Wellllllerrrr Welllllerrrrr, A Hozier EP Pre-Order, and Poor Auld’ Bono Vox

Good evening folks,

Hope all is well..

Releases on the shop floor for this fine September evening include (the september cobwebs have blown away, temporarily anyway).. The latest LED ZEPPELIN box set releases “The Song Remains The Same”, The latest BOWIE picture disc, new LENNY KRAVITZ, new CLUTCH, new SPIRITUALIZED, new PAUL MCCARTNEY, new PAUL SIMON.. Liking this so far… Bill Frisell amongst other great musicians on it, new ST PAUL AND THE BROKEN BONES… And reissues by DEEP PURPLE, KORN, NAS, and SECRET GARDEN.

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We are about to enter into Q4 which back in the day was a beast in the industry… I remember my first christmas in GD on Panna  it was a long thin shop as some of ye will remember (stocking mainly CDs, Cassettes and Video Tape.. Circa 93/94) and no kidding the queue was the length of the shop for most of the day… A baptism of fire… Had Christmases similar to that in Music Zone back in 04 / 05 times… Different beast and model now… Steady stream is good now Christmas week but the releases are still top-loaded to Q4 and look thats a good thing… September seems to have quite a few bits and pieces which should tip away for us… Also good.

Right so the 14th of SEPT has the new PAUL WELLER album “True Meanings” on CD, DELUXE CD, and 2LP. Sounding good.

CD – Housed in a ‘soft-pack’ gatefold card wallet with 12-page booklet

Deluxe CD – Limited, deluxe edition CD in a casebound book package, including a 28-page booklet of photos and lyrics

Vinyl LP – Double heavyweight black vinyl LP, housed in a gatefold ‘tip-on’ sleeve, with 8-page booklet fixed inside the sleeve, plus a download card. The tip-on sleeve is limited to initial orders only

The LP above is fairly tight but we can do 30EUR best price job on pre-orders.. If interested lets us know please, we would obviously be delighted.
Ripleys or not but we do try and secure the best prices possible and pass them over to ye folks. The modfathers 14th solo album now… Fairly stripped back affair I believe but received lots of good reviews.

Warner also has some BLIND GUARDIAN reissues, remixed and remastered on CD and LP as well as a King Jammy presents DENNIS BROWN on CD or LP plus 7” on VP records, and there is a reissue of BATMAN FOREVER OST on 2LP.

Warner also have a new DAVID GUETTA album on 2CD or 2LP and it’s the 50th Anniversary of “Waiting For The Sun” by THE (mighty) DOORS… 180g LP + 2CD and a nice Hardcover Book… CD1 is the album and CD2 is 14 unreleased tracks… Lastly Warner have a new album by Marc Ribot.

Finally, WARNER have a reissue of TOM WAIT’s “Heartattack and Vine” from around 80/81 i’d say on Std LP or strictly l*****d to only 900 copies indies only coloured LP.

PIAS for the 14th of Sept have the new album by LOW called “Double Negative” CD, LP and indies only crystal clear LP, as well as the new Jungle album “Forever” on indies only yellow vinyl…

PIAS also have new EPs by APHEX TWIN  and SLEAFORD MODS.
Sony for the 14th of Sept have the new TRAVIS SCOTT album “Astroworld” , a JEAN MICHEL JARRE Boxset and vinyl set of “Planet Jarre”, a new WILLIE NELSON album called “My Way” and E.L.O and JOHNNY CASH CD sets.

REPUBLIC OF MUSIC have a new DAVID KITT single on 12”

Universal for the 14th of Sept has a new album by GHETTS, PALE WAVES and CARRIE UNDERWOOD as well as new albums by TONY BENNETT & DIANA KRALL as well as ANN WILSON with a covers album .

Universal also have JONI MITCHELL “Both Sides Now – Live at the Isle of Wight 1970” on a couple of formats and a BANANARAMA “Live at the London Event Centre” in Hammersmith Apollo.

Universal have some nice vinyl reissues for the 14th of Sept including the next batch of SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES records, “The Scream”, “A Kiss In The Dreamhouse” and “Superstition”.. BEAUTIFUL SOUTH “Miaw” and THE HOUSEMARTINS (not the pine martens) “The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death” get the vinyl reissue treatment, and lastly the ELBOW “Best Of” gets a triple LP release.

Oh dear readers and part time crystal ball fog evaporators.. I require ye’r skills.
That boy HOZIER released a few tunes tonight 7.30 Irish time (Thursday one finger tapping.. moving slowly towards two finger tapping… Well one and a half) and there will be a physical Vinyl EP release of said 4 brand new songs in November… The trick is… ‘Tis a one order only job…. So A : If interested let us know and we will put yer name on one and B : It gives the corporation an idea of demand… So your response is a superpower or your lack of response is a superpower… Use your powers wisely, a mans career hangs in the balance.

PROPER for the 14th of Sept have the new ORBITAL  “Monsters Exisst” on CD, DELUXE CD, and 2LP as well as the new RICHARD THOMPSON album “13 Rivers” recorded 100% Analogue…. All new songs by Richard Thompson on CD or 2LP.
THE ORCHARD have new albums by HAWKWIND and GRAVEDIGGER for the 14th of sept.

Oh man, today was one of those days… Long…  And small things not exactly going to plan… Couldn’t find a record from an overnight online order… Robbed?? Glitch on site??… Will sort…. And spent another hour trying to find a separate one which I did manage to locate…. Sorted…. Pulls two hours from your day just searching… Couldn’t find a CD in the drawer for someone… Embarrassing and ultimately unprofessional…… Will sort… Second one this week….. It’s now 23.47… Alarm went off and goes off again at 7.15.

And what happened to poor auld Bonovox?? Some rumours say he was with Noely G in the South of France for a week before the Berlin gig.. Some other rumours tell that Noely G says he’s the wildest rockstar of them all.. Just saying is all, they’re the rumours..

MacPhisto called him a ‘wimp’ in Cologne.. On a serious note though.. Would you not have thought that the 3 other members of the band would have played a couple of songs for the crowd.. Surely they would have found someone to sing.. The Edge?? The Crowd?? I’m sure they all know the words.. Even half an hour.. And then give them the return gig when Bono’s Vox is back to normal.. Just saying is all..

Sin e for this week,
Go raibh maith agat do chluas a thabhairt,
Music Zone

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