The State of our Nation + The Nation In General and Springsteen Pre-Orders

Hi Everyone, 
A horse is a beautiful animal, really strong and powerful and beautiful up close.. I have never sat on one so maybe that’s why it’s hard to get back on it.. When you run a small business (i’d imagine it’s similar no matter what you do or don’t do in this life), I find the new year a bit daunting from a work point of view.. Christmas / December is our busiest month.. Albeit worth 3 good months.. (Was 4 months in the in the heady days) so it’s very important. The shop is awash with bodies and there is a buzz.. New Year passes and it really quietens and it is daunting having to drive the business on.. Couple of okay weeks and hopefully all will be okay again..

The shop, our shop, your shop, performed well in December in the grand scheme of things… Turnover was down 1% which was good in the game we are in, i’d say so anyway.. Overall 2018 v 2017 in the shop we were down nearly 5%, or 4.8% to be exact, but the website showed strong growth so that pulled it back to only 1% down year on year. I’d take that lads for the next 10 years!!
More cost, work and problems involved in the website but if it helps stem the tide… Then it helps stem the tide. 10 years of 5% loss would not be good, so stemming the tide must be done..

Well, that’s the state of our nation, whom without it’s citizens would not be a nation so once again thanks!! I Know an odd day I can be a grumpy git but try put up with me!!
I think overall in Ireland the physical market, constructed by varying reports, is down  between 8% and 12% is the consensus.

The UK (Brexit is another newsletter) saw some big losses on the CD Format in 2018 vs 2017. CD Sales per units dropped from 42 Million units to 33 Million units, nearly 25% down, but vinyl grew by 3% up to 4.2 million units sold in 2018.
32 Million CDs and 4 Million LPs sold in the UK last year.. Still a couple of billion pounds industry so hopefully the CD will solidify a bit and the vinyl grows away slowly. Vinyl growth of 9% in the USA in 2018 vs 2017m so there is a lot of positivity to be taken from that..

The loss of HMV in the UK will be a blow if it happens as it was a blow when the closed here… It’s not good for the physical industry having shops close.. We meed more visibility, not less and it increases the costs to the record companies… It would be healthier for everyone if that find a buyer and survive.. I’m not so sure though..

So that’s the state of the nations.. Happy New Year everyone! The ball has to roll and the ole wheel will turn like little mice on a mill… We go again..

In the shop today we really only have the vinyl release of the NAS album ‘Nasir’, and (and it’s a lovely listen) the new album by THE DELINES on Decor records. The album is called ‘The Imperial’, and it’s available on CD and l*****d gatefold DLP with a bonus 7”..

Right so, before I move on to releases for the 18th of Jan of which there are a couple.. I mat as well get the first cap out for the new year… It’s not a new cap or anything..
So the cap is for the new BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ‘SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY’ 4LP Vinyl Box set.. Best price pre-order job is 70EUR on it.. As usual we are delighted to take ye’r names for it..

Right so on to releases for the 18th of January.. PIAS have the new album by SHARON VAN ETTEN called ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ on CD and indies only pink vinyl

PIAS also have new albums by DEERHUNTER, M. WARD, and THE TWILIGHT SAD.

Sony for the 18th have the new album on CD by CHAINSMOKERS

Universal for the 18th of Jan have a new Joe Jackson album ‘The Fool’ on CD, LP or Ltd LP with a bonus 7” as well, and a new album by MAGGIE ROGERS, and some MARILLION ‘Live Double CDs’.. Uni on the vinyl front for the 18th have reissues by SNOW PATROL as well as the QUAVO release on LP and VENOM ‘Storm The Gates’ LP.

Warner for the 18th of Jan have three nice enough releases including RUSH IN RIO 4LP Box Set, JONNY GREENWOOD’s O.S.T to ‘There Will Be Blood as a l*****d release on LP and THUNDER’s ‘Please Remain Seated’, a live album on CD or LP.

Republic of Music have a reissue of THE BIG LEBOWSKI O.S.T on Mondo..

MOV have Indigo Girls’ self titled LP release, as well as a reissue of DEATH IN VEGAS ‘Contino Sessions’

Last chance saloon for your Top 5 Albums of the Year.. I dropped the ball… Meant to do Top 5 Irish Albums also, so if you do feel like throwing those our way we would be delighted to compile an Irish albums list also… So all entrants in by close of play next Thursday and we will announce the 50EUR voucher winner on Friday next with the MZ Top 20 of 2018 and maybe an Irish top 10… Also our own top 5’s will be included..

Here’s to another year folks..
Thanks for the support
Sin é for this week
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt
Music Zone

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