U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’, ‘Zooropa’ and ‘Best Of 1980-1990′ Pre-Order Offer, The Death Of The Album (Surely Not?), Jack O’ Rourke Is Back!

Hi EveryAone,

Hope all is well…

Releases in the shop for today include NOW 100, the new KANYE album on CD, the LP format has gone back to August 10th, again sorry for the late notice… We only heard on Weds.. New POWERWOLF, new TY SEGALL & WHITE FENCE, SWANS gone back to August 3rd folks, new (debut) by ANNE MARIE on white vinyl, P.I.L boxsets and reissues on vinyl by TONE LOC, FRANK ZAPPA, AMORPHIS, DEATH, and NOW 1.

The TROJAN box set that we are doing the special on for the 100 yo yos has been moved back to the 10th of August also… Again sorry to report that if you were mad looking forward to it.

So a lot of stuff pushed back which is a becoming more normal than rare now i’m afraid.

Ok so, the biggest releases on the 27th of JULY are probably without doubt the next batch of reissues of the U2 catalogue… Which are, it can only be described as a (and I use this word lightly and every sparingly…. I might use it 20 or 25 times if I was pushed to it) masterpiece, ACHTUNG BABY, the really really good ZOOROPA (IMO) and the Gold Best Of 1980-1990.. Ye know the one…. These are all remastered and pressed on 180 gram double vinyl to get greater sound quality… All 3 have download codes.
We are doing a pre order best price on them… Respond here if in store pick up or links to them here for our online friends…. 30 yoyos each for ACHTUNG and ZOOROPA and 34 for The Best Of… These match sterling on some of the biggest global sites so I think (even though a fiver too dear for my liking) that these are savage competitive from our corporation … musiczone.ie !!… But 30 is better than 37/38s I guess from the record company..

These albums had a huge influence on me at the time (the two studio ones).. I done my leaving in June 91, not long turned 17 and I got a job in Mc E. Ds in July and worked there for a few years part time before I joined Golden Discs… It was mainly weekend work I done and at night… “Close” the shift was known as and it could be a nightmare depending on what manager was on… Whatever you say about Mac E D’s, man the place was cleaned… Toothbrush stuff, i’m not messing… Toothbrushes were used…the “chipper” was closed about 1 o’ clock back then, and then again manager dependant we could play CDs over the system in the store… Achtung was played to death, as was Zooropa when it came out also… One of the most memorable things about the work was the albums we played… The White Album, Suede, Primal Scream etc etc… Happy days..

Ye’r man is reminiscing about working in McDonalds now… Christ the heat has got to him i’d say… No no no theres a point to my ramblings folks… There’s a lot of talk again of “the death of the album”.. Self serving I know but surely not??

Remember college boy a few months who told me categorically it was dying… With O’ Leary in the grave… He probably read that Kanye West said it… Surely not??

We are noticing more and more EPs and mini albums coming out though…

Articles are saying the death of the album is here… They say you cannot penetrate the consciousness of a large group of people anymore with “an album”.

They are saying that we have turned into a world of grazers, and the artists job is to be always, as in 24/7, 365 days a year at the smorgasbord… No big meals anymore please to your disinterested audience… Small tasty, frequent, tantalising bites with syrup and loads of sugar… You might make stars that way, i’m not so sure you’ll make legendary musicians…. And certainly not great albums.
Ok for me you need songs to sing on stage… Tasty tip-bits or albums… Albums should win for me. Some of my favourite songs are album tracks, not singles
You want to be marked against the best if your’re worth your salt at all…

We maybe all have the potential to hit a screamer into the top corner from 25 yards once in a blue moon but can we “Modric” a game for 90 minutes week in week out… That’s the real sign of a player… So you want to put out as good an album as you can… Money and everything else aside… Most human beings want to do as well as they can at their chosen or gifted profession…  We are the best… All the greats said it.. We are the best.

A good friend of mine, and an excellently careful cyclist by the way, sent me an article from the examiner during the week about the birth 70 years ago and the conceivably death of the album…..

The writer made valid points (in the album will be around for a long time yet camp) saying albums are an expression of artistic progress and creative growth… I’ve been on a Beatles buzz again of late (regular thing) and man, the creative growth from “Please please Me” to “Abbey Road” and “Let It Be” is obviously incredible… Or as the other college boys camp might say from “She Loves You” to “Come Together”… He can’t remember any of the other songs… Wait he will just google it…
Isn’t the brilliant album a perfect storm in lots of ways… It saddens me to think the industry thinks it’s better to move away from it (not today or tomorrow, no matter what) and I believe not for a very long time… Besides who’d put the coppers in the greasy till if the albums gone??

Man, I went down a road I hadn’t planned there… Time for bed i’d say.

But before… UNI have 7 MOODY BLUES LP reissues, MIGOS “Culture” gets a 3LP release… Can’t dodge it Raymond boy… UNDERWORLD and IGGY POP have a four track EP (extended play folks in case we need to get used to it)

Teatime Dub Encounters is the result of a few clandestine hotel room recording sessions, that began a few weeks after Underworld and Iggy Pop had each released their last albums (Barbara, Barbara we face a shining future and Post Pop Depression respectively) on the same day (March 18th2016). It is neither historical or a tribute to past work. It is the work of artists in motion, engaged in a process that both bring to all of their work – one that uses spontaneity as a spur for creativity.  Formats – Mintpack CD & standard sleeve black vinyl with printed inner.

My heart sank a little then when i saw the price for said EPs…  Not far off LP prices…. Ah man, what road are we going down?

UNI for the 27th of July also have MARILLION “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” on 2CD or 2DVD or Bluray or 4LP, as well as a live album from TARJA and BOZ SCAGGS “Out of the Blues”.. New album of covers I think

Warner for the 27th of July have the pretty heralded debut by CATHERINE MCGRATH called “Talk Of This Town”, as well as a reissue (again… and i’ve used that gag before about this record) of THE SMALL FACES “Odgens…”

PIAS for the 27th have some more A CERTAIN RATIO LP releases of “Chase the Station”, + “Mind Made Up… First timers on LP and on coloured vinyl also, as well as a new DEAF WISH album called “Lithium Zion”, also indies only.

SONY for the 27th of July have the new DAUGHTRY album and some PSYCHEDELIC FURS LP reissues.

ROM have a new album by THE SPITFIRES for the 27th .

THE ORCHARD have a new album by ISRAEL NASH, as well as 3 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH LP reissues.

PROPER for the 27th of July have the COWBOY JUNKIES LP release of the new album… Actually lande today so come in and buy it if you want it!

On the local scene…  Bit quiet lately… JACK O ROURKE is releasing his new single ‘Myth’ next Friday the 27th.. It’s sounding great and getting us excited for his new music.. The track will be his first release since ‘On The Downlow’ off his debut ‘Dreamcatcher’. Jack will be doing a launch gig for the single and for new material in Coughlan’s on Sunday July 29th. Tickets can be got here

We hope to have Jack in soon for an in-store with us, so keep eyes here for that!

Sin é for this week folks
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt


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