, TONY BENNET & LADY GAGAHANS ZIMMER, TAYLOR SWIFT, DONALD FAGENSTEELY DANNILS LANDGREN, BRANDI CARLILEONE REPUBLIC, STRAND OF OAKSYESTHE SCRIPT, N.O.A.H, and the SALVATION : INSPIRED BY THE CRANBERRIES FOR PIETA HOUSE CD or Yellow Vinyl… There will be reissues by ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN, FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALSGARBAGE, GRATEFUL DEADSIGUR ROSVINCE GUARALDI, JOHN PRINEWHITNEY HOUSTON and CARA DILLON.. (also the Primal Scream Boxset is now the 1st of Oct and while i’m at it SUFJAN / ANGELO vinyl is not out until Oct 22nd.. )

Also going to give a mention here to National Album Day 2021 (NAD 2021) which is the 15th of October.. There are limited releases out that day.. The theme this year are incredible female artists.. Bob will link below here some of what we have..  All these are quite limited presses, so if interested in any best route is direct through site as emails might be missed, and once they’re gone from the site i’m afraid they are gone for good. Sony and Uni’s lists Bob will link below and now up on the site to order : 

Sony : National Album Day 2021 Releases :
DIDO ‘No Angel’ Silver VinylSOLANGE ‘A Seat At The Table’ white vinylPATTI SMITH ‘Horses’ white vinylFIRST AID KIT ‘Stay Gold’ gold vinylMARIAH CAREY ‘Emotions’ baby pink vinyl, BILLIE HOLIDAY ‘Lady In Satin’ navy vinylJOAN JETT ‘Bad Reputation’ purple vinyl.

Universal : National Album Day 2021 Releases : 
AMY WINEHOUSE ‘Back to Black’ Picture DiscGabrielle ‘Rise’ vinylKIRSTY MACOLL ‘Tropical Brainstorm’ blue vinylMarianne Faithfull ‘Broken English’ pink vinylMS. DYNAMITE ‘A Little Deeper’ Purple Vinyl.


Video for the week is now up here :

Righty so, moving on to releases for October 8th.. Warner have a quiet enough week but do have the vinyl reissue of BIGGIE’s (Notorious B.I.G.) debut ‘Ready To Die’ as a standard or indies silver vinyl version via Bad Boy Records… Roadrunner have the brand new album from TRIVIUM ‘In The Court Of The Dragon’ on CD Only for now.. There is a new DMA’s Vinyl EP out via BMG and there are CD reissues of most of DAFT PUNK’s catalogue out via their own Daft Life Records Label.. No sign of the vinyl reissues yet though!!

Sony for the 8th of Oct have the new album by BLANKET ‘Modern Escapism’ on CD and LP

Republic of Music for the 8th of October have the new album by EFTERKLANG
 ‘Wild Flowers’ via City Slang and is available on CD, LP or LPX Indies Exclusive Version...

Orchard for the 8th of Oct have the brand new album from NOAH GUNDERSEN ‘A Pillar Of Salt’ via Cooking Vinyl.. The CD is the 8th but the vinyl is not out until Jan 2022… Here is ‘Sleepless In Seattle’.. Phoebe Bridgers sings a duet with Noah on the new album also..

The world seems (well here in our little corner anyway) to be getting back to normal and with that the siopa is getting back to normal also.. This year we were closed from Jan 1 to May 17 and after that we had 10 mad weeks of biz (yacht brochures out and all) but really is back and no bad thing in some ways… Put some manners on us!! The industry for shops like ourselves have loads of challenges and always will.. Recent ones are deliveries, Brexit, pricing, stock levels and direct to consumer stuff where our suppliers sell the ‘best / most limited’ version from their own sits and the sites they own.. (A lot of big online music retail sites are actually owned by the record companies that supply us).. Don’t know a whole pile of industries where your suppliers also compete with you.. Strange industry in that regard.. The record companies are aware though what record shops have and they do.. They nurture a sense of community in an area of link minded people which makes record shops the length and breadth of the country special places.. Our customers want to support us, support the community but it’s tricky for them when they really want the ‘Blue’ Gallagher or the ‘Red’ Kylie.. It is what it is folks and we completely understand it from ye’r point of view.. Maybe not so much from the other side of the fence though.. But it is what it is.. The record companies could close us all down also.. (Would cause a stir that!!).. So all record shops are aware who the boss is also.. Anyways, not sure where I was going with it really.. It is what it is and we all have to play ball with it as best we can.. We win on other lovely indies / offers / tee’s as well, so win some / lose some.. Strange industry in the competition regard though..

