Ed Sheeran Featuring, Bowie and the Apollo 11 Moonlanding 50th Anniversary, and Mick’s Bloc Party!

Hi Everyone, Hope all is well out there. Twas MICK FLANNERY weekend here at the Record and Tape emporium…album 6 launch day was Friday and the boy was instore at 1pm Saturday…96fm rolled into town to cover it…we have hit the big time!! Ah sure look seriously it is exciting for us…we were involved with […]

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BOWIE Bonanza, Mick’s Sixth, Join the Fangclub and a Launch in the Real Capital

  Hi Everyone,   Hope all is well this week…6 months of the year gone…already…right so albums of the year…look before i start i just want to say that I wasn’t overly proud of the last few paragraphs of the newsletter last week…I was upset and it was badly written, tired attempt at trying to […]

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No Beef with iTunes, Raconteurs Return, the Original Sinnerboy and Last Chance for Mick Tix

Hi Everyone,   Hope all is well out there in record land…got a bit of a reaction to the iTunes thingy last week…sure i know, i know…the tongue do be fairly firmly stuck in the auld cheek a lot writing this…sure it is only a rejig in Apple, but give me and my sling shot […]

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