U2’s ‘No Line On The Horizon’ Clear Vinyl, Return of The Gloaming, and The Mods Eaten Alive?

Hey Everyone,
Hope all is well.. Releases on the good yacht musiczone.ie this week for the 15th of February are from PICTURE THIS, TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, CHAKA KHAN, the O.S.T to THE HURRICANE, as well as reissues by DAVID BOWIE, and 3 new BBC RADIO 2 : SOUNDS OF THE 80s Vinyl Compilations..

Bob-man back on video duties today, up to view here!

Ok so, moving on to releases for the 22nd of Feb and we have a nice little collection of records released.. We will start with PIAS who have the GLOAMING 3, the collaboration of Irish folk / trad with composter Thomas Bartlett.. Their third studio album is on Real World Records.. The first two were excellent… Same formula again I suppose or will they shake it up a little bit??..

PIAS have a few more interesting ones for the 22nd of Feb with the releases of BETTER OBLIVION COMMUNITY CENTRE, where Conor Oberst has teamed up with Phoebe Bridges to bring us this new record on Dead Oceans.. Have a quick listen below.. It’s available on CD, LP or indies only orange LP..

PIAS also have the new JULIA JACKLIN record on Transgressive called ‘Crushing’.. Indies only green vinyl on this one, and lastly from PIAS is the new JAMES YORKSTON record on Domino.. Available as CD, LP or Indies Only green LP also… 4 star in Mojo for this one..

Cargo for the 22nd of Feb have the new SLEAFORD MODS album, their 5th studio album now, called ‘Eton Alive’, on their now one label Extreme Eating records… They didn’t last too long with Rough Trade Records which is a major label now let’s be honest about it.. I am only stirring and speculating here now a bit but the has the title of the record have anything to do with how they were treated??? Speculation is all folks.. If you have the inside track post it on the forum for us please.. My nose is at me… I’m sure Mr. Williamson would have no bother telling you how it was if you met him… I remember a few lads from the shop were going into the Crane one Sunday afternoon, could have been 4 or 5 years ago now to see the 2 boys..It was cracking by all accounts… They might float back our way again soon.. Anyway, the new album “Eton Alive” is on CD, black standard LP, or indies only blue LP, or cassette tape..

A Fella who should have copied himself on a while back is RYAN ADAM’s, who allegedly (legal dept advice) has been acting a langer for a while and he, I suppose, is a fairly unhinged character from his actions in the past.. Does not mean he can act the langer… No no no… I know I told ye the Ambassador Chinese Story in the past, but for newbies here tis again… A pal of mine and a big fan of Ryan from way back, was going to see him in the City Hall around 15 years ago or more now, and the night before he was in the Chinese with a pal and Ryan came in, sat down and ordered… My guy a big fan didn’t want to overly bother him so he asked the waiter (who didn’t know who he was) could he ask him for an autograph on a napkin on his behalf… Waiter was like “yeah grand”.. He asked.. And Ryan left… Cheerio.. Stick ye’r fried rice in the smelly river ye have.. Slightly unhinged i’d say.. Good musician but… Now a major but… Genuinely sorry his tweet sounded.. But not good enough man if true.. Just saying is all.. Easy to be sorry when it comes out and the evidence from the messages, especially those with the underage teenager don’t look at all good.. Flaunting and dangling success in front of peoples faces.. If Ryan Adams showed me a load of attention, i.e, “i’m going to do four insures a year and retweet everything ye post”.. I would be infatuated also.. Hard for an up and coming musician not to be infatuated by him is what i’m trying to say.. So it’s abuse of power really if it’s true… And simply said, real slime bag stuff..

So back to the tunes…

Universal for the 22nd of February have the next batch of DAVID SYLVIAN L.P. reissues.. Deluxe reissues they are and being sold to me as lads, so these four are “Brilliant Trees”, “Alchemy”, “Gone To Earth” and “Secrets of the Beehive”..
Universal have a SCOTT WALKER + THE WALKER BROTHERS reissue of “No Regrets” on L.P. and a new live album by REEF… CD only on that one.. Lastly Universal have nine classic Verve albums on vinyl featuring the likes of BILLIE HOLIDAY, BILL EVANS, STAN GETZ, WES MONTGOMERY and JIMMY SMITH… These classic albums are 180gm pressings with lacquering, mastered by the label from the original tapes…

Finally from Universal is the vinyl reissue on l*****d clear vinyl of U2‘s ‘No Line On The Horizon’… €38 best price on the clear vinyl for pre-orders.. Don’t shoot the messenger… Here’s the info..

10th anniversary reissue – Limited edition, ultra-clear vinyl format.
Recorded between Fez in Morocco, Dublin (HQ), New York (Platinum Sound Recording Studios) and London (Olympic Studios) and produced by Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and Steve Lillywhite, No Line On The Horizon debuted at number 1 in 30 countries across the globe in 2009.  Lead single ‘Get On Your Boots’ was followed by ‘Magnificent’ and ‘I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight’.
The album has been fully remastered with two additional remixes added to celebrate its 10th Anniversary – ‘Magnificent (Wonderland Remix)’ by Pete Tong and Paul Rogers and ‘I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight’ (Redanka’s ‘Kick the Darkness’ Vocal Version).
2LP Info
• Album remastered and pressed on 180gsm black vinyl across 3 sides
• Side 4 includes two additional mixes
• Artwork faithfully reproduced from the original, including a gatefold sleeve, 16 page booklet, printed inner sleeves and heavyweight outer plastic sleeve
• Download card with access to all tracks digitally

The Orchard for the 22nd of Feb have new albums by DREAM THEATRE (across 6 different physical formats this one), CANDLEMASS, a live album by MAXIMO PARK on CD, LP or indies only LP, and a 4CD STIFF LITTLE FINGERS BOXSET…

Warner for the 22nd have a CURTIS MAYFIELD 4CD or 4LP boxset of his first four studio albums, as well as a new album by OVERKILL called “Wings of War” on Nuclear Blast.. CD or 2LP for this one… Last of major note from Warner for the 22nd is a debut album from Bristol based singer/songwriter YOLA… I Like the sounds on this one… This record is produced by DAN AUERBACH (one half of the Black Keys as ye know)… Have a little listen to see what ye thing.. Playing in Whelans in May..

Sony have nada of note really for the 22nd…

Proper for the 22nd of Feb have the new JOHN MAYALL “Nobody Told Me” on Forty Below Records… Savage list of musicians on it… Voice may rattle a little bit now from years of rattling I suppose.. Sounds good, authentic blues… SKIP JAMES “Best Of” LP out also…

Music On Vinyl have for the 22nd GERRY RAFFERTY and STEALER’S WHEEL + POLO also on the excellent “Collected” vinyl series.. Both of these are limited to 1.5k.. Yellow vinyl for Rafferty, and gold for Polo…

Well folks I suppose that’s about sin é for another week.
Go raibh maith agat as do chluas a thabhairt.

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