Anyway!! Releases from Uni for the 8th of October include a brand new album from SAM FENDER ‘Seventeen Going Under’ on CD, Deluxe CD, Gatefold Black Vinyl, Cassette and an Indies Only Baby Blue Vinyl also, out via Polydor..

Republica / Polydor have the brand new JAMES BLAKE album ‘Friends Break Your Heart’ on CD and LP.. Impulse have a really nice release on 8th Oct with JOHN COLTRANE’s ‘A Love Supreme : Live in Seattle’ as a 1CD or 2LP.. Coltrane performed ‘A Love Supreme’ just twice in public in Paris and in Seattle.. The Seattle recording was never known to exist until very recently.. It was recorded by Coltrane’s friend and noted Seattle musician Joe Brazil.. Billboard calls it ‘a miracle discovery.. of extraordinary historical significance’..

UMC have a reissue also of VIOLENT FEMMES 5th Studio album ‘Why Do Birds Sing?’ on 8th October and it is available to us as a 2CD which includes a complete 1991 live set from Norfolk.. The black vinyl version is out on Oct 8th also and stock is ok with it.. Indies version is not so good on stock.. We are only guaranteed 3 copies with a maybe for 2 more.. So fastest fingers here now for the 3 copies .. Email for the 2 maybes.. Sorry!!

Verve have ELLA FITZGERALD’s ‘Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas’ Double LP reissue on their high quality ‘Acoustic Series’ label..

Going to hand you over to Bobby now for the further down the line releases etc!

Hey everyone,

We’ll start off this week here with the announcement of the brand new album from ELBOW, ‘Flying Dream 1’, which is due out on November 19th on CDVinyl or Limited Indies Green Vinyl. 

There is a sweet 10th Anniversary reissue of THE BLACK KEYS’ classic LP ‘El Camino’ coming via Warner on November 5th on a few different formats. There is a standard 3LP reissue, which contains the remastered version of the album and an extra live LP, ‘Live in Portland, ME’. There then is a Deluxe 4CD or Super Deluxe 5LP which both contain the remastered album, ‘Live in Portland, ME’, and two bonus live sessions the ‘Electro Vox Session’ and ‘Zane Lowe BBC Session’.

Final few for this week include a new ELTON JOHN ‘The Lockdown Sessions’ covers album with a fair few artists chipping in with Elton, there is a brand new 7” single release from THE DELINES (excited for the new album early next year!), and STING has a brand new album ‘The Bridge’ coming on November 19th on CDDeluxe CD, or vinyl. Lastly, we are definitely approaching silly season when Bubbles makes an appearance. There is a new 10th Anniversary Edition of MICHAEL BUBLÉ’s ‘Christmas’ album, coming as a new 2CD edition with a bonus CD of festive cheer, or as a super deluxe boxset which even comes with 6 sheets of wrapping paper. Just magical.

Just a quick reminder also on our competition for the new THE WAR ON DRUGS album ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’. Anyone who pre-orders the CDVinyl or Indies Vinyl will be entered into a draw for a pair of tickets for their upcoming show at the 3Arena on April 14th 2022. Savage stuff! The album is out October 29th. 

That’s it from me this week folks, back to the boss-man!

Thanks Bob!

