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RSD Week Is Upon Us! New Saint Sister and Orla Gartland, and a Buena Vista Social Club 25th Anniversary

Hi everyone,Hope all is well.. Big newsletter this evening.. RSD Newsletter… Where do I start?? Well it’s on this Saturday the 12th of June is as good a place as any to start.. Where Raymond?? Out in the good shuttle in Deanrock in To(u)her and importantly from 6PM on the aul’ website.. Cén t-am Raymond?? The siopa will open […]

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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Return, Kojaque’s New LP, And RSD Drop 1 Opening Hours 2

Hi everyone, Hope all is well enough.. Jays the 3rd of June… Record Store Day is just 9 days away… It kind of creeps up on you doesn’t it… The shop will be open at 8AM on Saturday the 12th of June.. So we will probably only leave 4/5 customers/households in at a go and […]

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A Sigur Rós Reissue, A Trjoan Set, And Salvation : Inspired By The Cranberries For Pieta

Hi everyone,Hope all is well enough.. Back open.. One word.. Wonderful.. Hint of normality in the air.. Wonderful.. Shop OPEN now 7 days, 10-6 Monday to Saturday inclusive and 11-4 on Sundays.. Phone 021-4967119 and email is .. We are back on the horse and the piper is being paid.. Nice atmosphere in the […]

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