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July 13th, ’23: OH BOY, a brand new MICK album, WATERBOYS and RIDE reissues, class recent JONI gig, THE DARKNESS 20 years on, LIVE DOORS and Holiday Season

Hi folks Hope all is well out there. *I am writing this bit after I wrote everything else on these pages because news broke to us today ( yesterday  to ye but today as ye read it) ….we are delaying sending the weekly newsletter until now( did ye notice!!)  … 10AM Thursday morning … it’s […]

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July 5th, ’23: Good PRICE on BLUR, new BLUEGRASS, exciting young rock band, Blues REISSUES, new Irish Supergroup, Limerick lad and full cabin crew on the MZ Yacht

Hi everyone Hope all is well! Releases in the siopa for this Friday the 7th of July include…  Bad Boy records has Bad Boy Greatest Hits Volume 1 Gabriels “ Angels & Queens” JONI MITCHELL OVERKILL Skrillex  TAYLOR SWIFT ROLLING STONES  Nicki Minaj vinyl compilation “ Queen Radio: Volume 1” 3LP. SONNY CLARK TRIO HANK […]

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June 28th, ’23: Secret ELTON Glasto vinyl, Nice new Irish releases in the mix, a rake of Jazz reissues and a blackout in August

Hi Everyone Hope yer all doing ok. First up is releases in the shop for this friday the 30th of June: JOHN MAYALL – Blues From Laurel Canyon  John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – bare wires  NEKO CASE “ wild creatures “ THE CHRISTIANS “ Harvest for the World – Greatest Hits Live “ Joe […]

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