Wyvern Lingo Live In-Store, Bowie’s ‘Brilliant Adventure’ Set, And A Pixies Live Box Set

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Hope all is well with ye all… Today’s newsletter will mainly be absit releases for November 26th (Black Friday) but let’s start with the releases we have in the siopa for this Friday the 12th of November.. We have new releases from THE CHIEFTAINS, DAMON ALBARNIDLESJONI MITCHELLCOURTNEY BARNETT, ROD STEWARTKYLIE MINOGUEERIC CLAPTONDAVE GAHAN & THE SOULSAVERSELVISTHE CHICKSGOV’T MULE and a 80s and 90s Vinyl compilation.. On the reissue front there is the NIRVANA ‘Nevermind : 30th Anniversary’ vinyl, 2cd and CD Boxset releases, CAT STEVENS / YUSUF’s ‘Teaser and The Firecat’ anniversary releases, as well as a reissue from PARAMORE on silver vinyl…

I think we have a few competitions to tidy up.. Ed Sheeran and War on Drugs ones.. I think both comps are tickets for the gigs in question next year.. Will sort these out soon…


Video for the week is now also up.. Had missed the last few weeks with hols so a good bit of catch up with releases on this one

Right so onto releases for Friday November 26th (Black Friday Weekend)… The black Friday thing is fairly lame in my opinion in our industry.. A few years ago as well as the ‘limited’ runs of vinyl for Black Friday we were offering some fairly great half price offers on some lines.. I think that should be looked at by record companies.. Just flogging overpriced reruns is getting a bit lame (with little or no thought going into the titles)… I love RSD (Record Store Day) and it is a crucial day for the shop (or even 2 days, I wouldn’t mind that).. But this year 2021.. We have had 2 RSDs, Love Record Stores, National Album Day and now Black Friday all with limited runs of stuff.. And I probably forgot some days.. I think one of those days should offer VALUE… Even if it is small margins to record companies.. Change it up a bit.. 10 titles each major company at half price on good titles.. Never going to happen I suppose when they are all fighting to get stuff pressed..

Anyway, Uni for the 26th of nov have for BF a 40th Anniversary Edition of U2’s ‘Gloria’ and a fancy version of LANA’s ‘Chemtrails’, amongst a few others.. DIRE STRAITS ‘Encores’ is due also..

Uni for the 26th have a new Christmas album by GARY BARLOW ‘The Dream Of Christmas’ on CD, Deluxe CD or white Vinyl.. Spinefarm have a brand new BLACK LABEL SOCIETY album ‘Doom Crew Inc.’ on CD, Silver 2LP or White 2LP.. Here is ‘Set You Free’ from the new album.. 

Virgin are reissuing THERAPY?’s ‘Nurse’ as a Deluxe 2CD or standard LP on the 26th of Nov via Uni.. Nearly 30 years old it is!!.. Craft have a splattered vinyl reissue by VINCE GUARALDI TRIO’s ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ also..

Sony for the 26th have MINISTRY OF SOUND’s ‘The Annual 2022’ on CD as well as the reissue of MARTIN GORE’s ‘Counterfeit’ EP which was due a few months back originally.. Few nice Black Friday releases ala LEONARD COHEN, FOOs, HENDRIX and MILES on Sony..

Warner for the 26th have the biggest release of the weekend… Biggest in more ways than one.. Size, price, volume of stuff and interest,,, Yup it is the next in the series of the BOWIE Box Sets.. Brilliant Adventure’ 1992-2001 18LP Vinyl set.. Yes 18LP boxset.. 

DAVID BOWIE 5. BRILLIANT ADVENTURE (1992 – 2001) is an eleven CD box, eighteen-piece vinyl set and standard digital download box set; it is named after the Koto led instrumental, the penultimate track from the ‘hours…’ album. The boxsets include newly remastered versions, with input from the original producers and collaborators, of some of Bowie’s most underrated and experimental material: BLACK TIE WHITE NOISE, THE BUDDHA OF SUBURBIA (available on vinyl for the first time in nearly 30 years), 1.OUTSIDE, EARTHLING and ‘hours…’ along with the expanded live album BBC RADIO THEATRE, LONDON, JUNE 27, 2000, the non-album / alternative version / b-sides and soundtrack music compilation RE:CALL 5 and the legendary unreleased album from 2001 TOY.

We realise it’s an expensive box ok a very expensive box so we are doing a best price we can possible do on it at €360… As far as we can see we are the cheapest price on the whole continent… Over €80 cheaper than the biggest Rottweiler in the sky.. So if interested pull the trigger in the next few days as by the weekend the price will be going back up to €400.. Forewarned and all that.. We are ok with stage payments if that suits someone better also. I releases it’s half the price of my last car.. What’s wrong with my car.. Go way ou dat.. My friends love it.. That’s Bowie for you anyway.. Available as an 11CD Box set also…

Warner aside from the Bowie man have a 30th Anniversary reissue of ROXETTE’s ‘Joyride‘ on the 26th, coming on a few different formats. There is a standard vinyla limited marbled vinyl reissue, and then deluxe 3CD or 4LP sets with a host of unheard material… they also have a vinyl reissue of SIGUR ROS’ ‘Með suð í eyrum við spilum end’ via Krunk.