Right, PIAS / Integral for the 8th of Oct have the new BADBADNOTGOOD albumthe DRIVE OST LP Coloured Reissue, and THE CHARLATAN’s Self Titled Yellow LP reissue

Integral for the 15th of Oct have via Bella Union a reworking album by A.A. WILLIAMS ‘Arco’, reworking her rock album into a softer listen with vocals and strings.. Signed print and download card included here… Knitting Factory have the 50th Anniversary Red vinyl edition of FELA KUTI ‘Live with Ginger Bark’, new ones from KIEFER, HAYDEN THORPE and KEATON HENSON EP also.. There is a 36 songs MELVIN’s Acoustic compilation on Ipecac and for NAD, Sub Pop have a gold vinyl version of WEYES BLOOD ‘Titanic Rising’  and there is also an YVES TUMOR ‘The Asymptotical World’ EP on 3 x 7” in rigid box or 12” also..

Sin é really for this week folks,
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bob & Shane

Radiohead’s ‘Kid A Mnesia’, New Lana Del Rey And Mastodon, And A Signed Mick Flannery & Susan O’Neill Test Pressing Give Away!

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well enough.
I was off the grid for the last while as we had a family bereavement, so I’d like to thank Bob and Shane for having my back once again… They know it would be reciprocated.

Yep Gina lost her dad, (devastating loss), my father in law, my old pal… We used to go for a drink 50 out of 52 Sunday nights a year i’d say if not 52 out of 52! For 15 or 16 years… Hundreds and hundreds of small nights out… Thousands of laughs… I could write a book…. Ahh he is an awful sore loss and will be… Liam was a fierce important person in my life and sher they dont grow on trees but no better man to tell you to face the puck out so face it, it is.

Again the lads have been gentlemen… Thanks.

Right so, apologies for a few bits I may have missed over the last week, i’m back at it now so will do my best to catch up.

Releases due into the shop for this Friday September 17th include new releases by BOB DYLANJAMES VINCENT MCMORROW (a few limited signed prints left with this), LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM, CARCASS, STAIND, EMPLOYED TO SERVE, JOSE GONZALEZ, THE LATHUMS, a new BILLY IDOL EP, and a live KING GIZZARD 3LP from Melbourne 2021. There are reissues by BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUBPRIMAL SCREAM, OZZY OSBOURNE, THE RONNIE WOOD BAND, ROYKSOPP, MOON DUO, DREAM THEATER, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, a couple of BlueNote reissues from LEE KONITZ & GERRY MULIGAN, WAYNE SHORTER, and a limited 4LP GENESIS box set. There is also a new CD from CARLY PEARCE.

We have a gorgeous bespoke signed test pressing of the Mick Flannery & Susan O’Neill new album ‘In The Game’ on vinyl.. signed by Mick Flannery to give away to someone who has pre ordered or bought the album from us, or critically buy it from us in the next 24 hours… So if you want to be in with a chance to win this beautiful item, then get your name in the hat by buying the album from us asap..

I think we will still have to pick winners from a hat for the IRON MAIDEN tee shirt competition.. Not sure if the tees landed yet though Bob.? (They haven’t yet!)

I think that’s it for comps Bob is it or am i forgetting something…? (I think that’s it!)

I thank ye and hope those of you that came to the shop last Saturday for the JOHN BLEK and LEWIS BARFOOT in-stores had an enjoyable afternoon… By all accounts it was lovely so again thanks to all involved.

Right so releases for the 24th of Sept include new releases from PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING, THE ALTERED HOURSSUFJAN STEVENS & ANGELO DE AUGUSTINE, SHARON CORRTYLER THE CREATORANGEL OLSEN EPa METALLICA Remix 12”DONALD FAGEN & STEELY DAN live albums, and the new VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO Tribute album ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’... There are reissues from DJ SHADOWPIXIES (sold out sorry), & GARY NUMAN.

