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June 19th: BRAND NEW Lazarus Soul, Coldplay and Van Morrison! Big thanks, and a day out at the Marquee!

Hi folks Hope all is well with ye all. Thanks to those of you who came out in support of us and the Hedge Schools album launch in the siopa last Saturday…another special day….we are only about 13 LPs short of our target , twould be nice to hit it and we will im sure […]

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June 12th: RORY Story, HEDGE SCHOOLS Live in-store/vinyl release, unreleased JOHNNY CASH album, cool coloured reissues and d’video

Hi folks All is well I hope. I meant to mention last week that the new Rory documentary on RTE was very good …a little short but good…a bit emotional …fierce loss Rory is…well worth a watch, it’s still on the player. The bit where Brian May was talking about Rory’s sound and he said […]

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June 5th: Open letter to VILLAGERS, old SPRINTS pink vinyl, new JAMIE XX, new/live MORRISSEY and BLUR, TALKING HEADS – SMS reissue and good luck with the exams

Hi Everyone Hope all is well! Thanks to those of you who were in for Niamh Regan on Saturday, it was a beautiful day but we still had a lovely crowd…thank ye. Thanks to Niamh also, she was super, really good songs she has…i think it’s the first time we had an encore at a […]

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