The Real Beast of Box Sets is Here, Fancy Yachts and L*****d Socks…sorry T-Shirts


Hi everyone,

Hope the form is good…

A good load of  ye asking how long the auld 2 for 30 vinyl sale is going on for….the rest of the summer would be the plan folks…i hope to get more titles into it again in july…spruce it up a bit is the hope.

Right so, releases in audio emporium  for this week include new albums by GORILLAZ, FLORENCE ( the yellow indies only lp got cut by about 20% of my order but still have a nice few…im on this uk record shop owners facebook group thingy…so i check in there fairly regularly and we seem to do OK with stuff ( as in our allocations of the l*****d stuff are not to bad) it seems that the florence indie version was a problem for a fair few shopkeepers over yonder) BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE  ( cute name ) and RAY DAVIES.

A blast of reissues also out today including the debut by GUNS N ROSES, called “ appetite for destruction” i think, BRUCE DICKINSON, BOWIE, BOWIE again, MADONNA, GOVT MULE, CLAPTON and BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD.

I know i have reached on these pages before but this one takes the biscuit i think to be fair…but there is a new yacht after coming on the market in monte carlo ( i don’t think ye would  to have heard about it ) and it’s a beauty so with that in mind here are the details on the GUNS N ROSES appetite LP box set..

Shane i need your help here.

  • Embossed Faux Leather and Wood Cabinet
  • Handmade 3D Cross
  • Super deluxe edition: 96 page handbound book with unreleased photos from Axl Rose’s personal archive
  • 4 CD’s in total with 73 total tracks featuring 49 unreleased tracks
  • 1 blu ray audio disc with new 5.1 surround sound mixes
  • Seven 12″ 180 Gram LPS
  • Original Album expanded into two LPs
  • First ever album remaster from analogue tapes
  • Limited Edition foil slipcase
  • 4th side hologroove hologram
  • 1 LP B-Sides  N’ EPs and Live Like a Suicide EP
  • 3LP Sound City Session and 25 unreleased songs from the 1986 session
  • 2 unreleased tracks from Mike Clink Sessions
  • 7 7″ singles on yellow vinyl
  • 12 New illustration lithos visualizing each song from Appetite for Destruction
  • Turntable Mat
  • 6 Replica Gig Flyers
  • Welcome to the Jungle Video Invite Flyer
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 6 Iron-On Stitched Logo Patches
  • 5 Metal Guitar Picks
  • 3 Replica Ticket Stubs
  • 5 metal Band Skull Lapel Pins
  • 2-Inch Collectable Coin
  • 5 buttons
  • 7″ adapter
  • 5 Metal Band Skull Rings
  • USB Stick
  • 5 Never-Before Seen Band Member Photo Lithos
  • 6 Temporary Band Member Tattoos
  • Robert Williams Painting Litho
  • Two Wall Posters
  • Custom bandana With Silver Metallica Ink
  • Replica 85’/86′ Concert Banner Featuring Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

So the rrp on it is 1000 euro ( id buy two cars for that boy) but taking my tongue out of my cheek for a moment…just in case there’s a buyer out there…would sell for 920 with payment plan if anyone is interested…i did say i was taking the biscuit or taking something anyway…sin sin.


Right so onto releases for the 6th of July, Warner have a nice few bits…new Moz single out on 7” “ all the young people must fall in love”…if Moz was a politician his approval rating would be on the floor  and rightly so to be fair…cheap Moz cd also out.. “ this is moz” its called.

Warner also have reissues by AHA “ HUNTING HIGH AND LOW” and MADONNA “ like a virgin” on virgin white vinyl ( don’t shoot the messenger like..i just regurgitate the sales notes sometimes, good or bad) and THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN 21 singles on double vinyl…first timer on vinyl for that one.

Last few bits from Warner are a repress of A PERFECT CIRCLE album “ eat the elephant” on indies only red and blue vinyl, a new album from black metallers IMMORTAL called “ northern chaos gods” and their is a TROJAN release of SKA & REGGAE classics on 2LP.

The world cup…interesting…whos gonna lift it…Germany goneski, Portugal one good finish from being goneski….Brazil improving, belgium may not be a bad shout,i always got a good bang from Martinez.. england, argentina, france…i dont think so… Croatia tasty looking for me also…mean and teek at the back…quality and quality eile in centre mid…one half decent striker up top …outside shot for me…some shower will drag them to pens and put them out in the next round though probably… A bit like what we done to Georgie Hagi and Romania …Raymond thats sacrilege my dear boy…the holy grail of Irish soccer and you desecrate it…in the year of the pope and all…anyone buying or selling tickets…ar nathair ata ar..

Universal for the 6th of July have the repress of RORY GALLAGHER‘S “ wheels within wheels” imo a cracking folk blues acoustic album as well as reissues on LP by BEASTIE BOYS “ solid gold hits” and FRANK ZAPPA “ burnt weeny sandwich”.

UNI for the 6th of July have the new and second album by YEARS AND YEARS “ palo santo” on CD, DELUXE CD and LP and the vinyl release of the recent new SHAWN MENDES album.

Lastly from Universal is THE BEATLES “ yellow submarine” l*****d 7” picture disc.

SONY for the 6th have the ROGER WATERS repress on l*****d coloured vinyl of newest album “ is this the life we really wanted”  as well as some LP reissues by EURYTHMICS.

On the Sony theme…there are a few DEPECHE MODE boxes..the cap is out again says ye and ye’d be right…not an ounce of shame in it either it seems Raymond boy…anyway there are a few Depeche Mode boxsets been released at the end of August and we are doing a thing with them..

Here’s the sceal with them first..

We are very pleased to be able to share a confirmed timeline for the release of the first two Depeche Mode 12” single collections – Speak & Spell & A Broken Frame. These numbered limited edition vinyl boxes collect the reproductions of the original 12″ singles from each album, faithfully reproduced from original artwork and remastered from the original audio tapes at Abbey Road in London.

The stock for these titles is strictly limited, you will not be able to get more stock than the your original order (listed below). Please note, these boxes do not contain the album. It is just the singles.


Ok here are the preorder links from our website…

And the it comes…there are tee shirts available with pre orders but only up to 10 tees for each set….heres a pic of the tees…

.a different tee available for each different set ( a speak and spell tee and a broken frame tee)…20 tees in total 10 of each….but 5 names in book for each set already so five of each left…christ i made that confusing id say…if interested let us know sure…


PIAS for the 6th of July have the 77/78 debut album…well its really a side project of THE BEES …i like it , its called “Jellies”.

PIAS also have a live album by ERASURE on 2 cd or 3 lp.


Sin e really for this week..


A cracking festival organised in Coughlans for late Sept the Coughlan’s Live Music Festival-CLMF…so the likes of LISA HANNIGAN, MICK FLANNERY, THE LOST BROTHERS, MARC O REILLY, THE SHAKER HYMN, LUKA BLOOM, O EMPEROR, I DRAW SLOW, ORCHID COLLECTIVE to name but some…a cracking festival it looks like..

Sin e for sure this time

Videos and the bob man back next friday!

Thanks for listening



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