Moving on so to new releases in the good siopa for Friday Oct 1st… Warner have NEIL YOUNG ‘Carnegie Hall 1970’ on 2LP or 2CD… Solo acoustic performance from the 25 year old… 3 months after the release of ‘After the Goldrush’, and 8 months after CSNY release ‘Deja Vu’… Quality stuff… Young done 2 shows in Carnegie Hall and the first one has never been heard before as he says, the bootleggers only got show 2.

BMG have the next in the series of BLACK SABBATH deluxe boxsets on CD and LP... Thiis time up is “Technical Ecstasy “ and all the info on it is here on the link..

BRANDI CARLISLE has a brand new album on New Elektra on CD, LP and Indies only LP... There is a lovely 2 LP vinyl 25th Anniversary Edition of FUN LOVIN CRIMINALS ‘Come Find Yourself‘ on Chrysalis Records. BMG also have a 20th anniversary standard and deluxe reissue of GARBAGE’S third album “Beautiful Garbage” on quite a few formats.. There is a reissue of GRATEFUL DEAD’s ‘Fox Theatre Performance’ on 5LP or 3CD set, a brand new MINISTRY album on Nuclear blast, reissue of SIGUR ROS ‘Ágætis byrjun’ on Krunk , OLD 97s 3LP reissue of ‘Fight Songs’ on Rhino, and lastly the new MELISSA ETHERIDGE gets its LP release… All of the above due out on 1st October.

As regards release dates they are constantly moving and shaking to be honest… The plants are under enormous pressure to produce…. The amount of good albums out of stock is enormous with long delays… Apologies, these things are well out of our hands… The special orders every week are frustrating as at least 50% of requests are just not in stock.. It is what it is I suppose for now anyway… We always try our best…

Universal for Oct 1st have THE SPECIALS ‘Protest Songs : 1924 – 2012’ on CD Jewel, Deluxe CD (2 extra tracks), standard vinyl and limited trans yellow 180gm vinyl.. I think I only have 6 copies of this.. EMI Have a brand new solo album by ROGER TAYLOR of Queen and it’s called ‘Outsider’, available on CD, LP and 180gm coloured Indies / HMV exclusive.. Interscope via Uni have the new TONY BENNET & LADY GAGA ‘Love For Sale’ on CD, Deluxe 2CD, Vinyl or Limited Vinyl Gatefold with Alternative Cover... Tony is 95 now, some man.. UMC for Oct 1 have a MARK KNOPFLER ‘Studio Albums 1996 – 2007’ boxset as a limited 11 LP set or a limited 6 CD set featuring Knopfler’s first five solo albums and a bonus disc of B-Sides called ‘Gravy Train’.. Gem of albums like ‘Golden Heart’, ‘Sailing to Phili’, and ‘Gravy Train’ the B-Sides album are first timers on vinyl… Oct 1 via EMI sees THE METALLICA BLACKLIST release as a 7LP (limited) or 4CD set… Over 50 artists help cover the songs from ‘The Black Album’.. Should be an interesting listen..

HANS ZIMMER is up next with the soundtrack to the newest BOND movie ‘No Time To Die’ available on CD, 2LP Black and Indies Only Exclusive Picture Disc Vinyl.. Last couple from Uni for October 1st are GWEN STEFANI’s ‘Christmas Album’ LP Set, VINCE GUARALDI ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ and the vinyl release of the new ONEREPUBLIC album ‘Human…

The Orchard for the 1st of October have three nice releases.. They have a reissue of JOHN PRINE’s grammy winning album from 2005 ‘Fair & Square’ on black or indies exclusive green vinyl also.. There is a new album by YES called ‘The Quest’ on 4 physical formats.. (I probably told ye this story before.. Was on a stag in Swansea 20 year ago i’d say and saw Rick Wakeman in the hotel having lunch.. A pal of mine said ‘Look lads, Noel Edmunds is over there!’… Noel Edmunds!!!).. The Orchard also have a brand new studio album by STRAND OF OAKS.. Again there is an indies colour version available..