Warner also for the 26th have a 10CD ASIA Boxset ‘The Official Live Bootlegs, Volume One’, as well as a live DARYL HALL & JOHN OATS album ‘Live at the Troubadour’ on 2CD or 3LP vinyl.. Nuclear Blast via WEA have a host of IN FLAMES reissues on CD only, there is a reissue of KD LANG’s third album ‘All You Can Eat’ on vinyl, KATIE MELUA’s ‘Acoustic Album No. 8’ CD release only for now also out.. There is a new live RUFUS WAINWRIGHT release, a 20th Anniversary reissue of SODOM’s ‘M-16‘, and finally there is the new WESTLIFE album due in on CD or Deluxe CD

Moving onto releases for the 26th of November by The Orchard.. We have a deluxe 2CD version of WYVERN LINGO’s ‘Awake You Lie’ album via Rubyworks.. It is a cracking album folks.. There are 12 bonus tracks on the deluxe version including a Janis Ian track ‘Better Times Will Come’, which they perform with Ian on the deluxe CD.. Ms Ian approached the band after she was taken aback by their ‘heavenly harmonies’ and so the collaboration began.. Here it is minus Janis, and here also is ‘Don’t Say It’ from the new album..

We are delighted to announce that the band will be performing an in-store with ourselves on Saturday the 27th of November at 2PM.. It’s a great opportunity to hear see some of these great new songs live.. You can buy the deluxe CD and or vinyl direct from the band on the day and they will sign for you / us also.. The girls played in the shop in Douglas upon release of the debut album 3/4 years ago I suppose now and they are so talented.. It was a real treat.. So I hope you can join us on the day for an in-store we are really looking forward to.. If you can’t make it and want a signed copy, drop in the muala and we will sort it out for you.. Hope to see you on the 27th!!

The Orchard also for the 26th have the JASON ISBELL ‘Georgia Blue’ covers album on CD..

Right i’ll hand you over to Bob now for a few further down the line releases

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Kicking us off this week for down the line bits is the announcement of a brand new PIXIES live release coming via Demon / Edsel, ‘Live in Brixton’. This is coming as an 8CD Set, and standard translucent coloured 8LP set, or a limited indies exclusive splatter coloured 8LP vinyl set, which captures four full sold out shows in Brixton on the band’s reunion tour in 2004.

BEACH HOUSE have just announced their brand new studio album is due in to us in February ’22. ‘Once Twice Melody’ is released via Bella Union, and is landing on CDVinyl or as a limited 2LP Gold / Clear Vinyl Box Set. The box set is limited in numbers and has been allocated so when they are gone they are gone again i’m afraid.

There is a nice reissue of THE LONG BLONDES ‘Someone To Drive You Home’ on 2LP Gold & Red Vinyl, released for the album’s 15th Anniversary through Rough Trade. This one comes as a gatefold LP with a bonus LP of 11 B-Sides.

Two more nice releases unfortunately here with allocations, so again buying from the site is the safest bet if interested incase the email isn’t checked until the morning. There is a SHARON VAN ETTEN limited blue 7” vinyl of ‘Silent Night / Blue Christmas’, released on December 10th which we have been allocations on, and there is also a brand new BILL CALLAHAN & BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY record due called ‘Blind Date Party’. This is a collection of favourites recorded with a host of different artists from the Drag City label roster, recorded over 2020, should be an interesting listen! The 2CD of this will be fine, but again the vinyl is very limited, and we do expect to run out so site is safest.

Last couple of bits from mise, there is a brand new record announced from MITSKI, entitled ‘Laurel Hell’ due in February of next year, and it is released on CDStandard Vinyl or Limited Opaque Red Vinyl. And finally, Music On Vinyl have a couple of nice releases in the ‘Collected’ series due in to us, with a lovely limited and numbered 3LP GENE CLARK ‘Collected’ due in December (this has a bonus 3rd LP of extra material, when the 3LP sells out with the label, it will only be the standard 2LP format available), and also some nice decades compilations on coloured vinyl due to us in the next week or two with ‘Sixties Collected’ on green vinyl‘Seventies Collected’ on red vinyl, and ‘Eighties Collected’ on magenta vinyl.

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Proper for the 26th have a live WISHBONE ASH album from 1980 in Portsmouth..

Integral for the 26th of Nov have the FIONN REGAN ‘100 Acres of Sycamore’ Indies LP reissue on Heavenly, and they also have the JARV IS ‘Remix Ed’ 2LP, RICHARD DAWSON & CIRCLE : HENKI on Indies LP

Integral for the 3rd of December have a BAXTER DURY ‘Mr. Maserati – Best Of 2001 – 2021’ on Heavenly on CD or LP. Mute for the 3rd have CAN ‘Live In Brighton 1975’ 3LP Gold Vinyl version available.. London Records are putting out a deluxe reissue of the debut, self titled album from THE COMMUNARDS for the 35th Anniversary of the LP LP the artist LP, not the format LP, has their sixth studio album out via PIAS Recordings.. ‘Churches‘ it is called and it is available on CD or 2LP.. ATO have a live 3LP MY MORNING JACKET album ‘Live 2015’ on 3LP Coloured Vinyl

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