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Hey everyone,

How’s it going?

This week we cover mainly releases for the 11th September.

Warner probably has the best of them so let’s start there.


RICARD HAWLEYs new record is out Friday week, his sixth solo work, “hollow meadows”.

As usual from what I have heard of it, some fine guitar playing, good lyrics sung out in his lovely baritone type vocal as heard here…

Irish connections for the Sheffield man, well JACK CHARLTON style connections….after LONGPIGS split…he was signed to the fine Irish owned and ran SETANTA label….home for a while to our own FRANKS as well Derry’s own DIVINE COMEDY.

Fine recording artist is Mr. Hawley.

New album also from 80’s icons and megastars (it has to be said, mega mega stars they were) DURAN DURAN.

I must admit and shame me or stone me, I watched a recent recording on Sky arts from Manchester and I thought they were in a word, excellent.

When is the mullet going to be back in fashion…


STEREOPHONICS have a new record out on the 11th also…


It is called “keep the village alive” …I know that feeling….some of you probably heard that another one of my favourites, TESCO, who have done huge amounts “to keep the village alive” down through the years…they have in their…. Are going dabbling with Vinyl….i must say it surprised me, Vinyl makes up 1.5 % of music sold in the U.K….I know one title is hardly even dabbling, it got them some press…. with latest financial reports saying profits were down 6.4 billon pounds for the last year, there is a bit of straw clutching going on….some of their shops now are the sizes of those villages they shut down and id say they don’t know what to put on to their shelves…bit of horsemeat over there, couple of dodgy accountants on that aisle….they won’t notice.

My industry has always had an issue with them….well that’s not fully true….the major record companies don’t give a f**k, they will sell to anyone…anyone…its all about the money its all about the dum dum dum du du du dum……but the rest of us, guys like me, small labels, small distributors’, local artists….bad news all round for us.

Not really concerned about this…..constant things like this occur….they would have little or no product knowledge or interest either for that matter.

But I know the supermarkets are on consignment with CDs….they only pay for what they sell, and that’s 3 months after they sell it.

I pay for my stuff 30 days later, whether I sell it or not…

But that’s just small boy syndrome.

They have the potential to sell much more ED SHEERAN than me and people don’t have the time or don’t think about it, they will buy wherever…who can blame anyone, everyone’s busy and selling units is the name of the game with the majors.

Speaking of everyone being busy, my phone went dead leaving Fermoy around 7 last friday…..then about 15 kms later my car decided it would play dead also….still dead….dead forever id say….soon to be with O Leary in the grave dead… phone, no car 10 kms from the tunnel…..i will flag a car down and ask someone can I use their phone….20 minutes later I decided I might have to walk home….after about 5 minutes of walking I changed my mind on that one….i am not sure how many cars passed as I waved my hand up and down in the air….basically saying I could do with a bit of help here….nearly all just ignored….he must be a psycho killer…two did tap their watches and make sympathetic “ im late” faces….I’m still not sure which was worse…one good soul finally did stop….0.5 % of the population thought I may just need help and maybe was not a psycho killer……does not speak highly of us does it?

What if the kids were with me and it was later at night….if you see someone in a similar situation, they might benefit from your lack of doubt….give them a chance??

Hopefully you won’t end up with O LEARY!!

Anyway, where was i…oh the STEREOPHONICS….THEIR 8TH album,,,all of them good albums too.

Funny the way a band can go from being commercial successful to unsuccessful even though their output is as good …press? Consumer boredom? Not new so not hip?

I still think they sound good…

The new GARY CLARK JR is also out, now he is hot and hip and cool and all that at the moment….BARACK OBAMA is a big fan….here’s a listen


Some nice reissues on Rhino through Warner again this week including SINEAD O CONNOR – I do not want what I have not got…..young and idealistic id say Sinead….i did not have a car or a phone yesterday and look where that got me….also PRIMAL SCREAM – sonic flower groove, their BYRDS like debut release reissued on Vinyl record.

Lastly through Warner for next week is JEFF LYNNE ( ELO…EVEN THOUGH I KNOW YE KNOW…ELO) live in hyde park on DVD and BLURAY.

Now folks, I wrote that bit 24 hours ago and was to finish tonight, which I will do, but like IRON MAIDENs drummer I am going to gallop to the finish line, as I had a rough and long day and fancy a beer and feet up….

So all the other releases are here in short hand in my opinion in order of importance are SLAYER, LOW, BEIRUT, VAN GOFFY on PIAS.





No bells and whistles there wah….

Wanted to talk about THE STRYPES again this week and our own JOHN BLEK AND RATS….but they are tales for another day now.

Heres the site for your perusal ….fancy word Raymond…


So sin e for this week.

Thanks for listening,


P.S No video this week for any enthusiasts…one of my lads is at a picnic, another one spent day a day in the cuh, another one had phone trouble…..back next week!

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Hi Everyone,

This week covers new releases for mainly the 7th of November, yesterday…all my troubles…

The biggest release is most likely going to be PINK FLOYD “the endless river” which is available across four formats, CD, CD/DVD, CD/BLURAY and double LP.