Sony for the 1st of October have THE SCRIPT ‘Tales From The Script’ Greatest Hits on CD and WHITE HOUSTON’S ‘One Wish : The Holiday Album’ vinyl reissue.. 

I’ll pop ye over to Bobby now for some nice down the line releases..

Hey folks,
Hope you are all keeping well and safe.
Kicking us off this week is the announcement of the savage looking RADIOHEAD ‘KID A MNESIA’, a reissue of the classic 4th and 5th studio albums in one package, with a bonus disc entitled ‘Kid Amnesiae’ featuring unreleased material from the sessions of both albums. This one is out as a 3CD3LP Standard Vinyl or Indies Exclusive Red 3LP Vinyl on November 5th, and the vinyl is cut at half speed for superior sound quality. We have been given allocations on both of the vinyl releases so when they are gone they are gone.

Few other nice bits for down the line announced in the last week or so include a ‘Remixed and Updated’ version of PINK FLOYD’s ‘A Momentary Lapse Of Reason’, reissued using the newer 2019 Remaster from the ‘Later Years’ sets. This one is coming on CDVinyl and Deluxe CD/BluRay or CD/DVD sets with a host of bonus content.

R.E.M have a nice reissue of their tenth studio putting ‘New Adventures In Hi-Fi’ released for the 25th Anniversary of the album on October 29th. It’s coming on 2CD or 2CD/BluRay, both with unreleased material, or as a 2LP Vinyl reissue. 

Final two for this week are two big new releases. LANA DEL REY has announced her brand new album ‘Blue Banisters’, her 8th album now and only released a few months after her previous album ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ (a cracking listen). This one is coming on CD or Vinyl on October 22nd, and the following week on October 29th sees the release of the highly highly anticipated 9th studio album, ‘Hushed & Grim’, by the legendary MASTODON. Few nice formats for this one, coming on 2CDStandard 2LP or an Indies Exclusive White 2LP Vinyl.

Thanks Bob!

Right so PIAS / Integral for the 8th of Oct have the brand new album by BADBADNOTGOOD ‘Talk Memory’ on XL Recordings.. It’s on CD, LP and Indies Only LP... Beggar’s Banquet have the reissue of the 4th album by THE CHARLATANS on marbled yellow vinyl (indies only) and there is also a 10th Anniversary edition of CLIFF MARTINEZ ‘Drive’ Original Sound Track on blue marbled and pink marbled vinyl..

Right sin é for this week folks,
Thanks for listening,
Ray, Bobby & Shane,

Oasis ‘Knebworth 1996’ Release, An Iconic Time For Music, And Villagers One Week Away

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Hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Last week of myself on newsletter duties, Boss-Man due back from his yachting adventure this Friday! 
May be another short and sweet newsletter this week. Half typing this up on Tuesday, and half typing it on Wednesday. Getting the second jab done on Wednesday morning (happy days!) and heading to see Mr. John Blek in the fine establishment that is Coughlan’s at 6:30PM after it. (First time attending a gig since February 2020, which also happened to be Mr. John Blek). May just have to leave all the giving out to the boss-man for next week. 

Right we’ll head straight into it. Releases for this Friday the 13th of August up first. We will have new releases by THE KILLERSSHERYL CROW, JUNGLE, and the new MODERN LOVE Bowie Covers release.. There are reissues by PEARL JAM, NINA SIMONESUEDETRAVIS, DAN FOGELBERGCORINNE BAILEY RAETHE WEATHER STATION, DAVE BRUBECKTELEVISION PERSONALITIESHOWLIN WOLF, and JOAN SHELLEY. A quiet enough week, it seems that most of August has been quiet enough on the release front. 

