Ailbhe Reddy – Endless Affair (Ireland Exclusive Coke Bottle Coloured Vinyl)

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Inspired by her romantic relationships and her fractured memories of many a fun
night spent partying in her early 20s, the record is a tender exploration of
emotional resilience that sees Reddy embrace the fact that – in her own words –
she’s “an absolute melt” when it comes to letting things go. Written and recorded
between January 2019 and October 2020, Reddy paired up with producer Tommy

McLaughlin – who also worked on her debut album Personal History – to co-
produce the new album. She relished the opportunity to have more input and

create a truly rounded sound on Endless Affair, which maintains the raw spirit of
her debut, but showcases a development in her intuitive talent for writing songs
that continue to tap into both a personal and universal vein. Ultimately, Endless
Affair is a poetic refection on personal growth, and a heartening reminder that
we’re all just € Amateurs, € trying to make sense of the bruises that mysteriously
materialise on our bodies the morning after we’ve had too much of a good time.
Reddy taps into our need to be with others, to soak up the experience as much as
possible, and to remind listeners that they’re not missing out – even if they have to
leave the party early.

Tracks: Shitshow / A Mess /
Damage / Inhaling / Bloom / Last To Leave / Shoulder Blades / I’m Losing / Good
Time / You Own The Room / Pray For Me / Motherhode