The State of our Nation + The Nation In General and Springsteen Pre-Orders

Hi Everyone,  A horse is a beautiful animal, really strong and powerful and beautiful up close.. I have never sat on one so maybe that’s why it’s hard to get back on it.. When you run a small business (i’d imagine it’s similar no matter what you do or don’t do in this life), I […]

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Doctor Evil Has A Sore Head and Some Stories, Dylan and Metallica Boxes, And A Gavin James Launch Party With RedFM

Hi Everyone How’s the form.. I’m a bit tender myself tonight to be honest so not sure how well or unwell this will go… Davey from Rollercoaster was on a bus back to Kilkenny this morning early (yesterday morning now) to open his abode to sell Westlife tickets.. So that does make me feel a […]

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National Record Day and The Physical Industry, A Kinks Cracker Jack of a Box Set, And Gavin James’ Return Brings A Big Surprise

Hi Everyone, How’s the form with ye… Hope all is alright. Last Saturday was National Record Day across the pond… I meant to mention it last week…. It was the first one held.. A good success by all accounts.. We are our own nation as ye know hence we weren’t involved… We have had plenty […]

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