Right so onto release for August 20th. The new releases for the week include the new album ‘Fever Dreams’ by VILLAGERS on CDVinylIrish Exclusive Vinyl or Indies LP. There are also new releases from LORDE (we have a few copies more of the Indies Exclusive LP. If we have you down for the standard and would like to upgrade to the Indies, let us know and we will sort), ORLA GARTLANDCHRISSIE HYNDEJAKE BUGGMARTIN GOREMARTHA WAINWRIGHTJAMES MCMURTRYSEPULTURAALABAMA 3, and the new FEAR FACTORY album gets the vinyl treatment for the first time. There are reissues from JOHN COLTRANE, ERIC CLAPTONROYKSOPPTHE KNIFEOUTKASTGRANT GREEN, and KENNY BURRELL. On the CD front there are releases from STURGILL SIMPSON and DAVE. 

Moving on to releases for August 27th, and definitely the busiest release day of the month. We’ll start with Warner. The biggest from Warner for the 27th is the reissue of the excellent ‘In It For The Money’ by SUPERGRASS from back in 1997 (a great time for music, more on that later). This one is coming as a deluxe 3CD or as a Indies Only Turquoise Vinyl with a bonus 12”.  

WEA also have the new TEN YEARS AFTER 1967-1974 10CD Boxset which was originally due out in July for the 27th. MARIANNE FAITHFULL and MUDDY WATERS are the next releases in ‘The Montreux Years’ Series with Vinyl and CD releases for both. There is a silver vinyl pressing of PANIC! AT THE DISCO’s ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ on the Fueled By Ramen label for release on the 27th through WEA, as is MAISIE PETERS debut release, which is coming on CD or Limited White Vinyl. Finally Warner have the CD reissue of SISTERS OF MERCY’s ‘BBC Sessions 1982-1984’, which was released on vinyl for RSD this year.

Next up is Universal who also have a good few nice releases. First up is the new CHRVCHES album ‘Screen Violence’. Really like this Scottish groups last few outings. Great pop music and always enjoyed the happy synth sound mixed with sometimes quite dark lyrics, always a contradiction I like a lot in music. Latest single ‘How Not To Drown’ features Robert Smith of The Cure. Available on CDVinyl or Indies Red Vinyl.

Uni also have the new HALSEY album ‘If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power’ on CDVinyl or Indies White Vinyl for August 27th. There is a reissue of SPICE GIRLS ‘Wannabe’ EP for the 25th Anniversary on Picture Disc vinyl or Cassette, both very limited. Uni also have the 15th Anniversary reissue of THE KOOK’s ‘Inside In, Inside Out’, featuring 13 previously unreleased tracks, coming as a 2LP vinyl or 2CD. There is a new BEACH BOYS collection due from Uni on the 27th, entitled ‘Feel Flows: The Sunflower & Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971’, and is released as a 2CD2LP, 4LP Set and 5CD Set. The collection is based on the landmark 1970/1971 albums ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Surf’s Up’, and all formats feature a host of unreleased and rare material, as well as the 2019 remasters of each album.

Last couple from Uni for the 27th include the vinyl release of the latest J COLE album ‘The Off Season’, and a new ONE REPUBLIC album (CD only for now) called ‘Human’. Lastly from Uni there is a vinyl reissue of ‘Trio 64’ from BILL EVANS on the Verve Label. Only about 25-30 quid more expensive than when we last had this on vinyl a few years back. Did I say no giving out this week? …Sorry! 

PIAS for August 27 have the new BIG RED MACHINE album on CD (vinyl formats pushed back now), NEW ORDER’s ‘Be A Rebel Remixed’ CD or Clear Vinyl, as well as more new releases from STEVE GUNN, and MARISA ANDERSON & WILLIAM TYLER.

Cargo for the 27th have a non-album material compilation LP from the mighty GOAT entitled ‘Headsoup’, on clear green vinyl with a bonus 7”..