This album, as a lot of ye would know already, is mainly taken from nearly 100 unused recordings of “the division bell” record, which Dave Gilmour and Nick Mason reworked together over a 12 month period from summer 2013.

It is an instrumental record with only one vocal track I believe.

I am reading Nick Mason’s book at the moment actually and really enjoying it.

A very dry humor, very witty and engaging….on his first meeting with the bould Roger (Waters), “Roger had accosted Rick Wright, who was also a student in our class, and asked him for a cigarette, a request Rick turned down point blank. This was an early sign of Rick’s legendary generosity.” (Same school of generosity as Robert Plant it would seem)

Speaking of generosity, I emailed the record company about the price of the new FLOYD record, in the hope they might do better on it, which would mean anyone who buys it, would also do better on it.

My request was turned down point blank also, along the lines of “higher royalty and manufacturing costs” so Nick maybe those in glasshouses and all that!

35 euro is the price, (very competitive, believe it or not) but I reckon you would be surprised to hear what’s left when Enda and the boys get their 23% and i pay the record company their dues.

They are taking the piss, 35 euro is too dear, (I reckon 40 euro in most retailers), and manufacturing costs my arse, same as with all other double LPs.


“I’m all right Jack; keep your hands off my stack”

Smaller labels, DOMINO, NUCLEAR BLAST, 4AD, WARP and loads more small labels produce double LPs to retail at 20 euro….picture discs, colored Vinyl, the whole shooting gallery.

It’s about the 30,000 die hard Floyd fans whom the record company knows WILL buy the record, so let’s get what we can for it….age old problem….wrong attitude.

Anyway, as Forrest Gump would say, that’s about all I have to say on that!

Although, p.s I love Floyd!!!!


Warner also have the new RUMER CD and LP, her third record, really is like listening to Karen Carpenter…lovely listen though to be fair.

Eagles first 6 LPs reissued.

Monty Python “ONE DOWN, FIVE TO GO” live show also out through Warner.

A new DOORS DVD out also on the 7th November, “ a feast of friends” originally only seen in a few cinemas in 1968, so first real release.

I am probably most partial to THE DOORS over all, I think their six studio albums from 67 to 71 would stand up against any other band’s and their live albums were incredible also.


Times have changed so much in the music industry, a notably change for me this century is the lack of mega stadium filling bands.

With the exception of, arguably the ARCTIC MONKEYS, and would or could they fill Pairc ui Chaoimh ??

Where are the stadium filling bands gone (new bands), or have I forgotten someone obvious? (Muse Ray)

All previous decades, would have had at least four or five mega bands…..90’s probably the weakest, Oasis and Radiohead only id suggest.

Is it just coincidence, that this century has seen the real emergence of reality music shows?

Some major record companies get a quick buck but generally there is zero substance and longevity these shows.


Simply put, would the likes of U2, PINK FLOYD, and QUEEN have survived with a major record company after their first couple of album releases in today’s world?

Why would they, when we can make a quick easy buck from Leon Jackson or whoever is folly at the moment.

Anyway….Warner also has new albums from KILL IT KID and THE KNIFE PARTY.

SONY has the new FOO FIGHTERS record for worldwide release on Monday the 10th of November.


Garth Brook’s new material is also on worldwide release that same day.

New release day in Ireland is nearly always on a Friday, it is the Monday after in the UK, and a Tuesday stateside (quietest shopping day there, so to entice customers in)

But with the biggies, they get a worldwide release date, so the FOO’s are a biggie (a really good band so no problem at all with that, don’t think they would sell out the Pairc though?)

TAYLOR SWIFT had a worldwide release last Monday the 27th and ONE DIRECTION have a worldwide release on Monday the 17th of November.

Starting to see my point, the money is being spent on marketing and not on up and coming bands… many nights was OD in Croke Park.

On the FOO’s, DAVE GROHL is a real musicians man and really trying to keep the thing going….sound matters to Mr. Grohl so hats off to him for being proactive in helping musicians, labels, recording studios and record shops.

A good friend of the shop was at the infamous SONIC YOUTH gig in Henry’s back in the day, he didn’t know who Nirvana were at the time, all he remembers about the Nirvana experience was there was a really tall bassist with a DINOSAUR JR tee shirt on, that the drummer started playing SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY and the singer slagged him off and the crowd roared….

Ye will see there is a SPRINGSTEEN VINYL and CD box set on the 14th November, which is expensive, so if anyone wants to give me a nod for one, then greatly appreciated, just let me know.

UNIVERSAL have a new Queen greatest hits thingy, with three new tracks including one with MICHAEL JACKSON.

IMELDA MAY new album “tribal” gets a Vinyl release and there are vinyl reissues from T Rex and BRYAN ADAMS.


PIAS have new albums from ADRIAN CROWLEY and BRYAN FERRY as well as reissues from THE AFGHAN WHIGS, CARCASS and the next three in the brilliant NICK CAVE Vinyl reissues.


Sin e,

Thanks to those who read this,