Moving on to The Orchard releases for August 27th. JORJA SMITH’s newest EP ‘Be Right Back’ get’s its vinyl release after coming out on CD earlier in the summer. There are two BORIS reissues coming via Third Man Records of ‘Flood’ and ‘NO’ standard or indies only vinyl. There is a new ENTER SHIKARI release, ‘Moratorium (Broadcasts From The Interruption)’, a home sessions / acoustic live album which was recorded on YouTube and other various platforms throughout 2020 and 2021. There is a new album from THE NEAL MORSE BAND, their fourth entitled ‘Innocence & Danger’ on a few different formats, and finally there is a couple of CHILDREN OF BODOM coloured vinyl reissues of ‘Hatebreeder’ and ‘Something Wild’. We don’t have these set up on the site yet so if looking for anything pop us a mail at and we can note in the order book for you!

Right, busy one August 27th to be fair!

Onto a few down the line bits announced in the last week. It’s not been too busy but a few good’uns!

We’ll start with the biggy. A 250,000 people biggy. The biggest gig in the UK up until that point (not sure would there be many bigger since either). 2 shows, quarter of a million people over two nights. Apparently there was enough demand to sell out 7 nights. I am of course talking about the legendary OASIS ‘Knebworth 1996’ gigs, getting their first ever official release for the 25th Anniversary on November 19th, to go with the release of the brand new documentary on the gigs which is in cinemas in September. As mentioned earlier, what a time for music. Support from the day includes The Manics, The Prodigy, The Charlatans, Ocean Colour Scene, The Chemical Brothers and more. Wouldn’t get a line up like that today! And the headliners. A band, on their second album, 3 years into their career, having become that huge. Will it ever happen again on that scale? My guess, with t’internet and how accessible music has become is that it will be very very difficult for a band to ever do it that quickly, and get that big again. But an iconic moment. So get on with the release Bob! There are a few formats, there is a BluRaya 3DVD (both of these formats include both the Oasis gigs and the documentary), a 2CD of the gigsa deluxe 2CD / DVD (includes the documentary), and a 3LP Vinyl Record pressing. Looking forward to hearing this a lot, and seeing the documentary. A legendary gig. Here is the trailer for the documentary :

Next up, one not too far down the line (and CD is out already). Now up on the site for vinyl release for August 20th is the new JOHN FRANCIS FLYNN album ‘I Would Not Live Always’, out via Proper / River Lea records. Great Irish folk music here from the debut album Dublin singer. John is a member of celebrated traditional group Skipper’s Alley and is joined here by bandmate Ultan O’Brien for the album. You can check out a live version of track ‘Lovely Joan’ below :

Final couple for down the line releases include a lovely 6CD or 11LP box set from MARK KNOPFLER ‘Studio Albums 1’, which has the first 5 solo album from the Dire Straits front-man and a B-Sides compilation for the same era. There is also the brand new, 10th studio outting from BILLY BRAGG, entitled ‘The Million Things That Never Happened’ due out in November on CDVinyl or Indies Exclusive Transparent Green & Blue VinylJAMES BLAKE returns with a brand new album ‘Friends That Break Your Heart’ out via Uni on CD or Vinyl on September 10th. There is also the announcement of a special Limited Edition CD version of the new COLDPLAY album ‘Music Of The Spheres’, to go with the exclusive splatter vinyl format and standard CD out October 15th.

Spotify playlist for August 27th now up at link below. Busy week of release so plenty of listening! 

Right quickly onto PIAS for September 3rd, who have the GRIZZLY BEAR Indies Clear vinyl reissue of second album ‘Yellow House’ for the 15th Anniversary. Standard vinyl also available on this one. They also have a reissue of AMON TOBIN’s ‘Out From Out Where’ on Opaque Gold Vinyl.

Right so, sin sin from me folks. Boss-Man back in the siopa on Friday, and back on newsletter duties next week. 
Thanks as always for listening, hope everyone has a good week.
Oh one last thing. Just got a call from the Boss-Man. Didn’t want to talk about the shop at all, only wanted to talk tickets! He is asking if there is anyone out there who would happen to have access to a ticket (or two!) to the All Ireland Final, if there was any chance at all you could pop him and email at it would be absolutely magic. No harm in asking, no shop talk until Friday he says though! 
Thanks everyone,
Bobby, Shane & The Boss-Man